Unprecedented Demand: Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds

by | Feb 6, 2013 | Headline News | 463 comments

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    For the last two months Americans have been lining up in unprecedented numbers at gun shops and gun shows across the country. In fact, demand has been so massive that the FBI’s background check system in a number of states crashed as a result of being overwhelmed.

    In January, some 2.4 million requests were sent to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which ranks last month as the second busiest in U.S. history.

    It was second only to the 2.7 million people who purchased guns in December 2012.

    Even before the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last year, which prompted government officials on all levels to introduce legislation that would restrict access to semi-automatic personal defense rifles and other firearms deemed too dangerous for America’s streets, demand had been rising at a rapid pace.

    In the last twelve months, over 20 million background checks have been performed by the FBI.

    That amounts to a gun being purchased in America about every 1.5 seconds.

    Considering that many states allow face-to-face sales and transfers of firearms without requiring a background check, we could easily be looking at 25 million or more guns having exchanged hands since this time last year.

    ncis-background-checks(Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation)

    This is what happens when government attempts to inject itself into the private lives of law abiding Americans.

    Richard Feldman, president of the Independent Firearm Owners Association, said the explanation for the dramatic spike in moves to buy guns was self-evident. “This one’s easy. If the American population thinks that a product that they want – whether firearms or DVDs – may not be available in the near future, they will go for it.”

    In this case, what appears to be sparking a degree of panic buying are the proposals emanating from the White House and a bi-partisan group of US senators to ban a range of military-style assault weapons including the kind of AR-15 used by the Newtown shooter to wreak carnage at Sandy Hook elementary school. senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, has proposed reinstating the 1994 assault weapons ban that lapsed in 2004 with stronger wording that would take 158 specific models of semi-automatic assault rifles, shotguns and pistols off the market.

    Of the top 10 entries, all but two have been recorded on or since the day of the Newtown shooting.

    Via: Raw Story

    The President and Vice President have made it a point to pursue a policy of disarmament, even though Joe Biden was recently caught without his teleprompter suggesting that legislation to restrict access to semi-automatic rifles and other guns would essentially do nothing to curb gun violence:

    Via The Daily Sheeple

    Nothing we’re going to do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring gun deaths down to a thousand a year from what it is now.

    Americans have sent a clear message to Washington D.C. and legislators in their state Capitols.

    We are not sheep that will follow your commands blindly.

    We will not allow you to disarm us, to restrict our access, or to make us criminals.

    Our right to bear arms is unalienable.

    It’s as simple as that.


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        • “””including the kind of AR-15 used by the Newtown shooter to wreak carnage at Sandy Hook elementary school”””

          Must be talking about the one found in his car………

          • I was thinking the same thing when I read it….glad somebody said it!

            • This is like deja’ vu, Mac. I’ve had this song and Lee Greenwood’s stars & stripes shirt in my head for a couple days now. It still means something to me, even though a lot of people have given up on the America we once had. I guess when it is bred in your bones, it just don’t go away after 56 years.

            • http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/7666


              Hagmann and Hagmann has been spot on with many things, especially the Obama Clinton gun running debachle in Libya that got Stevens and three others murdered

              THIS IS A MUST READ!!!

              • That about sums up what my family is planning for. Thanks for sharing!!!

              • Looks like this will play out soon now. Stock market was run up so all the big players could get out with hefty profits and they are now placing big bets on a collapse by April. Look for false flags in conjunction with it.

                • I hear people who aren’t even a part og the gun culture expressing the feeling that the government must have something in mind they know we’ll all hate, and they don’t want us to be able to say…NO!

              • A recent article at I think it was newswithviews and devvy kidd(?) showed proof solid that finestien Began doing her “new” gun ban crap over a Year ago with a combo of Many various typical antigun orgs-polititions etc.

                This also proves Biden Had to be aware of her activity the past year and therefore, bidens hasty production of a “National debate on guns” panel/experts is s sham for the typical sheeple, who rely on NOW Emotions to motivate their ideas and agendas. Untill of course NEW emotional “Feelings” overtake them and a new agenda appears on the horizon.

              • BJ, thanks. Just got through reading the report. Basically: WOW!

              • Could it be that NCJoe and finx are “Cyber-Warriors for Obama”? I can think of a few others that may fall into this category as well.

                • yeh, like TROLL “ryback” below.

              • Why the F-UCK would I ever believe a WORD of something that comes from a website [homelandsecurityusDOTcom] that has the ENEMY ZIONSCUM [israel] flag flying from it – and boldly states “we support isreal” [the most universally DESPISED nation filed with ONLY racist genicidal pig scum]????

                R U kidding me? Who are YOU? Another zionscum disinfo shill???

                Have you not heard that JEW ARE THE PROBLEM, we WILL eliminate???

                • Hey snip-er shithead; U get some top secret message out of a box of cereal about Israel, hey that rhymes dont it. Maybe thats a conspiracy, better go cheak it out dumbass. Their the only friends we have on that side of the world. I’ll fight along side an Israeli anytime. U need to get ur head straight, fascist fuckup. Soros is not Israel. He’s the problem.

                  • hey rystabbackTROLL – israel IS the enemy and you know it. Drop dead TROLL. We ARE gonna KILL all TROLLS when the war starts. Traitor POS dikhead punk.

              • This is one reason why I tell everyone, that the Clintons have blood on their hands too, to many. I didnt vote for her or O in 2008 and wouldnt vote for her ever

            • I must agree with what you say here…

          • I don’t think it was an AR. I was watching the video of the cops removing it from the car and it looks like a Hi-Point 9mm carbine to me. And if mom was a survivalist who wanted to keep the same calibers, it would make sense. Look at the configuration of the stock and pistol grip, and then the little stubby barrel. I was a cop for over 20 years and I am used to watching surveillance videos as evidence. All I am saying is look at the video of the weapon being removed from the trunk and compare it.

            I am probably wrong. Keep your powder dry,

            • gun in trunk was a shotgun, probably a saiga 12 guage. And just an fyi…it wasn’t mom’s car

            • I used to have a Hi-point 9mm and the gun i saw them pulling out of the truck sure looked like what you saw too. did not look like a shotgun.

              • sorry (darn spell check) trunk NOT truck

                • Yeah,
                  The way they were clearing the action on the side of the weapon, not like a charging handle of an AR on the top center of the stock. I am not familiar with a Saiga, so it may be one. But it was definitely not an AR….

                  • Saiga 12 is like the WASR 10. Same charging handel and saftey. I think your right. It really did not look like a AR slide and it may have been the High Point 9mm. Thing is, we will never know. And that alone scares me. If it was a Saiga it would have had to a 308 with the 16.5 barrel. Looks much smaller and has the side charging handel. The fact still remains that it came out of the trunk and not the building.

                  • @ disector…it was a SHOTGUN…look at the video and zoom in on the shell that ejects. It is a shotgun shell, not a rifle round

                • off Topic sorry. Had to mention this though.

                  Two days ago I asked a former cop/leo poster here what if anything he knew of regarding Proof of SPLC-involvment for police trainings etc…Ask and you shalll recieve!

                  While He wssn’t able to offer proof other than cursory info on my splc questions, Todays Chuck Baldwin artice sure has proof solid! FOIA-Papers and over Two dozen emails gotten by Judical Watch Org, Proves SPLC in BED with DOJ Big Time as I reported and asked about the other day here(on different article).

                  Heres first part so you can find/read rest if desire proof of SPLC/DOJ swindles etc.

                  SPLC=Todays MOST Dangerous Private org/scam to Real Patriots nationwide.

                  By Chuck Baldwin
                  February 7, 2013

                  The SPLC Collaborates With The DOJ: It Is NOT A Coincidence!

                  The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery, Alabama, has long been used by the federal government and the national press corps to paint conservative organizations as “extremists,” “anti-government,” “hate groups,” etc. No sooner would the SPLC issue some attack piece in their newsletter and police agencies all over the country would be issuing bulletins to their officers regurgitating what the SPLC had just spewed out. No private organization has this kind of connection to, and influence over, police agencies nationwide without collaboration with the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, D.C. Well, now, we have evidence that such a collaboration exists.

                  Brietbart.com has just released a report by Judicial Watch confirming that the DOJ and the SPLC are intricately tied to the hip. The report states, “Judicial Watch (JW), a Washington D.C. based non-partisan educational foundation, released some two dozen pages of emails it obtained on Tuesday revealing connections between the Department of Justice Civil Rights and Tax divisions and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

                  “According to JW, the e-mails reveal questionable behavior by agency personnel while negotiating for Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) co-founder Morris Dees to appear as the featured speaker at a July 31, 2012, ‘Diversity Training Event.’ Judicial Watch obtained the records pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) submitted to the DOJ on September 10, 2012:

                  “‘The Judicial Watch FOIA request was prompted by an apparently politically motivated shooting at the Family Research Council (FRC) headquarters in August, 2012. At the time of the shooting, FRC president Tony Perkins accused the SPLC of sparking the shooting, saying the shooter “was given a license to shoot… by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that have been reckless in labeling organizations as hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy.” On its website, the SPLC has depicted FRC as a hate group, along with such mainstream conservative organizations as the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, and Coral Ridge Ministries.’

                  “The FOIA request specifically requested ‘any and all records concerning, regarding, or relating to the Southern Poverty Law Center’ between January 1 and August 31, 2012, including the Dees’ presentation sponsored by the Civil Rights and Tax divisions of the DOJ.

                  “JW says that they filed the request to see if any of SPLC’s branding of hate groups had an influence on government agencies. According to the emails SPLC’s diversity speech ‘was to be simulcast to everyone’s PC throughout the Department’ which fulfilled DOJ supervisors’ ‘mandatory annual diversity training.’

                  “The emails produced by the DOJ show communications between DOJ personnel planning the Diversity Training Event and SPLC personnel, including Dees.”

                  The report went on to say, “The Southern Poverty Law Center has, in the past few years, taken to labeling organizations with conservative views on social issues as ‘hate groups,’ said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, in a press release.

                  snip..Below is Chuck Baldwin writing…

                  I have been personally victimized by the SPLC and DOJ’s vicious smear campaigns. In 2008, the State of Missouri issued their now infamous MIAC report, which identified supporters of Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and me as being potential dangerous militia members and similar absurdities. This report was issued after State officials received the inflammatory accusations from DHS Fusion Centers. After an outcry of protest from people all over America, and after Ron, Bob, and I demanded an apology from those Missouri officials who issued this libelous report, the report was rescinded and an apology was issued.

                  I have an entire webpage devoted to the MIAC fiasco. To see it, click below
                  Many Links and rest of article at newswithviews site above.

                  For Further SPLC Pictures/info/bios of the aprox 25-Top honchos of SPLC hatemongers(all but 1 or 2 are NON gentiles aka kommie jewsih) go to Incogman website do simple search. Find bios and pictures of em all if interested for Future ref. SPLC & ADL=The top 2 Most Dangerous orgs today.

              • The bolt is on the opposite side on a Hi Point, It was a Saiga 12 with an ATI stock.

          • GC,
            You can look this up and should, lots on YouTube, mind boggling stuff about all the actors who participated in the Sandy Hook fictional drama. But that car belongs to a Christian Rodia, who has a residence in Norwalk at a mand house who was busted selling automatic weapons to the Latin Kings. Rodia is a child molester who is in Fla now and story goes that he has retained an attorney

            • Sorry about the double post…I was posting this one from phone and forgot to add BJ, on laptop it is automatically there. When I posted it, it wasn’t showing that it posted successfully so once I got to laptop I posted it again and then all the sudden, it is here twice….appologies

            • I believe that all these shootings are and have been setups by the, wait for it! Our own gov. Think deeper than ever.

              Not One More Inch!


          • What a crock no Ar was used !

          • GC,
            You can look this up and should. That car didn’t belong to the supposed person named Adam Lanza, nor the wife of Peter Lanza. It belonged to Christian Rodia, a child molester among other things who supposedly is now in Fla and has retained an attorney. He has a residence in Norwalk in a mans house who got busted selling automatic weapons to the Latin Kings. If you only want proof on car ownership and want to skip other interesting evidence in video, just skip to the 13 minute mark

            Here is one exposing all the actors involved in “As Sandy Hook Turns”

            • I doubt we will ever know the truth about Sandy Hook. What I do know is there were reports of “persons of interest” in and around the school that morning and then…. nothing. The reports dried up like a fire ball dumped into a pond.

              Just like the report that I saw with my very own eyes from a local TV station reporter the day when JFK Jr’s plane crashed. Somehow a woman reporter got to a coastal town that was near the area of the crash. She was talking to people to see if anyone happened to be outside and saw or heard anything as the plane was coming down. No one really saw or heard anything until a chubby older man walked up and said about the time of the crash, he saw what looked like a rocket that possibly came from a military base nearby and went sailing towards the ocean. Later when she went for another live interview with the man, the remote connection was lost. Not another word from her or the man. Coincidence? Doubtful.

              A report got out a few days later that the tail section was found about two miles prior to the actual main debris field in the ocean. That story/report was also squelched. Coincidence? Doubtful.

              A story was told by a source very close to JFK Jr., that he(Jr.) had told Al Gore, in confidence, that in two weeks he was going to announce his intentions to run for the democratic candidate for president against GW Bush. He died before the two weeks were up. Coincidence? Doubtful.

              • JFK JR. was considering a Senate run for the seat Hillary Clinton was making a run for. Luckily for Hillary, Jr. crashed and burned and got buried at sea. Uncle Ted made a toast.

              • Maybe after a full audit of the Fed we can turn up the eternal flame on his fathers grave a little brighter.

              • What a painful and extraordinarily perplexing dilemma you’ve just leveled upon me, ‘dont tread’.

                If someone were to place the barrel of a cocked pistol against my head and demanded that I pick which of these two despicably evil families, i.e., the Bushes or the Kennedy’s that I hated and despised with the greatest amount of passion – and they gave me 10 seconds to answer the question, I am frankly not sure that I could make a decision fast enough to prevent my own execution.

                Do I doubt your theory? No, I do not – because whenever we are dealing with the sort of absolutely rancid human scum such as these two families represent, anything is possible.

                As for the destruction that these two families have wrought upon a once great, once 90% White European majority, socially cohesive, stable and prosperous and highly productive nation – I can only hope that if they have a secret feud going on between them (GHWB in Dallas when JFK was murdered, etc.), that the greatest thing that could ever happen to America is if they managed to wipe each other out completely.

                In fact, I was hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that Poppy wouldn’t make it out of ICU, but that evil old bastard somehow managed to cheat the Grim Reaper – for a little while longer, anyway.

                That 12 year old bottle of Scotch that I bought for the celebration of his expiration can wait a little longer before its time to break the seal.

                And, man, do I know its going to taste real smooth when the time finally comes.

                By the way. Speaking of treasonous, maggot infected, corrupt, criminal politicians – If Juan McAmnesty McCain somehow manages to croak before Poppy, I might have to buy an extra bottle of good Scotch.

                P.S. Has anyone besides me ever noticed that Diane Feinstein never lets herself get close to any mirrors?
                Does she even have a reflection?

              • Great find BJ! This sandy hook event reminds me of an older tv soap opera…”As the Log Burns…So are the Days of Our Lives”.

              • Real JFK jr tragedy….Three empty seats.

            • as sandy hook turns is a owner permission video? I tried to view, need permission from owner.

            • BJ,, second video comes up marked..”private”..any way around that?

              • It wasn’t like that before…I have no idea. It was a video of people using facial recognition software and exposing many of the actors in Sandy Hook drama and showwed how they played in the X Files

          • That’s the gun alright. You see, unbeknownst to us law-abiding gun owners out there, a firearm can wreak carnage simply by sitting in a gun safe. It has that magical power to open safe doors, sneak out late at night while the owner is sleeping, go on a kill crazy rampage, and finish up just before dawn with enough time to sneak back into the house, nestle itself back into it’s corner of the safe, and go back to sleep. I caught mine trying to sneak out once and it tried to give me some bullshit story about how it was just getting up to get a small cup of silicone grease, but I knew deep down inside it was trying to sneak out on me so I grounded it by taking away it’s range privileges for an entire week! I know I was tough on it, but what is this old responsible gun owner to do with these modern firearms?

            • And bicycles grow legs…

            • LMFAO

          • Its was either NetRanger or Po’D that brought this up. (No Injuries) No I call Bullshit on that. We all shoot here, We all have seen what the 5.56 round does or hell for that matter a damn 22cal. So do these people really want me to belive there was not background hits? Not 1 Single injury. How many took back ground fire In that theater?? Seek the truth and all you find is Lies.

            You g-man want my guns the Come and Take them you M-F!
            Not One More Inch


            • If they get the hi-cap semiauto rifles…it’s all over. The following types of governments always seek to disarm citizens. And no one lives free in any of them.
              1 Socialism
              2 Communism
              3 Fascism
              4 Oligarchies
              5 Dictatorships

              • amen

              • Its not only those 5 u list every goverment of every country is busy disarming their people mostly becouse they are scared of the people. The US is the last one I hope u all win this fight

            • Go through and critically observe the arial footage at the firehouse. There is not a casualty or injury to be seen. Just a bunch of milling around. The emergency vehicles couldn’t leave for a hospital if they wanted to. Every one of the them is boxed in.

              This is really sloppy stuff… too sloppy. Is this a way of just testing the masses for their gullibility factor while at the same time creating greater civil division?

            • The guy in the interview is right about one thing. The goobermint gang is terrified that americans won’t be fighting them with rocks and bottles. They fear living out a scene from an old monster movie: Most villagers carrying shotguns and torches while others try to hold back the hounds.

          • Really ! When will people stop fomenting the lie that an AR was used !? It’s getting rather old !

        • God Bless The USA is NOT going to happen. God is spurned in the USA. The USA has been taken over by evil forces. No more “I like the blah-blah people but I hate their government.” The elected government and the people that elected them are one.

          God would have to be schizophrenic or a hypocrite to Bless the USA.

          “God damn America” — Jeremiah Wright

          At first the statement is repulsive. Then the truth of that statement sinks in.

          • “The elected government and the people that elected them are one.”

            You must be one of the fake jews that own the Federal Reserve and pick those who are to be elected…


            • Another unbalanced Jew hater.

              Let me guess, you used to be a Republican?

              Now, you are a man without a country looking for someone to blame.

              The Jews can’t help it if the Republicans stabbed you in the back.

              You’re the one that voted for them.

              • jew hater? Naww we just want the despicable insect zionist scum ALL dead, as they WILL Be in 2013. We don’t hate them 🙂 LMFAO

          • “If God doesn’t judge America, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gamorra”. Billy Graham (?)

        • that was the first thing i thought too…

          • bhaaaaaa…I think that’s the way it’s spelled…

            sorry wally…there is just no way to rationalize that last line of lib…

            umm let it be, lib, nah…just one of those random thingys
            sorry all, just went of on one of those tangents 😉

            • Jerrytbg… I think is Hannity’s Agent…

              works part time job… Fusion Center.

              umm Jerrytbg, propagandist, maybe… most likely
              gubmint troll… prolly.

        • Mac/all…this is a bit off topic but I just want to let you all know that I was just informed that we had our hearing today in the grand old state of South Carolina on what to do about obarrycare…Im told over 300 people turned out at the statehouse and they had to move the meeting to a special room to accomidate them…thats fantastic numbers of the public actually showing up and getting involved,shows how upset people are about this issue…it got their attention up there in the statehouse on the judiciary commitee….this is the same body handling Edwin Vierras sound money bill and several other very important ideas…lots of good things happening there and in other states…there are people in alot of states who are trying to do the right thing against the power of the federal machine…they need to hear from you and know you support them…theyre like anyone else if they dont see any support for standing up against barry then why should they risk it…we may have lost the federal govt but we still have most of our states,they are our last firewall…take the time to let your reps know you want something done in your state that protects you from the federal beast…most state constitutions are not supportive of barry care,gun control,federal reserve funny money…we need to push that issue everywhere we can,we need to make our states the line in the sand! Thanks! “Live free or die tryin”

          • “if they dont see any support for standing up against barry then why should they risk it…” BECAUSE IT IS THEIR COUNTRY and it’s the right thing to do.

            Ya gotta take some kind of stand, even if it is alone.

            • Sure but the point is there arent many people who WILL stick their neck out for YOU if YOU dont take an active interest in anything…ever sat in a committee meeting and tried to tell them that “this issue is important to the people” and had to acknowlege all the supporters who WERE NOT there? I have and while I do believe in fighting for my principles I know from experience it sucks to fight for everybody elses rights and have them show no interest even in helping pay the expences of being there…Ive been there too!
              the old saying that”most of the people are willing to watch the few do all the work and then tell them how they could have done it better” is far too true…sure its that politicians country but he’s there(if hes for the people)to represent you…if you dont show any interest there other forces that do and right or wrong their gonna get the attention…the 99 watching the one do all the work and then whining about it is the main reason we dont get traction in turning alot of this crap around! Being idealistic is fine but the real world has little use for ideals…sad but a fact!Thanks! “Live free or die tryin”

              • “Government goes to those who show up.”

                Forgot who said it…

              • Reb I’ve shown up at public meetings doing my part as a concerned citizen, I’ve spoken at public meetings and then realized that by the time the issue makes it to the point of public meetings, it’s already been decided in back rooms and the public meeting is just a dog and pony show because state law says that there has to be public input. Special interest and politicians have already had their meetings and have already made their agreements. Our system doesn’t work the way the general public thinks it does. To have any effect you need to support an organization that has a strong lobbying arm that can have some effect at the beginning of the issue and either push for it’s passage or fight it’s passage. If you form your own organization you had best hire professional lobbyist to get access to the legislature and effective lobbyist are not cheep, especially if you realize just what constitutes an effective lobbyist.

                • The right to petition the govt for redress of grievences is the right to lobby…all Im saying is some good things are happening,folks want to get involved and help,then thanks…if not…then okay.

              • I’m sure glad our founding fathers, revolutionaries and our armed services didn’t think that way. The risks the founding fathers took “for everyone else” is stunning. The risks our armed services take “for the country” is stunning, especially since we all know they are being used for the wrong purposes now.

                “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” is about as far from selfish as one can get.

              • yeah I know—life sucks and then you get over it. When you are doing what is right, and you have God on your side, the approval of your fellow man is insignificant.

                During every one of the worst times in my life, I stood alone. When I knew I was right, it didn’t matter what other people did or didn’t do.

                I knew what I had to do. Now is no different.

                Sure, we’d all like to know that we have a cheering section, but the fact remains that we will probably do what we have to do anyway. The reason why, is because we do our own thinking and make our own decisions.

                I take my comfort in the fact that there will be others standing up alone, just like me. But that means that I am NOT as alone as I thought I was.

                As God rides shotgun, we are never alone.

                I refer everyone to the “foot prints in the sand” piece…

                One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.

                In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there were one set of footprints.

                This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints.

                So I said to the Lord, “You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always.

                But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the sand.

                Why, when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?”

                The Lord replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, is when I carried you.”

            • Barry.
              And the Republicans.
              And the Democrats are the problem.

              AND anyone not yet deprogrammed from the phony two party paradigm is the BIGGEST PROBLEM of them all.

              • Clue,you hit the nail on the head!

                • clue bi, anon, and myself along with a host of others been saying that very thing almost every damn post you got it right, even those who are awake still have sleep in their eyes. 2 parties, 1 goal.

          • REB: The same Edwin Viera you mentioned will be LIVE on a New radio show at newsiwthview(tonite I think is its debut show). Radio show Host/dj is Dave Daubinmire(?sp).

            Dave also has a new article there describing the radio show. Edwin will be on live 1/2 hr to discuss States Initiated US Const Militias…The ONLY legit militias per us const clauses etc.

            Edwin Viera is probobly the equivilant today of the Founder fathers of yesterday when it comes to Knowledge on Money issues And Militias bar none.

            • Eds one of the smartest men alive on the constitution today…Ive had the pleasure of being associated with him through a mutual friend,even had the chance to knock around a few ideas on sound money and state militias with him…Ive said here before about working with some folks who write the language for new bills and resolutions…Ed is one of the people who helps draft these items…I enjoy listening to him and seeing how he thinks…wish we had a million of him but sadly he’s a rare one…hes a fighter and thats one of the things I like about him and the others I have the privilege of working with…they look for solutions instead of reasons why we cant win….Ill look into this program you mentioned,Thanks!…”Live free or die tryin”

        • Scooter und me wen dawn too thee crik to gathar sum crawdaddiys dey make fer sum gud vittels —jeffroe he callem mud buggs but he is quazie wen he be drinken up thee shine

          Granney sayed she gettzen to old to suck thee brainze ouuta them critterzs butt she maketh a saus wit thee bones an such frum the snakes

          I cheque dem rattlerz fore earthcake sign taday butt dey wore thar normel selvs
          No sign ta wurrie bout dem earthcakes a cummin

          I wen ta mi naybores hauze yestordey und he gott a gun ta sale me fore too hunnert dollerz an one of mi Kidd goatz —so I iz gunna buyz it

          Hehehe dat negroe presitent nut gunna teke da gunz frum mi kin folk —weel hav a hoot a Nannie …heel be to bizy dancin und seenging to oure banjoe muzek an drknken our shine to kare —so dis es mi ofishall invitetayshun to dah preszedent too cume a dawn hear.

          • Yah, Elvey
            Ah heers yah. Dat negroe trine a spoil diz ya boogay.

            Ahs got a gator wit heez nom onit.

            Bama, yall cume a dawn heer!

        • Every 1.5 seconds would be a gun owners dream!

          Every few months or so would or could be a reality.

          Personally, it is 1 or 2 a year .

          Reality, is finding the damned ammo for any caliber nowadays.

          Factually, for Massachusetts, Four Seasons in Woburn does have ammo in stock..

          Call and ask for Carl..

          I have 4 50 round brass 9mm awaiting me as well as 525 brick Blazer 22lr and .556

        • A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” – George Washington

          • Buy a new gun or ammo to honor Sara Bradys Birthday which I believe is in FEB! Then email her org to let her know!

            Dear sara “Prunefacebitch” Brady…Just got a NEW firearm to celebrate Your BD!

        • I hope the message that our politicians have gotten is that AMERICANS DO respect and support the constitution. Which means that any “leaders” who do not also do this, do not need to remain in office!

      1. So where is the ammo? A gun is just a club without ammo.

          • Interestingly enough I heard about a guy selling some 9mm factory loads. He met with a young man who bought everything he had for sale. The young man explained that he is in a law enforcement training academy and needs to have a supply of ammo for range practice. He couldn’t find any in the stores and was buying through ads placed on Armslist.

            There is only rifle ammo in hunting loads available at our local stores.

            • Good. I trust my neighbors, whom I know, over cops that I don’t know. Neighbors w/ammo > cops w/ammo.

            • The only thing I’ve had a problem getting is .22LR. Granted, I had to buy in bulk online because brick and mortar stores are sold out but even now the normal online sales sites are in stock. Expensive, but in stock. (5.56 at $1 / round.)

        • A rifle with a bayonet is a long handled knife.

          • An 18 inch WW1 bayonet is pretty impressive, though.

        • I bought all I will need a few years ago while it was still cheap and plentiful, but those who did not plan ahead can search for what they need on WalMart.com and receive an email when (if) it is back in stock at the store location of their choosing.

          • PP – I tried the email thing with Walmart….don’t hold your breath : ) I stop in everyday just to check and I’ve seen several types I am looking for, yet I have never received one email notice. I should have known…

            • Find out when the evening shift starts stocking be there in front of the ammo case when they do. If anything comes in you’ll have a chance at it IF the WM employees don’t buy it up like they do here.

              • evening shift stocks over night they do not do it during the day by pallet. Then in the morning the dept. managers pull out pallets or has the shipping bring them out and they unpack and stock. During the normal evening hours if your seeing stocking going on by pallet then someone is not doing their job right.

                Was a manager for a bit when i first moved to michigan.

          • PP, I hope you ain’t holdn’ your breath waiting on an email from Walmart.

        • 64.5 Million (64,490,694) background checks, just since Obama took office. I wonder if there’s a Nobel prize for best guns and ammo salesman of all time? He can put it on the shelf right to the Peace prize. Gotta wonder if Alfred Nobel isn’t spinning in his grave!

          • All this gun buying is rather pointless since when the demand to turn them in or else happens nine out of ten will comply. Seems to me to just be a big waste of money. Had the same amount of money been sent in to elect conservative candidates this whole mess could have been avoided. There will be some nice pickings for all the LEOs when the guns start piling up at the collection points. Ever wonder why the last Census used GPS coordinates instead of street addresses. Because Hellfires don’t use street addresses.

            • John W…how many time have we told you…do not drink the bong water.

              I know many 2nd ammendment advocates…ALL will die rather than surrender weapons.

            • At first you come across as being weak…
              then you remind us of the gps census and the badass hellfire…
              are you one of those “Cyber-Warriors for Obama”?

            • Dream on.
              I will not go to a nursing home.
              I regret I have but one life to give for my countryMEN.
              Those ain’t just words pal.
              I worked on those handheld computers for the US Census, their data went to Harris Corp before Uncle got it, so in that regard you’re right.
              Just means the III need to target the drone driver vans.

            • You make me laugh.

            • JW, You’ve got a lot of red thumbs, unfortunately I have to give you a thumbs up. Damn, the truth hurts. Trekker Out!

            • Turn YOUR weapons in John W., I’m sure YOU’RE going to live a lot longer because of it. NOT!!

              NOMI? NO GODDAMNIT……….FULL REPEAL OF ALL THE FEDERAL GUN LAWS. Let’ start there, and move forward on the rest of the dry-hump congress has done to us over the years.

            • @jonwTROLL – won’t be “turning in” my hardware. Obviously your message is too delusionally try and sway all Patriots. I need it all to hunt down and execute traitor TROLLS like you sometime this year. CYA – corpse.

        • From what I see here in the midwest on two of the biggest classifieds gun sites, http://www.gunlistings.org and http://www.armslist.com, the sotres and the gunshows……guns are not the prtoblem…..plenty plenty plenty of them. It is the ammo that is either harder to find or marked up in price a lot more

        • Don’t expect to get much ammo anytime soon,…. When a store gets any at all the first people who show up buy as much as they can, because just like everyone else, who knows when you’ll get more! Or ever if obamination has his way

          • The Academy store here in Texas seems to be able now to keep an ok amount of ammo with their ration system now.1 box per caliber per day, but it doesn’t matter the quanttiy in the box. 20,50,100 1 box is 1 box. But it’s easy to beat that system just buy once in the morning and once in the evening.

            • Mclovin,

              Damn can’t swing a dead cat in here with out hitting a Texan. our Academy is the same I hear, won’t know I have yet to buy a single round in 3 months. And still shooting 3 or 4 times a month. But I ain’t going to say how much I have reloaded….LOL



              • DPS,

                I always assumed you were a Texan since to the best of my knowledge Texas is one of the few if only states that calls it DPS rather than DMV, on a sidenote did you know their is a Texas DMV website? I saw it once and assumed it must be an identity theft phishing site.
                Anyhew-for the most part it seems Academy isn’t assraping on price but its still pretty much retail prices. I check every few days and it seems ever so slowly they are replenishing their stock but I have a feeling it’s going to be at least 6 months before stores begin to look normal again on the shelves.

        • I have been hearing stories about stores being out of ammo, and I thought yeah right. Today I went to a few sporting goods stores, and Good Lord, they were right. Two stores were completely sold out of .22lr and most brands of 9mm and .223. One had a few boxes of very expensive .22lr left on the shelf and that was it. There were still quite a few guns, and the hunting calibers seemed to still have a lot of ammo. I was just stunned to see all the .22lr gone. I just stood there catching flies in my mouth. Who would have thought 22 shells would be sold out? I guess this shows you the most popular rounds out there. And I still cant find any bx-25 clips for my rugers. I wanted a few more

          • Yep. I don’t have any stats/reports to go by, but I would be willing to bet that the largest number of all firearms sold in the past 12 months has been 22 caliber. i know we have been waiting on extra clips for our 22 s-auto rifles for a month. They say we are on their “waiting lists”, and the cost has jumped by 25% since we ordered. At this rate, if we don’t get them by next month, the costs will have gone up another 25%.

            Supply and demand sucks.

          • Last time this happened around here it took me two years to get any 22LR. We used to shoot up bricks in just a few hours. Not anymore.

            • Conserve our ammo, folks. Do not plink yourself into a state of being defenseless.

              In the future, if the ammo supplies are replenished and the stores are stocked – and once the prices settle down to a more realistic level, if you must plink, try to stick with the less expensive 22LR.

              • tucker I do not need a gun to be armed. if you do your not prepared. They do make it easier tho :):)

          • .22’s are by FAR the most common caliber in the country

        • PEOPLE MAKE ME SO ANGRY!!!! You have had 20 years or more warning, The assault ban for 10 years, BO’s first election when we went 2 years without ammo, and now you are at it again bidding a brick of 22 ammo to $100.!! You call yourselves preppers but you have nothing and cannot buy anything until all at once you bid everything to the moon. and whine they are out. Every time, be it silver coin, Gold, gas or P-nut butter. Exactly how much warning do you think you are EVER going to get.? This is NOT the crisis. IT will pass, and during the quiet times coming: YOU WILL DO NOTHING AGAIN, If you come to house whining that you almost had everything you needed but it’s on back order and you will get it soon, can you borrow a cup of ammo I’ll give you one round. Either really get ready or go watch “Dancing With the Stars”.

          • You really come out of the gate, a little bit over the top, but damn if you aren’t right. Everyone had ample time to buy up ammo. Should of ,would of, could of.

            But to some, 2000 rounds just ain’t ever enough.

            • 2000 rds? If that’s what I need I’ll just look under the couch cushions and in the junk ashtray.

              • Ha! Ha! Ha!….now THAT’S funny! These folks should all be in the same way prepared. Thanks for the light humor!
                P. Henry

                • Actually, the sporting goods store I usually go to got in a bunch of ammo wednesday night and I bought 250 rds 40, 500 9mm, 300-45, and two bricks of 22. I didn’t need any but my brother teaches Concealed carry classes and wanted a little. Interestingly enough, they said they got in almost a million rds of 22, and it was down to 20K when I got there. (They were rationing amounts, but I went back for more, 9MM was only $69 for 250) Town’s only got 50K people and 3 big AMMO stores.

          • Speaking of a warning…read this today.

            Do Wall St. insiders expect something BIG to happen very soon?

            “Why are corporate insiders dumping huge numbers of shares in their own companies right now?”

            “Every time that the market has fallen in recent years, insiders have been able to get out ahead of time.”

            Economic Collapse Blog

            • Yup. If you pull up a 10yr chart of the DOW, you will notice since 2009 the DOW has been rising on decreasing volume. That is not healthy, it’s actually a bit scary.

            • KY Mom,

              Follow the money. With the complete disconnect between Wall Street and the economy, I would say a very significant sell-off is in the offing soon.

              The only major difference between the next major market correction and past corrections is that we are now in a period of permanent global involuntary Quantitative Easing, and vast sums of fiat currency are being pumped into the banking and financial systems to keep them afloat.

              Argentina just announced the implementation of price controls on food to offset their out of control inflation running above 30% annually. We know what that means. Sooner or later producers will leave the market if they can’t charge the minimum to cover their basic production costs as the currency rapidly devalues; and then the spiraling inflationary crisis will enter a new and far more desperate phase.

              All the pieces are falling into place for a major financial upheaval to occur in the next 24-36 months.

            • This is a suckers rally. The insiders are the first to get out while the getting is good.

              • Banksters getting ready for another culling.

            • KY MOM: I know I’ve said some unkind things before and I apologize. It looks like you, and perhaps some others, have been paying attention to economics indicators, including insider trading. It’s one of the best tells of the stock market’s direction. Not the only one, but a damn good one. Thank you.

            • Buy low sell high, the market is high, now is the time to take profits and turn it into cash so when the market corrects/crashes you can buy stocks at a bargain price and make profit as the market get’s manipulated to the up side. It’s been done over and over, the trend is your friend.

          • Paranoia set in late for most people

      2. Looks like we average USA citizens have our very own version of the Arm’s race….

        • It’s higher than the NICS numbers indicate. Every state I have had a CCP in that has substituted for a NICS check. Can then use the CCP to purchase however many guns I want. Up ’til now anyway.

          Not sure we’re winning the race tho.

          • And then there are all of the private sales going on the OH MY GOD haven’t gone through a pile of paperwork.

          • In Washington, the CCP gets you nothing in the way of treatment, the NICS check is still made.

            • You need a new one:

              Concealed pistol license issued on or after July 22, 2011 qualify as [an] alternative to the background check requirements of the Brady law for no more than 5 years from the date of issuance.


              It looks like 21 states, a lot of them heavy “gun states” (such as AZ, TX, GA, SC, NC, MT, ID), have some sort of CCP workaround for the NICS check.’ If there were 2.5M checks in Jan, just imagine how many more guns were purchased with CCPs in these states.

      3. …and I am still sitting here dithering and wondering about buying my first rifle. I suppose I’d better get off my duff and get one before they become as rare as hen’s teeth. If anyone has a good first timer rifle for a real novice (never fired a firearm in my life) please help! I have been told a ruger 10/22 is best for a newbie like me. I also plan on joining a club to learn how to handle a firearm and practice target shooting but it’s all so foreign to me that I have been hesitating for the last year!

        • Can’t go wrong with a Ruger 10/22 to get familiar with shooting — plus, in my opinion, it’s a great post-collapse varmint huntin’ firearm. And the ammo is super cheap compared to everything else.

          • Only problem now is you can’t buy some of the cool accessories to go with. But it’s a great gun.

            Oh. I can’t find 22lr anywhere now where I am either. But if it is ever restocked, it’s available in a lot of low noise varieties (CCI Quiet, Colibri, etc.)

            • Gander mountain has CCI .22 (1600 rds) in a ammo box for $99.99. Online product #614273. Better call ahead first before you burn the fuel.

              • Sold Out!!!

                • shit! wanted to add to the other 35 bricks I got.

                • LOL, Yup, I went and looked too. PO, GM owes you a commission I think!

              • $100 for 3 bricks of .22LR… that’s insane.

                It was About $10/500 just a couple of years ago.

                Forward, comrades!

                • Burrow Own,

                  I just saw a Gunbroker.com auction close on a single brick of Federal .22LR 525 rounds for $65 dollars. With dealers making a killing on these auction sites, it’s going to be a VERY long time until we see any more ammunition on store shelves again.

                  • Agree. I’ve gone to air guns for 90% of my practice as I just can’t bear to send my ammo down range now.

          • Thanks, Mac! I love your website and the people who post here regularly. I can feel the genuine care and love for country and kin here and that’s why I come here daily whether I post or not (most often not). It is insightful, helpful and encouraging for me in this lonely world where only a few are awake to the tyranny that is engulfing us. Keep up the GOOD work and God Bless you all!

            • Our Northern Cousin, thanks for visiting and joining the discussion. It’s the good folks that visit here and are willing to share their insights, ideas and general banter that makes this community what it is. Otherwise, it’d just be the ravings of a madman!

              • @Mac, a.k.a. “madman”,

                I suspect that cigarettes haven’t been outlawed because they are a great source of revenue for the politicians. I am beginning to wonder if the politicians are hesitant to cut off the source of revenue from firearms sales, ammo sales, and other sporting goods that are taxed under the Pittman-Robertson Act.

                Source FYI: http://dnr.wi.gov/news/features/feature.asp?id=6

                • @ All, & 230 JHP,

                  Just a suggestion here,

                  This place is FULL of very bright, talented people who – with a little motivation – could ‘dig-up’ just about anything in the public record imaginable.

                  I REALLY wonder just how many of our honorable Congressmen and Senators actually have S&W, or Ruger or Colt, etc stock ‘squirreled away’ for a ‘rainy day’?

                  I’d almost be willing to bet that IF someone got to digging that the answer might suprise ALL of US, jsut sayin’………DK here maybe, I dunno…who here is FOOD at tracking stuff down? Vy all means, step up to the plate, Brother or Sister, Eh?

                • @230 JHP

                  That, and Muslim males are now the largest group of smokers. The Bulk of tobacco goes to Asia, and South- Asia…

                  The pols wouldn’t want to offend them.

            • Northern Cousin says:

              “Thanks, Mac! I love your website and the people who post here regularly.”

              I’m gonna tell you the same thing I tell everyone who’s known me since I woke up…Thanks for putting up with me.

          • Mac, I agree 100%!!! Rugers are extremely reliable and realatively inexpensive. With all the accessaries available it is impossible to beat. Regards, James

          • I just purchased a Ruger Mark III in .22 caliber. Lots of practice on trigger squeeze, breathing, sight picture, etc. with little cost involved.

          • If you can find it Mac

          • Was super cheap Mac 😉 Auction and private sale only in most places averaging 10-15 cents per round.

        • +1 for Ruger. Get the stainless model if you can. I’d avoid the takedown ones though. They have had some issues with them. The takedowns are new and there are always some bugs to work out.

          • I have a take down with a little over 5,000 rounds through it and not a single problem. Not doubting you hearing of problems just saying mine has been flawless and everyone likes to ogle it. 🙂

            • Arkaden I know what you say is true but I have read some of the reviews about some not able to lock back up after they have been taken down a few times. But then again I know Ruger has good customer service. I bought one of their LCP .380’s awhile back and they recalled them for a safety issue (could discharge if dropped). When I got it back from the recall fix I couldn’t even get it to run a full clip through it without a FTF. I sent it back and they replaced the barrel and both recoil springs @ no charge and paid shipping to and from. Gun has run without a hiccup since with almost 300 round through it.

        • Hey Cousin,
          Try http://www.appleseedinfo.org/
          for your rifle training. I think you will be way a head of the game if you go with them. Also low cost, and great marksmanship training.
          Good luck,
          DEFCON 1 out
          Lock and load and check your six!

          • Thanks, Defcon1, but when I say northern cousin, I mean ‘northern’ as in north of the 49th parallel so that course won’t be much use for me. Then again, I won’t have as much trouble finding ammo and the right Ruger, right? But, I’m not hedging my bets and putting it off any longer. Thanks for the tips, y’all!

        • I have a nice little Marlin bolt action 22
          Stainless, takes all 22cal bullets except magnums
          but shorts through long rifle, thats a good starting point

          • A fine little gun Kulafarmer. Good to have a gun that shoots shorts. I got an old bolt action Sprinfield that I use to clear out rabbits in the garden. I use CB caps to cut down on the noise.

        • Try a Henry 22 from Henry Repeating Arms Co. Made in USA by Americans! The 22 shoots 22lr, 22 short & 22.
          Go buy something NOW!

        • buy a 12 guage shotgun. remington 870 very dependable, relative low cost $350 or so and great for home defence.
          you can shoot clay pigions(skeet),hunt or use at the range.
          many different shells out there to choose from and it is very versital. besides, they are a blast to shoot.

          • mark says:

            “besides, they are a blast to shoot.”

            Plus they scare the shit out of first timers! I’m not a twig, but any tips on maintaining the front staggard foot on the ground after the discharge? And is there a rifle or pistol with more kick than a shotgun?

            My turkey thug 12 Mossberg 500 kicks like a stubborn mule. Is there more or less kick with different shells; OO, 4 shot, 6 shot, slugs?

            • Iowa, Mossies are one of the lightest shotties out there. Take a look at replacing the butt pad or the current stock with a Hogue stock (better pad)

            • I’ve put a blackhawk pistol grip and shock absorbing buttstock on my 870 and it does seem to dampen the kick a bit compared to the factory stock. I notice it most when firing slugs.

            • Try the HS-50, (.50 cal) if you want more KICK…

        • Hate to say it NC, but you may have your work cut out for you with regards to finding something this late in the game. If you do find a seller(even for ammo), better be ready to open your wallet up wide because prices on everything have skyrocketed. Best survival firearm period if you could only choose one is a 10/22 because of it’s versatility and yes you can use it for home defense if you become proficient with it. Also it’s so common that parts for it are everywhere. If you are on a budget but can withstand a little recoil look into a Mosin Nagant, they are still cheap by firearm standards even during this firearmageddon we are in but surplus ammo has gone up a bit so expect to pay about $250 for a crate of 880 rounds.

          • For a budget gun the Mosin Nagant is great. You can still find them on sale for around $120 and Aim Surplus has 440 rounds for $80 still. At least they did as I was posting. I think .22 pistols are also often overlooked and if you are relying on a big bolt action rifle it is a nice finisher. Also I found out today that Academy has been keeping .22 and .223 at the customer service desk instead of the aisles due to high demand. Likely that other retailers are doing the same.

          • In a pinch, the best firearm is whichever one you bought. The tricked out AR you wanted is useless.

        • no .22 223 308 or any common calibers in the stores in the PNW BUT there is still a lot of .17 hmr and I even got 4 boxes on sale for 9.95 with at least 1500 rounds available. So my advice is go to the gun store, look at what ammo is abundant and buy that caliber. The .17 hmr is my favorite.

          • Two jars Creamy / completely SOLD OUT of Crunchy. And only really expensive little jars of Knott’s Berry Farm Orange Maramalade left. Plenty of Horseradish Sauce in convenient squeeze tubes.

        • Had several 10/22 and really like them…dependable!
          Cost about 250.00…harder to find Im told lately although I just picked up a carbine at wally world of all places…pays to ask!

        • @NC

          Best starter gun you can get, in my opinion, is a M6 Scout distributed by Springfield Armory. It is an over and under single shot 22 /410. Ammo is kept in the stock. 15 long rifle of which I keep some snake shot mixed in and 4 410 shells of which I keep 2 slugs and 2 bird shot. Throw it in the back of your truck and forget about it. Very sturdy. If you need more fire power than that and you are alone you should be running and ducking.

          • I have a Savage O/U, .22 on the top, 20 ga on the bottom. It is a fantastic gun!!!!

        • Northern,

          Get your Ruger 10/22 I have one here somewhere, Then look up Appleseed course for you area, Then go take the course, you will regret it..



          • damn typing,I hate this laptop.. You won’t regret it..

        • Good for you! A .22 is a great start. And you might want to consider a hunters safety course in your state.

        • The Ruger 10/22 is a fine rifle to start with, I like them better than any other semiauto .22 out there. They are tough, accurate, well-made, and hold their resale value very well. About $250-$275 gets you out the door. You can still get magazines for it, don’t fret about that. Buy 2 bricks of .22 LR ammo, it’s about $40 each, shoot one for practice and keep the rest aside. When prices come down, start stocking up to 2,000 rounds, then 5,000. If you can’t find ammo in a store, talk to your buddies, someone may sell you a brick for a good price. All the ammo brands are good, the best are Winchester, CCI, and Aguila, seems to me. Don’t buy match ammo, it’s expensive and not worth the cost.

          Don’t hesitate any longer, it’s not going to help you along.

        • Sure a 22 is very nice , but an all around gun that shoots many different rounds,cheap and plentiful practically anywhere, is still the 12 gauge. Just saying Hard to go wrong!

      4. They have guns, bullets, hired thugs, and foreign troops in this Country. I think the evil ones in charge want the battle. I think they want tens of millions of US dead. They believe that they can pick up the pieces afterwards. We have multitudes of enemies, foreign and domestic. They all want us dead. Their insane demand for power and control is boundless.

        Never give up, never surrender.

        • The truth! Many in agreement with you Kyratheyl

        • Amen, one who has awakened.

          One last prep, plastic and duct tape.
          For any WMD gas or virii disbursements.
          Contingencies, its all about contingencies.
          Ya never know with these bastards.

          • BusinessInsider:

            This may dovetail into your link

            • Read More @ BusinessInsider.com

              At SGT. Trader and VIX

              Nothing works right.

        • I truly believe that one of the driving reasons for the mass immigration is to simply dilute the percentage of long term resident American people.If the latest Amnesty goes through and what’s to stop it the country will be majority foreign born in five years.

          • The Mexicans breed like crazy.

          • Do I even need to bother reminding those who are of White European descent and therefore the POSTERITY of our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers – that, when examining every nation which is controlled by Hispanics, starting with Mexico and stretching all the way down to the remote tip of South America – that not one of those nations has anything even remotely similar to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and they sure as heck do not have any ‘Second Amendments’ in place that guarantee the right of the lowly citizen to keep and bear arms for the purposes of defending themselves against a tyrannical government?

            Do I need to ask all these ignorant, deracinated, self-doubting, self-hating, race whipped White numbskulls here in America who are big fans of the Second Amendment if they are racially dumb enough or racially naive enough to believe that if Hispanics are allowed to flood into our homelands and become the ruling and dominant majority that they are going to permit the gringos to keep their firearms?

            If you believe that, then I have some swamp land that I’d like to sell to you. In Mexico the peasants can’t even own a 22 rifle to shoot jackrabbits with, friends.

            No, what these Hispanics (lead by El Presidente Marc Rubio) will do is to discard the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (too danged Eurocentric) and recreate a facsimile of the types of corrupt and tyrannical governments that exist in every single nation that is controlled by Hispanics.

            Notice how Rubio is now aggressively trying to appoint himself as the new ‘Savior of the GOP’? Can anyone spell “coup de tat” in progress?

            We going to fall for that?

            • Exactly…name a first world country that isnt run by white people. The Mexicans deserve to be murdered since theyre too stupid to let the citizens have guns. Lets not bring any of the mentality of racially inferior peoples into the US, OK? Keep America white and right. I dream of a land full of pure white Christians with blue eyes and blond hair. Keep the dirty minorities corraled in New York and California. You can see what is happening in those states, anyway.


            • Tucker: You have a very convincing way with words brother. Are you also aware of Marc Rubios Book which mysteriously, coincidentaly, came out aprox One week Prior to Romneys pick of VP?

              Rubios book is No doubt intended to twhart off the many true american patriots and us const believers that will complain that, like it or not Marc Rubios BOTH parents were CUBAN citizens at time of his birth.

              Therefore even though his book-title is “An American Son”!!! No! sorry Rubio fans…Rubio Like hobammy is NOT a natural Born citizen Period.

              What a coincidence a book with that title goes on sale nationwide, with alot of FOX tv promotions of it the exact same time hannity et al were salivating for romney to choose rubio for his VP mate!

              An American Son?.With TWO cuban citizen parents? NOT!

              Now we all can know the Real reasons neocon repubs as well as fox’s hannity and Rush L, and ALL neocons refused to even mention Hobammys Fake birth cert!

              They, neocons plan to swindle us the same way with a Fake candadit for prez. NON nat born=Unconst to run for prez.

              J.B.Williams has several great expose’ articles about Rubio’s phony crap at newswithviews…Click on his more articles link at top of each article there for complete list.

              JB quotes and provides Proof-links to Blacks Law dictionary and Vitalle(?sp) I think it is as the Top Law scholors of the founders days and the two main sources our Founders relied upon for leagle terms and word meanings in Their day…Which IS what ALL judges are supposed to go by when deciding cases about const issues etc…What did the words mean in That era when wrote?

              Not whatever todays kommie libs change words to mean faster than mich weather changes!

              Oh and also Bobby Jindal Govner of LA is also in same boat…NOT natural Born=UNeligable for prez.

              Them Two are the current “Rising Stars Picks” of litterally Every neocon politition and MSM-Radio talkerheads such as hannity and rush. Both=Ineligable as hobammy!

        • Good I never did like weenies that wanted to play” Bring it on.

      5. if you snoozed you loozed..’cause you can buy all the guns you want but you cant find anything on the shelf that’ll go out the end of the barrel, that includes the well known and loved.22

        hey dont shoot the messenger (you’ll just be wastin ammo) I dun told you all that this was gonna happen.

        the war on our second amendment was fought..and if we dont wake up, they will win..they will have all the ammo sowed up

        just having a box or two doesnt, and isnt going to cut it when the blood starts to flow

        • VFR: Absolutely correct sir. I live in a small rural county in N. Fla. and we had a Super Walmart just open a few days ago and the shelves of the 5×7 ft. ammo case are empty except for a couple of boxes of .45 and some birdshot. All the gun stores, and we have plenty, along with the shooting ranges, are also out of everything. A wise man sees a storm coming and makes the necessary preparations while the fool continues to play. Well, it’s almost upon us and it’s a big one.

          • Gregory8: I too live in N. Fla. And there is no ammo floating around our little town. My husband reloads but the bullets, primers and powder are all on back order. I guess it is a good thing he didn’t listen to me for the past four years when I would say, “Don’t you have enough ammo?” He would just smile and say, “One can never have enough.” I believe him now.

            • Grits: I know, it’s like saying too much fun. What’s that?

          • “A wise man sees a storm coming and makes the necessary preparations while the fool continues to play. Well, it’s almost upon us and it’s a big one.”

            Thanks from all of us here for your acknowledgment of our not being asleep. Some of us rarely hear it at home. It’s much needed encouragement in the Time of Jacobs Trouble.

        • Gotta get one of those old pilgrim style blunderbus type rifles
          Can shove rocks and sticks in it!

        • i showed up eary at walmart last week.there were about seven people ahead of me in the ammo line.they had gotten in that morning three one thousand round ammo cans of rem .223 .they all sold quick but i only missed gettin one by one person.they went for 480.00 or somthing thereabouts.most people in line went for a few boxes of tula.the early bird gets the worm and being patient helps.

        • Another Amen,
          That’s why I invested in lead, primers, powder and a Lee machine… I pick up brass at the range.
          Hmm.. maybe I go see if there’s any red or green dot and primers still available…only got several thousands…

        • VRF,

          Yepp you said it! Once again people buy gunpowder, primers, bullets for get the brass, if SHTF there will be plenty laying on the grounds.. That will pay you 3 times as much as any P.M.



      6. NOMI!!! CATIMF’s!!!!

      7. This reaction is more than just trying to get something that may not be available in the near future. It is more than taking Prepping to the next level (which is a good thing). This heart felt need to purchase the tools for self protection goes to the core of every American that believes the federal government has lost it direction to serve the people and is now on a rapid course to control the people. I wished this unpresidented rate of gun buying would send a message to the PTB to stop going down the road to destruction, but I fear they are too drunk on their narrow perception and personal pleasures to see what history has already shown to civilations on the same destiny.

      8. Don’t assume the number of background checks equals the number of guns purchased. Some people will undergo a background check and not purchase a gun; others will have a background check and purchase multiple guns at that time. In Wyoming, I don’t need a background check to buy a gun because I have a concealed carry permit. So no background check any time I buy a gun.

        • same here in Texas

          • Hilikus, ditto that from West Texas.

            • Hilikus311 & DRD5508:

              I line in the Arm pit of Teas, El Paso?

              • Yep.

        • Ditto NC.
          A state law says, we are ALL part of the unorganized state militia.

          Universal background checks = Universal REGISTRATION.
          Remember, intentions are everything…
          “Well, you intended to buy a gun. Where is it? You’re not one of them patriot constitution loving scum are you?”
          (need sarc tag)

        • Neva,

          Lots get turned because of screwed up records too. Myself
          I choose to buy from private people, I don’t have a concealed permit, And will never get one. And I have yet to buy another gun in the last 7 months. Guess those diving leasons pd off..LOL.. And yes I carry everyday.



        • Same here in good ol Kentucky. Have a CCDW permit and never have to do a background check. Bought three in the past month.

          “Not One More Inch!”

          KySSG . . . out.

        • What I really want to know is how many NEW guns are entering the market. 90% or more of this is just the movement of old guns around.

      9. why do you people need an assault rifle? You should have your heads checked. I do understand the use for a shotgun and a handgun if you’re a cop. An assault rifle capable of automatic fire is useless for hunting.

        Anybody who owns one should have a one way ticket to the mental ward. Assault rifles are the main reaosn children die in schools. All the mass shootings had them. Do you not care about children? Probably not.

        • We care about our childrens’ future Finx. This is exactly the reason we need semi-automatic personal defense weapons.

          Please see U.S. Constitution, Amendment 2 for further clarification.

          • @finx:

            in 1776, the musket is the modern rifle. This time, its the AR15. And NO, AR does not mean “Assault Rifle”. It means ARmalite.

          • Sorry Mac about my last post @ finx I can see how some could have been misinterpreted it. For the recored I was not nor would I ever advocate the harm of anouther human being unless I, my family, or an innocent was being attacked.
            I apologize for the misunderstanding.
            DEFCON1 out.
            LOCK and LOAD and Check you Six!

          • Use of finx’s definition of an ‘assault rifle’ for hunting?

            Hot damn…thanks for the idea, next deer season I’m gonna do just that!
            Imagine the scene…I’ll harvest the entire herd in 30 seconds.

            I’m gonna buy a couple of extra freezers too! You know how it is…being at the top of the food chain is serious business, you know!

            Damn shame you don’t have 4 legs finx!
            …but come to think of it, you do come across as a feme-nazi doe!!!!!!!!!

        • No one on here has an “Asssult Rifle”

          maybe we have semi auto rifles, but that doesnt make it an “Assult Rifle”..

          a true assult rifle were outlawed for public ownership back in the early 30’s..would be select fire or full auto or both..

          so get yer facts straight..

          • VRF,

            I want to chime in. As a gun collector I can confirm that in most states Class III weapons, and transferable machine guns manufactured before 1986, are civilian legal to own.

            You must obtain the necessary signatures on your ATF Form 4, pass an extensive background with the state, ATF, FBI, and Interpol in London, and pay a $200 tax for each application before the weapon can be transferred.

            Their value has increased 40% over the past 3 years. They are a great investment.

            When would I actually need them? Time and political despotism would determine that, if you get my meaning.

            Irrespective of that, the beauty of having a right is that you never have to justify it to anyone. The Second Amendment is what it is plain and simple, and we don’t have to justify it to anyone, especially gun grabbers, and they cannot take it away from us. This fact upsets the gun grabbers to no end which is just how I like it. Peace.

            • “Peace… through superior firepower”…

              There, fixed that for ya…

              • Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery 🙂

            • yes thats true, I should have said, with proper paperwork and clean record, and the money..but what these numbskulls are calling an assult rifle is no where near an assult rifle

              • I knew what you meant VRF 🙂 Good post.

          • What you are describing are those 7,000 “PDW”s that the gummint is buying for themselves.
            “Personal Defense Weapon” sounds so much nicer than “Assault Rifle”, but it’s a full automatic!

            We’re being scammed yet again.

        • Lets use an analogy
          Why do you come on a site like this and stir the pot?
          Because you can, 1st amendment
          Some might not like what you say but you can say whatever you like.
          Why do i own an AR15?
          Because i can, and believe its my right to own whatever flavor rifle i want to.
          2nd amendment
          You might not like it, so dont get one, simple, but nobody hasany right to deny me or anyone else their rights
          Need it clarified more?

        • @finx

          Please educate yourself on what constitutes an assault rifle. None of the weapons used were assault weapons and none of them were capable of fully automatic fire.

          If you’re going to argue a point at least do it with the truth about what you’re arguing about.

          • Fully auto, semi auto, means little to idiots.
            I have been saying for awhile, we need to go back to calling them what they were;

            MACHINE GUNS.

            This, my dumb DGI BIL UNDERSTOOD…

        • finx, best answer is because we can. 2nd best answer, because many of us have fought commies (progressives) and have seen what happens to unarmed civilians. Thirdly, we don’t trust this gov’t.

          • obama is the greatest gun salesman in the history of the world

          • “…don’t trust this EVIL gov’t”…
            There, fixed that for ya…

        • @ finx. You little cockroach, how dare you say that we don’t care about innocent children. What about all the innocent children that live on ranches that border Mexico that have to deal with gangs from Mexico that come up and terrorize those out of the way places where law enforcement takes a hour to reach people in need. You would rather have the MS-13 gangs go and rape the mothers and daughters, kill the husbands and sons because you would outlaw those people’s rights to defend themselves with an AR-15 and be hopelessly outgunned. No, you are more concerned with taking away everyone’s self defense, every gun. You cockroaches that want to gun grab are the most selfish narrow minded wads that there is. You completely fail to look at the broader picture.

          Your horse blinder type of thinking is all that matters. You would take away people’s right to carry pepper spray if you could just like in England and let people get mauled to death by dogs. You are definitely the friends of criminal and the evil perverts out there. You regard the criminal as having more value than the victim. What is wrong with you people is that you can’t think straight with any rational logic. Go crawl back under some dark crack in the baseboard.

          • Spot on BI, this coming from someone in south Texas.

            And finx, no one has automatic weapons except the gangs and those very few with class3 ffl’s. AR-15’s are semi-auto, learn the difference before you start bashing gunowners who just want to be able to defend themselves.

          • hug-a-thug in full effect

            • Political Correctness;

              That modern pious and self righteous philosophy that says that a woman lying dead, strangled by her own pantyhose in a dark alleyway is morally superior to that smart lady standing there explaining to the police officer why the rapist murderer is lying there with holes in him.

              • 🙂

          • Be informed,

            As you brilliantly stated, “You would rather have the MS-13 gangs go and rape the mothers and daughters, kill the husbands and sons because you would outlaw those people’s rights to defend themselves with an AR-15 and be hopelessly outgunned.” And I would like to add the fact that they would be outgunned by MS-13 gangs that were supplied with guns courtesy of the the US government.

            Jerks like finx are robots who were programmed a long time ago, there is little hope for them.

          • Liberals make the best homosexuals, because they are so eager to tuck their ankles behind their ears and submit to the aggressor.

            This is not to suggest that liberals are totally non-violent, because in practice – liberals, leftists, Communists have proven themselves to be the most violent, the most ruthless, the most sadistic and blood thirsty monsters on the planet. They just prefer to hold most of their violence in check until their intended victims are disarmed and defenseless.

            Exhibit A for the prosecution: 1917, Bolshevik Communist Revolution in Russia. Took over,
            immediately disarmed the people and then systematically mass murdered, according to Solzhenitisyn’s estimates, over 66 million White European Russians and Ukrainians.

            • Tucker,

              Right you are, and exhibit B; The way the left relishes in the fact that they condone, pay for, and encourage the murder of millions of innocent babies, because they like to. What a sick and vile bunch of monsters.

          • BI
            It’s upsetting to see you wasting your time and brainpower on the cockroach…. but way to go!

        • @finx:

          Mine is a defense weapon, just like the defense weapons that DHS purchased.

          If you care about kids so much, are you standing a post to watch over them? Are you organizing a volunteer group to protect those you care about, or are you just blowing smoke. Action Sir, Action.

          Stop blaming gun owners for your choice of non-action.

          You are either IN or IN THE WAY.

          ….critical thinking, not status quo….BA.

          • Actually yours just LOOKS like the ones that DHS purchased.

            DHS bought full-auto select fire versions of the BLACK, SCARY LOOKING semi-automatic modern sporting rifle that the rest of us own.

            Those full auto rifles, along with 1.6 – 2.0 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo, which is banned on the battlefield per the Rules of Land Warfare, which begs the question who are they going to use it on (we know the answer) should have everyone in the country WET-YOUR-PANTS terrified about just what the heck is going on in Washington.

            • @navy Vet:

              …looks like theirs……mebbe..

              …acts like theirs……definitely…

              ..furniture is birds eye maple..

              …lot of stainless….priiiiity,lol…

              ….bangbangbang, rinse,repeat…..BA.

            • …too bad I lost it on a river expedition next week…..

          • B.A.

            The ‘finx’ types…are herd animals, usually very skittish & easily spooked/frightened…they are EATERS OF GRASS!!!
            …herbivorous and cowardly by nature!

            I hope a SHEEP-DOG…fucks it(finx) to death!!!


            • Sorry for the crude language, folks…..but that idiot really deserves an attitude adjustment.

            • @Gunsmith:

              finx is just like a fart in church, just sayin’

        • Guns, any and all guns are for hunting tyrants and commies and bears, oh my.

        • @finx,
          The reason why I have a semi automatic fire arm (one trigger pull equals one bullet) is to safe guard my family and my community in a SHTF scenario. Also to protect this nation from over reaching individuals in Government with narcissistic God complexes that think they are “Officials” rather than Public Servants. This is so children will not start life as slaves, but as Free Human Beings deciding how they will live their lives not by some Official telling them how to live it. Read the 2nd Amendment.
          DEFCON1 out.
          LOCK and Load and check your six!

        • {{{why do you people need an assault rifle?}}}

          Have you never heard the expression–don’t take a knife to a gun fight??

          If you don’t understand this, I should go no further with this debate.

        • @ finx. One other thing, the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, the worst of them all, Cho used a handgun, NOT a rifle. One more thing, if some derelict had a pet cockroach, he would name the roach “finx”, the perfect name for a cockroach.

        • Finx, finx, finx, finx…. Pray tell me please where in the second ammendment the word “hunting” is located. Not there? EXACTLY!

          • Yeah it is Pod’…
            It is a hunting license for two legged Animals;

            Animalus Politicianus

          • Stop feeding the troll!

        • finx – the main reason children are shot in schools is because the adults charged with protecting them have been disarmed through idiotic ‘gun free zone’ laws. Buildings full of daft women and vulnerable children ripe for the picking. Brilliant. Obviously, the ‘gun free zone’ signs need to be bigger.

          • Amen 2.0

        • Finx, it actually states that we should have assault rifles in the Constitution. You will find it just after the part about hunting.

          I can’t stand when the Libtards preach about how people don’t need a semi auto “assault rifle” for hunting. I’m sure that is what the 2nd Amendment was written for. The founding fathers, scared to death of the encroaching deer population all got together and wrote the 2nd Amendment.

          Do you realize how completely stupid that sounds?

          Ask the guy in the LA riots if he needed his AR when he was on top of his shop protecting his property from a hoard of thug punks. Do you think at that point he was happy to have it to protect himself or do you think at the time he was wishing he had a bolt action deer rifle?

          Why you you people need to speak? You should have your head checked. You are abusing your 1st amendment right. The founding fathers didn’t know about the internet, smart phones, cell phones or any of the modern methods of communication. They didn’t intend for you to be able to talk to all of us on a media such as this. You need to honor their intent and go back to shouting in a town hall somewhere.

          Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

          • Nice Monty Python reference at the end, love it!! I wave my private parts at your aunties!!!!

        • why is everybody feeding the troll? Ignore the idiot and it will troll elsewhere…hopefully.

        • The Finx,

          Good little boy,
          now listen to me,
          machine guns are legal,
          for you and me.

          AR ain’t full,
          assault ain’t real,
          a political word,
          that’s full of zeal.

          You drank the koolaide,
          and when its time,
          the evil will get you,
          don’t you love rhyme?

          Good little boy,
          now sit and thinks,
          it’s gonna be time,
          to get me some finx.

        • Civilian owned rifles are not automatic fire capable. You really are misinformed or just a liar.

          • They are legal.
            If you want to jump through the Class III hoops…and have the BUCKS.

          • John W,

            Today there are approximately 240,000 legally owned transferable civilian machine guns registered with the ATF in the U.S.

            That represents 6/10,000th of one percent of all the civilian owned firearms in the US. Yet considering the number of machine guns in civilian possession, crimes committed using machine guns are almost unheard of. The last crime that comes to mind was the big bank robbery shoot out in North Hollywood in 1997. The AK-47’s used were illegally modified and not AFT registered.

            When a legally transferable civilian machine gun costs $15,000 and up to acquire, it is a highly valued collector/investment piece and stays well protected in a gun safe.

        • finx: I think you’re just joking around here but it’s not very funny to this group. Most folks don’t know it, but since the shooting at the school nearly twice as many children have died from drunk drivers than died in that school. Nealy one a day dies this way but where is hue and cry for these poor kids? The liberals love to use red herrings, like this school shooting, to push their agenda of total control and pacification. By using your (liberal) “logic” we should outlaw cars and alcohol in order to “save the children”. Neither control is likely to happen anytime soon.

        • What you think doesn’t matter.

      10. Northern Cousin, welcome aboard and yes, the Ruger 10/22 is a damn good rifle for training. I have one and swear by it. Also get a good .22lr pistol. Get as many accessories and ammo as you can find. There are high-capacity mags available for the 10/22; get all you can find. 22lr is perfect for learning the basics and firearms safety. You can always evolve to a heavier caliber. My name was one of those NICS background checks in December when Santa got me another .22 pistol. Nobody’s taking my guns, period! Braveheart

      11. Kyratheyl, welcome aboard and I agree with you totally. Nobody surrenders in my home. braveheart

      12. Well, at least Obama’s made one part of the economy improve, ha.

      13. is it just me or is the Palmetto state armory website down? whats up with that? i just got an email from them this morning?

        • It’s up for me. Good company to do business with, completely off topic.

      14. I’ll apologize in advance for my having to repeat this. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, or worse, this has to be said. This is what I posted on another article just a few days ago.

        ” Our rights are not inalienable, they are UNALIENABLE.

        UN-A-LIEN-ABLE: basically means you can’t forfeit something even if you wanted to since it is natural and inherent to you, a part of you. We’re born with the rights, they were never granted to us by government. The Constitution is nothing more than a set of restrictions the people put upon the government, understand that.

        Also, please stop mispronouncing unalienable. There is nothing alien about your rights, at all. It is a lien that cannot be applied to your rights, this is critical to comprehend.

        UN A LIEN ABLE, say it with me now.”

        Sorry, but every time I even hear the word “inalienable” I cringe these days.

        • yep

        • Total rookie mistake on my part. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s been corrected!

          • No Mac, thank-you for publishing this material and having a place for us to exchange ideas.

        • And again I will share what I learned in researching this matter—it doesn’t matter because the words ARE interchangeable.

          Like to ma toes…or to mah toes

          • “Unalienable: incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred.”

            Inalienable rights: Rights which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights.

            Okay?? I DO NOT see a lot of difference.

            • Youre not looking hard enough.

              un= impossible to be taken

              in= not legally allowed to be transferred

            • JayJay: UN Alienable is absolute. IN Alienable is conditional. The Founding Fathers used UN Alienable. WE should too.


              • It’s evolution…language does that too.
                The Biblical words do not have the same connotation today as then.
                This word, UNalienable has transformed to mean same as Inalienble.

                So the scholars say.

                Since we all know what both of ‘those’ words above mean, let’s worry more about their, there, and they’re–which seem to be mistakenly spelled often.
                Yep–former school teacher.
                Oh, and possessive and contractions–now, that gets my goat. Hell, it’s third grade grammar lessons.

                • JayJay: All the more reason for US to be specific. Owning a firearm is an unalienable right. Driving s car is a privilege, but there are those who would like to equate the two.

                  WE be different. 🙂

              • They got into these stupid arguments in the middle ages over :”How many angels could dance on the head of a pin?” When, if, the gov decides to take your guns a good dictionary won’t help. You either stand and fight or not, cause the winner will write the story his way.

      15. BI, you mentioned the New Madrid and the Mid Atlantic Ridge… a 4.9 yesterday at 55N, and a 5.0 a short time ago at 46.5N.

        • @ Todd. Sorry, had to deal with that stupid little cockroach finx. I checked out that one on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and it is too far south for the New Madrid. When this area has been hit before, I really narrowed down the section, 13 out of 15 times a big earthquake has struck within 15 days (86.7%). The following areas were hit before and this time could as well be.

          – Auckland Island region
          – Kermadec Islands/Fiji several times
          – Papua New Guinea to Soloman Islands
          – China
          – Black Sea region several times
          – Chile/peru border area and Columbia
          – Japan and Taiwan
          – Eastern Russia 3 times

          Thankfully not the New Madrid zone as this is not directed towards here. Further north or much further south. Another earthquake is coming 85%+ chance by Feb. 21. Granted it could just be an aftershock of the 8.0, of 6.5+, as these distant foreshocks don’t care about whether it is an aftershock, only that the ground moves 6.5+ or more. This is kind of cheating with the forecast as a big aftershock is almost certain from the 8.0. The New Madrid looks safer for right now at the moment though.

          • Hey All, a good reply for trolls like finx when they ask for the need for an ar 15, say to protect the first admen so they can come in and have their say b/c without the 2nd there wouldn’t be a 1st. This way it is all about them, that is all they really want anyway.

          • @BI

            “Sorry, had to deal with that stupid little cockroach finx”

            God love you! 🙂

      16. Why do they keep saying an AR15 was used at sandy hook. It didn’t happen.

        • Because if you have the MSM reporting a lie enough, people will believe it to be gospel.

      17. I know this is not a new relevation, and we say we won’t give an inch, or we’ll hold the line, or we will resist, or we won’t observe an unconstitutional law. Which is probably true. Problem is Gun Manufacturers and Ammo Manufacturers will, they will follow what ever government mandates. So therein lies the problem. TPTB will always be able to obtain these needed items, this is where attrition will come into play. Who do you think will win that game? Trekker Out.

        • Trekker, it really depends on how hard we hit back, on wins the war(game?). Historically, the commies will help us by purging their own, over long drawn out crisis. Then finally, it also depends on who will aid this present gov’t during the crisis.

        • The Mountain Rifleman will win.

          • Firearm and ammo makers can Move to the first few states that Officially Pass new laws to Nulify ALL unconst fed law or mandates. Then back in buis as usual.

            Once a single state does that many will follow. Then so many avg folks will refuse to obey feds or fed laws etc they wont be able to count the massive resisters.

        • Do you REALLY think that gun and ammo manufacturers are going to stand idly by and let the nuts in Washington put them out of business and cost the economy thousands of jobs? I doubt it.

          While ammo manufacturing is a highly automated process at the commercial level, gun manufacturing (having worked for one, I speak from experience) is not. If it wasn’t for civilian sales accounting for a substantial (25-40% for the bigger companies and more for the smaller more specialized ones) portion of their sales dollars, they wouldn’t be the thriving businesses that they are today. They just can’t depend on cyclical government sales to keep them in business.

        • Maybe it depends on how wide the gun manufacturer’s back door opens….

          • speakin’ of wide back doors….MOOOOOOchelllle…..

            • Somewheres out there in farm lands or amish lands is a Poor Clysdale Horse that is Missing it’s hind Ass parts.

              If that is Your horse?…begin search for his ass at 1600 Penn ave…Check the Sheboon for starters.

        • MT has a strong point. Threats and money will get the manufacturers to do whatever is required. With reloading components becoming scarce now, you really have to ask yourself who controls this market from the bottom up? I bet you can trace powder, primer and round manufacturing back to two or three ghost corps. No way the g’ment hasn’t sealed that up years ago.

      18. Hi All, This is the only place I have found with Ammo. If it is listed they have it. http://www.luckygunner.com/

        Due to the current prices of Ammo and Reloading Supplies I have switched to stock piling TP.

        • Is that what we call a ‘soft kill’ Shootit?

          • You could call it that… sure beats leaves. My wife understands TP @ 6 bucks a case vs. $1.00 for one .223

            My point is that ammo is scarce, cost is high, why not get the most bang for your buck by investing in stuff that is still cheap. I think prices and supply of ammo will return to “normal”. If that does not happen you will be able to trade a roll for a box.

            • I get it! So, with your reasoning, I’m gonna get more Ramen noodles; my 4 year old 400 packages now can get hard and I can use them as bricks and hit someone in the head!

              • You could soften them up by building a Rocket Stove with them or shoot them out of your old potato canon.

                I am not really looking for ammo at this point. I have been set since 1999.

                PS: “Shootit” comes from being a commercial photographer. I have used it since college.

        • They actually have .223, $485 for 500 rounds about double what it was before but at least it is available if you need it.

      19. Guns and ammo are getting hard to find. I know of a local FFL that ordered $40,000 worth of ‘tactical firearms’ and accessories before Sandy Hook and, as of yesterday, it still hasn’t arrived. I was fortunate enough to get a measily 500 rnds for my AK and a loose 200 for my .22lr. Not much, but I can’t stock what I want in an apartment the way I want to.

        On a different stroke, I held a thought experiment the other day: Consider what would happen if a ‘prepper’ committed an atrocity and the global news began to attack why would a person need more than a three day supply of food and water. They would argue that the government has learned since ‘Katrina’ and even three days of food seems like a waste. Just a thought experiment.

      20. Just another report from California. Battle ground for gun confiscation. Bill introduce requiring Cali gun owners to get Crime Liability Insurance.

        Rep Ting suggests this will lower crime rate. As for his answer to how will people afford this insurance—they won’t need to buy it if they turn their guns in during the buy back program and earn $1,000 tax credit.

        Leave it to Chinese American politician to disarm gun owners. Chinese invasion?

        link below:


        • @Cali:

          My liability insurance reads:

          Shut up

          The three S’s as per Piper Mike.

          …from NorCal…..be safe….. BA.

          • Still got the shovel.

          • BA,
            Exactly right.
            I predicted this last year… liability insurance… sounds ‘reasonable’ ‘fair’ ‘balanced’…

            Remember the definition of evil gang;
            “Sweet words on the tongue, grow bitter in the belly”.

            My insurance comes in three calibers and a reloading press.
            Not to mention BRICKS of 22LR, and flats of primers and powder.

            Just a heads up. I warned my buddy the CCP instructor to stock up, last year… he blew me off…
            Talked to him an hour ago, he was begging me to reload some 9mm for him…haha, I asked “Ya got dies, bullets, primers, powder, and brass?” He said “I got lots of brass from the range.” I said “Good Luck with that.” I ain’t touching my supplies, its money in the bank.
            He is DESPERATE…
            Then he acknowledged that I had warned him and asked “How did you know this was gonna happen?”
            We talked for an hour, he still doesn’t get it… and thinks everything will go back to normal soon… he was a perfect example of cognitive dissonance.

            I made him a bet…;)

            Universal back ground check = Universal default registration of intention to buy.
            Not One More Inch.
            The III, we’re everywhere.

            • Well said. Normalcy bias is a powerful mental limitation to overcome. Good post.


      21. FWIW – Just saw where sgammo dot com got a big box of CCI 22LR in at what is currently a pretty reasonable price. Get it while the gettin’ is good. I already put in my order so feel free to buy the rest. 🙂

        • Just checked it out. they do have some nice quantities available.

      22. A good plan violently executed RIGHT NOW, is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.
        George S. Patton

      23. Seems people are voting with their wallets instead of the ballot box…..having finally learned that politicians don’t work for them.

        • It appears to me that the middle class that is paying all the taxes is the same group that is buying all the guns. How long are we going to support this government? What we need to realize is that the liberals (Both so called parties fit the same mould) can’t do without us. When we quit paying the piper, what will they do? Who will be their servants? Who will grow their food and haul it to them and cook it for them, or mow their yard or clean their house or haul off their garbage or keep their electricity and gas available or repair their road or any one of the jobs done by people they have no respect for and consider beneath them?

          We don’t have to say not one more inch, all we have to say is NO and stick together.

          • Im with you bud, the people i know who are real riled up about this are definitely upper middle, our democrap legislature is trying for about 5 or so different bills, all bad, all total infringement, people are already saying lawsuit against the state and many are saying theyll ship their guns out of state, sink these jacks then take their tax and all dollars elsewhere
            Thats where im at, i grow over 50,000# of produce a year, they pass these laws i wont grow shit, then ill move, i spend over 60k a year into the local economy, and im just 1 who is saying ill leave them to dry up
            NO period

          • unfortunately, when we quit paying the piper, they come and arrest us and confiscate everything we have. There isn’t enough of us to secure ourselves from the mob.

            • Sixpack…
              Awww man… you’re blowing my whole concept of peace through superior firepower.

              • Sorry…

          • The French Revolution comes to mind…….

      24. In Delaware there is a saying, “Say it ain’t so Joe”. Personally I’m no fan of his politics but I will say more truth comes out of Joe’s mouth by accident than from the average politician on purpose. He is a politician and does not intend to be truthful but he slips up . Joe just can’t help it. That is one thing I do like about him.

        Everyone see that he is being sent overseas? Coincidence I’m sure LOL.

        • When does a politician stop lying? When his/her lips stop moving!!!

          • When they stop BREATHING.

        • I love Joe. He is the only man I know who can shoot himself in the foot several times a day and never use any ammo!


        • As a fellow Delawarean, it’s not Joe I’m worried about, it’s his son, our attorney general and the fact that he’s pushing the state ban. Claiming that what the Army issued him for battle is what he’s trying to ban is just flat out lying or ignorance.

      25. I knew Richard Feldman from NJ during the Florio Assault Gun Ban S-166 days. Regardless if you love him or hate him that is one crafty very sharp guy. If your an anti gun politician and you have a tight election coming (or not so tight you think) and Richard Feldman is seen in your district start worrying.

      26. Thanks for making sure that said “unalienable”. I could have sworn it said “inalienable” the first time I read it. The Declaration says the first. A lot of people use the second but there is a subtle difference…read Black’s Law Dictionary.

      27. @ Mountain Trekker

        My best guess Trek, is the “nationalization” of ammo
        manufacturers by the gov’t for the “needs of defense and security of our nation, both at home and abroad”.

        Get the ammo, but yet without a perceived direct attack on the 2nd amendment. What say you?

        • RedPine, that is an excellent point, not one that I’ve heard mentioned or even thought about. But if and when we come down to a shoot out, which I pray won’t happen, and as you say the ammo manufacturers have been nationalized, which they most certianly will be. We would be in a world of hurt. Not saying how much ammo I personally have, but most preppers probably have a few thousand rounds. Not all, but many on this site probably remembers, that during Nam, the bullet count, per kill, was in the tens of thousands. So this is where attrition as far as ammo comes into play. They stop the flow of ammo, and let us have the 2nd amendment. Trekker Out. Honor Few,Fear None.

          • shots per hit in the Revolutionary War was one hit per 29 shots, by Korea it was one per 53000 shots, in NAM they never said but it was one in 100″S of thousands. During the Civil War the South calculated they needed 3 rds per man per day.(A sniper rarely uses a small box per day) It is good to remember during wars the Gov pays for the Ammo, in revolutions the shooter does. Figure rounds per prairie dog.

        • My guesss RP, it happened years ago. Control the powder, primer and maybe the lead/brass and the guns mean nothing and ammo doesn’t get produced. Any reloaders here that can verify with certainty who owns the powder producers?

      28. Tell me if this doesn’t top all: http://news.yahoo.com/obamas-inauguration-stars-stripes-made-belgium-181946720.html

        Doesn’t this figure that anything with BO doesn’t have much or anything to do with America. An American flag make in another country, just like all the Olympic clothes worn by U.S. atheletes made in China. No one should wonder why the U.S. is dying economically when even the flags used by the Petagon and other U.S. government buildings have been outsourced and come from another country.

      29. Happiness is….. a new gun every 1.5 seconds.

      30. Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.
        George S. Patton

        If we take the generally accepted definition of bravery as a quality which knows no fear, I have never seen a brave man. All men are frightened. The more intelligent they are, the more they are frightened.
        George S. Patton

        The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That’s the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!
        George S. Patton

        A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood.
        George S. Patton

        Better to fight for something than live for nothing.
        George S. Patton

        If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.
        George S. Patton

        • bravery is not to act without fear, it is simply to continue on despite of it.

          • I meant “in spite of it”.

      31. Hello Friends…Western North Carolina and the Upstate of S.C.- No ammo hardly at all, very little to be found and the stuff available is oddball calibers.
        In particular the NATO stuff is literally nonexistant; .308/7.63×51, 9mm, and .223/5.56×45 and 12 ga. buckshot is disappearing quickly.
        The Fedgov. making massive purchases and the private citizenry doing the same. Should make for an interesting affair.

        • bad keystroke…meant 7.62.

        • Wont the gov be surprised when their soldiers turn on them and stand next to their friends, neighbors and families, i think these politicians are in for a RUDE awakening when this thing hits critical mass and they cant bullshit their way out of it

          • I would be surprised too. History shows us more examples of people taking up arms against their families and neighbors than otherwise. I hope it’s not true, but the gov’t has the carrot (paycheck, meals, etc.), the stick (lots of those), and the brainwashing on their side.

      32. I have an anti-assault rifle. And, need has nothing to do with it. As for TPTB. You’re treading on very thin ice. You are awakening a sleeping giant. Yamamoto found out the hard way!

        • I expect that there will be a huge surcharge put on anyone who owns guns levied through Obama care via the IRS. They can just go in our bank accounts now so if you have any wealth then they have you.

          • Good thing I have no wealth.

          • Exactly, that is why doctors have been asking their patients if there are any firearms in the home for several years now. My wife and kids get asked every time they go. Funny, they never ask me….

      33. they will try to do all kinds of regualtions and laws and find a way to Tax you for ownership, insurance is one method of many . I say BS to it all .When they go door to door to get your weapons, then this comes to mind .Let the bodies hit the floor !


      34. Folks, You can say that i’m a ”regular” at my local gun range. I was told today that they deal with six distributors. They are told three things when they try to place orders. NO ammo. NO magazines, NO handguns and semi auto rifles. They told me that pretty soon they will probably only be selling black powder rifles. If there is anything you need to get ”squared away” I suggest looking at gunbroker . com. You will have to pay high prices right now,but you will be able to tie up those loose ends. Remember,those cool looking black rifles are just tomato stakes without ammo. When you think you have enough…..buy more. Good luck to everybody out here.

        • Anon,

          Good post. This has been my observation as well. I’ve bought numerous items from Gunbroker.com and it never ceases to amaze me that whenever retail inventories become depleted, auctions sites have an almost unlimited amount of merchandise for sale…for a steep price.

          • Anon and YH, I agree with both of your post. Gunbroker.com, just goes to show, Free Market is alive and well. Supply and Demand still rules. I don’t have the supply and I don’t like the demand , but that’s just the way it is. Trekker Out. P.S. Keep Your Powder Dry, If You Have Any!

        • Why? Is there no means to ramp up supply? Or have the 6 manufacturers been told to stop selling to public? Scary.

      35. Finx, you and JoeinNC must be 2 of a kind. Go hook up with him and have some fun and stay off our site. To everyone who promotes the Ruger 10/22, I totally agree. I’ve had one since 2004 and swear by it, and yes, I do have some of the high-capacity magazines for it. Already have a very good supply of .22LR. Now I’m looking for some .30 Carbine for my M1. both of my semiauto rifles are “personal defense weapons”, not “assault rifles”. [Yes, I’m hijacking DHS’s terminology; they don’t have any patent on it.] Braveheart

        • You guys ought to check out AMMOSEEK.COM. It is a great place to start when looking for ammo of any kind. I use it alot. It will give you the price/round to get you headed in the right direction.

        • Yesterday morning Cabelas online had .30 carbine softpoint in bulk available. Something like $180 for 400 rounds. Not a bad price from what I’m seeing.

      36. if the guns would disapear, something new would appear, there is always something there to replace something that has been taken,

        • Like the Dewalt nail gun… pretty awesome…
          Or, the new design coil gun I’m working on when I have time… nails, the new ammo…

          • yep and with coil guns, no powder, no primer, no case, just a steel or iron projectile close enough to the magnetic bore and your in, although currently they are slow, ( dont load fast) are not semi auto..and the electrical ramp time is not very quick, but were are Americans, and this can and will be overcome..or a new technology will be born out of this necessity

            • Ramp time, being worked on. That is a matter of hysteresis. I’m hoping for a reversible field in mid-stroke.
              With my new coil geometry, I sent a 16 penny into the wall 20 feet away at 12vdc… likkity split too.

              add magnetic feeder and drivers instead of caps, weeee…

              • I always wanted to try and make an electromagnetic rail gun out of solenoids. I imagine there would be a way to get them to fire sequentially, if you put 20 or 30 in a row, I bet you could get some pretty good velocity!

                • Not with standard coils… been tried. By uncle and others. It works, but the timing is a bitch.

                  As a clue from my own research, you have to time the projectile, so that it just passes the center to center alignment of n/s. the dead zone, or else you will get something known as; kickback.

                  But, with normal coils, you may not have the ability to overcome the speed ramp problem. Thus the need for a new coil geometry… that overcomes hysteresis.

                  A report coming on that, otherwise look at my site.

      37. I am glad there are all these morons out there. I am making a killing selling my .223 ammo. Despite claims to the contrary, the price of ammo will never come down significantly, so I refuse to be a source of profit to the gangsters who run the gun and ammo industry and am selling my AR-15 and ammo. I will not be able to afford to shoot it anyway. It is too bad that you fuckheads that claim to be protecting the second amendment are actually doing harm to the right to bear arms due to your irrational parnoid delusions which are making guns and ammo unaffordable.

        • Sorry Joe that we caused you all those difficulties but truth is we all got together and planned this cause we KNEW it was the only way to fuck with you. So now you know the rest of the story. AMF!

        • @ Jo(k)e(r) in NC. Does anyone on this site have a psycho issue as much as Jo(k)e(r) in NC? You are constantly going after people that you don’t even know. Completely responsible gun owners that defend the 2nd Amendment and understand its meaning, you ATTACK again and again. All those so called “gangsters” that you say run the gun and ammo industry employ Americans. The gun industry is one that is more American based than most other industries in this country. With the gun and ammo industries the jobs mostly stay right here in the USA. You and finx rather support all those jobs going to China and India. Ammo and guns employ Americans, a lot of them.

          Back to joker in NC. You cannot come on to this site and even attempt to carry on a decent conversation, you go off immediately on everyone, especially Mac whom posts these good articles. There are so many people out there that say joker in NC is the next false flag patsy for whomever and whatever. You desire attention so desperately that you are capable of anything.

          Your type of personality is why there is even an issue with BO and other anti-gun wackos like that ogress feinsteinless have any type of backing for their attempt at a gun grab. Your type wants to be a hero for the anti-gun and anti-self defense creeps, a perfect recuit for them. Or the type that wants to out do that last nut case for some sick notoriety as the one that mass shot the most innocent people of the year or decade. You look at joker in Aurora, and there are some real scary parallels to Jo(k)e(r) in NC. You know joker in NC, your sick obsession with trying to outrage everyone here really says a lot about your inner demons, get some help now joker.

          • Amen BI.
            I challenged the asshole to a duel… really…a thread awhile back…
            Again, I virtually slap you across the face Joe, I demand satisfaction. Being in NC, that shouldn’t be anything but a day trip.
            Come on Joe! I’ll spot you 20 paces…

            • @ Piper Michael. A lot of people here and all over the place go through much worry about what their futures hold. They come to this site to express those fears and talk about the really good article that Mac puts out. Then that character Jo(k)e(r) in NC comes on and spews nothing but manure everywhere. This character is so selfish that he has not added anything to the conversation, nothing. When is there an article about preparedness that joker in NC never even tries to add an idea on putting away for emergencies, or gives someone like Norse Prepper, Daisy, or the many others a compliment on their contributions to the site.

              This type of prick is a lot more dangerous than people realize because he is such a total loser. Individuals like this thrive on ANY attention, and want it so badly that one day they go postal on everyone. While these losers are probably not the best shots, they can create a lot of hell in a crowd that is unarmed. You profile the atypical nut case that ruins innocent people’s lives and adds fuel to ass wipes like piers morgan’s lame agruments for gun control, and you come up with joker in NC.

              This is what those anti-gun, anti-self defense monsters want, another mass shooting to top the last one. These anti-gunners gather around hugging each other and weeping for the victims, and secretly they are dancing on the graves of the innocent victims that their sick little agendas of disarming everyone has gained more support. In their twisted minds a bunch of tiny little people gunned down are but sacrificed lambs for what they want. That medusa feinsteinless has never shown any remorse for these victims, only a type of gratification that now her stance has a few more followers.

              There are losers all over the country that want to be recognized and seen, no matter how much they are hated. This fits the profile of joker in NC, as anyone that comes on day after day to try to infuriate everyone has some serious issues deep down. Mac and others have put on some absolutely excellent articles that are nuetral and basically has to do with nothing but survival and being ready for true SHTF events. Joker in NC has either not commented or actually come on and tried to ruin very constructive talk and ideas because he wants to try to make others unhappy and miserable. That makes joker in NC capable of doing this on a much larger scale.

              Joker in NC needs help before this character acts out all this resentment and built up boiling hate for all those that he feels made him into such an utter failure. Piper Michael, if you ever actually saw joker in NC you would likely first laugh hysterically, then he would likely attack you and bite you or something. I think I rather get bit by one of those Komodo Dragons with the terrible bacteria than the joker in NC that probably has AIDS, and every STD VD disease bubbling away in his mouth. Can you imagine what is like for those that have to interact with the joker in NC on a daily or weekly basis? Much pity goes to them.

              • BI,
                Thanks for that… but I think it goes deeper… I think Joker is an Obama cyber drone, working in his cyber army to do exactly what you suggest. Disrupt conversation threads. He just does it so poorly… he is a joke(r) as you aptly name him….;) He is not sick, he is malevolent, it comes through his keyboard.

                If Mac could give me his IP, I could trace him back to his hometown, but, alas… that wouldn’t be fair, because as much as I despise that clown and disagree with everything he spouts out that vomit hole… what he doesn’t understand, is that I would die to defend HIS RIGHT to say it.
                At this point though, he’s lying, he doesn’t own any ammo or an AR, if he did, he wouldn’t be selling it… or, he doesn’t need it… because he was just issued his shiny new fully auto battle rifle courtesy Obozo… and one day (soon?) he will find out that a good marksman with a semi auto or even a good hunting rifle, owns the battlefield.

                Now where is that vomit icon…

                • @ Piper Michael. I have seen so many excellent posts here and so many really good people helping out each other. JustOneGuy for example saved my sinuses by pointing out that using iodized salt it burns, and use just straight sea salt. This worked, as well as many other excellent bits of advice that I am most grateful for. Then we get these turd wranglers that come on and disrupt all that good that is being done. Some of them are just too stupid to understand common sense, and then there are those like joker in NC and that cockroach finx that gain sick pleasure by giving others misery.

                  YH really well stated the category of people. This fourth group just wants to cause problems, they are complete trouble makers that fantasize about causing as much chaos as possible because their own loser lives are such a waste that they want to bring pain to as many others as possible. While you, me, Mac, and most everyone else here want to contribute something to make life better for others, joker in NC, finx, and other trolls make to be as much of a liability to the site and others. These type of characters are the classic going postal nut jobs because they have to exapnd on bringing as much misery as possible and no longer being an internet troll is good enough for them. Yeah, where is the vomit icon.

        • JoeinNC,

          There are four types of people in the world.

          First, you have your smart lazy person who squanders their potential and produces nothing.

          Next is your smart active person who goes out and invents things that improves mankind.

          Then you have your stupid lazy person who is of no danger to anyone but themselves.

          Lastly, and worst of all, is the stupid active person who’s sole purpose in life is to wreak havoc, cause chaos and mayhem everywhere they go in everything they do.

          You are without a doubt in this last category.

          • Per Blondie from; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
            “You see, there are two kinds of people in the world, my friend; Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”

            • Jeff,

              That’s one of my all time favorite movies! Thanks for the great quote.

              In a different scene, Tuco (the ugly) was taking a bath in a bombed out hotel when he was ambushed by a bounty hunter. As the hunter was in the middle of his prepared speech with gun drawn, Tuco fired several shots from his revolver hidden below the waterline dispatching the hunter and said,

              “When you have to shoot, SHOOT! Don’t talk!”

              You know you’re in some hot water if you have to carry a concealed weapon with you to bathe.

          • @ YH. Brilliant description of people. Jo(k)e(r) in NC is definitely in that last category.

            • Be informed,

              Thanks. I have to give credit to a friend, a WWII fighter pilot I worked with years ago who gave me that tid-bit of insight about human nature.

          • Howdy YH,

            Another varient I have heard,

            There are ONLY three kinds of people:

            The stupid, those who cannot, do not learn from thier mistakes,

            The smart, those who DO learn from thier mistakesm

            The Wise, those who LEARN from OTHER people’s mistakes….

            Gee, seems like we’re running REAL short on ‘Wise’ here any more….doesn’t it?

            • JustOneGuy,

              It works. I like it! Thanks.

              Yes, you’re 100% correct in that we are running critically short of wisdom in the world today. People, sheeple, and lemmings have bought into the insanity that government should think, act, and provide for society. It does not bode well for the current or future generations.

      38. The Founders of the United States intimately understood the passions that lie within men’s hearts, according to George Washington. They understood that any government run by men would, over time, become corrupt just as our current government has become. With their ingenious wisdom, they decided that dangerous freedom was a far better existence than peaceful slavery. I will never argue with that kind of impeccable logic. I’ll take dangerous freedom any day of the week.

      39. We need more guns. Continue to keep up the pressure on your politicians. Call, call, call some more.

        Concerns about Obama’s race and the economy were well-founded indeed.

        • “An armed society is a polite society.”
          -Robert Heinlein

      40. The Coming Starvation In America
        By James P. Wickstrom

        The government of the United States, by Law was to always maintain a three year mixed- grain survival storage for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

        Like most Laws of the land, the politicians never took heed as to why our wise ancestors had this reserve requirement established. It was to make sure, that, in the time of a National Emergency, the people had the most important mainstay needed for survival individually and as a Nation. Remember, the people make the Nation, the Nation does not make the people.

        In the 1960’s and 1970’s the different political administrations of Washington, D. C. walked away from sanity and started to give the surplus grains which where in elevator storage all over the country, to other nations, such as the Soviet Union, India, etc.. This continued over two decades, until the elevators were empty and the reserve of grains that were in reserve as per a national crisis…. were gone. Of course this was done as to enhance international “friendship” with other nations, even if those other nations were self-admitted enemies of the United States.

        Remember, there was enough grain in storage, paid for by the American tax- payer, to last the masses inside the United States for three full years, if need be. But now it all is but gone!

        By 1996, the United States Department of Agriculture (U. S. D. A.) claimed that there was enough food in ware-house storage to last every man, woman and child in the cities a 3 day supply and a 5 day supply for every man, woman, and child in the countryside, should a great national emergency occur. In other words, if food trucks stopped running, the food supplies for the masses would be 3 days in the cities and 5 days in the countryside.

        In 2003, the U. S. D. A. stopped measuring for “days in reserve” of food for every man, woman, and child in the United States because the amount of food in storage in the United States dropped under a 1 day food supply for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Thus, the U. S. D. A. started to measure in individual pounds as to how much food was in the food-chain per person in the United States as per 300 million people.

        In 2003, there was 77 pounds of food per person in the warehouse food- chain in the United States. What this means, is that during a national emergency, only 77 pounds of food per person is available before all food is TOTALLY GONE in the United States.

        By September of 2005, there is now only 15.7 pounds of reserved foodstuffs in the food-chain for every man, woman, and child in the United States. This means that there has been an 80% decrease in the past two years. That decrease is becoming greater with every passing day in the United States. Of the 15.7 pounds of warehoused reserved food-stuffs, 11.0 pounds of the 15.7 pounds consists of unprocessed wheat. The rest of the 15.7 pounds of survival foods in storage for every man, woman, and child, totaling 4.7 pounds, consists of the following foods:

        1. Non-fat dry milk 2. Cheese 3. Corn by the bushel 4. Peanuts by the pound 5. Lentils by the pound

        That’s it folks ! . . . This is what the District of Columbia has set aside representing the 15.7 pounds in the survival food-chain for every man, woman, and child to stay alive on. This is not a daily supply, this amount represents the total food everyone will get for …. how long, who knows!

        The U. S. D. A. Crop Production Report per September 12, 2005, contained said information, and this information was brought forth by Alan Guebert of the Farm & Food Report.

        Collective communist farming failed in the Soviet Union and communist China, and the present form of Collective Farming (paying the farmers not to grow food) has totally failed in the United States.

        Mr. Guebert also stated, that one more disaster as the likes of the hurricanes Katrina or Rita against the United States, or anything to compare to such in whatever way, would create such a food panic, it would make the New Orleans rioting look like the Mardi Gras.

        The United States Government for the past 75 years has been driving the United States deeper and deeper into the realm of communism. The United States is financially broke, the farms are broken down, the Nation has been de-industrialized, and the outsourcing of jobs continues to this day. Both corrupt federal administrations, the Democrat and Republican eat off the same plate. They have labeled that plate; “Screw the taxpayer, each and every one of them.”

        Our European ancestors were very wise, honest and full of common sense. They had food cellars where they had food canned, that could last them well over a year, insuring them that they would be able to plant a crop the following summer, and still be able to survive waiting for crops to mature and harvest. They did not rely on the corrupt politicians who are liars and thieves.

        But as I said, time passed by and the people put a false trust in their elected and appointed public servants thinking that these same people were looking out for their personal interests. How sadly wrong the people were then, and still are.

        In conclusion, I highly suggest that you pull your head out of the sand, check your food supplies, and if you do not have 6 months to a years food in reserve, then you had best sell something or do whatever you have to do, to immediately prepare yourself and your loved ones for safety. If you can store two years at this time: DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

        Remember, the 15.7 pounds of food in reserve is becoming less by the day, and at the present rate of speed, the United States is heading to what is called…. meal to meal. One more major disaster will drive the United States to its knees.

        The federal government, for itself, has millions of tons of preserved foods stashed away in underground storages, but this food is not for the masses, unless they surrender their firearms, and then they will get a food coupon from the *feds* to buy out of the federal government food warehouse wherever it is set up in your area.

        Governments has always subjected and controlled the masses using FOOD. Remember, FOOD CONTROL IS PEOPLE CONTROL. New Orleans was your cue: Now prepare! You have been warned.

        • Bravo Pale Rider,

          Good Work!…Many Thanks!

          Is there a pattern here?

          Some few months ago it came out that a high official of the Indian government, resposible for the provisionong of one of India’s huge stock piles of foodstuffs – reserve food – was indicted by the government when it was discovered that of the actual amounts he was reporting where ‘on-hand’ in fact less than 2% could be accounted for. Subseqent investigation yielded that said official was in fact contuously selling the stocks openly on the black-market. The consequence which was drawn was that as much as 1/3 of India’s population might face starvation in the spring if any disruption of the expected harvest occurred.



          • ha, ha, ha. Haven’t we all thought the same thing but were just afraid to say it! ; )

          • One More important info item: The one billion barrels oil emergncy storage the fed gov maintains. Has as of aprox 1976 by laws passed by us congress been totally allocated if needed to FIRST go to Israel. And at taxper expense to SHIP said oil to Israel.

            Look it up if you doubt it. I think it was jimmy carter that did this. In all/any oil emergncy faced by israel then they get first dibs on Our oil reserves. ALL of it if need be!

        • China has agreements for large purchases of corn and wheat from the U.S. Since the U.S. is in debt so badly to China, I assume they will get their bushels first.
          Years ago, the U.S. used to keep large surpluses of corn and other grain … just in case. But, that is not the case now.

          The article below is 5 years old. With the drought, I wonder what the current situation is? What effect will the drought have on prices of corn, wheat and other grains?

          US Grain Reserves Dangerously Low (AAM Concerned with CCC Inventories)

          As of 2008, “Our concern is not that we are using the remainder of our strategic grain reserves for humanitarian relief. AAM fully supports the action and all humanitarian food relief. Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry. There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve.

          The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”

          Free Republic

            • KY Mom? Have you heard the news that Obama wants to increase the percentage of ethanol in our gasoline?

              Right now, its 10% and all the automobile experts agree that 10% is the absolute maximum amount that gasoline engines are able to tolerate. Even this percentage has caused widespread mechanical failures in some of the gasoline driven motors that are used on boats and other smaller engines.

              Obama wants to boost it up to 15%, I believe. This will dork up our automobile engines and consumers will be forced to pay for very expensive auto repairs.

              This ethanol product is made from corn, and this takes corn that used to be in the food supply out of that role, which cannot possibly be a wise thing to do – when we have rising food shortages all over the world.

        • Fought USDA/FDA for years…some of the dumbest retards ever to infest this great land…they be dangerous…folks ignore them at their own peril!

      41. mac , did you mean ‘inalienable’ ?

        • flabbergasted,

          Mac is referencing the U.S. Declaration of Independence which specifically uses the word ‘Unalienable’ which means, a right which you cannot voluntarily give away and cannot be involuntarily taken from you…ever. ‘Inalienable’ means the opposite, a right which you can voluntarily give away or can be involuntarily be take from you

          Most progressive liberal politicians and media pundits deliberately use the word inalienable, I believe, to sew disinformation and confusion among the population about the meaning and intent of the founding documents.

          The Founders were a pretty smart bunch.

          • @ YH,

            Bravo, immaculate explication…+1

            • Thank you.

      42. Happy to say I have been ahead of the curve; making significant purchases since this sock monkey got in office. That said, like many of you, I would like a little more to top off the supply. Focusing on peripherals now and when ammo is more readily available, hopefully summer, will maximize then. One thing bout prepping; it is a constant. Thanks Mac, great site, good info/contributions.

      43. Got most of the ammo I need,guns too. Ammo for the Nagant is going thru the roof too. Once this gun bill gets voted down in congress things should ease up. Prices will remain high but there will be more of it.

      44. Gee Wiz , I can’t imagine why , Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds ?!


        • What state want to do ammo background checks.

          What else come from that state?

      45. Government is plotting to nationalize your retirement funds.

      46. Don’t know how good the data is, but I saw a comment that indicated 50 Billion rds of ammo a week was being manufactured, Anyone got better info, or how many new guns ?

      47. Just what we didn’t need… another article prepetuating the Sandy Hook hoax.

      48. finx? I thought that was a name for

        someone who ratted you out!!

      49. Here is something that may get you motivated to run for government office. The Frankenstein bill exempts all government officials past and present from the law according to my reading. I was a elected government official in late 90’s early 00’s. Another thought would be to join the volunteer fire department. You would then be on the inside….

      50. 1.5/sec. Nice crowd to be part of.

      51. Shocking Obama W.H. Statement ~ quote

        ” It’s ‘Wise to kill Americans’ !”



        Got a Long Gun prepper patriots ?

        you might want to learn how to hit a man size target with it at 500 meters and make adjustments to your sights for wind and elevation .

        this is going to become Real , Real soon .

        for All of You .

        you might want to learn how to kill a man properly before it does .


      52. Wahooooo..
        The great American Gun stock up in prep to battle the commies who took over the country. My hope… A general will declare martial law… arrest all of congress.
        Kick out the UN, torpedo any cargo container ships…or round up all the illegals and ship them out.

        I still say this…
        1. Move all prisoners to fema camps for armed combat training.
        2. Supply them and dump them in the mid east. If they can take it over..we’ll buy oil from them.
        3. ban the currency..and restart a new one.

        I’d go on..but who would care.

        I see my old Dad..fuck that he is.. 79 next week…he could give a fuck about anything… on his deathbed…his life will be meaningless…. If you don’t care about your country…or your self… fuck ya.

      53. Another Comment, and everyone here who are .22LR owners, I’ve used CCI Quiet in both of my .22 handguns. After firing the first round, I had to eject the spent cartridge manually pulling the slide back by hand because there’s not enough powder in the cartridge to force the slide back for proper ejection of the spent cartridge. It might be OK in a revolver or bolt-action or lever-action, but not in the semiauto platform. 230 JHP, i’ve looked around for 6 months for a Ruger Mark III and can’t find one. I’ve tried one before; very accurate and you will enjoy it. I like my other 2 but I’ll keep looking for one. Braveheart

        • Braveheart,
          I’ve seen the Ruger Mark III at Gander MTN on a regular basis. I haven’t been in a couple of weeks though so don’t know if they still have a supply of them. This is a link where you can put in your zip code and search for a specific gun at a local shop near you.

          I’ve had some good luck using it before in trying to find something specific in my area. Good luck…I love the Mark III


        • FYI,while searchiing for ammo, I did notice that there are specific warnings about using subsonic in semi-autos by some manufacturers. Thesubject first came up in http://www.ammoseek.com.

      54. I’ve been in 3 stores and 4 pawn shops last two weeks getting reloading gear, just ordered a press, and have been watching the fun. One store sold 900 ARs in 6 weeks, and another is also out of ARs, don’t know how many they sold. The pawn shops are cleaned out of anything resembling a decent bolt action rifle, let alone semi-autos. Revolvers are plentiful, pistols OK, but quality is not being re-stocked as fast as they would like. Ammo and reloading gear is going. Primers are going, pistol primers are gone. Brass in .223 or .308, or 9mm is gone. Bullets in those calibers also gone. Powder is low, especially the popular types. The stores are busy on weekdays, and weekends are astounding.

        I did manage to score, at decent prices, 3 boxes 30/06 at WalMart, a Colt Series 70 .45, and a Left Hand model Remington 700 in .308, so I’m doing OK. The Swiss K31 at the pawn shop was the best deal. Add 3,000 primers, some bullets and brass, and some die sets, not too bad for supply.

      55. Doing my share! Picked up a brand spanking new Kimber Custom II tonight on my way home.


      56. America will suffer a horrible financial reset. That’s inevitable.

        Most of you will lose 50% of your fiat wealth/ fiat savings worth over night … Most of you will starve eventually .

        Are you Ready for the Collapse of America ?


      57. Every 1.5 seconds??? Nah, one or two a year maybe but I have never bought one every 1.5 seconds.

      58. @ JoeinNC……YOU SIR ARE A NINCOMPOOP <> heh…after all…I AM badpuppydog :>)

      59. <> :>)

      60. I had a pretty bad comment for you joe inside those brackets up there ^^ but mac wouldn’t let me post it YOUR LUCKY PUNK !

      61. GREEKS ARE STARVING , street fighting each other for rotten left-overs .

        coming soon to ameriKa … only a matter of time

        Person Trampled As Fight Breaks Out At Greek Free Food Handout

        In yet another day marked by simply unbearable propaganda, about an hour ago an EU official pulled a Lanny Breuer and was quoted as saying that “things are going well” in Greece. Oh are they? Then perhaps the same official can explain why a clip of a scuffle breaking out at a free food handout in Greece, where one man was “trampled and injured”, and where a “Reuters photographer was hit on the head with cauliflower heads” has been the most watched item on Greek TV in the past day?


      62. At one gun every 1.5 seconds…let’s see… I got about half a minutes worth.

        • Its useless without an organized militia.

          • Small groups are best– can go undetected.

            • Wrong.


        Want to Learn the Truth ?

        read this

        All Is NOT Well

        It comes down to this. The monied interests, high financiers, corporate interests, captured politicians, government apparatchiks, and corporate media have a vested interest in maintaining the corrupt and destructive status quo. They have become rich and powerful through their manipulation of the currency, ravenous sacking of the national wealth, destruction of the working middle class, and ability to use mass media propaganda to convince the willfully ignorant masses to learn to love their debt servitude. Our once proud, liberty minded, self-sufficient nation of freedom loving individuals has devolved into a kleptocracy, where a small cadre of powerful men run the show solely to increase the personal wealth and political power of officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population. They are essentially running a state sponsored embezzlement and Ponzi scheme to pillage the wealth of the dumbed down, sedated, technologically distracted masses. Our entire system has been captured and we are entering the final stages of decay and ultimately a day of reckoning where the guilty and innocent alike will suffer the awful consequences of currency collapse, death and destruction on a wide scale, and likely civil and world war.

        “The Fed is now engaged in a control fraud, and what appears to be racketeering in conjunction with a few big investment banks. They may have entered into it with good intentions, but they seem to have been turned towards deceit and corruption. This is not an historical event, but an ongoing theft in conjunction with a number of Wall Street banks, and politicians whom they have paid off through a corrupt system of campaign financing and influence peddling. This is nothing new in history if one reads the un-sanitized version. But people never think it can happen today, that somehow yesterday things were different, as if one is looking at some distant, foreign land. This is a facet of the illusion of general progress.

        We are now in the cover-up stage of a scandal, similar to Watergate when the White House was stone-walling. The difference is that the corruption and capture of the government is much more pervasive now, and includes a significant portion of the mainstream media, so meaningful reform is difficult. Most of what has transpired so far has been designed to distract and placate the people in their righteous anger. The Fed deceives the Congress and the public, turns a blind eye to glaring conflicts of interest, and is essentially debasing the currency while transferring the wealth of the nation to their cronies. And still the regulators do not enforce the laws they have, and Washington drags its feet while accepting buckets of cash from the perpetrators.” – Jesse

        The entire system is corrupt to its core. Both political parties, regulatory agencies, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and mainstream media are participants in this enormous fraud. They grow more desperate and bold by the day. The lies, misinformation and propaganda being spewed on a daily basis become more outrageous and audacious. They are using the Big Lie method on a grand scale. They frantically need to lure the muppets into the stock market and the housing market to keep the game going a little longer. You can sense we are reaching a tipping point. The system they have created is mathematically unsustainable. Therefore, it will not be sustained. The world is going mad. Governments across the globe are all trying to out debase each other. Austerity and inflation for the peasants and caviar and champagne for the Davos class is the chosen path. All is not well. Ben Bernanke and the oligarchs running the show will be immortalized in history books forever when this farce comes to a spectacular conclusion.

        “If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

        GOT GUN ?
        GOT AMMO ?


        • No, best way to kill a beast is to starve it/ destroy its water supply. How much of your pay check goes for taxes? What are the tax dollars used for? To build up the military industrial complex, Homeland (In)security, the most sophisticated surveillance system in human history to spy on us, to pay Banksters trillions of dollars, etc. In other words, your tax money goes towards helping the elite, towards making the U.S. a more powerful Police State, so they can steal more of our civil liberties . But what if–just this once– NO ONE paid taxes? Would they have the money to pay the military to zoom over our cities, firing machine guns (practicing)? The next morning you are tempted to drag yourself to your crappy job, just think about it: is it worth it? Just a thought. It’s called taxation without representation. (I’m self employed). 😉

          • Sorry Cindy, there is no way to starve the beast when it has the power to print money. They don’t need your taxes, they just want you to think they do, while they take yours so you do not have too much.

            Besides you must pay your fair share if you want O’bummer Care! Just saying 🙂

            • Exactly!!! I have been wondering since the first round of QE why we need to pay taxes if the govt can just print what it needs. Simple answer is control and crony redistribution.

      64. Oh Joe– bite me

      65. And here is another shining reason why we the people need to be armed..
        These Florida Cops refused to answer calls..

        A Miami-Dade County police sergeant and two officers have been fired, while three others have been suspended, for allegedly blowing off emergency dispatch calls, officials said.

        Authorities launched an internal police investigation into the Kendall District police squad in 2010. Sgt. Jennifer Gonzalez and officers Dario Socarras and Jose Huerta have been fired while officers Jeffrey Price, Fabian Owens and Ivan Tomas were stripped of their badges, officials said. The three fired employees have appealed to get their jobs back.

        In one instance, Socarras was filmed in October 2010 drinking coffee while allegedly ignoring an emergency dispatch call about an unconscious 5-month-old baby. Gonzalez, Socarras’ supervisor, was sitting at a restaurant table with him when he ignored the call, according to internal documents from the investigation obtained by ABC News.

        He got the call at 5:36 p.m. about the unconscious boy. He wrote in his daily activity report that he “arrived and cleared the call at 5:42pm,” according to the documents. But the surveillance video shows him at the restaurant having coffee and “making no attempt to respond to the call for a total of six minutes,” until he was cancelled from the call at 5:42 p.m., the documents allege.

        Hours before, Socarras ignored an armed robbery dispatch call and was spotted with his arms wrapped around a woman outside a mall, who met him numerous times while on the job, according to the documents.

        And dont think this type of apathy doesnt go on in your local force., yes you better be armed, and you better be trained, because good chance your on your own out there.

      66. While some cops dont answer calls, than we have the police departments that have become militarized..and think nothing of using the equipment

        just recently an example in Alabama on the child hostage case..this was vebalized in a story about it..

        “workers feverishly unloaded boxes packed with percussive grenades, military C-4 explosives and an array of guns from a windowless DC-9 that had landed just miles from the suspect’s isolated compound.”

        “In many ways, the scene resembled more of a wartime situation than a domestic crime scene as civilian law enforcement relied heavily on military tactics and equipment to end the six-day ordeal.”

        “Two Humvees belonging to the Dale County Sheriff’s Department and a tan, military-style personnel carrier were parked in a field beside the bunker throughout much of the ordeal, along with sport-utility vehicles. Officers dressed in combat-style gear could be seen watching the bunker from an opening in the roof of the tan personnel vehicle.”

        dont get me wrong im not knocking the job they performed, and the outcome..but it seems they go all out anymore these days, and bring some pretty big artillary to a party

      67. Homeowner scares off home invader, The News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Ind. 02/01/2013

        A homeowner was at his house in Fort Wayne, Ind. when a burglar armed with a handgun broke into the home. The homeowner responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminal, causing him to flee. Police do not believe the burglar was struck. Fort Wayne Police spokesman Sgt. Mark Brooks told local media that it was unlikely that the armed citizen would face charges, as Indiana’s castle doctrine law protects homeowners.

      68. Homeowner fells wanted criminal, The News-Star, Shawnee, Okla. 01/31/13

        Shortly after 4 a.m., a homeowner in McLoud, Okla. awakened to the sound of a burglar breaking into his house. The homeowner retrieved a gun and fired at the criminal, striking him once and causing him to flee. The home invader was captured by police a short time later while seeking treatment at a nearby hospital. An investigation revealed that the criminal was already subject to a felony bench warrant for failing to appear in court for a case in which he was charged with three counts of possession of a stolen vehicle.

      69. Man defends himself and wife from home invader, WOWT, Omaha, Neb. January 26, 2013

        David Erives and his wife were in their Omaha, Neb. home when a man began pounding on their back door. The wife went to answer the door, but upon opening it, the man grabbed her and came inside the house. To protect his wife, Erives retrieved a rifle and shot the criminal once in the leg and ordered the home invader to the floor. When the intruder didn’t comply, Erives shot the man again, this time in the chest, killing him. Police are conducting an investigation, but have told local media, “at this point all indications are that the shooting was justified.”

        I could do this all day

      70. Gun owner saves boy from vicious pit bull attack, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 01/22/13

        An 11-year-old boy was riding a bike through his Washington, D.C. neighborhood when he encountered a trio of unleashed pit bulls. The pit bulls viciously attacked the boy, with the young man’s uncle later recalling that all three of the dogs were biting the boy’s limbs. A neighbor who witnessed the attack went home, retrieved a pistol, and fired at the dogs, striking one. The sound of gunfire alerted a police officer to the attack, and once on the scene the officer dispatched the other two dogs. Following the attack, the boy was taken to a local hospital and underwent surgery. The boy’s uncle praised the actions of the armed citizen and police officer, stating, “They did the right thing.” Unfortunately, doing the right thing can be a crime in Washington, D.C., as District police are investigating whether the armed citizen violated any of the city’s onerous gun control laws.

        pretty fucked up, save a life, cop does the same as the citizen, but no good deed will go unpunished in the wall of DC

      71. there are so many stories just like the ones I posted above..many of these stories never get told, never make it to MSM..never make to to your coffee and cruton table..the hero’s never get good publicity. the guns that have done good dont get the recognition.

        we as a law abiding group should be raming these types of stories down the throats of the establishment..showing them that the recidivism in this country is a large part of the crime problem, the violent crime problem and the fact that the system is complicite in letting these types back out on the streets with you and I and our families, not to mention the other types of crimes that are going on unpunished in this country, and they want to go and make new laws that are directed at the law abiding gun owners over what one alleged shooter did. its a travisty to us as a citizen, as a law abiding ressponsible citizen, to be painted with that brush is a legal matter all in its own..and there should be a day of judgement..cast upon them that seek to do me or mine harm with thier letigeous beliefs, and rules

        Not One More Inch

      72. Recidivism, is their liability..high time we start making them responsible for it, instead of it being job security for them

        Released prisoners with the highest rearrest rates were robbers (70.2%), burglars (74.0%), larcenists (74.6%), motor vehicle thieves (78.8%), those in prison for possessing or selling stolen property (77.4%), and those in prison for possessing, using, or selling illegal weapons (70.2%).
        Within 3 years, 2.5% of released rapists were arrested for another rape, and 1.2% of those who had served time for homicide were arrested for homicide. These are the lowest rates of re-arrest for the same category of crime.
        The 272,111 offenders discharged in 1994 had accumulated 4.1 million arrest charges before their most recent imprisonment and another 744,000 charges within 3 years of release.

      73. Good Morning.
        Just another day in the mud pit of life and it’s not getting any better. High prices for weapons, their accessories and ammunition of all kinds. More news of drones and military upgrades of police departments. State Governors enacting strict gun laws. Gas and food prices going up. The economy growth figure was at a negative, 1/10th percent.
        Other observations are that a major department store has closed which has been around for years. A fast food chain has pulled out of the area and a smaller chain of department stores is closing down some of its outlets.
        In the Flea Markets there has been a decrease in availablity of military gear such as Alice and MOLLE gear. What is left you might as well throw in the trash. Ammo cans, entrenching tools, first aid kits, Canteens and cups, web pistol belts and pouches are now few and far between. Somebody is gearing up.
        Last I would tell you the amount of violent crime has risen in robberies and shootings. More to follow as high stress levels invade all sections of society.

      74. Pro-gun Americans make me very proud! Tyranny will FAIL !

        • THIS IS SO CUTE!!! LOVED IT!

      75. DHS 21.6 more rounds of ammo. On Drudge

        • GREAT VIDEO!!!

      76. DHS to Buy 22 Million MORE Rounds of Ammunition

        “The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase a further 21.6 million rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets it has already obtained over the course of the last 10 months alone, figures which have stoked concerns that the federal agency is preparing for civil unrest.

        A solicitation posted yesterday on the Fed Bid website details how the bullets are required for the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico.”

        posted on Drudge Report

        • Hollow point for target practice…har har…
          Yeah, and WE be da targets…

        • Maybe Americans should buy a gun every second.

          Our country is about as screwed up as a soup sandwich. I am appauld as to what we let our government do to us and we pay for it with our taxes.
          What I have to say is preaching to the choir for the regulars here, but I want to talk to the First Timers here at SHTF.
          Never before have I felt the resentment and distrust of my government. Not to mention of what type of people/nation we have become. A lazy bunch of “Give Me Its” in numbers that are out of this world. Ready to adhere to any invocation that comes out of the mouths of LIARS. The abundant amount of stupidity that that enhances these actions, even upon themselves, is beyond belief. It is a monumental task to decipher the deception
          which has been perpetrated on to my life.
          Those being.
          A stable and growing economy.
          A stable Housing Market.
          A stable Financial Market.
          Low unemployment.
          A stable Dollar.
          Fair Trade.
          Why must we continue to suffer these indignations which have been laid at our feet?
          Why do we allow the stock market to be influenced by electronic trading? Why hasn’t Congress reintroduce Glass Steagall Act, to separate the banking sysytem? Why are our checking and savings account interest rates so low, while they use our money to make millions. Why do they say a cheap dollar is good while we suffer the ravages of inflation especially those on fixed incomes?
          Our industrial might has been reduced to a ghost of what is was and to say General Motors is doing fine is only because it invested in plants in CHINA! Our farmland lay fallow as the farmers are paid to leave them so. Our corn is put to energy/Gas and is 30% lower in BTU’s unlike sugar cain which Brazil has about become energy independent. STUPID! We are starving ourselves as corn is a base in lots of food products.
          Is it no wonder vernment is amasing an internal army? Gun Control and the blantant disreguard for the Constitution?
          Prepare! I’m not talking about a flashlight, can of tuna and a gallon jug of water.


            • Cindy,
              God bless ya Sister… I agree… in principle.
              Practically speaking…
              Ain’t.. gonna.. happen.
              If it did, and people somehow learned how to manipulate the W4 and declare 10 exemptions and opt out, and not pay, and not file… what would happen?

              They would PRINT IT, and use that to come after you, one by one…

        • Thanks KY Mom.

      77. There just wasn’t enough time to save them people over in Libby, Libby, Libby. We would have had to put some Marines over there ahead of time. This is not 911.

        What’ll you have?

        I’ll have an aircraft carrier, a squadron of Blue 18’s, postal service on Saturday, and a double scotch.

      78. The legislators are playing pure defense.

        Legislatures have seen this recently in attempts to ban “assault rifles.” Every time the legislators try to define “assault rifle”, the manufactures just come up with minor design tweaks that allow essentially the same guns to skirt around the new definitions. All these legislators have succeeded in doing is changing the cosmetic appearance of guns. If you believe that looks can kill, well, then, I suppose that this is a success. But, if you believe that the danger in guns is their ability to expel a projectile at high speed in a fairly predictable direction, then nothing important has changed.

        So, legislators try to make the laws broad. In doing so, they end up making them vague. It’s like giving that defense-only basketball team racquetball racquets to use. This would extend their reach and help them block more shots more easily. But, again, the other team needs only one lucky basket to win the game.

        The only hope this defense-only team might have would be a rules-change allowing them to put a cover over their basket.

        The conventional (non-balisong) one-hand-opening knives, those with thumb studs, those with a disk on the spine, those with holes in the blade, are all clever designs to fill a market need or a market desire for one-hand-openable knives despite restrictions on switchblades, gravity knives, and balisongs.

        Historically, every time lawmakers have restricted some aspect of knife design, clever designers have come up with new designs that skirt around those new laws.

        Offense always wins.

        Over the years, prosecutors have learned that it’s pretty easy to get a jury to convict someone for a weapons violation. Given the opportunity, juries eagerly expand the definitions of weapons because nobody likes the idea of violent criminals carrying dangerous weapons. If the law is broad enough, prosecutors find it easy to convince juries to make a little semantic stretch in order to convict a criminal. Most jurors want to convict criminals. So, prosecutors have urged legislators to make the laws broad, to give juries the latitude to make those stretches.

        Basically, prosecutors have asked for racquetball racquets to widen their reach. The result is that just reading the laws often isn’t enough to determine what is and what is not illegal. You have to look at the case histories and see just how far prosecutors have asked juries to stretch and just how willing those juries have been to make those stretches.

        • Worth repeating VRF…

          “Offense always wins.”

      79. just got an email from Another Voice of Warning
        according to them
        in the last ten months alone
        the Dept of Homeland SEkuRiTy

        has purchased 1.625 BILLION rounds of ammunition

        “To put that in perspective, during the height of active battle operations in Iraq, US soldiers used 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month. Extrapolating the figures, the DHS has purchased enough bullets over the last 10 months to wage a full scale war for almost 30 years.”

      80. 1.5 every second?

        well dam, I better pick up the freakin pace.

      81. (Atlanta area) College Park, GA gun buyback on Sat. (this Saturday, the 9th) $100/handgunds, $150/long guns. Not sure what the reception will be or if one can legally buy from the street. Quick read on websites suggest if you buy a handgund then you might require the seller to put it into your car. I think a long gun you might can buy in the open and transport to your car yourself. Wish I was close enough to drive there. I honestly didn’t think this outlawing guns and ammo was real and thought it was just a craze; but after what I read today I think there are pressures we don’t see and ammo will soon no longer be available to the public. Can’t stop an invading army with a bow and arrow. 🙁

      82. L.A.policemen shot On Fox news

      83. I’ve done my part to help the economy; one AR, two pistols and 3,500 rounds since Christmas.

        I can’t wait for a gun buy back program near me so I can score some primo cheap firearms! I have a big stack of crisp new $100 FRNs waiting for those suckers looking for their “free” gift card. It will be no competition for the local gun buyback vampires; I will crush them!

      84. Been looking for an extra 7 rd mag for my Marlin XT-22, Brownells, Walmart, Gander, they’re all sold out.

        The MSM isn’t covering it, but according to the NRA Minnesota is about to pass gun laws as bad as New Yuck’s, which is why King Barry was in St. Paul on Monday last.

        I may not own any semi-autos, but my lever action Marlin’s and S&W revolvers say “Not one inch more!”.

        My right to defend myself and my family is a right from God, not Government. It will not be taken away.

      85. If the results of gun control talks are more Americans arming themselves, I hope the politicians never shut up about it!


      87. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/02/08/parents-upset-over-survey-asking-high-school-students-if-their-families-owned-guns/

        Maybe the govt. and schools should focus on turning out folks who can create businesses… people go off the deep end when they feel they have no future and cannot support themselves.

        The age of fools.

        I miss the greatest generation dearly.
        The silent generation and the me boomer generations are just
        screwing up the planet.

        God…please take them soon.
        They all suck.

      88. Americans purchase a gun every 1.5 seconds. Our job is to find this woman, and stop her.

      89. Not surprising considering the legislation California is pushing this week…

      90. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLw7qz-yPwc

        Law makers are so dumb.

        Imagine a guy with a waist bag of shells…all ready to cycle.

        Dumb fuckers…

        People passing laws on guns who don’t know guns.


      91. Move how disinfo agent slavo starts off with:

        “Even before the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last year,”

        WHAT “mass shooting?” You DO mean MASS GUN GRAB HOAX # 5,” right slavo?

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