Unbanking vs. Underbanking: How to Break Up with the Financial System

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Headline News | 211 comments

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    Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it is with a tracking service like a financial institution.

    Sometimes you can make a clean break and other times you have to remain “just friends”.

    The US government actually has a name for people who have no bank accounts – they call these folks “the unbanked”.  The FDIC defines the unbanked as “those without an account at a bank or other financial institution and are considered to be outside the mainstream for one reason or another.”  Another term is “the underbanked” – “people or businesses that have poor access to mainstream financial services normally offered by retail banks. The underbanked can be characterized by a strong reliance on non-traditional forms of finance and micro-finance often associated with disadvantaged and the poor, such as check cashers, loan sharks and pawnbrokers.

    According to the government, the above scenarios are crisis situations which must be rectified for “your own good”.  There is legislation on the table in many states to set up banking facilities for the unbanked and underbanked.  The assumption is that most folks who do not deal with a bank are too poor to do so.  This could be true in many cases: high minimum balances, bad credit history, NSFs, and account fees can all preclude having a bank account for those in difficult financial straits.

    However, the government has a couple more reasons to insist that everyone should have a bank account:

    1.)   Ease of confiscation

    We need only to look at the horrible situation in Cyprus to see how bank accounts are like all-you-can-steal-buffets for the powers that be.  A suggested theft TAX ofup to 20% of the money in Cypriot bank accounts may be levied in order for the country to meet it’s staggering debts in the terms of the proposed EU bailout.  The banks of Cyprus are loaded with the money of residents and businesses of other countries that have used them as a tax haven.  The banks have been closed for several days and frantic customers are left to withdraw the maximum daily balances from ATM machines in an attempt to salvage what they can.  Many people fear the banks will never reopen their doors.

    Think it can’t happen here?  I wonder if the people of Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Argentina, Spain, and Portugal thought that too.

    2.)  Surveillance

    The second reason that “everyone should have access to banking services” is the digital trail that it leaves.  Every dime you receive and spend out of these accounts is part of an intricate system of surveillance.  When your money goes into a bank – any bank – Big Brother knows about it.  It’s a simple matter of compiling information via your social security number (or other federally- assigned number) to find out how much you make, how much you have, and where it comes from.  This can be used to prosecute you for tax purposes, to locate you through where your pay comes from, and to follow your personal money trail for a variety of different reasons.

    It can also be used to track your spending – Big Brother can find out that you spent $2000 at a gun store, that you purchased online from a prepper supply website or that you bought some books with “questionable” content in order to paint you as a threat.


    So, in this day and age, is it possible to get by completely without a bank account?

    It’s tough.  Most work places prefer to pay through direct deposit.  Many landlords, mortgage companies and finance companies do business through direct debit.  You’re going to pay some steep fees if this is the route that you choose to go.  For some, it might be worth it, particularly if you only have a few transactions in a month.

    Here are some places you can cash checks for a fee:

    • Check cashing depots
    • Some retailers like Walmart, 7-11, and some grocery stores (the number of these is dropping rapidly)
    • Pawn shops
    • The issuing bank will sometimes cash a check drawn from one of their accounts for a non-account holder
    • Some prepaid credit card accounts will accept a direct deposit (in my opinion, this is nearly as unsafe as having your money in a bank account)
    • Through a friend or family member’s account (also risky – for both you and the account holder)

    Here are some ways you can pay bills without a bank account:

    • In person, with cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders
    • Through the mail, with cashier’s checks or money orders
    • Online, with prepaid credit cards
    • Through a kiosk using a prepaid credit card
    • At a check-cashing depot or retailer


    Your next option is underbanking.  For some people this may be the most realistic way to break up with their bank – it’s the “just friends” version.  If you have a lot of transactions that go through your account every month, it isn’t necessarily practical to get rid of your account.  Keep in mind that all of the above methods of unbanking still have a component of financial tracking.  The checks and bills still have your personal information tied to them in most cases.

    When you underbank, you still have an account.  Set this up with the lowest possible fee and the lowest possible required balance.  Shop around to find the best deal.  Consider a credit union or community bank instead of one of the big mega-banks.  They are slightly safer, emphasis on slightly.

    Your paychecks from work can be directly deposited, which will make your employer happy.  Employers rarely want to do something outside the norm, and if everyone else gets their pay directly deposited, writing a check for you will make you stand out – the opposite of what you want to do.  As well, any other checks you receive, like refunds, tax returns, etc., can be processed through this account.

    The goal here is to keep as little money as possible in this account.  Banks are no longer the safest place to keep your money, and the .00001% of interest you will accrue is just not worthwhile.

    Immediately upon payday:

    • Pay all your bills online or through a kiosk out of this account – rent, utilities, credit card payments (hopefully you don’t have those)
    • Buy necessities like groceries if you need to reduce the amount in the account for withdrawal purposes
    • Calculate the amount of payments that will be coming out of your account between now and your next pay (rent/mortgage, car payment, insurance)
    • Remove all money except that required for impending debits and your minimum balance.  Get it in cash.

    Avoid Financial Surveillance

    The government wants everyone to have a bank account for another reason besides quick accessibility for the purpose of thievery.  Big Brother wants to know what you earn, what you spend, and where you spend it.  Every penny you spend could one day be used against you, as more and more things become illegal in the police state that is taking over the western world.

    Use your bank account as little as possible if you’ve chosen to underbank:

    • Buy stuff with cash
    • Skip registering your belongings by serial number for warranty purposes
    • For heaven’s sakes, don’t get one of those “customer loyalty” cards that track every purchase you make and provide you with “rewards” or “points”
    • Buy from places that don’t track you, like yard sales, Craigslist, farmer’s markets, roadside stands, your brother’s friend’s sister’s boyfriend
    • Work for cash: this is another suggestion that won’t work for everybody, but if you can do some odd jobs for cash, even if you make slightly less money doing so, this is money that can’t be tracked.

    Think about how your purchases tell a story about you that you might rather keep to yourself.  Are you buying lots of farm equipment, soil amendments and seeds?  Are you buying ammo every week?  Are you stocking away large quantities of food or medical supplies?  Have you recently purchased 2,347 books on different guerrilla warfare tactics?  OPSEC is more than just keeping your mouth shut about your prepperly ways.

    Ditch the Dollar

    Although you require some fiat currency to function in today’s society, as well as some in an emergency fund,  consider using other forms of currency whenever possible.  The following suggestions won’t work for everyone, but some folks may be able to ditch the dollar in the following ways:

    • Engage in the barter system: trade goods and services with like-minded people.
    • Keep precious metals like gold and silver in a fireproof safe for your “savings account”
    • Immediately convert  fiat currency into tangible goods: food, ammo, home defense items, tools, etc.
    • Work towards self-sufficiency – if you buy less, you can earn less: grow your food, repair your own home or vehicle, do things manually instead of using expensive equipment, lessen your dependency on the grid
    • Simplify – this goes hand in hand with self sufficiency: find your entertainment from library books and online resources, skip eating out, take a walk instead of joining a gym – the less you feel you need, the less money you will have to earn.

    The decision to unbank or underbank is unique to every individual.  The further away you can get from “the system” the more privacy and security you will have.  The suggestions above are not meant to be comprehensive – they’re meant to get you thinking about how you can disengage.  As always, your suggestions in the comments can greatly benefit others!



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      1. This is good info, however I find it funny that their is an ad for a citibank account right under the article.

        • Keep your pm close and your fiat closer.

          • And your colt and mossberg even closer! :0)

            • Daisy are you labeling us and calling us names???!!!
              Bwah ha ha ha

              • For your medicine stocks Canadian pharmacies are a huge savings.

                For example, northwest pharmacy dot com

              • northwestpharmacy dot com

              • Daisy; Great article and I enjoy the name calling. As for me I working on underbanking. It is actually much more difficult than I thought. But with discipline can be accomplished.
                I’ve been thinking about this whole Cyprus debacle, and it just doesn’t make sense. They are going to take some $4B dollars from private bank accounts in order to secure additional funding from the IMF or whoever. $4B in the grand scheme of the world economy is almost insignificant. Russia offered to just give Cyprus the money, but were turned away. Why? Common sense says take it. But they decided to hurt the people instead. Why? People have said this is a test run of plans for the rest of the EU, I think the savings grab is more of a cover for something else. Keeping people occupied on the bank issue while TPTB complete their primary plan elsewhere. Smoke and mirrors. Who knows, maybe the whole confiscation is BS, just part of the illusion.

                • Ghost Rider, it could be possible that Cyprus is an event to see how other people/countries react. TPTB/bankers have to keep an illusion going (yes) but they also have an image to maintain with the populace.If we act swiftly then they’ll have to react just as swiftly against us. This whole thing is a chess match/battle of wits. Eventually one or both sides won’t want to play any longer and then the horror begins.

          • getting a little uptight , aren’t we DK? Nothing bad could possibly happen to someone like you, could it?

          • “”It’s a simple matter of compiling information via your social security number (or other federally- assigned number) to find out how much you make, how much you have, and where it comes from.””


            Freedom means being unbanked, unnumbered, and unlicensed. A free Man needs none of these.

            Of course, they do make slavery quite convenient, but very expensive too.

            Freedom is a choice, and so is the slavery of using corp numbers and services. Choose wisely.

        • City bank doesn’t show on what I see. I see car insurance.

          • mine shows fifth third banking

          • Y’all need to install Adblock so you don’t get any of that stuff. And while yer at it, get the add-on goodies from Firefox to end so much of the online spying. Start looking at plug-ins like Collapse and DoNotTrackMe.

        • Since I’m reading this in Canada, my ad is for Scotiabank. But same thing.

        • Apparently, I’ve been undermarried for quite some time now. Just didn’t know what to call it.

      2. My ex just called it a divorce when she left her financial system.

        • Thanks Daisy, very well done and well researched.

          • Great article Daisy!

            We use the “underbanking” option. We keep a minimum amount in our account and just deposit cash as needed to pay bills.

            It works for us.

            • I have two bank accounts in two banks for redundancy as I live in the Philippines now and my banks are in the US and are used to transfer income. Both have only the minimum balance needed to keep them open. I got free of loans and credit cards about 10 years ago after a divorce bankruptcy and never indulged again.

              My grandparents, who raised a family during the depression, never borrowed a cent that I ever heard of. They rented and saved and built a small home when they were 50 and only one child still living with them. They had all the necessities and a few luxuries and my grandmother still had a few thousand in the account when she died at 85. It was a one paycheck family and my grandfather was a cabinet maker, not a high paid professional. About average income for the time. So, it is possible folks. Get out of the banks, NOW!

        • That is funny! 🙂

      3. Thanks Daisy…! Great article. You would be amazed at what kind of discounts you can get with cash. 10% or more with most trades if you deal with the owner.

      4. Another good one DAISY! Thanks for the information.

        Keep the FAITH

      5. Daisy,

        Good article

        Take care

        • Yes., good article !!

          HI BURT!!! 🙂

        • ‘Afternoon Burt.

          • Hiya Chaps,

            Hows things over there? Probably as crap as over here lol.

            Take care

            • Hey Burt… My daughter is coming to your neck of the woods. Got an extra room for rent?

            • As good as it can be expected. 🙂

      6. Thanks! Very helpful! I intend to copy it and add to other SHTF papers. Fortunately, I’m self employed and deal mostly in cash. Also, as far as the little grocery cards go, I just filled out one, using a fake name and address…I heard you can usually get by that way. The more we learn about getting away from the system the better off we will be. It’s going down!

        • I would not be surprised to find that the first time you used your loyalty card with the fake name along with a debit/credit card that has your real name, the merchant silently “corrected” your previous “mistake”.

          • I have a store loyalty card with a phony name only. Still get rewards points for a gasoline discount.

          • Simple: Pay with cash

          • Just use debit cards without your real name.

        • Speaking of grocery stores…

          Stock up and save some money this week.

          Most grocery and big box stores have sales this week on baking supplies, condiments like mayo and mustard, canned pineapple and canned vegetables, coffee, butter, eggs, candy, etc. Check your local stores and circulars for good deals.

          Combine a sale price with a coupon to save even more.

          • If you have the discipline and organization to use coupons and shop sales, you can save immense amounts of money.

            If you are really good, you can come home with many bags of groceries, household goods, and even expensive name-brand clothing and come home with MORE money than when you left. Maybe only $5 or $10 more, but that is quite a useful skill.

          • Thanks for the heads up!

          • KY Mom, you got that right….nice to get LandOLakes butter, 1 pound in 4 quarters, at a 2 for $5 — what a savings. Even with dairy goats, I can’t beat that price so they went in the freezer.

            Stock up, folks!

            • KY Mom & Z:
              Speaking of good deals, the Lowes by me has been carrying 5 gal food grade buckets recently for around $3.50 each. No lids but thats a great price for my area.

            • Yep Z I got that one too,can’t best LandOLakes butter!:-)

      7. thank you Miss Daisy for a wonderful post……I read alot but don’t reply much….but you get all my thumbs up for this……stay safe

      8. Cash always get my attention!

      9. Will work for cartridges.

      10. http://rt.com/business/bank-cyprus-cut-30-percent-deposits-789/

        How about having 40% of your money stolen so the banksters can go bet some more and governments can go tax and spend some more! Yippee! Still believe the Republican crap about free markets? Still believe in unbridled capitalism? Still don’t believe in regulation? Do you guys realize that the debt increases more under Republican presidents than Democrat presidents because they both spend the same amount, yet Republicans don’t want to pay taxes for it? Convert to libertarianism.

        • As a Catholic I believe that :

          (1) just power descends from Heaven and that just power does not bubble up from the mob

          (2) morality demands just prices, just wages, and NO damn usury!

          For those reasons and though we may be “fellow travelers” on some issues with libertarians, I cannot endorse libertarianism and its “anything the market will bear” rapaciousness.

          That said, for several days Eisenkreuz has provided important economic news about Cyprus and Bitcoin. News that is important to ALL of us, yet the kosher thought cops/thumbsdowners are suppressing his posts. We know why—Eisenkreuz is not afraid to name the tribe of those perpetrating most of our woes.

          • Libertarians are against corporate America. We believe in the mom and pop stores and small farms. And I, in divergence from other libertarians, strongly advocate for protectionism and against free trade. It is the Republicans who believe in deregulation and letting giant corporations run amok.

            • Sounds like you are headed in the right (not wrong) direction, Eisenkreuz!


            • @eisenfool
              If the French had practiced isolationism during the revolutionary war and the war of 1812, the United States of America would not exist.
              Libertarians tend to be short sighted and selfish.

          • There are some basic principles of decency.

            As a Catholic I believe that :

            (1) just power descends from Heaven and that just power does not bubble up from the mob

            (2) morality demands just prices, just wages, and NO usury!

            For those reasons and though we may be “fellow travelers” on some issues with libertarians, I cannot endorse libertarianism and its “anything the market will bear” rapaciousness.

            That said, for several days Eisenkreuz has provided important economic news about Cyprus and Bitcoin. News that is important to ALL of us, yet the kosher thought cops/thumbsdowners are suppressing his posts. We know why—Eisenkreuz is not afraid to name the tribe of those perpetrating most of our woes. The same tribe that pays people to stalk and police the internet:


            • @john q public AKA fascist/socialist

              Who defines the “basic principles of decency”?………….you?
              “just power”?…….what does that mean?
              Who defines “just prices, just wages and no usury”?……..you?
              “anything the market will bear rapaciousness” only exists under a monopolistic fascist state, otherwise it’s competition that rules.
              “kosher thought cops”, “tribe” are statements exalted by hitler and his nazis, I suspect that you are closet anti-semite.

              Keep up your fascist/socialist BS, but don’t expect ANY intelligent person to buy into it, LOL

        • You are so freaking dumb. This event is a great example of when you don’t have free markets but ones where govt. has control. As for your BS about the Pubbies running up bigger deficits your daddy Obama puts the lie to that.

      11. Good article !

        I already do most of the things mentioned,
        trust banks about as far as I can throw them…

        A dollar in hand is worth two in the bank.

      12. If you demand cash payment from your employer they have to obey. If you offer to pay someone in cash they cannot refuse. That’s the legal tender law.

        • Not quite Eisenkreutz…a debt must be created first. If you eat a restaurant meal, they must accept FRNs as payment. A debt was created. If you try to buy a pack of gum with a FRN they are not obligated to accept it as no debt was created first. Of course, they accept it since they want to do business. However, many stores do not accept $100 bills and cannot be forced to.

        • A couple years ago, a man tried to pay off his house with cash, and the bank refused to accept it. There was a news story and vids on the article, sorry don’t have a link. The main story was about the issue of using cash vs. electronic transfer. We are rapidly approaching the mandatory electronic transfer.

          Also, the company I work for had a branch in Washington state. They were forced, by some odd law to pay by direct deposit, no way out of it. So, you can demand payment in cash, but they may not have to pay you that way.

          • Federal legal tender laws supercede any county or state direct deposit law. Most lawyers and judges are totally ignorant of the legal tender laws too.

            • In the case of the company I work for, they preferred to use direct deposit, and used a Washington state law:

              “Direct Deposit

              An employer may require an employee to participate in direct deposit, so long as there is no cost to the employee. “- Washington Department of Labor and Industry

              So, the company’s employees in that state had no choice at the discretion of the company.

              • They can’t do that. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

                • That is straight off the Washington Department of Labor and Industry website. One more bureaucratic regulation people can’t get past.

            • Ooo whee, Eisenkreuz, the kosher thought cops are after you.

            • eisen;
              I went to uslegal.com JRS is right

          • Was that the guy that tried to pay with all pennies? The bank pissed him off, so he wheeled a cart into the bank with 10K worth of pennies. They turned him away so he called the local news. Bank decided he could use the pennies, but he had to sort and roll them first. Banks suck!

        • Like I posted just before. you are so freaking dumb. Most businesses have payroll contractors and they do not pay with cash. Not only that paying with cash is a sure way to get the Feds attention for money laundering. Yard work and other off the books work get paid with cash. Most places now require direct deposit.

      13. Message to all Military personnel:
        Please remember your oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States.
        Before you fire on Civilians, remember we are NOT your enemy we are you and you are us, we are your family, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers etc. Only the uniform is the difference. And to knowingly follow an illegal order is NO excuse for obaying an illegal order, Remember Nurmburg?
        They were ONLY just following orders too!

        • No worries from me, Buzz. 🙂

        • Thank you Buzz, I have been telling everyone I know that has taken the oath to remember what it was to, the Constitution not the Gov’t.

      14. Part of the reason I stick to my dumb pre-paid phone. Pre paid debit cards are great for online purchases for prepping activities, amazon book purchases, etc.

        I’ve given some thought to the need of not tying your name to where you live via trusts and PO boxes. Pretty much stuck in the current location for the time being but if given the opportunity to move will be pursuing more research into how to.. There are books and sites outlining the how to ..

        • I have been considering using pre-paid debit or credit cards for online purchases. But how do you get your purchases delivered? If you give your address, then you’ve given away your anonymity. If you have packages sent to a friend’s house or business or even your workplace then you raise suspicion. I would greatly appreciate some advice.

          • You can have packages sent to a vacant house. Then just stake it out on the expected delivery date. Remember to walk or cover your license plate temporarily.

            • Having a package delivered to a vacant house doesn’t always work, especially if it is delivered through the Postal service. The carrier knows when a house is vacant and if a parcel is addressed to a vacant house the Postal service will in most cases hold it at the Post office until they know someone is in the house and they have a valid forwarding order showing someone moving into the house.

          • @ anonymouslady –

            From your more upscale UPS Brown pack & ship locations to your back-alley/hole-in-the-wall locations brokering money transfers and dry goods shipments into foreign countries ….. there are a lot of places in just about every community out there offering private post box, package receipt from UPS, Fed-Ex and USPS, as well as forwarding services. They can either notify you when something comes in or hold it for you until you check with them.

            This isn’t really going to protect you from prying eyes that are really interested and determined in your affairs. However, it will put in place an additional layer of separation between you and the casual observer. If you don’t want the old bat who lives across the hall to see ten different delivery guys dropping off ten different packages, then you pick them all up at once from your mail drop.

            Live ‘small’ and learn how to present the smallest possible ‘blip’ on anyone’s radar screen as you pass through this life. Strive to become that ‘grey’ person in the crowd that no one ever notices as they pass by. God Bless & good luck to all.

        • I just have it delivered to my office. What are we buying on line that the CORP. should be concerned about? They can go pound sand. How did the CORP. violate the 4th amendment by tracking what I purchased? HMMMMMMMMMMMM?

      15. There’s a reason that the govt. no longer offers paper checks to people on Social Security or SSDI and insists on either direct deposit or prepaid MC/VISA cards: this allows the govt. more stringent monitoring of funds of low-income people who frequently went through check-cashing facilities. It also puts millions, if not billions, of dollars more into the “safekeeping” of the bankers, by forcing many who previously didn’t have bank accounts into opening them.

        • I once had the government clean out an account I shared with my mother. There wasn’t enough money in that account for what the government claimed so the bank cleaned out all three other accounts in my name. It was all a big mistake and the bank was forced to return the money. Would never give me a clear answer what empowered to seize the funds from all accounts when the government request, despite being wrong, was absolutely clear as to what account they had a legal right to seize.

          Weeks later the bank modified the paper trail. At first the records showed the debit then a week later a deposit when the government returned the funds. But then the records were all wiped clean like it never happened.

          I now trust my savings in treasure guarded by a fire breathing dragon.

        • Lady I know that’s right. I receive railroad retirement which comes through the Fed’s. and starting this month they forced me into direct deposit. So I opened an account with a mega bank, so on the 1st I draw it out and put it in a local bank where I do business. At least the Fed’s don’t have direct access to my account.WASP

      16. I have told my 3 sons all their lives..”Your quality of life does not depend on how much you make or how much you have. It depends on what you do with what you have and how far you can stretch it.” Well, at least two of them understood the principle. The most popular banks among my friends these days are the Banks of New America.(buried mason jars, ammo cans, and PVC pipes.) Good luck to all and happy banking.

        • I like it, excellent plan!

      17. Daisy, another excellent article. Burt, good to hear from you again and hope you’re doing well. I’d like to add a few tips of my own. My company direct deposits our paychecks every week. On payday I withdraw a certain amount at the ATM and leave just enough in my account to cover certain bills every month. I do as many transactions as possible in cash and therefore make less of a footprint. I get all the preps I can with cash. As far as credit is concerned, I have always been barred from using it because of my income level supposedly being too low to qualify for any loans. One creditor I once dealt with told me I needed to have 1 major credit card and have a good payment history on it just to qualify for any loans. Back in the 90s, I tried to get a 5-acre property in the Ozarks. i had the necessary down payment and even someone to co-sign for me to get the mortgage. I WAS STILL REJECTED AND THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY CO-SIGNERS CREDIT HISTORY! That was when i gave up on credit altogether and have lived without it ever since. Everyone who has the power to approve or reject a credit application can reject anyone’s application they choose and not face any consequences over it. I’ve always bought vehicles with cash. Never had a car note in my life. Credit cards are something I’ve always refused to have. i’ve known several people who have been in bankruptcys because of them. nobody necessarily needs credit to live. i’m living proof of it. i’m debt-free, so i can buy more preps at one time than i would be able to otherwise. If i ever find my account being tampered with, that’s when the bank and i will part company. Braveheart

        • STFU BH..!

          • I did not write the above post. We have an imposter here.

            • Confirmed — That wasn’t the real Eisen.

              User ID’s coming soon folks (for those who want them — no forced logins) — hopefully that will resolve issues like this, as they do tend to happen fairly regularly.

        • When people become unemployed long-term, many also probably become “unbanked”, and work for cash. I’m sure .gov and the banksters think that’s a BAD thing, but I don’t see it.

          Capitalism still works, it’s just that we don’t have much of it left in USA.

      18. I imagine I have broken about every rule when it comes to my prepping except #1. Start prepping. That said I would imagine if I am being “looked at” noone is jumping on the let me go after him first bandwagon. My plan is to have several plans, gradually reduce my imprint on the system and enjoy life as much as I can while able. I imagine internet security is just one more area where I have probably broken every rule and I have left a finanial nuclear mushroom cloud behind me. Oh well I have to start somewhere.


        • Me too, Dick, I have left a footprint that Bigfoot would be proud of. Who knew? When I started this I just wanted provisions for hard times, I didnt imagine I would be concerned about being hunted by my own government.

          • @Dick and PuppyPrep….I have a large footprint too. Been donating to Christian Church and other Christian stuff for nearly 20 years on a monthly basis. Plus all my internet viewings are mostly conservative and prepper style type stuff.

            In reality, what can one really do? Just got to live your life.

            • I think im in the same club guys, dont really think the government or anyone else really cares what a bunch o folks like us are ranting about or buying though, were not exactly radicals!

      19. Government is the new schoolyard bully,
        beating us up for our lunch money…..

      20. My unbanking process has been slow up to this point. Once the news about Cyprus came along, I pulled another grand out of the bank to speed things up some.

        Consider 2-peso gold coins, or 1-gram ingots, as potential barter for higher-dollar items.

      21. I have been paying cash for most items for several years now. I have 1 credit card for emergencys and do not particapate in points earned cards from grocery/department stores. The less known about me the better.

      22. Daisy., I am looking at buying up aspirin, tums and candies you would suck on that come in bigger packages. (These were just examples.)
        I believe they will keep for awhile and they will divvy up real well for barter or “like” coin currency.

        Your thoughts Daisy?

        🙂 🙂

        • If you are going to buy “candy” make that candy vitamin c lozenges. get them at Wal Mart.

        • Aspirin breaks down eventually. One of the byproducts is acetic acid, so if you open a bottle and it smells like vinegar, then the aspirin is decomposing.

        • Sorry I’m not Daisy, but I’d consider a flavor variety of lifesavers and root beer barrels for candy, for long shelf life.

        • Hiya, Eagledove.

          I know I’m not Daisy but it’s a good idea. Also I would include items such as Tyrocets, lidocaine tablets for sore mouths, sore throat remedies with local anaesthetic added andANY over the counter painkillers that you can get cheaply. All will be useful in the future.

          Medicated creams will also be useful for use or barter, as will antiseptic creams.

          Cold water sterilizing tablets, like those used for baby bottles are a good barter item that takes up little space. They can be used to sterilize water for wound washing when you are on the move and don’t want to light a fire.

          Take care

          • I too am not Daisy….. just for the record.

        • Thank you all. 🙂 You gave me useful info. I am going to write this all down and go out and purchase these items .

          Thanks to the ” I am not Daisy” LOL!!

      23. Daisy,just read this over on the DS…well done 🙂
        Im pretty much un hooked from the banks…use cash or MOs for the most part…have no money in any banks!

      24. I told my bank to kiss my ass 2 years ago. The rule that you need to provide a SSN# to open an account is bullshit. Bank accounts are a direct pipeline to the government al under the guise of fighting terrorism. What terrorism? If the bad guys could attack this country, they would.
        After the Cyprus “haircut”, if anyone believes your money is safe in a bank, you need to put down the glass dildo and pay attention. I had a friend whose account was frozen by a scumbag lawyer who claimed he didn’t pay his bill. My friend went to court to prove he payed the bill and the judge released the account but it took 30 days to do it, meanwhile my friend was late on his mortgage and other bills because someone decided to be spiteful. I myself was investigated by my own bank for money laundering for putting some shoe-box money in my account. They investigated my PM dealer for corresponding with me! I told my bank FU and will never have another account. As Daiseys article points out, there are several ways to pay bills and do business other than the banks.

        • Warface,

          I recently took out a equity loan to pay for childs collegge. Cashed the check and put cash away not in bank. When I deposited the money so I could write a check for the tuition the bank made a scene. It was over the 10,000. amount that draws gov attention. My mistake. I thought that was only when you make a purchase. They took photocopy of my license. Asked me where I have worked for the last 20 yrs. Told them I was a homemaker. The looks I got for being a homemaker were as bad as the looks for having deposited that sum of money. Will never make that mistake again.

      25. My grandparents never had a checking/savings account.
        Kept all their “Egg Money” in the Cookie Jar.

      26. You mention Iceland…Iceland doesn’t belong in the group you are talking about. They defaulted and are now doing well.

      27. It sounds like the name of the game is think like an illegal immigrant, they have to do everything with cash because thats there only choice.

        • And, that is exactly why some groups of people refer to them as “Walking ATM’s”…

      28. Daisy, good article:)

        For me, it’s not much of an issue, being a wage-slave, don’t have much money in the bank. I’ve bought things online, that will one day be considered forbidden :O If they are that bored, they can find any trail they choose.

        This brings us to the BitCoin issue, you have to pay frn’s for them someplace, spend them someplace, and cash them for frn’s someplace. It sounds like a nice anonymous way to spend your money, but ultimately can be tracked.

        If you have ever heard of Hawala Banking, this is something that really po’s tptb, because they cannot trace the cash. They may one day make cash, and metal trades illegal, because after all, only a “terrorist” would want to use cash, or pm’s. You’re not a terrorist…are you?

      29. @ Daisy. The only thing I have a problem with is giving companies any access to your personal information such as paying bills with a type of automatic pay system. I have known people that do this and end up with critical errors that cause all sorts of problems for them. I feel that money orders and cash are the ONLY way to go with paying and purchasing anything. With paychecks, just deposit a small amount of it and get it all back in cash. So many people entrust utility bills, and other bills with a monthly service, often a foreign company, taking out that amount to pay a monthly bill.

        I think one of the biggest mistakes someone can make that is trying to balance their budget is to lose sight of just what they have to work with. When someone has cash and buys moneys orders for only 49 cents at somewhere like Safeway, it gives a person an excellent idea of what they have left to buy food and extra supplies. I hate credit cards because you have no idea what you are spending, and people tend to get junk that they don’t need. The old days of taking a certain amount of cash money into the store and getting only what you need controlled a person’s impulsive buying habits. Also NEVER go shopping at the supermarket when you are hungry.

        This article is really quite good about disconnecting the straggle hold of the the banking systems. To me it is also disconnecting the pit-bull locked jaw of convenience that so many people have become addicted to. This is one reason why I am so against any paying bills on line. I would suggest that a money order because for one thing you have a hard copy proof of purchase. I have known people that have actually lost their payment on line and had much trouble recovering that proof. It is just me, I don’t trust the world of electronic transactions at all. I know sometimes it is necessary, but on line payments are frightening as you don’t have any proof that you paid your electric bill or more important you car or house insurance. I would NEVER pay insurance on line ever, no proof for computer error and you could be fighting in court over that 10 car accident you had that you were insured.

        This is a terrible world, and getting away from banking is a wonderful concept, just make sure that when you do so that you use a means of backing yourself up with something that will hold up in court. Again this is why I like money orders so much, because they are a discrete way of paying your bills, yet offer a piece of proof that something important was paid, or at least the effort was made to pay it.

        With food purchases and other supplies, cash is king. Payment with credit cards, checks, or other means a lot of the time have to be put on hold if returned for some reason. With cash, almost any returned defected item is either refunded right on the spot or exchanged no problem. Some stores have the awful policy of taking down personal information even though you paid cash with it, avoid these places because they work with big brother and want all information about you.

        The main assets of anyone though should be what you use everyday; food, water, and other supplies. All of a sudden SHTF can occur, we are talking NO WARNING. When this happens no bank is going to be open and most if no stores either. When you have what you need within a few feet you can withdraw this at anytime. Have your bank account (ATM) in your stored up supplies right in your own home for 24 hour access everyday of the year.

        • @BI. What’s up with the Canary Islands? Also, lots of activity down south???? I see the earth ramping up again….

          • @ You don’t need to know. Notice the 6.2 in Guatemala, right on target where the next big earthquake should occur, around this area and north to Mexico like the past 8 out of 9 earthquakes on plate boundaries show. From Mexico to Central Chile is under what I call a high watch, and Mexico a warning.

            The Canary Islands I would be far more worried about the Mid Atlantic Ridge that affects the New Madrid fault. I don’t know if you caught the explanation to oUCH I gave a couple of days ago, but basically the east coast can expect a 9-12 inch “tsunami” if the Islands go into the ocean. 3500 miles is a very long distance from the Canary Islands to the east coast. The amount energy of a worst cast scenario of the entire island going into the ocean would be about 1/17500 that of the Indonesian 9.1 earthquake that at 3500 miles away sent a maximum 15 foot tall tsunami. That 160 foot tsunami they “talk” about would require the Canary Islands travelling at the speed of an asteriod, about 20 kilometers per second to hit the ocean. The Canary Islands collapse would likely top off at about 130 kilometers per HOUR, or about 80 mph.

            I would be magnitudes more concerned about the Canary Islands collapse that of a symptom of what is going on in the Atlantic basins. Watch between 14-20 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, on top of the already very active last week at 54-60 degrees north, this affects the New Madrid like a guided missile to the most stressed out points of the North American plate linking the New Madrid. Also watch the eastern area of the Caribbean plate that WHEN it breaks will create a very large tsunami like it has countless times before that has been blamed on the Canary Islands volcanic collapse.

        • Be Informed,

          Well said! You gave some good tips!

          I have grocery shopped with cash for years. It helps me to stick to my grocery list and not ‘waste’ money on junk items. I do keep some extra money with me, just in case I find an especially good buy on a useful item.

          Keep a close eye on your account balance. Last year (after we received a large insurance payment for tornado damage), we found a ‘charge’ on our checking account that was due to a ‘bank error’. The bank had withdrawn money from our account to pay someone’s else’s phone bill.

          It took the bank a WEEK to correct their error and return the money. In the meantime, I HAD to deposit more money to cover a check for a bill I had paid.

          • @ KY Mom. You all to well prove what I am saying to protect EVERYONE out there from these errors that can sometimes be unable to correct. A hard copy of a paid bill can save the day when a massive insurance claim is for you or God forbid against you. Money Orders only cost a couple of quaters or maybe a dollar each and offer privacy and protection. I suggest to never allow anyone access to you personal finances, especially these companies( many time NOT American based) that use Indian, Chinese, and other countries’ residents handle the money part of your life line.

            • I’ve heard that some use prison inmates. Surely you can trust THOSE companies.

              I stopped using auto pay years ago. Once it’s started, the recepient never wants to let it go.

        • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

        • Yeah, those 40’s will do real well against 7.62×39’s.

      30. Speaking of break up something-

        Put “combibar” into search engine, 50 gram gold credit card sized bars. (you can get 100 gram silver ones also)

        • Forgot, you can brake off a gram at a time.

          • Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, too. Now if I just had some frn’s…

      31. Going to take a cold chisel and hand sledge hammer and make pieces of eight out of those .999 fine bullion coins.

        • Get a good scale. Then become proficient in Pennyweights, Grains, Grams and Ounces.

          Out of thee banks into a Black Market Barter system.

          • Copper pennies before 1982 melt value are 2.2 cents
            Nickels 2012 and before their metal melt value is 4.99 cents.

            90% silver coins are approx. 22xface value at spot price now.
            90% silver dollar coins. $100 face is approx 72 oz. of silver.

      32. But we need banks, 1) they pay us interest on our savings . . . Wait a minute, ok well maybe factoring inflation we are losing money by having it in the bank, but that still leaves us 2) they keep our money safe, right, we still have that, right? Anyone? Money is still safe right?

        De Oppressor Liber – I never dreamed we would be the oppressed.

      33. Why do you think some accounts are ‘registered’? It’s not so that you get any benefits such as higher interest; it’s so that you cannot get your money out without a penalty until the term expires, so in an emergency you do not have quick access to your money. And there already are limits on how much you can withdraw per day and per week from an ATM, we just don’t realize it, but this Cyprus situation brings that home. Try withdrawing more than the bank’s limits, it won’t work, and it’ll just get worse.

      34. I have an account to get my pension direct deposited. As soon as it comes in, I pay all of my bills and then draw out the rest in cash. Anything else I do on the side is under the table and in cash. Never again will I leave money sitting in a bank account for someone to steal. They don’t pay anything for interest, so I consider what little bit I am not earning is my cost of insurance.

      35. I have one foot in and one foot out.

        I’m self employed and my bread and butter customer wants to pay through electronic banking, they say jump and I say how high. I do all my business purchases with a business check or business credit card. The feds want their tax collection done electronically, the state by check. So I have to keep a bank account going.

        To hedge my bets I keep a retirement plan going, this is a prepper web site, isn’t it? and prepping for retirement is just as important as prepping for TEOTWAWKI. My wife works outside the home and her work efforts provide our medical insurance and a 401 for her/us.

        We pay all our bills with checks, screw the pricks that want an auto payment. We shop at Costco, have a flip phone cell phone and obviously internet. We purchase the required license and tags for our transportation, for hunting and fishing and anything else that will keep us out of the court system. So there’s our conformity footprint.

        We pay cash for just about everything else, we live frugal and we’re learning the homesteader life style, which is also part of our retirement plans. For my toys, I shop the classified adds and will haggle a lower price or not buy. We keep enough cash on hand for emergencies and for a killer deal on something that we have on our acquire list.

        Some of you have been prepping for 20, 30 years thinking the world will end as we know it at any time but it hasn’t………yet. I’m retiring in 15 years so don’t think bad of me me if I hedge my bets by prepping for retirement.

        • I hedge my bets also, knowing and accepting that my retirement planning may be totally lost.

        • Rick,

          We are doing the same in these parts. I try to cover all the bases also. Lil’ hillbilly might not get thousands of dollars when we go, but he will have one hell of a shop complete with all the tools.

          Y’all play nice… 🙂

          hillbilly SC

        • Rick,

          I commend you for prepping in all areas. To reach a retirement age where you can’t find gainful employment and realize all you have is beans, bullets and band aids…it would be a very bad realization.

          If you assume that there will be no collapse or if there is a collapse, there will always be a place for physical precious metals.

          I had a fellow prepper ask me yesterday if she should sell her house and move in to an apartment. I won’t go in to all of the specifics, but one thing I said was with property you can (at least for now) still write off your interest paid on your mortgage and your mortgage payment is locked in.

          Her monthly payment is around $1,000. With inflation or hyper inflation, some day that $1,000 payment won’t be much. If we hit a hyperinflationary period, the cost of everything will go up, the money printing spigot will still be spewing fresh fiat and a mortgage payment could be a lot less than rent if your rent is adjusted higher with inflation.

          Also, you can lock in a 4% mortgage interest rate and I could see us back in the 15% interest rates again like at the end of the Carter administration. At that point nobody will be able to afford to own.

          I have made many mistakes financially in the past and am paying the piper for those decisions today. I hope my friend can benefit from my experiences because there are two ways to learn a lesson, from making your own mistakes or learning from the mistakes of others. One is by far less costly.

          Keep it up and God Bless,

          • Norse prepper, I don’t know how to put this lightly, so here it goes. the last person your friend or anyone on here should take any financial advice from is you.

            • Please don’t red thumb Eeder. He was very respectful in his criticism. I compliment Eeder for criticizing without making derogatory personal remarks.

              I am no financial consultant and that is a fact. I have learned a lot from past mistakes and offer up what I have learned for people to take it or leave it.

              Some of my financial beliefs are:
              1. Precious metals are a hedge against inflation, can be held physically in hand and will always have worth. In my opinion these should be bought after you feel you are prepped enough to get through what is coming. During a SHTF scenario I would rather have food to eat than an ounce of silver to use to try to go get food to eat.

              2. If you are going to have a mortgage, the rates are as low as we will probably ever see them.

              3. Give some to charities that you believe in.

              4. Get out of debt as much and as soon as possible. There is freedom in owing nobody anything.

              Take or leave my opinions, they is offered freely and as Eeder respectfully pointed out, sometimes you get what you pay for.

              Everyone needs to analyze their own situations and make decisions. It’s forum’s like this that we can use to get other people’s ideas.

              Eeder, thank you for the respectful criticism.

              And God Bless ya!!

              • hey man, no problem. I think we should all stick to our hearts and we will be much better off. I apologize for being so blunt, but you know, what works for you might not wrok for me and vice versa. most people couldn’t trade a stock off technicals, live the good life for a while and than go back to the well. most people will not stand up to their bosses like i do/did and suffer the consequences. what works for me probably wouldn’t work for 99.999 percent of people. I guess my main point is your friend probably has his own strengths.

      36. You need “proof of residency” for when you move like at the DMV. So if you go without receiving a bill or a statement from a credit card company and a bank then what else can you use?

        Your pay stub and a utility bill are the only thing that comes to mind. But what if you don’t get utility bills? Two proofs of residency is usually needed.

        Anyone have any ideas?

        • Since if you’re moving and you have no utility bills it’s likely that you’re a renter, your official lease should count as one.

        • Ask any illegal. They’ll tell you how.

        • When you open a P O box at a Post office, they also require proof of residence. A signed lease is all they need so the DMV should also take a signed lease as proof.

      37. Does anyone have any experience with bitcoin?

        • 1st BITCOIN ATM now opening in Cyprus.

        • Was discussed a few days ago. Think the only real experience was someone who’d nibbled some while it was cheaper and ridden it up. Consensus was it cannot be “printed” as easily as central-bank currencies but will probably be outlawed/regulated/smashed based on money transfer laws (e.g. to even operate in USA one needs a license from each state and at least a few states no longer give licenses to anyone so MoneyGramm, WesternUnion have it locked. something like that). Probably a great idea for countries where innovation in financial payments are allowed.

      38. Did you guys hear that they are making people provide a driver’s license or another valid form of ID if they purchase something and pay for it with a $100 bill?

        They were talking about it on the news the other morning…so make sure if you have cash that a lot of it is in small bills

        In another thread, someone was upset because there isn’t anyone commenting, or that a lot of people read without commenting. Most of the time when I am reading, I have to leave to go to make dinner, drop someone off at soccer (I have two teens…lots of dropping off and picking up). I don’t usually find time to post until the kids are in bed. I think there are a lot of people like me that read here.

        • If a store asks me for an id to pay cash, I will just walk out. And I will tell everyone I know to boycott them. A local store recently asked for a phone number when I paid cash. I just said no.

        • When I have asked for $100 cash back at Walmart, they usually try to give me $100 bill. Once it was all they could give me and when I turned around and tried to use the $100 bill with them the next week, they treated me like I was counterfeiting $100 bills! They examined that bill 6 ways from Sunday. I never, never accept $100 bills as cash back anymore.

      39. Sorry, that should have read that in Rhode Island they are asking for ID when you pay for something with a $100 bill.


        • Tell ’em you are Ben Franklin.

          • From now on, any cards that I’m asked to use at gas stations or grocery stores, which don’t require an ID,I’m going to use the name Ben Eisenkreuz, or maybe, Never Ben Eisenkreuz, or Don’t Want A Be Eisenkreuz. Oh well it sounds like a good alias. But if I don’t use that name, feel free to go ahead and use it. WASP

        • That is because the hi tech phony bills are now almost impossible to detect.

      40. I’m a no bank – un-banker – have been since 1998 – Have 3 accounts with Ace aka Netspend- one of those check cashing things – learned about it from the illegals – they can be refilled and are all over the country.

        One account handles my SS retirement direct deposit which is all it does – there are no fees involved because it is direct deposit – I could use it to bill pay and not cost me any user fees – but don’t – using it this way means no disputes or creditors et al can dip or garnish it.

        Netspend allows free inter funds transfer between Netspend users – so you could transfer $5 or $500 bucks to your kids card with no charge. I transfer funds from my SS account to account #2 to pay monthly bills and use to get cash. No charge. Press cash back when shopping for $100 for money in hand.

        Since it’s not a direct deposit account, I do pay a flat fee of $9.95 to cover all transactions or you can choose to do individual fees like $1 for credit or $2 for each debit transactions.

        What is cool about Netspend is if there is no money to cover a monthly charge like my Netflex of $7.99 came due before my SS check deposit, it just doesn’t go through and I’m NOT charged a NSF fee.

        The third account I use for preps online purchases. Transferring money as needed – Netspend can be used as either debit or credit – what’s nice is you can cancel a card at any time without any hassle and get a new one for $9.99. When I’ve called into customer service they are not tracking my accounts by name or SS # – have to actually give them the account number to address issues.

        The other thing I do is the no contract prepaid cell – no name or tracking there either.

        Good article Daisy – hope the info helps

        • Excellent article overall. I post anonymous to this site. Peeps talk about gobblement tracking them but don’t talk enough about mega-corps tracking them and about mafia tracking them. Both of the latter are very real. “mafi” is not just one criminal group. Mega-corps are doing a whole lot more than what the public thinks. Let’s just say top search companies are dealing with top banking companies to be able to have the level of tracking in the article. Some top companies already track all your Internet and others already track all your electronic spending; so, the negotiation is who gets to fully “own” the customer. The pro is you see ads you care about but the cons outweigh that IMO. Gattaca type scenarios.
          Moreover, if you barter you can deal. I don’t know how. I’ve been a captured citizen of the system; but I know even large Dr’s offices will deal. E.g. one patron paid for his service with new tires from his autoshop. I believe what one person posted that if you use cash then you could get a 10% discount. Maybe the trick is to pay with cash the first time and then start asking. I was in SC recently and at least the two gas stations I went to offer a 5c/gallon discount for using cash.
          But on barter, we have to learn how. We have to develop it in our communities. It seems like a change to our way of life. We are not used to it. Do I even have anything I can barter? :->

      41. IT JUST HIT ME..
        This whole 401k and IRA thing was a big scam.
        They are printing as much as they want…
        Then…they will take our life savings in the name of BS.
        THAT is why they keep stocking up on ammo…they know we will fight them.

        Any thoughts on this?

        • Not only that but when you deferred the income it was at a twenty percent tax rate. Now when the time comes to start taking distributions the rate is forty percent.

        • IJM:

          My only other thought on this is they are pumping the stock market so there will be more for them to confiscate/levy when they *need* to.

        • You can bet stolen DHS ammo is already for sale.

        • Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are!

      42. “According to the government, the above scenarios are crisis situations which must be rectified for “your own good”

        Ahh the good and benevolent Goverment always watching out for the little guy, and always putting the cart before the horse. The lack of logic in this defies all reason.
        IE it would seem to me someone would need a well paying legitimate job before they can be expected to participate in a financial institution to manage our, opps there money.

        What’s next hold a gun to our heads and force us to work?
        in order to participate in this corrupted system.
        Seems that didn’t work out to well for the Nation last time that was tried

      43. Southpark.

        Carmin… ‘ I’ve been licking this carpet for a half hour and I still don’t feel like a lesbian”.

      44. Put in a raised bed garden over the weekend. Went to buy dirt to put in it. Not going to be able to fill it up till next month. Guess you could say I really am dirt poor.

      45. Heard on news today, From Rick Santorum; “Homosexuality is man on dog”.

      46. The BOY in the White House has been secretly building up his ‘civilian national security force’ that he proposed back in July, 2008. Funny how there was no more mention of it afterward. Last time I checked, that video is still on YouTube. Before 911, I always thought the FBI would be the core of such a force. Since DHS was created, they make the FBI look like angels. That force won’t be big enough to take on the gun owners, nor even have the necessary skills for fighting. I heard at one time that TSA would be that force. If that’s true, they could be defeated without too much effort. What would they do, try their ‘sexual assault’ methods on us? They would be dead before they could even approach me. braveheart

      47. The worst tyranny is inflicted “for your own good”.

        Off topic: when using pool shock to treat drinking water, most sites say to make stock chlorine solution using about 1/2tsp pool shock per gallon water, then use this at a ratio of 1:100 parts. That would be about 1 1/4 oz per gallon. This seems strong, as household bleach is used at a rate of 2 drops/liter. Anyone have any first-hand knowlege of this? Thanks.

        • Pool Shock Mixture:
          Easy directions for small amts:
          To 1 cup water, add 1/4 tsp c.h.
          Add 1/2 tsp. of above solution to a 2 liter bottle of water.
          Set overnight for chlorine taste or smell to disappear, or add Tang, needed Vitamin C.

      48. My thoughts on tracking down and looting individuals’ food stash: By the time they are doing this, we’ll all have long since started shooting at each other. As far as building a case, this antiquated notion would seem to have been dispensed with. The laws like NDAA, etc are merely to assuage the consciences of the thugs actually carrying out the atrocities. “I’m just following orders. I’m just enforcing the law”. (All the while they hope they don’t end up on the wrong side of a show trial.)

        • The pigs are obviously plotting to murder us with that huge ammunition stash.

      49. Well, here’s another article that could land me on some Government bad boy list. I agree one hundred, hundred, hundred percent. The more we can keep out of the Banksters hands, the better off we will all be. Buy local, get out of debt by any means, and, yes that means BK if you can. Throw that lying brainwashing, slave creating “American Dream” back in their crimanal faces.

      50. as of yesterday, my wife & i officially fall into the “underbanked” category… every penny not essential for auto-paid bills has been removed never to be returned… as time goes on, we hope to reduce the number of the auto-paid as well… even if things turn around and get rainbow rosey bright and cheery(which they won’t), we will be in control of what little we have until the bottom falls out of the fiat paper…

        screw the banks and their manipulators

        screw the fed and the lying thieves running it

        we’re moving our 32′ pull-along travel trailer to our property within weeks… setting up septic and well pump… hope to have bee hives and a garden as well…

        pray for the best, prep for the worst…

        • PP, sounds like good news. Hope everything goes well for you.

        • Go for it…may God be with you and yours!

      51. THEY have so much information on everyone since birth, if you were born in a hospital in the USA you are in the system. Escape the city now while you have time DRONES can’t see through trees, buy wooded property.

      52. Thoughts to Ponder:
        Make “friends” with a generational welfare receipient.
        They all have vices that you can take advantage of by letting them use their gov cards to purchase “items” that you pay cash to them. It might surprise you how willing they are to “exchange” their “benefit dollars” for greenbacks.
        Use your imagination and you can purchase anything by proxy.

        • Generational welfare receipients are under the gov radar in plain sight, the gov already “owns” them.

      53. Brand new day, brand new “news” (not to us though — we already figured out would happen)….on Drudge, link to The Telegraph:

        Cyprus bail-out: savers will be raided to save euro in future crises, says eurozone chief

        Savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries will be raided if needed to preserve Europe’s single currency by propping up failing banks, a senior eurozone official has announced.

        • hey Zol,

          My time frame of collapse maybe off by a few…
          but it is coming and when it starts…like a prairie fire.

          • Jerrytbg, the motor’s been running (where’ve you been?).


            • Combination of things…don’t mean to be cryptic but I can’t elaborate… sorry… all’s good though … 🙂

              • Just teasing anyway, Jerry. No need for loose lips, except when numbed down for the dentist. 🙂

                • hahahaha…yep… 🙂

        • “Euro trades at 4 month low” “European shares and the euro were flat on Tuesday, losing early gains as investors fretted that Cyprus’s raid on bank deposits could become the template for future euro zone bailouts” ~ Reuters

          This surprises me. I would have thought that the 40% “hair cut” would have crashed the European Market. Maybe the Europeans will wake up tomorrow and decide to close their bank accounts???

          Good day to short the Euro.

          • Shootit, but you’ve gotta pay to play and I’m out. It’s blood money in my eyes. I’d rather stack cans and buckets.

            Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain paying debt by going into more debt. It won’t last, and the US is playing the game, too. Make your stack higher, Shootit!

        • Zoltanne,

          I read that too. Not a good ‘precedent’ to be set.

          The officials are now announcing their plans.

          I bet citizens in Europe now have have zero confidence in the banks.

          • KY Mom, The confidence in banks or political figures correlates to the amount of information a citizen uses. I wonder if Europeans are smarter than Americans when it comes to money. Maybe we’ll find out this week.

            Hey at least in the US some have the ability to record their favorite shows. They can do a run on their bank and TIVO the American Idol and ‘text’ while in the bank line or whatever. 😉

          • Hey bankster! Don’t bother restocking deposit slips.

      54. off topic

        but I am interested in hearing differing opinions
        on the governments massive purchases of ammo

        don’t worry
        be happy ???



      55. While the situation in Cypress is very real, I would think that would not happen here in the manner we are seeing it there …

        I would lean to believe that the best way the banks can get your money without a revolt is to do it very slowly so you would barely notice …

        one good way is to slightly increase interest rates … sure, that extra $3 in interest may not seem like a lot, but multiply that by the millions of loans out there and you get the idea.

        • Mike the Gardener, I agree. They will raid different accounts here — they’ll go after the retirement funds first.

          And somewhere, somehow there will be some type of a cyber attack where billions will be e-transferred into the e-universe. Makes me wonder why the Dodd-Frank Act didn’t include that scenario in their Bill’s criteria. (No it doesn’t.)

          Oh wait!! Maybe that’s the Fed’s way of “unbanking”….

      56. Odd that the author suggests checking out library books from a government agency. A bit contradictory to the rest of the suggestions.

      57. I have found a cave in middle of nowhere. Hidden for sure. Will store food, monies, and silver. I have given strict orders to family and friends. We will communicate using only our iPhones and iPads.

        • Ug–kind of ironic, isn’t it….
          Humans have come full circle in evolvement.
          From the Cave, to the High-rise, then back
          to the Cave again.

      58. This is something I have been slowly doing with my C.U.

        Every other paycheck I cash it, and take the money to my own personal secure fireproof theft proof vault, location unknown..(like as if i would tell anyone)
        the opposite paycheck goes into a checking acct.At my C.U. to pay bills. I keep that balance within 100 dollars of what is needed to pay those bills, no more. I will at some times allow my checking acct go to the big goose egg zero dollars, on purpose to be sure the balance is where its supposed to be.

        Also I slowly remove more than i usually do to get thru a week, and the overage also goes into one of my unknown locations. ( note: more then one location, never keep all you eggs in one basket )

        Its a slow process, but it raises less possibilities for a red flag, if ever questioned by the C.U. why my blance is going down, I’ll use “because of the rate of inflation and lack of pay rase”excuse. not that they are owed any excuse for where my money is going..but just to quell thier fears that im backing out

        once i get it down to a “comfortable loss” ammout, than I will stay within those perameters..not that losing a grand or two is acceptable, but having them screw with a life savings or MM acct is completely unacceptable to me, or being charged any percentage to help prop up this criminal gov.

        • Home invasion robberies will become more common. Crooks are watching this as well. They see the actor asking “What’s in YOUR safe?” They will assume many of us now keep a large amount of cash at home.

          • Yep., well aware of that.sorry cant tell you how I have secured this from happining to me..opsec and all

            rest easy you wont hear me bitch about it being stolen, ’cause thats not an option

            • also, guess keeping it in a bank isnt any safer, the government criminals will take it even easier then the street thugs.

              at least with street thugs I can shoot back, or be smarter than them as to the fact they will never find it

      59. Sorry folks, but you all don’t see the future. Everybody is buying gold and silver, but this won’t matter nor will it help. The powers-to-be are currently working on destroying the dollar, this we know, but they are also trying to do away with physical currency all together. They are going to implement the system that India is doing now, biometrics, this will happen, citizens will no long be allowed to possess gold or silver, you will be required to turn it in to help pay-off our national debt, so they will say. Good Luck people.

      60. Anyone know how annuities would be treated in a Cyprus like situation? My parents get their retirement income from an annuity and won’t consider closing their account because they are worried about penalties. They think they are safer because it is not a regular bank account. Anyone knowledgeable in this area?

      61. They are running out of options in Europe.

        EU Lawmaker to push for bail-in for depositors over 100K euros


        Question is WHY (outta options for sticking it to the taxpayers, eh)? WHATt is about to happen? and WHAT about the contagion WHEN IT happens.

        Never a better reason to be Underbanked starting now!!! Gonna go take some more money out today..

      62. An astute commenter on another site posted this. Seems this “depositer-bail in” or “wealth tax” idea has been floating around since 2011. Looks like we might need the enjoyment of a 25% or so bail in to help the banksters out.


        Just another reason to get it all out now and just hope your out any any imposed clawback period.

        • Senate Votes to Stop US From Joining UN Arms Trade Treaty

          “Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced an amendment that would prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment. His amendment passed on a 53-46 vote.”

          “Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) offered an alternative amendment that clarified that under current U.S. law, treaties don’t trump the Constitution and that the United States should not agree to any arms treaty that violates the Second Amendment rights. His amendment passed by voice vote.”

          the hill dot com

          • Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) – that is HUGE!!! Let’s pray it passes. Its a big mistake in the Constitution to have not spelled this out.
            The Arms Treaty Vote is not on VoteSmart yet so not sure how my Senators voted. Spent some time on UN site but don’t see the actual treaty. What I have found is one needs to actually sit down and read the document because the shisters put in all kinds of clauses. UN does have some promotional content on its website but fails to link to the actual document AFAICT. I think UN needs competition! Somebody ought to setup a NUN (New UN) with a focus on people’s rights, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

          • Treaties do not confer powers not authorized by the Constitution…Constitution trumps treaties of any kind, with any nation, by any powers.

      63. Cash… Cash your paycheck at a casino.

      64. For many years I have paid my bills with cash or money orders. For purchases online I use a pre-paid card which I load with just the amount of money I need to make a purchase. I found it easy to do away with banks, per se, but, then again, I do not have any credit cards or payments for same, or mortgage payments, car payments etc. It works for me, but perhaps not for everyone….

      65. Dear Bank,
        I hate to tell you this in a letter, rather than face to face, but you have to know. I’ve found someone else.
        I never meant to hurt you. You’ve been the best friend a dollar could have. Always shoving me around, counting me over and over. And always keeping a little for yourself each time. I’ll never forget that night in 2008 when you fondled me all night long- there was practically nothing left of me!
        And the great times we had, when you bounced my checks! Me, sulking back to the dept store to pick them up. And pay an extra fee, of course. And the times I met with the DA to stave off a catastrophe. What a hoot!
        And the times you froze me an account with a bunch of strange dollars I didn’t even know. And locking me in that safe night after night. I never knew when, or if, I’d see the light of day. Those were the days! Back then, I needed your ‘tough love.’ But now, I’m moving on.
        My new love is really different from you. She makes me laugh. And smile. And, even though she doesn’t give me free lollipops at her drive-through, she does let me have tacos, and used lawn mowers and stuff. Just about anything, really.
        She never asks me where I’ve been. Or where I’m going. For the first time in my life, I feel FREE. And I really need that right now. If you’re wondering, her name is Cash Purchases. She’s the cute little sister of the Barter twins. The ones you always hated, remember?
        I want you to know, that, deep in my heart, I have no hard feellings toward you. (except that I still want to slit your throat every time I drive by your main branch)
        Please don’t try to follow me. And, for goodness sake, don’t even think of stalking me. I don’t want this to sound like a threat, but, I spent some of myself buying a very large gun and some excellent training in how to use it.
        I hope we can still be friends. At least until the big crash. When that happens, look for me in the crowd. I’ll be up front (probably carrying a pitchfork or torch) and screaming my approval while they hang your sorry carcass from the lamp-post. Until then, I’ll think of you often (whenever the migraine kicks in). Best wishes in your (hopefully, short) future.
        Okie’s money

        • Use BITCOIN Uncle Okie!

          • I heard you mention those the other day, but I’m wondering: Will those Bitcoins work in a vending machine? I’m really thirsty for a Dr Pepper.
            Maybe I’m not up to speed on this one yet…

          • Eisen…

            UNCLE Okie???

            Just last week you wanted the oldsters to hurry up and die off. Are you turning over a new leaf?

            Or do you want your inheritance early. 🙂


            Family is hell. 🙂
            Watch your six.

            Y’all play nice.

            hillbilly SC

      66. Well I just took 12 inches straight up the ol’ tailpipe! I got a bill from uncle sam’s Internal Rectum Strippers to the tune of 34000 bucks. I jumped straight up! What’s the point anymore? I see all the jigs driving new cars and getting free phones and the dumb hillbillies on their SSDI while I have to pay for it. I was a glorified ditchdigger who saved up for years for crying out loud. I did everything by the book and I end up the worlds dumbest asshole! My total tax bill for last year will be 46,000 m&ther F88king dollars all because I did the right thing and save instead of blowing it. I’m so fucking mad I could immolate myself. Any money I have left will be taxed at the top rate if I try to cash out.
        Fuck it.

      67. Video: Hundreds Of DHS Armored Trucks On The Move?
        infowars dot com

        It makes me wonder what is planned?

        We can’t ask Obama. The Obama’s are all out of the country (again) on vacation.

      68. Some stores require their savings card to get the savings, so why attach your real name/address to it? Use cash and fib about the real info. Change cards frequently and enjoy the savings…oh yeah, use coupons too! 🙂

        • Seryus

          Ditto… Those cards are just like diapers, you just have to change them often. 🙂

          Do they really think we are that stupid? They say they offer the cards so that can see spending patterns and offer better sales choices.


          Dat damn computer that rings up your stuff gives the same information on what is purchased. Big Brother just wants your name to go along with that cash purchase. 🙁

          Hi!!! my name is Noah Coholic. (hickup) 🙂

          Y’all play nice.

          hillbilly SC

      69. some cold hard economic facts


        and remember this every time you turn on the TV

        “The mainstream corporate media that is dominated by six mega-corporations (Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Comcast, Viacom, and Bertelsmann), has one purpose as described by the master of propaganda – Edward Bernays:

        “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

        that’s right 6 corporations own almost all of it now

        and propaganda is PROPAGANDA
        left wing
        right wing
        it doesn’t matter

        turn the damn thing OFF

      70. Help pay off the National Debt when you’re withdrawing cash out of your account by: Use federal reserve notes and incur an Irrecusable obligation. The puzzle is complete!!!
        A Banksters defeatism (realization of defeat) nightmare, Being forced to Return to Real Money=United States Note=Lawful Money, Use the Remedy within the Federal Reserve Act. Redeemed 12USC411, Refusal Penalty 12USC501a http://savingtosuitorsclub.net Stop being a Slave!!!!!! This is Tax Free Money!!!!!! http://stormthunder.com/
        Convincing Congress to Abolish the Fed http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/convincing.html
        Irrecusable obligation, which according to ‘Bouvier’s Law Dictionary’ (1914 ed.), is “a term used to indicate a certain class of contractual obligations recognized by the law which are imposed upon a person without his consent and without regard to any act of his own.” This is distinguished from a recusable obligation, which according to Bouvier, arises from a voluntary act by which one incurs the obligation imposed by the operation of law. The Income Tax succinctly described is an irrecusable obligation.
        The obligation to make a return of income for using private credit is recognized in law as an irrecusable obligation. The voluntary use of private credit is the condition precedent, which imposes the irrecusable obligation to file a tax return. If private credit is not used or rejected, then the operation of law, which imposes the irrecusable obligation lies dormant and cannot apply.

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