Unprecedented: Judge Interrogates Zimmerman: “I Have Never Seen That In More Than 30 Years of Court Reporting”

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Headline News | 210 comments

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    A casual observer could rightfully argue that the fix against George Zimmerman has been in since the very beginning. From NBC doctoring the 9-1-1 phone call to make it appear his actions were racially motivated and mainstream reports identifying him as a “white Hispanic”, to the President of the United States weighing in on the debate by suggesting if he “had a son he’d look like Trayvon,” Zimmerman had been convicted by millions before he had even been charged.

    As government prosecutors and Zimmerman’s defense team argued their case before the American public this week, the evidence strongly supported Zimmerman’s claims of self defense on the night of February 26, 2012. So much so that prosecutors attempted to introduce new charges such as “child abuse” mid-trial because it became clear that the jury would be hard-pressed to convict Zimmerman of murder.

    Now, only a day before the jury is to convene for deliberations that will determine the fate of George Zimmerman, an unprecedented incident occurred in the court room, leaving one veteran legal analyst who was present to tweet that she has “never seen that in more than 30 years of court reporting.”

    Speculation is raging that the judge in the George Zimmerman case could have been put under pressure by the Obama administration after she staged a bizarre outburst during which she interrogated Zimmerman while repeatedly silencing his lawyers.

    The hostile exchange began when Judge Debra Nelson asked Zimmerman if he planned to testify.

    Essentially, Judge Nelson told Zimmerman he had the “absolute right to remain silent” but then proceeded to demand he answer her questions interrogation-style while silencing his lawyers.

    Defense attorney Don West twice objected to Nelson’s interrogation, prompting the judge to raised her voice and exclaim, “Your objection is overruled!” in a manner more befitting of an angry parent lecturing a child than a legal professional.

    Both of Zimmerman’s lawyers appeared shocked as attorney Mark O’Mara asked under his breath, “what is going on?

    Several legal experts and observers said the outburst was unprecedented.

    Via Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.com

    In the video below, Judge Nelson clearly targets Zimmerman in a manner unfit for an American court of law. As noted by Jones and Watson, the exchange undermines Zimmerman’s, “right to remain silent” and makes it “appear as though he and his attorneys are not firm in their convictions.” And the jury saw all of it, suggesting that the fix really is in, and that the justice system is pulling out all the stops to ensure a conviction.

    Watch the heated exchange as Judge Nelson confronts George Zimmerman in an unprecedented display of improper procedure during a MURDER trial that left his attorneys bewildered and without recourse.

    Infowars Continues:

    Former Senatorial candidate Richard Rivette also expressed his shock at the judge’s behavior.

    “This judge is an idiot. I spent five years investigating high profile capital cases defending people from the death penalty, and worked for the Federal judiciary as an independent investigator on other cases. No judge ever inquires as to whether a defendant will testify until the entire defense case is presented. If the defense rests and does not call the defendant then the judge knows there will be no testimony. If the defense calls the defendant then that’s when the judge finds out. They have to get through the entire case first. To see if it is valid after prosecution cross-examines their witnesses and experts as to whether a defendant SHOULD testify, which is decided in private not in public, and NOT on the record. By doing this, the judge has undermined a portion of Zimmerman’s credibility. He looks like he is waffling and this is normal judge/defendant questioning, which it is NOT,” said Rivette.

    Respondents to the story at the National Review Online also expressed their view that Zimmerman was being railroaded.

    “A fix is in from the administration to find Zimmerman guilty regardless of what it takes,” commented one.

    It is apparent that Debra Nelson is not an impartial judge presiding over this case, but that she harbors her own position on what the outcome should be, or worse yet, that she has been “gotten to” by outside forces who are attempting to frame an innocent man (until proven guilty) of murder.

    The motivations are unclear.

    What is clear is that evidence has been suppressed in this trial and given this latest legal travesty, it’s evident that George Zimmerman has a huge bulls eye on his back.

    Should George Zimmerman be found innocent of the charges brought against him, there is a strong possibility of riots such as those we saw in 1992 after four police officers were acquitted of wrong doing in the Rodney King trial. After thousands of social network exchanges that claim riots will result should Zimmerman be found innocent, perhaps officials fear that the situation would quickly devolve into widespread civil unrest, and maybe convicting Zimmerman, regardless of his innocence, is a small price to pay for such an outcome.



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      1. WOW !!!!

        • BA, My exact thought: WOW! This judge doesn’t know law nor her place in the court. Wish Zimmerman had said nothing and see if she would hold him in contempt.
          The slogan shall now read: Judged by 13.

          • I was in the 1992 Los Angeles riots. This case has all the makings of the pre-riot world. Per the law, Zimmerman did nothing wrong and is still being tried and the judge, knowing that there is no case against Zimmerman, tells the jury to think about manslaughter before closing arguments. Something the defense has never tried to defend and only has three hours now to convince the jury that Zimmerman is innocent on both charges. I know I keep saying this, and I will probably be slammed, but this is why I keep saying in the comments section to be careful and have an airtight defense before you use any self defense or castle doctrine when you shoot someone.

            I have no doubt that the Feds will file for Violation of Civil Rights against Zimmerman if Holder/Obama are not happy with the verdict (Just like the Feds did against the LAPD officers in Rodney King).

            Maybe it is just me, but it sure seems like any law can be changed for whatever for political agendas. It sure seems like Judge Nelson is struggling to hang Zimmerman for anything she can. I hope I am wrong.

            Keep your powder dry,

            • No, you are not wrong, they are going to burn Zimmerman, whether he is innocent or guilty, and we all know why. And, no matter what, “Whitey” is still to blame, even though, Zimmerman is’nt even White. This is the new reality, and Whites are terrified to face it…

              • This story is not, and never was, NEWS!

                The Trayvon/Zimmerman case is tabloid trash!

                A real story would be: “Chicago sees stunning 72 shootings over Fourth of July weekend. Of that 72, NBC Chicago reported that 12 men were killed. A 5-year-old boy and a 7-year-old boy were also seriously injured in separate events, as was a 72-year-old woman who was reportedly shot in the ankle.”


                In 2011, a total of 4 murders were recorded in Sanford Florida.

                Chicago Illinois records 12 (black on black) murders on one weekend, and it’s barely “news.”

                Why are you (we) talking about a single incident in Sanford Florida?

                Oh… I know why, but it’s politically incorrect to say why!

              • I agree except for this being a “new reality.” There’s nothing new about it and it’s getting worse as time goes by. Why is it that every culture immigrating to this country becomes successful relatively quickly and African-Americans who were born here are still rioting in the streets when they don’t get their way?

            • There are plenty of opportunist out here just waiting for something to give them a reason to riot and cause chaos like they did in LA and New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. I watched the LA riot footage and post-Katrina footage. Those people were doing it because they thought it was fun, they couldn’t care less about the Rodney King or the aftermath of the Hurricane. It was an opportunity to act a fool and get their hands on free stuff like beer, TV’s, etc., and get away with crimes knowing that the police were out-manned to effectively do anything.

              • the LA riots were against the LAPD. That hatred went way back. I don’t think this trial has any of the haulmarks of Rodney King or the riots.

                • Under Chicago style politics they would see riots as a great diversion . The public will be looking at this mess and the fake riots they create to divert attention from Washington DC and all the illegal actions that they have been engaged in. Didn’t they say “never let a good problem go to waste” and as a communist community organizer Obama believes in creating problems that will pit 2 groups against each other and then he is free to do as he wishes while they battle it out. That has been his MO and right now he has a lot a stuff to cover up. So a good riot and enflamed national race tensions, while it will hurt this nation, will benefit him.

              • Yes, I am sure Black groups will be out there “rioting.” But remember what the Koreans did in their district during Rodney King riots? It ain’t just Koreans anymore, its more Americans than you know who are gearing up. BTW, all that pathetic rioting is just gonna show the world, AGAIN, how idiotic Black Americans can be. Go ahead, show your arses to the world, AGAIN.

            • Saddle up- Lock N Load!!!!

          • The slogan shall now read: Judged by 13.

            Not if you throw in Ostupid and his cohorts!! 😉

            • Judged by 7 it should read. There are only 6 women on the jury.

              • I think they may find him not guilty, just for the simple fact that there have been threats of riots, and with those threats comes a state of emergency and martial law…the beginning. This is all a show, the outcome has already been written and the price will be paid.

          • Maybe she’s not so dumb? This is her way of giving the defense a reason to appeal?

        • Coming to a US citizen near you. Just think that Obama was paying thugs to protest this trial. When the State wants you they will do whatever it takes to ruin your life.

          Zimmerman’s life will never be the same.

          • i am not trying to sound like i am defending what the legal system is doing. but, the legal system had no choice but to bring charges against mr. zimmerman. the black community was getting ready to riot because they didn’t bring charges against zimmerman. the black community calmed down only after charges was brought. if they thought that the rioting may only happen in one city they wouldn’t be doing this. but, if zimmerman gets off just like the protest, riots may happen not only in that town but across the country. if zimmerman gets off or not i really don’t care as long as the justice system does it’s job honestly.

            • So if a person is actually innocent it is then just for the US Court system to tip the scales so that person is found guilty to prevent riots?

              Hmm, I’ll have to think on this one a bit.

              • And the prosecution is screaming for any type of verdict. How about a jay-walking being moved up to murder one ! I for one am damn sick and tired of the (ahem) press and their shit job of reporting the whole news, all of it !

            • well if he is not guilty and blacks riot let us clog the court system with a few million self defense cases .
              Im tired of having a media tell me whites are racist when reality is blacks are . I owe them nothing .

            • Bunch of stupid violent fuckers, over here its the same crap, the family and their peanut gallery always trying to defend these violent indefensible punks who get shot by the cops or stabbed after they attack someone, trying to play that lame ass race card,
              Stupid fuckers want to riot, go ahead, see how that works when the militarized police thugs supress them and kick the shit out of them, good practice if you ask me.

            • “Remember, a Black Panther is like a matchstick in a barn full of hay. It is up to us, if we want to burn the barn down”- Back Panther training pamphlet

              The America we all knew is toast anyway, sold out long ago, and being run into the toilet by the parasites, and thier lackies. You will never get America back through the “electoral process”, that is a fantasy long gone. Does it really matter if the blacks burn the place to the ground?

              • Let em start the fire, i say let it burn, heres some gasoline to help it burn hotter!

            • Yeah, the fact you’re black and defending a possible mass chimp out has nothing to do with it,PLEASE.

          • The big mistake that everyone makes is believing this is a court of law. Incorporate courts there is no law and that s****** judge proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. Let zimmer man go and hang the judge

        • Serving up Justice applies only to Just Us……

          • This decision afects every single person that still values defending themselves in this country. The government wants to destroy the 2nd Amendment because this is really the ONLY piece of protection preventing the control from being absolute. Let’s face it, an unarmed population is a totally enslaved population.

            This is no exaggeration, IF Zimmerman is convicted of anything, it tells everyone that it is open season on EVERYONE that decides to save their life and/or their family from ANY maniac regardless of race. It says that you can be thrown in prison for gunning down someone that is in the process of trying to kill you. All that has to happen is that the criminal scum has enough backing from some group to threaten the region enough, that justice is not served. If a black kid can pound someone’s head into the ground and still get the real victim convicted of defending himself, then under the threat of retaliation some terrorist could have their verdict equally skewed in their favor.

            It means that EVERYONE out there is in danger fo being thrown in prison even if the criminal has a weapon. The prosecution will warp the truth so much, like this example, that you save your life from a criminal breaking into your own home you are guilty. There are many states in which you literally have to be huddled in a ball and the criminal has almost had to discharge their weapon before you can fire back. True hell hole states like this belong in the federation of western europe and not in true freedom of the U.S. At least the last waning moments of freedom that the U.S. still has.

            The government, just like cess pit european nations, wants you to be a total pacifist and to never even raise your fist. To turn people into total sheep like this only require a sheep dog to control the flock or herd. Cases like this not only rest in the freedom of an innocent person like Zimmerman, but also in the freedom for ALL of us. Watch how previous court decisions influence and are referenced in current court cases. This one, IF martial law and WW3 don’t bet them to it, will surely totally sway other cases, maybe even supreme court decisions on basic defense and the 2nd Amendment itself.

            Let’s hope that real justice is served here and the 6 women jurors will fairly look at the basic foundation of the country of beyond a reasonable doubt and no way convict Zimmerman of anything. Only in a bizarro world could anyone even consider all the evidence, especially from the police, that in no sanity could show beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman did anything wrong other than possibly save his own life. Reasonable doubt here, and I like most of the country, those with functioning brains, have plenty of doubt from practically everything that the prosecution presented here.

            • I shudder to think what would happen to
              Edward Snowden if they ever get hold of him.

              • He’ll be found dead or just dissapear. Either way his days are numbered.

            • On a positive note, this irregular procedure by the judge does give Zimmerman’s attorney a basis for appeal and or a new trial should, in the unlikely event, that Zimmerman is found guilty.

              Lock n load if you live in Florida and protect your family, friends, neighbors and property from the Sharpton Looters who will surely manifest after the trial.

              Give the flash mob a flash bang! 🙂

              • Howdy, DK. There’s already been some talk in my town about riots. If it happens, there will be lead flying. braveheart

                • Just remember that if you are accused of shooting someone after the verdict comes in due to a riot situation…. the first thing that will be presented in your murder case is your statement here. Don’t think that they won’t find it and track it right straight to you.

                  This will be used to show premeditated intent to shoot someone when a riot breaks out. They will say you were just itching for a riot to break out just so you could shoot someone.

                  Watch what you say.

              • He will be found guilty of something. Upon that you can rest your case.

              • Yes, but why should he have to go through this 2-3 times? What a waste of his life and our money.

              • Hell with the Flash Bang, FRAG them!!

            • Excellent points Be informed, and if Zimmerman is found guilty in this kangaroo court and files an appeal, he will surely die in prison awaiting a retrial so the outcome can never be changed and Will as you say be used as a precedent in future cases.

          • let’s all remember the ” kind ” of justice Obama is about, ” SOCIAL JUSTICE “. not legal justice. Let’s all remember that means fuck the law abiding, working class, tax payers because that makes them a racist.

            Let them riot and let the cops practice on the entitlement crowd with all those .40 cal hollow points we keep hearing so much about.

            Maybe with them gone AMERICA would start getting back to her old self. Maybe that’s what the gov really wants. Just a theory. Many possibilities. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

            Oh, and btw, all you scumbag assholes, you may not want to riot in my ” hood ” or anyone else on this site. Just another theory.

        • This whole case is pretext for two things:
          1) Using military to violently quell riots that the federal government instigated to start with

          2) Shutting down social media, such as twitter, without warrant, in the name of ‘public safety’ and preventing terrorism.

          Both of these things will happen, and both will be used to set precedent for further infringements.

          Pray Hard, Prepare Harder

          • Jim, they may just go all out and declare martial law, If that happens, all bets are off and it’s game on.

          • If that is the case, then why are they acting as if they are railroading Zimmerman? Is it to give cover to their plan, to make it look like the really tried to convict him only to “aw shucks” miss it and then go for the power grab?

        • Unbelievable ! This Judge should be removed from the Bench immediately. One of three things occurred. 1 Judge tampering. 2.She is completely insane or 3. the amonia vapors from her depends caused brain damage. G-d help anyone who goes before this ass wipe in the future. Simply unbelievable !

        • I’m wondering if this site sensors the word “GOD”. If it looks like this “G-D” then yes it is being censored.

          • I’m not sure what you mean Revolt, but we have absolutely no reason to sensor the word “GOD” on this web site… If it looks like “G-D” then the author of the comment did that intentionally.

            • Talmudics write GOD witout the letter O.thats the reason.

      2. The American legal system. Best justice that money or threats can buy…

        • There is a Higher System which states, “Let justice roll down like water, and righteousness as an everlasting stream.” (Amos 5:24)

          God save us all…

      3. A set up from the start! Since when does a president say anything about a murder trail before it starts? Yeah that could have been his son alright! GETTING HIGH and starting shit!
        Welcome to America the game is rigged!

        • Too bad it isn’t obummer on trial.

          • and his henchmen…..

      4. Did anyone think he would receive a fair trial? Absolute intimidation from the judge towards Zimmerman and on silencing his attorneys. Someone has something on her & is using it to push their agenda of conviction regardless of the evidence or lack thereof. I would hope that someone would bring her up on a judicial misconduct charge for the obvious bias she revealed in that clip. If he is convicted, I would be surprised if an appeal is not granted on this clip alone. Oh wait….we can’t have a fair judicial system….that would be racist.

        • Howdy, Central TX Mom, and I have to agree. That poor man has had a target painted on his back since Day 1. there has been an illegitimate black campaign being waged against him ever since. If he’s convicted, it will send a message to the rest of the white people in the US: If you’re attacked by a black criminal anywhere, and if you take any type of action to defend yourself against the same black animal, you will be punished for it. it will tell the black animals they they’ll have nothing to fear from their would-be victims. That is a situation I, for one, will never tolerate. Everyone has the natural-God-given right to self-defense. To interfere with that right is the same as tampering with human life itself. If a would-be victim dies as a result of such interference, it’s the same as accessory to murder. I don’t follow any restrictions concerning self-defense, period! let anyone attack me, and I don’t care what your color is, you do so at your own peril. You will pay a price for it. I hope Zimmerman is acquitted. That judge is definitely under pressure from the black attorney-general to railroad Zimmerman any way possible. if any riots break out, let them bring it on. I’ve got something for them that they don’t want. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

          • This has nothing to do with black people. The black, like the whites, who take sides, are just pawns in the time honored tradition of Divide and Conquer.

            • Disagree. A couple of black teenagers shot a baby in the face while the hispanic mother pushed him in the stroller…she had no money to give them. Where’s the media? there are other cases as well. Also there’s a book out now citing all of the flash mobs (blacks) who are out to kill any white person.

              • Spot on Aly. The case simply disappeared from sight. Add to that his food stamp monkey momma was also arrested for hiding the gun that ” her baby” used to kill the kid with. Well America, there are your African family values on full display.

              • I would bet more black people have been killed by there own race but not as many as blacks killed by innocent white people also how many whites have been hanged or burned alive by blacks. How many white men have been shot by police cause they thought they had a gun? This man was arrested because the bruises he so called got from the fight did not appear until the next day,that is why the first officers wanted to charge him that night. When he came back again magic injuries were all over him. And when have you yelled help with a loaded gun on you? get the facts not sound bites on the news.

                • What the fuck type of counter point is that? How in the fuck do you get the “facts” when there is an obvious news blackout on all the black on white crime? If it weren’t for people with phone cameras we would NEVER have seen ANY news coverage on the good ole’ summertime mass chimp outs. If you seriously want to convince anybody on the validity of your argument, you’ll have to overcome the points I just made, go ahead.

          • I wonder if all the Hispanics and Latinos in Florida are going to throw a “counter riot” if Zimmerman is convicted?

          • Agreed 100% BH. I am by far not racist, I interact with blacks practically daily. I lived in a black neighborhood for several years. I do not consider them animals, however I do not have “restrictions” on self defense of myself or those I love.

        • NSA? They have her running moonshine to the Elementary School and and cheating on her girlfriend.

      5. the judges middle name tells you exactly why you cannot trust her. or the legal system. or the country. we are owned by these people.

        • OMG–Steinberg!!!!


        • Eisen, this is 1 time I have to agree with you. The system will fall eventually. braveheart

          • o…my…god!!! braveheart and eisen agree on something…somewhere a place named hell must be at the very least developing ice crystals…bravo to the two of you.

            • LOL —

              Proof that we can come together as one!

          • Everybody seems to think that somebody has something on this “bird,” but what if they have just promised her something instead? Like a Supreme Court nomination down the road? She may just be totally corruptible like everybody else in this current communistic regime.

            • May have, but they were lying. She makes the 2 lesbians that Obutthead appointed seem smart.

      7. Don’t think she got a phone call from ” The Hill” do ya?
        Remember, protocol and rules no longer exist to the cur-in-chief nor Henchman Holder. Whole different paradigm now folks. I’d say a lot more but it really don’t matter now does it. Take care all.

      8. Being a cynic, or perhaps just a casual observer of human nature, I believe Zimmerman is toast. If convicted (98% probability, regardless of evidence) there will only be a few ‘celebratory’ riots. Maybe not more than a few stray bullet wounds and a couple dozen cars torched. All just youthful exuberance, of course.

        If acquitted… well, see LA riot video above.

        **With one major difference**
        South FL may show us that they have more armed citizens who’re determined not to be victims than LA had a few yrs ago. That won’t mean less riots… just more return fire! Kinda like the thugs in LA who faced the Korean store owners. We shall see…
        Also- if acquitted, Zimmerman will face endless and various Federal charges. Possibly starting with violation of Treyvon’s civil rights. Remember, the racist, white-hating, gun-runner Holder is still the AG. And he’s backed by the commie thug politicians and the gutless, self-loathing, ignorant, progressive whites. Zimmerman, if acquitted, is by no means finished with his sojourn in the ‘legal’ system.
        He, and the rest of Florida, may be safer if he’s convicted and whisked off to the pen. That wouldn’t be right, but the question is- will the jury do what’s Right… or what’s Safe?

        • Well said.

          ,I think at this point most people are watching now,not only to see the the verdict,if any,

          But just simply to time getting ready for the riots!,.

        • I hope he goes free. Do we toss out our legal system for protection from beasts.

          • When in the bible God said “Take Dominion Over the Beasts of the Field” it was likly due to there were not yet any Roads or Streets in the Graden of Eden.

            If God said it Today it is likely He’d say “Take Dominion Over the Beasts on your Streets”

            Beasts of course being many varieties of ape-chimp-Baboon etc. A entire Family of Monkeys. aka Beasts.

            Wake Up whiteys! Take Dominion ASAP!

            And He told Adam “See I Give to You this Fine well oiled fast target access AR-15 Rifle!”

        • If they can get to the judge… They can get to the jury.

      9. The Left will railroad an obviously innocent man when they feel it suits them. So much for all their crocodile tears about the death penalty.

        Evidence is coming out about USDOJ involvement in protests to build a furor to initiate the case, and illegal pressure on the Florida legal system as well.

        • Except this isn’t a capital case or they would have had a jury of 12.

          • Sigi, that is true, but my point was that the Left will cry about allegedly innocent persons being put to death by the state, while at the same time railroading an innocent man into prison for life.

      10. How about the claim that the American people’s tax money funded the DOJ organizing protests against Zimmerman? This whole thing stinks to high heaven and why doesn’t anybody do anything about it? This really reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover and his tactics.

      11. Forget about getting justice in any US court. This country has been completely taken over by the criminal class.


      12. Is it possible or plausible that, in the event of a conviction, it can be used in appeal? If so, maybe she does have an agenda but, towards Zimmerman…

        • Yes it will be used in an appellant court. No she wasn’t pro Zimmerman, she messed up.

      13. Convicted by the presstitutes in the media, slandered by Big Al and Jesse, railroaded by comments from BO, false photos disseminated to undermine any future perceptions of FACTUAL defense, conviction on anything is sought. What is next? Mr. Z’s back tires are 1/32nd below minimum tread depth. Maybe 5 years for that. .Mr. Z has a high probability of being sacrificed by the PC mob to save cities from riots.

        We are living in the most upside down culture in the history of the planet. What black people struggled so hard to get rid of in the last century has been reversed. Now, for some reason, it is blatantly fine to do the same all over again. And that is supposed to be justice???

        Time for a shot of Glenfiddich to block the insanity.

      14. Grounds for a mistrial on appeal, if convicted. This may be the best course for the prosecution to avoid the wrath of the “hoody” since they have no evidence. In fact, it may be planned this way to let judge, jury and lawyers off the hook. Mistrial and let it die. No losers. No riots.

        • I thought the same thing
          she had to know how her behavior would come across

          • If she can get him to offer any explanation to the court, it will destroy any fifth amendment protection he has to remain silent…we just saw this tactic with an IRS official a few weeks ago. He needs to not be intimidated by the judge and only answer with the standard “I refuse to answer on the basis of the fifth amendment right to remain silent.

            The judge is trying to intimidate him to give up that right, trust me, I’ve seen it before.

      15. Justice is only as good as the people giving it out so we all know how this will end. My advise is prep, prep,and more prep things seem to be winding down a lot sooner then expected and all of us who know and care need to be more then ready, this whole thing will go on and on with little or no end in sight. Lord help us all for what lies ahead none of it is good not even a little bit.

        Everyone stay safe and do your best.

      16. A Question: Maybe its me but I can almost swear when I saw the trail last week, just a few min of it, they had a black woman judge…Then this week, other day, I see this white woman judge presideing. I am seeing things? Or is this accurate? I do recall the first thing I thought when seen firat a week ago “Oh oh black woman judge I wonder if shes a man hater feminist also”….Unless it was a black woman as a Witness that looked like the judge bench and I was just confused?

        I only saw 2 min each time and twice I watched it only. On TV news I mean.

        One Other thing: Isn’t it that stand yer ground laws do NOT allow aquited folks be sued for death money or civil rights etc? Seems I read or heard that prior. In MIch we have stand your ground defense now too and am pretty sure its that way here IE: NO lawsuits of aquited.

        • Zimmerman refused his right to be tried under “stand your ground”. They knew they would lose because he followed Martin after being told not to by 911 Operator. They knew his best chance was straight up self defense because he did not initiate contact. As I understand it, stand your ground hearings may not e a full trial? I could be mistaken.


            • No they don’t. However common sense would dictate it provided the “suspect” has not incurred/implied you or yours harm and is moving away from you.

            • Entirely correct and also consider this:

              The 911 dispatchers had previously asked him on to “LET ME KNOW IF HE DOES ANYTHING ELSE”

              The dispatcher dude even admitted under oath that this could have been construed by Zimmerman to follow Martin.

              So Zimmerman was already “following orders” if someone wants to brings this issue up.

      17. After seeing this incredibly blatant breach of process by Judge Nelson, I ALMOST wonder if it’s intended as a “mistrial gimme”? Kinda of like Judge Roberts with Obamacare (odd there hasn’t been any action yet on that, since it was ruled a tax and therefore MUST originate in the House). I honestly cannot see how they could possibly find him guilty- but if they do- Judge Nelson just setup a mistrial. If he is acquitted/found not guilty, the outcome is scary. Comparing Rodney King to Trayvon Martin, King was what…in his 30’s? Martin 17. King was a career criminal whereas Martin is put forth as an angel. King was beat up…Martin died. I’m trying to figure out- for which side is Nelson hedging a bet for? If he’s acquitted, then he can be re-tried with a lesser charge- say involuntary manslaughter. If he’s found guilty- the Defense can play their mistrial card as well. VERY odd. And then there’s the DOJ ORGANIZING anti-Zimmerman protesters! WTF?!?!?

        If you believe in prayer- now’s a good time to pray that if he’s acquitted, things don’t get as ugly as most of us think they can. This could be the domino that starts the rest toppling.

        • I didn’t mean to say he can be re-tried if acquitted- that would be double jeopardy. But either side at this point could push for a retrial if they think it’s gong poorly enough. If I were the defense- I would wait it out. If he is convicted, he has plenty of reason to file for a new trial.

          • I think they have a better chance of introducing new charges after a mistrial. A mistrial means you haven’t been judged one way or the other and double jeopardy doesn’t apply until after a verdict. Might want to check statutes in that state though.

            • i think in most cases- you’re right in that they could decide to charge him with say involuntary manslaughter. that was one of the points i was trying to get across.

      18. Another possibility- The judge is scared shitless of an acquittal and doesn’t want to be connected to the case. So, by her actions, she intentionally screws the case. Tomorrow, will we see a motion to declare mistrial? Get a new judge? Maybe a change of venue altogether? Just a thought… I need to watch more Perry Mason videos…

        • She wants on the SCOTUS. Lol

          • Not smart enough to spell it, or good looking enough to buy it.

      19. I’ve listened to every second of this trial streaming while I work.

        First off, I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment and the right to defend yourself. That said, I really tried to view this case as an unbiased juror.

        Secondly, I do agree that there is a lot of race baiting going on here. Had this been two white males, two black males, two Hispanic, and I’ll go so far as to say reversed, the black guy followed the white/Hispanic guy, was confronted, attacked and the black guy shot him, you would never even hear about this. I blame mass media and people like Al Sharpton for injecting race into this when it should have NOTHING to do with this case. One person did something to another person. That’s it. Unfortunately because race has been injected into this, the potential for violence after the verdict is exponentially greater. And most importantly, President Obama should have kept his mouth shut. His comments back in Feb 2012 were unprofessional and only padded this situation.

        And last but not least, I think the prosecution (the state) has done a horrendous job of presenting this case. I don’t think they are incompetent, but I think they just didn’t have the best material to work with, so what we saw presented may be the best that they had. I say this because it supports my opinion below. I also happen to agree that the judge has made several statements that have jumped out to me as biased trying to lead the jury in certain directions. I don’t think that’s right.

        Perceptions and assumptions have no value in this case under the law. What people emotionally want or think should happen have no bearing. Only the law – whether you agree with the law or not, is how this case should be judged. I won’t go into the characters of these two people. “Wanna-be cop” or “teenage thug”, although they can often build a case for a person’s character, I still don’t think it applies here.
        The facts as presented are that GZ, who was part of a neighborhood watch, witnessed TM hop the gated community fence, and looked shady. GZ calls 911 to report the suspicious activity, the dispatcher tells GZ that they don’t need him to follow TM, but GZ does anyway.

        The dispatcher is not a law enforcement officer and it is NOT illegal to disobey their recommendation. It may not be smart, and GZ may have felt more confident knowing he had a gun on his hip, but simply following someone is also NOT illegal. Would he have followed him if he didn’t have a gun? Who knows? But up to this point NOTHING illegal has taken place. Immoral and stupid? Yes. GZ not announcing that he was a community watchman? Stupid. But not illegal.

        GZ returns to his car. On the way back TM confronts GZ and there is an exchange which leads to TM attacking GZ, ending in a situation where TM is positioned on top of GZ in a ground pound situation. This is all testimony, as there is no video, only testimony and the evidence of injuries support this at this point. I do find it important that the investigating officer used a tatic during the interrogation stating that he “thought” that someone caught all of this on video in an attempt to see if GZ was lying. GZ responded “thank God, I was hoping someone did.” To me that lends credibility to his statement. The other important fact here is that THIS is the first illegal act: TM assaulted GZ.

        Continuing, TM is dominating the fight, on top of him, punching GZ in the face and slamming his head into the concrete repeatedly. There is testimony from GZ that states TM said “you’re going to die tonight”. However, there is no evidence (audio/video) to back that up. GZ, in fear for his life, is still struggling with TM at this point and during the scuffle, GZ’s hip holster becomes exposed, and GZ testifies that TM noticed it and went for his gun. This, combined with the fact that he was getting pummeled, I do believe he was in fear of his life, and GZ pulls the gun and fires once in self defense killing TM. This is the first time the gun is actively involved in the situation -ending the encounter. To me this was a justifiable use of force in self defense. I , personally, would have done the same thing if someone was on top of me and I was fearing for my life.

        Based on the evidence, testimony I’ve heard, and the laws, I believe GZ should be acquitted. GZ fired his weapon as an act of self defense only after the illegal act of assult was committed by TM. One could argue that GZ provoked TM into attacking him, but based on what I’ve heard during this case I don’t believe that to be so. GZ broke off the encounter and returned to his car – he walked away. TM then pursued GZ and things escalated unfortunately. That is my opinion only.

        Could this situation be handled better? Absolutely. On both sides. But the law is the law. And the only thing presented that was illegal was TM attacking GZ which ultimately resulted in his death.

        • ARK, great closing arguement. Like your opinion. This whole thing is a staged event to allow the force of law on the streets if and when a riot occurs.
          Should never have gone to trial.


          • Eisen,
            You are a thug, at least in your own mind. Truth is you are most likely a 110 lb. wimpy little guy, with only one testicle who has never seen a real woman naked outside of a magazine or the internet.

            A wimpy, little boy, that lives in a fantasy world called “Eisenland”.

            Come on little man, talk tough and prove that I’m right.

          • One saving grace for GZ is that HE DIDN’T get crazy and empty his gun into TM. It shows he still had some sort of control and suggests that the intention was to just stop the attack, not (necessarily) kill the attacker.

            We probably wouldn’t be having a discussion on this, had GZ put a round or two between his eyes as well. Such OVERKILL would’ve easily got GZ convicted.

            A mistake we should all think carefully about.

            • Sixpack, self-defense is never a mistake. NOT engaging in self-defense is the mistake to avoid. Even if GZ had shot him in the head, it’s still self-defense. braveheart

              • You’re right Braveheart, BUT, he couldn’t have gotten away with self defense, had he emptied his clip into him, anymore than he could’ve gotten away with it after chasing him down and shooting him in the back—a shot in the back nearly ALWAYS means the perp was trying to LEAVE, and THAT my friend, is when the THREAT IS NO LONGER A VIABLE THREAT.

                Pulling the trigger after perp is down is cold-blooded murder, as far as most of society is concerned, and as far as any rational resemblance to law is concerned.

                You started to remind me of cops who shoot puppies through a chain-link fence, because they were “in fear for their lives”.

                As far as I’m concerned, anyone who has so little self-control over themselves, as to mindlessly/reflexively empty an entire clip into something that is no longer coming at them after the first shot, shouldn’t have a firearm in the first place.

                I’d hate to be near someone like that in the field.

                • Sorry, Sixpack, I misunderstood part of your previous comment. True, emptying a whole mag or shooting someone in the back cannot be justified. I stand corrected on that point.

                  • You are a gentleman and a scholar, Sir.

            • Judge asked a woman on trial why she put 6 bullets in the man trying to rape her.
              “Well, judge when I pulled the trigger the 7th time, it just went ‘click’.”

          • Eisen, only 1 or 2 shots to the head is all you need to stop an attacker. can’t waste ammo with an ammo shortage still going on.

            • You fire until the bitch is down or goes to ground.

              • Eisen, yes, you’ve got to neutralize the threat, but never forget, SHOT PLACEMENT is everything! If you can shoot the perp 1 time in the right place, that usually solves the problem. However, if the perp turns around and runs away, LET HIM GO! He is no longer a threat if he’s moving away from you.

        • lets see if this make’s it thru

          whats coming up is nothing more than simple gorilla behavior .
          Ghetto blacks are pissed and wont take anything less then full blown rioting and Ovomit will step in and try and save the day but he will be too late that’s why he had Holder bus in protesters and that’s why he made his stupid if i had a son he would look like trayvon. he wanted the crowds fired up to get this all to the boiling point. Remember never let a good crisis go too waste!!

          he is looking for any crisis to use to get his numbers up he knows he is shit and he cant get a third term unless he is superman. even some of the most left of the dems are talking about how he cant get three terms but remember in the beginning there was all that talk about him breaking that barrier.

          This case and a few others are just the tip of the iceberg with the Black community. there at the boiling point.

          i once worked a temp job and ran into a friend we were eating lunch and he commented that if MLK Jr were alive today he would hate the way things are.

          we didn’t know a black employee was in the room who came over and sat down and told us that the Blacks of today are nothing but Ghetto gorillas and there just fighting over turf.
          he said he used to study Martin Luther King Jr and his writings and he came up with the conclusion that MLK was a carnival huckster and he had conned the Blacks and Dems pretty good.
          He ( MLK Jr) spoke of peace and having whites and blacks live together in peace but in private he wanted all the low class whites removed from the earth and if it took a Race war or two that’s fine.

          MLK Jr spoke about being a god fearing and righteous man. but cheated on his wife and had about 5 children that he knew about and most likely a few more he didn’t.

          this guy also talked about how most Ghetto males before age 25 had about 6 children some had up to 9 and usually with at least 4 or 6 girls who themselves had at least 3 or 4 partners before age 22. Most young in the Ghettos are under pressure to out breed the Hispanics and whites.( and collect bigger welfare benefits )

          and how most Ghetto Blacks had parents who couldn’t read or write beyond maybe 4th grade and so could not parent successfully ( no disipline ) and that’s why most kids roam the streets.

          Any body remember Ovomit and how he was going to clean up the Ghettos and teach the kids about good parenting and how it was now his responsibility to help the inner city youth ?

          what happened to that ??

          any way its about to hit the point of no return and i fear that a full blown riot will start some where big ( Florida is my first choice ) and were going to see killings like never before.

          for three months now i have seen more and more Blacks buying ARs and lots of ammo and short barrel shot guns. i had hoped that they were just Late too the prepping game but now i worry its all about to be used on the citizens of Some major cities.

          Every one better stay in the next week or so just in case and get ready

          Troll Killer

          • I just installed a new scope and stock on my 10/22, plus did some maintenance on it beforehand. doing that to the rest of my weapons tonight.

            • braveheart

              basically doing the same thing here.
              cleaning and oiling guns getting ammo out and mags loaded. and making sure i have a weapon ready and with in reach including cars and truck.

              have told family members no one goes any where with out a gun and some one else just in case.

              better safe then sorry

              troll killer

              • Than damnit

              • Howdy, Troll Killer. I just finished maintenance on mine. My magazines have already been loaded since Sandy Hook. I’ve always stockpiled ammo for every weapon I’ve ever owned, only now I stockpile more than I ever have. I knew the gun grabbers would try something after Obama got re-elected, but I never imagined the shortage we have now lasting this long. It’s so frightening to still see empty ammo shelves everywhere even today. On weekends, I practice in my backyard with an old Crosman .177 pellet pistol. At least the pellets and CO2 cartridges are still easy to get. saving the lead and brass for the war that’s coming. braveheart

        • Finally someone is able to put this trial into context. Two violations and the perpatrator loses. Justice has already been served. Why the trial?
          because of the 2012 election that’s why. All the evil white republicans against the totally innocent law abiding black lefties and other commie scum.
          IMHO a few well placed sniper shots would end any riots real quick and be a deterant?? to riots in the future when the spoiled racist duchebags want to try and intimidate society again. Screw them let em riot. Let them learn what do unto others… really means.

          • Guess you were full of poop.

        • Arkaden, AMEN to your comments. you took my thunder, but that’s OK. braveheart

        • Punk got what he deserved, but we have a chimp for potus, not a respectable black man but a chimp who decided to inject his own racist view into a case witch he as the potus had no business saying anything. I am not racist, color of skin shouldnt matter, if bo had taken the high road on so many issues my opinion of him wouldnt be what it is, his skin color doesnt matter if he was a white guy i would be calling him an idiot cracker piece of shit,
          The bad part isnt rioting or any of that crap, the bad part is that true unbiased justice will never be served, not in this case for sure and these events will become recurrent.
          Our country is broken, we will NEVER vote or legislate this right again, blood of patriots and tyrants is the only thing that will renew our republic, thumb me down if you want, dont give a shit less, this is my honest opinion.

        • Srry for thumbs down Ark. Fat thuumb on android. Great analaysis!

      20. Its sad that our justice system can be hijacked by any group….why in blue blazes would they care if the blacks threaten to riot?…would the law back down if the KKK or some other group threatened violence in a case?…I dare say not!..Theyde call in armed troops if they needed to but they would not tolerate any monkey business,but for some reason we have gotten to the place where were scared by threats or actual violence coming from minority groups…its BS! This government is no longer legit its lost any credibility it once had…previous presidents and govt have certainly had their issues but there is no comparision between this regime and any previous administration clean back to Lincoln and even he had more integrity than these animals…my god Ive never been afraid of this govt like I am right now! As I posted yesterday these bassturds have instigated this case from the beginning and have worked to create an incident…how freakin twisted do you have to be to first off want a conviction where one shouldn’t be and secondly to intentionally cause a situation where innocent people can and will be injured and killed by turning folks against each other over something as stupid as race!? All I know is as Okie said this wont be any LA riot walk in the park a lot more folks will return fire and they may have truckloads of treyvons…this is insane! This could be any one of us for any reason friends…all we gotta do is get on the wrong side of these bassturds and we get railroaded with charge after charge till something sticks…this is what theyre trying to do to this guy and any of us they choose to)I am the most ardent proponent for the rule of law anyone will ever know and it ticks me off to no end to see this kind of third/fourth/tenth world kind of jungle justice in place of the rule of law that so many of us have come to expect to live under!…but then what the hell do I know about justice… Im just a hillbilly farmer..rant off for a bit!

        • Second amendment advocates have been sabre-rattling about using force to right some injustice as well, but with a totally different response from govt…why is that?

          Is it because most of us are white and can think for ourselves, or is it because racial war will further the govt agenda?

          How ’bout BOTH of the above.

      21. just had a run in with a local cop who refused to do his job over a long term on going public nuisance noise fumes exhaust and smoke pollution complaint i reported via phone

        so i told him “i’ll take care of it my own way then”

        he threatened me with a home visit and interview ; for my attitude towards him

        i told him we were done talking hung up on him

        then i got my .45-70 out and oiled it

        and waited for him to come …

        he never did knock on my front door

      22. this case should never have been brought to trial and I find it disgusting to have it forced upon the general public and anyone who is paying it any attention. the judge should be in jail for what she did and the prosecution team should give it up and let it rest. I hope that George Zimmerman gets to go home a free man but I seriously think the guy is being railroaded big time.

        • More importantly, what is going on while our attention is diverted here?

          Is the UN treaty being implemented? Are we handing more missiles over to al-cia-duh? Are they disappearing any patriots? Passing any more secret laws?

          Are they starting to park their artillery next door?

          Don’t forget to keep an eye on the other hand, folks.

        • carynverell has hit the proverbial “nail-on-the-head. “this case should never have been brought to trial”.

          WE are being “SETUP”, plain and simple. Surely most everyone remembers Obimbo’s unwarranted statement “If I had a son, he would look like Travon”. (Who gives a shit?) Yeah, and if you had a REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and UNSEALED COLLEGE RECORDS, “WE” wouldn’t have to speculate about “MR. TRANSPARENCY” in the White House.

          Less than 90 days now folks!

          • +100 thumbs up

      23. All I can say based on what I have watched is GOD HELP US ALL….This system can make a guilty to go free and make a non guilty to become guilty based on self motivation or political pressure. What a sad day in our system of justice. Take care all.

        • With that thought in mind, how many people still think we should shoot ALL people with a criminal record, just because they have a criminal record? Once we ALL get one, who will we persecute as the bad guys then?

      24. Judicial misconduct!! She is unfit to serve! Oh and by the way, it would be interesting to READ transcripts fROM the NSA OF HER PHONE AND EMAIL RECORDS ! I just bet she has been approached the The White House!!!!

        • :)!

      25. LAW OF THE GUN is back in ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A.



        • stfu

      26. While George Zimmerman was on the phone with 911, Travon Martin was on the phone with his girl friend.

        I’m going to change my handle from Agent P. to CREEPY ASS CRACKER

      27. maybe convicting Zimmerman, regardless of his innocence, is a small price to pay for such an outcome.

        You have no credibility when you say this. Convicting the innocent is justice miscarriaged the other way. What should happen is if that happens, the judge should be executed, ‘The Bridge’ style.

      28. Im confussed?? I thought DC wanted the riots…Havent they been the ones wiping up all the minorities??
        Did this judge see it and throw a monkey wrench into the machine??

      29. Truly bizarre behavior by a judge. I just think Obama would have so much more to gain by an acquittal. All the riots would give him a chance to declare martial law and for the DHS to try out all kinds of things….

        • My thought as well. The second to the last phase of a communist take over is civil unrest followed by martial law. See: Yuri Besmenov, ex-KGB agent on utube.

          Given the fact that Fox is now reporting that Holder’s DOJ has had agents in Florida organizing riots and that Sanford’s original Police Chief (white)was tossed out of office for a Black guy, it just makes you go Hmmmmmmm?

          • Let it start, better now than festering for years.

        • It would be nice to think the judge saw that coming and is trying to avoid giving obummer the satisfaction, but that would be too optimistic, even for me. It probably is exactly what it looks like.

      30. This female is no judge. She is nothing more than a communist inquisitor!

        • Judges are nothing more than corrupt attorneys in black robes.

        • The word “female” itself may be stretching it a bit…

      31. I got a feeling GZ will get acquitted and then a few riots will occur, someone will pull out one of those scary black assault rifles to defend themselves against a group of rioting youths, killing several of them. Then Obozo and crew will jump all over this as a reason to fuel their assault weapons ban and stricter gun control…just as they had hoped it would go down.

        • So be it. Blast the hood rats.

        • Good, then we can use our evil black rifles to restore the republic or die trying.

      32. Time to start scouting street lights for potential, near-future… “repurposing”.

      33. As far as appeasement being used to secure a certain outcome from any group, a guilty verdict of SOMETHING was inevitable to keep the peace. It’s a double edged sword though, I recall the old film clips of Neville Chamberlin returning from the 1938 Munich conference, waving a piece of paper in the wind and proudly proclaiming to the press ” Peace in our time!” Same thing here, kick the can down the road a little further to avoid confrontation that is destined to occur.

      34. What’s the big deal? The entire world, obviously with the exception of americans, know that everything about America is a fraud, a lie — everything! American was and is built on lies — from day one! so get over it. get off your high horses, and those of you who have benefitted from day one from the lie, just shut the fuck up and continue to enjoy your benefits, all at the expense of the rest of the world!

      35. @ OutWest. If Snowden is captured they will waterboard him, and that will be a walk in the park to the other tortures they will give him. It seems like when you try to do what is right, you get screwed. Zimmerman was trying to protect his community from the criminal scum of all races that RUIN people lives. Snowden was trying to let the public know that THEIR government was not only spying on them but going against all sorts of Constitutional rights granted to all of us. Yet both of them are suffering for trying to follwo the correct course that decades ago would have hailed them as tru to blue Americans.

        Now IF you attempt to do what is fair, it is wrong. They said that in the last days before the utter implosion of human civilization that most of nothing will be fair and just. The way BO has gotten away that decades would have landed any president not only impeached but under charges of treason, shows the decay of everything. Now not only BO gets away with all of this from IRS to NSA to AP to Bengazi, but other politicians simply have to wait out a problem to get right back into the scene again and start over again.

        I guess all we can do is just wait for the hammer to fall, which with all the indications is coming soon. The population of imbeciles, (THE MASSES) that have allowed this to happen and happily voted in these same creeps over and over again are more to blame than the politicians that are borned crooks and liars. After all do you blame the chimpanzee with the machine gun that uses it on a crowd, or do you blame the idiot that gave an ape a fully loaded automatic rifle?

        • You only have to worry about impeachment if you either get a blow job under your desk or try to out-spy the spies.

        • I do think you are not seeing the whole picture in the Snowden case,BI. There is always “more to the sky than meets the mountain” in issues, such as these.

      36. Paula Dean should have said, yes…I sing along to Dr. Dre all the time. Bizinga.

        It’s going to be interesting to watch this all go down.
        If he gets off…I wonder how many will be killed from the riots.

        • Or even better,pulled a Hilary. I really don’t recall ever using that word, and in any case,WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE NEEEOOOOOWWWWW…….

      37. Fact is, a certain ethnic group is going to riot whether he is found guilty OR innocent.

        Behind the scenes, the pResident has been paying to organize riots in order to put another area under martial law, as in Boston.

        • Black Panthers get $20 Million per yr to keep peace in Chicago is what I read not long ago. Cannot recall now what article or where was at. I read it a couple different places too. Fed govnt Pays them $20 Mil a yr to keep peace in chicago!! I think the cash goes direct to Farakhan, he doles it out to panthers.

          • Where did you read that?

      38. That judge should be removed from the seat. She asked, he answered, she didn’t have to continue. I would really like to know the grounds for her asking that…aside from manipulation. Any attorneys out there that can explain why she would ask this question before the defense rests?

        • Bench. Removed from the bench. Another legal mind at work. God damn take her seat away.

      39. I’ve been a follower of this website for about 2 yrs, I usually just read the articles and comments. So I guess you can say I’m new to prepping. I use to be one of the sheep but one day I had the wool pulled from my eyes, if only it had happened sooner. I’ve try to enlighten my friends but wow are they blind. I see what y’all mean when you say you are done trying to wake people up. I live in FL and I’m watching the Zimmerman case pretty closely. I don’t plan on getting caught off guard if things go south, I work in a big city but live in the sticks. If any of you have any “new to prepping” advice it would be greatly appreciated. I know I’m a little behind on getting started but late is better than never.

        • Don’t forget to prep for your pets, if you have any. We’ve got extra food, water, treats, flea meds, styptic powder, etc. in our pantry for our dogs. Rotate food so you’ll always have a fresh supply.

          • WVF,

            Where do you get styptic powder? Feed store, vet? Sounds like a VERY useful prep!

            • Our vet has it for $10/small jar. Can be used on humans as well. Local drugstore used to carry it, but now only has styptic “stick” for shaving nicks.

        • Take a look at Survival Blog- they have a great archive of articles. At this late date I’d say look for ones on hardening your bug-in location or packing your long-term bug-out bag. If I were in FL I would already have made vacation plans for this and next week or be headed to some kind of retreat.

        • NavyVet, I was in Miami 1975-1982, so I know what you mean. I hope you have a pistol or rifle or shotgun; anything lethal for home defense and plenty of ammo for them. I also hope you’ve been stockpiling storable foods, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping equipment, etc. it’s especially important to stay well-stocked during hurricane season. on your friends that won’t listen, I know about that also. They will pay dearly for their ignorance. braveheart

        • Welcome!…the only advice I can give is to really stop and think…being prepared without becoming paranoid is the goal for most so first take a look at what you have on hand and then mentally put yourself into a spot where you are totally there alone cut off from all outside interaction with no hope of help or contact for an extended period of time…then look at what you have on hand and ask yourself if this would keep me and mine fed clothed sheltered and safe/defended in this situation…if yes then fine just round it out a bit but likely the answer is no and so you start there…what do I need to procure to insure that me and mine can weather this storm…its impossible to be ready for every scenario so shoot for a well rounded store of goods and don’t forget the mental preps and the spiritual preps…lotsa folks have lots of stuff but will crack under stress because the neglected these two areas…other than that take it a day at a time…good luck! Hope that helps!

        • Check out JWRs Rawles Survival Blog, link is a few names above Zero Hedge, he has literally tons of excellent info there on the main page and archives,
          Dont let the naysayers disuade you from doing what is prudent for yourself and family and what in years gone by would have just been good old common sense.
          God Bless

        • NavyVet,

          There are many excellent references on this website and others such as Survival Blog.

          I typed in the words, “100 Things” here at SHTF and a number of excellent prepping articles came up.

          Or, just type in these titles in the search bar.

          When SHTF these 100 items will disappear first (Jan. 10, 2010)

          20 things you will need to survive when the economy collapses and the next great depression begins (May 10, 2010)

          Take care! Keep prepping!
          KY Mom

      40. When asked if he needed more time to consult with his attorneys. He should have said yes how about 50 years )

      41. No matter what, the jury MUST base their decision on the evidence that was presented to them in court – and NOT on the possibility that their decision may result in mass rioting and civil unrest.

        No matter how one feels about Zimmerman he deserves a fair trial and a fair outcome. Basing their verdict on news of potential civil unrest instead of on the evidence presented to them in court would be a true travesty of justice.

        • First, this “case” should never have gone to trial. Second, there will be a “travesty of justice” regardless of the outcome at this point in the farce.

          OBVIOUS AGENDA…planned, forcibly instigated on so many fronts, and Coward’s/TRAITORS in “black robes” to “seal-the-deal”.

          Remember the “congress-critter” that wore a “hoodie” on the White House floor. NEWSFLASH, the “hoodie” doesn’t make you a criminal…WHAT YOU DO WHILE WEARING IT DOES/DOESN’T depending on “YOUR” activity while so adorned.

          I “move” to remove the phrase “COMMON SENSE” from the American dialect. “IT” has become a MEANINGLESS reference! Perhaps “UNCOMMON SENSE” could be a suitable replacement.

          • I agree with you on removing the phrase “common sense”
            What you or i view as common sense seems to have become less common and more UN-common!

      42. The Judge has risk being over turn by her actions.

        For that I am sorry.

        For me, the man should be in jail. He used a law to allow himself to kill someone, He thought did not belong, I hope he can never sleep peaceful again.

        Tell me what you would done if some was following you for no reason. I would run but I am old woman.

        • I would have continued on my path, opened my front door, walked inside, and shut the door behind me.

        • @gwynmarilyn

          Following someone is not a violent thing to do. Attacking someone following you is a violent thing. The black race tend to feel “dissed” for the slightest reason and there are a lot of dead people out there because of this. When Martin went straight to attack mode, he bypassed any reasoned response to the person following him and events went against him. Everyone is responsible for their actions, including him. If my head was being bashed against the concrete, I would have done the same thing as Zimmerman, only I would have probably emptied my magazine. Haven’t you learned anything in all of the years of age that you claim? I hope you are not one of the people who put the Communists in charge of our country.

      43. My take on this topic is that the man who fired the fatal shot is guilty of murder. The younger man was being harassed and it was racially motivated. The murderer was like a rent a cop, feeling empowered by his position and decided to take justice into his own hands, becoming judge, jury and executioner. I don’t believe a word he says. Florida’s stand your ground law is just bullshit pushed by right wing government. I would like the murderer to get the death penalty, because that is what it was.

      44. To find a man guilty just to silence the rabble that will use any excuse to break a window to get a new tv is mind-blowing. What is the future for the nation when the have nots who have no desire to work or be constructive in any way have to be silenced by sacrificing an innocent man on the alter of political correctness? Shameful. Founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

      45. Thanks for the input Braveheart REB and Kulafarmer Sigi and anyone else I might have missed…I’ve got a shotgun and a bunch of ammo for it, also in the process of buying an AR and a 45, already have ammo for both of those too. I do have a bunch of camping gear and some other stored goods. Just looking for all advice I can get. Once again thanks for the advice.

      46. I think Zimmerman is probably out of luck. Even though the evidence indicates that he got a little too close and let the guy slam his head into the sidewalk a few times, resulting in bleeding gashes, he is playing against a stacked deck. The defense mechanism provided by the law does not seem to be in play here. This scenario is occurring more and more where there is a lack of ethics and attention to the written rule of law. It is more akin to Sharia Law (a system which I have lived under) where the cleric states his view of the law and punishment or rewards and are issued by his enforcers no matter what is in the code. Then, we have the “always on pins & needles” racists that can’t wait to go on a rampage. Anyone who reads this probably already understands my point. It’s too bad that the ones who need to read it most can’t even read. Phi Alpfa

        • GZ was kinda lucky. afterall, his HiPoint 9mm functioned properly.

      47. On the idea of the NSA having something on this judge or Roberts or any other official…so?…they need to grow a spine and face up to what they did…if they had some damning evidence on you and they said theyed expose it UNLESS you aid them in the conviction/destruction of an innocent person…how many of y’all would comply?…Id like to think not many…If I did it and they have the pics then by God Ill take my chances with my family/friends understanding and forgiving me(I cant worry about my enemies they hate me regardless) rather than go through my life hating the man in the mirror and knowing I destroyed someones life to protect my own worthless backside and then knowing I gotta explain it to God one day…naww I cant have too much pity for anyone whos character was that shallow…that’s just me.

        • Agree, Reb…until the words “we know where your grandchild attends school”, or “nice haircut your wife got today”.
          Or “be sure to check under your car before starting the motor.”
          Threatening Roberts or his family is a whole new ballpark.

          • I understand your point….I was referring specificly to someone specificly threatening someone with a discrediting of themselves specificly…I completely agree when the threats start against a loved one the whole game changes and these bassturds are so low and evil theyed do it to hurt you…can only hope they die very harsh and painful deaths for ever threatening an innocent person just to get their sick way!

      48. Your article has several errors. One, this is required under Florida law for the judge to ask the defendant if he wishes to testify, and understands that he has that right, regardless of what he has been told. Second, the jury was not present during this.


      49. the judges instructions to the jury about Florida self defense ‘LAW’ will be telling…..this will expose the judge one way or another…..a lot of suppressed info but still a fair look at the evidence in this trial….both sides…states case NEVER showed ‘deranged mind, or hatred as in ill will…and to say that GZ hunted down and killed TM…was not shown by any witness or evidence…just an emotional statement..but false…for if GZ had..he would have had his weapon out and would not have taken a beating…..one question that nobody seems to ask…When TM headed past GZ and evaded/lost him for about 2 min ..Why did he NOT go to his house..which was about a 30 second trip at his then position ..? Instead he chose to double back and confront GZ with a few words and a left jab…the rest is history..both made some bad choices…imho

      50. If Zimmerman is found guilty, it will give the primates cause to attack humans, as humans wont shoot them for fear of murder charges. Making young primates feel secure in attacking humans will result in a lots more Trayvons.If there is any rioting I hope the B52s from MacDill will be used to supress those primates with
        napalm bombs. I have become tired of negroe rioting, its way past time to meet force with force. Lets roast those
        rioting yoofs.

      51. This is an obvious circus and NO LONGER a court of law. Truly sad!

      52. You folks are sick. Conspiracy theorists being duped by a guy selling advertising on his website.

      53. They said Zimmerman’s injuries were not that bad,but if he had not stopped Martin how much worse could they have been?

      54. So, she was told to come down on it. Was it because they are scared of riots or is it because they want to make an example of anyone attempting to defend oneself. At any rate that judge looks stupid. Might be trying to show the public her personal stance because you know her life might be at risk because of this.

        • Current. You and other fearful people here were wrong. The arguement will now change to the jury found him not guilty regardless of the government and judge trying to fix the trial. Stupid losers will agree. Why didn’t the almighty government just contact the jury and tell them that they want a guilty verdict? Tell them what will happen to them or their family of they don’t. Tell them that if they repeat the threats, you will kill their kids husbands or grand kids. Not a single one of your conspiracy thoughts will fit. What do you do? Go to the black panther gonna kill you all story. Bullshit and wasn’t and won’t happen.

      55. Let them riot. If they keep feeling like there is racism against them they are only going to make it true.

        At some point in the future white and latino populations are going to have enough of this madness.

      56. I hate Zimmerman because he’s a stupid, racist, fat pig, who thinks he’s better than blacks! (I’m white by the way and I can’t stand racism from whites or blacks!)

        ButI knew you people would take up for Zimmerman because this is a right wing website… and everyone knows right wingers hate others of a different color, ethinicity, or whatever… and they refuse to believe in climate change no matter how blatantly obvious the facts are!

        Look at INTENT: Zimmerman’s intent was to get a “black person” (I won’t use the curse words he used for blacks). And Treyvon Martin’s intent was to get candy and iced tea and go home to watch the football game. Zimmerman was carrying a gun, the young boy was carrying skittles… do you honestly think the fat, racist pig with the gun was crying for help? That’s bologna!!!

        I hope the black panthers or whoever DO go on a rampage if this fat, hispanic pig goes free.. if I were there, I would join in! This site is disgusting… I often wonder what am I doing here??!!! NO more!! The only reason I came here in the first place is because at least you’ll DO care about the Constitution; democrats don’t. Forget it, no more.

        • I’m sure we’ll be fine without you. Thanks for comin’, drop us a line when you can, etc,etc…..

        • Ill drink to that the “NO MORE” part!

        • The basis of a murder charge is that very intent you are screaming about. Six jurors heard all the evidence and found no such intent.

          You are being intellectually dishonest.

        • And you have shown repeatedly that you know very little about anything in the real world where you don’t live…so youre leaving?…please do…good riddance! Bon voyage! Hasta la vista! Don’t let the door smack you on your way out…goodbye!.. 🙂

      57. sorry but this judge really is not doing anything unprecedented. This kind of behavior by judges has been happening for decades with divorce and child custody cases.

      58. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass

      59. The video is a great example of an outstanding judge. Let me explain. She is asking the same question repeating it in several forms. She is also insisting Zimmerman speak for himself. The reason for doing this is in order to do several things. One is that if he is guilty, he cannot play the “I wanted to testify but my lawyers would not let me”. ( common arguement in an appeal ). She also wants to hear it form Zimmerman rather than his attorney for the same reason. If you ever watch a plea deal in court, the conclusion is nearly the same. The judge asks several questions including whether or not the plea was made without pressure, knowingly and the judge also repeats that the suspect can have a trial numerous times in numerous ways. Again so the suspect can’t say he didn’t understand. If Zimmerman loses it is due to bafoon attorneys. They know the game and also have pissed off the judge. The judge asks for timelines and decisions that were not being met and not answered. This exchange is normal and not made to make Zimmerman cower. As a side point. The only people who testify during their trial are people losing badly. Kind of a Hail Mary. He is also not the brightest dude and would be vigorously attacked by the prosecution. This is a case of two morons happening to meet and one dying.

      60. Give the blacks another free cell phone, so buckwheat and his kronnies can listen the the ebonics futile effort to organize a riot.
        It is too much like work, they will just get high instead.
        Glock, Glock, bitch!
        What a friggin joke they are.

      61. NOT GUILTY

      62. Sorry BITCH! The defense won’t be taking the ‘mistrial’ bait so the you and your failed assholes can get another shot, knowing a ‘NOT GUILTY’ verdict is assured.

        Well thought-out strategy…. scumbag enough to qualify for a mistrial, but not scumbag enough to get your ass thrown off the bench. Clever.

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