Uncertainty: Corporate Insider Buying Has “Disappeared. Almost Overnight.”

by | Sep 21, 2011 | Headline News | 199 comments

What’s next for the stock market? In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter to those of us who have taken our assets off the table and have chosen instead to “get physical.” But there are still millions of Americans who are depending on stocks for their livelihoods and retirements. So, for those who are wondering what the sentiment is on Wall Street, consider Why the insiders have quit buying stocks:

Chief executives. Board members.

The head honchos. The people who know.

Just a few weeks ago, they were out in force, buying up shares in their own companies with both hands.

No longer. They’ve disappeared. Almost overnight.

“They’ve stopped buying,” says Charles Biderman, the chief executive of stock market research firm TrimTabs, which tracks the data. “Insiders aren’t buying this rally.”

Insider stock purchases, which surged above $100 million a day in the market slump last month, have now collapsed to just $13 million a day.

Meanwhile the ratio of insider sales to purchases has skyrocketed. Today insiders are dumping $7 in stock for each $1 that (other) insiders are buying. That’s a worrying ratio. Six weeks ago the amounts of purchases and sales were about equal.

What’s up?

The executives and their customers are back at their desks after the summer vacations. They’ve had a chance to look at the forward order books.

Or maybe they’re just worried about the big picture.

Greece. China. The U.S. economy. The budget. Any number of things could cause the stock market to throw a wheel.

Biderman blames uncertainty. “It looks to me that insiders are uncertain as to what’s happening,” he says.

There’s that word again, and one we’ve oft repeated in our commentaries. Uncertainty.

The stock markets have no doubt been on a wild ride, especially for the last three months, but the winds of sentiment across the nation, and not just in corporate insider circles, may very well have shifted to the point that stocks may buckle and correct, potentially even crash, in the near term.

Insiders and business owners are uncertain. So, too, are financial analysts and media pundits. The average American is certainly confused, irritated and concerned with what the next wave of crisis may bring. And now, key government leaders, are using it as a talking point:

“There is no question that the private sector in America right now sees all of this uncertainty coming out of Washington: new rules, new regulations and no idea what the tax rates are going to be at the end of next year.”

“I was with a group of employers in my own district yesterday who are very concerned about investing more in their business at a time of great uncertainty and I think government needs to help bring some certainty.”

House Speaker John Boehner (R)
September 21, 2011

Uncertainty is what is keeping insiders out of the market, because as business leaders they have absolutely no clue what the government and their central banking cohorts will do next. More taxes? More printing? More regulations? No one knows, and compounding the problems is that the businesses landscape in the U.S. and Europe literally changes daily – sometimes from one hour to the next.

And now that this talking point has gone mainstream it will become embedded in the social consciousness, so much so that it may trigger the next wave of the crisis, which will undoubtedly include severely panicked investors, in the very near future.

It is this uncertainty that leads to fear, and if insiders and large financial institutions, as well as the investors who following them get scared, you can say good bye to that 401k, IRA and pension fund, because this stock market will drop like a defunct NASA satellite – and we’ll have no idea where it’s going to land.

Hat tip BJ

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    1. Anonymous

      Supertrifecta happening right now.

    2. BoulderCreeker

      We have seen this coming for quite some time. Thanks for the update Marc!

    3. European American

      You sell an item on Ebay using Paypal and now (new policy implemented this week) your funds can be held for 21 days before you’re paid.

      Imagine the amount of interest Paypal is making off your money while it sits in their account.

      We’re going to see this kind of creative financial B.S. grow exponentially. “Were going to hold your cash for 21 days pending our investigation on how it was generated (and tax you accordingly).”

      • Daisy

        I’ve recently seen gas stations doing some hocus pocus with money too.

        A friend filled up at a “pay-at-the-pump” station and used her debit card. She purchased $48 of fuel. Afterwards she went to the grocery store, only to find her funds were not available when she went through the check out.

        The gas station had put $200 of her money on A FORTY EIGHT HOUR HOLD!!!! She called the bank, she called the gas station, she called the corporate headquarters of the gas station. There was absolutely nothing that could be done!

        From this I learned the valuable lesson of CASH ONLY at the gas station. Your bank account is not your own anymore, once a business sinks their teeth into it. Apparently this is a very common practice.

        • BJ

          this has been happening her in Michigan for at least 4 years now that I know of….happened to me many times

          • Daisy

            That’s complete baloney if you ask me. How is it they get to charge some type of deposit on the gasoline you purchase?

            I can’t understand how such a thing could be legal!

          • BJ

            I was mad as hell too, the first time I found out about it around 4 years ago or so down in Grand Rapids.

          • Sam not sam

            I too question the legality of this.. of course, everything is “legal” until someone pushes the envelope in court to prove that it isn’t.
            Debit card transactions, as far as I know, are instantaneous.. there is no legitmate reason for holding a deposit on an approved transaction.
            But, I don’t even have a debit card. I use cash or CC for all transactions…

        • TnAndy

          Yet ANOTHER reason not to have a debit card.

          • crash and burn

            can i get an AMEN???

          • sixpack6t9

            AMEN. I’m pulling my cash out ASAP because they do it here in Oregon too.

        • Mr. Blutarsky

          Pilot gas stations in my state do that. I found out because I used my card at one about 2 hours from my house once and the credit card company called my cell to verify that I made a $200 Pilot charge. I said no, it was about $50 and they said they get authorization for a larger amount in “case” we use it.

        • machinist 73

          Pilot travel centers do the same thing, but 150 bucks, caused me some serious overdraft fees, the money was there they just held onto it for 3 days!!!!

          • machinist 73

            Wal mart is getting bad about not posting debit card transactions for 2 to 3 days, that’s why i will pay cash only from now on

        • LadyHawk

          This happened to me too because I used the debit card at the pump – not the cash register. When you use the card at the pump it takes an “advance” so you can pump. At the pump, it can’t tell if you have enough funds on your card to purchase 50 gallons of gas – so the “advance”.

          To prevent tha, go inside and tell the cashier you want $20 bucks of gas or what ever amount and no “advance” is taken out because all you are going to get is $20 bucks of gas.

        • rachel

          makes no sense for them to do that. my bank has an agreement to pay out any debit transaction regardless of cash in account. If I go into over draft than the bank nails me for fees. However all transactions to vendors are always paid by the bank.

          so whoever is doing that is placing a hold on money they are not entitled or authorized to withdraw. Why the bank doesn’t stop it is beyond me. For the bank cannot hold monies beyond the price of the purchase.

          sounds really fishy and I would avoid that retailor like the plague.

          • LadyHawk


            That’s not everyone – I don’t. So you swipe the card at the pump and put in $20 bucks of gas and the transaction is not approved because there are not enough funds -oops!

            If you prepay with a cashier-It’s not a problem. Don’t have $20 bucks in the account, try $15 and it is approved – (forgot it was the day the monthly fee is taken out – my bad)

            At least the station owner doesn’t have to call the police for the $5 owed.

        • greaseman

          if more customers would use cash only, banks would change their tune.

          • WestVaFolks

            At least in our neck of the woods we don’t have to pay a fee to speak with a teller….yet.

          • Silversparrow

            That is what we do, cash or credit card.
            It’s just another way to rip off the young
            who are just starting out and don’t have
            surplus in the bank.

        • JJ

          Bank first…ATM what you need…go shopping.

          • Daisy

            And of course there’s the other very valid reason for shopping with cash: I don’t want Big Brother to know that I just bought a year’s worth of dried beans and toothpaste.

            With the ultra-invasive questions on the new census and the monitoring we all know is possible when shopping electronically, it’s only a matter of time until “hoarding” laws are enacted and folks start dreading a knock at the door.

      • TotalCollapse

        …and I just received an email from Ebay saying that the Ebay Bucks I have earned can no longer be used for Gold and Silver!!!

        This is getting crazy!

        • Sam not sam

          Why would they care ?

          • WestVaFolks


      • silver bean

        They’re not making much interest with rates so low, and going lower thanks to Ben. If the truth be told, if you go into PayPal thay will tell you exactly how to speed up the release of your funds by printing the shipping label and/or providing a tracking number even if you don’t print a shipping label through ebay or paypal. I recently finished selling 20 items that closed the 10th of September and have received my funds. These are items sold with a brand new Ebay and PayPal account that I opened around August 20th.

      • eric

        really, i will have to take a look at that, that is bs! you imagine you sell a car and need money but we wont pay you for 30 days, hell if they wanna play games tell the customer to get to know you send the money to you directly if you can trust them and fuck ebay. wish there was one that only charged a listing fee and no seller fees etc. what a ripoff.

      • Ben Dover

        My wife pretty much gave up on E Bay because as a seller a paypal transaction never seems to be final.

      • Annie Oakley

        This makes me very nervous. What little money I have left in checking will be gone and will not be replaced. I’ll just simply close the account and pay everything in cash.

        Where I’m at right now in the deep south most people pay with cash and do not use credit cards at all.

        I remember when Gerald Celente said after 9-11 he couldn’t get cash out of his banks as the CD’s were tied to wallstreet and the huge matrix. I know all of this is by design.

        • Ben Dover

          The joys of a “cashless” society!!

    4. Anonymous

      And bo wants to tax $100 for every business class aircraft flying into controlled airspace.

      • cybexg

        Which is among the less price sensitive segments of that market.

        oh…wait…sry…introduced actual information into your rant…sry

        • Torque

          Exactly, they’ll (the business executive in the jet, paying for the flight) pass the additional cost along to his customers.

        • Anonymous

          Small minds go no where your rant…… Airline, corporate, make-a-wish flights, private, commercial, flight for life, private sky-divers, corporate (Cessna, Beech, Lear, Boeing,,,,,,,) FPO repair, crop duster (yes, in rural). I could go on cybexg aka moron. Do you know how to read an air chart?

    5. anonymous

      30 minutes and counting down. 30 plus 1 ready for throttle up DC. Place your bets, place your bets.

    6. Gods Creation

      I think the contrary…

      The insiders are not uncertain as to what will happen. They KNOW what is going to happen, because what has to happen always does.

      It is not the uncertainty that is making the insiders flee in droves. It is the certainty that the corp will continue on it’s destructive path.

      Those same insiders are sure willing to sell. I pity the greater fool who buys it.

      • NetRanger

        Finally! Someone said it.

        Now I can pile on. They *KNOW* what the end result is and they want to get their wealth out of the way of this destructive corporate cabal of greedy criminal bastard thieves.

        I’m very near to doing the same thing. I’ve been in all cash for over a year with my corporate approved funds. I’m considering eating the penalties and taxes and bringing it all home where I will buy a few thousand rounds of 223, 30-06 and put the rest into gold and silver (probably mostly junk silver).

        • God's Cremation

          Not something I would advertise.

        • BJ

          Mom came up for a visit over last weekend. She told me that her employer, a hospital, quit matching a while back, so it is only her money being invested now in 401K
          She said they told her that in no way shape or form can she take her money out and quit the 401K until she no longer worked there…..does that even sound right???

          • The Old Coach

            I don’t think it is, but I never allowed my company to set up a 401k for me. I preferred to take all my cash now thank you very much, even though they would add a contribution of their own. They did it anyway, so when I retired there was a coupla thousand in it. I cashed it out immediately. Why? Because IRAs and 401k accounts are going to be confiscated and replaced with a Government-sponsored “annuity”. It happened in Argentina, and it’s already been proposed by some Congresscritters on the D side of the aisle. And that annuity? It’ll be just as reliable as the SS pensions are today. “Sorry, we can’t pay off – we spent the money for junkets to Antigua.”

          • Daisy

            It’s the same with my company – it’s a requirement that is directly withdrawn from your pay.

          • Jim

            I don’t know the rules on a 401k withdraw but expect it to cost 40 to 60% in tax and penalty. Also employers have a vesting right for whatever they did put in. Usually 20% a year and after 5 years it is yours. The least expensive route to accessing it is to convert tian IRA. Fidelity, Schwab, et al will do most of that work for you. Then create a self directed IRA and private LLC. Costs about $800. When funds hit the LLC you can buy gold, silver, land, homes, etc.

          • Ben Dover

            Other than a “hardship withdrawl”, she probably can’t get what’s already there, but can probably stop additional contributions. I think they changed the rules so you have to actively “opt out” of a 401(k).

            Remember Enron? They blocked pretty much any activity related to reallocating anything in 401(k)s while they “changed administrators” (key executives could do whatever they wanted), while “changing”, they went bankrupt and told most employees “F **k You it’s gone”.

        • DRD5508

          Insiders don’t disappear, they only become more discreet.
          You don’t see or hear of them but they are there.

        • T Bonham

          That is correct you can n ot take your 401k out until you leave or are fired, but you can take out loans on the vested amount. I have taken all out that is mine and bought beans, bullets and bandaides. Coose the longest loan (60 months in my case) and you actually pay yourself back at 4% interest plus you have some physical assets. If you leave you can then figure out the rest but better to have some than none.

      • caryn

        yes, you said it…they know exactly what is what!!!

    7. TotalCollapse

      MarketWatch headline…..

      Moody’s unloads on banks…

      Credit-rating agency’s raft of financial-sector debt downgrades target B. of A., Wells Fargo and Citigroup.

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        Bank of America was just downgraded today too.

        • Bank of America

          you meant to say “Bank-ruptcy of America” was just downgraded today too.

      • greaseman

        it sounds like to me, people better start thinking of removing their funds fron some of these ‘troubled” banks. when the touble really does start, it will be impossible to get your funds. when a bank run starts, there will be no stopping the feeding frenzy.

    8. Mr. Blutarsky

      Two thoughts….

      I work with building product manufacturers & manufacturers rep agencies. To say that they are afraid of the future is an understatement. The small guys are slowly going out of business, the medium sized businesses are panicked and the large manufacturers are living with very restrictive budgets. Things are WAY worse than the sheeple news and the lying government lead us to believe.

      If the insiders aren’t the ones buying then my bet is that the Fed or the govt is doing the buying – propping up the market. I know I’M not buying anything except real estate, preps/food, gold or silver.

      • greaseman

        things are always worse than the msm would lead us to believe. all one has to do is look around. anyone who doesn’t understand that a crash is coming soon is a moron. the facts are staring us right in the face. common sense dictates that all the government can do is postpone the inevitable. And they have done this postponing numerous times. The game is just about up.

    9. king crazy

      Does anybody have any suggestions where i should park my pension and 401k?

        • DRD5508

          Mac, only if you can control it. First see if you are able to have direct control and how long they can hold on to it before you move it (transactions). Because you’d
          still be trusting someone else to have your funds.

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        We put some retirement 401K money into land.

        Research self directed IRA’s. You can take the money and invest it in anything you want (with usage limitations of course – i.e. you can’t use the land until you are 65 but if things collapse, who will know?).

        We use Pensco to manage our IRA but there are other firms out there.

        If you have a 401k through your company you might not be able to get it out and put it into a self directed IRA – you’ll have to check with your HR Dept.

        Good luck!

      • Bill

        Gold Silver Lead and Food

        • greaseman

          thats the ticket!!

        • NetRanger

          Correct components. Wrong order:

          Lead, Food, Gold/Silver.

          Without the lead you’ll have nothing.
          Without the food, gold and silver mean nothing.
          The gold and silver, then, will preserve your wealth.

          • Arkaden

            I’d argue that food comes first. Without food you will certainly die. Without lead, you might die or lose the food but there’s not a certainty as there is without eating.

    10. whitewash

      restaurants can also put a hold on your credit card too $50-$200 too, this is the kicker ….. i worked at the said restaurant. It was lifted with in 24-48 hours. I was mad !!!! , later i had a chance to stiff the restaurant …., payback is a bitch…….

      • LadyHawk

        running a tab?

    11. TnAndy

      “But there are still millions of Americans who are depending on stocks for their livelihoods and retirements.”

      Same fools that believed houses always go up in value, and used them as their personal ATM.

      The only semi-secure investment is paid for home/land, with the ability to raise food, your own water source, solar power for your electricity, and so on…..and put some away in ‘real money’ to handle property taxes and essentials you can’t control.

      Putting your faith in the Wall St casino is a great way to end up broke and living on cat food in your old age. The whole purpose of the world of “financial services” is to separate YOU from your money.

    12. TotalCollapse

      Dow now down 100 points….

      • RICH

        and the dow was down big time a few weeks ago and what happened with that ? it rebounded like it always has and will !!

        • Sam not sam

          Are you really that stupid ? Or are you just a REALLY good actor pretending to be a really stupid person ? Inquiring minds want to know..

          • RICH

            NO…….are you stupid ?????? cuz if you think the market will go down and wont rebound then you are a DOOMTARD and just WANT to believe in all this doom !

          • Ben Dover

            Everything will be fine. Buy now while prices are low. Trust me…

        • Ben Dover

          Exactly! Just have faith in the white shoe boys. They will treat your money as if it were their own (it will be at the first opportunity)!!!

    13. Sam not sam

      QE3 ( or is it 33 ? ) just announced by the Fed. 400 billion.

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        Inflation here we come!! Bye Bye savings.

      • anonymous

        I expected them to double double down.

      • Anonymous

        What’s 4 B’s between crooks.

        • Arkaden

          +1 to you sir.

    14. Homeland Security

      Nothing is safe. The leviathan can take it all. Your land, your money, your children, your life. Step out of the way when the leviathan falls. There will be a stampede to kick it in the balls.

      • Daisy

        You are absolutely right. It sounds crazy but we are fighting off so many “enemies” these days. The banks seem to do whatever they want with loans, interest rates and personal accounts. We haven’t even mentioned the horrible practices of insurance companies, jacking up your rates if you have to use the insurance you are required to have. You are taxed into oblivion if you have the audacity to actually OWN something. You pay taxes to use things you’ve already paid for in full, like your automobiles. You pay to use and do everything these days and it’s only going to get worse while Big Business and the government frantically dog paddle to keep their heads above water.

        It’s really starting to tick me off.

        • LadyHawk

          So very true – everyone has their hand out for a piece of you.

          • PO'dpatriot

            All of me, why not take all of me, can’t you see that I’m no good without you………Sing it Willie!

          • Anonymous

            Not me!

        • Durango Kidd

          Daisy: You are soooo hot and sexy when you are ticked off! 🙂

          • Daisy

            Oh, Durango, I’m on a roll of ticked-offedness tonight!

            I got home from work and discovered that my car insurance had gone up 25%.

            Why, you ask. Did she have an accident, you wonder.

            No – I have the audacity to have bad credit. When I quizzed (yeah, we’ll go with that “quizzed”) the insurance agent he informed me if I had bad credit I was less likely to maintain my vehicle and therefore more likely to have an accident due to faulty brakes, etc.

            I challenged him to inspect my car and show me ONE THING that was less than impeccable on it but he didn’t take me up on that.

            Yet another entity that can do whatever the heck they want to in an endeavour to keep their bug-eyed, pimple-ridden, pus-filled head above water.

            And yes, of course I checked. It’s all perfectly legal.

          • BJ

            Daisy I have been bitching to high heaven about that for a few years now….this whole credit thing is a scam and bullshit to boot. They use it to make more money and it ought to be illegal….it is part of their game plan toy make money off the people,, just another form of taxation and part of the credit scam. Yet they can all have the worst credit in the world and continue to steal

          • Daisy

            Insurance companies and lending institutions are equal on the evil scale to me. Both are just there to take advantage of people by making promises and punishing those who believe them.

        • DRD5508

          Daisy, there are only two types of people: Givers and Takers. We are only fighting one enemy: takers. Keep it simple so as not to get overwelmed with them. Never underestimate the Takers. Everytime evil(takers) are removed from our sights, there is another to replace them.
          Keep up the good fight and be at peace, the battle belongs to the Lord and (John 16:3) He has overcome.

          • DRD5508

            John 16:33

      • DRD5508

        HS, I heard, yesterday, on 2 different talk radio programs, the leviathan term used. Interesting, like minds!

    15. Anonymous

      Let’s move before they raise the parking rate and the beenie weenies start to hurt your eyes looking for the weenies.

    16. Cyber_Samurai

      I’ve just about prepared myself mentally and physically to live as a nomad if necessary. I’m doing this because I owe too much to just pay off anything…my house, my car, etc.

      My family, on the other hand, is NOT ready. If they come take my house and land because I can’t pay for it, I will grab the essentials and I MAY set fire to the rest! I won’t go until I HAVE to, though.

      • Daisy

        When my house was in foreclosure I left before they kicked me out. I just couldn’t stand the indignity of being removed from my home. More power to ya if you make them work for it, CS!

      • LadyHawk

        Unless, you have some other place or family to crash with. Consider a back up plan of a motor home – for living in, pulling a trailer for your preps.

        I have twenty years doing it and I love the options and flexibility it gives me. Because I’m not paying “the man” rent, I worked my up from a 20 ft Class A motor home to a 40ft bus.

        • Durango Kidd

          LH: I saw a guy with a brand new white motor home. The kind built from a Peterbuilt truck. It was probably 20-25 feet long, with a matching trailer (same height and length) for his preps and toys.

          Man, that was an awesome rig! Big bucks! He could live at Dogtown Reservoir forever in that thing.

          • LadyHawk

            I’ve seen those too – drool- drool – I call them Slicks. They go from resort to resort. I was into backwoods boondocking with my solar and wind on BLM and federal lands in the hinterland.

            I’ve a nice set up with craftsmanship oak wood work, a wood burning stove with oven – nothing posh, but very functional and comfortable. Those units can be required now at reasonable prices – Look for the older gas gussling units and plan on setting up someplace and use a motorcycle or car for recon and re-supplying.

            I’ve had jobs where I’ve set up on site in exchange for providing security (which I’m doing now) Got badge and gun. It’s a win win.

          • SmokinOkie

            And the best thing is…you can get ’em with 10 SPEED TRANSMISSIONS!!!

          • Durango Kidd

            LH: Paid to protect your preps. Like it!.

        • Anonymous

          Was it painted yellow?

          • LadyHawk

            No – look up bus nuts – it’s about bus conversions and the guys that put alot of work and craftmanship into converting these into these mobile abodes. I am so thankful to own one of them.

        • AZ Ready

          LH, I bought a 26 footer last year as a back-up residence/BOV. For $2000 it was well worth the money. With the economy as it is killing my business and the almost certain SHTF scenario looming in the future, I know I will have a roof over my head with some of the amenities of a real home. Piece of mind!

          • LadyHawk

            +1 Peace of mind AND options 😀

      • silver bean

        That’s real intelligent, burn what belongs to your creditors. Last time I checked arson = jail.

        • Cyber_Samurai

          You can pucker up and kiss my ass. I’ve worked until I’ve damn-near collapsed to pay for that home, and if some pencil-pushing SOB decides to take it because my company went out of business… Because our politicians and corporate pencil dicks are crooks, then they’ll receive what they deserve… A pile of ashes. Meanwhile, I’ll quietly disappear. After all, if I have to move from place to place, I’m getting COMPLETELY out of the system.

      • JJ

        Many that lost their homes trashed them before leaving…I read many stayed a year before being ousted—that’s okay for those upside down…those with equity?? What do we do????

        • Daisy

          When I realized I could no longer make the payments – that there was no way to catch up and get things under control – I relinquished my house voluntarily.

          Some may see that as giving up.

          I felt like if I was not paying the payments I owed and had promised to make, that I should not hold the property hostage, so to speak. For me, walking away when I knew there was no way to salvage the situation, seemed like the most honorable thing to do.


          • stealth

            YOU are honorable Daisy THEY are not.

            DIShonorable coporate scumbags that lured most of us into a deal they KNEW we couldn’t afford.

            Yes I was chasing MY dream home too but the reality of the ever increasing payments have come to fruition and the hard truth is I paid 150,0000 in cash on an interest only loan that was made to fail—MADE and created to fail so the bank could get whatever they could from me, the default insurance, the loan servicing fees, the possible forclosure fees and then regain the home and resell it again.

            How in the hell is this legal you ask????
            Because they [corporations,all federal gov’ment entities, the banks, wall street etc…] set it up that way.
            Fuck um I say… they are playing by my rules now. Come get it bitches.

          • Stealth

            Rick and caveboy:

            Both of you can go straight to fucking hell boys.
            I was in Afghanistan when my wife closed the deal with the bank NOT ME. I took possession of the note/house when I survived the war and came home. Scumbag, a welfare parasite…you say? Well your fat loser ass would say that to my face. Only a punk ass, chair sittin, bullshitter behind a computer would have the temerity to even think in that manner.

            BTW the 150 thousand was for the last 4.5 years I paid into a home I will NEVER own. You morons will get no more of my precious time and energy.
            Fie on you.

        • Arkaden

          Bought my house in 2007 at the very peak of the housing bubble. Worst mistake I have ever made. My house is essentially worth 60% of what I paid (and owe) on it. I’m still making my payment like a good little sheep but I know of people in Vegas in >$500,000 houses that were in the same situation and lost their jobs. As the bank was taking possession they poured concrete mix down the sewer and drainage pipes and left. Not promoting that, but it completely destroys a house and you can’t tell from looking at it.

          • Rick

            Stealth, you are the idiot and the scumbag for not only taking a loan you could not afford but then blaming it on the people who gave you the loan.

            If you were stupid enough to take out an interest only loan on the gamble that the price would keep rising (obviously unsustainable) to a point where you come out good on the deal… you deserve what you got.

            Be a man and admit that you made a bad decision, don’t blame it on others. Many of us bought homes we COULD afford and your poor decisions hurt us… the people who pay our bills.

            You are a scumbag, a welfare parasite.

          • Cave Man

            Plus 1 Rick! Anybody that can brag about putting $150K cash down on a house with an interest only loan “was” a speculator that lost because he was stupid and greedy. There’s some more hard truth for you to chew on.

    17. Anonymous

      Tis’ mearly a flesh wound but the domino rows are mutating logarithmically. Don’t look, it’s EVIL.

    18. Sam not sam

      New Headline on Drudgereport DOT com … Surburban Depression.

    19. crazy

      come to the hills of West Virginia people here know how to get by…stick together….shoot…organize

      • WestVaFolks


    20. Jim

      IRA’s can be invested in gold, silver, homes and land. It can be cheap using ETF’s ( but more risky) or expensive using a self directed IRA and LLC which is going to cost at least $800 or so.

      • The Old Coach

        Get out of your IRA ASAP. It won’t be long before they confiscate all of them. It was done in Argentina, and it’s already been proposed unofficially by some D congresscritters. There’s trillions there, and they will replace them with the same sort of IOUs that are cluttering up file cabinets at the Social Security Administration now.

    21. Anonymous

      Years ago I drove down to Fort Lauderdale and looked at a yacht that was for sale, bid only (cash within 3 days of close) which left very little time to look for outstanding liens. Previous owner was a police officer that purchased it, made a couple payments and sailed off with a “professional dancer”. His bank hired a boat recoverer that chased him more than half way around the world going East and was always a few days late. They caught the boat one and half years after he purchased it. They didn’t catch him or her. The rest of his money he probably wasted!

    22. Homeland Security

      I don’t know. That doesn’t sound too bad. Depends on ones definition of “wasted”.

      • Anonymous

        I’m talking about the upkeep HS (not the boat).

        • Homeland Security

          Had a boat once. They are a bottomless pit of expenses.

          • Plain Old American

            A hole in the water you throw money into.

            Aka: Break

            Yeah, but I miss going after the nookie (Chinookie) on the Big C.

          • Anonymous

            I never had to ride or jump out of a Chinook, 46 or 47. Red Herring. I’ve done 53’s, 3’s, 60’s and hoisted up in a CG rotor but 99% fixed. 42′ of line or free fall is good. Lake Champlain, small is good POA.

    23. Anonymous

      lil boat or boat that floats?

      • Anonymous

        What was her name?

        • SmokinOkie

          I call mine the ‘Katy B’. Cute little 26′ sloop. She’s more than enough for landlocked okie sailing, and besides, Grand Lake is kinda nice in the fall! 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Grand is grand on the 4th of July while circling overhead. Wasn’t that in a John Wayne Duke movie. He did enjoy sailing. On another note, I have never lost my bag at the Denver Airport. That automated bag mover is just amazing but the baggage fee is too high. Just a minute, I hear a helo outside.

          • Anonymous

            Okie, this is the men in black. Get off of the baby sitter, we know you’re in there. Come on out with you hands up. You have three minutes after you pull over.

    24. rachel

      red herring?

      • Anonymous

        Si, Francesca.

    25. Homeland Security

      It was too small to name. 18 feet.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing…

    26. Anonymous

      283 down on DOW. Is that all? Good day Mac.

    27. silver bean

      As for the crazy debit card charges, I just automatically say, or enter into a gas pump, credit card. I did it within the last hour at the post office, no questions were asked. It does make a great case for using cash. Besides cash is always harder to track.

    28. Daisy

      With all of these unauthorized debit charges, imagine the things that could happen. What if there is some kind of computer glitch? Always always print out a reciept of the transaction because one day you may be forced to prove that you took only $40 of fuel instead of the $200 they’ve put on hold.

      Cash is king. I only keep enough in the bank to cover the bills – the rest is cash or material items like food and seeds.

    29. RICH

      and just like the last market drop it will rebound again just like it always has ! if i see a market drop of 700 points in a day i wont even bat an eye because i know that when the downward trend stops it will go right back up !

      • Snowleopard

        You must be a buyer for the Fed’s account!

    30. Bill


      If you ever want to visit northern Michigan you can plug in at my place. Sounds like you and the misses would get along good.

      • LadyHawk

        If you are in the Rocky Mountain area – you are more then welcome, and I’ll leave the light on for you. 😀

      • Jim

        Hey fellow northern michigander, keep the preps going!!!

    31. Anonymous

      I’ve seen a $16 muffin but I didn’t taste it.

    32. Todd

      Nice article. I’m linking to it on my site.

    33. johnedoe


      • machinist 73

        John, quit using welfare

      • Daisy

        Perhaps you should quit using a keyboard, Johnedoe.

    34. Patriot One

      Watch out for Financial Contagion now that Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo have been downgraded. I’ve warned everyone not to have a penny in any of the large banks, If you do I would urge you to get it out of the bank before the weekend, because Monday maybe to late.

      If you think the FDIC has enough funds to pay the claims of even one of these banks you are sadly mistaken. I can guarantee you the big boys don’t have any money left in the big five banks. Well maybe Buffet!

      In the twinkling of an eye these banks can get digitally wiped out. Don’t get caught with an empty bag. Play it safe and get your money out of the banks for the next few weeks.

      The banks down grade should be the subject of debate on every news channel tonight and its not. That fact by itself should be a big flashing red light and cause you to run to the bank in the morning.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I think its beginning.

      • Daisy


        • Patriot One

          Yeah as I wright this the Asia markets are down almost 3%. Do ya think they are selling US Banks? You can bet you ass they are and in a few hours European markets will be selling US banks too!!!

      • JJ

        Remember in 2008 when everyone was talking ‘run on banks’ and the banks came out with,”but the FDIC has raised their insurance to $250,000″ like, duh!!
        If the banks default on $100,000 due to FDIC bankrupt, they won’t default on $250,000—what kind of math is that??

        Rant off!! Nah, not even—I have $.57 cents in the account. I’m poor white trash, folks.

        • LadyHawk

          .48 cents in mine. Job requires direct deposit – not using bank, but one of those check cash debit cards (out of state/country?)Use Wally to convert into cash ASAP.

      • Durango Kidd

        PO: Why do you think Uncle Ben manipulated the FED holdings to lower long term rates and mortgage rates in particular when they are alraedy at historic lows.

        Methinks a desperate attempt to reverse the housing trend. Not gonna work until they drop prices to historic lows too.

        • Snowleopard

          He said making housing more affordable was an objective when he began lowering interest. Maybe so.

          Methinks lowering the payments on the US national debt, and reducing what banks had to pay for funds to increase their revenues were more important though. Notice credit card rates are still sky high, but the banks can borrow for under 1%.

          • Durango Kidd

            Snowleopard: I hear you, understand, and agree with you BUT, (1) the banks are already sitting on a ton of cash at historic lows that yield a pretty profit without lending a dime, and (2) the current REO situation and the percentage of existing current mortgages that are way underwater are the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

            Methinks housing has not yet been stabilized.

            Everything else long term, like the national debt, pales in comparison to the crash these assets could spark, and undo all of the QE that has repaired the balance sheets of the banks.

            Afterall it IS all about the banks, isn’t it?

            So while we are talking about the effect on long term rates, I believe this is an action to mitigate near term fears, as WE are at a cusp, that could tilt either way, and I believe it will over the next six months. I am just not sure which way yet.

            Bottom line, another short term fix. Whether it works or not remains to be seen.

            Thanks for your imput. I appreciate a knowledgeable poster who can separate the wheat from the shaff. Many here do not have that knowledge and need to hear another knowledgeable voice to dampen their fears; separate fact from fiction and label hyperbole and hysteria for what it is: fear mongering, propaganda, or ignorance.

            Pick up my slack. I have other things to do.

          • Anonymous

            Let’s do the twist. I’m tired of reading about the twist two weeks ago before MSM started talking about it yesterday.

      • loosebit

        It has been begging since 2008. Buffet might not have the pockets he wants you to think he has. He took a large chunk of BAC while is around $7.20 a share. Now it’s $6.6 going on a downward spiral that not Buffet or Bernanke can stop.

    35. Dave

      Just one more WTF piece of info for your files, people, Do what you will with this. Sent to me by a friend:

      Defcon 1 Cocked Pistol

      THE US ARMED FORCES WILL BE RUNNING A DEFCON 1- COCKED PISTOL – MAXIMUM READINESS ALERT DRILL ON SEPTEMBER 27TH. Now, as many of you know Obama and Top NASA Officials will be in Denver on this Date. Here’s where it gets Weird. Google Earth Coordinates- W104′ 44′ 30′ N40′ 36′ 10′ – These numbers correlate with Denver International Airport, which did Not exist in 1977. Why’s this matter you ask? The Movie- Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was released in 1977. It featured a scene with THOSE Coordinates and they were given to Humans by Aliens. This is what else i can find ALL during Sept 27th: Congress in recess, British Parliament is Off, British Royals have Nothing scheduled, UN is Off, Pope?, Russian Congress/Duma is Off. Defcon 1 is the Highest Readiness Alert, which means Nuclear War is Imminent. The Highest Confirmed Defcon Ever was Level 2 during the Cuban Missile Crisis on
      October 22, 1962. What’s Really going on here people? WTF?!?! Right?



      • Incriminally Sane

        I get the feeling that something is going on either with the financial markets or there is going to be some pre-planned attack on one or more of the G-5 nations that are the US, UK, Italy, France & Germany that will be used to increase the so called “Global war on Terror” to the point of declaring Martial Law In America and likely all the G-5 nations to gear up for a very short Global War between all the big players outside the G-5 that are against this Global Dictatorship.

        According to Benjamin Fulford, the Global murderers are supposed to turn themselves in within the next year and if these guys refuse they will have to move fast to regain the control of their revised Roman Empire and an attack on one or more of the G-5 nations will provide the needed false support from the unknowing cattle that will give them the generic backing to push this globalist plan to the brink.

        Think about this, ALL political players in ALL G-5 nations happen to be on break from September 23rd to October 3 (US ONLY) and the rest will return on October 10th. Very strange that they would ALL be on break during this time which leads me to the idea that they have something very BIG planned for this time frame and they will rush incredibly fast for their final assault towards their Global Domination, they NEVER planned on turning themselves in because they have come way too far in a relatively short amount of time and they cannot stop now.

        Watch where these politicians go during this time frame because they may be headed for their underground bunkers at DIA, Lead, South Dakota, Norad, Nebraska, Missouri, White Sands, Area 51, Fort Benning, Georgia, Mount weather in Virginia (unless it got destroyed) or the many other underground bases around the world, but watch WHERE THEY GO! Something is coming folks.

        • BJ

          Obama is planned on being (with family) at Denver, along with many many other high ranking and important people, including health officials, and NASA on Sept 27

          Also a defcon 1 drill is going on and supposedly that is why bo is being called out there to a military bunker

          • Sam not sam

            Anyone have any actual links to show a DEFCON1 condition ?

          • BJ

            Something MAJOR going down in Denver!!


            I have read and followed the speculations on Elenin, This satellite and Obama being in Denver….everything seems to be falling around the dates of this Friday the 23rd to the 27th or so…depending on the speculation.

            I in general have tried to remain level headed about all of it and then I got this email!
            Friday there will be a full scale military and civilian agency operation going down in Denver, and they are cautioning residents to remain calm, no matter what they may see!
            Can there really be so many coincidences!? This has really peaked my interest and concerns that maybe something big is happening!

            Please be advised that on Friday, 9/23/11, a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise will take place in multiple locations around the Denver Metro area. The exercise will involve first responders from 81 different agencies, will be conducted at ten separate locations, and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day. Please see the attached document for additional information. Two of the locations are Park Meadows Mall and Sky Ridge Medical Center so don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of activity in these locations.

            I have a whole PDF of information, but I am not sure how to attach it.
            This operation is called Operation Mountain Guardian


            Snippet QUOTE:

            Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise
            September 19th, 2011

            NEWS ADVISORY

            Contact: Lynn Kimbrough at [email protected] (720-913-9025)

            Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise

            September 23, 2011

            Operation Mountain Guardian is a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise scheduled to take place in numerous locations in the Denver metro area on Friday, September 23, 2011. The exercise will involve first responders from 81 different agencies**, will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day.

            Check this out—>

            Primary Locations

            1. Park Meadows Mall
            2. Smedley Elementary School
            3. Denver Union Station
            4. Community College of Aurora (Lowry Campus)

            Secondary Locations

            1. Denver International Airport
            2. Sky Ridge Medical Center
            3. Denver Health Medical Center
            4. University of Colorado Hospital
            5. Catholic Charities (NW Denver)
            6. Sports Authority Field at Mile High

      • Durango Kidd

        GOOD STUFF DAVE!!! Lets keep an ear to the ground.

        • OnTheDownLow

          Excerpts from the IntelHub: Operation Mountain Guardian is a terrorism-based, full-scale emergency exercise scheduled to take place in numerous locations in the Denver metro area on Friday, September 23, 2011.

          The exercise will involve first responders from 81 different agencies**, will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day.


          The exercise has been designed as a learning event for regional first responders to test their capabilities in a scenario that will involve a terrorist-driven catastrophic situation.

          Exercise play will occur at the four primary sites and DIA. Catholic Charities and Sports Authority Field at Mile High will participate in an administrative fashion to test student/teacher processing activities.

          Sky Ridge Medical Center, Denver Health Medical Center, and University of Colorado Hospital will participate for the purpose of testing medical surge capabilities and communicating within Incident Command.


          The United Nations has an empty schedule from September 23rd through October 10th, 2011.

          The UK Parliament is in recess from September 15th through October 10th, 2011.

          The United States Congress is on vacation from September 25th through October 2nd, 2011.

          Further adding to the mystery and conspiracy is the fact that President Barack Obama is scheduled to be in Denver on September 27, 2011

          Germany’s President’s schedule is empty after September 25, 2011.

          Coincidentally, NASA is currently in Denver holding a new exhibit related to the International Space Station and space based research.

          Do these world leaders as well as U.S. officials know something that most of the public is completely unaware of?

          Any comments??????????

          Does anyone here live in the Denver area? See anything??

          • OnTheDownLow

            A connection???


            One fact is certain, there is much disinformation regarding ELELIN. It does not seem to
            have the traditional attributes of a “Comet” -it may be a “Blue Star” or something else as
            some have observed a changing trajectory. Is it a prelude to the “Red Star” Planet x/
            Nibiru to come later? NASA’s JPL has changed the coordinates of the ELENIN-Earth-
            Sun-Mercury Alignment from September 26, 2011 to the *27th! *JPL Updated stats on
            Sept 2, 2011.
            ELENIN reaches Earth’s orbit at the Ecliptic not on Sept 11 then but on the Sept *14th!
            This alignment would then match the 188 Day Pattern. Some speculate that this could
            become the visible ‘2nd Sun’ because it is estimated that the coma & body has expanded
            to the size of Jupiter as some claim!
            Because of its size, at the Alignment it may possibly block out the Sun with its hazy trail
            of debris for 3 days. Additionally, the electromagnetic influence of the Sun on the Alignment
            could be “interrupted” at this time; a possible ‘pole shift’ could happen or a
            “wobble”. In November 2011-the Earth would likely be in direct impact from the debris
            trail of ELELIN-which may causes meteors of Ice and Fire to fall to the earth. Most notably
            also, Comet YU55 which is trailing ELENIN will be .002 AUs from Earth which could
            be a near miss or direct hit on Earth with space debris or meteor showers!

          • OnTheDownLow

            COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) – Hundreds of NATO ground and air forces are training right now at Camp Atterbury.

            The 750 service members from 13 countries are taking part in Operation Bold Quest, a joint forces exercise focusing on combat identification issues.

            On the airfield at Camp Atterbury sit giant cargo planes. Not American C-130s, but one plane from Italy and two from Germany. Inside the planes, NATO combat identification training is under way.

            “It is especially important to test it in an international environment because we need to be interoperable,” said Major Markus Stury, a pilot with the German Air Force.

          • Durango Kidd

            OTDL: With respect to ELEnin, I believe it is over, whatever IT was. First I read on a science site that it had broken up. Second, the comas of comets can easily grow to the size of the Sun, so a coma the size of Jupiter is no big deal.


      • Daisy

        Isn’t the Denver Airport the one that was featured on Alex Jones’ show where he was discussing the artwork being related to the Apocalypse? Something govt. related? Does anyone recall that episode more clearly than I do?

        • manos

          BJ, Daisy,

          According to conspiracy theories some comet called Elenin will pass very close to earth this weekend.
          Maybe this is why all high rank officials go to Denver.
          Who knows?
          In any case, and i’m serious about that, buy some extra stuff today or tommorow. Maybe some gas mask and fire-proof uniform.
          You never know.

          • SoulMan

            @ Manos,

            Buy a box on nickle sized washers and a good box knife, cross cut some skeet loads and carefully empty out the lead shot insert 5 to 10 washers and reload the lead to reseal use wax. Make sure you don’t loose the wad at the bottom.. first shot is a crowd pleaser… add to bottles of Ouzo to the list and “CHEERS”

            Good Luck Brother

        • Plain Old American

          I believe Jesse Ventura made the claim that there is an underground connection from Denver Airport to the command center for NORAD outside of Colorado Springs. (under the mountains)

          It is supposed to be stocked with supplies and capable of protecting the elites.

          • Daisy

            Yes!! That was the show I was thinking about, POA. Jesse Ventura – not Alex Jones.

            TPTB seem to be thinking something is up. Something BIG.

          • manos


            I searched a bit, and it seems that the uk parliament, and the us congress are having some kind of vacation, as OnTheDownLow mentioned.
            If one counts the military drill, the condition in the mediteranean, and the finance condition, yes Daisy probably something big is smelling around weekend.
            Tonight i’m going to by my last provisions. Some more meat cans, 60 2lt bottles of water, some wet napkins, and batteries for two flashlights.
            I tried to buy a couple of belts for the shotgun shells, but it seems that there is some shortage in the local market.

          • BJ

            UK parliament, UN and US Congress….all out on vacation. POpe is going on vacation, Merckel of Germany is out..,..the list of coincidences goes on and on

          • Anonymous

            I’m always on a mental vacation.

    36. Francis Le Oublieux

      “Get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, physical, I’m gonna get psysical, psysical, yahhhhh.”

    37. SmokinOkie

      overheard in a dark alley near Wall Street…

      Gangster1- ‘So, you in for more tomorrow?’
      Gangster2- ‘No, I’m just gonna wait. I got an uneasy feeling about stuff lately.’
      G1-So, you got another deal? I KNOW you aint leaving it in cash. What’s up?’
      G2- ‘As a matter of fact I do have something else working. There’s a syndicate down in Tampa with a new piece of machinery that looks pretty good.’
      G1- ‘Well, c’mon! Tell me about it! What is it? Who’s got it? What’s the upside limit?’
      G2- ‘There’s this squirrely little guy down there, Sylvester something…McBean, I think. Really weird guy but he must be a hell of an inventer. He lives right on the beach and he’s built a machine that can apply or remove tattoos instantly! The syndicate guys already have 2 factories in China making the machines, and they’re wrapping up the American and EU patent rights in a few days and this thing is ready to blast off! I mean, the upside is UNLIMITED! Better than any of the bailouts even!’
      G1- ‘So what’s the hook? How is this so-called unlimited upside gonna happen?’
      G2- ‘That’s the best part. Our guys in DC have the legislation already written up. Just a quick vote and we’re set. Plus the passage has, shall we say, ‘already been secured’ if you get my meaning.’
      G1- ‘Quick jackin’ round. Tell me straight out- how does it work’?
      G2- ‘There’s 2 new laws coming, see? Law #1 requires you to get this little tattoo, kinda like a translucent bar code all scrunched together to look like a star. You have to have the star to get ANY government assistance. Student loans, welfare, even social security or to keep any government job, even postal workers will need it! (giggles)…And then law #2 FORBIDS anybody with a star from using any public transport or from even entering any government facility! Is that great or what!? You have to have it to get a school loan, then you have to NOT have it to get on campus! You gotta have it to get a government job, then you gotta NOT have it to go into your workplace!’
      G1- ‘And…?
      G2- ‘And, it’s government mandated! You do know something about that, don’t you? So, we’re gonna put these machines, it’s the same machine to put on the tattoo or take it off,…we’ll put them in every school in the country! Every post office, bus station, airport, courthouse, you name it! We lease the machines to the government for about a million a year each, and there’ll be thousands of machines, PLUS we charge the stupid people a buck every time they go through the machine. Put it on- that’s a buck. Take it off- that’s a buck. And WE keep all that money, too!
      G1- ‘So, can I get in? How much?’
      G2- ‘Yeah, you’re in if you want to, but keep quiet ok?. This is a very limited syndicate. Minimum buy in is 50 mil per share, and if you wanna blow the piggy bank you can get as much as 5 shares. You’ll make that back the first month after roll out. And it’s all profit from there to eternity'(smiles wickedly)
      G1- ‘Sounds great! I’m up for 5 shares.’
      G2- ‘Done. Just have your bank wire ready by Friday. I’ll call you from Tampa and let you know where to send it….well, I gotta get home. See you later.’
      G1- ‘OK, I’ll see you. And, Warren…thanks for letting me in on this. I really appreciate it.’
      G2- ‘You’re welcome Barack. That’s what friends are for.’

      • Sam not sam

        You’re too much.. LMAO.

        • Martial Law Really??

          LOL………….. sad but true

      • Anonymous

        A beautiful mind

      • rachel


      • stealth

        A beautiful mind..is a terrible thing to waste.
        You kill me man.

      • Bill

        That was excellent. When’s part II?

    38. Durango Kidd

      Smoking Okie: I love you, man!

      • Plain Old American

        Get a room, LOL

    39. Homeland Security

      If interest rates go any lower we’ll have to pay the banks to keep our money. Or we take our money out of the bank and they pay us to borrow from them. Didn’t Japan do the latter?

      • loosebit

        What the federal reserve technically** has never been done before. Japan did try a similar strategy in the 90’s but still went stagnant.

    40. Hoopster

      I have been noticing a lot of food stamp card troubles at the supermarket.. Was behind a lady with a fancy cellphone in her ear, weighed about 300 pounds, was trying to purchase 8.00 worth of food and her ebt card wouldn’t go through, so she pulls out a twenty-dollar bill. When I shop I try to notice things like this and it does indeed seem like people are having more problems with debit, ebt, food stamp cards.. glad I do not have a debit card and use only cash.

      • JJ

        I can top that—Aldi’s…closing time..not enough balance on EBT…puts back OYSTERS, yes oysters..
        Still not enough on EBT balance…puts back more oysters…then still has to return items…sardines this time..now, every one of these failures calls for a manager to override…..so I think this was standard procedure of this couple..to get those in line to have mercy on them and give them cash just to get rid of them…didn’t work…and as I walked by the car, said rather loudly…”wish I could afford oysters and sardines”

        True story!!!(I am a bitch when provoked or pizzed)

      • KY Mom

        According to the government the “recession officially ended in mid-2009”.

        So, I guess we should have no worries.

        I guess we didn’t get the memo.

    41. Anonymous

      President of Exchange: [Randolph Duke has just collapsed with shock] Mortimer, your brother is not well. We better call an ambulance.
      Mortimer Duke: phuck him! Now, you listen to me! I want trading reopened right now. Get those brokers back in here! Turn those machines back on!
      [shouts – it echoes pathetically throughout the trading hall]
      Mortimer Duke: Turn those machines back on!

      They are on.


    42. machinist 73

      HS, my current bank “allows” me to use their ATM 5 times a month, every time after that I have to pay for the withdraw, needless to say I’m changing banks, if it weren’t for direct deposit, I wouldn’t use a bank at all!!!!

      • JJ

        Same attitude I have—only need it when I purchase online..go deposit…return home, money out in 5 minutes as I buy product..

        My broke friend who says she went last month without any meat pays $29 for checking and $80+ for cable–I let her have it last phone conversation…I said, that’s your choice..and she responded, yes, it is..

        Don’t ask God to guide your footsteps if ya ain’t gonna use YOUR feet!!

        • WestVaFolks

          Sometimes you just feel like smacking people…

    43. Homeland Security

      Weird. Everyday I go to 3 business websites and read the articles posted there. Today, none of them have posted any articles. None. Never happened before.

    44. JR


      • WestVaFolks

        The squatters will be gone in 14 months…

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