Unbelievable: Mother of 15 Kids: “Somebody Needs to Pay; Somebody Needs to Be Held Accountable”

by | Dec 1, 2011 | Headline News | 370 comments

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    Angel Adams, mother of 15 children (twelve live with her) with three different fathers, was living in a single room motel after having been evicted from her home for failure to pay. Local social services groups have reportedly attempted to provide her with assistance, but Adams tells a different story, claiming that once her fiance (father of 10 of the children) was arrested, everything went downhill, leaving her with no way to pay for food or shelter. Now, she’s taking aim – she’s not sure at who – but someone needs to take responsibility:

    “Somebody needs to pay for all my children and my – for all my suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.”

    We present the following video news report without further commentary.

    Hat tip Red Leader


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      1. egads!!!!

        • My heart goes out to those children. I wonder what kind of life they will live and aspire to? They are hearing from their Mother that, “Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.”

          Apparently, she believes raising her children is
          “someone elses responsibility”. (the government – local, state, federal…?)

          I have heard of teenage girls (raised in the welfare system) trying to encourage another teenager “to have a baby and then you can get your own place.”

          A first grader in a class I was teaching once told me, “Mommy is going to have another baby so we can get more money.” Two months later the mother was expecting. The mother (caucasian) already had 8 children, which she could barely care for and the state was supporting – free rent, food and medical care.

          A whole generation has grown up on and learned how to use and abuse the system.

          • KY Mom, the woman is right ‘someone does need to be held accountable’. She only needs to look in the mirror and prevent all the wasted paper work and time spent through the system that allows this. LBJ helped get this started.
            I can’t phanthom 15 children without trying to wise up or at least be responsible. Her whole story appears to be child abuse on her part, she can’t give them much of her time; she’s too busy making more kids and looking for someone to be responsible.

            • Agreed, big-time.

              If you’re busy trying to feed yourself and the kids you have, you shouldn’t have enough time to go out and do the linen fandango with every guy that looks into your eyes. One or two kids, okay… but after that, there had better be a damned good reason why this woman hasn’t been ordered to have a tubal ligation.

            • this is what you get with an ignorant republican base

            • @ Anon…

              Republicans want to empower poor people to work toward their own success. Democrats want to give them handouts that only keep them poor so that they continue to get votes.

              90% of poor blacks vote liberal dem? huh

          • Ky. mom, she feels she’s a responsible mom. It just that paying for her family she feels is our responsibility.

            • ridiculous, dont fear maam, Im sure with the new law senate is pushing through, they will find a fema camp for you and yours.

          • People around here would call her a welfare whore. I do pity her children

            • People ANYWHERE would call her a welfare whore. She is just too stupid for words. THe 15 kids will most likely grow up just like dear old mom.

            • Stupid? No. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She see what she is doing as “work”. She has goals and she pursues them.

              I would say “misguided” or “immoral”

              But, I would definately say disgusting. What gets me is that this woman (and I do use the term loosely) can stand there and demand someone take responsibility when it is clearly her lack of responsibility that has caused this.

              She is, however, only marginally worse (though much more vocal) than the ignorant people-sheep (what I term sheople) that refuse to think beyond their next governmental favor be it welfare, tax break or grant headed their way.

              The government has become the giverment and as such has perverted our way of life. The founders knew it would be a problem. They put checks and balances in there to keep it from happening. Over time, they buried them and did it anyway. …and we let them.

            • Simply put, get her fixed….

          • this is what republicans have wroght on america

            • ANon…”Jane, you ignorant slut”…

            • You ignorant Fuck! maybe after 2 or 3 kids she should have stopped having them and she wouldn’t be in this predicament. it’s called self control and Individual Responsibility. How about the Democrats allowing this type of behavior to continue, “have more kids and we’ll give you more welfare”.

            • Republicans? Now, look, the (R) vs. (D) paradigm is getting pretty damned worn. But, *IF*ANYTHING*, this type of behaviour tends to be celebrated (or at least enabled) by the HUGE support of social(ist) spending put forth more by (D). While (R) certainly doesn’t slam it down with vigor, (D) promotes it like the most important thing. In the end (D) promotes government expansion by promoting this sort of thing while (R) promote government expansion by military and erosion of rights. (R) and (D) both erode your rights by expanding government. While they fight like cats and dogs in front of us, we pile on one side or the other and ENABLE them. In doing so, we enable the bastards to further enslave us.

              In summary: if you think there is a REAL difference in the end result of republicans vs democrats, you’re and complete and total idiot.

              So, may I make a suggestiong? STFU and stop wasting our time.

            • Anon….You are clearly a liberal idiot.
              Your spelling alone indicates that.
              Hey you may get your wish…only thing is all of the rest of the reasonable folks will have to wait while you idiots slowly starve. Then maybe some normalcy will return to this nation.

            • This woman is clearly a product of liberal democrat handouts. Your comment shows how out of touch with reality you really are.

        • More Kids = More Wefare Money. No father in the home = even more Welfare money. Also WIC, Food Stamps, Govt food giveaways etc.

          Under our system we pay people to have large dysfunctional families.

          • At what number of children does a woman loose her ‘reproductive rights’ to bring even more children into this world that she is unable to care for? Why are you and I ‘forced’ to support children that we had no part in creating? I had no part in the pleasure of any of the orgasms required to create these children …… so why am I required to support them and their mother?

            I am informed that here in Florida, the grandmother of the children will go to DCF and allege that her daughter is unfit to care for and raise her grandchildren. Once the mother is declared “unfit”, then the grandmother will gain legal custody of the children and then become their “foster parent”. This changes the whole nature of the situation from a welfare issue to a foster care issue. Grandma can then collect approximately 2.5X more as a foster care provider than her daughter can receive as a welfare recipient.

            At this point, the daughter moves back in with her mother and her children and they all live happily after ….. at our expense.

            How about after the delivery of two welfare babies we also provide the mother with a tubal ligation; at our expense of course. To be completely fare about the whole thing, we also give the father a free vasectomy.

            Food for thought homies. Too cold on my part?

            • Sorry in advance for my thoughts, but…

              At what point should abortion be made retroactive?

            • Ill answer that qestion. I think once a person goes on the public dole for their sustenance they lose the right to reproduce as they freely did before. Why should I or you pay for it?

            • She will just go out and have 15 more. Maybe she can appeal to Obama.

            • An abortion? How about a Tubal ligation?

            • They sent my Tax Return back AGAIN because of my response
              to: “List all dependents”

              I replied:
              “12 million illegal immigrants;
              “3 million crack heads;
              “42 million unemployable people on food stamps,
              “2 million criminals in over 243 prisons;
              “Half of Mexico ; and
              “535 fools in the U.S. House and Senate.”

              Apparently this was not an acceptable answer.

            • I don’t think it’s unfair. Even mandatory depo provera shots, which provide birth control three months at a time would be great. That way you wouldn’t have a groupd of people complaining that it was permanent.
              This angers me because I remember trying not to cry when I went in for my tubal ligation. We wanted more kids but knew in our hearts we couldn’t afford more. We stopped at three, wanted five originally. It was hard but I figured if I was ever in a position to truly support another lil guy then I could afford a reversal or in vitro. Made sense to me then, makes sense to me now. I don’t regret it because I know my kids would have less if I had been emotional and selfish.
              And then to think of the poor couples who can’t have any at all! Really makes me sick. And more and more people have no responsibility for thier actions in any way anymore. I have to wonder, if there were no such thing as welfare, would she have had all those kids?

            • Let’s be fair…

              Norplant as long as you are on welfare.

              Once you start on welfare no more children are added to the payouts.

              You lose the right to vote as long as you are on welfare.

              to collect welfare you need to turn in the father with a DNA test to prove it.

              So if you are down on your luck you get help, and if you turn your life around you get to have as many children as you want, vote, and collect child support from dad(s)

            • @ Eagle 71..

              Thanks for the laugh! That is priceless!

        • I’ll bet she doesn’t like peanut butter either.

          • No, but I be she likes when you throw peanuts at her.

        • let her and all of them die

          • Including anon

          • Kill it before it grows.

        • Lady, move into the White House with the other entitlement recipients that live there. What’s the problem?

        • yeah this is what is wrong with the world women popping out kids left and right and expecting the state to take care of them and them self. she should have gotten fixed after the second one…they even offer these thing for free sometime she has no excuse having all these children. she should give up her right to them and let them have a chance at a normal life with out having to be constantly being pulled back and forth in court. she should be thinking of the children instead of her self.

        • i say put all those monkeys in the gas chamber

      2. Enjoy the decline!!

      3. Keep your GOD DAMN legs together you stupid fucking bitch! WTF?!

        • Wonder what the Pope would have to say about her fruitfulness? Or Monty Python? At least she didn’t decide to get 15 abortions!

          • Considering the (at least) 15 copulations outside of marriage that occurred, what was your point?

            As for the kids? After 2 years on welfare/assistance/whatever, adopt the kids off to non-related married couples (there’s a mountain of prospective parents on waiting lists out there). The mother loses all custody and rights over them from that point on (and to any further children she may bear while on the dole). We’re not talking foster, we’re talking the Full Monty – mommy never sees them again, ever.

            That alone should be more than sufficient to keep any single mothers off the dole and simply pump out babies once and for all.

          • the pedophile pope rapes chitlins and his followers say its ok

            • You are just STUPID!!!!!

          • 15 abortions would have been cheaper and have a conclusion to the monetary drain.

        • They showed her picture at the end of the Price is Right today when they talked about getting your pet spayed/neutered.

        • I bet she has a cell phone.

          • And I would be willing to bet we are paying for it.

            • Smart phone.

            • If you are on ANY govt. assistance you DO get a free cell phone w/250 free minutes.

          • it’s a federal paid for cell phone … look it up … FREE fed cell phones for poor people.

            • free basic cable too … america is a socialist society bordering on all out fascist communism… zion style.what a patheitc joke we all have become.. we live in a sissy nanny state…. it is scary for people with their heads screwed on striaght…. i mean, where the hell does this train end up? do any people in the heirarchy of government or finance ever think of this and what it inevitably means to them … i mean… please… i know youre not that stupid…. what is the major malfunction of you sheeple who continue to support this hogwash?

        • Yes, obviously overwhelmed with compassion. Please share your feelings with the group. Mayhap she should have swallowed?

          • The sad part is, she was probably taught this behavior from her own mother.

            She appears to still be young, so I suspect the most compassionate thing would be to revoke custody and rights to her kids, adopt them off to good homes, then give the mother one last benefit before cutting her off: send her to Job Corps (look it up) in spite of her being older. Once she leaves Job Corps, she is to be banned from any further public relief until the age of 65.

            This shows compassion to the kids, because they’ll be removed from a bad situation and given good homes – where they can get a decent shot at education and gaining a non-entitlement mindset. It shows compassion to the mother because she no longer has the financial burden of children, and is given at least some skills before being cut off from the largesse.

        • AMEN TO THAT

      4. Um..someone remove her Uterus..like 12 kids and 2 dads ago!

        these friken egg donors are rediculous..no responsibility no accountability and no dam clue

        Find a Rope!

        and tie her legs togeather!

        I feel sorry for the kids, they have no clue what that mother signed them up for

        • sorry I forgot..also track the sperm donors down too..they are 1/2 the problem

          • I worked with a young fellow in a factory setting one time; I was his supervisor.

            One day the HR homie brought back an off-duty lady deputy sheriff, in uniform, who was making some extra cash as a process server.

            I called the young man over to my desk and the lady deputy served him with legal papers. After reading the papers, he walked over to his tool box, tossed the papers inside and walked away laughing.

            “You think that’s funny?”, the lady deputy sheriff barked at him.

            The young man stopped, turned and came back to the lady deputy. “Yah, I think that its fucking hilarious!”; the kid barked back at the lady deputy. “They are already taking the maximum that they can from my paycheck.” “From now on out those sorry bitches can go ahead and divide up an ever shrinking pie.” Then he turned and went on about his business.

            The problem here isn’t just the ‘female-baby-factories’ out there; at least 50% of the problem is the irresponsible men who are getting them pregnant.

            How about we put a ‘bounty’ of $5,000.00 to every woman who might choose to avail herself of a tubal ligation, regardless of her financial circumstance.

            Perhaps also a $5,000.00 ‘bounty’, a one time cash payment for every guy that want’s to take advantage of our free vasectomy offer.

            This might be a way to save a whole lot of money going forward. How much to we spend raising each one of a welfare mother’s children to age 18 anyway?

            • this is a brilliant idea you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • You are totally out of line VRF. Two only, not likely. No black african american mac daddy pimp that hasn’t been to Africa would stick around that long.

          • Hey Anon…he isn’t ‘sticking’ around as you ‘put it’—it only takes one day a month…LOL ..no. this isn’t funny..sorry.

      5. stupid people doing stupid things. i have kids of my own- maybe she wants to help pay for them.
        What an effin maroon! f her and her miserable world

        • Yep Anonymous and we all know you just can’t fix stupid.


        • I hate to sound brash, but I think is was Franklin that said the best way to help someone out of poverty was to make them uncomfortable in it…….in other words if we were not providing the safety hammock for her to do this to herself she would have either perished or found another means of support long before it got to this point. I think Darwin’s law of survival of the fittest will be forcibly imposed in the next few months. I guess we’ll see what we see.

          • She’s out breeding me, and I suspect I’m passing on superior genes, work ethic, values, etc.

            If I could afford them, I’d probably have more kids, but I apparently have a different idea of raising children.

            • What a pathetic excuse for a mother and person. Absolutely no concern for the quality of life of her existing babies or providing a nurturing environment. The epitome of irresponsible selfishness. Those little kids looked a bit malnourished. My bet is that bitch sells ‘their’ food stamps for her dope.

              I have watched an associate (single mom with three kids) also milk the system. It’s not all roses, but she has zero worries about housing, no medical expenses, and absolutely eats better than most working folks I know.

              The idea that welfare recipients are America’s poorest is an outdated myth that needs tossing. Reality is that most of their necessities are completely paid for either taxpayers or a wide variety of charities, while many working stiffs struggle to live.

              Deserving of our compassion are the millions of working poor who struggle to pay basic bills. Small paychecks barely pay the rent, let alone meager groceries, work/school clothes, school supplies, insurances, gas and god forbid any car (or kid) trouble. The strain this puts on parents is thick.

              Where are the charities for our neighbors who work low wage jobs? They are the ones who deserve support.

            • Iowaraised, what part of Iowa you from?

          • One benefit of a hard crash. Unfortunately, the buttholes in charge will try everything they can to keep these animals alive.We have to stop thinking of these as people, including the offspring. It may not be the fault of the offspring, but they carry the same animal genes.

      6. It’s not her fault! And the cycle continues.

        • 30 days or 270 days?

      7. if you listen crefully to who whole tape you find when she turnd away from the camera she stated: “for thier suffering.” In refernce to being eveicted without thier shoes.

        no, she is not the most gracious mother nor the most respecteble either. Nor does she come across as anyhting but welfare leech but the contexts has been skewed. She was referring to what she precieved as her kids suffering. Not actually supporting the kids. The state had bee doing that already. Who else would be paying for that hotel room?

        • I agree to a point, but the best way to alleviate the kids’ suffering would be to remove them permanently from the custody of the mother.

          If she cannot take care of them properly, then the kids need to find parents that will. Fortunately, there is a huge waiting list of adoptive parents out there.

          • Right because we all know how good it is to put kids in custody of the state or better yet, catholic charities.

            • Strawman argument. Think outside the box a little here…

              What you do is to have the state hook into every established private (and reputable) adoption agency, and supply the kids’ names as they come up. This way the vast majority of kids aren’t ‘in the system’ for any longer than 90 days or so.

      8. …she needs to hook up with Octomom and get some tips on raising way too many kids with no visible means of support?

        Truly unbelievable…what are these women thinking having so many kids and no way to support them? They must have been on public assistance to pay for the births, so why didn’t the situation get addressed before?

        • Does sound like the next reality show doesn’t it? Still makes me sick though.

      9. Will she help me pay for my kids. F her and the stupid bus she rode in on. Why is this news.
        Poor kids are the only ones who deserve sympathy.
        Would she be happy if someone took them all away.

      10. Those poor precious children. We can’t help who are parents are – I hope that they get a chance at a better life with a better example.

        • Argh – typo

          *We can’t help who OUR parents are.”

          • They are not “our” parents. Good come back.

        • oh christ daisy .. save it about the poor precious children…. do you possess a functioning brain?

          • Yep – and unlike YOUR brain, Eeder, mine thinks kind thoughts.

            • daisy… your thinking is so scattered … it is NOT kind.you support the cold blood thirsty… how is this kind? you are dangerous to children in my opinion… not to mention yourself.

            • Eeder –

              I’ll take my “scattered thoughts” and my kind of “dangerous” any day of the week over your rampant bigotry and boundless hatred. You spew your idiocy and bigotry all over this board like some kind of bilious vomit and this somehow makes you SMARTER??? On what planet and in what world is ignorance a sign of intelligence?

              Step outside your little anti-Semitic, anti-woman box and try to broaden your mind. Or, hey, just continue to entertain us with your ridiculous rants.

            • God save the Queen! What does that really mean?

          • @eeder dude… chillout on @ms.daisy , she’s a mummy and mummies have a heart… respect that dude! if you continue too attack her and the other good guys here all thats gonna be left here is YOU ME AND PO’PATRIOT! play nice with @ms. daisy dude and the other shtfplan ladies!

            or it’ll become just one big sausage fest here… yuck ;0P!

            • Thank you. 🙂

            • @ms. daisy ;0) no problemo ma’am , you and mama bear and the other shtfplan ladies are definite assests here , even @goldenfoxx… i learn a bunch from you folks.

              i suggest in the future EVERYONE ;0) just send @eeder “BIGHUGS” as responses, instead of attacking him back… the dude just needs some love.

            • Soul Train!!!!!!! chitlins, pigs feets, ears. How does she cook for that many phuck trophy’s? How old was she on the second one? The first one was a give me. You are KILLING me Beefcake! What kind of hotdog?

            • Aw, thank you, Nina! You are one complicated dude….I’ve gone from giving you a thumbs down on every post when I first came here to wondering what is rambling around in your head as you make your bark soup, elk croissants and moss souffles in your foxhole out in Montana. 🙂

              eeder on the other hand is one straight-up dumb f*ck who has never, that I have seen, posted any sort of thought illuminated by a spark of intelligence. But you are probably right that even the hate-tards needs some love.

            • Okay, I’ll be nice, NinaO, but I’m really not much of a hugger.

              I’m definitely NOT hugging Eeder, curmudgeonly soul that he is.

        • Thanks for volunteering to support them.

      11. 15 kids??? I would think the dopeman would get tired of hitting that if it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

        • kid’s bicycle in an air blimp hangar with an empty brain sack

          • Like trying to chamber a 22LR in a battleship gun.

            • @ Beefcake- “Like trying to chamber a 22LR in a battleship gun.”

              ***Special nomination for Comment Of The Year!***

            • Oh! Crap! You guys are killing me!


        • oh my gawd @wheresdabeef lmao ;0) i pee’d meself…

        • AAAAAAhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa.

        • …like shagging a rain barrel.

          This is Gold leader standing by.

        • I cried laughing when I read this…………………..

      12. 15 kids is not a family, it’s a litter.

        • More like a tribe.

        • Litter, hell, she’s got her own damn militia!!

      13. The bimbo reporter asks, did the system fail her? Maybe the system failed us. She should have been locked up years ago keeping her spread legs from costing the rest of humanity the expense of her love of reproduction for profit. Her life fell apart? Does she even have a forking clue? The problem is the she believes that SOMEBODY needs to pay…not her, she’s not responsible, it couldn’t have been her fault since she smoked the crack, and would continue to reproduce her stupid ass…

        Where’s mushroom when you need him? He’d pay…


        • @GMAFB – I resemble that remark – send her to me and I’ll take care of her and her kids cuz I’m a cummunist.

          • With crisp $10 bills, right?

          • A “cummunist”!? LOL! Shroom is BA-ACK! whoo whoo!

        • yes – crisp $10 bills in #10 cans.

        • Perfect reason to legalize drugs and let these “people” OD.

      14. Where is Jesse Jackson?

        • Who? He has a few loose too!

        • Out back in the lower 40 plowing and smoking bull durham.

        • Yeah, he’d be all over the deprivation and suffering.

        • Wheres Al Sharpten, Jesse and the NAACP and reality TV. Where’s her DAMM OBAMA MONEY!!! LOL

          • where is w bush, he and repubilcans have caused all of this

            • There you go again, showing your ignorance and stupidity. Just go away, PLEASE.

      15. The commie Gloria Allred will save her.

        • the fascist repug loser mccain will save her

      16. Sad to say those kids will be either;

        A.Cannon Fodder for the Elite’s Military Armed Forces
        B.Contiued Welfare Generational Procreation Generators
        C.Gang Bangers
        D.Early Victims of all sorts.

        Not in this exact order.

        • A PRIME EXAMPLE of all that is wrong with the black race.

          • And admittingly a growing number of the white race.

          • I don’t believe it is fair to characterize her as being representative of the black race or an example of what is wrong with the black race. In my humble opinion, she is a prime example of what is wrong with The Great Society, and with liberalism in general. Lyndon Johnson destroyed the black family in America and he could had not have done it in a more thorough manner than if he had been a Grand Dragon of the KKK. Without the entitlements that Johnson started, do you really think she would have had 15 kids? I personally believe that liberalized unrestricted abortion availability and absolutely no entitlements whatsoever would have kept this from happening. Idiots like that dumb bitch have zero business breeding and contaminating the gene pool with their profligacy. The Pope can kiss my dick and go to hell; he doesn’t have to pay any taxes to support that bitch’s horde. At least he isn’t contaminating the gene pool either.

            • @mhm dude wtf… the cause of this is simple to fix… stop globalization and corporate facism control of everything… bring everything back mom an pop local and only allow them to sell to regional markets locally… everyone would then have jobs and work.

            • fuck you nina, i hate you. no offense intended of course.

            • @skshomoerotic

              i think you just like rubbing up against guys… i know my butt is cute, but dude the bromance has gotta stop! people will talk @skslover! kissess…

          • @PO’d Patriot,

            Technically, its not the race, as in genetics, the physical part. Its the culture. She’s enslaved. (…and at 15 kids, a little on the high maintenance side…) I know whites very much like her. While many have tried to free the slaves, they profit off of them in different ways. While in the old days they’d be taken care of but forced to do hard labor for their subsistence. The problem with those conditions is that they couldn’t expand their base. Slaves were black and had to be so. The public would not accept other colors readily. So, in order to enslave more they had to free the black slaves and now they have enslave many colors. They are enslaved (or used as an asset) for the election whores (politicians). Since they have no ethics they are easy to sway. They’re entire existence to to support the expansion of government by appearing to be part of “The People”.

            They are bought and paid for voters. While we see the majority of these welfare queens as black, the reality is only about 40% of them are black. The rest are white and brown.

            It really has nothing to do with race. Its a culture. A raising. A mentality. …and it does no one any good.

      17. This “lady” is almost a mature zombie. Give her 9 months.

        • #16?

      18. Mac, I disagree with one of the words titling this article. Un-fucking believable is a better description.

      19. This reminds me of the first newscasts that came out of Katrina / New Orleans. Being in hurricane central myself, I was ready to open my wallet and contribute pretty heavily to the relief efforts.. then, a lady is shown on the news spouting “WHO is gonna pay MY bills ????” in a most demanding and idignant fashion.

        I closed my wallet and didn’t donate one penny. That was my answer to her arrogant question.

        This seems to be the exact same type of mentality.. everything that happens to me is always someone elses fault. Someone else must pay, someone else must make it right. Was her “husband” simply arrested for being “alive” ? Or did he break a law that would get any of us arrested ?

        THIS is what is wrong with our country..

        • SMS, Good to hear from ya, Exactly my friend exactly! Peace

      20. The entitlement generation continues.

        Can’t help but to wonder if the three older children (old enough to be “on their own”) are getting government assistance yet. Also, how many of her grand babies will be draining the system too?

      21. Personal responsibility is what comes to mind. I happen to have a sister who blames everyone other than herself for anything bad in her life. She is a drug user among other things. She has three children and the state of Fl took all of them away from her. My parents who have raised four children of their own now have to raise my 5 yr old niece. She is a Ward of the St but in permanent custody of my parents. I would take my niece so my parents don’t have to raise a child in what is supposed to be their retirement yrs but because I’m in another St Fl won’t let that happen unless my parents die. Then she could come live with my family. People need to reclaim personal responsibility and then all this entitlement will diminish a bit. And take some of the burden away from tax payers. This is a sad story for those children.

        And my sisters other two children live with their father’s and are doing very well.

      22. Move her into the White House – they have plenty of rooms available.

        • Keep her away from Clinton’s cigar room.

          • I wonder how many that fascist Sperman Cain gave her

            • anon, you are just too stupid to be real.

        • Nice.

      23. People like this make me sick. Stop having kids you cannot afford!! Government, stop rewarding them!!!!

        Feed the kids at the local public schools 3 times per day, give them gently used clothing & shoes through the local public schools and cut these folks off of all aid. This woman & folks like her can fend for themselves for food (it doesn’t look like she’s missing any meals).

        Yes, I mean end welfare for adults and ONLY provide kids food & clothing.

        Consider this math.
        Generation 1 – This woman has 15 kids.
        Generation 2 – Her 15 kids each have 6 kids (I’m being kind here). Resulting in 90 new welfare users.
        Generation 3 – The 90 new welfare kids have 6 kids each, resulting in 540 more welfare users.
        Generation 4 – These 540 welfare users have 6 kids each, resulting in 3240 more welfare users.
        Generation 5 – These 3240 welfare users have 6 kids each resulting in 19,440 more welfare users.

        In just 5 generations – roughly 100 years, this one woman will generate almost 20,000 welfare users. (yes, yes, I know “some” will escape the system. most will not)

        Idiocracy is a reality.

        • We have to count the children of the 3 million legal immigrants admitted to the US each year too. And God know how many ilegal ones. We are truly and royally screwed.

          • There are more than 30 million illegals in this country. The US Government counted 20 million illegals itself 18 months ago, and We know that was wayyyy short of the mark.

            Don’t let anyone tell you that its only 9 or 11 million. That’s a lie.

            • 30MM is probably a very low estimate.

        • I really wish the COWARD who gives me a thumbs down every single time I post would post a rebuttal instead of hiding behind a tab. They are targeting me – it happens on every single post I make. You are a loser. Get a life.

          • Thumb down that ass wipe.

            • Stick your thumb where the sun doesn’t shine Boobtarsky…

            • You’re #1 Mush!

            • Now we know who it is. The toxic, poisonous mushroom (who nobody listens to anyway).

          • Don’t feel too bad Mr. B, there is a troll who seems to make the rounds in here. I’ve gotten the same action a bunch of times recently -troll who doesn’t want to state their difference of opinion or make points in a post of their own hides behind a wank-off.

          • I get two or three all the time too, Mr B I take it as a compliment now! So should you. Be hunted is the best compliment one can be given on a site like this. Peace my friend

            • See I’ve already been complimented, Thanks Peace

            • Having the right enemies is sometimes just as important as having the right friends.

              (I forgot who originally said that, but I’ll put it to use here).

              Depending on how many of them there are, I usually consider any thumbs-down markings as either a disagreement with what I wrote, a goof on my part that needs clarification, or the petty act of some butt-hurt individual who thinks it means something to consistently seek and down-mark the posts.

              Meh. I’ve been online longer than the World Wide Web itself (since 1991 – my very first email address ended in *.af.mil. The WWW was invented and published in 1994.)

              I’ve learned by now that the more things change, the more they remain the same, you know?

              The only difference back then was that anonymity was harder to do (unless you were a full-on UNIX sysadmin, but even then it took a fair bit of work to hide everything), and that the nature of USENET made it all roll in slow-motion.

          • Maybe we share the same entourage, Mr. B.! I could say the most saintly thing in the world and still get thumbs downed.

            Don’t let it get to you! If it helps, I thumbs upped you on that one!:)

            • @you all should know that it’s probly just the NSA folks who troll this site… both the nsa and splc troll this site and the fbi… so it’s probly just a fed troll messin’ with ya all! they actually took down my myspace page two days ago… hacked it changed it and sent me an email! to brag about it! pretty freaky… how’s that for your tax dollar’s at work??? ;0(

          • Mr B: If I don’t get 3 or 4 thumbs down on any post I know that my biggest fans are either playing Mafia Wars, World of Warcraft, or that their mother has them taking out the garbage and they haven’t seen my most recent post.

            Don’t sweat it.

            • That’s true, DK – I think you have an even bigger following of thumbs downers than me!:D

          • If you don’t get lots of thumbs down to go with all those thumbs up then you are boring and just a choir preacher. If people don’t comment on your posts then you probably didn’t have anything interesting to say in the first place. I can count on pissing off at least a few members of this audience every time I apply my neurons to electrons. Wear those thumbs down with honor!

            • My proton can kick your electrons ass!

        • 5 Generations is more like 60 years in their culture…

        • Your exponential example is exactly why this system is unsustainable. How many of those 20,000 do you think will end up in jail as well as an welfare either way a burden to the system. System = You, Me and every other person who might actually pay taxes. Peace

          • The exponential example is why humans as a species are doomed to a massive and unprecedented decline in population. As I have stated in previous posts, overpopulation is at the root of all our problems as a species. The tragedy of it is that the worst among us are the ones who breed like rabbits and consume every natural resource while contributing nothing to the future of the human race in return. On the other hand, those who are responsible, well-educated, and financially stable are the least likely to reproduce and each successive generation gets dumbed down just a little bit more. Wealth is the greatest antidote to overpopulation. For an example look at the third world where breeding babies is some kind of national sport. And for the reverse of this look at industrialized Western nations where populations are in decline everywhere except for immigrant populations. So how much population is too much? I would say that historically for most of our species history it has been under a billion and only reached two billion around the time of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Some of you will say “but we could fit all seven billion within the state of Texas so there is not overpopulation”! This ignores the vast amount of arable land needed to provide food to feed all those people, and when you factor in protein and land needed for animal production for this protein, you will see that physically housing all seven billion within the borders of Texas doesn’t begin to address the strain that a population of that size puts on the earth’s finite resources.

            • Agreed, big-time.

              This is the factor that will make collapse complete and global.

              In the 1930’s, the population was still low enough to be supported by the land, and without a complex system of logistics and technology. That ain’t the case any more, and once the ball gets rolling, things are going to get very ugly, very fast.

              The good(?) news in all of this is, the crash will happen rapidly – within two to four years. The majority of humanity will in that time have died down to levels which can again be supported by the land. If you can hold out for that long, and have the brains to make a living afterwards, you will again stand a decent chance of living to old age.

        • Brilliant observation Mr. B !
          Don’t let the the turd burglars get under your skin.

          • DRUDGE REPORT,
            Just breaking!
            Woman in video claims 6 month affair with Herman Cain!
            Cain, seen rocking back and forth in shower in fetal position screaming “why me!”.

            I liked that guy.

        • Thank you for the correct answer… stop rewarding them!!

          • I am childless and spent years in therapy(in my mind only)and I have a solution for the ‘welfare rewarding system’.

            After the 2nd child (we all should understand the first mistake) and no daddy/support, the third or any following are removed and given to a couple with no children; no red tape, no paperwork, as long as they are financially able to support one child…end of story.
            And at times I think one child in a poor/deprived environment is still better than 15 in a welfare environment…I say this because dh and I never reached the status to adopt–it was very expensive…that DOES NOT mean we would not have been good parents.
            Rant off now.

        • Hey Mr B: I checked the link. While I agree with Adam that capitalism is the best system (because it is suppose to release the human spirit to achieve what it wants and what it can); I also believe:

          The system has been “gamed” over the past 30 years. The table is tilted and the top .002% are sucking up the wealth and with it the opportunity that Americans could historically pursue within the system.

          That “system” is the managed trade system of the GB’s and UR under GATT, NAFTA, and MFNS which has stolen the American means of production and moved it offshore, using American taxpayer and American depositor funds to build those factories offshore.

          Call it crony capitalism if you like but if the system is set up to deliver $100 million to each of the top 6,000 richest families in America, and free the top 30 multinational corporations of paying any federal income tax tax on their earnings; while 46 million Americans are on food stamps, 16% of Americans are unemployed, and the average worker wages is around $26,000 before taxes….. something is wrong, terribly wrong. We know it is wrong

          YOU know it is wrong.

          Granted, some of these Occupy protesters are not the brightest lights under heaven, but they know in the center of their being that something is not right with the system and fairness has disappeared from America and replaced by Crony Capitalism.

          I give them credit for stepping up and saying that something is terribly wrong in America. We all know that there is, even if WE debate about symptoms and causes.

          • tea party not the sharpest knife in the drawer, said govt keep your hands off my medicare, this woman is a product of republican ways

            • Gave you a thumbs down because for three reasons:
              1- Cause I can
              2- You’re a troll
              3- Cause you’re a prick.

            • PO’d

              I just gave you a thumbs up because….

              You crack me up! 😀

            • anon, You are too stupid to be for real. I finally figured you out. You are some sort of demon conjured from the depths of Hell.

            • If everybody keeps responding to anon it will keep ruining this site.
              That’s their goal.

          • “Granted, some of these Occupy protesters are not the brightest lights under heaven, but they know in the center of their being that something is not right with the system and fairness has disappeared from America and replaced by Crony Capitalism.”

            It would be dishonest to argue about the system you term as “crony capitalism” simply because you have a valid point that can be proven.

            That being said……I have been to the occupy site and attempted to engage in a rational conversation regarding economics, liberty, persoanl responsibility and opportunity. The fellow in the video is correct. Occupy is nothing more than loser envy. Ass “douchery. Great, accurate description. I would feel like supporting them except they honestly cannot explain or even comprehend what their problem is, what the solution is or why they are there. (besides the plentiful dope and stupid, horny women)

            OK. 1% owns two thirds of the wealth. So what. Is the neighbors bank balance going to affect my life? My opportunity? My libido? My chicken fried steak?

            Actually they can. You know it and I know it but what no one seems able to properly articulate is HOW they can have any effect on me. It is my postulation that the wealthy use government and it’s ability to control/affect us through legislation. Therefore to demand that more government be created (bureaucracies) and more laws be written so we can control those that use the law and government to control US is illogical, self defeating and just plain ignorant. It can be analogous to creating ammunition believing we are going to inflict harm to our enemy but we fail to realize our enemy is the one controlling the gun. All of the laws (ammo) we demand he uses to restrict US.

            There will always be great discrepancies in intelligence, (read Odd Questioner and then Bear) motivation, education, (read Net Ranger and Anon) luck and wealth. The best we can do is to use the power of government to restrict those that are not American (duties on imports, illegal immigration) and then to cut off it’s bloody tentacles. The ones it has wrapped around the throats of those that would use their energy, creativity, imagination and smarts to work within a free market to make ass loads of money so the occcuenviers could have someone else to whine about besides the Koch Bros.

      24. As it is , WE are already paying for the incarcerated father with our tax dollars..were supposed to pay for his and her off spring and her living arrangements too?

        and any more that will come along once “shes taken care of”?..(this needs to be Fixed..i ment she needs to be fixed)

        No other country creates this leach mantality like the good ol USofA

      25. Jesus Christ….All I saw was future Obama’s and Maxine Waters!

        • all i saw was loser w bush’s

          • Now that was an intelligent reply, you moron.

      26. This is exactly what the right-wingers want. They want Planned Parenthood abolished, abortions to be utterly illegal, “more souls for Jesus” all the way. 15 kids? Cool, let’s make it 18! 20!

        The right-wingers are CREATING this.

        Planned Parenthood can put a woman like this on “the pill” for $5 a month. They are not an “abortion mill”, they focus on PREVENTION. Yes they do abortions, they put the coathanger-in-an-alley operations largely out of business. (But if the right-wing idiots have their way, illegal back-alley abortions will again be the norm and HUGE families like this more common, all on Welfare and Food Stamps, just like a good number of the right-wingers I’ve known.

        Fewer kids grow up much healthier. A “litter” like this, it’ll be amazing if any of them graduate high school.

        • How are the libtards going to make her swallow the pill let alone have her read the directions with little schooling or get her a glass of water?

          Darwin doesn’t work in the U.S.

          • conservabots caused this, how will they deal with it, the fake churches love it more money for those snake oil salesmen

        • She’d never take the pills, she WANTS the kids. She gets more welfare for each child she births.

          Cut the money & you stop the cycle.

          • Blutie, I agree, cut the money TOO. These situations where people are having kids for pay like the human version of a puppy mill, have to stop.

            I’d like to say, If you get welfare, you get sterilized.

            For some of the other party-dazed types here, I’m having a really hard time seeing any major differences between the parties. Nixon, supposedly right, gave us all kinds of racially-based social engineering, took us off the gold standard, all kinds of stupid stuff. Clinton, supposedly a leftist, brought in some welfare reform and a few other conservative things.

            Here’s what I’ve seen and can verify from experience: There are LEECHES and there are PRODUCERS.

          • Right. Cutting off the money stops this whole thing like turning off a light switch.

        • the right wingers huh? Try the progressives who have been destroying this country through social engineering and finacial enslavement. And by the way maroon, the progressives have infected both the republican and democratic parties. the more people that get on the welfare roles the more votes they have bought and more people they control. This has nothing to do with religion.

          • The truth is that welfare uses about 1 percent of the budget. One percent. Taking care of our people is not expensive. It is the civilized thing to do. The problem here is ignorance. On both ends. The cause is ignorance. The reason that you are ignorant is because you choose to be. You revel in hatred. This woman is a victim of the system that our own culture created over the past 300 years and thats not going to get fixed this lifetime.While we print trillions of dollars , and give the money away to banks, we bitch about poor people asking for assistance.
            Worry about what you can control. Posting this article is bigotry.

            • You make assertions without facts or figures to back them up. OK, that happens. When you assert that the posting of this article is bigotry you lost any credibility that you may have enjoyed. What you really said was “I don’t have a valid, intellectually honest argument to rebut any of the posts on this thread but I’m a feel good liberal therefore I’ll do what we always do when confronted by our two greatest enemies, logic and truth, I’ll scream bigotry. (or racism, sexism or homophobe. That is all they taught us at Red High)

        • All due respect alc, I do look forward to your posts, but it has been my observations that most on this site tend to stand in the center versus left or right. All parties are at fault when it comes to welfare. Not to many politicians will admit to being in favor of cutting welfare. The true issue of the article, my opinion only, is the lack of productivity of this women (outside the bedroom of course)and her need to remain blameless in a situation of her making. She needs to to work to pay the state back the cost of housing these children, her incarceration, court costs… the list goes on. The fathers of these children need to be held responsible as well. We live in a “not my fault” society perpetuated by the PTB regardless of party affiliation. Peace and Respect

          • Clay I knew when I wrote it I’d piss a lot of people off, but I’ve been around the block. Seen areas that are 96% white, 96% Republican, and 50% on Welfare and Food Stamps. And damn proud of it! Disgusting.

            Thee are those sucking on the teat, and those who produce their own damn food. That’s all there is to it.

            The reason I’ll always go to bat for Planned Parenthood is because hardly anyone else does these days and I think it’s a very useful organization. Prevents a LOT of future criminals, and their own motto regarding abortion is that it should be safe, legal, and RARE.

            The growing cradle-to-grave gov’t monster is indeed, a rapidly growing plant that both parties have been feeding.

            • @alc,

              I am with you 100% regarding the usefulness of Planned Parenthood. That is probably one of the only agents of the federal government that actually saves the taxpayer money by providing abortions that rid society of future criminals bred by absentee sperm and egg donors (they are certainly not “parents”), and by reducing the burden on the taxpayer by eliminating potential payments for babies. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and Planned Parenthood provides plenty of both. Conservatives who would rather have all these children live in squalor and neglect and someday be a burden on society by filling its jails and its welfare rolls, are themseves ignorant and cruel. At the very least they should be supportive of Planned Parenthood because it eliminates future liberal voters. Why would conservatives be against emergency over-the-counter contraception? Hell, I would go further and require those enrolled in public education to be fitted with an Implanon or Norplant as a condition of enrollment. If public money is funding high school education then there is an interest in seeing that disruptive behaviors to taxpayer interests are minimized. Don’t like it? Put your daughter in private school! What business does a 15 yr old have getting pregnant anyway? Make it the same for those enrolled in public universities while receiving federal and state aid. Dont’t like it? Go to a private university or pay for it yourself. Same goes for any kind of public assistance. No one who is on public assistance has a “right” to have a baby. If they want to have a baby then they can pay for it themselves.

            • Re: Planned Parenthood…

              Hardly anyone goes to bat for them? The Susan G. Komen Foundation (the pink ribbon folks) alone gave them millions this year, and they average $360 million a year of income just from federal tax money. They have over four million activists, supporters, and donors – including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and the Ford Foundation.

              The average going rate for abortions is ~$500 each. They ‘served’ an average of over 336,000 abortions last year. That total comes to $168 million all by itself.

              We may disagree on the subject of abortion, and I respect your right to do so. OTOH, we’re talking about a very well-funded and well-oiled organization here, not a bunch of paupers crusading on some noble cause.

            • “Clay I knew when I wrote it I’d piss a lot of people off, but I’ve been around the block. Seen areas that are 96% white, 96% Republican, and 50% on Welfare and Food Stamps. And damn proud of it! Disgusting.”
              OK Alc,
              Nice try.
              I can smell your kind from a mile away.
              Show me your dubious source for your facts bitch.
              I know what your trying to do.
              Having been around the block, I suppose you will tell me you have seen an area where
              96% asian population has a 50% math failure rate in school.
              Again, nice try.
              It’s the classic “everybody is the same” commie socialist pigfuckers drivel.

        • Try personnal responsibility! Not abortions, condoms are cheaper than diapers. Teach your children responsibility for their actions and deeds. Quit giving out trophy’s for showing up, learn history, work skills, personal drive to achieve.
          Not somebody owes me something!
          The world owes you NOTHING! Get off you ASS and do it yourself.
          Why is it you need a exam and test, insurance to drive a car, and nothing to be on food stamps, state aid, welfare, etc? How about STUPID insurance? LAZY insurance? Or just I’m a dumb ass who won’t do anything for myself, can’t keep my legs closed because I have no self respect and am a welfare ho insurance?
          Poster children of the progressive legacy.
          Rant off, going back to WORK to support my family and 47% of the population who won’t.

      27. I find this womans behavior and attitude generally repulsive. There are plenty of people like her who expect the system to pay for whatever it is they need and who do not have a security net -I think they have been trained to be this way.

        If this woman had planned ahead (six to twelve months worth of bill money, food storage etc.) before her “baby daddy” got sent to jail, maybe her family would not be in the mess they are. Furthermore, this woman’s problems are a perfect example of what happens when Social/Child Services get involved.

        However, unlike others, I am not going to tell any man or woman how many children they may or may not have or judge them for it -THAT IS UP TO THE CREATOR.

        “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:31-32

        “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.” Ephesians 4:26

        • I should probably add my background thoughts to this post…

          I know plenty of folks who have families, some large, some small. These families have elected to have one adult stay home and care for and educate their children meaning only one source of income. They are not getting state aid, and don’t live a consumer-style of life.

          What would happen to the folks I know if the breadwinner died suddenly? Some of these families have life insurance, some don’t. Some have prepared for this “just in case”.

          So what do you suppose life would look like for those who have not worked since their first child was born? Their children would end up in daycare or in the public indoctrination system..er.. I meant schools, they would have to go back to school to get job skills and probably get jobs at the same time. Their whole way of life would be destroyed, and they would likely end up on the public dole.

          Again, I’m not saying I condone this woman’s behavior or attitude, but I am able to see beyond the skewed media show and think outside the box.

          • Fed up, that’s why I like you. You do have a different view on things. That said I don’t think this women’s strength is forethought, but your point is well taken.

            • Thanks much Clay. I agree this woman does not seem to have forethought. Neither have most americans preped for a time when things might not be like they are now -normalcy bias shines bright.

          • OTOH, FedUp..the scenario you just described IS why the welfare system was put in place.
            We are here to care for those experiencing those hardships if the relatives can’t…NOT FOR A WHORE WITH 15 KIDS BY 3 DIFFERENT SPERM DONORS.

          • Just stumbled on to this thread when I looked up info on this woman. I must say for the most part I have enjoyed most ( if not all) of the comments that I have read here. I do not agree with all of them, but I have found them to be entertaining to say the least. But none of them I felt so compelled to comment on more then this one! So this is my reply… While I have compassion for women in society that have spent their whole lives being mothers and wives, maybe they held part-time jobs for a little extra income, maybe they didn’t. They have dedicated their days to one of the hardest, and most important jobs out there. This job has no paycheck at the end of the week, it is a job that is on a daily taken for granted, it will not give you a shiny resume’, it fills no safety nest if something was to happen; and god forbid something does because this thought in today’s society runs heavy on that woman’s mind. The life this woman has chose to live is one that requires strength, and trust on another human being that is of the ultimate sacrifice to her own self. All so so can stay at home, and care for her family. Educate her children, be there when they wake in the morning; and go to bed at night, cook meals three times a day, clean mess after mess after mess, be there when that man gets home; and make everything appear as if it is all so easy, and perfect. Those are the women you speak of in your post! Not women like this lady! The only thing she has done for her family is embarras it, and drag it down further. This is not the family of a mom that has dedicated her life to her children, and a husband that has dedicated his life to supporting that family. This is the rat trash that has become our society. I personally think that any assistance that our goverment has to provide should ONLY go to mothers that I spoke of. Women that would use that assistance to better her families circumstances because the man she loves either has fallen on hard times in gaining employment after the fall of our economy, or because of a death of the working spouse. The assistance should be built up, and saved ONLY FOR THESE WOMEN. The reason being is, these are strong, prideful, respectful women that would gratefully take that assistance only for as long as they absolutely needed it, better their working skills, and get the FUCK OFF OF IT AS FAST AS THEY POSSIBLY COULD. Because to take that assistance any longer then she needs it is a huge hit to her pride. It would make her feel as though taking it in the first place is a sign of weakness that she would NEVER want her children to witness. That is who the system should be supporting, AND I CAN TELL YOU THIS BITCH IS NOT ONE OF THOSE WOMEN, and for you to try and have the same compassion for her as you would for one of the women I just spoke about, for you to put her in the same place as those women makes me SICK!

        • Do not forget 1 Timothy 1:8 – “If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

          • And, ” If a man ( or woman ) will not work, don’t let him eat”.

        • She can have all she wants, just not at my expense.

      28. May be she needs to get a job
        & help pay for problems she
        has help to create.

        • who gonsta be watchun dem youngstas?

      29. My answer: The Feds should offer anyone willing to be fixed a one time, non-taxable, cash payment of $3000. No questions asked. This will be cheaper in the long run for the tax payers. Also is a good way to go ahead with population control since that is what we need. Whats left over after drugs will go back into the system with cell phone and gameboy purchases thus boosting the economy. I know some people will have a problem with this, but I haven’t herd anyone talk of a better solution.

      30. It seems we have a consensus! We all know our system sucks and the idiot mother is playing the victim. Here’s my question. Why can women like that have a kid if a guy casually bumps into her on the street while a good woman in a stable family can’t have any children at all no matter how hard she tries! It freaks me out. The irony. And did anyone else do the math? The “mother” is 37 and has 15 kids….hmmm….I’m thinking she started a little young.

        • It is easy to blame the mom it does take two Matt. Peace

        • @just matt … because the good wanna be mother has been physically poisoned by all the healthcare – shots over the years, she’s been able to pay for and other environmental toxins from the good stable toxic lifestyle… as the fertile baby squirter is pretty clean from lack of proper healthcare poisons and a very raw environment!

          it’s environment and breeding…

      31. Women like this one know how to work the system. I was at one time a government lackey and worked at welfare reform – work fare.

        The legislation proposed emergency benefits were for six months in a three year period. To wean the long term users off the dole, have another baby and no additional money. Your benefits remained the same. When the youngest entered Head Start, mamma had to find a job.

        Would you believe government dollars working for the tax payer? After all, those of us with jobs don’t get a pay raise for having a baby and state governments wanted to wean mother’s like these off of the welfare system.

        Laws require public hearings which I conducted around our state – who opposed those laws and rules? Welfare advocates and your local church leaders (after all it’s about the children)- so you got what you have now.

        Women who have made it their job having babies know how to use the system and have another child when the youngest gets close to school age or having more children ups their benefit amount. It’s a job. A Cash Cow. Pun intended. (Includes illegals children -domestic and foreign born.)

        The welfare system can’t be changed until society and tax payers makes some hard decisions – having children you can’t afford is not a right. Maybe those church leaders would do better to preach that sermon instead of advocating against government laws and rules to reign in these entitlement excesses and abuses.

        People will blame the government for this mess, yet when government tried to stop the excesses and abuses it’s the churches and social justice communities that campaigned and bombarded their representatives to oppose it.

        So, when I see something like this, yep, I see red. But I also think, what do you expect if you don’t advocate for what’s right?

      32. The Government wants to give them the money.

        They want to created a “dumbed down” society who is reliant on them. Honestly, I don’t see them ever stopping the welfare/freebie program.

        This country has turned into a nightmare. In just 47 short years, when the welfare push started, we have been totally “transformed”.

      33. Another Obama voter…

        • Another 15 obama voters.

      34. Birth control.

        • lead pill or lead injection?


      36. Would this have happened without the “safety net”??? Think about it. Do you really believe she wouldn’t have: 1) Choosen to get married. 2)Choosen to stop having children after the first or second one. 3)Choosen to not have any childrenwithout a committed relationship with someone who could support them.
        If the government hadn’t meddled in the lives of “poor” people they would be better off and so wouldn’t all the taxpayers. WE, our government, the liberal do gooders did this!! We destroy lives and bankrupt nations just so politicians can get votes. Welfare is more addictive then crack and our government is the pusher.

      37. Time for a DNA test. I say 8-10 from the mental street ward.

        • i bet sperman cain is responible for at least 10 of these monkeys

      38. agreed, but, sooner or later, it will have to stop.
        that’s when they will want our stuff.
        you can’t fix Dumbass!

      39. Now multiply her situation by several million in the ghettos and poverty stricken communities of this country.

      40. A person who has 15 children that they can not support is an act of irresponsability for herself and her children.

        Someone should have gone up to her with 15 puppies and listen to her excuses of why she can not keep them.

        The 99% (ows) are angery at the 1% for their fortunes. Why aren’t the OWS protesters mad at the 45% of Americans who are taking money right out of all Americans pockets for their freebees? Because they want to become one of the 45%. They want everything for free.

        The collapse of the American way of life is heading our way like a freight train. I can hardly wait until it hits.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      41. Why aren’t the so called fathers paying into this? Are there no dead-beat dad laws in Florida? Garnish the little they have to help support the kids food requirements. It won’t be enough but they are as responsible as she is for the abandonment of these kids. The less responsibility you require of someone the more they are dependent upon the state for their very existence.

        • Jeff,Jeff,Jeff. Are for real? You,ve lead a sheltered life I’ll bet. These people are like hamsters running around in their little tubes, crawling all over each other, FRIGGING. These rodents ARE ALL ON WELFARE. Who is gonna pay who, WHAT? None of them has got a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out. ITS YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK, GET IT? In their world its daddy today and inmate #OU812 tomorrow.

          • That’s funny!!!


            Come to think of it, if she’d done that a few times she wouldn’t have that herd!

        • Jeff, not sure how it works nationwide, but here in NY if dad qualifies for social services he can hardly be touched! MY POS brother in law pay 58 dollars a week for the 3 sweetest girls you ever want to meet!

      42. I know who the responsible party is. Her highschool biology teacher. He or she must be found and held accountable to the highest level.

        • You really think this girl made it to high school, but hey today that’s OK today banks aren’t the only things nor allowed to fail. Peace

      43. I never thought I’d say this . . . but this is exactly why controlling the amount of children a couple can have is a great fucking idea.

        • You and communist China…welcome to the new world order.

          • @mushyman: the communist china has mother snatch vans and forced Abortions right in the back of the vans… plus there are like 300,000,000 single guys over there with no “trim” females to chase and they are forced to turn “homo” alternative lifestyle just to have someone to share life with … reason: cause all the mothers want males (better money, better retirement for mom) as the 1 ONE child they are legally allowed to have… the one child program is a failure! unless your actually a gay chinese man then it’s UTOPIA! ;0p PSSSZZT

          • give her your ten dollar bills! that way i can be the selfish one and KEEP WHAT I EARNED.

      44. A couple of more rug rats and she’ll be able to Field her own NFL Franchise!

        kinda cute though… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;0P

        • LMAO….Sweet!

      45. It always amazes me that YOU need a LICENSE to own a pet, drive a car, practice a profession, perform as a healthcare giver, operate a business etc etc………………. but not to birth, provide care for, raise, an educate a HUMAN child! wtf… ;0P

        • You don’t need a license to do any of those things…the government just needs the money. The sooner we all stop paying, the sooner it dies.

          • @mushman i hear you brother… your preaching to the choir brother… it still amazes me though… i must admit though i’m glad she didn’t abort them!

            abortion sucks eggs… there are better ways to handle this situation.

            it should be mandatory high school education on abstenance, birth control and alternative sex stuff.

            and special programs for mid-teen birth risks, so they stay in school and get out into a healthy environment.

            i betcha she was a victim as a teen and it just took off from there!

            • nina, sometimes you say things that drive me crazy and then you go and post something like this that couldn’t make better sense.

            • @rainyday… ;0( i’m sorry… ;0) i’ll only try to just drive ya “BONKERS” from now on… ‘0P wink!

            • Yea, it was probably her daddy that did her first…

          • Damn mushroom! You finally said something that I agree with! TANSTAAFL!

        • Or to be president of the united states, hell you don’t even need a birth certificate!


      46. …and she doesn’t see anything wrong with her statement!This has got to end.
        My plan is,if you are on welfare you get assistance for one kid when you have a second you lose 10% of your aid, a third lose another 10%. Under my plan she would be paying us.
        You just know her female children will grow up to do the same thing and the male children will go to prison.
        It is time to cull the herd.

      47. “Somebody needs to pay for all my children and my – for all my suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.”

        Excuse me ???
        What was this silly bitch doing while the kids were being conceived ? Out shopping perhaps ?
        SHE has to be accountable for it all for without her consent, there wouldn’t be any damn kids.
        HER total lack of self respect, intelligence, maturity and social conscience are the real problems.
        Why does she need 15 kids ? Isn’t one enough ?
        Spawning 15 kids into a global economic collapse and on the brink of a probable WW3 demonstrates almost unbelievable ignorance and apathy.
        I have ZERO sympathy for her and I’d suggest the kids be taken off her and fostered out to people with more than 1 IQ point.
        yet another example of why depopulation is a good idea ! LOL..

        • At the beginning of the video she states, “We were doing just fine before social services got involved.” I wonder if before the father of her children landed in jail if they were already on the public dole? What if they really were doing just fine and not collecting state aid?

          There just isn’t enough information presented on this video for me to look at this woman as anything other than another sheeple. Just like many others, she was suffering from normalcy bias and did not prepare for a day when things might change.

          When her situation changed, she was completely unprepared for it. Just like those who had high paying jobs, maxed out their credit, took mortgages they could just barely afford, and then exploded with anger when their way of life ended because they lost their job.

          How is this woman any different than the rest of the sheep (other than the obvious fact that she has a bunch of children)?

        • this is what you get with ignant republicans

      48. I feel so sorry for those children. The older boys were stepping up and actually taking care of the kids while their stupid mother runs her mouth. Those poor kids will grow up with no hope of becomming nothing except their mother’s prodigy. That stupid b$tch should have here tubes forciblly tied, put in jail and meant to work some job to pay for those kids. My heart just breaks for those kids, GOD I hate f*ing stupid people who bring kids into a world that have no chance in hell of a good life.

      49. This was an article someone sent me sometime ago, but it fits in perfectly here. This is how the ruling class spends our tax dollars. Also fits in with the Cloward/Piven theory for crashing the system.

        “I was speaking to an emergency room physician this morning. He told me that a woman in her 20s came to the ER with her 8th pregnancy. She stated, “my momma told me that I am the breadwinner for the family.” He asked her to explain. She said that she can make babies and babies get money for the family. The scam goes like this: The grandma calls the Department of Child and Family Services and states that the unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for these children. DCFS agrees and states that the child or children will need to go to foster care.

        The grandma then volunteers to be the foster parent, and thus receives a check for $1500 per child per month in Illinois. Total yearly income: $144,000 tax-free, not to mention free healthcare (Medicaid) plus a monthly card entitling her to free groceries, etc, and a voucher for 250 free cell phone minutes per month. This does not even include WIC and other welfare programs. Indeed, grandma was correct in that her fertile daughter is the “breadwinner” for the family.

      50. ………Sounds like Volunteers for shark bait research to me!

      51. I posted above that I cannot and will not judge this woman based on this video. There simply isn’t enough information presented.

        As I wrote previously, I wonder if her family is just like all of the other sheeple suffering from normalcy bias. And when it hit the fan for her, she was completely unprepared for it -both with the physical things needed to care for her family as well as the mental strength to deal with it.

      52. Insane!

      53. GMAFB is a pinko commie spy. You can tell by his cowardly pan-gracing remarks
        also indicating he has homosexual grunching tendencies

        Wierdo commie is as bad as it gets.

        • I have no love for GMAFB but at least he didn’t steal my name and impersonate the one and only mushroom. Let’s see, weirdo commie is bad enough but a thief isn’t much better.

          the one and only —


      54. soilent green

      55. There sure is a whole bunch of good read here, but if one wants to look at the true culprit:

        Anytime a government writes anything in any type of paper to collect any kind of tax it will lead to ruin. And it doesn’t matter what the tax is for so don’t even make a single utterance.

        Take the wonderfully written U.S. Constitution, etc. Read and study. Any power to collect a tax is what starts it all for then the real deep greed starts and continues to exponentially grow.

        In the beginning of this great country we had NO taxes and then it all went to shambles.

        Please do some research on this and in history and reduce your stress levels in so doing. You will be pleasantly surprised to find this is true.

        Every government ever established was running with plenty of cash but FOUND reason to overspend and then tax.

        After a while they start collecting more and more to give away under false pretexts and outright lies to keep power. Most people are either too busy, to uneducated, or to poor to care so governments do this.

        Then you have what you see in this article. People after generations may be ignorant and even willfully so and therefore rely on the free and easy money ways.

        Popping out kids is a sure way to increase wealth until the stuff hits the fan. When it does hit the fan then that’s the part they play on as much as the acts of production of children itself, then they turn and cry and even demand others keep them all even more so.

        They have not learned anything through education or have they? I personally know a lot of people who use their kids as a shield to abuse the system, to abuse their friends, to abuse their family. And they did it to get only what they wanted.

        It sure is sad that ones own ignorance and/or greed should bring about such a very large brood, but it is a moot point. Would it do any good to tell her any truth? I don’t think she would want to hear it. You really can tell what she wants. And it sure isn’t even a good job that she desires to get.

        Now, may we focus on a solution without any intentional harm to another and their kid’s. Help them through this and stop this from happening again by doing something to change the system to help prevent this type of systemic and social abuse from happening ever again.

        It isn’t and yet it is her fault. Sure she made bad choices, but so do we every single time we pay any tax, period.

        I know you are thinking there is no way not to pay a tax and you are right for now at least. Maybe if we could elect the right officials. I really don’t think that can happen. So I suggest we keep paying.

        Another thing that comes to my mind is maybe this world is far past mans ability to change these kind of things and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour is not just our only hope for the changes needed, but He is on His way…

        God bless you all, and good day.

      56. When will the legal system look at the federal welfare scam and see that this (federal welfare) system is endangering the health and safety of the children? Having fifteen children is not out of love for them, but out of love of the money they are guaranteed by the state.

      57. i am and have always been a anti-abortion” supporter, but i am NOT against sterilization for those who are so utterly irresponsible for themselves and others.

        • And you are fricken scary. You’ve been into Granny’s vanilla bottle again, ain’t you Mississippi Queen?

      58. …so how many generations of welfare families does she come from? … and how many more is she teaching the same system?

      59. Fiance’ of 15 years? What. Now that is a engagment record if I have ever heard one.

        That woman should be fined. Her fiance’ needs to be clipped!

      60. ummmmm @chewbacca great post , your right … an something everyone might wanna remember is that the white crackers of amerika are a dyin’ breed by 2050 whites will be the minority! hispanic’s will be #1 … people of color will be firmly in control … all you white folks might wanna dwell on that some … ya bunch of cracker’s! ;0P wait a minute i’m white … holysheeit are we screwed!

        • you are giving agnostics a bad name here, knock it off wierdo

          • ;0P

      61. Perfect example of a welfare state, stop teaching any kind of morals, and take away any personal resposibility, this is what you get. What really pisses me off about this, is when I think how hard my single mother raised 4 kids in the 60’s-70’s, worked multiple jobs and no food stamps. I started working at 11 (paper route).
        The other gripe is, this chick probably thinks she’s a great mother.

        • this is what republican have brought to this country

      62. This isn’t just having children, this is breeding to fleece the system. The sperm donors need to be paying for their actions, not me and you!

        I’m sorry but with a woman like that maybe medical intervention is needed. Not abortion, but tie the tubes for prevention. Then after the kids are 18 make her start to pay back the system.

        We also need to change the system that created these breeders.

        But hey a good financial collapse mixed with a little revolution, famine and pandemic should wipe most of these people out.

        Hell yes the system is a failure. If there was no welfare system she would not have all these kids. Mac is this pick on Florida week?

        • yes fleecing the system is exactly what it is…she might be dumb but her mama did not raise a fool-this gal know exactly what she is doing which she learned at her mama’s knee and her grandma’s knee. if you are needing any kind of assistance from the government or the state, just pull into any welfare office parking lot and ask any of the customers you see standing in line. before you ask your questions just make sure you look and act just as skanky and ill ecquipped to handle life.

      63. Cash for clunkers, section 8 housing, welfare, food stamps, free electricity, free day care with food, free health care (already). The smart ones become day care providers and get paid to take care of revolving single parent tribes. Not to mention law suits, affirmative action plans, college 101 for beginners.

        • what do you expect from what bush did to this country?

      64. Funny thing, I have to pay child support for my 2 daughters, if I want to or not! Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      65. My grandmother had sixteen children.When they could walk they did some kind of work simple at first of course.And help with the family intil they left to start family’s of there own.O.K. with that said.I would love for her to be working and teaching her children the same.What has happened to us? What about her mother and her mother mother.?This has to stop.Really It has too.I want children to be happy and enjoy there live’s.But this is very sad.I want to bring this county back to it’s sane roots again!

      66. The only thing I am willing to pay for is permanent sterilization. What she is doing is in fact child abuse. Damn, they took away a 200 lb kid from a mother – the baby squirter is far worse of a mother than anyone.

      67. unbelievable !!!! this is why america will collapse. i think how my grandmother who was widowed in 1935 raising three children and then took in 4 more children as a godmother because those 4 childrens parents were killed. no social safety nets, no handouts, nothing, like in the tv series all in the family ” no welfare state, everyone pulled there weight” but she did it and the kids were fed and clean. she always said , just because your poor doesn’t mean u have to be dirty , a bar of soap costs 10 cents. here i am working 3 jobs , i’m the sucker. the gall someones got to pay . f— you lady. i can’t wait to move out of this crumblin falling empire.

      68. IMHO it’s too late for this entire “class” of people living and dying here in the USA…regardless of race or location….WTSHTF and if it brings down the fiat U.S. economy, the hopelessly ignorant and fertile like this particular example will either raise their children to steal to survive or they will be faced with starvation.

        Post SHTF…If you feed her or her offspring, they will only produce more useless, ungovernable, unskilled, unruly and unhelpful offspring.

        Get ready to watch a lot of unviable people go hungry (and crazy) when things fall apart. Do not cast your pearls before swine….save your charity for people that can contribute to the eventual solution….not the problem.

        May God have mercy on this purpose-less crack whore’s little bastards; she doesn’t deserve any IMHO.

      69. i think im going to start a new business. how to advise americans to move there wealth and self to a new land, a ” new america” .

      70. My dad was the baby of 13 children, but that was back in the days when you had kids for help around the farm. And all of them worked around the farm to provide for food on the table.

        I saw this same mess when I worked for the local housing authority. The daughters of the mamas would get pregnant and then they could do a family split and get a new apartment for themself. And they all have that prevailing attitude that we owe them.

      71. I think SOMEONE needs to get off her back…….

        • no someone needs to get her off her back.

      72. Slavery is welfare you work for.

        The slave master seen to it that the children and parents ate. The salve master seen to it that they had medical care.

        Property is property the only difference is the price.

      73. Close your legs, get the f**k out of bed and get a job or two, you have shown everyone you can get laid, now show them you can be responsible and work and support them!!!

      74. Remeber she is only one worthless freeloader of many thousands that are this way. Dont leave out one of the many worthless fathers either,them kids are gonna turn out to be wonderful gifts to society.Lets keep rewarding idiots.America just keeps getting better and better ,we are so much better now that we can support the massive breeding of stupid genes.W.T.F.

      75. Wow, I am stunned by the mentality that has allowed this sort of thing to happen. I am all in favor of welfare, the commies had it right, in that the communist system had 100% employment. Welfare should be given out but only in exchange for labor. This would put an end to the entitlement mentality that allows this sort of thing to occur. The comments placing blame on progressives sort of leaves me to wonder what would be the answer to the problem. My answer is 100% employment be it sweeping the streets to research in the field of science. This is the reason communism blended with capitalism is the answer to our problems. Everyone of the problems that faces society can be reduced to a few simple dynamics. One is that many people in our nation are locked into a life of unproductiveness. Be it inner city youths to banksters. Another is the education system produces people unable to perform critical thinking. This has the byproduct of the blame game, conservatives blame liberals and the other way around. We are a Nation of greatness, we have forgotten this and make war upon one another with little progress being made to solve the real problems that we all face. Though I despise the conservative mentality of blaming it on the progressive agenda, I fully support their right to express it.

      76. If the shtf tomorrow or the next year those kids and that woman will be at your doorstep. People that live in the area she lives in you have been warned. Everyone else be vigilant of families with large families….they do exist. Its a sad situation for those kids I have 0 compassion when my mom was widow at young age with 4 boys raised us proper, to be self reliant and not to depend on government. My whole life I have been challenged and I never quit, because my mom taught us how to be successful and winners. I don’t wish anyone bad things to happen to them, because if they are doing wrong it will come back in bite them in the ass.

      77. How about the worthless freeloading parasitic corporations bleeding the US people dry and the holier than thou elite who cannot be taxed and are too big to fail while the serfs bare their burden and make them wealthier still? For all those who condemn these innocent children, they will be fighting our wars, doing menial jobs, or mugging you on the street one day. Your hatred and callousness may affect you in ways you may never know. Until it is too late. Love thy neighbor… We are all a paycheck or two away from being homeless. Won’t we all expect some compassion as well?

      78. We’re talking ceiling/pillow specialist. Somebody’s was riding the wave.

      79. She’s got enough for two NBA expansion teams…and the referees!
        Sorry Nuggatron, but you don’t mix communism and capitalism, any more than you can mix air pressure and a vacuum. You won’t get the best of each. It’s one or the other. And you might want to do a bit more research on communism before you really commit to it. Not saying that the THEORY is completely flawed, it just never works when actual people are involved. (note: research is inconclusive on communisms effect on non-human inhabited planets, but if San Francisco is any indication, it won’t work there either)
        And before anybody gets their panties in a wad, remember I do not consider amerika as a capitalist country today, ok?

        Now, about this skank and her brood-
        I’m gonna go to Texas and piss on LBJ’s grave, not that it will fix anything, but at least I’ll feel better.

        • May I join you?

        • SmokinOkie, heading there now with a truck load of shrimp and beef.

      80. Chumbawamba, I agree with you that these kids are not to blame for any of this. Many comments already posted said the same.
        Now, you need to be corrected on a few points:
        1- YES, we can judge her from 10 minutes of video (actually that’s 9 and 1/2 more than we needed)
        2- She looks like a dumb bitch, not because of how the media portrays her, but because she IS a dumb bitch.
        3-He’s not actually her “fiance.” That’s just a politically correct way to identify him. He is actually her shack-up, main squeeze, sperm donor, meal ticket, pimp, shugga daddy, breeding partner for the week, or the brother of her ex-husband. Maybe all of the above. And he’s the only guy she knows with a drivers license. And he’s not been arrested for unpaid parking tickets (or for pulling that little tag off of the mattress). He’s in jail for larceny (6th offense), and selling crack (not hers)
        4-We don’t have t go ‘back’ to being righteous, we never stopped being righteous
        5- Yes, we DO know it all. Most of us just hold back some of our brilliance to keep from showing off.
        6- I shall not address your profanity-laden final paragraph, as it offends my righteous, know-it-all sense of self imposed dignity.

      81. Spay the bitch

      82. Experiment: Flush $20.00 down a toilet every day for four months.

        Result: It is still a toilet.

        Experiment: Flush $100.00 down a toilet every day then.

        Result: It is still a toilet.

      83. The simple and brutal reality is that when the system crashes she and her children will be on their own.

        When something is not sustainable… it will end.

        Darwin was right.

        • “What is not sustainable will end.”

          is a derivative of

          “What goes up goes down.”

          Best to stay ‘Down to Earth’

      84. I’d like to see a newscast where analternate opinion is allowed to ask her when she intends to be responsible and get a fucking job

        • Let me get out my political correctness dickionary…


          or would that be a wienerionary, or wienerary…


          get it?


      85. F’n Skank!!! somebody needs to break out the blow torch and seal this bitch up……the sad thing is that all of these kids will probably end up on the public dole and become a drag on public school, and the prison system….ignorance breeds ignorance.

        • Great Band, love their music.

      86. 90% of the entitlement society: greedy, angry, selfish, ignorant, lazy, spoiled, rude, errogant, dangerous, hypocritical.

        Government: greedy, angry, selfish, ignorant, lazy, spoiled, rude, errogant, dangerous, hypocritical.

        We are almost exactly where they want us.

        When the SHTF,
        Entitlement society: Wiped out

        Government: greedy, angry, selfish, ignorant, lazy, spoiled, rude, errogant, dangerous, hypocritical DICTATORS!

      87. Your va-jay-jay is not a clown car….
        we owe you nothing.

        • Speaking of ‘va-jay-jay’… HaHaHa

          Springs to mind the mother of all miscreant ‘va-jay-jay’s … Oprah (she coined that word?)

          and a simple solution!

          Tax Oprah!

          Directly, now! Oprah, get your checkbook out.

          I’m serious.

          Except for the calling you the ‘mother of all…yadda yadda yadda’

          Can you never forgive me?

          It would make me feel better about how I will feel about you, if you do not begin NOW to write 23 billion US dollars in checks (serially from 1024 desks) to needy families. You may associate these actions with other liberal celebrities. Or go to hell.

          This is a prod towards ‘getting to Heaven’, and is not approved by the person who is writing it as I must be prepared for the worst, which is worse for you!

          HaHaHa There I am being Happy again!

          I love you Oprah.
          Maybe I can meet your dog! My wife will squeeze your dogs anal glands for you. You probably don’t know how much you pay for that service do you? I never learned that myself.

          Oooooo! I am gross! You can’t be and have your ‘job’. You can’t like me, don’t even try.

          Nature is dirty. God is the God of Everything under the Sun (which is Dirt) and the Sun. For instance, meteorites are ‘Dirt’ in space. They are ‘Dust’ compared to the big ‘Dirt-ball’, Earth. Everything under the Sun is Dirt. God is the God of …

          Oh, do you ‘believe’ in God?

          I’ll go google that…brb

      88. If we didn’t have government, we wouldn’t have this problem. Wouldn’t need to make fascistic sounding comments like this “but i am NOT against sterilization for those who are so utterly irresponsible for themselves and others.” You do realize comments like that are the result of a false political dichotomy. One bad idea countered with another. That’s politics. Market anarchism, true libertarianism, for the win…Leave this political rubbish behind.

      89. I once dated a doctor who had worked in the south in a clinic. One day a 16 year old black girl came in and says to the doc, “I needs to breed”. “What?” says the doc. The girl repeats,”I needs to breed”. The doc. “Why do you needs to breed?” “Sos I kin git on welfare”, says the girl. She had been trying to get pregnant, probably through multiple “donors”, and figured she needed a little medical hep. Anyway, after more questioning by my girlfriend, she discovered that the young black girl thought that welfare was the same as having a job. That is today’s reality. That is symptomatic of whats wrong in contemporary society. By the way, color has nothing to do with it. Being functionally illiterate crossed all racial boundaries.

      90. yOU aLL nOW lIVE iN a fACIST dICKTATORSHIP pRISON sTATE cALLED – aMERIKA! your all a bunch of goyin tax debt slave suckers now… say anything bad of the feds or jews and DO NOT STOP AT BOARDWALK , go straight to jail or ya get BLACK BAGGED AT 3AM! KNOCK KNOCK! who is it? THE FEDS OPEN UP! i’m doing the dishes… CRASH BANG… don’t taze me bro…. eeeeeeek’ ;0P ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP!

        gawd bless facist amerika and all the lil’ facist zionist jews everywhere!

        The Senate last night codified into law the power of the U.S. military to indefinitely detain an American citizen with no charge, no trial and no oversight whatsoever with the passage of S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act.

        As Spencer Ackerman highlights, the bill completely violates the sixth amendment in that it allows American citizens to be locked up indefinitely, including in a foreign detention center, without any burden of proof whatsoever. An American merely has to be declared a terrorist and they can be abducted off the streets and never seen again.


        • Marine4 life

          I hear that they so us unemployment numbers dropping which is to BS this gets the sheeple looking at that while the slip in S.1867 bill which passed a vote of 93 to 7. I figure the next bill will be for the internet kill switch.

        • real number is close to 20%…agree 100% with your comment!

          • real number is like 27percent

      92. Someone needs to rip her uterus out. NOW!

        • I’ll bet the entire 24 hour emergency room staff knows what it looks like.

          • And is in therapy because of seeing it.

      93. This is nothing more than a testament to the welfare state in America. What is particularly pathetic to me is that our sorry excuse of a President supports the mentality. I’ll keep working hard so our socialist government can meet her demands.

        • Yes comraid yes…

          We must, I will… you better!

          work more! pay more! (I remember in the private sector it was ‘pay less’?)

          Upside down is right side up!

          I will work more, and pay more, I can do it for me, I can do it for you!

          (But I don’t know about your 15 kids!)

          I want to become a propaganda writer for the NWO, No World Order!


        • its funny, as i recall, this was going on under bush, why didnt the repugs do away with the programs?? why because they are in on it too

      94. Look at what she’s already cost the taxpayers. She thinks she’s a big star now that she’s made national news. Well, she’s been a statistic in the news for a long time now. She reminds me of the girl, when NoBama was elected, that said, “Now we don’t have to worry any more about paying for our gas, or our mortgages…”. This is why we need Newt in office. We can take street trash like this down to the SW states and make em pay back society by helping build the wall across our borders, along with all the other illegal, no taxpaying scum that comes into this country for a free ride. If she works as good on her feet with her hands as well as she works on her back with her worn out crack, she might make a good citizen. As for the kids…they ARE God’s creation. Give them to a family who knows that. Simply screaming “Oh God” while taking downloading another blob of sperm doesn’t count. She’s trash and “it ain’t got nuttin to do wit race, or rims, or worn out Caprices.

        • Don, with all due respect, Newt is just another Obams. He wants to take what rights you have left away.

        • . “It doesn’t matter what I do. People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.”
          ~Newt Gingrich, saying we should do as he says, regardless of what he actually does.

          • “I read Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them and I found frightening pieces that related to…my own life.”
            ~Newt Gingrich, talking about his problems with women.

            • “I think one of the great problems we have in the Republican party is that we don’t encourage you to be nasty. We encourage you to be neat, obedient, and loyal and faithful and all those Boy Scout words.”
              ~Newt Gingrich, advocating for hateful rhetoric and smearing opponents with lies.

      95. Just four words will help this woman…KEEP.YOUR.LEGS.SHUT!

      96. This is old news- April 2010.

      97. This travesty has been happening for decades since FDR socialized our country. The problem is that there has never been brakes put upon this, and worse, the current administration has condoned it. Political correctness has made the hard working homeowner the villan in this, as if we should deny our own families welfare for this dead beat. Botton line..if you don’t work to survive..you die. Check out China’s attitude concerning those who refuse to work. Not pretty, but maybe, a conscept that embraces an attitude that frees those that work hard and abandons those that won’t.

      98. I’m curious as to her parents situation. Is her mom a welfare mom as well? Was her Dad an absentee? Just curious if this acorn fell close or far from the tree.

      99. She should learn how to tie her shoes without bending over.

      100. Actually, she is right – someone should be responsible and accountable for having 15 kids — the mother and the three dads are the ones responsible not the city, state, country, or anyone else…

      101. This is where the money for Planned Parenthood is going.
        Just looks like 15 more Democrat voters to me

        • THey are Brainwashed Republican voters, this is what republicanism has broght this country to its knees

          • i hate to tell you this but it is the democrats that has fostered this type of society. they are the one that have pushed welfare and entitlements. that is how they get the votes. go back and check your facts.

            • Republicans have sanctions this for a long time, look how many republican presidents there have been, and its just gotten worse

          • Um…no.

      102. In my neighborhood, the sides of the highway are loaded with trash and the criminals, in prison, are siting around, watching tv, on the internet, and holding their ding-dongs in their hands, instead of being made to get out and prick up the trash. In this country, bad behavior is rewarded. While the workers get up and go slog it out, the people, like this woman, behave badly. Many of the post are great…good ideas, that will not be acted upon, until the funding evaporates at the end of 2012…then…look out!

      103. She needs to have her uterus removed then directly after her surgery, be sent to jail on 12 counts of child endangerment, 12 counts of child neglect and finally 12counts of defrauding the government. Thats comin from a brotha formally from the hood whom has stocked up and moved to the country. Oh yeah, upon her release she is to pay back all assistance granted her financially. Anyone got a problem with that ?

        • Cast that first stone there Oldcrow…while I think she should be surgically stapled (just for the fun of it), the problem remains that the country continues to reward those who continue to have kids. These ignorant folks are just working the system, just like the ignorant politicians that continue to pass the stupid laws that support this behavior. The real solution to the problem is to eliminate the government, that would be the ignorant bastards that write the stupid laws to begin with. Don’t worry, they will all be gone in the first 30 days of SHTF.


      104. this is why we need to stop entitlement programs and reform welfare. If you are on welfare and you have more than 1 kid you should be required to be on birth control or get sterilized and if you get pregnant again you lose your benefits. Also make the father and the grandparents responsible for their up bringing and meet their needs We have to vote people in office that really want to work to reform our system because I am tired of working my butt off only to have the government take money away from me to give to someone else.It’s not right that at times I can’t by my child something because I don’t have the money after paying my bills

      105. Actions have consequences. If she can’t support them and somebody needs to take responsibility, then the state should take her kids away from her and make them available for adoption to folks who can afford them. Any future children should automatically be taken as well. She should also be made mandatorily and permanently unavailable for any public assistance EVER AGAIN.

      106. I can’t believe that this woman thinks she is owed something because she popped out 15 kids and never had the foresight to ensure she had a way to care for them.

        I don’t believe in welfare for this type of person, take the kids away and put her to work to reimburse the state for financially supporting what SHE should be financially supporting. I didn’t have 15 kids, I had 1 because I can afford ONE. I don’t have a dozen and claim someone else has to pay, you need to pay your own way in life and prepare to do it. I know times are hard, I believe in helping someone get back on her feet, but this woman and her kids are a drain on society… how many of these drain do I need to pay for with my taxes?

      107. The product of government welfare.

      108. What’s that saying? Never bite the hand that feeds you…

      109. Honestly, I must apologize. It’s my fault. If only I paid more taxes. If only I worked another job. If only my family had less. If only I could persuade the government into more entitlemtnt programs. Oh the humanity!

      110. are you flipping kidding me?? what a joke, she needs a tubiligation and she needs her kids taken away from her dumb ass. WE do not owe her a damn thing, her saying somebody needs to pay for her kids is the stupidist thing i have ever heard, she needs to have her kids taken away from her sorry ass. makes me sick to my stomache that she is that ignorant to think the taxpayers have to pay for her stupidity and continueing to have kids. she is disgusting.

      111. I never was interested in hearing about the benefits of a eugenics program until I watched this.

      112. I can’t stand the MSM, damn vultures and full of BS and misinformation. I can just hear in the way they’re spinning this story.

      113. Most of the comments I’ve read are true but they miss the real point, this country has passed the tipping point where we can no longer afford this, it is no longer sustainable. The number of prople paying are overloaded by the number of people collecting. What happens when the well runs so dry the present system won’t work? There will be millions and millions of people like the woman with all the kids screaming and demanding for everything she is entitled.

      114. The fathers didn’t give that boat any rest at all between cruises.

      115. The sad thing about this is that the social welfare net is a good thing when used sparingly and appropriately. I grew up in a country with one. However, the bad thing is that idiots like this come along and abuse the crap out of it. Unfortunately, we seem incapable of changing the rules to say if you breed more you are on your own, or if you deliberately get pregnant don’t expect accommodation, etc. We have a woman in Australia that has 11 kids and wants more…how does she do this? We the taxpayers fund them as her dumb husband certainly can’t. I have little optimisam for the future with people like this on one hand and on the other people fighting each other over a $2 waffle press.

      116. “Gifts from God”. She ain’t no democrat!

      117. Greetings Everyone!
        Did anyone how she said how “someone else” was responsible for her problems?That ONLY after being jailed she learned to be respectful of the courts?And after being taken out of the picture(and no longer able to get aid money) she cussed the S.S. caregivers when she visited with her sister where her kids were at?Unfortunately she is but one of thousands doing the “baby money”thing.I personally have known a number of these scammers who kick their over 18 children out on the street because they don’t receive any more money for them.No parental love whatsoever.Especially the boys.It’s one of the reasons the whole system is falling apart(especially in California).But only one.Some of the others are the “secret” hidden loans made by the FED in the hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars both here and overseas to the corrupt BANKERS(talk about welfare! such a deal!)Bloomberg recently had the docs released under the FOI act.Wonder what FED guarantees Bush AND Obama gave them?Wonder why there’s no legislation forcing the Bankers to be accountable to the rest of us?Why the net worth for BOTH sides of the REPOCRATS in Congress has grown massively while the rest of us see a slow but steady decline in our standard of living?
        This welfare “Queen” needs a little jail time(say one year of every kid birthed while in the system).The Bankers need a year and 100% of their income taken for each year they created the morass of despair and ruin for the rest of us.I’ll say about twenty years as least with no parole.And let’s tax 100%(retroactively)the “research billions” given to Big Oil and Big Coal.Missy is a twat to be sure,but her instincts can’t be faulted.If the UBER-RICH can collect Fed welfare in the BILLIONS without blinking,she needs her share too.
        Best to All
        (including the Cia,NSA and those oh-so-dear people at the airports)

      118. Was it bad that before I even saw the video or any clips, that I knew this lady was black?

      119. Vagina; it’s not a clown car.

      120. If you have a garden and only tend and nurture the weeds, you end up with even more weeds. Is anyone really surprised that our society has ended up with human weeds like this woman, and literally millions more like her?

        I love when some politico comes on the TV screen advising us how we have to ‘reign in entitlements’ like Social Security and Medicare. Here’s a clue…how about reigning in entitlements that perpetuate parasitic lifestyles like this woman’s?

        • With you on this one.
          I’d say after the first three,she only gets the “baby daddy’s” check.If she goes past five w/o substantive support from “baby daddy’s”(who are most likely slackers themselves)then to get any more assistance,she MUST get some injected birth control.She refuses?No prevention,lose kids and NO MO’ MONEY!!
          And while we’re at it stop all “research” Federal funds to ALL private Corporations,period.Between derailing Welfare “Queens” and ending “foreign war adventures” and the above,I suspect we can save S.S.,fix the roads,give better care to our maimed and wounded Vets and Even restore NASA(If you gotta dream,dream big I say).
          Things look rather grim,but,CHANGE IS COMING!!
          Best to All
          Fed spooks and their ILK too!!!

      121. Think of this, those 15 children, grow up to be dependent on the system…each of those 15 will have 15 system dependent children….that’s 225 people created by two loser useless mouth breathers in only two system abusive generations.
        And it does not stop there; most of those kids will be having babies when they are 13-16 yoa, the numbers just keep multiplying into a horrendous amount of money sucking ungrateful people.
        How many of these children will grow to be baby mills, killers, drug dealers and prisoners?

        Who said that eugenics was a bad thing?

      122. This is a perfect example of why some people suggest sterilization as the price of receiving public welfare benefits. Just because she chooses to pump out babies on a regular basis does not mean that I feel obligated to pay their way through life. I DO feel sorry for kids brought into the world by people who cannot afford to care for them. This is a situation where some charitable giving might be of assistance but that does not mean that I want to codify it into any sort of government mandated program. Doing that only antagonizes the receiver and cheapens the value of the giver.

      123. Lets see 35,000.00 times 10 =350.000.00 The tax payer had to pay for her to have them kids.and how the tax payer got to feed them now..I d sue the tax payer for not give her more of their money…lazzy ass. oh i m sry i got to watch my pc… I mean poor people.

      124. this woman should be punished for her intentional endangerment to her children which she bore with the intent of not being responsible for them or to them. this woman’s needs to have all but one child taken away until she can prove the one child can be taken care of responsibly by her alone and more children given back to her only if to the extent she can prove she has the mentality to take care of them. and each month have to make money payments to give support for the other children living somewhere else or she goes to a med security prison until she can understand her errors. So it is known world wide that this incredibly poor care and reasoning to have children will not be accepted no more.plus her tubes tied.

      125. Her children should be taken away and she should be thrown in a big hole and left there. Stop having kids you friggin idiot!!!
        Honestly, I’m having a very difficult time right now paying for my 2 kids just to stay in diapers but you don’t see me on the news crying about how someone else should be paying for them. Are you fucking kidding me!
        Close your legs!! The one GREAT thing in this story is that the father is in prison which means hopefully she won’t be pregnant anytime soon! Knowing our country though, she’ll get conjugal visits and bust out 3 more kids and then blame the prison for the fact that she’s alone with babies.
        Trash….it’s pathetic
        My life isn’t so perfect but the difference here is i’m going nuts looking another job and i’m busting my ass trying to sell homemade items, cleaning houses and trying anything I can…including painting some womans living room for pratically nothing! I’ll be damned if I sit around and act like someone else is supposed to be paying for my babies. They are my LIFE….and it is MY FAULT for when I can’t make things happen….I’ll take that because i’m mommy and that’s just how life is.

      126. Someone needs to pay for her birth control …

      127. I believe that if octo mom can have kids and get assistance this young lady should too. I don’t understand why they would take her kids from her. she could have seen men in the bathroom. the public needs to take a look at this and see in what ways we can help this young woman. if anyone knows of any programs that will help this lady get her kids and a stable place to live instead of bashing her. her children werent a mistake and just because she have more than the next woman does’nt give no one the right to say she is unfit. it sickens me how the public opinion can say what kind of parent you are. she is a good mom because she is doing what she can to keep her kids together.

      128. While this story is disturbing and horrifying, some of the comments here are equally so. I don’t support welfare, but we should all draw a line at taking away anyone’s reproductive rights. No government, anywhere, ever, should be given rights over a citizen’s body. The problem here lies in a welfare system that all but encourages manipulation and deviant behavior and the woman herself, who obviously believes, however falsely, we all should be held responsible for her “suffering.”

        I caution everyone to be careful what you wish for–mandatory sterilization might seem like a good idea in cases such as these, but it’s a small step from this to mass sterilization, genocide and total abolition of bodily autonomy.

      129. God help someone with that kind mentality. Honestly, in a case like this, I believe in mandatory sterilization. She’s not all there in the head, obviously. Her kids need real homes with people who can care for them. She cannot. If you get state assistance for that many kids, you would have a small fortune and can afford any place you wanted to live. Really. Someone should pay. She should, not the state, county or others. She needs to take responsibility for her kids. Get fixed lady.

      130. This is pathetic, she wants someone else to be accountable for her and her kids ( How about her being accountable as well as the kids three dads ! How about closing your legs for awhile and get your a** up out of bed and find a job and stop expecting the tax payers to provide for you and your kids. It’s everyone elses fault that one of the daddies got arrested? Damm cops anyway” how dare you arrest him, he has 10 kids to take care of with his Welfare Check he gets….
        This is one of the reasons this country is in the shape it is in. All the people that are to damm lazy to work expect free hand outs. This kind of crap needs to stop !

      131. If there are mutipul dads and mom says there is, then let the deadbeats take care of their own kids,put them in jail for not taking care of their kids, or better yet charge them with neglect, that would be the thng to do. This lady is not stupit she is only trashy, yet these kids will suffer in the end. Some one needs to tell this woman to ask the grandparents for help or give the children up, then they need to put her on the alabama chain gang “work the shit out of her” and go on with life. No one helped me raise my kids, no childsupport, on my job. My friend raises her kids, no child support, but she strokes everyday at one job and sometime two jobs. GET A LIFE lady.

        • Dont feed the bears!

      132. Hear I am busting my as– paying my taxs and people like he r r getting apart of it this is bull shit the states need to cut them off make the get a job and spay- and nooter the kids so the problem stops iv had my UPS and downs in life and never 1 ask for a hand out I’m not rich butt I get buy in the hard times every body is dealing with don’t get depressed about it work hard and press on it got to get better sooner or later in tillthen quit makeing babys u no u can’t afford if u can’t take care of your self u cant afford some 1 else quit milking the dam system!

      133. Her new Obamaphone probably needs an upgrade too. You guy’s want to start a collection?

      134. What in the world!!?? She has loss her damn mind. What the hell does she mean somebody needs to pay. She’s correct, SHE DOES. Go scrub toilets, work at McDonalds, or wait tables. Don’t really give a damn. She made the decision to have 15 kids. Thank god she’s in Florida. Don’t bring that shit up here. I have never heard such bullshit in my life. I take care of my daughters, because it’s my responsibility. Their father understand that he is a parent, and it’s nobody’s job to feed our kids, but us. I want to slap the shit out of her so bad. How embarrassing. I can’t with these people.

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