United Kingdom Will Likely Extend Lockdown AGAIN Over “Delta Variant”

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    The “Delta variant” of the COVID-19 scamdemic is the new official fear topic for the ruling class and their propaganda outlets, the mainstream media.  While seeking to continue to panic the masses into taking the experimental gene therapy shot, they are also attempting to convince the slaves that more lockdowns are needed.

    No amount of evidence or logic should lead anyone to the point of enslaving another human being “for their own good.” But that’s exactly what several ruling classes are doing to their populations. They even have the nerve to call the lifting of lockdowns “Freedom Day” in the U.K. But, the unfortunate souls who reside in that country are likely to miss out on their birthright, freedom, because the rulers need slaves.

    England’s lockdown measures could remain in place beyond the supposed “freedom day” on June 21st despite the fact that for 11 out of the last 12 weeks, deaths have been below the 5-year average.

    ONS announced that there were 9,628 deaths in England and Wales in the week ending 28th May 2021. This is 232 fewer than the previous week, and 3.1% below the five-year average.

    Deaths in England and Wales have now been below the five-year average for 11 of the past 12 weeks. Over that time, there were 8,212 fewer deaths than you’d expect based on the average of the last five years. And note that, due to population aging, the five-year average understates the expected number of deaths. So the true level of “negative excess mortality” is even higher.” Lockdown Skeptics.org

    June 21st was the day when all COVID-19 restrictions were supposed to be lifted, but more and more indications suggest the government will once again cave to its scaremongering advisers and keep them in place.

    Lockdown measures are set to remain in place well into July despite the fact that 80% of Brits now have COVID-19 antibodies and the population reached herd immunity back in April. Earlier today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Everyone can see very clearly is cases are going up and in some places, hospitalizations are going up,” suggesting he is about to move the goalposts on his promises yet again, according to a report by Summit News. 

    Here’s a question: if cases are going up under lockdown, what does it matter if people are slaves or free? Oh, was that not supposed to be asked?

    Again, and as always, keep using critical thinking. Ask the questions even if others chastize you for it. We are at a point where almost nothing makes any logical sense anymore, and yet we aren’t supposed to even think about posing the questions, to begin with. Stay alert and know what’s happening.  This “delta variant” seems to be another talking point as of late, and if the ruling class of the United States even thinks they can kind of get away with another lockdown, there is no doubt they will try it.


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      1. Lockdown has been great: it is quieter, calmer and most importantly, the races no longer need to mix. I have it on rumour the government is well advanced in plans to separate black children from whites to address the educational differences in response to the BLM riots. The slogan will be “two tracks, one equality”.

        Next will be special “opportunity zones” for blacks with dedicated flights to Africa that will be free of white micro aggressions.

        • Really that’s the best you can do obsess over race?

          Truth be told pulling down “symbols of slavery and repression” will allow them to re-write history yet again…if the USA survives WWIII, 50 years from now they will say it never happened…and the USA will be more genetically integrated than ever.

          As for perpetual lockdown, it is clear this has become the preferred method of control.

          • The lockdowns will have many interesting consequences for years to come. For example it will put a stop to the growing race mixing since people are just not going to have children and start families with people they can’t even get near.

            Neighbourhoods will become even more race and ethnic concentrated. Whites will definitely use whatever resources they have to get to white majority areas with fee paying white and Asian majority schools.

            With science evolving as it is look for population tuning out of low IQ groups. For example any country where people were given the choice to select births have always chosen high IQs and perceived better aesthetics (blonde hair, physical attractiveness etc.). Who would say “hey, give me some sperm so I can have an obese daughter who can live on food stamps!!!”.

            • Hebrews have the “highest IQ”…but so what? IQ does not make a good human, MORALS and good actions/ deeds make good people, not just a test of “quantifiable intelligence”.

              Hebrews from Europe to Tunisia and Morocco were slated for extermination by the Eugenics movement ( led by a Semite with E1b1b Haplotype who’s real family name was Schicklgruber). That National SOCIALIST movement became the ruin of Germany, and led to the deaths of 8 million Germans, half of whom were civilians.

              So what do you propose, only blond hared blue eyed people procreate? Most of the top level Nazi leadership were black/ brown hair, despite the propaganda of a “pure race” and the initial need for tracing ones family back to 1750 to be in the Schutzstaffel.

              In world today the Eugenics / depopulation movement is pushing mRNA and other Chemicals ( Atrazine, Phthalates) that have the possibility of sterilizing millions, as well as the Sars-Covid-19 weaponized cold virus ( both binding with Ace-2 receptors in the Testes further damaging fertility).

              I have news for you, most “white” people are sufficiently IQ deficient to take the mRNA shot, and the “Modern” State of Israel has made it’s population a big experiment for Pfizer…where did all that vaunted “IQ” go?


              The REAL IQ test is people who chose to have children above replacement value ( three or more), and not trusting Government funded science ( science with an agenda, id est not real science ).

      2. The British Empire, once the domain of men who decided the fate of 1/4 of the world. Now, they can’t even stop 3rd world immigrants coming into the country. London is more than 70 % non-native British, and their cities are becoming more like the 3rd world every year. Churches have closed across the land, but mosques are going up everywhere. As a culture they have surrendered, half of them advocate for their own extinction, and their birth rate is far below replacement. They did its to themselves. There are still many pro-British patriots there, but as a percentage of the population they dwindle day by day.
        Nor are they any longer really a free people. They are both citizens and subjects, and need gov’t permission for everything. What few rights they have are but a shadow of what they one had. Political Correctness is the law and authoritarianism is the rule. Hell, individuals don’t even have the right to defend themselves anymore.
        Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, members of the Commonwealth, are the same as England in the decline of their culture and traditional demography. However, in many ways, the US isn’t far behind.
        I’ve read many articles published in these countries, several have called for nothing short of the demise of the US as a world power. My desire (and millions of Americans) is for the US to resume a policy of isolationism. We all know that the US, and the US alone, is the only factor that stands between China and its hegemony over Australia and NZ, (and outright occupation of Taiwan). Meanwhile, political elites in Canada praise China for its communist ideals and wonderful political system.
        Who cares about their lockdowns, if the people really wanted to do something about it they could, but the populations in those countries are easily controlled. Besides, too many of them gleefully keep surrendering their rights. They may complain, but that’s as far as it goes, and their gov’ts know it. So you see, what happens there makes little to no difference. There no point wasting anymore time and ink speculating about it all.

        • All true! Couldn’t disagree with you on these observations.

      3. The people of Britain, the US, China, the Eurozone, and Russia will do nothing but type words on their smartphones complaining about this or that, but that’s all that will happen.

        As long as bellies are full and the internet is working, the people will not rise up in any meaningful way. They embrace their slavery to the blue screen propaganda.

        Look at Jan 6. It accomplished nothing other than a lot of Trumptards ending up behind bars. Then again, they claim it was nothing but a “tour”. Yep, looked a lot like Gilligan and his crew of misfits on their 3 hour tour.

      4. You misspelled “variant” in the title — “VERINAT”????

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