Update: Military Movements on the Northern Border: Small Groups of Foreign Military Units Sighted

by | Jun 19, 2015 | Headline News | 109 comments

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape). You can contact JJ by using this form.

    The information presented within this article is in follow-up to the activities observed by the author in relation to U.S. Military maneuvers taking place on the Canadian Border in Montana.  Since the first article was printed, a tremendous amount of comments, e-mails, and observations have trickled in to supplement the observations.  Please take note: all commentators and information providers will be kept anonymous and their identities withheld.  The area the observations were made will be the only thing provided.

    COLUMBUS, MONTANA.  Night helicopter activity around the Columbus, MT area has been observed.  The reporter resides approximately fifteen miles outside of town and heard helicopter sorties flying a few times each week for the past 3 weeks. Most often it is just after sunset but some were observed in the early morning hours before dawn.  Many small planes were observed circling the area overhead during the day, making 3-5 passes and then departing for an hour or two before returning.  The observer did not notice any such activity when originally moving into the area the year before.

    BUTTE, MONTANA.  The observer noticed 3 airlifts into Butte Airport in May with C-17’s.  Such was completely unprecedented.  Multiple pallets were off-loaded from these aircraft each time, with the observer providing unconfirmed reports that these contained crew-served ammunition, transferred to storage facilities on site.  Multiple C-130 operations concurrently with “local” security contracting company that is well-known in Butte.  Parachute drops and airborne operations were conducted for 3 different days, and one of the aircraft remained there the entire week.  The other operations with the 130’s involved only the transfer of cargo.

    CARSON/DENVER, COLORADO. Observer reported Ft. Carson utilizing 4000 troops to Trinidad County for maneuvers.  Frequent Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters have been conducting flyovers during the day around Denver.  The observer reported speaking with Apache pilots who told him their role was to “practice resupply and intercept,” although the intended object of interception was never specified.

    KILA, MONTANA.  Multiple C-130 flights observed originating with Glacier International Airport and flying NW at approximately 4-6000 feet.  Distribution was 3 aircraft during the day, and 3 at night, in staggered formation to suggest potential practice for airborne operations.  Flights observed over a 3-day period (6/12-6/14).  Observer noticed (for the day flights) through high-powered optics that all of the aircraft bore U.S. Insignia; however, they were “sterile” of fin numbers and unit designations.

    TREGO, MONTANA.  Observer noticed what appeared to be a platoon-sized element of individuals hiking around in the National Forest in black BDU’s, and upon closer inspection the observer found all of them to be Asian in appearance with no unit patches, name tags, or any identifiable markings.  The men were armed with black AK-47’s, load carrying vests, sidearms, and grenades.  The element appeared to be “led” by two members of the U.S. Military, also in sterilized U.S. Uniforms and also heavily-armed.  When questioned, a U.S. Border Patrol agent materialized and warned the observer to move out of the area or face arrest.

    EUREKA, MONTANA.  Two observers reported seeing a large column of 2 1/2 ton/Deuce-and-a-half type vehicles, Desert Camouflage colored with U.S. Army Personnel on board but with the normal bumper marker identifiers taped over with “100 mph” tape, and on some vehicles blacked out completely with spray paint.  The observers (while following) noted the column was permitted to cross the border into Canada unimpeded and not inspected by Canadian or U.S. Border patrol officers.  Movement occurred Sat., 6/13.

    There has also been considerable activity in the areas of transport, supply, and logistics both in and around Glacier International Airport just north of Kalispell, Montana.  Numerous flights of C-130’s were observed landing from the direction of East-West, suggestive of Malmstrom AFB in Montana.  The 130’s off-loaded numerous pallets and crated supplies.  There were several pallets that were placed in hangars and later a half dozen rental trucks (U-Haul) visited the terminal, specifically the building where the supplies were taken from the aircraft.

    The author notes that the sorties in his area are up to 5-6 per day and holding at 3 per night, but now with increased numbers of choppers (6-8 minimum), all Blackhawks with an occasional UH-1 flying not in formation, but paralleling it.

    Other observers who wished their exact locations withheld (but generally all within the Flathead valley) have been reporting small groups of foreigners (Russians, Canadians, and others not able to be positively identified, but definitely from Europe) in partial uniforms, such as BDU bottoms with black or tan tops and sans markings or unit insignia.  Again, these individuals were accompanied by U.S. servicemen in sterile uniforms (American BDU’s).

    Once again, any information that you can provide will be analyzed and presented in a fashion as to provide some timely reporting on things observed while maintaining anonymity.  Photos and short film clips are also greatly welcomed.  It is imperative that focus be maintained on the whereabouts and activities of these military units and any foreign troops, agents, or contractors they have in their employ.  Keep up the good work and keep the information flowing.  We need it while we can still get it.  More information to be followed as we post it here.  Stay in the fight and God Bless you.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. OK! This sounds like a pincher movement. From the north to the south, we can’t see over the horizon what is in the ocean.
        Ok. Now that I said it. Where are the pictures of all of these groups.
        I have seen a lot of movement with some Electrical equipment lately. There was no markings on the trucks.
        Watch your 6!

        • I should have said something about Jade helm in the south and west.

          • Yes, I am definitely paying attention to this. I will not go down without a fight.

            • I live in central montana and have nothing to report out of the ordinary, however I will pay extra attention now and if all possible snap some pics. 🙂

                • When Loring was decommissioned, in order to retain economic activity in that rural part of the state, Loring Commerce Center was created and a company called Maine Military Authority started to do reconditioning work for used up Humvees and other military vehicles. That’s why the equipment looks old and obviously broken down. They employ 150-200 people. This is nothing new.

            • When the ostrich sticks his head in the sand,
              little does he know how much his ass is exposed.

        • What kind of electrical equipment? I’ve been seeing a lot of these huge units (I’m not an electrician so I have no clue what they are called), that are either plain olive drab or desert tan. They are huge units that look like they have heat sinks on them, and are hauled around on 18 wheelers. I’ve seen these on several occasions in the northeast.

          • “A”
            Those are what I’m seeing also. I have no idea what they are. I can only guess.
            EMP weapons
            Power stations.
            Your guess is as good as mine.

            • mini nuke reactors like you see on nuclear subs. They make an excellent power source, last for years w/out refueling and can generate enough power to power a small city or a small military base in a remote area and be off grid. THINK ABOUT IT

              • I don’t think cooling fins are sufficient to cool even a small nuclear reactor. Maybe a transformer or something.

            • Sgt. Dale, did you used to be in the Army in Germany, with the 1st ID, 16th INF at Boeblingen, Germany, circa 1979-1982? You from NC? Send back please, if affirmative. Sgt B. B.

              • NO I wasn’t
                If I would have been in it would have been 1972 to 1974.
                If you where there Thank You for your service.

                • Thanks to you, as well. Sorry for the mistaken identity. Looking to find some old buddies, they were a pretty good bunch of Joes. Already met up with one in NC, and he has become an ornery old cuss, but good company. I’m not in NC by the way, but in Texas. There are plenty of signs here of a military nature, but there are dozens of bases and forts and even Naval activity that would require it, anyway. I’m not thinking there is much to be concerned about regarding Jade Helm 15, as they would find it difficult in the extreme to effectively control something like DFW, or the Houston GMA. Most of the Interstates in Texas radiate out of DFW, so that tells me they would have to nail that down for effective control of transportations, commo, utilities, etc. Also, there are literally several THOUSAND airstrips here for landing every kind of plane imaginable. Virtually every town has one, or is near one,or more. This also may be the most heavily armed state in the US, concerning privately held firearms.

          • They sound like power supply units for air defense systems like the Patriot missiles.

          • I am an electrician and I too have seen an up tic in the same things. They are transformers of all shapes and sizes. Mainly the large distribution kind you find in sub-stations. Smaller ones can be for military use forward bases and large draw equipment. I am thinking EMP or nuke strike. They are starting to place back ups where needed. I also work for our uncle and a lot of what is said here is very true. I hear it day in and day out where I work (somthig big is coming) and the upper management will not go into detail.Hummmmmm!

        • I’ve noticed a lot of electrical equipment on flatbed trucks lately too

      2. Next is foreign troops breaking down your doors.

        • Followed by more foreign troops with white flags and body bags to carry off their dead.

      3. this is reliable? innuendo? hearsay? not one source can be verified?
        i know law enforcement in these areas are very conservative and suspicious of federal activity — and not a peep in any reputable channels of information.

        buck up and substantiate your rumors.

        you do a disservice to your honor as a veteran.

        shame on you.

        • Take pictures please. Give us something concrete.

          • Crossed central Iowa and now in Illinois. Have not seen any military or convoy. Heading south to Kentucky tomorrow and on to Tennessee.

        • I’d like to see the permit the Forest Service issued to the Army that allows troops to wander around a National Forest with weapons and mingle with the public.

          And the order that should have been issued to close the area to the public.

          Doesn’t happen. Total birdseed.

          Do we have to read fiction on this site?

          • Smokey

            Sorry to say but we used to use the National Forrest all the time. The military needs no permit to do that. We did repelling off the mountains and conducted missions.
            That is federal land so federal troops can freely use it.

            • Wrong. You had a permit, you just never saw it.

              ALL uses of National Forest land and resources are authorized by permit, except for ‘trivial use’, such as hikers and such. Group larger than 12? Get a permit. Overnight in a well-used wilderness? Get a permit. Military exercise? Only as permitted, which will be things like rapelling practice, cross-country routes, survival outings, things like that. Helicopter overflights and landings, get a permit. Military aircraft training corridor, get a permit. There’s a national agreement with DOD/USFS about these things and local commanders violate it at their career peril.

        • Im with Dale on this. Where are the pictures? Video? HMMM? Stop posting this fear porn unless you have proof.

        • I live right next to MCAS Miramar. If anything there has been far less activity than usual. I think you guys are on something.

        • I can verify the colorado stuff, there has been heavy movement since last sept. Weekly to Several times a month.. Blackhawk and Chinook, which we almost never see at this location. I have owned this place across the street here for almost 10yrs and this is heavy activity, yet almost no test flights these days. Those have all but stopped, and were a daily annoyance. (Odd they dont do that anymore.)

      4. I will say have seen no real open military presence on highways in New England,obviously can’t see it all.No real buildup at all @gaurd armories or ones I can pass/see which is only 2.I have a friend in Mass. who is almost right outside the door of the Mass. bunkers of state fema and no undue activity there,but,as always,keeping eyes open.

        • Lumberjack –
          I live in upstate NY and travel the northeast extensively for my job. I can count, in the past two weeks alone, at least 7 army convoys in the northeast. I have noticed over the past couple of years also, many local armories that had empty parking lots behind their buildings are now FULL of a wide assortment of military vehicles. I choose not to photograph them, but I comment to my wife, who travels with me, as well as my friends what I have noticed recently. If you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there!
          God help us all. Time is short and hell is hot!

        • I live less than a mile from a street that has one of our police precinct stations, state branch of fema, the police k-9 squad, and a closed US Army base. The base was once home to a Reserve unit, then later was handed over to COE. COE unit was transferred 18 months ago and the base has been empty ever since. No unusual activity at the 2 Nat. Guard armories in my area but still checking as much as possible. The state fema branch office has 10 containers sitting behind it with who knows what. Twice a month I see the black Chevy Tahoes of the local SWAT unit parked over there; some special meetings? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! This area also contains an intersection for 2 railroads that pass thru my area. Will keep checking it every day and when I see something, I’ll say something, like DHS says. [I’m being facetious with that last remark.]

          • Braveheart, could you put up something like a game camera, on a nearby tree, to capture the goings-on with the black SUVs? If we are to win this war, we need as much intel as possible. You might even get a glimpse into those containers, if it’s positioned just right…and hidden well.

            • We have game cameras all around here (mostly for game!) Some are looking at road crossings and will capture traffic. We have not seen any weird patterns.(West MI)

              Keep in mind that this is BFE and unless they’re on a mission we would not see an uptick. Only 10 or 15 cars drive by here a day and all belong to locals. My homestead is on a corner so we get more traffic than most of the dirt roads around here.

              A fed would stick out like a swollen dick. Their cars are too nice.

      5. This is beginning to get pretty scary. I’d like to believe that the idea of foreign troops assisting U.S. military in a civilian takedown is not an option, but this report makes it difficult to retain that stance.

        I wonder if they could be shifting ethnic members around to make it LOOK that way. There has to be thousands of “Asian-looking” and “European-looking” people already in the military.

        Whatever the case, I’m fully prepared to find out the govt has pulled on over on us. They are definitely trying to keep us busy with this JH stuff.

        Everyone here should realize that if this govt wanted to do what is suggested here, they could pull it off a whole lot more quietly than this.

        Hell, look how they pulled off 9/11. If they could pull that off, they could pull this off without all of the open coverage by civilians.

        SOMETHING DOES NOT SMELL RIGHT HERE, I just don’t know what it is yet.

        • 6,do not believe they could countrywide pull it off without some jade nonsense as a excuse for the numbers moving about.I would consider what we are not seeing large scale much more important.I believe if anything most likely a response ready for economic hit the fan,either way,natural or man made,keep prepping while enjoying the day.

        • Sixpack, note that they (Asian troops) were carrying AK- 47/74 ? Please recall our government put in a bid for 30 round magazines for AK-47 rifles…(Now FYI, Russian troops carry AK-74’s chambered in 5.45 X 39 mm. The original AK-47 is chambered in 7.62 X 39mm.)
          Now WHY would OUR government put out such a requisition? Our M-16 / M- 4 battle rifles us 5.56 X 45mm ??? emmmmmm

          • Our gov’t put out the 7.62X39 magazine contract for the training and use of, by and for the indigenous Iraqi Army and National Police.
            You guys see a conspiracy around every tree. Until I see verified VIDEO of “asian-looking” troops in sterilized uniforms in and around the northern border area, I’m calling BS on these so-called reports.
            Also, when a country draws down from a military conflict, their materiel’ goes BACK to the various units it was originally berthed at. We are pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, hence the vehicles are coming “home” to be parked. Yeah, it’s that simple.
            Hell, I’M “European looking”, if I throw on some of my old BDUs, am I going to be counted as a “possible Russian advisor” in the woods of Montana? Probably, given what some people are drinking these days(or smoking).

            • OH YEAH TP! Go ahead and be critical, well I see gobs of Asians in my area and the other day I was ease dropping on them and I think they were conspiring to invade Yellowstone Park, they think it belongs to them because they called it a World Heritage Site. I said hell no that belongs to us, anywho they broke out their pistols disguised as cameras and I had to run for my life. I was wishing Braveheart was around or maybe Paranoid, we would of feed’em some brass and lead nutrients. Trekker Out.

            • There were three manufacturers in my state producing AK47’s, they no longer sell to the public, .gov contracts only

          • They looked Asian. When the response to 9/11 started many Asia looking people where I worked were sent to the Middle East to Russian areas to set up radar sites for controlling aircraft for the bombing runs in Afghanistan. They were picked since they did not stand out among the residents like a blonde or red headed round eye would. Obama has pissed off the Russians and those sites are now removed.

        • Okay so I would certainly like to have some type of pictures to substantiate claims of Asian troops in black with ak-47s before I believed such a thing. I have seen and read internet chatter for the last couple years of foreign troops in my area and I have never seen anything that would align with that.

          However, with that being said….. As I was reading further down the comments, I began to notice many naysayers and skeptics saying the same thing, a lot of them were also talking about how crazy and paranoid anyone must be to believe any such accusations. Now my point is…I began to notice a pattern, it seemed that most every naysayer post I read came from a screen name that I was not familiar with. My question is, why would this one little article with comparatively so few comments have so many new posters to this site, and all agreeing that we’re crazy? So really I’m starting to think that Mr. Johnson is on the right track. If you’re taking flack you know you’re over the target. I’m just wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing or if I’m wrong. and I’m aware of so called paid trolls to spread disinfo and such. But my point is it almost seems specific to this article and topic.

          • At the end of the day, does it really matter if there are troops here from another country?

            This country has been sold out and we are on the verge of an eviction attempt.

      6. I’m not seeing anything particularly unusual in all those instances mentioned.

        The Army and other services do constant training exercises and these easily fall into that category, particularly in the summer when the NG’s train.

        • Not to mention there has been a draw down overseas, thise folks and their equipment has to go somewhere

      7. Who cares? What is wrong with the us military conducting exercises? The misleading headline made it sound like foreign troops were taking positions within our borders. I once again must call “bullshit” on yet another piece of fear porn on SHTFPlan.

        • I used to see convoys back in the 60’s and 70’s going off for their two weeks of summer camp. I never did ride in one as I went inactive when they started making us do maintenance on deuce and a half trucks. I was never trained for that and, being a wuss cause the diesel fumes made me sick, decided to get out short of 20 years. Good thing too as my former unit was called up in Gulf War 1.

          The scenarios being discussed on this and other sites read straight out of an end-times series I read. I have no knowledge about what will happen when just remain ready as I can be. It will happen. You know the saying, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

        • ” The misleading headline made it sound like foreign troops were taking positions within our borders.”

          What the hell do you think they are training for, across the entire nation all at once, doofus? A lovely dinner reception or tea party, perhaps?

          • They’re training to round up and deport the illegals.

            Or maybe prepare for a successful Russian and Chinese invasion attempt, although that isn’t likely.

          • A cotillion!

            • There is the possibility they are training for all those treaties Obama is set to negotiate including the Arms one which he supports. That would entail mandatory gun and ammo confiscation. Just a thought.

      8. I’ve seen small convoys on the road in north Texas he last 10 days in remote areas.

        Damn shame America has come to this!

      9. Can you hear the thunder? there’s a storm coming…..

        • “JIM”
          I hear the Thunder, Soon we will see the LIGHTNING!

      10. I would say some of what seen on roads is gaurd 2 week training,not saying more not going on but have seen for decades during summer the 2 week folks out and about a bit.

        • “WD”
          You are right about the two week thing.
          This is what I have seen. These units come in in the morning and then leaving in the afternoon. Maybe they are just getting serviced. Who knows. The coming in from the east on Rt80 and return on Rt80 going to Chiraq. (Shitcago)

      11. Seen several humvees and personal trucks being transported through Arkansas heading into texas. Also seen 2 extremely heavy duty tank trailers being transported

        • Over at thecommonsenseshow.com, “The UN Is Preparing To Manage Mass Casualty Events Under Jade Helm.” Scary to say the least.

      12. This means nothing, they are just practicing

      13. Guard training for IL finished this week and probably for a lot of other states as well

      14. I wonder if the TRAITORS in the United States Government have taken into consideration; that once those ” Foreign ” troops assisting the Military in a takedown of the American People; won’t take THEM down after the dust has settled; and were standing behind barbed wire in FEMA camps?????

      15. Let’s try to get some photos of these happenings. Encourage anyone in the area to take pictures of all these strange events. The more we can all learn before the SHTF the better prepared this community will be.

      16. “this is your brain on fear porn!”

        “just say no to fear porn jj!”






        ever hear about the boy who cried wolf?

        get some pic’s and vid’s…

      17. if anyone living in the flathead finds themselves getting overly worried of a Zog DHS invasion of the flathead, i urge you to contact chuck baldwin over in kila, mt.

        chuck has his finger on the pulse of the flathead politics and is in the know with the Montana Governor-Steve Bullock.

        check out his website also for updates.

        * i’m not affiliated with him, just know him in passing around town and i’d hate for someone to do something stupid based on unfounded fear porn.


      18. I agree white rabbit

      19. Hmmmm. I live 3 miles from this airport and have seen nothing like these reports. Also, this valley (Flathead Valley) reverberates sound like you wouldn’t believe (IE: we can hear the trains running from Whitefish all the way to the Canyon) and I haven’t heard any above mentioned helicopters. Neither have my like minded friends (one such friend works in the Park every single day and he has not once had a sighting like is being reported here).

      20. Its hard for me to believe that foreign troops would be used to subdue us. Many citizens would be reluctant to fire on our army or national guard soldiers. They would not be reluctant to fire on foreign troops or UN blue helmets. What say you ?

        • Doofus, you can go to the bank on foreign troops being used against us. I decided many years ago that ANYONE who acts against me and I DON’T CARE WHOSE UNIFORM THEY’RE IN, WHO THEY ARE, WHAT THEY BELIEVE, ETC. BE PREPARED TO GIVE UP YOUR LIFE. SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION.

        • Don’t Knock our fellow Black citizens, many will be working to throw the invaders out as well.

      21. Guys…NEVER dismiss things out of hand. Just cause there are no Hollywood style docudrama picks complete with soundtracks doesn’t mean that one should not raise an eyebrow!

        All I can say based on my 20 is classic pre-positioning of supplies and indoctrination of the indents to an increased presence mixture.

        Even up here in Very NW WA we are seeing a dramatic increase in air operations and a strange mixture of personnel on the ground. Mostly agencies that fall under DHS. Not a lot of military on the ground, but the major bases are way south of my position.

        Anything that is out of the norm, should be closely watched.

        Even the little boy who called wolf was right once!

        • I travel I5 near/thru/on Joint base LewisMcChord, and am on base from time to time. I have MANY contacts there as well. I have seen NO increase in ANYTHING here. I am on one of their flight paths as well. Nada here folks. Before anyone says anything about me being a troll, look back at my posts. I’ve been here a long time. I’ve been with different fed and state agencies for nearly 30 years and I have ZERO faith in the FedGov. If there was something here, I’d be singing!

          • I believe you.

            My theory is TPTB have written off the West coast as being practically indefensible in WW3. Furthermore, the main Chinese invasion will not be high up on the coast, where you are; it will be in the southwest through Mexico, straight into the middle of America to cut the country in half, with a spear thrust toward headquarters in Denver.

            Some also theorize this is why the drought has been engineered; to drive people East, while bringing the rain out here as well. We’ve had several years of lush, green growth here while y’all have been dry as a bone. It’s the chemtrails and HAARP doing it.

      22. Nobody,I agree completely.Does it really matter if it gets folks watching a bit more/prepping a bit more,NO!We may fall on a natural or man made hard times event,either way just keep prepping and ones eyes open.I will say we also need more articles about what we can do prep wise,so,for any cooks,want to learn cooks out there suggest visiting UScrow for some great cooking recipes.Enjoy the weekend all,but prep a tiny bit each day either supply/supplies for the brain,and enjoy life!

        • Nobody and Warchild, I also agree. I’m so paranoid these days I might even shoot my own shadow eventually. keep stacking and watching our potential enemies.

          • Lol Braveheart

            Did you kill or wound your shadow? How many shots did it take? Did the shadow fire back? Did you get hit at all?


            Thanks man I needed the laugh. Hope you have a great day!

      23. So far I’m not seeing anything out of the ordinary really where I’m at in South Texas. Normal training sorties. The only real missions I have seen are the National Guard out doing flood missions.

        Until I start seeing some pictures I can’t really regard the “threat” as being serious. Sorry, just can’t. Everything I’ve seen so far is unverified and I’ve watched the patriot community for years gin up non existent threats.

        • Braveheart: No need to be paranoid since no matter what if anything is being done or pre planned by them so evil bastards, and yes indeed evil is the best word we have to describe satans children/tribe.

          But remember that God has promiced to turn whatever is evil and bad and wrongs etc into GOOD! For those who Love the LORD!

          Them what Hates Him, and has been killing off as many of His true children, ever since they first set up His death on the cross….Its the exact opposite they has to look fwd to…WE get Good from bad…They get a final solution!

          However I do fully agree that perhaps this go round in time the good Lord may decide to Use Us type folk as His spear point and perveyors of the Lords Wrath against them evil satanic ones…All I can say to That is…

          “Pick Me Lord!..Paaaaallleeease Pick Me Lord!” and keep me well supplied with plenty of proper calibre ammo so to get er done! Aint as good as I once was…But am good once as I’ll ever be…

          • Using “Calibre”, rather than “Caliber”? Are you an American?

            • I am an american yes. Born and raised in Detroit aka ground zero of whiteys woes….Why, are you some type spelling teacher?…you did comprehend what I meant right? Yes of course you did….It has been proven recently that no matter how words are spelled…As long as the very first and final last letter is correct spelled…”most” people will almost instantly recognize the real meaning of the word…Has something to do with how the human brain sees and comprehends words and word meanings according to scientists that conducted this experiment.

              no word as yet on any scientific testings being done to comprehend why we always has a few spelling nazis that cannot think of anything better to add than a complaint on word spellings…I will check again for that study and let you know if I locate one.

              I am glad my worst fault is spelling errors…Many has worse faults such as they aint awakened fully and never shall be. Its some type Denial factor they dwell in.

          • I don’t remember God saying He would turn evil good but in the last days men would call evil good and good evil. You see that happening as Christianity is being vilified while every manner of perversion is celebrated. That is not Gods doing but Satan’s.

      24. Pics or it didn’t happen

      25. I don’t know what it means or if it means anything at all, but I have lived northwest of Orlando FL for the last 4 years and in the last 2 months all of the commercial flights in and out of OIA seem to have been redirected my way. Used to be, you could see a few planes going in off in the distance, but now you can stand outside at night and have 6 or 7 stacked up heading into Orlando. It’s like they cleared out all of the other fly ways in the area. Don’t know if anyone else living in FL has noticed anything similar or not.

        • Interesting…can you think of any reason why they might have diverted the air lanes like this?

          Here in my area I’ve noticed them cutting down trees alongside the interstate, for miles just south of town, from the road all the way to the fence line. We have a regional airport here with a Special Forces unit attached. The Interstate highway system was originally designed so that aircraft could be landed in the event of war, if the airports were bombed out. The fence line distance was calculated with this in mind.

          • Don’t know for sure, but I do know several bases in Florida are supposed to be involved in Jade Helm and I am wondering if maybe they are moving all commercial air traffic further away from the bases to facilitate an increase in military aircraft sorties.

      26. white vehcle the size of a large armored vehicle marked dhs radiation response i have seen twice by the kookanusa bridge over the last 8or10 months.very creepy,i also seen the doomsday plane flyover last summer in the same area towards the yak.

      27. The war our government is preparing for is with China friends. All of this sensationalist bullshit is just click bait to get views on their ads to generate from cash flow. I am in a position to know a thing or two about what the Defense Dept is expecting in the future, and it has nothing to do with occupying North America. It’s China. All of the planning, R&D, war-gaming, etc is for countering the growing influence of China in the waters between Japan and the Philippines.

        If the time ever comes when someone in power wants to occupy domestic real-estate, well, it’s just not possible. We would face more of a threat from a militarized local police force.

        This is not what we should be wasting our brain cells on. Let’s act like intelligent adults and not the sheep this author/admin wants us to be.

        • Look asshat, articles like this are appreciated and enjoyed by the viewership, for good reason, not the least of which is helping people see what is going on in different areas of the country. It is through articles like this that we develop an understanding of what’s happening. If you prefer to remain ignorant then just turn right around and head on back to whatever hole you crawled out of, “pup.”

          • Just remember also that..Although Ukraine is NOT part of NATO….Victoria Neuland #2 at usa state dept, after handing over $5 billion to ukraines kiev Neo Nazis(and shes a rabid jew! go figure eh) Ukraine now has begun to get all sorts of Military equipment…Tons and Tons of everything vehicles from humvees to duece and quarter trucks, to advanced Missile platforms on trucks etc…

            Coupld days ago RT tv showed first shipment of such military equipment….So besides Much of same stuff being returned to usa from afgan and iraq zones,,,Much is also headed back out to Kiev Nazis.

            Don’t fret none though because my top insider sources info tells me that the 24/7/365 History channel tv regular routine of nazi and hitler propagandas, complete with the all the usual whinny crys, is going to continue as always…regardless how much cash or military stuff Neuland and her hubby Robert Kagan aka Architect of PNAC-Fame assist Neo Nazis, because the Shoa must go on folks.

            • Have you noticed the type of arms/equipment Kiev’s forces have been receiving? Pure JUNK. No wonder they’ve had their asses kicked and handed back to them. Novorussiyan forces have captured a lot of this junk and turned it into quite usable arms/equipment to use against their demoralized enemies. In addition, they’ve also captured the good stuff and put it to good use. That’s how they captured Debaltsevo, a key city in the Donetsk region.

      28. Even though,I don’t really believe a word of any of this, I would be happy to share some info from the southern front, or rather some things to watch for.

        Ships in the GOM

        If you start seeing CG’s or DDG’s in the gulf, that would be a good sign of a radar net from the south. But those ships cannot operate without fuel and supplies, that comes from civilian manned naval supply ships, those need fuel depots and resupply points at GOM ports.

        So when you start seeing T-AO’s or T-AKE’s pulling into local GOM ports (because it’s a long run from Mayport all the way around the keys into the gulf)……THEN, I’d believe this is real. (Google if it you’re really curious)

        Aside from that (for me atleast) I’m not buying it.

        (I worked on those supply ships for ten years)

      29. It does not matter to me whether there are pictures or not. If it has been reported to Jeremiah he should at least say something. Would you rather he not say a word.
        This whole exercise makes no sense. It has never been done before and there is no reason to do it now. Something is up for sure. I want to hear every report possible. Yes some could be lies but I don’t care. I want to hear any information that comes in.
        I will make my own decisions what to do after the information is reported.
        Strangely the people I know in intelligence have not been around at all. They have told me they have been extremely busy at work. That tells me something is going on. I just wish I could find out what.
        I will keep trying.

      30. Check my posts a few back I’ll say it again. EYES TO THE NORTH that is where our threat lays. NORTH will start the games to begin. False Flag in the North!

      31. I knew they were doing alot of this but I expected to see 2015 not 2012 buzz might be the helper …anyway had info might find worthwhile….

      32. For those who clamor for photos or videos, let me remind you that this subject was visited three days ago and had videos of long trans loaded with military equipment.

        I don’t know what all this means but I have NO – NADA – ZERO – ZILCH confidence in the present administrators of our government and feel that it is far better to prepare for war while praying earnestly for peace. If I may paraphrase Patrick Henry, ‘I’d rather know the worst and prepare for it than get caught with my pants down.’

        I know there are people who simply will not listen to bad news. Somehow, I don’t think this is a good forum for them to follow.

      33. Pictures please! Hear-say intelligence of this sort is pretty much useless. Remember, they play act and plant rumors as much as they can: It’s cheaper!


        “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here.” Captain John Paarker, to his Minute Men on Lexington Green, April 19, 1775.

        They MUST be SEEN to fire the first shot! Unambiguously.

      34. If you throw a dart at a global map, there is an excellent chance that you will hit a U.S. military base somewhere on the planet. I am not especially concerned if small units of foreign troops are running around the woods and prairies of northern Montana. There really is nothing that those units are going to learn in two weeks that would be any danger to a real American woodsman or even to some American hunters. When the SHTF, the real fighting is going to be either from troops blockading cities, or of troops assaulting gangs and fiefdoms block-by-block in the cities and suburbs. This will require lots of electronic sigint, and coordination with drones which will serve as forward observers

      35. I’m with jj on this one. But what if we are missing a bigger picture what if jade helm is just a military exercise and nothing happens then out of the blue say couple months later the real deal hits. Better to be overly prepared and watchful as unprepared and foolish

        • Wolverine

          It could be just that. There has been alot of publisity on this exercise. Maybe it is just to cause people to except it as the new norm. I can only say that this has never been done before that I am aware of.
          The military has bases that are huge and also uses national Forrest and parks to train.
          There just is no need or reason to do this type of exercise. They are also training with FBI and DEA. There is just no reason for this either.
          We trained with allied units normally company size. I once helped train a company of Germans. That was on a base though.

          This makes no sense whatsoever. Everyone just realize whether something happens or not there is a purpose here. Whatever it is it is not good.

        • Back in ’99 we were bombarded with stuff about Y2K. I didn’t know who or what to believe so I just waited and watched. When my neighbors started stockpiling I watched a bit harder but when the government started buying up whole carloads of freeze-dried food I began laying in a larder too.

          Nothing momentous happened and we were laughed at for being paranoid. But we ate well for several months at reduced prices.

          Now we’re faced with a similar situation and some – even here – are laughing and calling us paranoid. If TS does HTF I may regret NOT being paranoid enough. OTOH, if nothing happens I’ll eat well again and considering the rate of inflation, it’ll be a whole lot cheaper.

      36. And not one video or picture……amazing.

        • Sure makes it a lot harder to figure out the truth, doesn’t it, when it’s not all perfectly plotted out in a 59 minute, 27 second long video presentation (with commercial breaks) including neatly formatted charts and diagrams to explain it all?

          Welcome to the big leagues, son. Now you have to use your brain for more than a hat rack.

      37. I know some have mentioned it but I would really like to see videos of the electrical trucks.

        What I would really like to see is someone follow these guys to their waypoint or their final destination. As mentioned in the article that some of the pallets dropped off were loaded into UHaul trucks. Isn’t anyone the least bit curious to see were this stuff is going. I do not really know the area but it’s obviously a supply drop for someone or should Insay a group of people. Maybe the foreign troops?

        we see picture after picture, video after video but no one seems to be getting either. I think it’s equally if not more important to see where all this equiptment is going. It would help in answering so,e questions. For example, is it all going from base to base or being stored in a field behind a barn?

        This is a lot of equiptment not easy to hide. From what everyone is saying is that it’s all being propositioned which makes sense but Where? I have also suggested that maybe once we know where it’s being stored we can then pinpoint the locations on a map and see how the lines add up? I am sure there are some veteran logistics guys that can way in.

        Mr Johnson maybe you can ask the readers to help us on this?

        We are only getting part of the answer and until we can say for sure that yes various locations across the US have prepositioned equiptment drops then the second half of the answer is only speculation.

        I live in the middle of no where in CA and the only thing I have seen is a build of inventory at the local guard base and I was just told today that the guard now has trucks with the giant water nozzles on them. These would be the same trucks they use in riot control. I will get a photo and report back later.

        • You won’t find crap.

          Industrial parks in Podunk towns have warehouses with UN trucks getting paint and vinyl for overseas delivery…. Town has no clue they are there. How do I know…I used to cut their vinyl. Point being is any large facility in industrial parks can hide everything people claim to see… Not everything gets stowed in plain sight

      38. Oh shit…two Mexican kids with cap guns ran past….ITS STARTED…HIT THE BUNKERS

      39. Well if its true that the walmart in brandon fl installed blastdoors. They have a picture and story about it and if true then they are gonna be inside not us…

      40. I have passed this article ,along with one about TEXAS mobilizing its Militia against the FEDS ( “beforeitsnews”), to several of my contacts.

      41. grey choppers week of march 30, 2015. lasted a few days, same with huey uh1 paralleling – obvious personnel transport. also noticed round small blue colored insignia’s under doors and light blue stripe across a HUGE chopper (like the one in Dawn of the Dead remake in the beginning that flies over the mall and they try to flag down). nothing on rail that I know of, local MIL has activity, like armories constantly have cars regularly now, could be in coming/home rotational debrief – or current briefing?! somebody is looking for something, somewhere… wonder what it is and where it is? the worlds a big shit sandwich and we all are about to take a bite it seems. somebody is threatened. I got a good idea who. ” )
        local police are also concerned about other things it seems, distracted and make public appearances as warranted and city is sleepy and much quieter for the past 2 summers… odd. seems a lot of people left.

      42. Yermo Marine unreal amounts of humvees,and other military vehicles,trailers with weird looking equip. mounted on top,
        weird looking storage type containers,I mean 10 of thousands of differant types of equipment.I tried, Marines won”t talk.
        I saw a large yard in a populated older part of Las Vegas Nv wih hundreds of Humvees today.

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