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    This article was originally published by Mac Slavo on March 15, 2017, at SHTFPlan.com. 

    We all know the major scenarios.

    But will you know what to do when the real thing happens?

    First and foremost, you need the basics: the ability to bug-out and survive for at least three days with food, water, fire starters, emergency shelter, etc. You also need the necessities to stay in place or in your redoubt for at least two weeks. But that’s just for starters.

    There are so many factors at hand, that you have to become a second-order prepper.

    That means Plan B and so much more. It means thinking ahead to the many pitfalls that could end your survival bid. Take yourself down the path you would go time, and time over again. Think it through until you find the flaws in your thinking. Know before you go, and avoid situations before you even get into them.

    Get rid of fantasy and unrealistic notions, and figure out a realistic strategy for long term survival, particularly in case of prolonged collapse.

    Check out this fundamental and thoughtful video especially for city preppers – and get ready to get out if necessary.

    Brad Harris of Full Spectrum Survival talks with YouTuber City Prepping in a conversation you don’t want to miss:

    What will you do when the cities begin to burn? Will a great exodus push millions from the populated regions of the world into the more rural areas where food and greens are plentiful?

    Will you stay behind and shelter in place or be one of the first to leave? We talk with City Prepping, who has considered this in great detail and gives his opinion on why it’s better or worse to remain in the city when a disaster strikes!

    Expanding your personal experience, and spending time getting ready for all eventualities may be your best tool in the box.

    When the world turns to hell, you may feel completely out of your element. But having a prepared mindset can steady any crisis.


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      1. Believing in what SHTFplan is doing, We will give a discount off for our hand built tactical accessories as long as you share this blog and then follow this link to receive the discounted price for our QTAC-6 Shotshell carrier. https://www.quadratactical.com/p/blog-page.html

      2. I expected more written information in this article besides the video advertisement.

      3. Most cities are death-traps-by-design. However some key cities will be PROTECTED. Look for those where huge investments have been made in surveillance. Globalists will need operating bases much like militaries.

        • Nobody is going to escape the cities, they will be locked down in grid lock and millions of vehicles stuck on the on and off ramps of highways and all traffic will come to a standstill, and then the gun fights and pillage begins defending your last possessions left in your vehicles. You will only own, what you can carry on your back. That’s it. And us out here in the countryside will be closing roads and checking ID’s for local traffic only. You trespass you die. Country folk have been prepping for decades, that what they do..

          You city folks go watch the movie “Escape from New York” that’s your future.

      4. I think that the internally displaced are routinely forced into slave labor, in spite of Black History Month.

        It mortifies me to walk for a day, to not see any examples of constructive labor or men fit for such.

      5. Been watching too many movies buddy!

      6. “You trespass you die.”- will prove to be a losing strategy. Shooting at people who are merely passing through an area will likely result in return fire. Small recon groups who encounter gun fire and are injured or have members killed will likely return with a larger group. Not to mention that some people will be attracted to gun fire (gun fire= people with ammunition, guns, resources, and something to protect).

        Shooting at random travelers will increase violent confrontation which decreases someone’s probability of survival. The point of survival is to decrease probable violence, avoid confrontation, and not to draw attention to one’s location.

        If a group is “trespassing” and just moving through, it would be better to let them go. If someone is “trespassing” and behaving in a threatening manner, then things change.

        In short, don’t start a gun fight if you don’t need to, unless you’re a Rambo type, want to test your tacti-cool gear, and want to explore life after death.

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