Universal Background Check: Registration and Confiscation

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Headline News | 381 comments

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    Oklahoma Republic senator Tom Coburn knows that if a universal background check system is implemented it will eventually lead to registration of all firearms in the United States. Coburn is the main hurdle posited between Obama, his allies in Congress and the Democrat dream of America stripped of its historical right to own firearms.

    The Canadian example: universal registration leads to confiscation.

    In response to this snag, Obama has focused his attention on Coburn. According to The Hill, the president has so far called Coburn twice, but the senator has declined to provide details on the conversations.

    Democrat Senator Charles Schumer – known as one the most fearsome opponents of Second Amendment rights in Congress – and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin are attempting to sidestep Coburn and have turned their attention to Illinois Republican Mark Kirk.

    “Sen. Kirk is committed to finding a workable solution that gets a bipartisan bill,” Kirk’s spokesman Lance Trover said, The Hill reports. “The senator believes there is a workable solution for all sides.”

    Democrats and “centrist” Republicans have reached a deal on providing law enforcement officialdom with the authority to prosecute gun trafficking and so-called straw purchases. The agreement signals the start of bipartisan negotiations that may ultimately result in passage of the centerpiece of Obama’s anti-firearms legislation – universal background checks by government bureaucrats.

    Schumer has characterized government background checks as the “sweet spot” of the anti-Second Amendment agenda now rolling through Congress.

    “It’s the fundamental building block of any serious gun violence prevention system,” Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, told the newspaper.

    Time is of the essence for government gun-grabbers. On Thursday, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, plans to markup a number of anti-Second Amendment bills. Leahy delayed the process a week to give Schumer and Coburn time to negotiate. If they fail to reach an agreement by the end of markup, it may be difficult to move the universal background check legislation to the Senate floor for a vote.

    Firearms registration invariably leads to confiscation

    The term universal background check (UBC) is “nothing more than a euphemism for firearms and human registration,” the website AmmoLand.com explains. “The fact is we should be very fearful of this. We are talking not only about government having a record of everyone who owns guns (and WHICH guns), but of their creating a national data base of human beings with every aspect of your life included.”

    Should a UBC be enacted either by people’s complacence, or firearm companies’ compliance, we will become the most surveilled society the world has ever seen. This effort will follow the same dangerous path that Hitler put into place, but will surpass it.

    This type of legislation will lead to registration, which will be used for confiscation. An unarmed society is then at the mercy of those in power. If we learn from history, we know only one more inevitability can follow – extermination.


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      1. As the man says, from my cold dead hands

        • Amen

          • Three words, it won’t work. All this is meant to do is gain control of those that are going to put up with all other freedoms being taken away. This is what those in control are trying to do, target those that will put up a fight when they torch the rest of the Constitution. Well, that won’t work either, because there are tto many people out there that understand what happens when you have no firearms to defend yourself, SLAVERY under some king, as BO wants this more than anything.

            • Eric Holder Bypasses Congress on Gun Control

              Dems Crafting Bill to Use IRS Code to Remove 2nd Amendment Rights

              NRA official: Obama wants to “destroy” gun rights and “erase” the second amendment in his second term

              • They can pass whatever they want, at this point i just say bring it mofo,
                The more bull these petty tyrants pull the better and hopefully we will stand united and willing to use forece against them should it be necessary to defend ourselves and our homes. They are a bunch of chickens though and will use underhanded tactics, such as picking you up at the grocery store or church, God save us all.

                • Preemptive dispatch. Semper Fi. III

                  • Big artillary = prayer and fasting as a nation of citizens. Prayer that God will protect us and our intact Constitution and he will remove from office, place of power or leadership in all areas of this nation, all those who refust to serve Him and replace them with true servants of His and therefore of this nations people.
                    Fasting and Penance to show that depsite our past behavior, we do belive in Him, love Him and trust Him. And we are sorry for our mistakes.
                    Obama has no pen, law or bullets better than this artillary!
                    From no till Easter, as a nation, start and stick with it every day.

                • I don’t ever leave home without my American Express and my Colt .45

                • I don’t know what the big deal is. Canada has universal
                  background checks and probing questions on firearms
                  license applications, and yet we have great enjoyment of
                  firearms ownership. Everyone who wants to get into owning
                  and using firearms in Canada, must first take and pass a
                  firearms safety course for non-restricted fireams (ordinary rifles and shotguns)and then do the restricted firearms course as an option. The application has, what some would consider invasive questions regarding past
                  spouses/common law partners, state of mental health, etc.
                  Applicants are screened at the federal (Canada wide) and
                  municipal level, not only for criminal histories, but
                  databases that have records of having been under psychiatric care are looked at as well. All of these
                  checks are focused on a five year window of one’s life.
                  It takes about a month to up to 6 months to do a thorough
                  screening and process a Non-Restricted Possession
                  /Acquisition License. If the Applicant did the Restricted
                  P.A.L. at the same day after passing the Non-Restricted
                  P.A.L., the times do not vary as the license for both
                  kinds of P.A.L.’s are written to one card. Canada has had handgun registration since the 1930’s and people
                  can get them legally, easy enough as it is with the long
                  guns. There was the lon gun registry that did no one
                  any good except waste over 2 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money, but in spite of all that, no one came
                  after anybody’s legally owned/registered firearms. Then,
                  one day in the summer of 2012, the long gun registry
                  was no more, and as a result, there is an uptick of new
                  applicants for firearms licenses, especially for non-
                  restricted P.A.L.’s) Ordinary rifles and shotguns are,
                  once again, free from the requirement to be registered,
                  as it was before 1995. Canada is doing just fine
                  without 2A, we have plenty of guns in Canada, and
                  a lot of those include so called scary ‘black’ tacticool
                  firearms. A Mare’s Leg can be easily had here, and is
                  Non-Restricted as a rifle, whereas the AK47 is all but
                  banned but in it’s place a VZ58 looking just as ‘scary’
                  can be bought by any holder of a Non-restricted P.A.L.
                  As restictive as Canada’s gun laws may be to some, there
                  has not been any inkling desire for anyone to take the
                  guns away. If anything, there seems to be some common
                  sense being crafted into the Firearms Act, which began
                  with getting rid of the long gun registry. Hopefully,
                  there will be a lot of cleaning up and clarifications
                  done to the rest of the Firearms Act, especially the
                  RCMP Firearms Classification concerning Non-Restricted,
                  Restricted, and Prohibited firearms and their
                  accessories. Sure, there were some shootings going on.
                  It happens, no one can legislate against the destructive
                  hateful nature of man. So far, Canada seems to have
                  struck a good, and balanced mix of firearms laws that
                  still need a little tweaking and refinement, here and
                  there. A miracle happened with the ending of the long
                  gun registry, which is indicative that no one is out
                  to take our guns away. Registration does not necissarily
                  lead to confiscation.

                  • How about this for a balanced firearms law — the 2nd Amendment. Does Canada have one like it?

                  • “””I don’t know what the big deal is. Canada has universal
                    background checks and probing questions on firearms
                    license applications, and yet we have great enjoyment of
                    firearms ownership. “””

                    You have great enjoyment of your slavery and a mind that no longer functions critically because of it.

                    In the USA, the final gun law has been written. It’s known as the second amendment.

                    it is the Peoples law, and can not be changed by the corp. that’s what pisses them off so much.

                  • I guess the reporter in this video is mistaken, and Feinswine is not serious when she says she says “Mr. and Mrs. middle, America, turn them all in”. Thank you for clatifying that.

                  • SO living under the Boot Heel does strange things to your Mind…Like Critical Thinking..enjoy your New Rights while you can, so the Next Liberal PM can take it ALL away…fools!

                    Semper Fi

                • In my vision I see many lone wolfs coming to the forefront. they can cause such sever damage to the them they wouldn’t know what hit them, Lets say there are 10,000-20,000 lone wolfes with high powered rifles or any other methods of extermination and they know whom their targets are going to be, they will all be toast. Their is no police nor military that can stop them nor protect the traitors and they couldn’t for fear of themselves having their heads decapitated without any warning. the enemies of the nation are known to everyone in the U.S. they see their ugly commie faces day after day on the T.V. slut tube, along with the media elite themselves. and as an added bonus they were ever so gracious to sign their names to a list of them being agents for the communist party. the list is on line with all their names in congress, senate and the judiciary. it was all gratis by the media becasue of their pompous red commie attitude they believe are fully in charge and they will tear the constitution into paper confetti. hey, even the supreme court is saying it now, so their you go even the S.C. is full of traitors to their own nation. I see only blood shed very shortly, and it will be theirs, that’s how God will bring judgement on them using their enemies against them and it will be swift. a word to the wise, if I was in a position of power and I knew I was a devout communist or an abetter of the communist/socialists, I would really consider selecting another communist nation to fell to , I would be leaving the U.S. for fear of war. these are just my thoughts and visions I have of the things I witness go on.

              • Barbara Boxer.

                BI: when, oh, WHEN is “the big one” finally going to rid us of California?

                I suppose I’ll miss the produce, but I can live without it.

                • We pray for that also ……………we also pray for a tidal wave to wipe out NY , flushing that toilet once and for all .

                  • You know, I expected thumbs down from those in Cali. I understand there are good people there, as there are everywhere. I used to live in NY. I lost/left nothing there and have no desire to ever move back (and Sandy did her best to flush the toilet). I would second some of the others and beg anyone who can to move out of Cali if possible. Even without “the big one” it’s just not somewhere I’d ever want to live — even if everything stays the same.

                • 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots.

                  America belongs to US. The US Constitution belongs to US. If the PTB do not want to live by the US Constitution, its their choice, and THEY must suffer the consequences, not US.

                  Gun registration and confiscation is THE line in the sand between them and US. WE are Seal Team America. WE can eliminate the NWO Gun Grabbers overnight, and at 1000 yards.

                  Create a Freedom Cell. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Make every ballot count. Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

                  NOMI. When push comes to shove, VOTE.

                  • Dk,
                    Who uh.

                    3 fc’s down.
                    The III.
                    we’re everywhere.

                  • they can do it from 100 miles , and will, anything we have will be as effective as the arrows and spears were against the gatlin guns

                  • Make sure your group is 100 % Stalinist commie free. No exceptions!

                • Shit I’m stuck here in Cali and even I’M on board with this.

                  Guess I’ll just have to take one for the team LOL.

                  • Same here, I’ll give one fro the team.

                  • @ Theguy,

                    Nahhh, BETTER yet, do like the Sheepherder…get the FLOCK outa there dude! Come on over to where the ‘non-infected’ are, hop on in, the water’s just FINE here. We need all the good guys we can get ‘shackin-up’ nearabouts to each other…WE don’t NEED to lose any good ones for no good reason!! 🙂


                  • I haven’t seen much news on the second amendment fight in Cali. Has apathy set in or has there been some resistance? Looks like colorados effort is being ignored by the dems and Cuomo may be waffling some. I commend those who showed up to make their views clear. If they still ignore you vote em out or at least be ready to fight.


                • @ Not Timothy. WHEN the San Andreas goes it will usher in martial law at least on the regional level. The San Andreas and the New Madrid and Cascadia are all connected. IF all 3 went, good bye freedom for all of us, as BO would use this as the excuse to turn America into a police state. I am watching several areas as precursors to the San Andreas breaking, especially the very nearby San Jacinto that has been increasing in activity. The area around the Drake Passage towards the Antarctica, the areas south of Australia at 60 degrees south, and especially the connecting points between the Asian and North American plate around the Arctic Circle and above, when there are earthquakes here Southern California is more prone as many times in the past has proven this.

                  Now unless there is a type of deep sinkhole type of collapse in the mantle below California, it will just slide in a violent horizontal movement and California will experience mass destruction, but not annihilation like the 2012 movie. It will look much like Haiti, and this is because of what they call a type of hyperspeed motion of the San Andreas when it breaks. The faster something is going the more kinetic energy there is. The buildings may be built to sway and stay up, but if the foundation below comes apart so does any building along with it. Fires and disease are what will kill more people than anything in California when it breaks.

                  Now back to the idea that California is going to sink into the ocean. First of all California has been there for millions of years and likely will continue to be there as the geology doesn’t say that it will sink like in some subduction zones. Not to say that it is impossible by any means. Just like that home in Florida that swallowed up that poor guy, it can happen ANYWHERE on a huge scale, especially along the thinner oceanic crust. It would take some strange circumstances, but any rock mass can collapse and implode in on itself. The crust is very thin in comparison to the whole structure of planet thousands of milles down all the way to the core. Is this going to happen? Unlikely. Could it happen? Absolutely.

                  • Wow, very informative. Thank you. I suppose, having now been disabused of my fantasy, I could live with hoping the government buildings are directly over one of those violent fissures. Of course, with the bad luck the nation’s been having, Pelosi, Boxer, and Feinstein will be in DC at the time (what an evil triumvirate, ugh).

                  • Boy, you couldn’t wait for that… we get it, you study earthquakes. It’s no different than a meteorologist, you tell us all how informative you are and babble unending facts and then sum up your lecture with… could go either way… THANKS !!

                • I live in California and I can’t wait for “the big one”. Our state is so screwed up!

                • Hey, isn’t it tainted with radiation??

                • The problem is that sooo many people flee states like Cali after they have ruined them, but bring their mentality with them. maybe visas should be required.

                • THE lord has shown me Obama,will attack america,he has also warned his children to be off the coast by april 15,there’s both events,get off the coast now and prepear for war,”RED DAWN” in april…………..

                  • So on April 16 when nothing occurs are you going to admit to being a false prophet and quit. Bet not.

                • California has some pretty good people in it.Don’t write it off just because a few corrupt, rotten to the core politicians have stolen the system. California is just the beta test that many other states aspire to follow. The whole system is infiltrated with traitors.They just seem to be rearing their ugly heads very recently. Let us not forget that the right and left work together like well oiled machinery at the top to move forward their totalitarian agenda. We the people can not afford to get bogged down in the right/left division tactics. It only serves to take our eyes off of the ball.

          • Buy what you can now because one more red flag and that’s it folks. I can read it now, EMERGENCY GUN BAN PUT INTO EFFECT IMMEDIATELY, THOSE WHO DO NOT TURN IN THEIR WEAPONS WILL BE DEEMED ENEMIES OF THE STATE AND THEREFORE WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE WHO IS HARBORING A WEAPON THEN IT IS YOUR DUTY TO TURN THEM IN TO YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY! If you complain or do not surrender your weapons then you will be imprisoned. This will scare the hell out of many so stay silent and stay strong.

            • Heh – good luck with that.

              Think about this – how many people actually observe the speed limit on the freeway? That percentage will be about the same percentage who turns in their firearms. Well, I take that back. Odds are, the non-speeders will out-number the turned-mine-in crowd. 😉

              “Of course I turned them all in, officer!” (just don’t start digging in my backyard…)

              • Odd Q? I think you are dead wrong on that. I always observe the speed limit; but I would never surrender to what is going on now. There is no correlation to what you have stated.

                • Great observation indeed Anita. The feds do know where & who owns most firearms. Local & state enforcement monitor majority of speeding vehicles. Well, until the next lib-socailst tentacle is unwound.

                  The velocity we drive is not what the controllers fear, but the lack of velocity of the gun owners to submit to the liberal insanity.

                  Stay strong, the rate of the unimaginable BS that is becoming reality is accelerating.

                • My point may have been clumsy, so let me put it plainly:

                  Some laws are ignored by the majority.

                  I believe this would be one of those laws.

                  • Well here is my 2 cents worth

                    We build your houses.
                    We fix your cars.
                    We take care of your kids.
                    We serve your foods.

                    Do Not F–k with us..



                  • OQ – Now that is clearly stated. I observe the same as you have stated. Did not mean to step on toes earlier, but Miss Anita had a great point.

                  • @DPS, We also officiate your funerals.

                  • New headlines:
                    Sen. Feinstein injured as roof collapses on new house.
                    Sen. Boxer rushed by Lifeflight to hospital after brakes failed.
                    Sen. Pelosi refuses to make a statement about kidnapped grandchildren.
                    Senators continue to pour in to emergency rooms after campaign dinner at the White House.


                  • Odd Q? You certainly did. I read your comment again and got a whole new spin on what you were trying to say.

                • YEA Beside …dont bury your guns.. bury the officer.if everyone take the proper approach there wont be enough cops to handle anything!nuff said!

            • This will scare the Hell out of many? Yep, just like all the drug dealers are scared, and the illegals, etc. If the gun owning public believed the Gov, it would be different, but they have thrown away their right of leadership. I fear them only like I fear any common criminal.

          • You want my guns, sure here is my Enfield 303 that I bought at a pawn shop. My other guns ? You mean the ones I sold at the gun show because I needed the money. Or the 3 that I lost when while on a canoe/ camping trip and the canoe turned over.

            • SOUNDS good on paper justice,BUT they have orders to kill everyone in the house if the weapons aren’t handed over,now you have to know they will kill everyone anyway cause HITLER did the same thing,the meer fact they knew HOW TO OPERATE a weapon means they will kill everyone,SO don’t kid your self,when they show up, you better OPEN FIRE RIGHT THEN,it may be your only chance,and after the shootings over we’ll feed every cop and government offical we can find to our dogs,THATS THE WAY THEY WANT IT,look at the posters they are practicing shooting at,its your women and children………….

        • Rather…how about Schumer’s Cold Dead Hands?

          • Yes, I suspect that when the smoke clears Americans will be sending that Dual Citizen back to his homeland in a body bag.

        • But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security


          MOLON LABE

          • “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

            This is nothing more that needs to be said than the above. One of the problems is that the mass of Americans are so brainwashed they feel there is some legitimacy to what government does, even when it clearly is treasonous.

            You don’t need to be a lawyer, and you don’t need the Supreme Court, to know that they have ignored the Constitutional requirements for real money, they have done everything they can to obliterate the Bill of Rights and they claim rights and privileges that had no basis in our Constitution or law, before the whores on Capitol Hill gave them what they wanted.

            We don’t need any further justification for any necessary action than these few words. So I’ll just end with them again:

            “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        • I am sure that is what they have in mind. Curious as to what the next event will be to keep the hysteria moving. There is a video on the Moonbattery site I believe that shows the new crew for one of the MRAPs that will be deployed against Americans. The squad leader refers to his guys as “operators”, and how they are practicing for all manner of dynamic entry against hard targets, whatever those will be. Operator is the same term that SOF people use to refer to themselves. One can only imagine that the tactics used will be the same as in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hard to comprehend the hatred that our so called president has for his own(laugher)country. harder still to understand those that still support him.

          • While the windows on these vehicles can stop a fifty caliber bullet, there are firing slits. A smart Defender of Liberty with skills could place his “group” in the slits, and listen to the rounds rumble around like marbles in a tin can!


            • DK. 300 Mag FMJ and above will do it. But remember they have a radio and friend… And some will be equip. With sound direction gear.

              Flame thrower waste of your life

              • Get a suppressor stamp…..or make one of your own. 🙂

                • Have them. I have a 50 suppressed. But the gun senor grid in most cities can still trianglelate ashot from a suppress weapon.

                  I said flame thrower not a gas bomb.

              • Sorry, pal. You’re wrong. Molotov Cocktails are one of the biggest fears of all armored vehicles. Do yourself a favor and the next time you’re at a gun show, look for the vendors that are selling books that deal with guerrilla warfare, counter-insurgency and various topics of that sort. In most of those books, there will be a discussion of the best methods to use against armored vehicles and battlefield history has shown that tanks and the other types of armored vehicles are all vulnerable to gasoline filled hand-tossed weapons. This is why the tanks are so carefully ‘protected’ by ground troops – and seldom risk going anywhere without their foot soldiers to help prevent an enemy from getting close enough to lob a molotov cocktail onto a tank.

                Remember: Those vehicles cannot be made ‘air tight’, which means they are also not water tight. The jackbooted thugs inside those vehicles have to breathe and that means they need ventilation, right? That means there are air ducts and vents, and that’s why flammable liquids pose a such a threat to the occupants inside. It is why they need ground troops to protect their operational perimeter.

                Learn where those weak spots are and once the foot soldiers are disposed of, the tank is a sitting duck.

                • can of thermite on the hatch. game, set, match.

        • This is all about people control, nothing to do with guns. Resist, resist, resist, because freedom is not futile.

          They want this done before the U.N. dweebs get together on the 18th-24th of March. Push it through, right along with the Small Arms Treaty Plan.
          They already have U.N. thugs stationed here on American Soil. The Government has given over whole military bases to them.
          I cannot stress this enough, but always be leary and have out right situational awareness. Do not take anything for granted!

          There will be another false flag, those awake know it will happen. They need something big, because they are pissed that people are waking up and pushing back.

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
          America the Free!

        • It’s one thing to say that now and another when an armed SWAT team is outside your door, ready to blow you and your family away as ‘terrorists’. Won’t happen? Think ‘collateral damage’ as being YOUR family and home.

          How will they know you have a gun? I’m sure you have a neighbor that you don’t get along with, who will tell them. Or it may be a family member. Remember, Hitler’s youth groups did a lot of that sort of thing. And all it will take is one neighbor being blown away, to bring everyone else in line. No? We shall see.

          • More baloney from the “we can’t do a damn thing about our situation” camp.

            Can the US government field 30 million SWAT teams simultaneously, or are they going door to door on tiptoes so the other armed citizens won’t know?

            You know what it takes? It takes the same attitude the Founders had, that freedom at any price is better than slavery at any price.

            What’s your life for? Why are you here? To suck up more oxygen or do what needs to be done so your family, your great grandchildren, can live in a free country and not a prison camp.

            “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” –Patrick Henry–

          • Or really piss us off and spur us into action because at that point we have nothing to lose anyway. You will make an exellent houseboy for senator Feinswine.

        • Look, I have to tell everyone that I am a very spiritual person. I truly, truly do not ever want to kill another person. That said, I also believe in self defense and I do believe that with the FEMA camps, foreign troops, UN assholes, NWO pricks, etc. that we are losing our country and that we have a tremendous bullseye aimed at all of our heads.

          OK so lets think tactics — If the police start to implement these laws, we all know where they all live don’t we? I have one within a block of me. (and a FEMA guy two houses down) God please, I don’t want any of this to happen! Anyway, If this goes down and many people start resisting and getting killed, these aforementioned people have just crossed the line into being traitors but more importantly mercenarys ( yes, people who get paid to kill people).

          OK – here goes
          You have to go after their families and their homes. Gas can, shotgun, run your truck through the front of their house. Spread the gas, open up the natural gas line, start a fire – blow it up. I’m sorry, I truly hate saying this but if enough police and the like read this they will be less likely to carry through with their enforcement. Bless you all and all of us. The police, etc. are not bad people, none of them are. It’s the people who are giving the orders that are the only ones who should pay. Notice how they never go to war themselves, find some hidey hole, escape to their islands with all of their armed security. We have to all stand together and GO AFTER THEM ONLY.

        • AMEN!

        • JIM please slap america as hard as you can across the face,they must realize,THIS COUNTRY IS PASS TALKING,their using posters of women and children to practice shooting at,THIS IS GONE WAY TO FAR,they plan to kill your children,DO ANY OF YOU UNDERSTAND,THIS “CAN’T BE ALLOWED”,its treason,murder,genicide,and crimes against humanity,THESE aren’t public servents,their a pack of vicious animals,WITH RABIES,talking won’t settle them down,they have gone insane,WAKE UP……..

        • Wolverines!

        • Obama Building Private, Big Money Network to Push Agenda

          “The lynchpin of the effort is Organizing for Action (OFA), a nonprofit run by former Obama advisers that has essentially transformed his re-election campaign into a grass-roots machine to support his initiatives. In its early stages, the group is raising millions from big and small donors alike and whipping up support for issues like gun control…”

          “And while the various groups supporting Obama’s agenda operate independently, the overlap in tactics, messaging, and staff is tough to miss.”

          “Organizing for Action is unlike any entity we have ever seen before tied to a president,”


          • WE need eyes inside that group…

            … just sayin’…

        • I paused the video when she enlarged the ground view of those “roads”. What I saw was long roads with frequent little driveways that look like they enter mounds, like perhaps underground bunkers. I’d say there is much more to this than it looks like at first.

          • at about 8:32 into the video.

            • at 14:50 in the video, there looks like some fresh mounds that have not grown grass or foliage on them yet.

              • I’m sorry, belay my last — at 11:40, not 14:50

          • yep…underground storage facility…no telling what’s there…
            Could be chemical, nuke…or conventional….
            The new bunkers could be where they’re storing all those rounds…
            What’s the lat/lon… 🙂

            • I don’t know, I was just making observations from a still from the video. Maybe somebody needs to go look at the video and see if it’s displayed somewhere. Sorry, I should’ve looked for that while I was there.

            • I’d imagine they didn’t dig those out with a shovel, we need some eyes in there.

              • If the people who are around you don’t like you, a bunker is just a predug burial pit. If I remember correctly the SS had a large underground bunker in Germany. The US just piled up dirt around it and pumped river water into the lake. Never did go in just covered it up.

        • Drifter Says:


          You are right on target.

          Martial Law Russian Troop Build-Up USA ∞ CIA Sources Confirm Details Special Forces (The Liberty Man)

          Drifter Standing To.

        • If they are Russians, they are surely mercenaries. I doubt they would have very many volunteers to participate in any disarming scheme, and conscripts would be quite unreliable.

      2. I live in a country where every gun is registered and everyone with a gun has to have a licence, and yet criminals still have unregistered guns. It’s only the law abiding citizens who register and get a licence.

        This proposed law won’t stop criminals.

        • Unfortunately this all has nothing to do with crime, it does however have to do with the government rendering us defenseless against their tyranny, they have spent so much money with no way to break even other than enslaving all of us and taxing us to death.
          Sad state of affairs.

        • For nearly a century after its founding in 1871, the NRA was among America’s foremost pro-gun control organizations. In the 1920s and 1930s, the NRA’s leaders WROTE AND LOBBIED FOR the first federal gun control laws.

          Within a generation of the country’s founding, many states passed laws banning any citizen from carrying a concealed gun. The cowboy towns that Hollywood lionized as the ‘Wild West’ actually required all guns be turned in to sheriffs while people were within local city limits.


        • Little Owl: The whole point is that TPTB don’t fear the samll numbers of gangs as much as they fear the millions (50-90) of good citizens, many with military training, that will want to tar and feather every politican and banker WTSHTF. They know time is short because they’ve screwed things up so badly that all they can do now is continue to print more money and hope a ‘miracle’ happens. It’s the same reason they are monitoring all of our communications. The are scared shitless of us, and for good reason!

          • I’d say that they don’t fear gangs because they know they can gun them down without reprisal, because they’re criminals, and people just want them gone anyway.

            OTOH, gunning down law-abiding citizens will meet some resistance…and most likely, a lot of it.

            So the answer is, and always has been, to make everybody BUT the government into criminals, one way or another.

      3. Crisp $10 bills and #10 cans filled with ammo

        • My brother from another Mother!

      4. I’ve only got one thing to say to those that wish to disarm us.

        BITE ME!!!

        Y’all play nice. 🙂

        hillbilly SC

        • There’s a saying around here…

          Sure, you can have my firearms! Only thing is, you get to take them bullets first (*click*).


        • Preemptive dispatch. Semper Fi. III

          ps. yall

      5. I aint registering shit!
        shall not be infringed is enough words to say it all, dont like it? Leave the United States..there simple

        • I think its short-sighted. Do you think when the Hittites eliminated blacksmiths from the Isrealites they did it in one month? By working over a few decades, the gobblers can pretty much ensure nobody will be armed. They can wait for most weapons/ammo to be too old.

          I still don’t know why Jesus said to sell ones cloak and buy a sword.

      6. The only thing that will stop those intent on abolishing our second amendment right is when they are no longer breathing.

        • Lets pray the day arrives soon.

      7. We knew this day was coming. 🙁

        • In 2007. No one would listen.

          • I knew in 1998, but nobody listened to me then either

            • Why the thumbs down? At that point in my life, I was closely watching the prisons populate, and the legislative decisions that made that happen. I studied the “mandatory minimum” sentencing and the boon of prison industries (read slave labor). I watched corrections administrative rules change to more efficiently utilize the non-violent prison populace for profit.

              I studied gubernatorial (Neil Goldschmidt) correspondence, memos that often detailed the REAL benefits of the new sentencing laws on prison profits. I studied the scandals and the Michael Francke murder. (Oregonians should know who he was).

              I understood then, the decisions to make more Oregonians into criminals, and how the state would profit from it. This is just one facet of the growing prison/criminal growth that many people don’t know anything about. It has gone on under cover of law for decades and only NOW is it becoming apparent to people what’s happening.

              I tried to warn others then. I failed.

      8. What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t these motherf*#kers understand?

      9. CRIMINALS !!! They want us to become criminals so they can start to put prepperes away, so we all break these stupid laws and become criminals! Escape to the country while you can !

        • Sooner or later, we WILL be labeled ANARCHISTS!

          • We already are according to DHS and the SPLC

        • The tyrants want to make criminal whoever they choose whenever they choose. That is their strategy now and has been for a long, long time.

      10. Our country is unique amongst the countries of the world in that we have enshrined in our constitution a right to bear arms. That is giving us a measure of independence that the gun control advocates despise.I feel they hate it that so many people are strong enough in their objection to being controlled that it is inflaming them to even more ridiculous efforts at gaining the control they crave.

      11. Let them come for I fear not that I die. But that I die a free man.

        Are they looking for a war? They’ll get one.
        Armed Patriot

        • +1 buddy, Would rather die fighting for a reason than die sick in a bed racking up medical bills.
          The best thing about being able to let go and let God is you are not afraid of too terribly much.

        • This is the Spirit of the Founders today. We don’t seek violence, but they are forcing it upon us, just like the British did.

          This is what it will take to see it through to the conclusion we all desire.

          None of us will live forever. How we live and what we live for is more important than a few more years on this rock.

      12. If this is what they really wanted it can be done legally, and much cheaper. Since we are all innocent until proven guilty, just declare everyone in the country able to own guns and register the people who aren’t. If you are not on the list you can have one. Better yet just put Congress on THE LIST. You know which list.



          • EISENKREUZ- It’s called x con in possession.

      13. So many in the government Don’t understand that this could be the spark that ignites the Second American Revolution.

        Many are discussing which Federal or possibly State action would cause them to become Civil Disobedient Activists.

        Which would mean The People doing anything in their power to resist The State.

        What would happen if:
        1. Every traveler refused to go through a body scanner at the airport.
        2. Every traveler refused to comply with Customs at their “Immigration Checkpoints”
        3. Imagine entire sections of The People refusing to pay the taxes that support .gov.
        4. Refusing to comply with .gov law enforcement requests that are not backed by a warrant from the Judiciary. Daily Local, State, and Federal agents make information requests of Citizens that those Citizens comply with Voluntarily.
        5. Moreover what happens when Citizens employed by .gov begin passively resisting. Oathkeepers are among their ranks. A lack of productivity, “Reasonable” requests being delayed or given low priority, hiring managers making poor hiring decisions to hamper dept. productivity being hampered (as if that is not already the case?).

        It seems to me that TPTB do not understand that they are rearing back about to kick a hornets nest, and the response may not be just what they are prepared for.

        • The sheeple aren’t going to do shit. Most of the stupid old people actually SUPPORT what the government is doing. Fucktards.

          • My fear is that you may be right.

      14. NUTS!!!!!!!!

        • Ah yes…

      15. No one is talking costs, but who ever could afford tyranny. The long gun registry experiment in Canada cost their taxpayers nearly 3 billion dollars before it was scrapped. 3 billion dollars for 35 million people. Average number of police searches of the database per day, 17,000. Multiply everything by ten. Key word, scrapped.

        • Didnt you hear, bloomerg said we gots plenty o money, infinite.

      16. I hope none of those Repubs don’t cave on registration. If so we are so done!

        • No… we are just beginning.

        • They don’t get to order me around. Since when did they take ownership of me? They can FOAD!!


          Say NO!! I will not obey them!!

          Screw the democan-republicrats

      17. Under Obamacare legislation, health care providers are required to ask about and enter gun data collected when you visit a medical facility. They are using every avenue to continue their assault on the Second Amendment.

        • Pete;
          Thats when you develop discretionary lock-jaw, my friend

        • No one has told me I have to ask these questions. However I don’t work for the VA or in public health. These are the two places it is likely to show up first.

          I will ask about weapons if it is important. For example, if I am worried about an abusive relationship. Otherwise, in my opinion, there is no need to ask. If it pops up on some preprinted form, I will just draw a line through without answering.

          Sadly, I see pediatricians, ER docs and even some family medicine docs who are enthusiastic about gun control. The lines are being drawn in every profession.

        • Havent been to a doctor in almost 40 years…wont be going in the next 40

      18. Those with a concealed carry permit you have already de facto registered themselves as a gun owners. The low hanging fruit is always the first to get picked.

        • That is why up to this point, I have refused to go CCW. It’s just another way of saying “Here is where you can come to take more guns away from someone.”

          • But many likely most States like Mich. registers Handguns already since 1927(?) or earlier even!

            So whats the difference if your handguns are registered already why not get a ccw lic too?…Yes I know you can buy unregistered guns, which are probobly stolen property. But sometimes its best to obey current laws untill time comes when enough patriots are ready en mass to Not do so. Plus if you rely on only un reg handguns to avoid the state registry your type of gun choice will be severly Limited to street avail and dealing with mostly unsavory salesmen. Not to mention mostly junk guns or badly used/mistreated handguns.

            Thats been my experience from 43 yrs life in Detroit before I moved out. 99% junk/stolen/wothless type handguns availability, and Very unsavory characters to buy from. So if your state forces register handguns?…may as well get a carry lic also. Either way they know what you have. Main concern need be do not allow them to Take what we have. That will take many patriots at saame time.

            If so far the main choices are: 100 million gunowners acting as Generals with an army of One?…OR…We Find good solid Leadership and act as army of All?…I think the answer is a no brainer. Look how swell zero leadership worked out for them Tea Partys orgs.(before they got hyjacked by fox tv and neocons rinos org).

        • I’m not as illiterate as I appeared in that last post. I have a toddler with me.

        • That’s right…
          Never did it, never will. This is an open carry state.
          If I pack heat, its on the leg.

        • I have a CCW, as far as I know I’m in compliance with every known law. At my age it’s to much work to not obey the law. Besides I don’t smoke, drink, or gamble and one wife is more than I can take care of. It’s real hard to get in much trouble over library fines. The Gov wants to start here OK. NOMI

        • If you live in Texas, you won’t have to worry about that. We will secede before the governor orders CCL holders to turn in weapons. He doesn’t have a bodyguard big enough to shield him if he did.

        • PP, first,last, doesn’t make a whole lotta a difference does it? I never was much for wastin”round when things needed doin’.

          • At the rate of majority mexican in Texas(if not yet will soon be), and with a Globalist Govner like Perry(bush clone) if texas ever did seceed its likley to seceed to Mexico. Or Globalist UN.

      19. Gun registration is government cattle-branding!

      20. Revolution is coming….

        • triste mais vrai …

          • Can you provide the literal translation of that please?

            • google is your friend…or not… 🙂

          • Mon ami, Jerrytbg, ils n’ont vu rien encore. Sur avec la révolution!

            • oui…

        • You think that is good thing? I would bet that you will not like the outcome.

          • No one thinks that John…
            It just means…all other options are gone…

        • OMG, Revolution isn’t coming. Most 18 to 35 year olds prefer socialism over capitalism.
          The infiltration into the schools has been wildly successful.
          Getting almost half the country getting Government assistance has been wildly successful and more and more are added daily.
          People like the free stuff and once hooked, will not give it up. It’s been like shooting fish in a barrel.
          Once Socialism gets a very firm hold, these people will be done away with because they are a drain on society as in other countries. But they will not see it until it is too late.
          Get you and your family used to living under Socialism.

          • How do I get thumbs down when everything I say is true?

          • Maybe correct. Problem is the socialist system fails the adherents. So, young people can look around and see their grandparents had life better than them. This might be the achilles heel of the socialist overlords. They will not provide a good life to their minions; so, the minions *might* learn to think for themselves. Clearly, the overlords need to reign in the Internet nad prevent sites like this if they want to eliminate communication and cooperation, and learning for the brainwashed.

      21. I saw a sign outside a VFW hall that said something like,”Background checks might be a good idea. Let’s start with you, Mr. President.”

      22. Rules and laws do not apply to criminals!Period!Do you know you can get more criminals? You make more laws and rules! I bet you never thought healthcare would become law! And Now you will become a criminal if you don’t pay it! Guns are the same way in this country!All they have to do is simply change the law! And all gun owners suddenly become criminals! We the people didn’t get to vote on healthcare, and We the people wont get to vote on gun law!Lock and Load! and may God bless!

        • “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”
          ― Ayn Rand

          • Burrow Owl
            Bravo! Atlas Shrugged. A conversation between Dr. Ferris and Hank Reardon (page 411 in my book).

            Another Ayn Rand quote: From Atlas Shrugged
            “People are free not to choose to face reality, but are not free to escape the consequences of not facing reality.”

      23. Shocking “leaked” memo could reveal Obama’s real plan for guns

        “The National Rifle Association has obtained a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The nine page “cursory summary” on current gun control initiatives was not officially released by the Obama administration.

        The DOJ memo states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation” and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration.” Obama has yet to publicly support national registration or firearms confiscation, although the memo reveals his administration is moving in that direction.”


      24. I don’t think they care about the criminals — they likely think that they’ll be able to use the gangs to do their dirty work for them. I think they want a nice safe list of where to start the confiscations (with the law-abiding type that will hand their guns over to whatever authority figures come knocking), and a way to make criminals of those who don’t register so it’s a quick, justifiable ticket to the camps.

        • If my memory is acurate didn’t REX-84 plans that were mainly made by Ollie North(hero darling of fox & neocon rinoe crowd) back in around 1982-83 era contain not only plans to false flag LA riots as excuse to bring in Nat Gaurd troops to quell riots…But didn’t rex-84 plans also contain provisions to offer rioting black yooots the option to begin Working as Feds with badges and uniforms to be the ones to enter first during gun confiscations nationwide?

          I do believe that was in that rex-84 documents/plans as a method to save lives of Real cops etc. Better to emply gangbanger scum to face bullets upon first entry into dwellings, under the Guise(100% legit of course) of new fed agents approved by the head honchos(kommie bolsheviks in DC).

      25. Pass the Damn Law.

      26. Once again, everyone contact your Senator and Represenative, and tell them NO, UBC or any other legslation that infringes on the 2ND Amend. It makes no difference what your thoughts are, on voting, or contacting TPTB. If you don’t make it known to them where you stand, something will happen that we don’t like. And all this tough talk on these blogs ain’t going to sway the TPTB. So tell everyone on your email list to get busy as well. Sting Like A.WASP!

      27. LIAR’S THIEVE’S and TREASONOUS TRAITOR’S control once free ZOG AmeriKa .

        AmeriKa is a Lie – Democracy is Dead . It is a Legal Corporation Owned Secretly by a Few . None of You are Free .

        Illegal Un-Constitutional Laws passed by the ZOG AIPAC controlled TRAITOR TREASONOUS U.S.S.A. CONGRESS and SENATE of a Very Obviously Criminal Globalist Banker to BIG to JAIL Controlled ZOG RED COMMIE MARXIST FEDGOV are just that …


        There comes a point in Every Man’s Life when he must decide for himself … if he can Judge Himself worthy of Calling Himself a Man !!!

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare …

        Predator or Prey of the NWO NJO ZOG RED COMMIE MARXIST FEDGOV … the choice is yours !!!



          ‘The people’

          The Court said; “‘The people’ . . . unambiguously refers to all members of the political community” and “The very text of the Second Amendment implicitly recognizes the pre-existence of the right and declares only that it ‘shall not be infringed.'”

          -United States Supreme Court

          Charlton Heston; From My Cold Dead Hands. Long Version


          • While 1/2 asleep last nite with tv on a news station I can’t recall which now, I heard a snippit of some new bill proposed by the us reps or senate(which?) with currently 20 co-sponsers.

            TV News stated it is a new bill/law(federal dc) that will allow State of Isreal to order us troops into war/battle.

            With so far 20 co-sponsers. I just caught that part and not the entire discussion. Does anyone here have info of this?…I may be incorrect, but it seems before I fell asleep I heard mention that Linsey Grahm was the Main sponser of the bill(?) If so its not too difficult to believe he’d do so.

      28. The way that I look at it, a civil war is only a matter of time and the fuse is gun confiscation. The left simply doesn’t realize that we will never give up our guns, no matter what laws they pass and if need be, we will defend our second amendment rights by whatever means necessary. Only when it is too late will they realize that they can’t continually poke a tiger with a stick and not expect him to strike back.

        • You’ll give up your guns like a good little sheeple. It takes a real man to beat down a fucking pig. I hope all the pigs in America die of AIDS.

          • By the looks of the down votes you get every time you open your mouth, I don’t think you’ll be nominated for the cruise director job on this little journey.

        • That’s what Australians said. Didn’t they hunt down and kill the guy that inspired the movie Crocodile Dundee because he would not give up his guns?

      29. Nothing good will come of this.

        • Something Evil This Way Cometh! Trekker Out! Live Free Or Die!

        • Jim,
          Nothing at all good will come of it. They have all the cards, the press, the momentum and a ruthless leadership. We have the Stupid Party and a bunch of bozos posting on the internet as to how tough they are. Everyone needs to study up on the fall of Russia and Germany to tyranny. That is what is going on here with all the benefits of technology.

          • To catch a fish John…you have to have bait… 🙂
            One of the reasons I’m here…

          • I forget the quote but this is similar: My left is collapsing, my right is gone, the center cannot hold. Am attacking. Or as Sun Tzu said: “In death ground, FIGHT”. Don’t be a fool, never attack an armored vehicle, they have to come out to Pee sometime.

        • On the contrary, it is likely that the war between NWO Gun Grabbers and The People will culminate, once again in a Free America, “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

          Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots.

          This is the Third Peril to America and OUR last great struggle before the return of Christ. Embrace it. Do your part. WE are all Seal Team America.

          Engage. VOTE. Reload.

      30. Also, continue to buy all of the High cap Mags. And Guns that take them. Because if they get UBC the Gun Manufactures and Dealers will comply. But we can resist, by sell to each other or within our families without doing the background checks. Yeah, we might go to prison but, we will resist. Sting Like A.WASP! Come And Take It!

        • Think Nathan Hale. Fuck prison.

      31. At this point I don’t give a shit. Let’s get on with it already.

        • Let get this party started.

      32. Oklahoma Republic senator Tom Coburn knows that if a universal background check system is implemented it will eventually lead to registration of all firearms in the United States.

        This is a guy who also “knows” the bible is the inspired word of god, which is bullshit,too. You fuckheads are so moronic in your paranoia, people like me arm ourselves because of people like you.

        • The syphlis has destroyed your mind. What little you ever had.

        • When the directions say “only use in well-ventilated areas”, it means it. Seriously. Open the windows next time.

        • blome

        • Now this is just one example of the deep seated divisions
          that allow for a thorough conquest of you all regardless
          of where you may sit on this issue. You all will make
          mighty fine white Kunte Kintes in the upcoming North
          American Union.

      33. Two problems with this law. The 2nd and 4th amendments. Both of them prohibit the Federal Government from passing this law. If they vote for it they have broken their oath of office(High Crimes) and it could also be argued that they committed TREASON. “If it violates the Constitution it is no law.” ~ Thomas Jefferson (I think)

        • Alexander Hamilton summed it up in Federalist 78

          “Every act of a delegated authority contrary to the tenor of the commission under which it is exercised, is void. No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the constitution, can be valid.”

          • BO and crew will stick with the claim that the Constitution is outdated; this will allow them to do all things unconstitutional AND get away with it. We Americans are few and dwindling each day whilst the ignorant breeds like no tomorrow depending on Daddy O. He will get away with it.

            Fearing the worst while praying for a revolution…

            • And ill stick with the claim that ill fill anyone who fucks with me full of holes.

        • shootit,
          Get it through you thick skull. We are no longer a nation of laws but men. Do you really think they give a shit about the law? They are the law. Read some of Stalins more notable quotes for guidance.

          • JW…

            My skull is not thick. Just pointing out the facts as you are pointing out the facts. I have the facts to justify my actions in front of God on the day I meet him. You will need to find your own peace.

            As far as the Constitution…. We long ago gave up our rights for privileges. SS BS DR ML FRN ETC.

            The only one left with “RIGHTS” seems to be the perfect circles in DC.

            Right to in-slave us!

          • Stalins yes BUT begin reading at Lennin and Trotsky who actually began the bolshevik war against white christian russians. Carefully Note who the true culprits then were(still same today), and the Vast overwhelming Number of them in Top Kommie leadership roles aka Party honchos.

            Then compare to america DC leadership positions Today. As well as all MSM and wall street etc.

        • Shootit–we are way past that.
          We are in a nation with a dual citizen with an unvetted BC claiming to be in charge and not ONE senator has screamed…NOT!!!

        • Shootit,since they have broken most of these Amendments or should I say,violated, these Amendments, and broken their oath, and committed TREASON. Who do you suggest carry out the punishment.WASP

          • According to the Founding Fathers there should be a well organized militia in place to replace the government if need be. Since this is not the case the local Sheriff could arrest the Senator/Congress thing when they returned to his/our county and hold them for treason. It would send a strong message to DC about who is in charge.

        • What if some, the bolsheviks, claim 1st amendt protection for Disobeying Their oaths due to religious beliefs in their prayer recited every Yom Kipper, when they recite their Kol Nidre prayer which they believe allows Them to ignore and disobey any/All oaths and promices made?

          I bet some aclu lawyers can have a Field day with help from MSM’s claiming 1st amendt religious rights to disobey all oaths taken. What a can of worms That could become eh?

          I guess we could counter likewise by claiming Christian religious 1st amendt rights to “Luke ch 22 vs 36 IE: Sell your cloak and Buy a sword(weapon/firearms today) huh?

          Such a claim by enough christians may be good to thwart antigun efforts by a unseen hit from right field so to speak. Lib antigun types probobly aint yet considerd Linking the 2nd amendt to 1st amendt religious Rights to own weapons eh. Whatever confuses antis brains is a good thing no.

      34. VRF, I’m with you all the way. The Second Amendment says I can have my guns. I’m not registering anything! I’m not giving up anything! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      35. Firearms registration invariably leads to confiscation

        More bullshit. Cars have been registered for decades and have not been confiscated.

        • Damn. Who could refute such a brilliant argument.
          Come on. Admit it. You really are Joe Biden, aren’t you?

        • Joe

          yer supposed to put on your critical thinking hat

          not the tin foil one

        • You are so stupid. Must be a f-ing yankee transplant. They confiscate unregisterd cars in NC. Right? No state license you also cannot register a license in NC. Right. Therefore your car gets confiscated, same principle just reversed.

          • @ John W.

            He is a “Closet Yankee”.
            Turn him to the right, he will whistle, “DIXIE”.
            Turn him to the left, he whistles “Yankee Doodle”

            • Both tunes “with equal enthusiasm”.

          • Vehicle tax is unconstitutional…so is property tax.

        • Cars can’t be used to overthrow the power of the pseudo government, moron. Guns can. Rest assured, there will come a time, if they start passing all these Socialist laws, they will confiscate your car as well.

          • Momof3– EXACTLY! look what happened in Cuba.. they STILL drive cars with fins on them! not 1 new car has been purchased in over 60 years. can you imagine trying to repair a vehicle with no parts? or money? or freedom? “keep ’em barefoot and pregnant” is the socialist mantra. Just ask Cubans or Venezuelans. BTW, let’s start a fund to send Sean Whatshisface to Venezuela since he “lost a friend” with the death of Hugo. Send his worthless carcass to his second home? OTOH, cars CAN be used to suppress the populace into submission. Along with vile “Laws” to demean the people. Hold your head up and LIVE the wonderful life God wants us to have.

        • Firearms and cars are in no way comparable. There is not a Constitutional right ratifying the human right to own a car as there is to defend oneself. Auto registration pertains to use on public roads not possession. One can on one’s own land own as many unregistered cars as one can afford. Most cars are more expensive than most firearms. The risk for fraud in their purchase is real and pervasive. Cars are registered more as a revenue raiser for statists than for any proven safety concern for the citizenry. And the final lack of parallel is cars are the instrumental for killing far more people in a year than firearms are. Retire your tired old statist canard. Go do something you have a talent for, such as sodomizing goats.

          • It depends. If you live under Common Law you have the right to to travel. If you buy into all caps Maritime Law then you need all their restrictions. Look at your drivers license. You are a Persona, your name is all capital letters.

            • That is same thing them Montana Freemen group said too. Then they got fbi/atf raided and sent to fed prisons for 25 to life terms.

              There is a Very Progun and ANTI IRS lawyer guy I cannot recall his name at the moment?..Devvy Kidd makes mention of him quite often and says shes personal pals with this lawyer guy. Anyways his website totally Refutes and Debunks most of what you claimed regarding all cap driver lic names and “common” law etc. He uses us supreme ct decisions also in debunking that claim.

              Many less famous than montana freemen group are in fed prisons for acting out such scenarios or beliefs.

              Most really sounds swell in print and articles etc. But Real World Success shows little to NONE of it actually working as wrote to do. Just an FYI to look prior to leeping.

              • My birth certificate and my husbands is NOT in caps.

                • As long as your BC is not in Yiddish is what matters most.

        • How many Enemy can you shoot with your Car?
          FOAD DA

        • This first showed up in beforeitsnews.
          A Sorcha Faal site.
          beware of misinformation.
          but also never throw out any dot until it connects or is proven bs.

          • @pm ;0p

            Right this very minute there are russian , chinese , and a ton of nato troops stationed right here in ameriKa , training right here in ameriKa . FOREIGN ARMY NAVY AIRFORCE MARINES SPECIAL FORCES AS WELL AS CIA TERRORISTS .

            all paid for with your dime !!!

            get a clue .

            they are all in on it . CHINA RUSSIA NATO ETC ETC

            its no longer country against country … its one big ONE WORLD BANK one global government club all thats happening now is all the oligarchy insiders , CLUB 300 , BILDERBOYBUGGERS , JESUIT’S BLACK POPE , ZIONISTS , NAZI’S (BUSH FAMILY) , EUROPE ROYAL’S , SAUDI’S , FREEMASON’S are fighting over the scraps OF THE ONCE SOVEIRGN COUNTRIS OF THE WORLD INCLUDING AMERIKA .

            AND WE ALL the lil’ people goyim gentiles tax debt slaves ARE POWERLESS TO STOP IT .




            GET USE TO IT .


            • I agree, and I’m not disagreeing about foreign nationals…
              I’m just saying; verify your information… because I’ve been hearing this for years… but nobody has proved it.

              • PM: that website you noted has been proven as BS/Disinfo to the Max. I think the main site owner sorcha faal is a Man who poses as some “Gifted” woman who gets messages etc from various ways such as UFO’s-Aliens ET’s and also at times Visions of “Mary” if I aint mistaken.

                Besides aint usa gov hosted Many foriegn military types to come here and train with our military and our methods for many decades now?…Seems so to me. At least 40 yrs now if not longer. I too agree foriegn military is not good on usa soil. Just saying its not a new thing by far.

                These plans they are doing against Us and america originated here 100 yrs ago. They Began by banksters in england back around 1670 ad era. London banks were first to Fall into grip of bankster-bolsheviks-and later on zionist too(as of aprox 1895 era for zionists).

                Look at it like we got TWO Mafias vying for total control of usa and entire world golobally aka nwo.

                One mafia family= Bolsheviks kommies Leftists.

                The Other mafia family= Zionists fabian kommies.(neocon right)

                But Regardless Which ends up winning full total globalist NWO control wont matter, becuase BOTH mafia familys are RELATED!…Once they gain a NWO for Real…The loser mafia family WILL Join with the winner mafia and become as ONE world Elietist ruleing force of zionistic bolshevik global kommies.

                Thats about when they will begin killing off all the current crop of political and MSM and Preachers classes of “Gentile” Enablers. Currently those “Enabler-gentiles” think it will somehow this time be…Different! and the gentile enablers will be allowed to retain their lives And money etc…Wont they be in shock N’ Awe when they find out Kommies are still kommies even today and even After they achieve their coveted NWO/JWO.

      36. They are planning something, prepare!

      37. Be Informed, you hit the nail on the head again. If the 2nd amendment, falls, all the others fall like dominoes. We’ll have no other choice but to fight to save ourselves and our country. I’m not looking forward to it because there will be such horrific loss of life on both sides, but I’m afraid there’s no way to avoid it now.

        • @ braveheart. I use to be naive enough to believe that if some horrible SHTF event occurred that all sides would come together and save each other from destruction to everyone. Hey right. All those in control would do is use such an event to their advantage, and are actually trying to bring it about as soon as possible. You are right, it seems like there is no way to avoid the nightmare that is coming of war on ALL scales from global right down to neighbor battles. This is why no one that wants a chance to survive it, must ever give up their firearm(s).

        • I’m afraid ur drunk again BH .

      38. replace the word “guns” with “cars” in the article and your replies. Now, get another bag of pork rinds and calm down; you’re becoming sheep of a different shepherd.

      39. And Holder has informed Rand Paul that the government does indeed have a legitimate right to use drones to attack citizens on US soil:

        “It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States,” He went on to say that Obama “has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and without trial.”

        • Edit out that comma at the end of the first quote and put in a period. I’m still triple-tasking, and apparently prepositions and punctuation are the first to go, ha

          • To Holder and Hobammy extraordinary circumstances means either one determins Too many white folks lives in america.

        • Actually he does: But it’s called war. IF it’s war he wants—-

        • Holder belongs chained to a post grinding sugar cane. Makes you wonder if the south wasn’t right after all, doesn’t it?

          • Eisen. You are the funniest cutest little bugger. Your infantile posts have no bounds. Lets count up the qualities that make eisen. You are a pedo ( referring to past post where you would do away with child porn laws). You like weed. You like the ability to pay for sex. You think you are Chuck Norris. You lie about being in the military. You have been in four, count them, four fights, and now you are a racist. Please no more comments about your dog belongs to you and you will do whatever you want with him. All your words.

            • I never said a word about doing away with any child porn laws, nor would I ever support such a thing. That is slander and libel on your part. I’ve never paid for sex if you don’t count taking the bitches to dinner and buying them gifts. I never said a word about Chuck Norris. I have never said I was in the military, nor do I respect the military. I don’t own a dog.

              You’re a fucking idiot. You can’t even follow a conversation.

              • Oh a liar on top of being a perv. You posted how you wanted prostitution to be legal. You have also posted you would get rid of all laws. When asked to clarify specifically about child porn you were silent. When asked to clarify about child protitution, again you were silent. The Chuck Norris comment was mine. It is in regard to YOUR posts about MA -Martial Arts, loving to head butt people, and being in a lot (4) fights. You love marijuana and want it to be legal. Your PIGS comments are out of the 1960’s and 70’s. Ok, Huggie Bear. What’s the word on the street? I hope the PIGS don’t bust me for my dime bag, Groovey, What’s going down now? You sound really stupid and immature. The dog comment was in regard to your anything goes bullshit. Don’t say you didn’t respond to questions regarding your love of children due to not wanting to engage me. You have engaged me on a number of issues. Just not when asked about your getting rid of child porn laws and what your age of consent would be. You need a life, if you are young. Get a girlfriend or a “bitch” as you call women. You really are immature and I can see why you talk in television and movie language. PIGS – wow Starsky and Hutch would be proud of you. Now get an emotional IQ before it’s too late. Time flies dude.

        • Why would that be necessary? Oh I get it. terrorize the non compliant. Remember Holder was a thug in his early life. Now he is one with real power. sad that the fight for civil rights has produced nothing of value only people committed to doing the same thing they bitch about.

          • Hobammy Admits his Hatred of whites in his first book. he says his vile antiwhite hate aka Racisim aginst WHITES began at age of 12 yrs old when he found he was only 1/2 black. he also said in his book at age 12 he decided to go to collage to do Two main goals. #1 to find and hook up with Leftists types to learn from, and #2 to see if he can find educated folks who may someday be able to find a way for him, hobammy, to one day Change his DNA to become a 100% Negro african black person!

            Thats not verbatim quoted but close enough. Tell me why is Hobammy and his equally Racists antiwhitey holderBoy pal also never labled Raaayyysssiiisss?…Is it Only white are racists?…Thats what leftists preach especially Professors today(and for 40 yrs or longer).

            So all NON whiteys gets a FRE Pass on racist charges right. Got alot of White Guilt do ya?

      40. I will not submit!
        I will not comply!
        I will not obey!
        I will not surrender!
        I will die free rather than live as a slave!

      41. Say when, you ba$$tards.
        I didn’t commit to stand and defend the Constitution to when I enlisted to have some commy Ba$$tard of polital pantywaist tell me what I can and cannot own. I will not comply. come and get it you ba$$tards.

      42. Go F yourselves un-american liberals. Stay out of our lives and try fixing your own first.

        • No… we want to take your guns, tax you to death, and make you poor as shit.
          Then…you’ll cry for communism.

          Next we will all now sing the 1930s negro spiritualism.. Kumbya.

      43. Boycott any company not issuing a firearms equality statement and acting on it. Support only companies that have issued and acted on firearms equality statements.

        These people only understand money so if you buy products from companies that sell weapons to the pigs or to “der homeland securitat” then you are continuing to enable them.

        Finally, regardless of who your reps and senators are, you must call them and pressure them on this. Fascism rules America and the 2AMD is the only amendment that they haven’t taken down yet. Once this goes, it’s full on fascist control grid and the USA might as well be renamed the Fascist States of America.

      44. We “conspiracy theorists” have warned of this day for decades and decades.

        That day is at hand; the treaty’s been signed; the deals have been struck; preparations have been made…

        I simply pray that the stubborn and obstinate blood of our ancestors who refused to be called slaves time and time again has not been so diluted in our veins that our “great experiment” will not die with a long drawn out, barely audible whimper, but instead will be punctuated with a resounding cacophony of defiance!

        Who has the fortitude and faith to shout, “I AM SPARTACUS!”

        • Demographics are destiny. The war is already lost. Just a matter of who to surrender to and the terms.

          • You cannot enslave a free man: He must enslave himself, otherwise you can only kill him. Molon Labe

          • “The war is already lost”……..
            Overdose on the estrogen today little guy?

          • Throw those damn non-whites out.

          • Bullshit. The American Revolution was won with 80% of the people being either Loyalists or uncommitted.

            There are always people with your mentality. Why do you even bother to read this information if you know how it all turns out…for the worst?

            Conflict is won by those who are committed. I hope to God I NEVER have someone like you anywhere near me or those I am trying to organize. You’re poison…

            • Chris Dorner showed the havoc one man and his rifle can cause. 🙂

              • Everyone needs a hero Eisen. There are a number of Patriots I admire. A nutty fuck isn’t one of them.

      45. we are about to witness the third installment of the Great Monetary Easing that started to play out when the credit bubble burst five years ago and that the gold bull market will enter its strongest phase.

      46. Hugo Chavez died today

        and the DOW set a new record high

        busy news day

        • Good riddence to bad rubbish.

          • PROFOUND. Really well written and thought out Eisen. You really make people think. Never would have seen it that way. Keep up the great ideas and statements.

        • The “ILLUSION” is currently “peaking”. Hopefully everyone’s preps are too! Late April and this balloon is going up, up, and away! The summer of OUR DISCONTENT is scripted and will not be denied! Chin-up and good luck to all those that have “tuned-in” years ago. YOU are ready…the “rest” are screwed. Unfortunate, but not unexpected.

          HINT: The so-called “gun-grab” is misdirection. Something to dilute attention and money away from the coming reality that WILL WAKE THE REST OF THE SHEEPLE UP…TOO LATE!

          TIME to question EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in proposed positions of authority. I would request that ONE troll or “sheeple” provide me with a SINGLE example that represents a scenario where this “anti-president” has not LIED!

          The simple FACT that this LYING impostor has not been impeached and no REAL effort to accomplish this Constitutional task is currently in PLAY…last nail in the coffin of this “long dead Republic”.

          FROM THE ASHES AND JUSTIFIED CORPSES, WE WILL REBUILD a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. One that IDENTIFIES and prosecutes TREASON the second this activity is recognized! NOW would be an excellent time to start! LOCK-N-LOAD!

          • Yental…you and I must be soul mates.
            I also fear this gun control meme is to have our attention elsewhere while a worse plan against us is being laid.

      47. Why is it that the law makers do NOT fear us?

        Think about it. hmmm.

        Because we’re all law abiding citizens.

        Don’t comply with any gun laws. Just don’t.

        Hide them well.

        This is the next prep. all should make.

        • When it is time to hide ’em,
          It is time to use ’em.




          • Never fire the first shot, but always fire the last shot

          • Good point. I’ve just reconsidered my excavations.

            My favorite is; Preemptive dispatch. Semper Fi. III

        • Go to the People of wal-Mart site. That might point you in the right direction.

        • If it gets so bad you think you need to bury them, what will it take to make you dig them up?
          Stalinist commies everywhere.

      48. Kudos to Dr Coburn for standing up for our rights. Out of my three favorite congressmen, he is the last one left. Dr Paul retired and Dennis Kucinich was gerrymandered out. Senator Coburn has a new book called “The Debt Bomb”. He paints a scary picture for the future.

      49. What always comes to mind when I hear gun grab is how easily it was for the government to grab guns after Katrina. People just gave them up. It’s a very frightening thing to think about. Say a day after a disaster police go door to door to confiscate guns. Can it happen? Well it did. Will it happen again? Up to the citizen I imagine.

        Again, the liberal wanting any gun ban is just enraging. Because there is absolutely no logic to it. None. And they continue to call rounds bullets, magezines clips, and semi autos machine guns. Why why so much ignorance? It’s infuriating

        • Shooting a pig is serious. Most people don’t want to.

          • So profound. Eisen

          • Oh…and now you’re a great hunter?
            You must read quite a bit…
            Aren’t fantasies wonderful!!!
            HA HA HA HA !!!! 😉

            • I am a hunter and a fisherman.

              • And a martial arts expert, and a “off shore sailor boy” and a grammer expert, and a economist, and and and….

            • Jerrytbg, vous pouvez être quelque chose que vous voulez sur l’Internet! 😉

              • Tellement vrai … mais nos jeunes coutures Eisen plus comme AI pour moi …

      50. My grandpas fought in every war since the French and Indian War, Revolution,WW1, WW11, I was in during Viet Nam, etc. and I will not comply with some half breed Kenyan telling me what I can or cannot own.

        • Ah… all hail Obama… the savior of all mankind. He’s black, no he’s white, no he’s Kenyan, no he’s Hawaiian, no he’s a socialist, no he’s a muslim, no he’s the guy from Chicago who never ran a lemonade stand.

          Just another brother with a credit card he’s maxing out. There.
          Next he’s leave Michelle and the kids for some younger babe who has a gold toof.


          Nice job NWO… they gave us a prez. that really confuses us all. See..that’s their strategy.
          and ah… “He’s such a nice guy.”

          LIAR! I love the congress man who yelled that.

          • I think it was Joe Wilson from SC.

      51. f$%k theese assholes, if they spent as much time trying fix all of their other fuckups than things in this world might be a better. they did not spend this much time on , budget, fiscal cliff (if you beleive that one)and to much to list (to mad to type it all), they have their own retirement,health care, vote their own pay raise blah,blah,blah, im going to go and vomit now, lets vote all of them out next time around and if that dont work vote em all out again sooner or later they will get it, but truth be told its too late for anything to fix the problems, they have run amuck.

      52. ***********************************************************
        SITUATION: Your state passes a law that says ALL guns and ammunition must be turned in. This includes, shotguns, hunting rifles, handguns…anything that shoots…even bb guns and pellet rifles….


        OK…I’ll start us off. First off….. NO.
        Second… What’s the treatment of law makers who are traitors to the United States?
        hmmm… accuse them of being commies…that’s a good start.

        At what point do you think for yourself and thumb your nose at the government…no matter what the cost?

        Now think 1776. What’s the response to a government that went dictator?

        I do hope that we have a military take over and all the armed forces depose congress and take back over the United States from all the socialists and commies.

        • Cant defend the constitution and hope for the military to violate it…other than that I can agree with you!

          • Defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
            Might as well accept help from the infantry. Rest can jump in anytime.
            Stalinist commies everywhere.

        • [[I do hope that we have a military take over and all the armed forces depose congress and take back over the United States from all the socialists and commies.]]

          I listened to a recorded radio show and the guy with an abc agency(wouldn’t divulge) in another country said 1.2 million enlisted know what’s happening and WHEN necessary, they are coming home and TCOB!!
          The ones not with the program WILL be left there to starve.

          • What is TCOB? They come out blasting???

            • ‘taking care of business’

      53. You can see what Hitler did with just shoe boxes and slips of paper. Just imagine what can be done now with computers and server farms.

        If I had ‘something,’ it surely would not be in a government database. Cash sales and private trading only. I do a few normal things the normal way just so I don’t show up as odd in their data mining operations. As far as they can tell, I get a little money and spend hell out of it as soon as I get it. As far as they can tell, I don’t have enough money to even rent ‘something.’

        I just fixed an older woman’s computer. She paid me in cupcakes and home made chocolate candy. No trace of this transaction anywhere.

        • maybe around your waiste with enough of those types. 🙂

        • Yep. its best to be nondescript, unconventional, not out in the open…Shoot! Half the time, even my family doesn’t know where I am.

        • Well, they know now if they can read.lol

          • No. TOR.

      54. I’ve noticed there are a few thumbs down

        It is hard to understand why anyone would be against the constitution.

        • Quick….the constitution is in their way…
          the Obamabots are out in force.

        • It’s because they are Stalinist commies. They’ll kill you if they get close.

      55. OTOH, we could disregard your racist bullshit and offer up some sane examples…the Waco Church Massacre for instance.

        • Waco is a pretty pathetic example – a group of superstitious, child molesting, Bible-thumpers taking a defensive position.

          What about a rational person or small group of people taking the offensive and taking the fight to the enemy while they are attempting to enact gun control legislation? We see their names in the paper everyday.

          And, yes, there are racial considerations. There is no more important of an issue than race. The nature of a country, its character, its standard of living, are determined by the racial makeup of that country. That’s why Sweden and Norway look quite different than Haiti and Jamaica. The difference is race.

          • Superstitious? Perhaps.
            Bible Thumpers? Well.. it *was* a church.
            Child molesters? I’ve yet to see any credible evidence to support that claim.
            Defensive position? Hell yes. What other choice did they have?

            75+ men, women and children who had harmed no one were burned alive by a bunch of demented .gov ninjas- yet you call that a ‘pathetic example’.
            Not too surprising, I suppose, as many of the .gov’s who helped commit those murders share your beliefs.
            (Can you say “Good Old Boys Roundup”?)

            Regarding offensive/preemptive action.. well, I think it’s pretty obvious that my moral compass is pointing in a different direction than yours is.

            As for your last point, someone else already addressed this in a much more eloquent manner than I ever could:

            “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”
            — Dr. Martin Luther King, jr.

            • Oh great, you’re an MLK lover!! That’s just what the gun world needs, another negro-worshipping White man who secretly wants a negro boyfriend.

              That’s kind of what I was getting at in my original post; if you’re not going to fight for the biological basis of your civilization what difference does it make whether or not you have a gun? You’ve got your priorities backwards.

              • Steve, you are living proof that some people exist for no other reason except to serve as a warning to others.

                ‘Nuff said.

                • Steve is right and all you Gadsen flying cowards, CATIYMF/NOMI, Don’t Tread on Me, Yada Yada keyboard
                  commandos keep on drawing lines in the sand and ‘they’
                  keep crossing them. ‘They’ were in your face, numerous
                  times and now ‘They’ have you up against the wall.
                  Push the damn button already, or go home you yappy
                  divided and thoroughly de-nutted American Chihuahuas. Remember those target pictures of kids, pregnant women, old guy holding various firearms? Nobody responded in kind, by printing up target pictures of DHS, NSA, SWAT/LE personnel. (Oh god! NOooo..That would be a terrorist act!) Keep waitin’ for ‘the right moment’ &
                  before you know it, drones will be filling your skies.
                  Oh wait, drones are already cruising the skies, doing
                  practice runs on targeting big SUV’s driven by ugly
                  fake & baked soccer moms with spoiled, bratty, ADHDin’
                  ,prozac ridden zombie children, in tow. Hmmm..Maybe
                  that’s a good thing.

            • Ever notice how similar the burning of the Waco religious compound was to the burning of the Warsaw ghetto? Is our government really any more legitimate than Hitler’s Nazi government?

              • They Are Bolshevik Kommies, Not nazis. There is a difference.

                • Absolutely, the National Socialists were much better dressed and had more flair

      56. JoeinNC, go F#$% yourself and go somewhere else. you want to voluntarily give up your guns, go right ahead, and see what happens to you afterward. F#$% you!

      57. I only got to the second paragraph and can categorically state…
        Traitors …everyone of them…

      58. When will we say, enough…

        • I have a feeling it will be after some obscure event–like the young man who started the Arab Spring revolt–just sets off all the frustration and outrage at what this criminal syndicate we call the US government has done.

          I try to be a realist, not a optimist or pessimist. I think, after years of hearing about the abominations on Wall St and in Washington, once the fuse is lit it will spread quickly.

          As for the sheeple: Why worry? They are too unmotivated, too afraid, too stupid, too self-absorbed to get involved in that fight. It will be up to patriots…like it always is.

        • I know the cause of at least a little bit of the increase in disability. There are people who shouldn’t have been working because of their health but kept on working rather than take from the government. Then they lost their jobs, the unemployment ran out, and there was nothing left to do but try for disability. I know someone in that position. He would much rather try to work even though he can barely stand up.

      59. No yelling, no screaming, no marching in the streets about these gun-grabbing regulations. That’s how the fed.gov will 1) identify you, 2) track you, 3) target you. (More than they do already.)

        Just quietly, with no fanfare, refuse to comply. The American people need to start just turning their backs to this not-so-creeping totalitarian regulations. No, sir, I will not do that, thank you, have a nice day.

        There are at least 100 million gun owners in the USA, at least until we all “sell” our guns or “lose them in a boating accident”, lol.

        Also, this targeting issue goes both ways. It is time for all of us to start some intel on these gun grabbers (and RINO traitors). Perhaps thousands of letters or hundreds of protesters on the doorsteps of their HOMES or those of their family might give them pause. If those tactics are good enough for ACORN, they are good enough for us.

        • Preemptive dispatch. Semper Fi. III

        • Wrong. We need to be in the streets.

        • You know how stealthy they are; they never reveal anything; they are nothing but a pack of liars… well, we need to be just as anonymous as they are. Throw away that little grocery card with your RFID identification, get a self employed job, do everything you can to be under cover. Get out of the game; its rigged!

          • My grocery card is so old that it doesn’t even have a magnetic stripe, just a bar code. It wasn’t even issued to me. Someone gave it to me. Also, to further screw with their computers, I loan it to other people in the grocery line. I especially like to loan it to Mexicans with a load of stuff I never buy, like those religious candles.

            I also fold, spindle, and mutilate every once in a while just to stay in practice. (Note: spindle means to punch extra holes in computer cards. I haven’t seen any of those in a while.)

            • My Card is in the Name of Miss Niome Nomer, 1600 Pa ave Was DC 20202.

        • Posted-public, background checks for all .gov types and other Stalinist commies complete with mug shots, addresses, etc.

        • Braveheart: I think your very close to the time frame. They closed the WH 3-9-13 till futher notice. Barry is out of town in March, we can go on and on. Just maybe the time has arrived.

          NOMI EVER

        • I have been trying to warn folks that this was coming up again…
          The UN Treaty on Small Arms…

          This is why Obama has been soft balling the gun issue… and yes, he has been soft… this way, he can twist arms in the Senate and say he didn’t do it.

          Remember, he never wants to take the blame, he has a higher calling…

          The question becomes, can he get it ratified…
          If not, will he even care, or will he simply go around congress…
          Either way, this would be CAUSUS BELLI. It would be causus belli because this is the beginning of disarming law abiding whites under a SUPRANATIONAL AUTHORITY. (The 80-20 rule. 80% of whites will comply with the law, this they think they ‘know’. While 80% of blacks will NOT.)

          Either way, the whole running around like chickens with our heads cut off, is not the proper response. The proper response is a declaration of war…

          • This might sound prejudice; but have you ever stopped to wonder why most African countries are not so developed? Because the African people are a more sovereign people. Since they will not bow to the elites, the elites have willfully not developed there. E.g. did not put in a fast Internet connection to Africa versus did to China or India. The elites know any sort of power system they put in most African countries is temporary at best. In comparison, (and, again, sorry for the prejudice nature but this is apparent) the Asian people are very willing to be controlled by the state. Well, one would have to argue the Muslims in Saudi Arabia are very controlled even to the point of mind control while their relatives in Pakistan and maybe Iran are not. I’m not sure what gives birth to a zest for freedom but have some ideas.
            America is made of people from all people groups. What comes out of this hybridization? I think a good portion think control is ok as they view it as other Americans being controlled to their own personal benefit.

      60. Think This Can’t Happen Where You Live? Think Again…

        Throughout history, bankrupt governments in decline almost ALWAYS fall back on a time-tested playbook.

        This includes imposing controls on EVERYTHING– wage and price controls, trade controls, capital controls, border controls, people controls. Everything. And this idea goes back to the dawn of human civilization. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-05/think-cant-happen-where-you-live-think-again

        • What do you call a black man in a suit?

          • I don’t know. Your daddy? Your mama’s boss? The man in charge at the “you stab ’em, we slab ’em” mortuary?

          • I can’t help myself sometimes.

            • Archivist, you crazy guy! WASP.

              • Lord, I apologize for that and be with the starving pygmies in Ethiopia. Amen.

          • What do you call a guy who posts stupid shit on sites. What do you call a guy who likes child porn and prostitution, what do you call a guy who refers to women as “bitches”. What do you call a guy who has low self esteem…..EISENKREUZ.

            • He answered your acusations of child porn as NO. Why do YOU keep slandering him with the most vile of all vile lables?…Your questions are loaded same as a lawyer who asks a man on the stand do you STILL Beat your wife?

              Whats your problem.

              • Angelo- He did not respond to the age of consent question. Nor hiring child prostitutes. Guess that’s my problem.

      61. Don’t think for one minute that they don’t know who has guns. They have many ways of tracking them. Ever bought a migratory bird stamp or for that matter just a hunting license? Those records never go away. They can even trace back private sales with a little effort. Case in point, back in the early 70’s I purchased a used 44 mag revolver while stationed in Montana. I purchased it from another airman, who was from Utah. I traded the pistol at the local gun shop and they subsequently sold it. It was transfered to more times through private sales, ending up back in Utah where unfortunately a state trooper was killed with it. The FBI tracked me down in Montana several years after I owned it and wanted to know where I got it and where I sold it. Since my story agreed with what they had so far, they moved on to question the guy I bought it from. Not sure why they wanted to trace it back that far, but they said they wanted the complete trace from manufacturer to the last guy that had it. Even if they don’t get them registered, you know they will visit the CCW permit holders and hunters first when they start confinscating.

        • This is why all gun laws need to be repealed.

          • Sometimes you get it right…left…right…left…

          • Good god Eisen- You are one smart little boy.

          • Eisenkreuz, you are absolutely right and the thumbdowners can go to hell. Stalinist commies don’t want gun laws repealed. Commies only want to kill.

        • then don’t hunt.

        • That would be their second mistake. It would also be their last. NOMI

        • Sorry JAS – I call BS

          I’ve purhased and sold several items in the past and could not tell you a name of who I bought from and who I sold to.

        • Just a suggestion, most people on this site probably have more than one gun, and probably bought some of them from a friend, or at a gun auction, or maybe a gun show. So now, while your not under any pressure, and in no hurry to remember, it would be a good time to just make a list of guns, that your sure of that have no paper work, leading to you. YES, I know from my cold dead fingers and all that,but it would be good to know, which one has paper work and which ones don’t. Just a thought, and by the way don’t keep that list where someone might find it.WASP. Live Free or Die!

        • JAS, just one question. When you traded the gun at the local gun shop, did they do any paper work? WASP.Never Give Up!

        • “Now you see this brand new razor? I got it sharpened just today…We ain’t playing this game according to Mr. Hoyle…”

      62. Hey Joe West Virginia is watching.

        • WVa is getting bluer with each passing year.

          • Again, you are one smart little boy. Did you just notice that?

      63. Steve, there a lot more important issues we should have protested/resisted en mass than racial ones. Been reading Unintended Consequences by John Ross. The ATF is the first agency I would get rid of.

        • @Journalist

          What difference does it make if we get rid of ATF or leave it be if our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren and their children are all mulattos? Once we secure our racial future we can deal with ATF at that time. If we don’t establish an all-White area of this world all will have been lost and the issue of ATF will be irrelevant.

          Ethnocentrism (also known as “racism”) is normal and rational.

          Ethnocentrism is normal and rational

          • I also read The Turner Diaries. I can’t believe how people can make such an absolute about something as relative as race. Racial differences arose by natural selection for various environments: black skin for very sunny climates, white skin for darker climates, slanted eyes for dusty climates, and so on. People who see other races as enemies do so because it simplifies who to express inner hostilities on. We use race like we use uniforms in sporting contests and wars. That is how important race is!

          • @ Steve. I judge a man by his principles beliefs and character not skincolor. You are an idiot. You dummy! The constitution is for ALL who believe in freedom and liberty!

      64. WTH is going on? really considering popping smoke…

      65. I legally purchased my tools and although I fully understand what refusal to eventually surrender them may be (not good). I’m not surrending a damn thing regardless of what harm may come to me. The way I see things, your screwed either way, but at least I won’t die feeling like a coward.

      66. Remember, WE are the largest army in the world.

      67. They will never stop unless we stop them. The right to keep and bear arms is just as much a right as those guaranteed in the other amendments in the Bill of Rights.


        • @SidD
          Your right, they will never stop . . . unless stopped. Their are many organized current/ex m-i-l preparing for saying NO!

          • 30 MILLION to be exact !

      68. Btw, stock is at all-time high. If history does indeed repeats itself, then get ready for the bottom to fall out. Just saying…

      69. Well, i know besides the obvious targets, you’re also the ones I wouldn’t mind sendings few rounds down range at. By the way, I’m Asian, my girl is white, you jealous?

      70. I remembered a quote from a book about the revolution, that I read when I was young: “Thousands died, but what they believed in didn’t”.

      71. There is still hope if American and the British soldiers are not fighting against the Russian soldiers. 🙂

        One side starts and the other retaliates in full capacity. If they do, they will all end up dead.
        This is exactly what the “One World Conquerors Cabal” wants.

        For them it’s a “victory” and yea, at our loss. 🙁

        To conquer the world, you can not have several strong standing armies. PLAY YOUR ENEMY AGAINST EACH OTHER.

        As we’ve seen, the older generation sometimes were sent to the death camps, and then the soldiers/younger generation was sent to war. 🙁


          Although America has the big army like China and the Muslim groups, do we control our own army or do the trillionaires control it???

          Most of the wars were manipulated by the DOUBLE AGENTS, and these agents are the ones who are conquering the world.

          Although the cabal also uses someone else other than their own race for the lesser important tasks, they always end up dead or in prisons.

          Another bad news: Obama and Democrat Senators removed another good General JAMES MATTIS from his post.

          OMG!!! the good ones were removed from power.
          Now Americans should worry more.


              Dude, don’t bother to lecture me with more Anti-Bush propaganda and trying to portray Saddam Hussein as “an innocent revolutionary leader of the Baath party and a great hero.

              Don’t forget, Saddam invaded Saudi Arabia in 1991 and destroyed their oilfields and wanted to take over the country.

              Saddam wanted to destroy the U.S.’s economy, so Saudi asked prez Bush for help.


              MUSLIMS (aka Sunnis) vs Iraqis, Egyptians and Islamics (aka Shiites) do not get along.

              • Ruthless dictators DON’T CARE about right or wrong and people’s fundamental rights. But WE, American people do know the difference between right and wrong.

                PROOF??? Americans and the rest of the world have owned guns for many centuries, even over a millennium.

                1.We’ve seen many horrible past events in the West, and right after they confiscated guns.

                2.And what about the Mongolians and the Huns who took all small Asians countries, India, Iran, Russia, etc.. in less than 20 years.

                3.The Huns had all of N.China, that’s why the great wall was built, several millenniums ago (because of the Huns.)

                Another reason American ppl are very concern, because the officials who still want to confiscate guns are fully aware that guns serve the purpose to prevent tyranny/massacres.

                This is the final phase of One World Order, and now bankers want to confiscate guns which makes people very worry; especially the way things are at this time.

          • Well at least when we shoot the bassturds we wont be shooting the GOOD ones….theyll be out of there!

      72. Livefreeordie, I have the same feeling you have, one more false flag and it’s game on. Be Informed, you don’t know how much I wish i could be wrong about a shooting war coming perhaps only weeks from now, but i feel it. I agree that TPTB will stage another false flag and make their grand play, then it’s game on. The UN meets from March 18-28 to ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty. Here’s something else nobody’s thought of. The RFID chip implant provision of Obamacare is to take effect on March 23, during the meetings on the UN treaty. A false flag could take place during the meeting or right afterward. Between now and march 18, i’m inventorying all my supplies and making a final check of my weapons and equipment. I only wish this party could be cancelled permanently, but i don’t see it happening. Everyone else should do the same.

      73. I’d rather fight shoulder to shoulder with any jet black patriotic American than a fuck nugget like you.

        • White Guilt wins. Zero difference as a whole between inteligence, attitude,ability etc etc…There are zero differences besides “color” of skin eh. And Hati or africa Proves we are all the same, besides of course skin colors. Its always ok for all non whites to promote Their race and racial issues. Just never consider it ok for whites to do so.

          Why do not az residents turn into african blacks if skin color is determined by how hot the sun is as journalist says?…By now all arizona folks should be black or at least Very Dark Brown no?…What idiotic mambo jambo darwinist evo crap.

          Face facts: Most whites everywheres and especially in usa are so filled by white guilt complex, they seek out every posibility to “Prove” they are not racist by admiring and supporting blacks every chance they find.(As so Many here this site proves).

          Its a mental thing designed by kommie bolsheviks to make whites believe they are the only racists, BUT! if they build up enough “Points” playing the whitey-guilt games, perhaps some distant day, they themsleves(the guilty whiteys) will be declared NOT racists!!! Oh happy day!

          The ONLY thing better for white guilted folks is if the person who makes such a declaration of no longer “Racist”, is a Black African person. Then it will be time to Party down.

          Wait till the white guilty crowd of brainwashed fools realize that even after so many decades of trying to Prove they aint a “Rayysssisss” whitey, their very Next hurdle is to somehow Prove they are not an “antisemite”!

          Good luck as That latter will never happen as long as Bolsheviks Kommies run usa as they now do.

          PS Be certain to also lable me a Rayysssiiisss etc so as to build more non-racist points…Only several More Decades of play their anitwhitey game to go, for that coveted award of “Non Racist” event/day arives!

      74. Tick tock …tick tock …tick tock…tick tock…

      75. Everygun should be registered.

        • and we should register idiots like you who make such a moronic statement. what is about the word no infringement you don get, you dope.

      76. MOLON LABE!

      77. Most the younger generation have no idea what the Constitution is about. Most of them were never taught The Constitution or its origins in Government Indoctrination (Public) Schools.
        They have grown up in the XBoX, Playstation world and have no idea what government is about or does.
        Yes, there a few who are aware, but the mass majority still believe that “It can never happen here”.

        I strongly believe we are too late. The resistance should have been in 2007. Don’t forget, we will not be fighting the police or the US Military. We will be fighting the Police, The Military, The Russians, The Chinese, and the UN Troops.

        Until you draw a line in the sand, and say that if you cross that line we will kill you, they will continue to take and take and take and take until there is no more to take, and then after they have taken everything (which is really close) you are then their slave.
        We have not drawn that line, nor have we killed any offender. They know we won’t, and that is what makes they continue.
        Once we fire the first shot, they will start their extermination of 85% of the population, which is their goal according to the Georgia Guidestones.

      78. What about barter? Will these laws require a background check registration for barter? Say I have a pile of silver bullion, not silver eagles with a dollar value on it, and I want to barter for a privately owned smokepole. This is not a purchase but a trade. Most of these bill all mention purchases and there is a difference.

      79. I dont care what laws you pass illegally , you are all traitors now anyway, so it makes no difference. you are the real terrorists of the nation, we will not be registering or turning in any guns to the likes of you criminals in the white house, the DOJ, the senate and the house. go screw yourselves. you are all going to jail its just a matter of time now. And you holder , you are a known criminal and mass murderer, so their will be a special place in HELL for you and your RACIST ILK.

        • God; I hope it does not come, but if it does you think we are going to put anyone in Jail?

        • …again, the law has simply become the tyrant will…

      80. So I guess Steve’s parents & grandparents are Native Amarican, or did they immigrate to this country, Like most peoples parents or grandparents. So Steve if you want all white then move to Norway or Sweden since you seem to love white socialist nonsense. My father who is a Marine and two tour combat vet. (Vietnam) told me once that Racism is one of the first signs of a COWARD one who lacks courage or is shamefully afraid. So for everyone that has the same views as Steve, MAN UP quit being scarbears. We gota work together!!

        • Racism is as much the sign of a coward as is sorting one’s laundry according to color.

          Imagine, if you will, that a person pays a wash woman to do their laundry. Upon receiving the laundry back from the wash woman, this person discovers that the white clothes have become pink, due to careless color mixing. What do you think this person’s reaction would be? I think it would be one of anger, or at least frustration. The person would likely refuse payment to the wash woman, and might even seek damages for the ruined goods. The wash woman, when approached about what has happened, replies that she is doing it for the greater good of society, and that it would be deeply offensive to question her actions.

          This wash woman is part of a vocal and highly focused group of such wash women who have powerful friends in government. Together, they work tirelessly to legislate that their preferred way of laundering is good for the country, and in fact needs the support of a “affirmative laundry action” legislation. Well, you see where this analogy is heading…

          If you would like to hear about society’s “need” to mix, straight from the mouth of a Zionist wash woman, listen to this little gem:


      81. i will not comply!

      82. The time is approaching when we will need to do much more than talk rhetoric, talk politics, talk shit. The time is approaching when we will be called upon to help our neighbors ward off an assault by Law Enforcement, local OR federal, attempting to regulate and confiscate. Which of you will help? Which of you will cower in your homes? Which of you will stand up for and by your convictions? Talk (and print) is cheap. Remember, George Washington didn’t talk to the British — He Shot Them! That time is drawing nigh.

        • Roger that. 99 1/2 wont do. Semper Fi. III

      83. PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT ! “They” DO NOT have enough people to enforce SQUAT !

      84. It is time for those with access to start compiling and publishing lists of the names and addresses of these thugs. Who are the employees of DHS, TSA, FEMA, etc. These individuals need to be held accountable for their own actions. Who are the bankers, the wall-streeters? Somebody, help, get the info out. Maybe these people will become ashamed when they are named and wake up to what they are contributing to.

      85. I tell you my fellow Americans when the time comes i wont let any of these scum take your weapons where i live i see them at your door and i will defend my fellow American neighbor to the death and i hope you will do the same all it takes for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing and im here to tell you i wont stand idely by.DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC and SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED GOD BLESS US ALL GOOD LUCK MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS

      86. Give no man, cop or king the tools that defend your life & liberty.

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