Understand Where We’re Headed: “The People of This Country… Will Take to The Streets”

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Headline News | 394 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Do you want to know why the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. military, and law enforcement officials are unabashedly expanding the control grid?

    Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News explains:

    We understand the expansion of the security industrial complex, the growing nature of the police state.

    Billions of rounds of ammo, armored vehicles, fusion centers, drones being put in the air – there is no question of police state expansion. The only question is why. Why are they doing it?

    You can’t go to government for this answer, because if you do they’re just going to stone-wall the question. They don’t even believe you deserve a shoddy lie.

    But if we use our heads and we look at real information, real data, the reason is self evident.

    The fact is, the trajectory of our economy has been set for quite some time.

    The U.S. Census Bureau says we have 146 million people either living in poverty or in a low income situation… 29.2% of the children in this country face food insecurities every single night… And over 20 million people in the United States are spending over half what they make to pay for housing alone…

    We don’t see these millions of people in the streets right now.


    Because we have social safety nets. Social safety nets that are promised to be yanked away. They’re warning us right now…

    Understand where we’re headed…

    Prepare for what is coming…

    They’re not buying the ammunition… they’re not expanding the police state because they’re worried about terrorism.

    They’re worried about incidents such as happened in Egypt and Tunisia.

    When the people of this country have nothing, and the little bit that they do have, the little bit that they do earn, is going to pay for basic necessity items such as housing and food… they [will] take to the streets.

    This is what I believe the government anticipates and I do believe this is what’s going to happen.

    Video via Rense.com:

    We are rapidly approaching a situation in this country where the majority of Americans will not be able to acquire the basic necessities for life. With tens of millions of people unemployed, living in poverty and struggling just to make ends meet, it’s a wonder that the system hasn’t already collapsed in on itself.

    For the time being government social safety nets have kept the restless at bay by providing assistance for food, medical care and housing. In fact, nearly half of Americans receive some form of benefit or distribution from the government on a monthly basis.

    Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is relentlessly expanding our monetary base while the US government borrows unfathomable amounts of money just to stay afloat and maintain a perception of stability. This has led to significant price increases in the things Americans need to survive – food, medicine and energy.

    We will soon reach a point where government will be left with no choice but to make drastic cutbacks to these essential services, leaving all those who depend on that monthly check with absolutely nowhere to turn. These cuts may come in the form of actual lowered distribution amount, or in the form of inadequate adjustments for inflation.

    When those who are already struggling just to get by no longer have the social support or sufficient wage to acquire critical goods and services, really bad things are going to happen.

    They’re going to take to the streets in droves, and you can be assured that the government will not be benevolent in how they’re dealt with.

    The lucky ones will likely be rounded up, detained and deported to camps operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    The unlucky ones… they’ll become government democide statistics.

    We can pretend everything’s alright and that the government isn’t taking steps to maintain control at any cost, but it won’t change the outcome.


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      1. Once the wellfare checks stop rolling in………..LOOK OUT!

        • It’s the perfect plan. Make us dependent. Pull the social safety nets, we take to the streets. There we all are, together, out in the open, just like the ships at pearl harbor, and BAMM. Here come the billion bullets and armored vehicle (tanks). Sheep are so stupid they are unknowingly making themselves such massive easy targets. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel for the homeland SS.

          Oh but that’s not what all the tactical gear is for now is it? All the fire power is for the rest of us that were not stupid enough to walk into the SS cross hairs. And who will be firing all those hollow points, probably not who you think. My money is on the one million U.N. troops that will be put in place when the U.S. military refuses to murder their American brothers and sisters.

          • @ SilverFox. ANY un troops in this country doing military or police work is the INVADER and needs to be dealt with the most extreme force available the same as if there were Chinese, Russian, Iranian, or North Korean troops. The un has been the enemy of humanity seen it was the league of nations. The un is the most useless, most destructive liability to human beings that there is. Anyone, from any country, that would be a soldier in the un has absolutely nothing to them, they are total losers that couldn’t get a position in their own country’s military. Screw the un, and the un better not try to come to the U.S. to become law enforcement thugs because there are still enough people left in the U.S. that understand what that means, FOREIGN INVASION.

            • They, are already here BI.
              Lots of rumors about that. Too many.
              Makes the most sense, in order to form a ‘global’ authority, use ‘global’ muscle.

              I will not consider that to be firing upon ‘my’ government. There are few fire first situations in my book, this is one of the highest. Fortunately, blue helmets make great targets from 500 yds. Officers will be my priority.

              • Bullshit. There are NOT un troops here. What? Pakistani troops? Bangledeshi maybe? If true, that shit would be HEADLINES. It isn’t headlines because it isn’t true.

                • Spike, never underestimate the power of a controlled press. Also keep in mind that the high court said it’s alright for the media to lie. If they can lie, they can omit, and not be penalized by the government for it.

                  • An never underestimate the dumb m-asses that would thumb down Spike’s response.

                  • Scout, the MSM are idiots. They decide what we know. Some stories are not covered — you have a point. But look past the MSM. OPSEC here, but I’ll just say I know the media pretty well. If there were un in my area, I can assure you that local news — the daily newspaper, the local tv and radio station — would be all over it! They would be ask for comments from local state assemblyman, US congressman and local US Senator. It would get out eventually. There are bulldog reporters all over the country who work at local newspapers, and local tv/radio who would get to the bottom of the story of thousands or millions of un troops in their area. Bottom line: yeah the MSM might be influenced and controlled, but local media IS NOT! Once the story was picked up by any local media, it would be fodder for other larger media. Thats how it works.

                  • Skittle shitting unicorn says

                    i saw three UP armored tan vehicles on the north end of las vegas today antennas all over the roof and different types of boxes on the back sides and roof most likely full of sensor gear

                    could be a prelude to North Korea getting nuke on the west coast maybe not

                    but i have NEVER seen this type of vehicle and i live by the Nellis airbase

                  • Well either TPTB are mobilizing with these fancy vehicles, or a DoD contract was let to a defense contractor to convert some govt vehicles into mobile weather stations, and these vehicles were being lent to the local national guard unit for training purposes.

                    No, the second explanation makes too much sense. It’s more fun to whip up fear and feel important. Hey everybody, this is IT! They are coming now. These three fancy UP armored vehicles are pretending to work under the cover sampling and monitoring in the event of the North Korea nuclear attack, but they’re really mobilizing as command & control mobile vehicles (you know…with all those antennae and mysterious boxes on the sides and back) to implement the evil plan to round up everyone to FEMA camps. Lock and load, stay frosty, molon labe, CATIMF, NOMI, Spike out. Did I get it all the cute sign offs?

                • It isn’t headlines because the mainstream media is controlled by the government and as usual they are trying to keep the sheepies in the dark

              • Piper M, Silver Fox, and Out West: They’re just that-rumors and rumors are the food of fools. Got any photos of the Russian, Chinese, fill-in-the-blank troops with unmistakable American landmarks in the backround? Thought not. As for DHS, they have about a total of 50,000 sworn officers formerly from U.S. Customs, Immigration, Border Patrol, and ICE agent along with air and seagoing interdiction crews plus the Coast Guard and Secret Service. TSA and FEMA memebers are not armed. Now they have are scattered over the entire USA at over 300 ports of entry. 50,000 is hardly a formidable force unless theya re all together. There are around 800,000 total law enforcement officers in the entire country; federal, state, and local covering the 5th largest country in size and population on the planet. Again, unless they are all in the same spot, they don’t present a formidable force. WTSHTF do any of you really believe that any of these guys are going to show up for work when their families are home alone.

                • Prescott wrote ” FEMA memebers are not armed.”

                  Yes they are. And since you don’t know what you’re talking about, they’re not called “memebers”, they are Federal agents, called AGENTS, and they pack. In fact, most Federal agencies have special agents, inspectors, or investigators — they pack, too.

                  Prescott wrote: ” TSA and FEMA memebers are not armed. Now they have are scattered over the entire USA at over 300 ports of entry. 50,000 is hardly a formidable force unless theya re all together.” You don’t know what you’re talking about. Spare us. When the TSA staffed up they went from 0 to almost 70,000 in record time. And as for FEMA, which FEMA ‘memebers’ are you referring to — headquarters officials, branch officials, special agents, technicians, temp workers, contracted forces? You are completely misguided.

                  DHS is made from 22 agencies including the Department of the Treasury, Justice, HHS, Defense, FBI, Secret Service, BATF, DEA, GSA, OIG, Energy, Agriculture, Transportation Security Admin, the U.S. Coast Guard, and so on.

                  DHS employs numerous law enforcement officers under several different agencies, including Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Citizenship and Immigration Services, the U.S. Secret Service., and U.S. Border Patrol.

                  The publicly-known employment of DHS is just under 250,000 and that doesn’t include temporary hires or contractors. The publicly-known employment number is grossly inaccurate — intentionally. For example, there are about 120,000 in Secret Service alone; Customs and Border with 50,000, ICE with 22,000, TSA with 60,000. When you look at the size and scope of those 22 agencies, it is not difficult to tally all employment by those 22 agencies and their agency branches to see just how under-reported the DHS employment really is because the numbers are non-inclusive.

                  DHS is the 3rd largest Cabinet with less employees than the Dept of Defense. Very telling and DHS actually IS a formidable force, nothing like what you claim.

                  • Zoltanne: Prescott is correct and you are a total moron. I retired from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, DHS in 2009. I worked in Miami as a sworn officer one of the largest ports in the country, for 21 years so I do know what I’m talking about. I also spent a number of years in DoD. DoD is NOT in DHS you turd brain, they’re still DoD; there is still a Dept. of Defense with a Secretary named Hagel who was newly appointed, in case you missed the news. Therefore DoD is not in DHS as you claim. The FBI is still in the Justice Department as is the DEA under Attorney General Holder; so they too are not in DHS as you claim. Some of Agriculture was drafted into DHS along withm Customs, formerly Treasury, and Immigration and Border Patrol, formerly Justice. The Ag. specialists in DHS are not armed officers because I worked along side of them. Most of Agriculture stayed out and are still under Ag. Sec. Vilsac. So, most of Agriculture is not in DHS as you claim either. TSA has a few armed dog handlers but the rest are unarmed bag checks at airports. I was just traveling from Miami to L.A. last December and none of the TSA folks were armed. TSA got most of there people from the private security firms at the airports when DHS was created. Just in Miami alone, one hastly hired employee was arrested on a murder warrant and a number of others for drug and other felonies once the background checks came back. Still many othes were dismissed because they weren’t U.S. citizens, some even being illegals. And all those other numbers you spout off exaggerate the size of all of these agencies because they include large unarmed support staffs. Virtually eveything you cited in so inaccurate it’s laughable. I strongly recommend you pull your head out from your rectum. I know, facts are inconvient, especially when they clash with your paranoid delusions, but this is what happens when you stop taking your meds Zoltanne. With the exception of a few small groups, the rest of these armed folks are not SRT/SWAT types with GO-BAGS and air transport standing by; they’re just out-of-shape folks just like most state and local cops. In a word; you’re just f*cking nuts pal.

                  • Assfuck Gregroy howd you pass a test without learning to read?

                    Forget your meds this week? Its weekend so hit up the ER where the other crazy fucks are in line for the free shit. You’ll fit right in

                  • So What! There are 30 Million pissed off Veterans alone !
                    “They” are outnumbered 10,000 to 1.

                  • In Minot, ND the FEMA agents who came to do monthly inspections of trailer conditions, were armed.

                • prescott, what you don’t know is that these agencies (ICE, DHS,etc..) have been hiring inderectly through contractors. ICE alone has 2 type of agents; one without weapons and ones that are armed. Remember these are contractors, with those that are armed will take care of prisoner relocations/transportation. Since they are contractors their numbers won’t be part of the direct hires, they fall under support aka contractors. That is why they have been thinning the DoD employees. Because DoD personnel are predominately vets.
                  Even the BP is staffed with agents that struggle speaking english but they speak spanish.

                  • 50BMG: What the hell are you babbling about (reading)? Make some sense man and provide some details. As to your other comment; ICE (plain clothes) doesn’t have unarmed agents because I’ve still got friends there and in Field Operations (uniformed) where I worked, and the unarmend folks are called support staff, not agents you moron. All these unarmed staff are not law enforcement so they can’t be counted as a force. Just like in the military, most folks are support staff and not combat arms. As for that comment about your rectum (assfucker), it wasn’t me who made it sore because I don’t go that way pal, sorry. Perhaps you should return to the bars you frequently troll and look for your penetrater perpetator. Good luck!

                • Prescott
                  Good Generals have to second-guess their adversaries as
                  The enemy doesn’t Fed-Ex their plans to us

                • Prescott,
                  That’s why I specifically labeled them as ‘rumors’, circulated around the internet for years. I myself went to AIT School in NJ with lots of foreign troops… who have been here as ‘allies’ in training for many many years. Dispute that?

                  Hearing rumors merely adds to existing facts, but you are right, rumors alone are food of fools. Having been in the army, and in the Pentagon, I do not dismiss anything this government is capable of. It used to have lots of good guys, now? How many officers have been forced out by this regime? I also am close to a reserve base, that, is suddenly full of mixed paint humvees and other armored vehicles… I assume, as surplus war equipment… but, parked out in the middle of nowhere in the woods of NC?

                  Dunno, but this I see with my own eyes… take it for what its worth.

                  • Piper Michael: When I was in during the Viet Nam war, and later, (1973-1986) active duty, we had South Vietnamese troops along with Iranians, Saudis,and Jordanians (oil), Germans (NATO), all training in our schools on our equipment. We’ve been training foreign troops for decades, this is nothing new pal. As for rumors; they add nothing to facts because they are unsupported opinions. Rumors are for old women who gossip. As for trusting the government; only a fool would do so. I never said I did, but I also don’t believe in rumors and propaganda. Got facts, great I’ll look at them. But I refuse to base my life on something I “heard”. Between DoD and Treasury then DHS (32 years), I know the government can’t be trusted. The folks in power have one goal: keeping that power any way they can. That’s just one of the many reasons I retired the first day I was eleigble (age) and moved to a small town because the facts I do have lead me to the conclusion that things are not going to end well.

                  • Greg8,
                    I know ‘pal’. US Army 72-75, MI.
                    That’s exactly right, and why I mentioned it. So what’s the argument?
                    I allow any rumor to flow as a ‘rumor’, rumors sometimes become nasty facts once they climb out of the darkness.
                    Better to be forewarned is forearmed, just so we take everything with a grain of salt… it simply adds to the thinking processes, allows for possibilities and contingency planning… or didn’t they teach you about contingencies?

                    Yes, I have known about our ‘allies’ for decades, but ‘rumors’ have given more information about the growth of these ‘allies’ I have been seeing for years… as smoke… sometimes, where there’s lots of smoke, there’s the possibility of fire. Better to keep the eyes open, rather than dismiss everything as tin foil. It is tin foil I no longer believe in.

                • Spike your answer makes sense not trying to make some new conspiracy was just wondering if any one else had seen such a vehicle roaming there streets with NO markings

                  Thanks spike

              • Aim small-miss small

                • Hold your ground, dont fire unless fired upon… but if they mean to have a war let it begin HERE!!
                  -Lexington and Concord

                  • “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing”…Thomas Jefferson (terrorist Constitution defender)

              • Silver Fox
                I have to disagree with your premise on several except that a cache is being obtained.
                1. UN troops, a million of them, to fight Joe American on his soil.
                A. Who is paying these troops? If the US economy is collapsing (yes) then the largest financial contributor to the UN is no longer paying. Mercenaries work for the highest bidder and they are loyal to that.
                B. Russia and the US both tried to subjugate a bunch of goat herders in Afghanistan armed with RPG’s and Enfields. Even if only 10% of armed Americans stand up to this force defending our families my money is on the Patriots.
                2. If the UN is coming in those powers will be in charge not the status quo. Not a win if you are already in charge.

                The cache is to make it possible to fortify and protect what they can while the unprepared slaughter each other.

                The key will be first to prep so you don’t have to join the mob and to fortify your own spot. People that become predators will go after the easier targets.

                Next will be to create new independant, self sufficient communities with a barter or precious metal economy.

                Then prepare for when TPTB feel confident they can reassert their authority you can hand them their ass.


                • Only a million? What troops are they going to use on day 2?

              • UN troops in the United States? I heard a rumor? WOW. One person predicts the UN coming and another says they are here. What the fuck are you two talking about? You are either fucking with us or you are both nuts.
                If they are all here, where the fuck are they? What town, county, state etc. Are they living a everyday life until activated? That’s the ticket, yeah. Then they are going to do what? Put us all in gaddam FEMA camps? Why? Perfect set up it is yep.

            • Seems to me that millions of Mexicans and others have been invading for a long time and no one cares about them. They will soon be the majority in what used to be our country. Feel stupid yet?

              • Psssst Anonymous, dont tell anyone. But there’s a reason were not suppose to call them illegal aliens. They’re not actually illegal, they’re UN troops in waiting. Who ever knew! Trekker Out.

            • Before we get too comfortable with thinking all UN troops will be cheese eating surrender monkeys … The French Foreign Legion has fought under UN control. They are genuinely tough professional soldiers with a 180 year history of fighting all over the world. Most of their officers might be froggish but their men are from all over. Yes, they got their derrieres kicked in Vietnam and Algeria, in the former case by people who had been fighting foreign invaders for centuries and had nothing left to lose. Suppose ten percent of the eighty million US firearms owners fight. Although there are only 7700 FFL, they would be quite a handful for fifty-something years old armchair commandos. Outnumbering them by 1000 to 1 would nullify their expertise. Let’s stow the bravado sufficient to realize we don’t have a monopoly on tough guys or technical expertise. Do I hope we prevail? Absolutely. But let’s not make the mistake of thinking it will be a cake walk.

            • …if its blue it bleeds!

            • @BI…..what is the connection with Iran and NK?

            • Burn the Fng UN to the grond.

          • SilverFox
            Now that never occurred to me.
            Makes sense to me that they are cacheing
            ammo for foreign troops to use…..on us.

          • That would explain the stockpiles of burial vaults throughout the country.

            • Yeah, because if there are mass deaths the feds will be sure to oh so delicately place the bodies in burial vaults. Use your head! If there are bodies everywhere, masses of people killed, the government will dig a big ass hole and toss the bodies in the hole. Your statement assumes the government will take the time to put individual bodies in a coffin, and put the coffin in a vault. Do ya’ think they’ll publish the obit, invite the family, say a prayer, have a funeral, sing a song, then move on to the next person killed? Let me guess, they’ll also have a pot luck lunch at the FEMA camp (because all the survivors will be locked up there with the barbed wire on the inside)? Good gosh man! And you have 12 green thumbs for that asinine remark? No wonder preppers have such a dim view by the public.

              • Spike. Stop it. The Feds are gonna kill us and instead of mass graves they are going to stop and put us all in vaults.

          • Being inspired by BI, I’ve begun in earnest to think outside the box in an attempt to unravel the motivations behind the direction of our country. I’m a mainstream fella. I don’t buy into conspiracies, FEMA camps, and black helicopters. But the best and most logical end point is as SilverFox describes. Lest we forget Occam’s Razor, which is the simplest answer is often correct, Mac’s summary and SilverFox’s conclusion begin to make sense. But I also must ask “WHY?” Why would the govt attempt to (so to speak) “lure” the poor into the open? Where is the moral compass? Do they really wish to implement a “final solution” on our streets so as to eliminate the burden of the poor masses? Looking at it from the govt (DHS) point of view, one has to accept that a line of thought that very well may exist in some circles in Washington: “The poor masses contribute little to our country. They don’t pay taxes. They only take. They are hindering our country’s growth. We’re borrowing huge amounts of money to give out these entitlements. These people are so dependent that they will NEVER be contributors, no matter what happens. How do we deal with this?”

            What should the preppers do? Stay indoors, hunker down, and wait for the extermination to be complete? Golly, I can’t believe I just typed that.

            I’ve laid awake at night in a quite state contemplating, sorting, logically examining the daily developments and situations and results of government policy. Much like attacking a complex differential equation, I’ve often felt completely overwhelmed at trying to understand. But Occam’s Razor must be considered — and this cruel inhumane solution seems to the most logical outcome.

            • This purely an economic problem. Trying a social experiment in this country was the WRONG thing to do and TPTB have screwed this country up bigtime.

              TPTB are the stupidity running this country and are just human beings. They suffer from normalcy bias, just as most non preppers. They truly believed they would be able to ‘control’ the economy, that the US was so great and the economy so strong, they could do ‘EVERYTHING’ and it would just continue on.

              NOW that they have ruined it and know it will not continue on – They have to protect their worthless jobs. They believe they really are ‘elite’ and above us normal humans.

              There is nothing left for them to do but protect their power – that means protection from the normal humans who know how to use ROPE, LAMP POSTS and GUILLOTINES – as well as the hundred million who have guns and who are the largest army in the world.

              That is why they buy bullets, personal defense weapons, armored personnel carriers, drones, etc, etc.

              Unfortunately – it wont do them any good !!

              • The government, all the way from barry o down to the department heads in most county governments produce 0
                If they produce 0 then all they are is a huge sucking sound in the USA
                While they would have you believe they are all powerful rulers of the masses they are really just leaches on the ass of the productive members of society.
                Are you tired of working 5 days to give almost 2 days worth of your wages to these assholes to distribute in their collectivist network?
                Most of us will never see the FICA, MEDI, SS, or any of the other deductions other than watching it run through our fingers as it gets drained away by the system.
                Are you stoked to own your home only to be taxed yearly for the priveledge of owning it, and the threat of having it taken from you if you dont pay?
                How free do you really feel?
                Personally i feel like the government and their employees an dureaucracy is suffocating me and trying to suck the fun out of life.

            • Easiest thing for .gov is to just let the mobs thin out themselves.

              • Why?

                • Why , I believe we are fast approching DEFCON 1 . We must remain Semper Fi at all cost to America / and our true cause . To God / Country .

            • And let me add, that while SilverFox shows a somewhat believable conclusion, I do not believe it will happen with un troops. That crap rumor has been going around for decades, and I first heard it in 1988. The conspiracy theorists who spew this rumor don’t seem to realize that we (the US) ARE the un military. Other countries provide only token support and manpower. Even IF our government allowed a bunch of rag tag army members many of which would come from a 3rd world country to police our streets, they’d be overrun by the golden horde in a New York minute (pun intended).

            • Most people are simply incapable of considering the depth of the evil that plans our future. Most minds would be repulsed to know the truth. You will not find the answers in politics, economics, policies or even religion, as we know it.

              It knows us better than we do. It knows what we are and has spent eons hiding it from us. It’s everywhere and yet it’s nowhere. It lives off of our pain and suffering. It hides in the places you are afraid to go in your mind.

              It has you playing with balls of yarn and trying to solve riddles with only the clues it provides. We look for solutions outside of ourselves because they told us to. We gave up our walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage.

          • Are you kidding? UN troopers can’t even hold turd world savages armed with spears under control. Any attempt at occupying the US by foreign or domestic forces would be met with a firestorm of bullets the world has never seem. You people who believe America could be effective occupied by anyone for any length of time are delusional. In America, the power (meaning the guns) is held by the people, including “the people” in the military. Even the current gun grabbing and supposed ammo shortages would not make dent in the ability of Americans to form an effective insurgency and grind any occupying force down INTO DUST.

            • win: see my comment above about the French Foreign Legion has fought under UN control. Question for you: suppose eight or ten million US firearms owners decide to fight, in their own areas and in their own way. How many of those fighters have enough water, food, fuel, warm clothing etc to go the distance? Suppose whatever government exists controls the available water, edible food and professional medical care? Control the water, food and medical care and you control the vast majority of the sunshine soldiers who gather around the bar and growl dire warnings about what they are going to do then. Food for thought, you might want to read American Mercenary’s article To the Lone Wolf. Maybe former Special Forces can be lone wolves but the Armchair Commando is gonna get his ass blown away the first mistake he makes.

              • Lightly armed and starving Jews living in the sewers of Warsaw put up on hell of a fight against the Germans. Instead of shelling and bombing the advancing Red Army, the Germans were forced to shell and bomb the Jews and Polish resistance, which hastened their defeat.

                • I say stand down for awhile…let em burn their ammo on ebt lowlife looters/rioters …while we prepare our I.e.d.s …..works well for Iraq

                  • But but but don’t they have 30 years of ammo?

              • Gov doesn’t control anything; we do. And no, I’m not going to play Rambo, don’t need to, UN come to my door, we play Bates Motel. The only way they can try to control this country is by being on the streets not running around the woods. UN tries to stand on the street corners and tell this country what to do, they last one day.

                • Now your reply was funny! I need to remember-Welcome to the Bates Motel!! We provide meals, soft beds, and really cool showers!

          • SilverFox,

            No, No, No my friend. You have it all backward. Homeland Insecurity has officially stated that all that ammo is for training! It must be so. After all, there’s nothing wrong with planning your training activities 30 years into the future is there?!?!?!

            I mean, a 30 year supply of ammo should be enough to put down a zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, the Anti-Christ, a South American uprising, and World War III simultaneously! I only wish I had the cash to buy a 30 year supply of every ammo caliber I use. Those are some rich folks over there at the Department of Homeland Insecurity.


            • 1. It’s 1.6 Billion rds and they said they use 15 million per year, so it’s roughly a 101 year supply. 2. Anyone that doesn’t get at least a 106 year supply is a wuss. That’s why ammo is selling, lots of us only had a 100 year supply.

              • Thanks Paranoid,

                My assumptions were based on each of the 230,000 Homeland Security employees qualifying twice a year and using 100-150 rounds every six months for re-qualification. I don’t know how many DHS employees are issued weapons, but I would be very surprised if a quarter of them were firearms qualified. That would put your 101 year ammo supply number in the right ball park.

          • Their will be no UN on American soil. Most countries would love to see the American government collapse on itself. That UN theory is a false one. You really think Russia, China, Canada really would put their own people at risk for an American F up? As far as I can tell the rest of the world (UN countries included) see the USA as oppressors and the ones that dont really do not care that much about civic policy in the USA. Sorry to burst many bubbles but the world just doesnt give as much of a shit as you think we do. I want the people to fight their oppressors.

          • Those blue helmets will stick out like a sore thumb. Should make sniping easier…..

            • Now you are all going to kill imaginary people.

              • Shut the fuck up MooMoo

          • Well the best thing is to lay low at first and let the sheep (occupy) take it in the shorts when they take to the streets. Then get together with your like minded friends and do what is necessary to maintain true Constitutional order. Most military will side with us as will many sheriffs. I know the sheriffs in my county will side with us. The bad part is the politicians will be drug into the street… (Not bad actually but the rule of law will break down at this point). It will be up to us at this point to return this country to what it should be. This will take a decade or more… be prepared for a lot of work. We have a generation of entitlement babies to change. God Bless and stay safe..

            • Hard to disagree with that. A lot of clueless idiots think that most of our men and women in the military are brainwashed sheep that would be happy to fire on America citizens. Of course, the opposite is true, many of our men and women well aware of the state of affairs and would fire *on their commanders* if ordered to assault American civilians, armed or not.

              • skittle shitting unicorn says

                i have actually met a few of the so called Troops in this military system. nothing but Thugs and gang bangers ( then ones i met NOT ALL ) and NO i am not kidding. looking to get them self a bit o the gubment money obtain some skills and if need be Kill whitey.We all know the military has changed a lot from the old days but now the New bunch is more arrogant.( could be useful in a fight.

                i have talked to a couple that cant wait for the shtf so they can kill any body that moves even had one tell me that he would steal as much shit ( guns ammo etc ) and take it to his Hommies ya got to defend the crib right ?

                now granted he might have been pulling my leg ( hope so ) but if you have seen the attitude of the average off duty MIlitary Gun store client now you would crap skittles like me

                your garden variety thug hat on sideways pants around his ankles Calvin Kline’s showing new sneakers
                Hey Dawg can yose take my EBT card for this AR?
                got some mean shit going down in the hood this weekend
                show my baby momma how to load it k? boss ? were talking military off duty here and with Mil ID too boot
                walking around with EBT cards.
                i know the military doesn’t pay much But is half our troops on welfare ?? and if so how the hell do they afford New Camaro’s ?

                look at how many voted obummer and after he tossed them under the bus Obummer has shown nothing but contempt and hate for the military and YET they still voted the Jackass in
                when i asked one why he voted for the Obummer he said he HAD to vote for the brother as it was the only way to get even with Whitey. and now with the southern poverty law center targeting gun owners and Any one who writes on paper ( LOL) i see nothing but trouble coming.

                AND yes i am white so that all made me feel real good
                but then again i am not some guilt ridden self loathing liberal who feels he must atone for some make believe past sin towards any one.

                MOST of the military are Good People but you have the small percent that really muck it up for the rest BUT if you think we can depend on them to watch our backs in a bad shtf situation then think again. Don’t plan to get help from any one but those YOU!! trust but if need be Plan to hit and hit hard and if possible pick up any usable stuff.

                lately i have noticed More then a few 37 mm grenade launchers (civilian version ) being sold mostly smoke and flare and tear gas i suppose. But then again who knows.
                Skittle Shitting Unicorn Says
                This Country is Done for if things don’t Change and Change soon Better brush up on your Ebonics and Spanish.


                • Ssu, coulda written that word for word. Sad but scary at the same time.

                • SSU,
                  Want to hear something funny (or even more infuriating)? We lived near a military base that had a wicked hail storm. So much damage to vehicles all over town. The military installation came up with funds to pay for the hail damage on military members’ vehicles if their auto insurance did not fully cover the damage. As a military member, I was shocked and appalled that federal funds could be spent that way.

              • 22winmag

                sad but true
                some of the biggest Low life’s in NV are hitting gun stores with the attitude that its Pay back time for Whitey. and that includes the White but wanna be blacks. yo boss !!
                OBUMMER has created a new life form with out even trying LOL
                and you would shit if you saw the times i have been offered EBT cards with $1,000.00 plus balances for a gun
                ( at least they claimed that amount ) could be a scam but who knows i refuse every time as i do not sell to crooks and welfare cheats with California plates
                they are shopping here in LV hitting the Want ad’s and picking up what there not allowed to have there.
                i have actually seen one turd try and buy a gun (nv resident ) and because he had a warrant out for his arrest he get busted. NV gun check system is tied into NV state patrol and Metro.

                personally i think Ca laws are bull shit. but if they don’t like em Change em. Libturds are feeling a new sense of power they have never had before But to hear the news tell it NO one wants to back OBUMMERS plans.
                Could this all be a scam.
                lull us into a false sense of security and then Whammy at midnight pass yet another unconstitutional law ?(shades of obama care )
                and where do the supposed 92% of who want universal background checks live ? in the closet at the white house ?

                skittle shitting unicorn

            • I think you meant to say ERADICATE the entitlement babies…..can’t tame a wild beast…

          • the U.N. has a million troops?

          • Silver Fox
            IMHO, I personnally believe the TPTB will continue to divide us with the useless eaters rioting and trying to take that which does not belong to them. Zombie effect is on it’s way. The gov. has been dividing us all for quite sometime now. Setting this all up. When that has played out, then they will come for the remainder of us who will be hunkered down with our preps. The gov. might be dumb, but they aren’t stupid. They know that they can’t take on 300 million, most in the inner cities, so they will just sit back and wait till most people have been killed off, then make their move. They may make a showing of trying to put down inner city rebellion, but I personnally believe they planning it to happen this way.

          • I have long had a suspicion that one of the primary reasons why the corrupt, treasonous ruling elites of both major political parties are constantly looking for excuses to send our military into third world hell holes is because they want to keep as many of our military men out of the USA as possible and keep them pinned down on the other side of the world, so they will not be able to join in with the patriots here inside the country and fight against the criminals who’ve hijacked our country.

          • The people firing those DHS bullets WILL be our fellow Americans. Their families will be awarded the safety of the FEMA camps (food, water, and shelter) as long as the cop/soldier/trooper serves the government. If they refuse to obey orders, their families will be returned to the streets and the mercy of an angry mob. They will do what they have to do.

        • Uh, Yeah. They are going to put 300 million people in “FEMA camps”…….

          • Yeah, the govt is going to put us all in FEMA camps Where is the common sense?

            • You 100% correct. Stalin and Hitler only sent a small fraction of their total populations into the camps or gulag.

              • They cycled about twenty million through their camps. hardly a small percentage even though most were not their citizens.

                • Hardly the 100% scoffed at in the above post. Interestingly the word “Concentration Camp” came from our friend the UK when they built such camps to intern rather brutally the families of Boer’s in South Africa.

                  Unfortunately even governments considered “nice” have historically brutalized the civilian population if it’s deemed necessary to stay in power and quell rebellion regardless if said government created the conditions for it. Such behavior is not exclusive to the NAZI’s and Communists.

                  “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

            • @agreed—- not many here HAVE any common sense.

              Like the fact that they think HS is going to take over the Country with 40 caliber Glocks….

              They are Kooks.

          • You and your pals will be running the camps so why worry?

            • They will not be running anything. The minute they come out from behind their computers everyone will laugh. They will show up with 6 chickens, 85 guns, a pickup load of ammo and toilet paper. Good god some comments are retarded. Going to kill imaginary un troops from Cuba ( which is now a secret voting member because I heard a rumor about it and msm won’t tell anyone).
              When they pull up with a piggy the stole from a shed. By fucking god I swear not one more inch. Type type type. By god they are a commin. It’s a commin. By god I got a lot a guns. These piss ant gubernazis are a gonna get killed. Yeahhhhhh. And then they will run stuff right by god. It will be like a demented little house on the prairie and when the gubermet welfare people don’t work they will have to go. And the Mexicans or anyone with a tan pops the ugly jibberish talking morons pop up they will go too.

              • @MOMO — major high fives to your common sense! The paranoid d-bags in here must be smoking some good shit to believe that un troops are “already here”.

                Hey guys, the DHS and FBI lackeys who read this blog are laughing their collective asses off at your wild and crazy statements — “stockpiles” of burial vaults, FEMA camps with the barbed wire on the inside, un troops here in the US, blue helmets, breathlessly typing to report when 30 Abrams tanks are seen on a train. Who heard the one that the un printed special un money that was locked away in secret vaults in Montana that would “one day soon” replace the dollar? I heard that in 1990 from a rather scared relative. Gotta give the kooks in here gold stars for buying in so blindly. For the rational citizens, it’ll be a toss up who to shoot first — jackbooted thugs or the paranoid kooks. I’m not sure who is more dangerous.

                I bet even Alex Jones laughs at how easily he gets you to buy into his drivel. He’s a smart guy who has mastered it! Hey Alex, start convincing everyone that “the powers that be” are gonna disperse chemicals from stealth high altitude planes flown by Elvis launched from a secret underground un base in the Arizona desert to turn the sky purple. Talk it up BIG, rant about it for an hour Monday and Tuesday, have one of your buddies call in to your show posing as a clandestine whistleblower operative hiding out in Costa Rica who is an authority on the matter and wants to spill the beans about Elvis. Then come in here and see all the posts about it – it’ll be hilarious. We’ll meet kooks who have seen the planes, whose dad built the underground base, and who know who made the chemicals. Damn, why didn’t I think up a way to get rich through the minds of the paranoid masses? Dude, (pinky to the mouth, thumb to the ear) call me, I just did your show prep for the next two days.

                • @ Spike…….. PERFECT analogy. I think the paranoid Kooks are the ore dangerous. And Alex Jones? Him and others are laughing all the way to the bank they tell you not to keep your money in.

              • @MOMO- that’s about how these people think.

                The “end” has been close now since 1987.

                • @Allie — thanks for the thumbs up. There are some really informative and thought provoking articles in here. I get it, I appreciate the purpose of the site. However, most of the good articles are cheapened with a healthy dose of crapladen rumors in the comments which are spewed forth from the simple minded paranoid conspiracy theorist nut morons. I find a lot of the crazy talk entertaining actually, but disappointed that many actually believe it! Their living in constant fear is such a waste of the human condition in my opinion. Sad. A shame Mac can’t screen them out better, but that would be nearly impossible.

          • allie, they’ll “put” some in. Others will gladly take up residence there. Also, don’t forget the intentions of the Weather Underground years ago which wanted to pare down the US population by mass extermination. Those people are still around and close friends of the POS POTUS. There are many ways you could exterminate those in that camp set up without even firing a shot.

            • @ PO’d Patriot-

              They wanted to “pare down the population”

              Did it happen?

              See what I mean. Cuckoo…..Cuckoo….

              say that every hour on the hour.

              They said ti so it must be true.

              The weather underground pared down the population, remember?

        • I agree, if checks stop getting sent out, we will have civil unrest…

          Question 1:
          Do you believe you and I are the only ones thinking this way? The Government knows this as well. This is why now on his new budget bill, he’s going after Social Security and health benefits for seniors..

          Question 2:

          • Another question is if there’s a possibility that this could be where we are evaded by the mugs besides that there is a probablee portability fucter far more significant when other considerations are taken any amount is throwing pearls down and watching swynes eat them. I ask you brother,, why DO the heathen rage? And why now when it’s too early?

        • Just a thought, Social Security checks and pension checks to those who worked and paid in will be cut first, because we won’t do anything. Welfare deadbeats checks, will be the last to be touched, because they won’t tolerate it. Trekker Out.

          • Trecker; I don’t think so. The Gov uses computer blips, their supply of them is infinite. They are all identical, if one is good, they all are. A food stamp blip is just as good as a Soc Sec blip or a pay check blip and they all cost the same, nothing. It’s not like a pot of soup where everyone gets a spoonful and you run out. If the Gov had the courage to prioritize and cut expenses we would not be in this mess. I see it going until we get huge inflation or someone says: “I don’t want no blip; I want my money” Bet you a box of 22 ammo. Donated to your favorite charity.

            • Paranoid, you gotta be kidding! Up here in the Northwest corner a box of 22 ammo is harder to come by than a gold eagle, you would be more likely to be mauld by a grizz. Trekker Out.

              • Dear T: Here in Casper I’ve picked up 3-4 thousand rds of 22 in the last 2 months. Not for me. Cop I know has bad leg and cannot walk for awhile, needs them for training, just need to be at the right spot. I had several extra bricks at the last gun show, let one of the dealers I know have them, he priced them $15 below the going rate just to help out the disadvantaged. I didn’t make any money, but for the good of the cause. You run out, come see me. PS did you note CCI said it is producing 4 million rds per day?

                • Para, I check WallyWorld everytime I get to the city (Not Casper) and they never have any. I don’t even bother to go to Rocky Mountain Sports, makes me feel like I’ve been in an armed robery, and I’m not the bad guy. Have a Son in Mo.( only 1100 miles away) that has picked up some 22lr on line for $20 a brick,and believe it or not, sold them to a sporting good dealer in a small town for $50 a brick, and the dealers making money. Crazy world out there. Trekker Out.

        • No sheeple will be left to keep voting these left wing nut jobs in office if they don’t keep handing out the goodies. Maybe that’s a good thing if we run out of other peoples money.

          • Sorry Dee… voting is an illusion. At best, it is casting your recommendation on which one of their two candidates you want to be screwed by.

        • @Salvadordaly — it’s NOT just about the welfare checks and lazy people anymore.

          People seem to think that only fat, pregnant useless eaters are now using government hand-outs. That’s no longer true. There are elderly people who worked and saved their whole lives, only to have some dick attorney rob them and throw them in a nursing home for the government to pay for.

          It is now people who HAD pensions, 401k and social security THAT THEY WORKED FOR THEIR WHOLE LIVES, only to find out their money they paid in has been “re-purposed” by our government for a war or some pork project.

          I keep seeing the seething anger, as if being laid off and not being able to get another job is some kind of personal attack to some people. Trying to feed your children BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE is now some kind of crime.

          So YOU have been blessed to keep a job and enough to make ends meet—many decent people have not been so blessed.

          It’s almost like a sick joke now—all of our problems are ‘welfare mammas’…well, it isn’t. I just hope all of you who keep this vigil up continue to be blessed, because it looks like one day soon, WE’LL ALL BE ON THE SAME LEVEL– that is, WITHOUT the comfort we’ve been used to and scrapping to survive any way we can.

          I’m not ashamed to say, that if I had a young child at home (which thankfully I don’t), anything standing between me and their survival would be fair game…anything. That is simply taking care of your own where I come from.

          Do you really fault the parents out there for doing the same? What would YOU do in their shoes? I’ll bet you won’t even think about it realistically.

          • Wow… that’s powerful. I agree, the seething anger is not just for the “poor” and unemployed young people strapped with student loans. The anger level is skyrocketing among older people, the middle class, and even the lower ranks of the upper class. Everyone is starting to realize that Federal Reserve Notes are actually worthless monopoly money and who doesn’t know someone close to them who hasn’t been raped, victimized, or otherwise attacked by our criminal government?

            • sixpack, you are right in what you believe. Hows it go? “A recession is when a neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours”. Folks, we’re living in a different paradigm here..adaptation and the gumption to overcome (and try to keep above it) is crucial. There’s a war on for your mind and you’re going to have to win to come back out on the other side. My best to you all, and I hope to see you on the field.

            • You think people are mad now. Just wait until their family members are denied health care while they watch illegals and others get to the head of the line.

              • that’s why the illegals are sending word back home to get across the border and fast hope that O bummer will grand father them all in under the New immigration bill!!
                scurry across the line and drop there Spawn in the first US taxpayer Hosp and then get on welfare.

            • @22winmag-
              You can send any of those “worthless” Federal Reserve notes my way. People around here still use them.
              They’re dealing in 22 ammo where you are now?

              No? Didnt think so.

              Funny how no one with any money thinks money is any good.

              • Funny how those tied to money must worship the beast.

          • Sixpack, you have figured some of us wrong — maybe MOST of us wrong. No matter what my future holds, I can never ever be of the mindset of a ‘welfare mamma’ because my values aren’t even remotely similar. This is the big difference between those of us who are survival-minded and hard workers and the lazy lard-ass, second or third generational gimme-dat losers.

            No matter what, each of us are products of personal choices AND circumstances. My personal choices won’t ever be the same type of choices that ‘welfare mammas’ would use. I’ve earned myself some strong skills and used my time productively to gain self-reliance. The perennial ‘welfare mamma’ has not, hence the dependencies on others.

            So no, I do’t believe we’ll all be on the same level. Not at all.

            • I hope not Z. I hope we all have better sense than to act like stupid sheep.. I don’t claim to have figured anyone, but I draw my conclusions from the comments I see. I never meant the “same level as” to mean lazy welfare mammas, I meant that we all may find ourselves having to make decisions we don’t want to make. Someday, some of us may have to swallow our pride in order to survive. I feel many people are having to do it today. Not all people taking handouts are lazy, useless eaters, just people stuck in a bad situation with little choice.

              I’m not always as clear as BI, but I try.

          • They can’t be too pissed. They keep re electing the same douche bags over and over while swallowing the MSM swill hook, line and sinker. Face it we have a country of infantile adults who have not a worry as long as Obammie says he will take care of them and they believe it.

            • Yeah, the same douche bag who said he was going to stop corporate and elitist plundering, but oh well—HE LIED! No surprise there.

        • Absolutely. I used to work for Human Services as a temp. The system is already so full of red tape and screw ups – the people not receiving their freebies on time freak out. It won’t be good. Look out is right.

        • @salvadordaly- so what you are you saying? When your welfare check stops coming, you are going to snap?

      2. You ever been out on those desert roads where you see this sign, Last Chance for Gas for 175 miles? Well, those whom have not started prepping, this is your last chance before something occurs; war, geophysical upheaval, plague, civil war, whatever, it is coming. DON’T BE THE 99% that have decided by choice to not prepare for what is coming. Everyone reading this site needs to be the 1% whom have the insight to prepare. It will be worth it for you and your families, more than worth it.

        • It’s official: Obama unleashes his first attack on American retirement accounts

          The Daily Crux

        • I am nowhere NEAR prepared, but I keep picking away every payday. Hope I’m ready when it happens…

          • I hear you. Every time I get some of that green monopoly money it immediately gets spent on canned sardines, canned vegetables, vacuum packed rice and multigrains, and ammo.

            • +1 on the sardines!

            • @22winmag—- but. but. but i thought the federal reserve notes were worthless? Stores take them for food? Your kidding me, right?

              • When in Rome, do as the Romans do; for the moment anyway. Just remember that the first Romen empire ended very badly, as will this present version.

      3. that’s what I’ve been saying all along… they plan to cut the safety nets, but first they need our guns so we can’t fight back… bas—s!

        • It is exceedingly difficult to retrieve a firearm from an honest man without just cause for action.

          Even highly trained nitwits with automatics and badges know this to be true.

          This does not necessarily mean they will not shoot you dead… sometimes just for fun.

          molon labe

          • Highly trained nitwits… you just said it. Patriots fight with 100 times the determination and 10 times the skill of government thugs and mercenaries. The armed stooges who work for our criminal government don’t stand a chance in a fight against motivated American civilians.

            • So true 22win,…go to tell you I’ve practiced at the range alongside many gov.thugs..
              Most of these people can’t hit crap,….people like me who grew up shooting,hunting are far more suited for real combat…keep in mind most of these people grew up in or around cities,and never shot a gun till they got a gov. Job..
              If a person has never killed so much as a bird,or a squirrel,how the hell are they going to feel about shooting people?

        • The safety nets get cut later. Theyre scared now and the gun grab and ammo buying only gets them time. Theyll never win. In the end wehave nothing to lose

          • You are right. You don’t have a lot to lose.

      4. I am very positive about the future.

        I am conducting a poll in my Positive Assessment class–

        When will the USA Collapse?
        A. May 2013
        B. June 2013
        C. July 2013
        D. August 2013
        E. Sept 11, 2001

        I want people to plan ahead for their future.

        • I’m gonna say sept oct. right before winter so that the weather kills the mass majority of people who live unsustainably in cold regions. Imagine NYC without heat….Chicago… Detroit? Then starvation… Takes another hoard out. That itself might wipe the USA poor population righ out. But the people who live in those places and don’t care to prep and think its crazy… Well they have already made their bed…. Why would anyone feel sorry for them? Or is that how they want me to think.

          • There’s the other side of that coin as well. Imagine no a/c (relief) in these same massive hives of people. The tension would be almost as bad as the humidity. And one outbreak could turn to shear chaos very quickly. After the initial outbreak no other excuse would be needed to roll in the “peace keepers”.

          • I agree with your timeline,spot on analysis . …can’t we just nuke Chicago and be done with it?
            Is their really anyone worth saving there?

        • The ‘recovery’ continues…

          March jobs report:
          88,000 jobs added…

          663,000 jobs lost…

          90 million people now are out of the labor force.

          Drudge Report

          • and what I find particularly irritating about all this
            is that the MSM doesn’t question these blatantly false statistics

            the MSM is merely a propaganda arm of the government and corporations

            “doing Goebbels proud” should be their motto

            • satori
              the BLS is not a goverment agency and thier stats are compiled by surveys and not any kind of hard data


          • KY Mom – You are very correct. Yet the regime lies and states the 7.6% . All one has to do is look around at the vacant stores and malls.

            I know the stats are cooked, we all do. But just in simple numbers: If 90 million are out of the workforce and the total USA population is maybe 320 million, well..hmmm , that is nearly 30% of the total.

            Of that 320 million, a third has to be the elderly & children at least. Sooooo, just guesstimating that the 90million of the 207million is damn near HALF the available workforce !

            Jeez, are we SCREWED !

          • Move out of the way and I’ll fix everything.


            • Ummmm, 22%.

              There, I fixed your decree.

              • Come on guys, government is creating jobs as we speak,they just gave money to help kids wear condoms correctly….talk about stimulus package.

        • Likely a progressive crumbling series of events which will include (order unspecified): natural disasters in the summer/autumn (the ‘government’ will decide what constitutes a disaster) like hurricanes, droughts, crop failures; food and water shortages related to these disasters (Southern CA, remember that you live in a desert); reduction of services like food and medical welfare (food stamps, food banks, anti-depressants no longer available); one or more ‘SandyHook’ type events to justify the push to disarm the populace; global war events (Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc.) to justify increased ‘security,’ limitation of rights, and austerity (people will obey more willingly if it is for the ‘good’ of the ‘country’); civil unrest, most likely in urban centers, with further increased ‘security’ to provide for the ‘safety’ of the people); financial collapse, probably related to events in Europe, with people’s bank accounts, retirement accounts, etc. vaporizing instantly; perhaps a wildcard disease pandemic; then, with the people well and truly crushed (those who have survived so far, anyway), winter to come along and wipe out another chunk. If any single event is too dramatic or extreme, the people might actually be inclined to do something, so the power elites have to continue chipping away in chunks that will sufficiently amputate and render impotent the victim without actually killing him so long as he still has blood to drain.

          • These guys love their astronomy/astrology. They like to time their stuff to the celestial movements. Makes them think they are really gods. Comet ISON autumn 2013 (probably been through before) and all of the solar and lunar eclipses in 2014/2015 lining up with their so-called holy days in their year 5775. This is likely the timing for it all.


            Please know that the book of Revelation is a script. It’s the oldest trick in the book… make a prophecy then make it happen. It creates a high level of predisposed participation and acceptance of the events. Just be careful who or what you call a messiah.

        • The Usa is a dead man walking.

          The question is how many steps he takes befor the reality of a through chest shot takes to connect with the cortical.

          Some walk for miles… especially the strong ones.


        • Ugly,

          I’m still aiming for my original time frame between 2015 to 2018. As soon as it appears that the financial house of cards is ready to implode, the money changers add a few more cards to the deck. It’s impossible to say when the “event” will take place. However knowing when the collapse will occur is secondary to knowing the collapse will occur. The average person on the street is still oblivious to the meltdown that has already begun. Cheers.

          • YH….

            I agree, nobody knows the exact time but we do know it is relatively short because they are not fixing the problem–printing will last only so long before inflation starts to kreep at higher rates.

            But I have felt 2015 is when the middle class will start to feel the financial pain. By that, I mean people making $48,000 to $85,000 will have a hard time and living check to check.

            What we have going is a deliberate meltdown, followed by confiscation, then nothing but potential chaos. We will never see America as it was because of debt and no ‘real’ job growth. We are a ‘consumer’ nation. Not a ‘producer’ nation anymore. We consume, thanks for the hand-outs and freebies, more than we produce. That is why we have to print. Then when that quits working; in comes confiscation of savings, homes, land, resources, etc.

            We have no way out of this.

            • Ugly,

              Exactly. At this point all we can do is put as much distance between ourselves and the bankers because they are coming. Cyprus was the template. Cheers.

              • The bankers, UN, the Feds, the jack booted police, the welfare entitled babies, and the pre schoolers who are actual foreign armies are ALL COMIN.

        • Um I pick never. Where is never on your list? I am conducting a poll for my self affirmation class also. When are you going to be put on lithium. 1-today or 2- as soon as you go to the town square and yell this shit.

          • Momo….

            Skip the lithium, I use Oly!

            When I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled, I just used a 6-pack of Oly instead of novakane. I dont trust too much chemicals. When I busted my finger and bllod squirting all over. I got a couple Oly’s and then went into surgery. I stayed awake and watched.

            You say never on the financial collapse. What is going on today that makes you feel so confident?

      5. Made 3 4×12 cold frames so I can start planting, my chickens come next week, and we’ve been eating from our homemade hydroponic system in the basement.(no, i’m not growing weed). I just need more 357 ammo and other people who see the truth.

        • What veggies are you growing hydroponically?

          • growing hydroponic veggies ???

            dear God

            NO !!!!!

            see my post on the Kansas City incident

            A SWAT team is gonna be payin’ ya a visit soon

            just hope and pray they don’t shoot your dog or one of your kids

          • If you ask him the vegetable will be graham crackers.

          • you can grow anything hydroponically but if you go beyond greens indoors regular flourecent lights don’t have a broad enough spectrum of light. Outdoors or in a greenhouse, anything is possible. looking to expand

        • Don’t plant them chickens to close together.

          I did that my first year and they all died.


          • ROFLMAO—is 1/2 a foot enough?!?

          • Thanks I needed that……fuuuuunny stuff

        • Check out the aquaponics, cool stuff, grow Tilapia or something in one tub and use the water for the hydroponics, recirculate and filter after the plants, the filter sludge can even be dried to make a soil amendment. In a cold climate you could just set it up in your attic and put in sky lights. That way if you heat with wood you are utilizing all the heat.

          • Respectfully, I’m not convinced by aquaponics as a prepper activity. It can only work with an electrical pump, yeah? Otherwise, I like the concept. I just don’t want to invest in something that might go kaput if/when the grid fails.

        • Why not?

        • You are all wasting your time and money. If (oh sorry when) the guberment whats your asses they will come get them. Not a thing you can do about it. Look at Waco, they will just burn you out but don’t need to wait for days. They can just flatten everything you have in a matter of seconds.
          Keep putting chairs against the door. They are coming to take you away.

          • MOMO….You write alot like our prepper friend named eeder.

            Are you and eeder cousins?

      6. if you want to know our fate

        look to the UK

        they are the precursor

        a massive welfare/socialist state

        the social safety net is essentially a bribe

        a bribe not to hit the streets,s bribe not to riot

        as long as we can afford to keep paying it
        things will be kept in check

        but if the EBT cards ever stop working

        LOOK OUT

        and as I have said in a previous post



        “they” know the current paradigm is dead
        and they are spending every bit of time and energy they have
        to extract anything and everything of value from it

        before it totally collapses

        • “The Great Reckoning ” Lord Rees Mogg and James Dale Anderson.∞

          Every person here should have read this book in the nienties. If not… pay through the nose tomorrow.

          Make your children read it. It is a nonlinear dynamic explination of the here /now from then.


          • Davisdon not Anderson. My bad.

      7. They’ll take anything I have ONLY IF I LET THEM AND THAT IS NOT ABOUT TO HAPPEN! I buy my preps with my own money and nobody else’s. When people refuse to take responsibility for the well-being of their own families, they are worse than infidels, according to the Bible. If those “entitlement programs” are so much as reduced, all bets are off and it will be game on. I dread this so much and with all the rhetoric coming out of North Korea, I’m afraid SHTF may be just around the corner. i’m going shopping again this weekend, inventory my supplies, and strip down my weapons for one final check. I’ve actually been so nervous today I dropped a mug of coffee on the floor where I work. That is not normal for me. There was an article at Yahoo this morning about NK advising all foreign embassies in Pyongyang to evacuate by April 10. link to follow.

        • You people are so freaked out that you can’t hold a cup of coffee?
          BUT…. you are “gearin up” for the big one.?

          • allie- Don’t worry, the cup of coffee wasn’t loaded. And it’s not even an assault mug…you’re safe.

            note to braveheart: please be careful with that semi-automatic java cup. you’re scaring the trolls.

          • Allie please put gun in mouth pull trigger ,thanks everyone here….

        • @Braveheart,

          I am also running on a razors edge at this time. I think that at any moment it will all unravel. Just one good shove is all it will take. The North Korea situation may just be that shove.

          I mentioned a few days ago that the Chinese / Australian non-dollar pact and believe that this is the start. Just like you are going to do this weekend I went shopping today and made sure that at the end of the day I had a full tank of gas and a considerable amount of cash on hand. It just feels like some thing bad is coming in the very near future.


          • Question is what is going to break loose first?
            N Korea?
            Banking sector?
            Government breakdown and over reach?
            There are so many issues it doesnt look good from a THINKING persons perspective.
            A sheeple says everything is greaaaat

        • I saw the deadline, too. DH says no worries just media crap. Dear old Dutch is posting news of electrical explosions everywhere today. Nuclear plants having “minor” explosions all over, no worries. I don’t want to be in the conspiracy realm, but geeze, it’s getting hard not to! Wish he’d let me have the credit card, I’d for sure stock up!

        • @ braveheart. April 10th is the next new moon. Coincidence, don’t know?????? Might have something to do with the Middle East. Could just be Porky likes the number 10. 😉

        • One can prep even on food stamps, you just can’t eat steak and lobster while you do it. I just hope enough people saw that and did it. I’ll have little sympathy for any adults who didn’t even try, but the children are a different matter. I’ve prepped accordingly.

        • @ braveheart was it one of those evil black cups. Those things are scarey.

      8. An Alien landed in our prepper community in Idaho. He got out and pointed his Zircon Gun at us. He said if we try anything funny he would shoot enough alpha’s and beta’s to make our assholes whistle zippidity doodah….

        He then asked, ‘Take me to your Leader’.

        We laughed endlessly. Moments later, He began laughing too.

        It was a great party afterwards….

      9. great article from over on The Daily Sheeple

        Keep Calm and Starve the Beast


        sometimes the ONLY way to win the game

        IS NOT TO PLAY

        people who are awake,aware,and informed are a THREAT to the system

        that’s why “preppers” are increasingly being vilified

        expect it to get worse



      10. I’m a peaceful, law abiding citizens, but I can’t ignore the obvious. I’m gunned-up and groceries-up. My brother and I both believe that between there is going to be some serious bloodletting. Once these worthless walker-zombies tear the last bit of flesh from the government corpse, they’ll around and start combing the country for the next warm body. Home security is going to be a top priority to keep them out. The fiends are already steeling pills, jewelry, copper, etc. They’ll start breaking in to rob your pantry.

        • Home isn’t secure against fire. Have a backup plan.

        • They break in to rob my pantry and they will be part of it.

        • Spam, much?

          • Miss the punchline much?

            When Matthew Lesko accuses the government of giving away too much money, the government is definitely giving away too much money.

          • Daisy? Did you get it?

        • thats funny.

        • APRIL 10TH– NEW MOON– Time of new beginnings.

          “tHEY ARE GEARING UP FOR SOMETHING BIG– His exact words: they are shipping some serious sh*** over there!”

          • I wonder where that satellite or whatever they put up will be on the 10th?
            Realisticly they could have sent up a big bomb, and figured out how to manipulate the re entry of the thing so it would come into the atmosphere over the US and blow itself up, this isnt exactly cutting edge to figure out how to controll a de orbit, its only tricky when the hardware is dead, but if they have it and are talking to it they can get it to do whatever they want. Lil kim is no dummy, lots of real intelligent people in the DPRK.

            • Kula…the following was posted on a recent article..

              Lady of the Lake says:
              Comment ID: 1398533
              April 2, 2013 at 5:15 pm
              oUCH, if you go to (www.)n2yo.com* and look up the orbit of satellite tracking #39026 you can see the realtime location of the Kwangmyŏngsŏng-3 satellite that was launched on 12 December 2012. That satellite is the likeliest candidate for containing a small-package nuclear weapon.

              *Don’t want to put it as a link and get lost in moderation.

              Thanks Lady!

              • CRAP! its going to be moving over the islands on the 10th

                • am i reading the track wrong,i thought you were in hawaii
                  the track i see is going south to north right up the mississippi

                  • On the 10th at 21:50

                  • That sat makes a complete orbit (equator to equator) in close to 90 minutes +/- and travels a long way latitudinally on each orbit so it could easily cross the continental US several times in one day so lots of opportunity.

              • Your not screwin with me are ya? Go look at where its location is on the 5 day forecast for the 10th

                • Don’t worry about that as far as Hawaii’s concerned, Kula… if (and it’s a somewhat big if, I think) that satellite has onboard weapons, NK would want to use them where they’d cause the most damage. It’s not a large-payload satellite.

                  • Im wondering if its a false flag being set up by our government, how do we know that it isnt all just propaganda? And our govt is going to experiment with hawaii because honolulu is like a mini La and the populace is isolated, ie limited fallout(not nuclear but unintended consequences) from a botched EMP or other op.
                    Could also be used as an excuse to start something.
                    Im not usually a strong conspiracy theorist but what if?
                    Could well be a coincidence that the track goes directly over Oahu at 21:50 on the 10th and maybe it is NK and maybe they do have ability to control it? Or maybe ??????
                    Something to think about.

                  • With the exception of the Honolulu area most of the islands could revert to more basic times with no trouble especially Kuai. No targets of value in the islands there except Pearl harbor and the ships most likely won’t be much affected by any EMP.

                  • Kula, using NK as a false flag is what I worry about the most.

          • We,, the U.S COULD blow it out of the sky before it does maximum damage — but, then again, they might have NORAD stand down like they did on 9/11 2001…

            • LAdy of the Lake, you just opened my eyes about the possibility of a false flag attack. I think Hawaii does sort of make sense as a false-flag target. Its isolation and near total dependence on imported food makes it a good test case for martial law, including any new high tech surveillance and control methods–drones, biometric identity markers, etc. Starving people on Oahu would be begging for this kind of ‘help’. Mainlanders see Hawaii as almost a different country and might not not make the connection that they’re next.

              On the other hand, if Hawaii alone was attacked, then the US is also obligated to nuke NK and that creates a whole new set of problems relative to China.

              It’s an interesting question as to how easily or quickly the other islands could revert to feeding themselves without container ships coming in. I’m not real optimistic, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

              Kula, I wouldn’t pay to much attention to timing this satellite. If it has a payload, that payload won’t fall straight down. It will leave the satellite at the same speed and direction the satellite is traveling relative to the ground below.

      11. Things we should all start doing!

        There are many things that we can all start doing too slowly take our lives back.

        1. Plant a garden this summer so you don’t have to rely on the grocery store.
        2. Can your vegetables
        3. Keep a backup of seeds in the case that you can’t buy them anymore (freeze them)
        4. Raise some chickens for meat and for eggs
        5. Raise a goat for milk
        6. Put together a bug out bag
        7. Start stocking up on supplies and food that have a long shelf life. Get some MRE’s as well for your entire family
        8. Make sure your home is as secure and safe as it can be
        9. Have an emergency plan and backup plan ready
        10. Educate your kids on how to be safe, be prepared, and how to protect themselves
        11. Set up a rainwater collection system to use as your main water source or as a backup
        12. Start converting your home to use another source for electricity such as solar panels. Convert one room at a time.
        13. Get a wood stove and heat your home with wood instead of electricity – It’s much cheaper and is much more comfortable.
        14. Keep your preps to yourself. I find you can’t trust anyone these days. The last thing you need is a horde of people at your door when sh*t hits the fan!

        Be smart and get informed. Think about what your future holds and what you can start doing today to make sure that you and your family don’t end up in a hopeless situation.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Here’s a water question for you. I currently have a well attached to an electric pump. Besides solar/battery to power the pump, is it possible to put a hand pump inline before the electric pump? I wish I knew more about plumbing and would rather not sink a second well. Any help/ recommendations is appreciated.


          • Definitely, check out the Lehmans web site, they have old school well pumps, depending on depth of your static level, if its real deep you may need to go to a 12v pump and a few panels and batteries but some of the hand pumps will work pretty deep.

          • Looked it up, 200′ max depth on one of the hand pumps.

            • Is it possible to use a check valve in the line for deeper wells to hold water in the pipe?
              Might help with the smaller pitcher pumps.

              • Not 100% sure but im pretty sure these manual well pumps use what they call a foot valve? Is basicly a check valve though, i think a 12 or 24v submersible deep well pump would be the way to go if your level is too far down, there are deep well hand pumps or windmill operated ones that use long rods and the pumps are wayyyy down in the well, pretty expensive though, and finniky if they dont get used regularly, get corroded and jam. But i think they will push a higher volume of water too.

                • Yeah Kulafarmer, it is a foot valve (about $20 OR less). I built a manual pump from directions I found online using PVC pipe. It only works for shallow wells though because the weight of additional lengths of pipe would make it too heavy to use for a deep well of more than 75′. Lookling back though, it would be easier and more cost effective to buy a manual hand pump made for this purpose.
                  @ desert rat, depending on the setup of your well, you might be able to keep the electric pump in place and snake a hose down to the waterline beside the pump (as is the case with mine) and connect the hose to your hand pump. Takes a little research on your part to determine the best setup for your well. Good luck.

          • Other way around. The electric pump should be first. Why use a hand pump at all if you have electric?

          • flojak…at the top of the page. A shtfplan advertiser.

            Keep in the garage until needed. You can fit it down beside your existing electric pump.

          • google ram pumps.

          • I just read about one that works like a ‘jack rabbit’, you know, the old hand-crank pumps we used to steal gas with…well, so I heard, anyway, there is a powerless system that works along side of your other pump, up to several hundred feet as I recall. You’ll have to dogpile.com it, but it exists, I saw it.

          • Yes it is..I got a wonderful device from Handy Pump..look it up..you have to know how far down your water is but it will throw water up out of your well wonderfully! It comes with 20ft if pipe but you want to go 15-20 ft below your static water line. It was around $170 and worth every dime. Not affiliated with them, just a satisfied customer. There is a YouTube video on it also, works great. There is one called Flojack but its about $500. I would suggest getting it and your extra pipe ASAP!

          • Thanks guys, I’m coastal Carolina extremely shallow well. I can hit brackish water with a garden hose, within 4 feet pf surface…

        • Well water is probably safer than rainwater. The EPA found high levels of radioactive iodine in rainwater from PA and MA. At the very least, you need a very good filter.

          • I’m in the PNW, so we are all on high alert anyway.

        • Thats a good list there but some of those we dont have interest in. We’re finishing a few things now.

          Thought Id mention that the seasons are changing now so time to switch out a couple of things in the bug out bag

      12. Amen, Satori. I’m probably on lists going back to the Clinton era, but I don’t care. I’m going to stand and fight the NWO, plain and simple. Anyone tries to force their way into my home, they die, plain and simple. braveheart

        • Save the pelts! There will be a bounty.

        • @BH, You are absolutley “CERTIFIABLE” my friend, and you are in desperate need of psychiatric counciling.

      13. United we stand divided we fall…. All of the hard working people who are fed up with the direction this country is heading (downward spiral) need to band together and shut down everything for one day a nationwide sick day. Take the day off enjoy a day of doing what you want. The way things are going will a day off without pay really matter? Time for the hard working people to stand together and let them know we are tired of the broken system that needs to be changed. After all, we are the ones that keep this country running. A day in August sounds good since there is no holiday during that month &the weather is enjoyable as well.

        • I agree united we stand; divided we beg!

          • Stay away from crowds. Three, however, is about right. Who’s going to take the first watch?

        • Division is a way of life.

          Some just aren’t capable of surviving on their own merits, they need a collective that deceptively steals the fruits of other peoples labor.

          They started it…I didn’t.

          The day of reckoning is coming.

          • Survival of the fittest, its natures law

            • Kula. many have forecasted hundreds of scenarios.

              Only those who get natures law will be around at the end.

              I don’t give a fuck how much money that you have, who you are, if you have all the preps, etc.

              I can’t hardly wait.

        • Yep, that’s about the size of it. As part of my preps I put aside 100 50-gallon drums, all full of Brawndo. You know, for the electrolytes. That plants crave.

        • Essential to any preps you may have: Brawndo. You know, for the electrolytes. Plants crave it.

          • “After several hours, Joe finally gave up on logic and reason and simply told the cabinet that he could talk to plants and that they wanted water.” I understand Joe, I’ve been there lately.

        • It’s Hickenpooper. A real piece of shit he is.

          • Boycott Colorado. Colorado is full of Stalinist commies banning guns.

            Hick just signed more gun control laws.

            Revoke ’em with predjudice.

        • How exactly how does Hickenpooper give the Secret Service the power to do anything. He’s State and they’re Federal. Trekker Out.

      14. It won’t be pretty….we all know its coming

      15. Now WTF: 7- B-1 “Bone” bombers and an E-6 Mercury “Doomsday” aircraft, being deployed to Anderson AFB Guam. This is along with 2- F-22 Raptors and B-2 Stealth Bombers. You can almost feel the heat building up to something.


        Keep the FAITH

        • The zerohedge place is weerd. They’re all caller Tyler Durden over there and they use poured English. Hard to understand most of it. I think they’re communists.

      16. this sort of thing is an everyday event now


        expect it to get much worse

        and a nice little cover up of the GROSS incompetence

        “Nearly a year after the SWAT-style raid, the Hartes still don’t know what evidence deputies used to persuade a judge to grant a warrant to search their home in the 10300 block of Wenonga Lane on April 20. Their requests for records that could provide such information have been denied by the sheriff’s office.”



          ever notice how some of our packages arriving by them have funny holes in them or the tapew is double triple taped with the first and second layers cut prior to the last layer of tape ?

          BE CAREFUL NOW WHAT YOU SAY TO THE USPSPOSTMAN UPSMAN FEDEXMAN or you might just get raided by a dhs dea swat team !!!


          • The good old days early in the Vietnam war when one could send high quality dope home in the mail. My how times have changed. No postage either.

        • Another incident that proves eye-for-an-eye justice needs to be implemented.

          • Not a single typing pussy can or will do it tho.

        • I used to live near that area. There are several small suburbs in the Kansas Cty area and they each have a small police force. The police think they are big city cops but they are really just small potatoes.

          When I lived in the area, one of my sons accidentally left the car door ajar. A stray dog got into the car that night and carried off some half eaten fast food. The police investigated. At 2 am I was awakended by search lights illuminating my front yard, two police cars and about eight officers searching my yard. They told me that a dangerous stray dog had trashed my car.

          I went and looked at my car and told them, “nope, my car normally looks like that. I have two very messy kids. The dog actually cleaned it up a bit by getting some of the trash out of there.” They were not amused. They spent hours trying to catch this awful dog which isn’t too easy when you are using search lights and making enough noise to wake everyone in the neighborhood.

          The next morning, I went out with a few pig ears and sat quietly until the dog came up for one. I caught the poor outlaw dog and moved him to a good home. The animal police came looking for him and were quite upset when I told them what I had done. I was told that he would be confiscated if he ever came back to that area of Kansas City. Outlaw dog, wanted in one jurisdiction in the Kansas City area, went on to be a loving pet for the next thirteen years under an assumed identity.

          In those days, I just laughed and told my friends that the police didn’t have enough work to keep them busy. But now their behaviors are morphing into something more sinister and it isn’t so funny.

          • Love this!

      17. Can’t help but notice how they are doing what they can to disarm us as well. If I hear Obama talk about protecting hunters rights while completely ignoring the real reason for the second amendment. I’m going to scream!!

        Here ya go Supreme de facto Dictator of ours.

        The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.-Thomas Jefferson

      18. At some point the U.S. dollar will lose its reserve currency status.
        To some extent that process is already underway.
        The dollar will devalue and import costs will soar.
        Since so much of our consumption is imported, that should set off a storm of unrest as government checks will not buy nearly what people need.
        The choice will then be to print like crazy, which will only devalue the dollar more, or start a war in an attempt to shift blame and distract people.
        Either way, the standard of living for most people will sink like a stone.
        A new age of lords and serfs will be in full bloom.

        • BK

          You have the cause and effect down pat. The concept of withholding government payments had some validity when money had a fixed value under Bretton Woods; no longer.

          There will be no shortage of money but rather a shortage of money value. In one fell swoop the standard of living of the developed world approximately equalizes that of the developing world.

      19. If I hear our de facto dictator talk about protecting hunters rights I’m going to scream! Hey numnuts, the second amendment was written because the founding fathers warned us about YOU!

        The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.-Thomas Jefferson

      20. OOOOOOHH its’ going to be much worse when World War Three breaks out! Yikes! Escape the city NQW while you still have time.

        • Those who live in urban hives and survive will be the most valuable peoples.

          This is a truth.

          Some know.

          • How you gonna survive the fire storms?

      21. Eliminating welfare = chaos in the streets

        Not eliminating welfare = financial collapse = chaos in the streets

        Damned if we do, damned if we do not.



          the problem isn’t welfare – welfare is just a drop in the bucket … the problem is the NWO GLOBALIST BANKERS U.S. ZOG MILITARY INDUSTRIAL MACHINE AND FOREIGN POLICY OF BRIBES THAT COSTS AMERIKA $$$ 5 TRILLION A YEAR .


          TEN’S OF TRILLIONS !!!


          DUH !


            • Bam bam. This is a serious site. The government did not steal your god damn goldfish. They died and your dad flushed them. Quit fucking with us or else. No one more inch bam bam. Go buy some fish and quit.
              Just remember. It’s kinky to use a feather. It’s perverted to use the whole chicken. Think about that bam bam. If someone killed the moronic commenters here, it would not be murder. It would be genocide. You traitor. Stalinist, commie, libtard, mole. Go watch the view on tv. I bet you have a college education don’t you? Jackass

        • Maybe we should eliminate the U.S. being the ‘police of the entire world’ status first, then count our savings and see what else we need to cut…

          Maybe quit sending billions to countries who hate us, then count our savings and see what else we need to cut…

          Maybe stop paying rebels and Al-Qaeda to overthrow elected government who won’t give us what we want, then count our savings and see what else we need to cut…

          Short answer—there are other ways to fix this without starving children in our country…unfortunately, WE CAN’T SEEM TO SEE THEM!

          • Maybe stop paying rebels and Al-Qaeda to overthrow elected government who won’t give us what we want

            First, maybe our govt should stop training and creating those rebels and Al-Qaeda.

      22. The re-election of Obama is proof that the takers now outnumber the givers. Only a matter of time before the Ponzi scheme collapses.

        • Disagree. That had fraud all over it. Computer ballot and absentee ballot fraud. The enabler is the 1993 motor voter law.

        • Not so fast cd2c…. We haven’t had a honest election in many a year. I’m a mind that it is a little bit of both.

        • Sixty million bommies’ commies voted for him. Forty million repug, repugnant commies support him.

          Stack em high.

      23. Oops, this don’t LOOK good…

        US Secretly Deploys B-1 Strategic Bombers, E-6 “Doomsday” Planes Near North Korea


        Quoting the piece here,

        “And now, courtesy of the Aviationist, we learn that the Pentagon has escalated once more in an
        ongoing cat and mouse game with North Korea, of who blinks first, and dispatched several B-1
        (“Bone”) Lancer strategic long-range bombers to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. What is different
        this time, however, is that unlike the previous very public and widely trumpeted reciprocal
        escalation steps, this particular deployment has been kept secret from the public (at least the
        broader public), “a fact that could be the sign that the U.S. is not only making symbolic moves
        (as the above mentioned ones), but it is preparing for the worst scenario: an attack on
        North Korea.”

        That’s not good…Might want to think a bit making a dew last shopping trips Y’all.

        But the article goes on to say,

        “Finally, and most disturbing, is that another aircraft also in the process of deployment
        is none other than the E-6 Mercury “Doomsday” plane, which are among the pinnacle in US
        Airforce nuclear war preparedness, tasked with “providing command and control of U.S. nuclear
        forces should ground-based control become inoperable” and whose core functions include conveying
        instructions from the National Command Authority to fleet ballistic missile submarines and also
        to further command post capabilities and control of land-based missiles and nuclear-armed bombers.”

        ANd that is REALLY not good…when the Mercury’s are a flyin’ it’s about time to start DUCKING,
        this is the ‘about to get real point’ folks…the E-6 carry SO much ultra-senistive crypto gear
        they NEVER hazrad them unless it’s ‘about time’…CAN’T have one of those fall into ENEMY hands.
        EVER. These are capable of contolling the entire US military…including SLBMacross an entire


        • Nothing is going to happen. just more theater for the prols to distract them.

          • Morning John,

            Hmmm, could be both, neither…or any combination of those. These damn ‘Machiavellian’ bastards are a playing a deep game…one whose actual intent is assiduously concealed to the most profound extent possible…

            …We’ll see. ;(


            • As Rodney King famously said,”can’t we all just get along”? This little dork should have been taken out a long time ago. Were I Japan or South Korea I would be worried. No reason why we should get involved.

      24. Evening BI,

        An interesting day…on several fronts. I just checked over at USGS and noted that we have recorded 7, 5+ quakes in less than 12 hours. Also, there’s that 6.0 up near Vladivostok (with aftershock)..what’s up with that Friend …I diodn’t see any fault lines listed on the USGS map at that location…is that a simple consequence of that entire region being a subduction zone? Just curious…


        • @ JustOneGuy. The 15 day deadline expired a couple of days ago, and this time no earthquake, YET. The areas I gave for the danger zones are still on, especially Mexico. I have found that sometimes before very large earthquakes, 7.8+, that they take longer to go off and give these precursor quakes on the plate boundaries much longer than 15 days. That is something to be concerned with. I mean there have been 12 plate boundary quakes since the last 6.5+ almost a month ago. These dead cycles usually lead to powerful earth movements later. Something caused those earthquakes all over the planet, especially on the Scotia plate.

          It will break, it is only a matter of time, and it should be in one of more of the locations given. I would not be surprised to see another 8.3+. Too many quakes in different spots and almost all of them point to the same areas. Watch that Mid Atlantic Ridge for the New Madrid. They have already had several high 2’s this week right on schedule after that swarm on the Reykjanes Ridge a couple of weeks ago. Should get one or two in the 3-4 range. Probably nothing bigger until the Ridges get active again.

          • thanks BI for the new madrid update! a 3 or 4 is ok, so that is peace of mind for a while longer. every little bit of bright sky helps 🙂

      25. The NK confrontation may be prolonging our time to prep. Our government is somewhat preoccupied with our show of force against NK if you believe the news reports. Of course if our government blew up the twin towers, they may nuke a few of us and claim NK did the dirty deed. What an excuse to declare martial law and have everyone fall in line except a few preppers. At that point we won’t be a problem. They will round preppers up just like the Germans did the Jews and no one will help us. I and many others pray that the Lord will return and put a stop to this madness, but there will have to be world wide confusion and war first. Some of us are going to have to die before the Lord returns.
        HA HA HA! YOU CAN’T KILL ME BUT ONCE. And then you can only destroy my body. My spirit will be with the Lord for eternity.

      26. taking it up a notch

        US Secretly Deploys B-1 Strategic Bombers, E-6 “Doomsday” Planes Near North Korea


        interesting question
        we always assume it is the other guy who wants to start
        something,but what if it us ??????

        “Perhaps to Kim Jong-un the military escalation to nuclear war is only one big joke, but to the US it is increasingly appearing very serious. And perhaps this is precisely what the Pentagon wanted all along?”

        • Good point.

          We would default on all the money we owe China.

          Ha China…come and get our gold.

          Note to the elite. If you sell us out….
          Every American knows who you are.
          There would be no place to hide for you.

          • With respect PH, I disagree that “every American knows who (the elite) are.” The politicians and the compliant media aren’t the power. They are the errand boys for the power, whose bidding they do. Quick now … name the 25 wealthiest members of the Billionaire Boys Club. Name the members of the Boards (regional too) of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Who are the elite partners at Goldman Sachs, of the warmonger corporations that profit enormously from the US being constantly at war somewhere since 1945? Everyone knows? Not one American in 1000 could name even half a dozen of those people. The Power Elite. Or more to the point in the hypothetical event of “score settling” would know where to find them if they weren’t conveniently at their well-guarded offices. G. William Domhoff, UCSB sociologist who studies the elite, Who Rules America. Read it as a starting point if you’re serious about knowing who is elite and who is not.

            • Anonymous 6.8 has it right. Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, Satantic Devil worshipers are the. Enemies of the safety and security of the United States. Free Masionic rituals, Skull and Bones with their Satanic Room 322 at Hotel Za Za. Do. People understand the sick elements working here. Does the CIA know, FBI, NSA? Some know how they worship, moloch, and write their thoughts on paper and put them into the coffin of cares before their sick devil idol statue, politicians and. Elite rich engaging in gayness, whores and demonic workings, while cops and who ever else stand guard over them to allow demons loose, perhaps with out even knowing what the heck they are really doing in their. Massive Nazi Kill camp in , “the Rockies,” Denver Underground. Mmmhhhhh???? Built by a Nazi… so instead of a much needed Demilliterized Border to Protect the States they build a multi Trillion Dollar Satans Den…with the. Full intentions of also Murdering CIA, FBI, NSA, and who else ????United Nations Agenda to Dis Arm American Civillians for what??? A massive Genocide. Do not worry there will be mass deception for all those who will be offered that ,” Willi Wonka,” screw me hard and go along to get along ticket, only to be assassinated in the end and then go face ,” Jesus Christ,” for your Eternal Sentence. Why ship. Fully auto matics to Islamics in Syria and try to take fully Auto matics here?? The war in Afghan is over, those who are now there are there to be Murdered and left hanging, or SET UP just like in that entire LIBYA deal…Get it Yet ?? Afghan Poppy shipments made by who and who has been getting extremely rich?? Bad deal when Afghan drug dealer Karzhi who got rich from us the people tells Special Forces to vacate a few Provinces for rape and murder of civillians….whhhhaaaaaaattttt????? Islamic terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood have been purposefully implanted into our society to get away with attacks, upon our Millitary, Russians Special Forces and regulars are also here to Murder you also, with a Chinese Millitary Base south of Larado Texas to invade us…Get it Yet??? Anybody Awake yet????It has been seen and exposed so now everybody nation wide knows now. No more sneak attack, just some really dumb people selling us out again….except it is our kids lives and famillies lives they disreguard as important from God of the ,”Holy Bible,” anybody Get it Yet??? Border Patrol gets threatend, CIA gets set up, and Top Ranking. Millitary Generals get set up also,along with Special Forces…wake up America the war in America is already here. No time to be a weak minded person..just like on that movie,”Hurt Locker,” Well Handle it Specialist….Got it Yet???? Some body build that much needed Demilliterized Zone between the United States and Mexico, and take care of those Illiministic Global , IMF, and Federal. Reserve frauds systematically creating a chaos situation on purpose. Fake 9-11 attack by Nazi Man, financial manipulation, Israllie corruption who lost the Path of God and , ” The. Holy Bible.” Got it Yet?????

      27. The SHTF plan rocks

        These arent the droids your looking for….
        Move along,,,,,,

        • Love it

          Your Jeddi mind tricks wont work on us.

          • “I’m, a Toidarian….Jedi mind-tricks don’t work on us!”

            Good One Kula! 😉


      28. Bio-Threats and Filtration

        Before buying any type of filters, you must know the minimum size particle it can filter.

        These are the most common Bio-Threats and their filtration info.

        Source: Spore
        Particle Size in Microns: 1 – 5 (very large)
        Contagious: No
        Method of transmission: Inhaling items contaminated with the spores

        Small Pox
        Source: Virus
        Particle Size in Microns: 0.15 – 0.3 (Very small)
        Contagious: YES
        Method of transmission: Airborne, skin contact.

        Source: Bacteria
        Particle Size in Microns: 0.125 – 0.7 (very small)
        Contagious: No

        Source: Bacteria
        Particle Size in Microns: Unavailable
        Contagious: No
        Method of Transmission: Eating food contaminated with the bacteria (Typically NOT airborne, however, there are thoughts that it can be placed into a weapon and dispersed for airborne/skin contact transmission).

        Pneumonic Plague
        Source: Bacteria
        Particle Size in Microns: 0.5 – 2 (small to moderate)
        Contagious: YES
        Method of Transmission: Airborne, skin contact

        Bubonic Plague
        Source: Bacteria
        Particle Size in Microns: 0.5 – 2 (small to moderate)
        Contagious: YES
        Method of transmission: Typically from Flea bites of fleas that were on infected Rats/Rodents (Typically NOT airborne).

        So when looking at HEPA filters, they must filter down to AT LEAST 0.15 Microns to effectively filter Small Pox.

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman. Excellent. You not only give some nice information on each pathogen but offer a survivalist type of solution to handle it should and when it breaks out. Earlier I posted several links about biological weapons and how deadly they are. I received a note from Crab Nebulae that I know nothing about biological weapons or chemical or nuclear. While my field in college was Earth Science I had to take biology, and I can tell everyone out there that this with North Korea is very serious, along with that character in Iran, and even Syria.

          I have watched perfectly healthy people succumb to various sicknesses, and the quickness at which it hits is frightening. I have seen perfectly healthy animals get various forms of animal pneumonia and drop over. I have seen beautiful fruit trees that produce bushels of food, especially pear trees get fire blight and watch the limbs right to the stump get black and die off. In other words, biolgical disease KILLS. You can’t see it, and unless you have mega expensive equipment, you can’t detect it. You can build a Kearney fallout meter with various parts from around the house to detect just how many rads per hour a certain area is receiving in radiation. You can’t cheaply build a virus or bacteria detection system.

          The likely biological attack by North Korea would be something that would spread from host to host, maximizes the number of people affected. Use of Anthrax would be effective in one area, and it is not difficult for a well funded country’s bio program to take the static electric charge away so the anthrax particles remain suspended in air and don’t clump together. The Soviets used forms of pulverized bentonite to accomplish this.

          With weaponizing virus the real issue is to make the virus more durable to the elements; air, sunlight, and drying out. Rabies and Ebola are extremely deadly but die quickly when exposed to air. The Flu virus can live on a stainless steel surface for up to 72 hours, most other surfaces for 24 hours. I have never worked for any bio-weapons program, thank God or I would be hell bound, but from what I understand is that weaponizes a virus or bacteria is not that difficult, obtaining the right strain or the virus is what is the problem.

          With North Korea and other monster states, when you can infect a host with the virus, the strain that develops from the body of the victim becomes more virulent and more durable to the elements. This is why the North Korean are using what they consider to be worthless to them, the handicapped. Eventually after running victim after victim through this, you can a terrible virus. Even the Soviets mostly used monkeys for this. It is like these insects that develop all sorts of resistence to insect sprays, super bugs. Same holds true for viruses and bacteria.

          Something that is contagious is simple to spread, infect someone and let them walk around ariports. Or get someone like typhoid Mary that is simply a carrier without any of the symptoms. North Korea doesn’t have to load a warhead with some virus to spread over an area, they simply have to spread it via a person or persons. It is that simple and that horrible.

          Spreading a virus or bacteria through the air is a more complex process in which air currents must be weighed, temperature inversions, and the explosive means that spreads it. Same holds true for chemical weapons. The charge has to be enough to spread it, but not so strong that is fries the pathogen. Explosive warheads will make a fooop…… sound when detonating a chemical or bio weapon. If saddam can do it, any other country on the level of North Korea or Iran can do it.

          People don’t understand that bio-weapons are just not that difficult to make as long as the germ is there to begin with. North Korea had smallpox outbreaks up until about 1972 I believe and almost certainly kept the virus and has it now. Even a non genetically altered smallpox would kill millions and destroy the markets of the world from shear panic. Imagine the stock markets of the world geting news that smallpox outbreaks were occurring. The Dow Jones could easily fall 30% the first day and then they probably would have a banking holiday for a few weeks. Someone that was sick could cover up their illness and go and spread it throughout crowd after crow, one person alone. That is the horror behind any country that has bio-weapons.

          Then you are talking about the strange new viruses that have had their genetic code changed around, or simply a new virus that no one has ever seen before. Iran is in league with North Korea, and one only has to visit some of the slums of India or other tropical based country and pick up some type of Lassa Fever rat disease and modify it a bit. Enough tinkering over the years and eventually they come up with something awful.

          I fully admit that I am far more into the geo-physical aspects of the universe, but I know enough about the basics of science to say that North Korea, Iran, or any other country that fools around with disease is very dangerous. Unlike a nuclear bomb that usually uses up its fuel in a fraction of time, contagious germs continue to search out new hosts and as long as there is a living body, the fuel to spread and apread is there.

          That little fat plump inbreed Porky in North Korea along with his uncle and aunt that control the country are more than capable of releasing some doomsday plague. Anyone that would use innocent people to make viruses and bacteria that much worse will do anything. This is why preppers/survivalists should understand how to help safeguard themselves against pathogens. because one day it will hit either through Porky or some other nut, OR through nature as it has with practically all forms of animal and plant life throughout the ages.

      29. I agree with Lindsey Williams and Joel Skousen. I believe the collapse won’t occur for another 2 to 3 years, and when it does those on welfare will still receive enough food to sustain them for a while. That’s the best way for the elites to remain in control.

      30. I read this site and then I hear news of Intel expanding their plant here in Oregon and another electronic manufacturer looking into investing six billion dollars into a manufacturing plant here in Oregon. I’m conflicted, on one hand prepare for shtf and on the other hand see global corps prepping for their future manufacturing. The seeds of doubt are planted for both a shtf event and for progressive normalcy.

        I’m not changing anything that I’m doing, I enjoy homesteading and tomorrow I’m taking a cheese making class. I’ll enjoy the little things for how ever long they last. I’m also going to try and find out which company is expanding into Oregon and see if I can get some work from them and try to expand my business.

        • Its all about balance bud,
          Most of us are just normal folks working and doing what we like to do and living,
          Reading about history around the depression and market crash of 29? Are a good way to get a feel for what the business climate will be, stuff keeps going, only a major war like what is going on in Syria or places like that totally disrupts commerce, even if our economy takes a dive business will still be going, some good, some not,

        • Right on Rick. I have long-term home stuff going on as well. One just needs to cover all bases.

          We are adjusting our businesses as well. Those of us that continue to think ahead, kick ass, be productive and helpful to those like us will have an advantage.

          See you on the other side.

      31. This page should go over to disqus, where the discussion can be properly controlled.

        Every site is doing this. Places where I have commented on for the last decade are now inaccessible.

        Those bastards seem to get your url and shut you down everywhere.

        So it goes… till I get theirs.

        • That’s the problem with Disqus: someone somewhere makes a decision that you’re not to be heard, and boom, you’re wiped out of commenting on thousands of websites. Someone could conceivably make that choice based not on use of obscenities or on flaming of other posters, but on political or religious beliefs that threaten his or her beliefs, and end up preventing you from commenting on myriad other Disqus-driven forum sites.

          What we discuss here is controversial — I’d much rather read through some drivel than risk losing good people to Disqus’s ethics and choices.

          • I agree with that Lady of the lake . This site has so much to read and ponder just in the comments . I care nothing for Discus .
            planted cabbage swiss chard and spinach Wed and Thursday . Nice weather finally this weekend . Starting some pepper seeds . Apartment gardening for one .in containers .

            • 22Mission, think about planting some medicinal herbs, too. If all you have room for is one kind, make that oregano (and make sure the seeds are for Origanum vulgare) and grow that — oil of oregano serves a ton of different medicinal purposes, and it’s easy to make: just pulverize the fresh leaves, soak them in olive or other vegetable oil for a while (I soak them for a couple of weeks), then press the oil out of the leaves and bottle it. It’s good for colitis, is an excellent anti-microbial both topically and internally, even helps with some respiratory illnesses. It also has vitamins A, C, and E, magnesium, calcium, niacin… all kinds of good things.

              Oil of oregano is a genuine SHTF friend.

        • Not every site, especially sites that value diverse opinion and discussion that treats posters as adults and not children who are afraid of words. Socialists of the Hive mind are afraid of words, not real people.

          We have red thumbs for the real pains, good enuf, and thanks for Mac not excessively moderating.

          Speaking of red thumbs, here’s one for you.

      32. Some will head for the streets…
        And some will head for the hills…
        Some will stay just where they are…
        And some will pay all the bills.

      33. They are ready for people to march in the streets. In the UK, 2 Million people marched through London against the Iraq War. Iraq still got bombed.

        People need to withdraw from the system en masse. Every time you pay your taxes, you give them another day to oppress you. When America splits, the more freedom loving states will be the place to be.

        • Marching in the streets isn’t too bright. Nothing out there except Stalinist commies. Why would you want them all around you?

      34. The Plague

        The plague, caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, has ravaged the planet for thousands of years. Because of its high lethality, it has the potential for being a very effective biological weapon. Unlike smallpox, the virus can still be found naturally all over the planet. And while some forms of infection can be treated, the most contagious form is fatal 50% of the time, even with the best medical care.

        There have been three major epidemics of plague in history. In 541, it is believed the plague killed 60% of the population of Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia. Between 1346 and 1352, the Black Death killed a third of Europe. And in 1855, an outbreak started in China, spreading to all the continents, killing 12 million in China and India alone.

        Modern understanding of the nature of the disease and pest control has all but eliminated plague as a serious threat to the population as a whole. While plague still exists in the wild animal population, very few people are infected any more.

        The plague can take three basic forms, but all are caused by the same pathogen. The difference lies in how the bacteria attack the body.

        Bubonic plague is one form that infection can take. Bubonic refers to an inflammation of the lymph nodes. This form of plague is generally transmitted by the bite of an infected flea, and is the most common naturally occurring form. It is believed to have been the form most common during the Black Death.

        Another form a plague infection takes is septic emic. This is a highly lethal form of plague, where the bacteria spread beyond the lymph nodes, into the major organs of the body. This causes massive internal hemorrhaging and gangrene, and is almost always fatal.
        The third and most contagious form of plague is pneumonic plague. As the name implies, this infection is characterized by pneumonia when the virus concentrates in the lungs. This happens in about 12% of the cases of bubonic or septic emic plague. The resulting coughing causes the virus to be expelled into the air, where it is easily breathed in by others. This form of infection is almost always fatal.

        The symptoms of pneumonic plague include fever, fatigue, and coughing with bloody or watery sputum. Incubation is 1 to 6 days, with 2 to 4 being the most common. Treatment includes streptomycin, gentamicin, doxycycline and ciprofloxacin. However, because the disease can be so devastating to the lungs so quickly, ventilators may be necessary in many cases.

        Bubonic plague symptoms are sudden fever, chills and weakness, followed by swollen painful lymph nodes in the groin and armpits. Without treatment, respiratory failure and death can follow in a few days.

        The Soviets manufactured many tons of weapons grade plague that could be dispersed via an aerosol. Delivered as an aerosol, it easily infects victims by being breathed in. Once infected, secondary infections of pneumonic plague will further spread the disease. In World War II, the Japanese dropped plague infected fleas on cities in China, starting localized epidemics. A case of pneumonic plague in India caused a half million people to flee the area in panic. US Government training exercises show that an intentional release of plague in a city would quickly overwhelm health care facilities and lead to severe civil unrest.

        Protecting oneself from exposure would involve controlling vectors, specifically fleas and rodents, although cats have contracted the disease too. Wearing a good mask (N95 or N100) if anywhere near a possibly contagious person would be critical too. With an intentional release, infection would likely be unknown until symptoms arise 1 to 6 days later.

        The plague may be the biological weapon of choice for terrorists. Small pox would so quickly spread around the world that even a terrorist would have to think twice before using it. Plague, however, could be contained to a specific country, and is even more deadly than smallpox. Released into a large buildings ventilation system, thousands could be infected before anyone knew. And the panic that would ensue could devastate a city.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Howdy Watchman,

          QUITE a write-up Brother! Thanks!

          A point of clarification here, if I may.

          Bubonic plague normally exists in nature in a wide variety of animal life (and is spread by fleas freuqently; the modus of transmission during the middle ages, as it were…poor sanitation/rodent control). The first form – Bubonic – is typically the initial manifestation witnessed inasmuch as the bacterium must needs host in a Human population for a time to EVOLVE into the second far more lethal variey, Pneumonic.

          The Pneumonic is characterized by extremely efficient air-bourne transmission…something the Bubonic variety lacks. Though I can here provide no supporting link, it was the csae that some several years ago it came to pass that reseacrcher’s investigating the ‘odd’ occurances of non-progressive cases of AIDS; those for which an individual definitively showed the antigen/protein as present in the serum (infected) but for whom the disease was not seen to be ‘progressive’ to the tertiary end-state, discovered an amazing thing.

          Those individuals, each and every one, was descended from a single female ancestor in England during the last major outbreak thereof. That ancestor had contracted the disease but had – against all odds – NOT succumbed to it. Modern analysis of those one’s so descended – eventually – revealed a morphological oddity…in each the cellular integument of thier white cells (the ‘skin’ of same) was notablty ‘thicker’ than that of those who demonstrated no effective immunity to the ravages of the pathogen.

          It is thought that THAT single ancestor from whom those derived had manifested an ‘idiosyncrsatic mutation’ which had provided the difference and thereafter passed that down to most of the offspring through heredity.

          Remember, in both the case of AIDS and the Plague it is the case that the immune system IS targeted DIRECTLY; in AIDS the mechanism is through the viral invasion of the white cells (lymphocytes) whilst in the csase of plague the action is more generally centered on the lymp nodes themselves, with subsequent and attendant destruction of the lympocytes being both an issue of attrition (destruction of production) and additional direct effects (attack).

          As a simple reminder here, remember that a virus is NOT a ‘living organsim’ in any real sense…instead it is an encapsulated mass of genetic RNA which when same has infiltrated cellular matter ‘hijacks’ the productive capacity of the cell; turning it into a ‘virus factory’. The cell’s own mechanism’s once so converted lead to the case where 15,000 – 50,000 (or more) ‘copies’ of the virus are manfactured intra-cellularly before the mass becomes os great that the cell ‘burst’ releasing these into the body ar large. Bacteria, OTOH, are the classic example of geometric growth; roughly 2, 4, 8, 16…128, 256…

          “Why is that important?” it could be asked. The reason is simple, in the case of a virus it IS possible for the activity to overwhelm the system at a MUCH higher rate of action that a bacteria can – super-exponential vs geometric progression, mathematically, that is. It is NOT always the case that the progression is such…but it CAN be, relative to indicidual susceptibiltiy. On average the viral ‘success rate’ in attacking cells and ‘hijacking’ them is lower than that of the bacterial case relative to it’s rate of production, but whensoever it happens that success is achieved the growth-rate is “Explosive”. Said rate is actually – in those cases – potentially faster than ‘fungal explosive growth’ which relies on ‘explosive fungal protein generation’ to proceed through it’s life cycle. Intuitively, one looks out on one’s yard one evening and see’s nothing…the next morning there are toad-stools everywhere, Yes?

          The cirucmstance is pricipally similar…and yes, this is one of the things that methematicians DO study as the process is strongly mathematical in it’s behaviour.


        • Mostly typhus. See Hans Zinsser “Rats, Lice and History.”

          Semper Fi

          • Stock stuff that kills lice without killing you: DDT, Lindane.

            Semper Fi

      35. Bio-Terrorism some basic information

        What is a biological agent?
        A biological agent is a toxin that is the product of a living organism. They by design produce illness and or death one ingested or inhaled by the victim.

        What biological agents are out there?
        1. Botulin Toxin: This is the most poisonous substance known at this time.
        a. How does it affect a human? It prevents release of acetylcholine at presynaptic nerve terminal and blocks nerve transmission.
        b. How is it distributed? It can be spread through food or dispersed by aerosol.
        c. How long will the toxin survive in the air? 48 hours
        d. What are the symptoms?
        i. Aerosolized
        1. Generalized weakness
        2. Dizziness
        3. Dry mouth
        4. Dry throat
        5. Blurred vision
        6. Respiratory failure
        ii. Food born
        1. Abdominal cramps
        2. Nausea
        3. Vomiting
        4. Diarrhea
        e. What is the decontamination procedure?
        i. Aerosolized release
        1. Wear mask or at minimum breath through clean cloth (t-shirt)
        2. Wash skin with 0.1% hypochlorite (bleach) or soapy water.
        ii. Released by food source
        1. Cooking thoroughly
        f. Are there treatments for Botulin? Yes and No. The Botulin antitoxin will minimize the effects if taken as soon as symptoms appear, but it will not reverse the effects that are already showing.

        2. Ricin
        a. Where does Ricin come from? Ricin comes from the castor bean
        b. How does it affect humans? It inhibits protein synthesis, which results in the death of cells.
        c. How is Rican deployed? It can be spread by ingestion or aerosolized
        d. What are the symptoms?
        i. Weakness
        ii. Fever
        iii. Cough
        iv. Nausea
        v. Vomiting
        vi. Hypothermia
        e. How long after exposure do symptoms appear? Usually in 4 to 8 hours.
        f. What is the decontamination procedure? Wash area with either hypochlorite 0.5% solution, or soap and water.

        Keep the FAITH

      36. It’s time for We the People to enforce the Constitution and strictly limit the power of government. Our leaders have gone made and with the assistance of the MSM they totally control the ballot box. I’m afraid we may no be able to regain control without a total economic collapse.

        Buckle up, it’s about to get real complicated, real quick. 90% of the world has no clue what’s coming. Oh, hey neither do I, really!!

      37. It’s already here, you guys. Going down exactly like BI said (in previous posts) – ‘subtle’. It’s all one ‘opportunity’ that they will take advantage of, or manufacture, from DUN. All they are doing now is extracting as much money (and rights, and dignity) as possible from us in a shitty way to uber eff us by taking advantage of our weaknesses. It’s almost like “Thanks be to God” that they’re taking all this from us because what in the hell is it gonna take for people to get it?? People are being robbed blind and are still complacent – I see it every day. Was in the navy stationed in Seoul – a while ago. Intel. I don’t believe a word of this shit. We are being worked. Lied to. Robbed from. Attacked on all sides moral and religious. And most importantly divided. By lies. And I thought I was but I am SO not ready. Daisy – do you have an intensive crash-course ;)?
        Circumstances. We’re all mired in our own little self-interests. I’m guilty. But the line must be drawn by the noble. Not the desperate. It’s a failure in charity for us to let it go further – don’t kid yourselves. God bless you all. Fair winds.

        • NG…if you were in the Navy, you do not need and intensive crash course from D. I doubt that you have extracted yourself from the NJ storm bs but you had better gtfo of there…or you will damn little chance.

          If you still believe that you need an intensive crash-course…survivalblog.

          Rawles has it all…you vets must stick together.

          The gut check goes on daily for all of us.

          Fair winds to you as well…my SEAL buddy says it best.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • @ Nautigal,

          Welcome,…to the highest, FINAL stage of ‘Wakefulness’. Hon. As is the case with we, ourselves, the act of waking is a process of moving from a fully unconscious state through a progression of more ‘lively’ ones. I can see by your post that you HAVE arrived at IT in it’s fullness…now.

          “Welcome to the Club…”


          • Oh,

            By the way…”Sucks”, don’t it?”


        • It is unlawful to follow an unlawful order.

          Thus spake Nuremberg.

          Semper Fi

      38. Any attempt at occupying the US by foreign or domestic forces would be met with a firestorm of bullets the world has never seem. You people who believe America could be effectively occupied by anyone for any length of time are delusional. In America, the power (meaning the guns) is held by the people, including “the people” (meaning everyone not at the highest levels) in the military. Even the current gun grabbing and supposed ammo shortages would not make dent in the ability of Americans to form an effective insurgency and grind any occupying force down INTO DUST.

        • Most nra members had a few thousand rounds and preppers have twice that.

          Yep.. the USA would never be conquered, only if China and Russia both tried occupation.
          Note…they would never see home again.

          We’d also get mid evil on them and make them fear stepping food on our soul.
          They would beg for death.

          You cannot tell a people they are free their whole lives then try and take it away.

          • A fellow named Abe Lincoln said it: “Not all he Armies of all the world can by force of arms take a drink from the Ohio if we are united.” One more item to get me on the list.

            • Abe was a commie.

      39. I can hear the thunder…There’s a storm coming…

        • The thunder you hear is millions of American gun owners practicing in their backyards for what they may be forced to do in the near future, if the military doesn’t do it for them. “It” being the forcible removal of thousands of outright traitors who pervade our criminal federal government and many state governments.

        • Thunder? Storm? That’s just Nappy passing gas.

      40. I hope you all have your basements well stocked.
        This includes nba gas masks.

        And radiation pills.

        Looks like Korea is going to have some fun with us.

        We’re ready.

        Are you.

        It was only a matter of time before some sicko took over.

        Don’t trust man…
        Trust yourself.

      41. Lest they forget…

        We the People have been stocking up also.
        We purchased hollow points for practice too.

        Let it be known, if the enemies of the Constitution should decide to make such a move, they will be the targets. We will fight for our family, friends, and our country’s future. They will fight for a paycheck.

        • With respect, the Federalist aristocrats who eventually prevailed over George Mason and T Jefferson, did not write the Constitution to safeguard liberty for the little guy. The little guy in their time lived in a deference culture where he doffed his hat when a swell walked by. Free whites, blacks and women had no rights at all. The Constitution Was Written to Establish a Central Government that was intended to have Unlimited Power. The Bill of Rights codifies pre-existing rights humans have always had but rarely asserted. If people would rather be well-fed and medicated slaves than free no piece of paper will keep them free. The War of Northern Aggression wasn’t about ending slavery. It was about ending state sovereignty. The statists and the financial elite have been in the saddle since 1607. By 1700 fifty families owned most everything worth owning in Virginia. If you need an author of your liberty to bow toward, God serves if you’re a theist. If you aren’t there’s natural law. Deifying a piece of paper just plays into the tyrant’s hands. “The Constitution is there to protect us,” is one of history’s most successful lies.

          • I agree, the Constitution, like the Bible, is really just a bloated essay on natural law and common sense.

          • You have Lincoln confused with the Founders who did indeed write the Constitution to limit govt. Nothing can be done when the people give up their right to over rule the governing elites. get better educated as your post was crap.

          • Excellent analysis anon6.8…
            I have said for awhile that we merely gave up an aristocracy of royalty for an aristocracy of money. Many do not understand that the Bill of Rights was added on and that the Founders were not all of the same accord or in agreement about all things. The Constitution has never been for ‘us’, the common man, it was merely the mask of control that made us bow to them as they gave us the appearance of individual ‘rights’. In realty, our rights have always been subjugated to one thing, money and central power.(The Whiskey rebellion was our first clue.)

            The Articles of Confederation should never have been abandoned simply strengthened. The War of northern aggression was the turning point, the sad turning point. I fear a new turning point is coming, let us learn our lessons about Federalism, Centralized governments and money. The only way to maintain freedom, is by control of the rich and powerful by bottom up money creation and true freedom of economic action. Political ‘rights’ mean zip without economic rights.

        • X’s on a lot of doors.

      42. I passed up some silverware today, would like to know if I should get it tomorrow if still available. Money is tight. Paper said German, 90% silver, $2 a piece. Anyone know about something like this?

        • Make sure its stamped as solid silver and not plated. A local coin shop would probably buy it at silver spot for 70% of its weight.

          • Copy that Norse Prepper. Just to tag on this, the stamp should say, STERLING SILVER, sometimes even 925 as in 92.5% Silver.

          • If it’s in the paper, it’s too late. By the time you see it, the people who understand the business (whatever the business is) have passed on the purchase. (for good reason). There are rare, very rare exceptions.
            Equate this offer to real estate. By the time it has hit the public market, agents, their families, friends, and select investors have all passed on it. You can still get a good deal but don’t think you are the only one who recognized the deal.
            The only way to make a good deal on silver is to buy prior to it being advertised. Like at a garage sale where the seller is unsure of the silver content and you are willing to take a risk.
            Some comments about the 925 stamp are correct. There is a risk someone either made or got ahold of a stamp and transformed bunk into 925.
            In short, I would NOT buy the silver you are referring to.

        • @ DollarstoDonuts,

          Make sure that you bring a magnet with you when you decide to purchase them. Use a strong one–like a mechanics magnet. If it sticks on it, not silver. It’s plated. Don’t pay full $2 for the knives because only the handle will have the silver. Also, for visual tests, if it says plated, then obviously, its not silver.If you have access to nitric acid and jewelers stone, do the stone test. Rub the silverware on the stone– drop some acid–if it turns blue, its all good. Test kits can be bought in amazon should you want to purchase it. Should be good to have WTSHTF, you would want to learn to test metals during bartering.

          If anyone is interested in learning more, I’d be happy to answer questions on this.

        • Not an expert, but bought some silverware that said Brazilian Silver. Found out it was worthless except for eating with. If it’s not hallmarked or stamped sterling silver, I say save your money. Trekker Out.

        • Pass it up. The owner is perfectly capable of selling it to the coin store himself, the reason he’s going to the expense and trouble of a private sale is there is a problem with the silver content.

        • Thanks all! I went back, some pieces were left but sure enough, it was plated!

        • German “Silver” is not silver it’s nickel

      43. BigB, I’d love to think i’m wrong about SHTF being right around the corner, but this feeling is just too strong to shake off. Still continuing my prepping, regardless. I’ll be out shopping tomorrow, regardless. braveheart

        • Good God man, take a few breaths.

          When it happens, you will have exactly what you were supposed to have.

          Calm is key before and during the storm.

      44. Here’s an appropriate song – actually it was more appropriate a few years ago – when companies still threw lavish Christmas parties for their employees, our salaries were higher, morale was up. So much can change in a few short years. Now what we’ve changed TO will be changing to something else. These days will soon be gone, maybe as soon as tomorrow.


        • What happened to me is exactly how I see this country will die!
          Started with a company 5 years ago,I got profit sharing,401 k cont.,very nice x- mas bonus,and other bonus’s for great work….mind you the whole time I was there the company did very well..
          Second year we lost profit shearing ,huge lose for us,third year lost 401 cons. And great work bonuses( talk about production killer)’
          Fourth year,lost all extra money,just a paycheck.
          Finally,we had a x-mas lunch,where we were told the business would be dissolved .!
          Slow painful death….
          And NO I will not claim unemployment !!!!!! I would rather clean out gutters for five bucks an hour than be a fn leach…
          Yes I did pay in for 32 years and I do deserve it..but my principles or pride is to high…
          I could not live with anyone calling me a useless eater….rather starve…

          • Take the money!. give it to you favorite charity. or prep with it. to help those who really NEED IT. When times get really bad it will be gone. It’s just going to be wasted. Get it, do something good with it.

          • Bro…you employer was forced to pay into unemp. If the company is gone he won’t be having his rate raised. Don’t be an idiot, take the money and do something useful with it…like survive for a better day.

            • Thanks guys never thought of it that way……….preps could always need more ,…thanks again,
              Love this site!
              Wish I had neighbors like you….

              • You do. It’s just that good people are keeping low for awhile, LBJ decided poor people’s votes were cheap to buy, good people didn’t sell theirs.We have been out of it for awhile, but a lot of us have put the time to good use.

        • LT:
          Billy Joel-(I’ve Loved These Days) I liked it. Thank you

      45. This story is right on point.

        If you asked a hypothetical space alien to describe the USA, I bet that he would say “slave plantation”. That is what a pre Civil War Southern plantation looked like; the owner and his family with most of the wealth, a small middle class of hired overseers, and the great majority living as slaves with no wealth, their output plundered, and their lives controlled.

        The way it happened is that politicians, big corporations, wealthy individuals and special interest groups colluded to pass laws that favor themselves at the expense of the majority. Big corporations, wealthy individuals and special interests don’t make big time political contributions for the fun of it. And venal politicians are happy to oblige since it means that they can retire from public office significantly more wealthy than when they entered. We don’t have free markets anymore; we have rigged markets where the average person pays monopoly like prices and earns slave like wages.

        The banking system is pure corruption. Banks now issue our money by creating it out of thin air and loaning it out at interest to individuals, businesses, and governments effectively making the population indentured servants, the indenture agreements being the loan agreements. Some estimates are that 30% to 40% of the wealth produced each year by the economy is diverted out of the pockets of the citizenry into the pockets of the bankers and Wall Streeters. Many industries operate under the management of government. The drug industry is another that reaps huge profits because the government supposedly protects the public from dangerous drugs by deciding which can be legally sold. Many effective drugs are kept off the market and plenty of dangerous ones are approved. It is a crap shoot, but what drugs do get approved carry monopoly prices because their competition has been disapproved and the whole process eliminates all drug companies except those who can afford the regulation and afford the bribes. Licensing of professions excludes competition and limits the type and number of services that can be offered, resulting is union like prices paid by the public which is still subject to plenty of incompetent professionals.

        Monopolies, franchising, licensing, regulations and oversight by the government have become all pervasive and always pick winners and losers. And as you can guess, the losers are the general public while the winners are the small aristocracy of politicians, bureaucrats, and the big corporations, wealthy individuals, and special interest groups who pull their strings.

        This is not the failure of the free market that we are experiencing; it is the success of economic fascism.

        Of course it will collapse. The fractional reserve banking system is unstable, unsustainable, predatory, and unconstitutional. It requires constant economic growth to prevent people from revolting against the plunder inherent in this system, and if economic growth does not occur for the aristocracy to lay first claim to, then they much up the percentage of the stagnant or shrinking economic pie for them to maintain their life styles. But the economy is not growing. Jobs have been exported, in part to avoid the regulation by government. The real killer, however, is the compound growth in the cost to acquire energy, leaving each year less to fuel the economy. Up until the last decade, increased total energy production made up for the increased cost, but energy production is reaching its limits. New production can’t increase fast enough to out run depletion of existing sources, so we can’t compensate for the increased costs. The economy can no longer expand, and the aristocracy is busy claiming a greater share to hold onto their favored position. Taxes are increasing, prices are increasing, bailouts of the special ones are increasing, but the majority are at the point where they can’t afford even small luxuries, higher education, or advanced medical care. As a society the only things we can afford now are food and shelter and that is under pressure too.

        Yes we will see riots, economic collapse, government collapse, and massive civil disturbance as those in power attempt to hold on to this slave system that benefits mostly them. When the pain and suffering from going along with the present system of plunder and control exceeds the pain and suffering that comes from an uprising, nature will take us down the path of least resistance.

        What a mess!

        • Thank the creator that the 2nd Amendment puts the power squarely where it belongs, in the hands of the individual. You are correct… the power-mad individuals who are “in power” will stop at nothing to retain that supposed power. It may just have to be taken from them at the point of a gun.

        • Very good summary SD. I believe the industrial age as we know it is coming to an end and the world will be divided into small communities that either co-operate or become feudal. There will be mass starvation when the global supply lines break. Best to become as self sufficient as possible in a world without much commerce other than local trade.

      46. A lot of interesting thoughts and theories on here tonight- let me add this if I may.
        When the SHTF full tilt, the ‘unprepared’ will attack each other and anyone else they can, as they have nothing left to lose. If there is a total collapse of services (water, sewer, hospitals, firefighting, police) you can expect millions dead within a few short weeks. All of those dead bodies will be a serious health threat to anyone else still alive and cities and waterways will quickly reach Black Plague epidemic levels… not many will survive without proper planning and preps in place.

        The government knows there will be survivors and pockets of pissed of resistance, and *that* is what the armor, bullets and weapons are for. The main plan of UN Agenda 21 *is* population reduction and I assure you…if the people don’t kill each other off, the governments will.

        As far as FEMA camps go, I believe the logic commonly shared is very flawed- If the government cannot afford to take care of 147 million people now, what makes you think rounding them up and placing them into camps will be any better? If you get hauled off to any camps, you are *not* coming back… period. The people that believe that they might get shipped off to a FEMA camp for ‘re-education’ are the same lot who believe the government would dig massive underground shelters to protect you like in the movie Deep Impact. That isn’t happening, nope.

        Another scenario that many have overlooked is that of the so-called FEMA coffins that are big enough to hold 3-5 adults each- there is a reason why they’re constructed that way and also why so big. Dead bodies (esp. in summer) bloat and swell to very large proportions. Now consider some of our grossly overweight population as some of those dead, bloated bodies and you begin to get the ugly picture. Another reason why the coffins are so large (and built to be stacked… is for transport. Where to you ask? Any number of guesses is as good as another but they are *not* going to be buried, rest assured. Land and real estate are too valuable to waste on burying millions of corpses. Think of transport to far off-coast locations to be dumped at sea, or even helicopter dropped into any number of currently active volcanoes. Instant incineration and no disease or smell…all gone! Also- no evidence for future generations to find some day…how convenient.

        Another reason the FEMA coffins are built the way they are…is to be sealed up, tight. If a massive biological event or other disaster takes place, they want those bodies contained to reduce the spread to the people they might want to live. With America rapidly de-populated, don’t think for a minute that it won’t be resettled quickly…the U.S. owes far too much money to China (and others) to let the land sit idle for long.

        One more item of interest is the types and calibers of ammo that DHS has and is, stockpiling. A large majority of it is .40 S&W which is a pistol round. Most of know that pistol rounds (even good quality hollow points) are best used at closer range. Think one bullet to the head of those rounded up for ‘re-education’ perhaps. The .40 S&W round with good quality Federal HST hollow points will easily kill you with one shot to the temple, no questions asked. Gas chambers? Too much work and the gas is expensive. Ovens? Also takes a lot of manpower and energy. A single hollowpoint to the temple? Easy stuff, and a no brainer really. (yuck, messy pun, sorry). With DHS buying up as much ammo as possible, it makes their ‘job’ that much easier later on.
        You won’t have it to use on them and they will have it to use on you. So, even in the end, it is still a battle between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. Make sure you have what you and your loved ones will need to survive… because the hour approaches.

        • I hate to sound like a broken record, but look at what starving, pitifully-armed civilians in Warsaw, Crete, and Yugoslavia did against the most fearsome military force to ever roam the face of the earth. They caused *untold damage* to the German war effort. Instead of bombing and shelling the Red Army and the Allies, the Germans were forced to bomb and shell determined civilian resisters. In the latter part of the war, German soldiers lived in fear of being shot or blown up by civilian resisters looking for vengeance just as much as they feared the opposing armies.

          Those billions of .40S&W rounds in the hands of paid thugs would not stand a snowballs chance in hell against the millions of hunting and “sporting” rifle rounds in the hands of motivated, determined American resisters.

        • Socrates, common sense dictates that the feds are not going to take the effort to put dead bodies in vaults, seal the vaults, then bury them, or transport them hundreds of miles to a ship and load them for burial at sea. Ever see the mass burials we did when we discovered the nazi death camps? We dug a big hole and tossed the bodies in! There were no vaults or coffins or the like. Uninbalmed bodies are something you have to quickly deal with; otherwise they attract vermin, spread disease, and become unmanageable as the body decays and all the liquids begin to seep out.
          I personally don’t see this vault argument working in the face of a SHTF scenario with mass (thousands and thousands) of casualties.

          • Spike- Common sense is so rare these days it’s almost considered a superpower! All that aside, I believe your analogy to be an opinion (much like mine). With the statement of FEMA camps or concentration camps, you would have lots of bodies in a relatively compressed area, acre wise. Even digging huge holes in the ground won’t be able to handle the sheer volume of corpses. If my history serves me correctly, the Nazi concentration camps didn’t have much in the way of coffins, but they did have ovens and mass burials. The FEMA coffins are in fact, made to be sealed up and overly large compared to standard sized basic coffins of today. Even though FEMA states they are ‘coffin shells or liners’ that statement doesn’t hold water these days. This from Sep 2012:
            In Sept 2012, the US House of Representatives passed HR 6566 which is an amendment of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 that imbues the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) “to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.”
            In the anticipated event of a “mass fatality”, coordination and planning must be forefront of FEMA with the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as referred by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (CTI). In the event that the Executive Branch or Congress declares a mass disaster caused by nature, a domestic terrorist attack, or any other man-made catastrophe, there must be a national plan to prepare for and respond to the incident.
            Elected officials assume that in such an event, funeral homes, cemeteries and mortuaries would be overwhelmed should millions of Americans suddenly die in a tragic event. There must also be allowances for survivors of such an event.
            Personally, I find it a bit ironic (or moronic) that FEMA (which has been around technically since 1803) and our ‘elected officials’ are just now addressing the possibility of mass casualties? (for whatever reason)
            Your statement about the FEMA coffins not being stacked, transported long distances or sealed (vaults I believe you used) does not hold water either as it is in direct opposition to the containers patented purpose and description. These are actually *meant* to be burned but the industrial sized ovens to load them in have yet to surface
            There is so much stuff hiding in plain sight that people either overlook or just fail to see. Open your eyes folks- the writing is on the wall.

        • Those coffins would make great planters for growing veggies.

      47. Amazing, I was just writing to JustOneGuy about the delay of the big earthquake coming and they just had a 7.1 in Papua New Guinea. While the predictions were a bit late, on comments 1285420 and 1284961, the correct locations were given for where the next big earthquake will happen. This system once again works to show where the next big earthquake is going to happen. Watch Mexico and Central America down to Central Chile for the next real target.

        • BI, I noticed that one over at the USGS site. About the time I was going to mention it, your comment came up! Spot on again. And if you were 48 hrs late with the timing…well, take an A- on the report card for this one!

        • No need to mention previous posts regarding your research BI.

          Without a shadow of a doubt you have proven your accuracy.

          After all, you are a man…an Mother earth, she’s all woman.

          Thanks for sharing all your hard work…lms

          • @ lastmanstanding. Unfortunately there are many out there that still don’t believe that this system works, and by allowing them to see a previous post they can see it works. To tell the truth I am kind of astounded by it myself. I was beginning to have my own personal doubts because nothing had occurred within the 15 day window that is given each time. There were several moderate quakes in the locations given, but nothing that big. Sure enough a large earthquake came to New Guinea as it is right on the western border. To tell the truth I thought it was going to be a couple of degrees to a few degrees further east, instead of 138.5 east, more in the 140’s range, as the energy signature seemed to be pointing this direction.

            I still feel Mexico and Central America to Central Chile is most definitely in the crosshairs. 100% of the time in the past the area in the Easter Islands region, when it has been hit the line from Mexico to Chile has been hit, about 90% of the time within 15 days and 100% of the time within 30 days. This region had its earthquakes on March 29 and March 30. So by April 14 this region should have a 6.5+, and almost certainly by April 29. Guadalajara to Acapulco Mexico has the biggest bull’s eye on it right, about 16 to 21 degrees north, and I would say about 96 to 108 degrees west. This would be the grid with the best chance of something quite large. I would not want to be on vacation or living down there this month. Other areas in South America and Central America remain in danger also because of this movement of the Nazca plate last week.

      48. A sudden onset of life altering illness will level the playing field for all.

        • Disease, fear, and confusion are just some of the many things that make up the “fog of war”, level the playing field, and lend advantages to guerilla fighters over an occupying force, should the American people be forced to “go insurgent”.

      49. Aging Disgracefully

        So there I stood, fridge door wide open, gazing in at the contents. The shelves were eerily bare.
        “What happened to all the leftovers?” I asked mrs okie.
        ‘Jr and a couple of his friends from college came by to visit, and I fed them lunch,’ she said.
        At the mention of my youngest son’s name, I instinctively reached back to check my wallet. It was still there.
        “Well, that would explain the missing pecan pie, the half a pizza, the chicken and the macaroni salad,” I said glumly. “But what about that half a pastrami sandwich I wrapped up and stashed the other day?”
        ‘The other day? You mean a week and a half ago? I fed that to the dogs yesterday.’
        “Okay then,” I said, shutting the fridge door with the finality of a death-row prison guard, “What’s for dinner?”
        ‘You’ll have to fix something from the pantry. I have a bible study with the girls down at the church in a half hour.’ She walked up to me and patted my stomach, ‘As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t hurt us to skip a meal now and then.’
        “Speak for yourself,” I said, knowing that would start an argument. I walked to the hall mirror and, holding my breath, said, “Besides, I’m in pretty good shape…for the shape I’m in.”
        She glared at me, ‘If you don’t exhale, your reflection is gonna turn blue…And just what do you mean ‘speak for myself?’
        I could tell I’d touched a nerve (or possibley a land mine). I said, “You know I didn’t mean anything. You still look great.”
        ‘No I don’t!’ she wailed, a quiver in her voice, ‘I’m getting old and grey and…and…fat!’
        How in the hell can women go from chipper, to angry, to despondent in 60 seconds? I’ve never understood that. Do they have an internal switch or something? I tried to un-detonate the land mine.
        “Honey, listen to me. How many grey hairs do you have?”
        ‘At least a dozen! I found another this morning!’
        “A dozen huh? That leaves you about 50,000 brown ones. Now, what size clothes do you wear?”
        ‘Nine,’ she pouted.
        “And what size did you wear THIRTY-ONE YEARS AGO?” (I knew the answer)
        ‘A nine. But that’s different. Things move around. Everything on my body is going south.’
        “It is not. It’s all right where I left it. And you look great.” I patted her on the back pants pocket.
        She swatted my hand away. We’ve been through this routine a hundred times, yet I still have to play it all the way out. So I said,
        “And how many 50 yr-old women, who NEVER dress provocatively, get whistled at by guys half their age?” I don’t like that they whistle at her (which they do) but I certainly appreciate her beauty. This line is the clincher, and it always brings her back around.
        She said, ‘Alright. That’s enough. I can’t help the rude manners of some men. And you don’t have to be jealous.’ She’d completely recovered her chipper mood.
        “Okay then. That’s settled. Now, what’s for dinner?”
        ‘I told you, I won’t be here. Bible study? remember?’
        “Oh, right. I’ll just run down to the Sonic for a burger or something.”
        ‘You will NOT!’ she said, patting my stomach again. ‘I may be in fairly good health for a woman my age, but certain okies among us really need to start taking better care of themselves,’ she patted me again. ‘Besides, I told Kirk to refuse to serve you if you come in. He agreed it’s for your own good.’
        (Kirk, a friend of mine, is the manager of our local drive-in burger joint)
        Now, it was my turn to get angry. “You did what?” I yelled. “You’ve already had me banned from the ice cream shop and the deli at the quickie mart! Do you think I can’t take care of myself?!”
        She has, in fact, had me banned from those stores. I even tried to bribe the girl at the deli with an extra 20 bucks for a few measley hot wings. She wouldn’t take it. It’s like I’ve been black-listed all over town. I was getting madder by the minute.
        “You treat me like a little boy! Do you think I’m a helpless child or something?!”
        She picked up her bible and headed out the door, ‘I only do that because I care. It’s for your own good. Besides, I wonder sometimes, if you really could function without me. You constantly forget things. Never clean up your messes. And you won’t take care of yourself. You NEED me. And I’m glad to take care of you. I do it because I love you.’
        I wasn’t finished being mad. I followed her out on the porch, “Fine! I’ll just drive to the city and get dinner there!” (it’s 80 miles to the city, but I wasn’t bluffing)
        ‘Do whatever you think is best,’ she said in that condescending tone that irritates me so much. She got in her car and rolled the window down. As she backed out, I remembered something. It took the air right out of me.
        I said, “By the way, Honey, do you know where I left my car keys?”
        She smiled that condescending smile, said nothing, and pulled away…

      50. The govt will provide a small stipend and a food allowance for all those who wish to be secret spies. Rat out your friends and neighbors for a benefit card. Accusations will be fast and furious, but not accurate. The govt wont care, more hands for the force labor “re-education” camps. Paid snitches everywhere will make it difficult for the people to trust each other enough to unite into an effective voice of opposition.

      51. Not to dispute the point of your article, but, the US Census says that as of 2011 there are 46 million people living in poverty. Not the 146 million that you stated.

        It would be real nice to have a link posted when people quote official numbers to back up there story. Linking or naming someone other than the source really is just hearsay.

        So here is mine: http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/data/incpovhlth/2011/figure4.pdf

        • FWIW Don,

          In addition to the fact that the government has been ‘massaging’ the figures on everything tracked in the country to an extent which is pathetic, it is also the case that 2011 figures are a ‘bit stale’ given the rapidly accelerating character of what has been ongoing since then.
          Just sayin’…


          PS: I don’t disagree that good figures ARE needed….but WHERE will you get them? Lies, lies and MORE lies…


          • As of today, there are only two million, 2,000,000, illegal aliens in the USSA. Last week it was 11,000,000. Rubio and bommies commies are lowering the number daily. Pretty soon no illegals, just UN troops.

      52. End of April into May (ROSEBUD).

      53. Off to the Flea market. You all have great day. Would you please have it all figured out by the time I get back.;0)

      54. Early yesterday evening, we heard and felt several very large booms.

        After the first one, we said, “WTF????”

        After the second one, we said, “It’s our neighbor!”

        After the third one, we said, “Cannon! He’s gotten himself a cannon!”

        And we’re soooo glad he’s on the right side.

      55. So, those “safety nets” many decry as socialism actually do serve a positive purpose. Removing them results in chaos and violence and insecurity for everyone. Unfortunately, people like you and the rest of the sheeple will direct their anger and violence at each other and not the true guilty parties, the upper 1%. If you morons had any sense, you would band together and go after the rich and powerful because they are the one who have created this mess. But, you are too stupid to that. Those on the lower end of the economic spectrum will instead destroy each other while those on the other end remain unscathed and laugh their asses of the ignorant, un washed masses who are proving they are ignorant and unwashed.

        • The safety nets are for the safety of the top 0.05%.

          I wouldn’t call it a ‘positive purpose’, though. The safety net allows the rich to keep unemployment high (and wages low); charge usurious rates for credit card debt; engage in nonstop scams to fraudulently bleed people for money; hire illegal aliens instead of citizens, and on and on. EBT cards and social security disability payments allow this system to continue without people rioting. It’s the relatively small number of working people that foot this bill. And as long as working people continue thinking the non-working are the enemy, they won’t look to the top of the chain. Now, I’m not fond of lazy m.f.’ers that pass welfare living down to their children and grand children. I’m just saying that these people are a natural outcome of a system that depends on there not being enough work to go around.

          I wonder how many people that profess to hate oppressive government will cheer when rioters are killed.

      56. For those so interested,

        A layman’s explanation for ‘White light’ Solar Flares,

        Since the time of the ‘Carrington Event’ the origin, genesis of the White
        Light emmisions seen during some solar flaring has been ill-explained. The
        following link sheds some light on this;


        The deeper explanation is a bit technical and so I’ll forego that here,
        suffce it to say that the process of ‘breaking’ the magnetic filaments
        we witness arching over the solar surface in various of the imagery we
        have daily and the subseqent ‘re-connection’ of same leads to VAST amounts
        of localized energy release. A more technical presentation from NASA can be
        found at;


        Additionally, a new modeling shows “Sun’s magnetic ‘heartbeat’ revealed”
        at FoxNews;



      57. A simple cake that requires no perishables

        A classic recipe from the depression era because of the rationing of butter and eggs. This is a pretty simple thing to make that would allow one more semblance of normal living if a major disaster strikes. It has the added benefit of being edible by those with egg and peanut allergies in normal times. Though some may not see this as being something that is pertinent after a disaster, in a lot of ways something as simple as a birthday cake could go a long way at helping people especially children relieve some of the stresses involved.

        1 ½ cup flour
        3 Tbsp cocoa powder (optional)
        1 cup sugar
        1 tsp baking soda
        ½ tsp salt
        1 Tbsp vinegar
        5 Tbsp oil
        1 tsp vanilla
        1 cup water

        Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. Mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl and stir to combine. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix until you get a smooth batter. Do not beat. Pour into greased and floured pan (8″ square or 9″ round) or 12 cupcakes. Bake in oven until tests done – about 35 minutes for cake, about 20 minutes for cupcakes.

        Vanilla: omit cocoa. Double the amount of vanilla.
        Spice: omit cocoa. Add 1 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice.
        Orange: omit cocoa & vinegar. Substitute orange juice for the water.
        Lemon: omit cocoa. Substitute lemon juice for vinegar. Can add some lemon extract.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Pumpkin Pie Spice:
          •1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
          •1/4 teaspoons ground ginger
          •1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
          •1/8 teaspoon ground allspice

          I always have these; but never pumpkin pie spice!!

        • Heres one for bread

          3 cups warm water
          1-1/2 tbsp yeast
          1-1/2 tbsp salt

          Mix together

          6.5 cups all purpose flour
          (Ive done it with all different kinds of flour)

          Mix till blended well
          Let rise 2 hrs
          Break in 1/2 or 1/3s
          Form loaves by folding edges under while turning loaf
          Let rise 1.5-2 hrs
          Bake 450 for 30 minutes

      58. It has been said that when your outgo exceeds your income then your upkeep will be your downfall.

      59. MAC–greatest forum yet

        very honest comments

        folks amassing for common cause

        I feel really good today

      60. ‘The people of this country’ won’t take to the streets, they’ll do as they are told when the crackdown comes.

        Maybe 20 years ago they would have. I look at the evidence of the last couple of elections as my proof.

        One of the basic assumptions the progressives make is that the masses are really too stupid to decide anything for themselves. That Government must rule the people, not represent it. I’ve never believed it, I’ve clung to the idea that the individual, not the collective, makes the best decision for himself, and in doing so, all are served. Let market forces and your own skills and level of motivation determine our success.

        I’m starting to believe, however, that they are right, or at least have outmaneuvered us. People are too stupid to govern themselves. Look at what they have voted for. Look at how they suck at the teats of government rather than work.

        What can I point to now and say ‘no, the people are not too stupid, they can do a better job than government?’

        The evidence that abounds says I’m wrong. People are too stupid. The progressives are right, in a sense.

        We have to point to ourselves and our own apathy for letting it happen, for letting them dumb down the populace via government education to the point where we are now. If we really want to have a prayer of fixing this, we are looking at at least 20 years of rebuilding the education system and probably much, much longer even if we could manage to do it.

      61. I always look for simple analogies to help friends understand concepts they may not understand or agree with. This week, I wrote about using the Walking Dead zombies as an example of what the streets may look like after a terror attack and a major social collapse. Instead of flesh eating zombies, the people in the street are just looking for a bite to eat for themselves or their starving children.


        The difference between being a ‘walker’ or a survivor is the decisions you make now.

      62. Just a quick read on the NK weapons program. Even the South Koreans admitted that the north has bio-weapons including small pox.

        Anyone can buy a drone off of the internet that has a 1400 mile range, and can carry a 25 lb payload and they fly by GPS.

        Weather balloon can get you to 100,000 ft and carry a 15 lb payload. They cost about 100.00 each.

        When the talk is about them not having a missile capable of reaching the US mainland, that may or not be true but in reality they dont need one.

        I wonder if us moving all of our assets to the Pacific might be a ploy for a big strike in the middle east ??


        • @ clyde. Very good link. I think the one telltale signs of NK was that defected soldiers that defected to South Korea had the antibodies from recent smallpox vaccines. This shows me that they are protecting their army for a good reason. I know this upsets many people, but as a prepper/survivalist it is something to plan for and understand so we can survive it. People like daisy and many others on this site have very valuable information on natural ways to boost the immune system and to fight off infection. Others have methods of helping to avoid contact in the firstplace. This is the site for prevention and surviving what is coming. Thank you for finding this, I found it interesting to read.

        • Michael Ledeen has opined as much. He thinks this is a coordinated operation between Iran and North Korea. They cooperate in everything, from military technology to civil engineering, and coordinate all their moves, with occasional input as well from China and/or Pakistan. He believes the NORKS would not be doing this much sword-rattling without a thumbs up from the Persians. Trust and believe, something’s up in ayatollahville.

          • Dont forget that they also have allies in south america,

      63. Quote from article:

        “The lucky ones will likely be rounded up, detained and deported to camps operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

        The unlucky ones… they’ll become government democide statistics.”

        I’d rather think those should be reversed. I know I wouldn’t count myself lucky to be tossed into a camp.

        The shit-storm is coming. For those who commented above that there’s nothing to worry about, that everything will be okay . . . stop kidding yourselves. You owe it to yourselves, your children, and grandchildren.

        Get ready. I’ve done just about all I can do to prepare.

        BTW . . . a warm and heartfelt thank you to all whom have offered thoughts, prayers and words of comfort to my family and I during our time of grief and sorrow.

        I’ll miss my brother dearly.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • KySSG,

          Brother, I did not previously intrude…I have not often has occaision to ‘speak’ with you. I see your post here regularly…be assured I AM responsible for a ‘fair fraction’ of the +1’s there. 😉

          I am sorry to hear abot your Brother. My condolences..

          …those, at least, are better off now than are we.


      64. Good Day All,

        Um-hmmm, I wold like to ‘weigh-in’ on something here if I may.

        In THIS forum I have seen more fear-mongering and dissemination of speculation – presented as FACT – than I have seen in almost any before it.

        A word of caution; Those who are here, those who come here to be ‘apprised of the situation’ oftimes do so without the time or resources to do otherwise. Do you really want to put forth that which is your opinion – as fact – when it is likely not? BI and many several others here STUDIOUSLY put forth what presents to them – some speculation, to be sure – but seldom, if ever, as FACT under that cirucmstance. There is a large difference between a well-founded speculation of the scientific nature and a wild, flaming-brand rant.

        Those who put forth the latter here…suppose that thereby someone – ON YOUR advice – becomes crippled, or KILLED by having acted on fear-mongering – to NO good end!…dwell upon it. Further, in any action by ‘several’ meaning ‘many’ IF what is supplied therteto as ‘intelligence’ is in fact errouneous, then almost certainly ANY action predicated thereon will come to grief…ie, be ineffective – at a minimum.

        I ask eveyone here to consider the character of thier words…CAREFULLY in the light presented above. To be sure there are ‘things afoot’ about us in the World today; Does it produce any good effect to put here that which is flaming speculation though? At least ATTEMPT to get the FACTS – as a matter of course – before asserting such. Do you not think the credibility of everyone here is not compromised each and every time somesuch happens, as well as the credibility of this site?

        How will it EVER be the case that WE can ever come together and COHERE in a manner which allows us – to do ANYTHING AT ALL – if we cannot ‘trust’ to what is laid forth here?

        I understand that many here are ‘nervous’…I AM too! You here know what I have set down here recently as a consequence of that…a complete up-ending of my life and the lives of those I love…yet I deem it warranted nonetheless…. BUT WE MUST HAVE ACCURACY WHEREVER IT CAN BE HAD! Else disaster will follow!

        Some several of those here have lately mentioned that they are becoming ‘wearied’ by what is at hand daily…to be sure, aren’t we ALL! Step away for a day or two if you must, COMPOSE yourself and collect your wits…then RETURN here for what comes. EVERY thinking person IS needed in what will come.

        The ‘non-thinker’s’…not so much. ;(

        “Think thrice…ONLY THEN, ACT” I pray you this Friends!


        PS: thumb-down all you want here..AFTER you have THOUGHT about what I have said…

        • Here’s a FACT JOG:

          You take yourself way too seriously.

          • @ TFJ,

            Yup, it’s true….Opinions VARY… 😉


      65. Howdy BI,

        You might well find this interesting Friend, aas well may several others
        ….things can change very rapifly when Mother Nature decides to do so.


        Climatologist have known for some time that some several thousand years ago
        the Northern Sahara was verdant, lush even…but that changed at some point
        and it appears that the change was extremely rapid, very abrupt.


      66. Howdy BI,

        You might well find this interesting Friend, as well may several others here….things can change very, very rapidly when Mother Nature decides to do so.


        Climatologist have known for some time that some several thousand years ago the Northern Sahara was verdant, lush even…but that changed at some point
        and it appears that the change was extremely rapid, abrupt.


      67. Up at Business Inisder, an analysis of the NK situation by a Former Ambassador
        to South Korea, Christopher Hill,

        A few interesting quotes here (from the article)

        Ambassador Hill said,

        “Nobody will give them a nickel. They worsened their strategic situation.
        And they’ve made it worse for China. We’ve now thickened up our missile
        defense in a way no one could’ve foreseen a couple months ago. That’s very
        upsetting to the Chinese. It’s also a myth that North Korean bluster gets
        them something. They really haven’t gotten anything.”

        While the artticle states,

        “Hill doesn’t have a very high opinion of Kim either: “I’ve known a lot
        of world leaders, and this is really one of the more pathetic examples of a
        leader I’ve ever seen.”

        All in all, the situation now is that – short of some unexpected,
        masterful subterfuge – on the part of the NK government, there really does
        not now exists a path by which they could harm anything resident in US
        territory…the emplacement of the Various missle defence battery’s and
        the maoving of various pieces of war material that has occured over the last
        several days effctively neutralizes any such possibility.

        This is effectively a ‘bad child’ display, the throwing of a temper
        tantrum in a final, desperate effort to secure some path out of thier
        failing economy and the broad-scale starvation that they are facing.

        The article further notes that this has NOT been to China’s advantage
        either since this state of affairs – the moving of the various military
        assets which has occured – and was preciouslty wholly undorseen – is
        something that further discomfits the Chinese local influence there

        Yep, ‘Lil Kimmy-pooh’ messed up…


        • Correction,

          “…the moving of the various military
          assets which has occured – and was previously wholly unforseen – is something that further discomfits the Chinese local influence there abouts.

          Hmmm…seems I’m getting “Parkinson’s” here today…


          • Do not nuke walmarts. China will go bankrupt.

        • I am going to a lot of thumbs down for this but in order to understand anything you have to walk right around it.

          Is it not possible that North Korea, rather than istigating the strife, is responding to pressure being put on it by America, and why would America do such a thing?

          What has the little nation got to gain by prodding the Yanks? As stated by JOG this is not to NK or china’s advantage. The Americans on the other hand just moved a whole stack of weapons right up to China’s border under the pretext of responding to the little fat fella.

          Your government is turning on its own citizens. That is the constant theme of this site. Given that betrayal of trust why would its behaviour in the international arena be any better?

          • Howdy Double E,

            “our government is turning on its own citizens. That is the constant theme of this site. Given that betrayal of trust why would its behaviour in the international arena be any better?”

            Unfortunately all too true Friend…

            ….round and round it goes…where it stops…no one knows. “Eyes OPEN” from this point forward, Eh?


      68. The 401K crowd here is NOT going to like this,

        Did anyone here doubt that this was coming?

        “Obama Proposes Retirement Account Limit In First “Wealth Tax” Salvo.”


        Once again, the ‘playbook’ for a failing civilization is old, there is NOTHING new in it, Eh? The entirety of the Cyprus ‘affair’ was that it was simply a trial balloon from which the ‘uppers’ would test public
        reaction…and thence make a peonouncement, via Joeren “Deisel-BOOM”.

        I give it 8 weeks…


      69. You know what ticks me off…Is all the rumblings saying that anyone who recieves any aid is a total waste. Do you even know what human is anymore??? I’ve worked my ass off for most of my life. I had @ 12 through 18 held all and any job I could to make money. yes, my parents had it tough in the 70’s and 80’s but I had the mindset of relaxing their stress nd providing for myself. By the time I was 25 I had major …MAJOR lower back problems. For 8 years I was crooked as a ? and still maintained full employment and subsequently opened up my own company. The market burst hurt my business and I downsized…during this time I decided to have my first back operation. I ended up having to work more for signifacantly less, while my utilities skyrocketed. After being T-boned by a teenager texting while driving…I (and my wife)both had to have reconstructed surgery on our spines. I still continued to work (btw my wife hasn’t been forced to work because we believe the kids are worth our time) and produce for my families and employees. Two years ago I was on a construction site in VA when an earthquake tossed me down 15′ onto my neck which broke two vert. and i had….yup another proceedure. My recovery time was suppose to be 9-12 months, I had but 2 days to give. By, the time I was just getting off my neck brace…we had Superstorm Sandy make landfall overtop of our residence. 6 feet of water and many of our belongings lossed later…Im still trying to work hard. I’ve gained and loss so much in my 37 years…idk if I am just the most unluckiest of men in the world or a true survivor. I do know that my children love me and I will to my last breath defend them from all threats…foreign or domestic…what I won’t say is that the help I got from the state to help out during the crisis puts me into some group that is more ridiculed than any racism I have ever witnessed. I know or better yet sense the trying days are fast approaching. But, if any American sees a family that is wandering/lost/or needs help…don’t be so fast to judge them as LAZY , Benefit Whore , UnProductive…they may be down on their luck. I have been the man that everyone came to when their world was rocked…now I can no longer help them out for my world is now rocked. I will be ok…and if you should ever cross my path and are in need of help…and are of just cause, I may be the one whom to speak to. Reagrdless, boarders are mans invention… To love one another…well thats just humanity.

        • Generalizing is definitely not good, there are many different situations, it is a shame there are so many who are gaming the system because it makes it tougher on those who really do need a hand.

        • Good Evening Fran,

          Incidentally, I don’t recognize your ‘monicker’..If you are new here, then “Welcome…and Well-Met!”

          “You know what ticks me off…Is all the rumblings saying that anyone who recieves any aid is a total waste. Do you even know what human is anymore???”

          Unfortunately true in this day and age…so many are being pressed more and more tightly up against a wall and in that desperation they begin to lash out at ALL around them. I fear it will worsen in the passage of time. Try to keep your wits about you whilst all the rest are losing thier’s. Again “Be Welcome Here.”


          Incidentally, I don’t recognize your ‘monicker’..If you are new here, then “Welcome…and Well-Met!”

        • Fran..I would be honored to have you as a neighbor.
          And, yes. Your point strikes home for me.
          When the donation agencies call, the first thing I say is…I give at HOME in my COMMUNITY.

      70. It’s nice that the UN troops will be wearing white and blue instead of camo.

      71. CrAfter reading a lot of sites which claim the end of the world, and a lot of the comments here, i would like to throw in my “two cents.”

        The liklihood of our own government declaring war on us is slim to none. Its far more believeable, and likely, that we will declare war on eachother after our economy completely fails, or for sure, when things get much worse with it.

        I have heard it all: the UN is secretly plotting to attack the public masses. FEMA has set up camps to hold the impoverished and control them. The president is really the anti-christ. The government and those of other country are setting the world up for the New World Order. The list goes on… And on and on..

        What i believe is a fact is our nation will go bankrupt, we will be the victims of not only obamacare and sky-high medical costs, but hyperinflation as well. I believe that in a short time, you will wish you had started that vegatable garden and learned to hunt and fish. I think women will wish they knew how to make basic clothing, and more men knew how to build things from scratch.

        So if anyone wants to get scared over something, get scared of that, not some of the crazy stuff i am seeing here.

        • True dat, boss.

      72. Barring a complete collapse of any of our “basic” systems, the sheeple will not riot in the streets as long as the government convinces them that they are the “middle” class, i.e. there are people worse off than they are. The current mentality of the sheeple, and that includes the ones COMPLETELY on government support, is that they are “middle class” and the government is “here to help”. Observe the Wash DC elites and the MSM pushing that agenda and blaming the 1% for the problems of the “middle” class. The standard of living will continue to fall, but, as long as the government can continue to push the dogma of blaming the 1%, corporations and “secret societies”, the sheeple will swallow it. I can see the government’s propaganda campaign’s success, even here. Several of the regular posters fall into the “blame others” category.

      73. by taking to the streets , do you mean homeless?

      74. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 god bless all texts love to America and those who want her to stay free

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