Unusual Eruptions At Yellowstone’s Largest Active Geyser Baffles Scientists

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The world’s largest active geyser has erupted three times in the past six weeks at Yellowstone National Park, including once this week, in a pattern that is highly unusual, according to geologists.  And scientists cannot explain what is causing the geyser to erupt.

    One thing all scientists can agree on is that, as they’ve repeatedly told us before, the supervolcano churning below the serene scenery in Wyoming is not going to erupt anytime soon.  We shouldn’t be taking any of the anomalies to mean as much either.

    According to Reuters, the Steamboat Geyser, which can shoot water as high as 300 feet (91 meters) into the air, erupted on March 15, April 19 and on Friday. The last time it erupted three times in a year was in 2003, the U.S. Geological Survey’s Yellowstone Volcano Observatory said.  The last time it erupted prior to March was more than three years ago in September 2014.

    As always, there’s nothing to worry about.  “There is nothing to indicate that any sort of volcanic eruption is imminent,” Michael Poland, the scientist in charge for the observatory, said in an email.

    This year’s eruptions have been smaller than a usual Steamboat eruption, but the two in April were about 10 times larger than an eruption at the park’s famed Old Faithful Geyser in terms on the amount of water discharged, he said.

    Geologists have not pinpointed a reason for the latest series of eruptions, but say they could indicate a thermal disturbance in the geyser basin, or that Steamboat may be having smaller eruptions instead of one large. –Reuters

    Since most geysers do not erupt on a regular schedule, “it might just reflect the randomness of geysers,” Poland said. While the Steamboat eruptions are unusual, what would be far more worrying would be the water in the hydrothermal systems drying up, which could indicate that the super hot magma deep below was making its way to the surface -and an eruption could occur.


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      1. That’s a little more like a level-headed approach to a news/interest story. I got a strange feeling that that damned caldera will erupt catastrophically when it is damn good and ready, and totally unpredicted. Which is why preppers do what they do, prepare. We none of us know when SHTF will be upon us, but we do know from history and cool headed calculations that SHTF WILL be upon us, sooner or later. Articles like this are extremely useful in that we read them and constantly re-appraise our preps ability to cope with the threats. Thank you. Mac.

        • “Unusual Eruptions At Yellowstone’s Largest Active Geyser Baffles Scientists”

          “As always, there’s nothing to worry about. “There is nothing to indicate that any sort of volcanic eruption is imminent,” Michael Poland, the scientist in charge for the observatory, said in an email.”

          But back 17 days ago on April 13 the headline from Tess Pennington’s article stated: ht tp://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/yellowstone-officials-there-could-be-a-supervolcano-eruption-imminently_04132018 in that article the female, PhD Deputy Director of the observatory was reassuring us that the was no imminent danger. CONFUSED YET?

          And April 25, and March 19, and February 14, OMG will it just get on and erupt already???????

          BUT, BUT, wait, I read it right here on SHTFPlan that an eruption was imminent, like any second now, and that swarms of small earthquakes proved the super volcano would erupt SOON. People need to buy books and prep stuff using links on this website so Mac can make $$$$, because fear porn sells.

          • That Pennsylvania ngton article was so Mac could sell gas masks, kyvek suits, and iosat pills

      2. Primary Water is water that is unlimited. It is formed when molecules of hydrogen and oxygen fuse together underground. This system of water is primary, that is, it forms before becoming ground water, rain, or snow. It is limitless. The concepts of water scarcity are built on a false premise. That falsity is that we humans depend entirely on melting snow and rainfall for clean pure drinking water, and for water for irrigation of crops.

        The good news is that we have more water than we humans can ever use up.

        Drill baby, drill.

        And this primary water will flush the under ground water, push under ground water back toward the oceans where it belongs; thus preventing salt water from the ocean seeping into our underground water supply.

        Celebration time. Oh ya !!!

        __ for verification go to:

        Stop The Crime (dot) net


        • As a Geologist and 25 year reservoir engineer I am qualified to say without question you are full of SXXt. Yes, primary water is water never before on the surface. Yes you get a little from volcanoes. No, it’s not a significant source, these days, nor will it ever be significant to mankind. No, people are not going to run out of water; the Oceans are full of it. Yes nearly all of our water; is from evaporation out of the oceans; considering 70% of the world is covered by water, why wouldn’t that be the case? Yes, the world is running out of CLEAN, Fresh’water, where we want it. People like to build cities in worm reasonably dry places. So we run out. People also like to crap in the river that runs past their house because it goes away, that isnot popular with the next guy downstream.

          • Paranoid:

            Just for that, I’m going back to college to get a degree in geology just to find out if what you are saying is true. I do know that the plan to open up desalination is under way. I also happen to know that there are reactors that can make medical grade water from garbage.

            But, there is much that I don’t know. I come here to learn, and to disseminate those things I have learned which may or may not be correct.


          • Let me put in two cents as a power / water treatment guy. Salt is an SOB to get out of water requiring RO, De mineralisers or Evaporators. RO is by far the least costly and its still costly.

          • Paranoid,
            You nailed it pretty good.
            “The world is running out of CLEAN, Fresh’water, where we want it”
            nails it even better.
            For America we have pretty good water resources.
            California doesn’t have a water problem, it has a liberal problem.

          • Have you read about MOF water harvesting? Tantalizing stuff.

              • …also cool, but not suitable for every environment as it harvests via condensation vs. MOF which works by adsorption.

      3. I believe in God. Unfortunately, a just one. If Yellowstone blows, it will be like all things beyond our control and what survives; well, will be what (who) survives. That same Creator may just be kind of sick of the goin’s on here in this country (and for that matter on the whole planet). Too, it could just be Mother Nature about to spew on her own personal binge and purge cycle. Whichever, like ‘Sean’ above says, it’s “why preppers do what they do”. Me? Bought some old-school ammunition due to arrive later this week. Some more food and water stored. Just out of habit.

        • Believe in God or not; how does anyone look up into the Sky and think any god is really that interested in this mud ball? When lightning strikes the ground, do you ever think of what the ants think?

          • Paranoid – I hear you. And you should hear me in return. I don’t care one way or the other if you do or don’t believe in anything as regards some ultimate source/God/Creator…. great poobah in the sky. But – you and I both (if I recall some of your prior posts) believe in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of this United States. Right? One – literally 1 – is the freedom to do just that. To believe as one chooses. You cannot have it both ways and be an American. Accept one or accept none. I only ask my own choice be equal to your’s. I do believe. Confusing as it is to me at times(and to many nowadays), I actually do. You seem to not. Good. Follow your belief – for we both believe in this country and its founding principles. Therefore we stand equal and both on the same page (or should I say ‘documents’?). As for what or how God has any interest – well…. if one considers/accepts/…. ‘believes’ that any such thing as a God can actually cause it all – the entire ball of wax that is the universe – to be – nothing is beyond/impossible to that same force or power. Including knowing all things. A basic tenet of most major beliefs.

            • As the man said your freedom stops at the end of my nose. I don’t care what you believe in. Feel free. I don’t even mind your Church bell at 6 on Sunday morning. There are some very good people that believe in God; He only knows why. I just don’t see why it has to get into every conversation. You and your God is between HIM and YOU. It’s not an issue on what I should do. And anyone that thunks his relationship with the Lord will save them should ask; exactly how many of the Jews killed in WWII thought they were the Chosen? If they had spent the time returning pop bottles they spent on that issue, they could have bought a plane ticket to Argentina. I know where to find a Church and can do that, I’m here to find pop bottles.

      4. Why are we worrying about Yellowstone? Stormy Daniels just sued President Donald Trump for defamation. Do you know what this means? Do you have any idea?

        It means that the whole LGBT alphabet thingy is going to need to be changed from Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender to LGBT, Hooker, Playmate of the Month, Prostitute, Stripper, Whore.

        Ready for it? LGBTHPotMPSW. And if we where to go alphabetically BGHLP2STW. We even have to add numbers for P squared.

        Oh the humanity!

        How do you defame a hooker, whore, prostitute, and stripper? Call her a nice girl? Call her clean? Call her a “good girl?” Call her small breasted? The small breasted girl next door?

        What is the world coming to.

        Quick. Somebody call Anderson Cooper. He speaks the language.

      5. Operation Cloverleaf in full bloom.

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