“Unconstitutional”: Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Illegally Funded Without Congress Authorization

by | May 13, 2016 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    The above image is a generic one from the type of SWAT raids the police state has become known for. Though President Obama pretends that he is against these kinds of ‘military vehicles on the streets of America’ is represents exactly how the federal government intends to enforce its Obamacare mandate (it’s already happening with student loans).

    Make no mistake, the IRS is armed and the age of debtor’s prison is back in vogue, along with everything else ungodly and unconstitutional. “Tax cheats” and Tea Party-like political targets – now monitored and penalized in fines and audits – will no doubt cross paths with a SWAT team before long.

    No one knows the hour, but everyone knows the routine. It is coming, and the witnesses are line up and down the aisle. The proverbial writing is on the wall.

    This is a tyranny. It is dressed up in political theater and subtle rationales for the scofflaws and dissidents it targets.

    It is the people in mainstream society who must bear the outrageous costs of health care – driven up by self-interested pharmaceuticals, drug listeria, etc. – by being forced at gunpoint to pay for insurance that is unaffordable and so inept and slow as to detriment the health of the people who must rely upon it.

    This system encourages sick people, and creates loopholes for crony financiers to reap the profits. It is the people who must pay for it… say what you will, but there is little promise that it will be overturned.

    Nevertheless, it is “historic” that a federal judge has ruled that at least one aspect of Obamacare is certainly “unconstitutional” – based on a lawsuit by House Republicans over part of the language of the Obamacare law (in which a vague promise of Federal subsidies for health insurers that cover low income people is made but does not include proper funding or authorization from Congress).

    It is significant, but hardly the whole enchilada.

    The L.A. Times reports:

    House Republicans won Round 2 in a potentially historic lawsuit Thursday when a federal judge declared the Obama administration was unconstitutionally spending money to subsidize health insurers without obtaining an appropriation from Congress.

    Last year, U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer broke new ground by ruling the GOP-controlled House of  Representatives had legal standing to sue the president over how he was enforcing his signature healthcare law.

    On Thursday, she ruled the administration is violating a provision of the law by paying promised reimbursements to health insurers who provide coverage at reduced costs to low-income Americans.


    The Constitution says “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law,” Collyer noted, but the administration has continued to pay billions to insurers for their extra cost of providing health coverage.

    “Paying [those] reimbursements without an appropriation thus violates the Constitution,” she wrote. “Congress is the only source for such an appropriation, and no public money can be spent without one.”


    “This suit represents the first time in our nation’s history that Congress has been permitted to sue the executive branch over a disagreement about how to interpret a statute,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters.

    It is certainly true, and should be respected, that Congress alone among the three branches holds the public purse.

    It will likely be turned over on appeal, and the whole process may head again to the Supreme Court… but that audience is cold to such arguments. Scalia is now quite dead, and what’s left is a travesty for the Constitution.

    Much of the damage has already been done; other destruction is coming.



    Though the soft phase of the ‘velvet glove’ is still operating on the surface, the worm has already turned. Debt and decline have set into this once great nation; the barbarians have long ago been let in the gate. Useful hordes of low wage immigrants and forced-cultural clashes keep the focus off the titans who pull the strings and force ordinary Americans into a no-win situation, and mocking choices of opposing-collaborators in its leadership “choices.”

    The debt can never be repaid, and won’t be anyway through the policy avenues that now exist. The bankers have successfully looted the Treasury, and set up the Federal Reserve as an all-you-can-eat bankers buffet.

    The system is collapsing, and these have always been dark days for patriots; the pattern has repeated many times over just in the 20th Century alone.

    Today, Venezuela is in obvious collapse, and the people are being brutally starved and repressed. Meanwhile, the same is happening in slow motion in America, though the appearance may be different.

    The oligarchs bankrolling Obama’s presidency have inflated the vehicles of socialism, socialized medicine and welfare benefits, only to profit off no-bid contracts and carefully channeled returns through fees, charges and guaranteed business shares. The pensions have been handily disappeared into the derivatives blackhole-market, as equity pirates loot the community chests and leave retirees hanging with a bad haircut.

    Ideologues have refused to see why being forced to buy into a socialized system is so wrong and detrimental on every level.

    Freedom is being extinguished, and the day is coming when many will meet face to face with SWAT teams and warrant sweeps for unpaid debts to the State.

    Be very cautious about what is approaching…

    Here are some other snapshots in this unfolding tyranny (It runs the course of years, not hours):

    Your “Children Will Be Fined” If You Fail To Sign Up For Obamacare: People Are Going To Be In for A Shock

    Short on Cash, “Poor Americans Ending Up in Modern-Day Debtors’ Prison” Over Traffic Fines

    “Income Tax Is Government Theft” and IRS Is a Lawless Thief

    The Most Important Supreme Court Cases “Derailed” By Scalia’s Death: Amnesty, Obamacare & Guns





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      1. I don’t think it will go down the way the oligarchs have planned it. There is more awareness of the hundred or so truly rich and powerful. They are human. They can be made to bend to the will of the people. We may have some hard times, but the days of rule by these people is over. The cracks in their armour are everywhere.

        • I still firmly believe Obamacare was purposely designed to fail so they could implement a single payer system. That is the hard reality.

          Last year I had 2 emergency room visits and overnight stays that totaled 60K. I sent in payments and both the Hospital and Doctors sent me to collection agencies. The end result would have been the same with Obamacare but worse. Because at least I got great care, NO questions asked and there was no waiting for tests on insurance companies approval.

          • While your logic adds up, I beg to differ. Obama are was created in order to enrich a new interest group, while pandering existing ones.

            • During the implementation of Obamacare while waiting to be signed into law, several CONgressmen let the cat out of the bag by saying Obamacare was just a first step towards a national healthcare single payer system.

          • Rodster; BINGO!

        • President Trump is going to get rid of a lot of this Tyranical Crap including Obamascare.

          And our 200 Million Guns and 12 Trillion Bullets will help back Trump up on this. The current American Medical community is a huge fleecing rip off that destroys the American dream. No more medical treatment for Illegal Aliens, round them up and kick their asses back across the border. If they refuse to leave then just Shoot them.

          My Mother just had a simple Sonogram done, to see if she has breast cancer. This 10 minute procedure was $2500. And Billed to Medicare. Like WTF? $2500? I’d place limits on the charges. More like $250. Not $2500. Its all a scam, its all a rip off, and these DOCTORS NEED A DEEP HAIRCUT WHO RAPE US..



          • One of my ‘pet peeves’ is that in virtually ALL communities doctors are ‘by and large’ considered PILLARS OF THE COMMUNITY. Hell, they are people just as we are, and they are no different other than that they get larger paychecks and larger insurance billings.
            The “peeve” I have is doctors ALWAYS “outweigh” anyone else in the community …even if they are “out there” and everyone knows it.
            Doctors/physicians have NEVER had-a-hand in our legal system before so why are they trying to incorporate them into it now? (in all manner of ways, from ‘snooping on veterans and their weapons supplies, to your civilian doc asking about your hunting expedition and then turning your ass in for not being “sane enough” (in his opinion) to have a gun in your possession.
            No, it hasn’t worked yet, but it WAS tried twice, in two different instances. Once against Veterans, and once against everyone who isn’t a veteran. DAMN these people and their constant deluge of bullshit.
            Isn’t it amazing that some hot-head has NOT yet ‘blown’ and turned into a vigilante? Or have they yet it purposely never makes the media? (Because that IS how they would handle it, at first anyway).

      2. As for those who choose to be the point of the spear for govt. theft,fight them on your terms,not theirs.

        • Non compliance, non cooperation,
          Just say no and be as obstinate as possible

          • Kulafarmer, AMEN. I didn’t get Obamacare and still refuse to do so. I’m not going along with any of their BS. I’m also fed up and don’t care anymore.

      3. Too little, too late, the damage has been done.

      4. One step forward and two steps back.

        Obamacare funding unconstitutional, but maybe free speech or private firearm ownership to take a hit next.

        Stay alert and stay safe.

      5. The problem is unfettered crony capitalism, there is hardly any trace of socialism left. Social Security is handily bankrupt already and big insurers are bailing out of Obamacare. They can’t force people to pay for the farce. In fact, one can indefinitely defer the penalty.

        Again, the article is spreading confusion and misinformation.

      6. Years ago I saw the writing on the wall and became my own central bank.

        Thinking about this article, I also became my own health insurance company.

        I pay my dentist cash. It helps that he is my 1st cousin. Every six months, I give him a C note for the cleaning of mine and wife’s teeth, and one series of dental xrays.

        He is big believer in gold filings. Over the last 25+ years he has transitioned all my old fillings (some were filled by Uncle Sugar a longgg time ago) to gold crowns.

        I pay my acupuncturist cash.
        I have an extensive homeopathic collection, and library that I inherited.

        All those years I had and paid for health insurance, we rarely used it.

        When ObamaCare kicked in, I gave it 5 years before it was struck down, or it failed miserably, and I refused to participate, and figured I would wait it out before rejoining that part of society.

        So I became my own health insurance company, and believed the POTUS when he told me that if I liked my plan, I could keep it.

        So far so good. I make SO little, on paper, that even the IRS has given up on me. I exist on the fringe of modern society.

        The view is really nice from here.

        • “I have an extensive homeopathic collection…”

          I hope you’re not planning on using that garbage for anything but watering your garden.

        • You sound like me, except the gold fillings

      7. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7e6gLht6OQ&feature=youtu.be

      8. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQKAaPgwj_U

        easy to replace the word Democrat in these videos too

        its them against us and currently because we arnt United.. they are winning , and will win until we do ..it looks bleak folks , this divide and conquer is a very old policy and We the People are allowing this subjugation , BY BOTH PARTIES!

        • GW Bush’s “NO Bid” for Prescription drugs pretty much cleaned out the American Populace’s savings in the last 15 years. Making seniors choose between food and pharm drugs.. Then Obama added his Medical scam and its devastated families in America, like the final nail in the coffin.

          Here is how to Beat it.
          Getting off the Grid, and moving out into the country you will be much much healthier. Fresh Air, no pollution, more exercise, and getting Off the Grid will reduce your Monthly expenses down to about nothing, other than food, Gas and property taxes. You don’t need to work in the rat race, like a rat, to pay for all the crap that keeps you in the City. High Taxes and Insurance, stress and pollution which causes a lot of Asthma in normally healthy people. Once you get out of the City, you don’t have to slave over, or make as much money or as much income taxes and your penalty for not joining Obamacare goes down to about nothing. That’s how you beat this Tyrannyright now. Get off the Rat Race Tread Mill. No Dumb Down Fluoride in the well water here. You will be healthier and live longer, and not dependent on Pharm drugs to cope in the stressful rat race. Just by moving to the country out of a big city, my Auto insurance dropped 30%. Its those expenses I am talking about. I sit on my porch this AM, drinking coffee, and watching nature unfold, birds chirping and squirrels running around, while the Rats scurry off to their clock punching jobs. Nothing stressful about living in the country is there? Create your own quality of life. Only you can make the necessary changes. Stop playing their Rat Race games. Stop feeding the beast, Get off the Grid and on to a better quality of life for you and your families. Land as cheap as $2K per acre. What ya waiting for? Its a no brainer. As Cities and Municipalities fall into Bankruptcy they will raise your city taxes to pay for their incompetence. Try selling a City House with High Taxes and No good paying jobs to pay for it. You are then Trapped, and will die a City dweller over run by crime pollution and taxes.


      9. This is just the beginning none of this is a shock to me. See I’ve become complacent to the creeping oppression. Isn’t that their plan we will all be so used to the confusion it is turning into a free for all.

      10. I think you are right Robin. We can not decide which restroom to use without division .

      11. I just hope this Judge doesn’t wake up dead!

      12. test

        posting, comments disappearing

      13. Obama Administration Paves Way for States to Bail Out Remaining Obamacare Co-Ops

        “The Obama administration is CHANGING ITS RULES for the remaining 11 co-ops started under Obamacare…”

        “The 23 co-ops created under the Affordable Care Act started with $2.4 billion in startup and solvency loans from the federal government.

        However, 12 of the nonprofit insurers closed their doors after losing millions of dollars and learning they were getting far less than expected through Obamacare’s risk corridor program.

        THE REMAINING 11 CO-OPS LOST A COMBINED $400 MILLION LAST YEAR, according to Politico.”

        The Daily Signal

      14. off topic why isn’t the prepper website been updated? last date 4/29?

        • If you’re talking about prepperwebsite.com it is fine. I’ve been there every day and it is up to date. If you haven’t tried yet, hit refresh on their page. If that doesn’t work try clearing your cache.

          • A great resource. Thanks.. Just copied a few articles, DIY outhouses build your own, and hand washing clothes in a Grid down situation. Found here.

            ht tp://www.survivalsullivan .com/making-diy-outhouse/

            ht tp://www.survivalsullivan .com/how-to-hand-wash-clothes/

            Good article info resource to back up on a Prepping USB Memory stick.

            Last month I picked up a Mop Ringer that will be used to squeeze out the water and suds from your clothes. I also bought last year a couple 5 gallon buckets and a hand agitator to move the water in a bucket to clean the clothes. I also have clothes pins and cordage to set up a few lines for dry hanging them. The sun will also kill bacteria as your clothes are hanging to dry.

            For this last year, I head over to a local laundry mat to clean clothes about every other week, but that may not be available someday. Besides the cost. About $10 or so, to do 2 loads, white and darks, of laundry every few weeks. Until I can get my bath house set up with real washing machines run off Solar and a well water or rain water, This is what I need to do. I may be practicing soon for hand washing to see how it goes. It uses a lot of water, so until I have my well set up, its off to the laundry mat.


            • “Toilet Paper Alternatives
              Paper materials such as phone book pages, newspapers, or magazine pages…”

              *cough* greenbacks…

          • Or, once the page has loaded, press F5 (it will refresh the entire page).
            You’ll want to delete not only your ‘cache’, but ‘cookies’, history (everything) and everything else that is ‘check-a-ble’ (assuming you are using Windows).
            Linux won’t pull that crap on you…

      15. The UN-Affordable Care Act. No surprise here.

        Have been watching my sister struggle with this for two years. She can not afford even the reduced premiums. Can not afford the deductible. Makes too much to qualify for an exemption.

        What’s a girl to do? Just say “NO” to the Un-ACA.

        The receptionist at my Dr office told me she said no to the
        Un-ACA! She is paying her “Fair share” as the penalty is called.

        What a world, what a world. The ‘spin’ is making me dizzy.

      16. The billionaires want more. And they will get more. One way or another. We have a choice. give it up or die in prison. The prison industrial complex needs money too. They have little children to support and put through college . Life’s a bitch get use to it. F your kids . All I care about is mine. Dog eat dog. You got a problem with that . Write your congressmen or woman. If it makes you feel better. Or push your head farther up your … It seems that only a higher power can save us at this point?

        • Higher than .308 “power” you mean? Hmmm, 30-aught-06, ?mm, 360’s … 🙂

          Naw, .308’s (actually, 7.62x51mm’s have sufficed my needs quite nicely all of my life, as have 9mm, .40’s, .45’s, .50BMG .223, C4 -et al.

      17. When a person who has no health care and comes down with a bad tooth infection and nowhere to turn to except the emergency room for antibiotics something is grossly wrong in America. The bill was over $460 for a one minute visit.

        • you take a needle and inject the toots with clove oil. that kills the nerve and relieves the pain. you take golden seal or fish antibotics to fight the infection. And we in the Ozarks can always find someone who will pull the tooth. I actually pull my own.

        • Last week my better half feel ill to an infection, and in this town the only place to go IS The ER at the hospital. Total cost for a 15 minute “once-over”, blood-draw and one test (and five pills for the road) cost over $4500.00 (toss in one Cat-Scan I forgot about), and our share was $600.00 That’s just a tad excessive by any standard shouldn’t I think? Who in hell makes that kind of $$$ so how in hell do they expect payments on time or in full?

      18. What congress? We have a congress? Hell I thought it was just some rich boys club. Well those congress critters ain’t going to do anything. O’bama took care of it for them so they have less to worry about. Helluva nice guy he is.

      19. You can vote or run for public office to change government and laws.

        You can liquidate all your household. Get a passport and move to another country.

        You can plan to bug out to the wilderness at a location you have prepared to live out the rest of your lives.

        You can bunker in place defend your property and fight off intruders.

        You band together with others to defend the Constitution and put an end to the Tyranny we now feel.
        And it is only the beginning!

        That’s the way I see it.

      20. You know this will go no where.

        Obamacare is in because it does 3 things:
        1. Give all sorts of political job positions that are weel paid.
        2. Dictates to the entire country what medical care will be given and who it will be given to.
        3. Gets rid of a lot of costly seniors and chronically ill by just handing them morphine until they check out over any real and expensive treatment. Those people that think the seriously ill that were previously unable to get coverage are going to find that obamacare will kill you quicker than being on your own did.

        • Id rather have the morphine than the expensive treatment, i want to just be allowed to die with dignity rather than being poked and prodded and experimented on while draining my families pockets and running up an un payable bill

          • Ninjas thought it to be highly dignified to ‘fall upon their own swords’ (sorry, I can’t recall the true name of their ‘blades’).

            Death with dignity is ‘barely permissed’ in today’s world …unless you are fortunate enough to die alone or ‘catch a bullet’ you didn’t know was incoming.

      21. These are all a series of dominoes designed to take down the system. No Child left behind lead to common core. Obamacare will lead to single-payer. They are all steps on the stairway to governmental disaster. If they were to put all of the cards on the table at the same time people would balk. In this way they can get what they want over a period of time in incremental changes except by the people with a bonus that the people are totally unaware of its implementation or purpose.

        • There is nothing wrong with single layer, morons. The problem is that health care should never be business. Moreover, I would never condone a system in which the provider can bill the taxpayer. Doctors must work for salaries and the clinic must be maintained likewise.

          • Silly Me: We would not have ONE doctor in biz if they were restricted to salaries. Their frigging insurance costs are six-digits (higher for brain-surgeons and ‘the like’).

            Also, you get what you pay for right? I’ve always been willing to pay the extra for Michelin tires instead of using UniRoyal for the same reason. QUACKS docs are easy to sniff out. They are the newest docs in town (and usually the only ones taking new patients). One year later they disappear, offer you a copy of your record for an exorbitant amount …then they move many states away to start it all over again (their way of beating the system I guess)?

            • You are absolutely right about lawsuits. Still, in many countries with better health care, doctors are working for salaries. At that point, they are motivated to cure and have fewer patients showing up from their districts, instead of being motivated to bill…

              Sadly, medicine is a pseudo science, so legal corollaries will always be a problem, unless all patients sign a form in which they waive their right to sue. Much of it is already arbitration, anyway.

              Those who trust doctors in America clearly demonstrate the phenomenon of natural selection.

      22. Some people are so damned dependent. Why does a person need CARE. Can’t stay healthy. That’s what is the underlying problem. The whole thing is backwards and upside down. Animals in the wild don’t go to the dentist and they don’t have cavities. But domesticated dogs need to have their teeth brushed and they suffer from the same problems as their owners. A female human body was found deceased.

        In the newspaper article it stated that the forensic scientists knew that the woman was not an American because she had perfect teeth, no cavities, and no dental work.

        Of people who live past one hundred years two things were found as common denominators: one, they drank a lot of clean fresh water; and two, they stayed away from doctors, hospitals, and they took CARE of themselves.

      23. Yes. The French have something like NO cardio-vascular problems (heart-attacks), and the reason, it is said, is because from a young age they drink ‘RED’ wine (because the water is NOT safe to ingest, even if treated). Now THAT is bad water!

        Wish my parents had let me have wine starting at 12! heheh…. j/k as I cannot tolerate any alcohol (without landing on my ass dead drunk). Tea-totaller here.

      24. UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Duh. Stevie Wonder couls see that from a mile away. The Federal Government may not compel citizens to buy any product. Read the Constitution folks.

      25. As happy as I am that there are still people in the system of law that have common sense, the sad fact is that so much taxpayer money has been wasted. And if repealed, will waste more, and cost the middle class in hikes by insurance companies trying to recoup losses. This whole thing was and is a successful destabilization of America from the inside. Not only continuing destruction of our economy, but furthering the division of the American people. The elite are masters of manipulation, keeping the only thing that could crush their plans in check: we the people, united.

      26. It doesn’t matter. The communists within will continue their insurection against the American people and the republic.

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