Unsolved Mysteries of Liberal Logic (Video)

by | May 25, 2018 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    This report was originally published by Millie Weaver at Infowars.com


    Infowars reporter Millie Weaver breaks down the failed logic that liberals hold.


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      1. Tip — move banner over the face. You’re welcome.

        • It’s not her face I’m looking at.

          • (mustache)

        • There is the problem.
          FIRST: You must Understand the nature of your ENEMY.
          They are not “Liberals”.
          They are Anti American NWO Communist.
          They are extremely Dangerous. Never underestimate them.

          The Technology Sector, Media, Government, Entertainment Sector, Public Schools, ALL Higher Education Universities, and even branches of the US Military (US Navy Academy) ARE infiltrated by these Anti American NWO Communist ideologist.

          These people hate America. Hate God. And they Hate you. If given the opportunity they will take you guns, then round you up into re education or EXTERMINATION camps.

          Don’t kid yourselves. They are zealots. ALL communist have implimented GENOCIDE and MURDER as a solution to ANYONE that does not go along with thier ideology.

          Read your history. Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pott, the scumbag Che Guiverra, that college kids worship. These communist are psychopathic Murderers. ALL of them.
          That Ladies and Gents are who you are dealing with.

          You better ARM yourselves to the teeth.
          More Ammo than you think is reasonable.
          Never give up you Gun Rights. No matter the “Law”.

          Again. These Liberals are NWO Communist.
          There is an Evil One World System that they are moving ALL nations towards. These Liberals are Extremely Dangerous. They will use Law, Government, and Troops to bring in thier Evil BEAST System.
          Technology-Artificial Intelligence-Robotics, These will be used Against you. Prepare now. While you can.
          Time is short. The system is about to IMPLODE or/and a false flag via ww3 will be used.

        • HAHAHAHAHA that was exactly what I was thinking. She has got her boobs pushed way up.

          What was that video about?????? boobs, that right.

      2. In a Hegelian dialectic, Russians collude with the left and right, in a manner, which smooshes them both closer together.

        Also, if we are to take the Holocaust revisionists at their word (probably no biases, there) brownish migrants took over. The internally-displaced crossed borders, illegally, resembling one of those alien family crossing signs, so were all consolidated, into centralized places, pending judgment. Some were put to prison labor or considered for deportation. Resources lacked, due to war fought on many fronts and financial sabotage. So, diseases spread, like what might be found at one of your local homeless encampments, today. Literally Hitler? If you make it sound mundane, there are basically all the same things, going on, here.

        ‘How do you give over your guns to govt, which you think is run by a dictator.’

        You agree that they should be micro-managed ‘responsibly’, by your favorite praetors, under the color of authority, in spite of the tradition against standing armies, which is what these stores are all dedicated to.

        It’s never, ever the Amish, indie currency, urban permaculturist, land race livestock, raw milk, or homeschool people.

      3. Ron White said it best. YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID

        • Russel L. Honoré

          “Don’t get stuck on stupid.”

          On September 20, 2005, at a press conference with Nagin on Hurricane Rita, Honoré made headlines nationwide when he told a reporter not to get “stuck on stupid” in reference to a question about the government response to Hurricane Katrina.

          • “…told a reporter not to get ‘stuck on stupid’ in reference to a question about the government response”

            If water had for some reason flooded your BOL and subsided on it’s own, no handy person with freedom of movement would consider that a permanent, forever kind-of emergency.

            A needy person, under regulatory capture, would have been stuck on stupid.

            Or else, you, the individual, would be the first responder, repairmen, and landlord.

            In old propaganda, they used to shame people for evacuating. They said, you would be responsible for rebuilding. In that case, what good is the nanny, in that video. Is he doing the work.

      4. Why are they not in reality? Because liberal/progressives are fucking morons. Simple.

        • This article forgets one important issue. The liberals don’t give a rats ass about acceptance, racial equiality, fairness or any other issue. They only want to be in charge.

          It does not matter what the issue is, they have to be in charge, so all these “issues” are just a means to an ends. Nothing more.

          Hillary just summed it up when she was asked what company would she want to be a CEO of. She quickly said FACEBOOK.

          The WHY is more revealing.

          She would want to be CEO of facebook because Facebook has the most readers of the news media. Therefore she could be the gate keeper of what is news and was is deemed fake news.

          What she is saying is that she wants to control the propaganda.

          Thats scary that she is so open about it.

        • Well, the useful idiots are stupid. however, the crooks in high places directing the actions from behind the iron curtain are very intelligent patient sociopathic nwo communist social engineers and corporate fascists never underestimate them. they’re not stupid and they practically run all the big business, big banks, the economy and financial system. The indoctrinated useful idiots who dont really understand anything about what is really going on are just uninformed by indoctrination not realizing they’re following something completely wicked and evil like world government, globalism, socialism and communism are the stupid pawns in it all and in some ways it isn’t the useful idiots fault for being brainwashed by the sociopathic subhuman cultural marxists.

      5. They can not think for them selves simple as that they demonstrate learned behavior and only have the veiw points that they are programed to have and have not . Ever notice they are wimpy undecisive, pansy asses cus they are afraid to make a decision or choice on their own

        • Godsoldier, you hit that one right out of the ballpark. Their IQ is below room temperature and they don’t have 2 brain cells to put together for any purpose. Trying to educate them is a fool’s errand.

      6. I see that more hollywooders are being accused of predatory behavior against women. Harvey Weinstein indicted! He’s a lucky guy. If he weren’t a rich movie producer he’d still be virginal.

        • Anon, I have trouble trying to sympathize with the ‘victims’ of the hollywooders. Those women knew right up front what they were getting into when they first started. They had the option of avoiding it altogether but they didn’t. They made their own decision let Weinstein and those other scum have their way with them. They made their own bed now they need to lie on it.

          • I’m sure many of those actresses had careers in science or technology that they gave up to pursue their dreams of acting…

        • A bigger scandal than the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood Sex Scandal is Hollywood Nepotism.

          The worst example of this to-date is the about to be released — John Travolta flick “Gotti.” John’s got his wife, Kelly Preston, in it. Even made sure his daughter Ella Bleu Travolta got a plum part in the flick.

          All of these celebrities, if they get big enough, sooner or later come to believe that they are Hollywood, that they own Hollywood. Then their kids start showing up in the business. Tom Hanks. Sally Fields, Goldie Hawn. Brian Williams and Allison Williams (because nothing spells Hollywood these days like MSM), Governor Andrew Cuomo and his brother Chris Cuomo (because nothing says Hollywood like politics and MSM), Zosia Mamet, Kristen Stewart, Emma Roberts, the Affleck brothers (and one of those is a #MeToo), Gwyneth Paltrow, and on and on.

          Hollywood and MSM glorifies nepotism with headlines and stories about “The Children of the Stars.” and “Hollywood Royalty” the way it use to revere the “casting couch,” when men were men, the famous “Stick Men” and “Ladies Men” of Hollywood.

          When does this stop?

          • “Hollywood” decided to mouth off in politics. Liam Neeson-Matt Damon-Johnny Depp, etc. Have stated that “Americans should not have FireArms.” Even though they themselves have Armed security. Even though these “stars” glorify IDIOTIC violence and gun use in most of thier films.

            They have a right to thier opinions. We The People ALSO have a right to NEVER buy movie tickets for YEARS. We also no longer buy NFL tickets or NFL merchandise. We STAND for the Flag and America.

            This comment likely censored. Technocrats and Politicians want ALL free speech Silenced.
            -Goodbye FaceBook. We no longer use you. LEFTIST.
            –Goodbye Hollywood. We don’t need you. LEFTIST.
            —Goodbye NFL ProFootball. We respect Law and Flag.
            —-Goodbye Boy Scouts.
            Our children will NOT be progay brainwashed.
            —–Goodbye expensive coffee. Borders matter. Hang arounds and Bums will NOT be allowed to bother our Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, office personell.

            ALL of the above have stood against American values.
            ***RESULT: AVOID THEM. Turn them OFF.

            How about an Article on SHTFPlan on this subject?
            YOU are the Resistance to AntiAmericans.

            ***Borders. Language. Culture. Defend them all.

      7. The group whose rights get no attention are the future generation of Americans who will be saddled with a growing national debt. Liberals have their pet groups: homosexuals, women, minorities. illegal immigrants, etc. They’re very big on the question of fairness and are liberal with other people’s money. And, yes, there are conservatives who will push government spending as long as they profit from it. The national debt is not going to be paid off. Any increase in government spending will be funded by borrowing or printing more money. Any increase in government spending should be vital. Frankly, I am afraid that it is already too late.

      8. Demoncraps are so petty and immature, so used to changing
        the rules to suit themselves…so used to having all the political
        power…so used to accusing the conservatives of hateful things
        they do themselves….. they can’t cope with reality anymore.

        They act according to their puppeteers (top 1% and media) who
        hand down the orders. They are freeeeekin out of their minds.

        Don’t ya love…love…love it?
        Watching them fry the fat on their own Hollyweirdo…weirdo’s?
        Listen to them whine…wail…grumble….howel…grovel?? Let’s be
        sure to give them a littlte CHEESE WITH THEIR WHINE!!!!
        Let’s be sure to teach them how things can change when the
        shoe is on the other foot!!! Let’s do to “progressives”
        what Obutthole did to us and see how they like it.
        Time to watch your backsides you morons, and be prepared to bend over!!!
        That is what they do best.
        By the way….the title “progressive” is better known as “aggressive”
        and “possesive”

      9. Right-wingers are just as clueless as the liberals, just in different ways…

        How could anyone with a logical mind believe Rush Limbaugh (a radio show host) or Jim Inoffe (a congressman) about climate change when neither has any expertize…

        And yet you say climate scientists from all over the world– all got together (for the last several decades!!) and said, “I’ve got a good idea! Lets play a trick on the American people! Let’s say global warming is happening!”

        The fossil fuel industry, the most highly paid industry that ever existed, HAS NO INTENTIONS OF ALLOWING ANYONE TAKE AWAY THEIR MONEY!! And so they hire shills to spout nonsense and lie, saying climate change is not happening, and they can continue raking in the profits. They paid off congressman Inoffee and also Rush Limballs… and you people are too dumb to see the writing on the walls.

      10. Years ago, we were told by (forgot his name!) that the southwestern states, like California, etc. would run out of water and citizens would have to leave. The scientist who predicted this was asked, “you mean they will have to ration water?” And he replied, “no, I mean they will all have to migrate further east– leave California.” Now, recently on the news they are saying that the west is experiencing the driest season ever recorded since the dust bowl in the 30’s…. no more water. And its only May…. And its affecting crops… Its a result of warmer climate, meaning the snow pack on the mountains is becoming less and less, providing much less water (run off) during the hot seasons…This is just the beginning. The Arctic is heating up 3X worse than the rest of the globe… big trouble ahead.

      11. Liberals are just as clueless as right-wingers because they believe all the bull about Russia (Russia is NOT our enemy!!)

        Also, liberals don’t realize the importance of the second amendment– so they are just as ignorant as you guys.

      12. Look up oppenheimer ranch project on u tube before you leave a comment on climate change.

        • Ray, I have been reading about climate change for several years!!! SINCE 2008!! Read everything I could get my hands on about it. Every book in the Wilmington library they had and also Internet research.

          I even had to put my computer in my storage company because I was staying up half the night– researching it!! (wasn’t getting any sleep was so involved in researching it!) Also, I did a term paper on it years ago, around 2009.

          Read “Storms of my Grandchildren” by Jim Hansen, the world’s foremost climate scientist. Or “Climate Wars”. Or “Carbon Wars” by Jeremy Leggett, the first book I ever read about it… He’s a geologist, former oil man, who changed after he researched the topic and now he’s involved in trying to do something about it (he didn’t put greed first). And he was there at the IPCC meetings and saw how they could get nothing done because of all the paid off congressmen and their fossil fuel friends, blocking everything the IPCC tried to do. They would literally stay up all night trying to get stuff passed but finally just give up/gave in to the fossil fuel people (paid off politicians) because they kept stopping everything they tried to do.

      13. Furthermore, Trump is despicable!! I voted for the creep because Paul Craig Roberts said to in order to avoid WW3…

        Now, the idiot IS DETERMINED to destroy a bunch of countries, possibly igniting WW3. Plus, the scum-ball wants to take what little land the American Indians have and turn it over to industries for destruction (the “economy” bull shit!!…)

        and he wants to allow guns men to go and kill off bear cubs and wolf cubs in their dens so as to allow more killing for hunters… this will back fire and people will clamor for the guns to be taken away so no more of this cruel shit can take place! (read PCR website about it)>

        • Anonymous you seem to do a lot of ranting about things that you know nothing about. Have you ever been to a Native American town. I have had a love of the Indians since I was a child, but if you have some kind of romantic thoughts about them living and respecting nature you are dreaming. Many are drunks and drug addicted and their towns are totally littered with trash and they have no respect of nature, they will shoot an elk and drag it up in the yard for the dogs to chew on. On the Res, whites must pay a trespass fee or have a Reservation fishing license, so there is a lot of ancient rock art that few whites will ever see, guess what, the natives use it for target practice. As for shooting bear and wolf cubs in their den, hunting is very limited and regulated. No blacks bears can be killed with cubs and the limited wolf season is only in the fall when cubs are long out of the dens, so I don’t know where your getting the bullshit your trying to spread. But if you know as much about the other subjects as you do about the Native Americans and Hunting your talking out of your ass. Trekker Out

        • Uh if there is something that can kill you or eat you then yea kill it first. You want to save all the wolf and bear cubs but remember they do grow up and are not cute and harmless. Top of the food chain is where we need to stay after all even at a smaller scale we take antibiotics and kill off all the baby bacteria before they grow up and kill our asses. So why dont you go hug and hump a tree…

      14. Or “Hell and High Water” by Joe Romm, a MIT scientist and former secretary of energy.

        Or “One Degree” by Dotto.

      15. Or look up “Natalia Shakhova- methane bomb- video”…

        Or videos on “Peter Wadhams–the Arctic”. These are EXPERTS– highly intelligent, expert scientists who actually know what they are talking about– highly qualified.

        Or look up, “My 10 year predictions– Paul Beckwith”.

      16. God save us from Global warming nuts
        The sun dictates our climate – period
        The sun is in a slow inactive period thatappears to going to last awhile.
        This tends to lead to Global COOLING – we are onthe cusp of a Ice age
        Maybe a mini like the middle ages – Maybe a complete Global ICE BALL that has happen three times in the earth’s history.
        Liberals think that MAN is the superior and that the scientist are GODS.
        Every genereation is smarter that the last.
        My personal opinion is that mankind is still a very ignorant specie. We have really not placed our big toeover the threshold of Knowledge. We are so dumb we do not have the questions to ask about what we do not Know.
        Just think of this: Cancer treatment – Take a knife cut open and cut out tumor, next radiate patient with micro waves burning the patient, next lets feed the poison. Does that sound like an advanced specie to you???
        Abortion – liberal thinking – I have a right to kill my baby – Its my body
        Do you think in 100 years people will look back and say what THE HELL WERE THIS NUTS THINKING?

        • Doctors won’t even try the simple, inexpensive cancer treatments on the off chance they might work.

          Scientists say that cancer cells aren’t good at getting energy from ketones. They really need glucose.

          So you go on a ketogenic diet, which eliminates almost all carbs and force your body into fat-burning ketogenic state. This should theoretically starve the cancer cells to death without affecting anything else in your body.

          Here’s a site that explains ketosis:
          ht tps://www.ruled.me/ketosis-ketones-and-how-it-works/

        • It’s all the drugs people are on. Especially leftist liberals, they like their drugs

      17. The term “liberal Logic” is an oxymoron.

      18. I saw a video one time where a guy explained one of the biggest problems with liberals. They have no discrimination. They cannot see particulars. They can only see large groups.

        That’s why they say you’re racist, when you’ve only criticized the policies of one single black president. In their minds, they see you as having criticized all black people in the world.

        They see all guns as identical killing machines. They really can’t tell any difference between a machine gun, a bolt-action hunting rifle, and a movie prop pretend ray gun.

        I’m thinking that if they studied set theory in school, they failed the test.

      19. Brainwashed, propagandized, lied to, misinformed, betrayed, confused, deliberately dumbed.


        • Being unable to unravel the yarn being spun by the media is the result of intentionally dumbing down students in the public schools.

          Read Charlotte Iserbyt

          “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America”

          Videos on YouTube

          Free e-book on pdf


      20. Both political sides are one and the same. Pretending to be at odds with the other. The people seek justice which is denied. That is what keeps the tyranny alive and growing.

      21. I’d like to know what the hell makes Anonymous think that conservatives are in the same category as libturds? What fantasy world is he from?

        • Brave just look as what someone does for their money. Are they a taking parasite or a producing maker? Some one smarter than Me wrote. The very worst thingthat can happen to a society is for the majority of the people to believe that it is not necessary for them to produce. The wrongly think that someone else will produce for them. And as a result the remaining productive are continually taxed(robbed) and expected to contribute more and more of their fruits of production to the parasite takers. And at the same time the rewards for being productive become less and less. So the producers quit and joint the ranks of the parasite,s. Until that trend is reversed no political or social solution is viable. Not even a successful revolution would change anything if the takers are too many and the makers too few.

      22. The word is dissonance. As in, cognitive dissonance, not cognitive dissidents. People with limited cognitive ability are usually better off not playing with big words and phrases. This appears to be a case in point. You’re welcome. Have a nice day and read a fkn book.

      23. ‘Liberalism is a mental disorder’ – Michael Savage

      24. We are all pawns being played by the globalists. At least if your a right winger you tend to be armed.

      25. Its not a political or race problem In that it cannot be solved by politics or any kind of social remedies. most will not even acknowledge what the real problem is. The Root cause it far too many Parasite Takers and far too few Producing Makers. The producing Makers Use the natural resources of the planet to make build or Grow a tangible products that actually adds to the GDP. The farther away from being a vital link in that chain of production the greater parasite you are. And there are just a many conservative parasites as their are liberals. No matter what too many takers and too few makers is not long term sustainable.

        • Old Guy, you hit it out of the park just like always. When the parasites’ “gravy train” gets cut off it’s all over for them. I won’t miss the parasites at all.

      26. Anonymous is a libtard for sure aww the poor indians give me a break they get payed from the reservation income like the reservations that have gas and oil on them each one gets a slice if that pie. Casinos ect. Drugs and alcohol abuse runs rampid . So because im white i should get a slice of pie from exon oil cus they are pumping oil out of the ground in texas? Just like the naggers they think white people owe them something give me a break and while your at it give all them indians new bed comforters with small pox and them naggers all the free crack they can smoke. Stupid liberal fook

      27. “If you want to live with the classes, you have to sell to the masses.” The basis of predatory capitalism morphed into bleed them dry, the lower economic level asses. Trump has been crowned thus so as the puppet to fast forward the con game. Both sides compliment each other in actions. None represent the common people.

      28. I read at VeteransToday that the US House strips Trump of war powers on Iran. The msm has not reported this yet, if true I wonder why this is being hidden to this point.

      29. No mystery, when you apply logic to the matter. Libtards, as they are sometime described, are socialists, and socialists are people that believe a system that is so flawed, only libtards who style themselves as intellectuals would believe in it or use it. Recall, if you will, that just like the moslems, socialists lie on a regular basis, with no regrets, because their ends justify anything to win. When you deal with socialists, you are dealing with liars and murderers in waiting. Socialists murder mostly by proxy (illegal aliens, legislation, judiciary) Communists take a more direct approach.

      30. There is so much stuff being done covertly by the TPTB that political philosophy doesn’t really matter. Heck, they are starting wars and toppling governments! No one is being held accountable except taxpayers.

      31. What you describe as socialist thinking is much closer to capitalistic murdering and lying reasoning. Social is the root word that means for all of the people.

      32. Baldy says
        Never try to teach a pig to sing.it makes the pig mad and wastes your time

      33. What is the opposite of liberal logic? Conservative logic? How do you describe that exactly? To conserve the dwindling real wealth at the top? This country is doing a very good job at that. The giant voracious sucking reality of corporatism like a runaway freight train hellbent on owning or destroying everything in its path. Yeah, that’ll work.

      34. Tollerant liberal logic 101: “COPS and Soldiers are racist”.

        Tollerant liberal logic 101: “Only COPS and Soldiers should have arms”.

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