Ultimate Prepping: “How To Survive When The Cities Burn”

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mac Slavo on SHTFPlan on March 15, 2017.

    We all know the major scenarios.

    But will you know what to do when the real thing happens?

    First and foremost, you need the basics: the ability to bug-out and survive for at least three days with food, water, fire starters, emergency shelter, etc. You also need the necessities to stay in place or in your redoubt for at least two weeks. But that’s just for starters.

    There are so many factors at hand, that you have to become a second-order prepper.

    That means Plan B and so much more. It means thinking ahead to the many pitfalls that could end your survival bid. Take yourself down the path you would go time, and time over again. Think it through until you find the flaws in your thinking. Know before you go, and avoid situations before you even get into them.

    Get rid of fantasy and unrealistic notions, and figure out a realistic strategy for long term survival, particularly in case of prolonged collapse.

    Check out this fundamental and thoughtful video especially for city preppers – and get ready to get out if necessary.

    Brad Harris of Full Spectrum Survival talks with YouTuber City Prepping in a conversation you don’t want to miss:

    What will you do when the cities begin to burn? Will a great exodus push millions from the populated regions of the world into the more rural areas where food and greens are plentiful?

    Will you stay behind and shelter in place or be one of the first to leave? We talk with City Prepping, who has considered this in great detail and gives his opinion on why it’s better or worse to remain in the city when a disaster strikes!

    Expanding your personal experience, and spending time getting ready for all eventualities may be your best tool in the box.

    When the world turns to hell, you may feel completely out of your element. But having a prepared mindset can steady any crisis. Across the ages, in every survival story, a disaster of some sort plays a prominent role. Sometimes the part is played by the government, sometimes it is played by Mother Nature, and other times, the role is taken on by a random mishap. If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not.


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      1. Leave. Many disasters are Local or Regional in nature. Get your family Out of a disaster area. That is only sane solution.

        If NWO Communist Tyrants take over your state with leftist gun grabbing communist anti-American politicians, LEAVE. There are still States that observe the USA Constitution.

        If the USA as a nation goes for the UN NWO commie leftie gun grabbing anti-constitution, LEAVE. I would NEVER endure CommieFornia.

        Leave. Wait them out. Communism can not, has not, will NEVER succeed. It ALWAYS fails. Communist use propaganda, social credit scores, Famine, Gulags, Death Camps, Prison, GEONCIDE, as weapons. Your responsibility to your family is to get them to safety. LEAVE the affected area.

        After the world economic collapse. Make sure you are out of the cities. City people are insane even in good times. People in my current area murder each other because of not being able to merge in traffic. Insane. I’ve had people flash guns at our car full of children because I was going the speed limit. Driving the speed limit here, while in right hand slow lane, often causes Violent Agressive reaction from other drivers.

        So why would you ever consider being around these violent unhinged “Entitled Class” nutjobs during a bonified crises/disaster situation. Most cities are the same. Leave the city in crises.

        Rats, piles of feces and trash, needles in the parks and streets, homeless hordes, These are cities run by the leftist.

        Leftist took over my city. Crime is through the roof. Black female from another crime infested pit Detroit, is now Police chief. Guess what? Crime is Up now, just like Detroit.

        Another uncomfortable topic. Name ONE American city that is successful being run by Leftist blacks. None. My city has top eight spots covered by left leaning blacks. City has highest crime in decades. But NO ONE will hold the Politicians or Police chief accountable. If your skin is of a dark pigment then you are allowed to be substandard performer. Why is that? Equal rights mean equal accountability. This is not racist.

        This city had five Police Murdered on one night. And the media kept saying “black lives matter”. Blue Lives Matter!! Black on black violence is far more than Police shooting blacks. Fewer blacks would get shot if they stopped acting like a self entitled fool and running/driving away.

        Police have never shot me. Not because of my skin tone pass. Because I put hand on steering wheel, never reach for item. I don’t run away or Attempt to Drive away. “Get stupid and get shot.” If an armed bully has the drop on you and has a big gang of other armed bullies on call, then maybe you shouldn’t get stupid in that moment.

        Let a lawyer handle your business after the fact. Why can’t a black person see this logic?

        • There’s gonna be plenty of OJT when shtf. “Necessity is the mother of invention”

        • “NWO Communist Tyrants”

          What makes you believe that the NTO are communists? The Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefeller, Soros proponents of “From those according to their means to those according to their needs”?

          Socialism is the government ownership of the means of production. Communism is the theoretical and certainly unachievable end goal of a classless society where the field hand and physician have equal standard of living and status. Europe with the US in tow is / has become a welfare state that is certainly capitalist. Socialism as defined must be totalitarian so totalitarianism is being used synominously with Communism. In order to debate the issues the correct definitions must be used. Even Tucker Carlson who I like misuses “Welfare State with Socialism”.

      2. Who gives a shit, I don’t live there, Fook them!

        • I give a shit, the “golden horde” will be headed my way when they leave. You should too, even if you live in the most remote location.

          Theoretical question: would one outside these areas be served better by blocking egress from these places by closing transportation choke points? Or to look at this though experiment another way, what would NY-C do if someone destroyed the GW-B and others, and flooded the tunnels for the express purpose of blocking the horde??

        • Interesting, I proposed a theoretical thought experiment regarding preventing people from moving out of cities and its in moderation.

        • Stay there the cities you duh-masses, they will save you. Ride their busses, get their mark of the beast tattoo saying they own you. Bwhahahahahahahaaaa Some slaves know no better. Life on the plantation. Yeeeeahhhh.

      3. Once the rats have cleared the shelves at the grocery store and liquor store, they will be heading for the burbs, then the country. Individuals living with only their family may face roaming gangs of 20-30 out to do them harm and take what they want. The proper mindset might be as important as material goods.

        • Whatever, That’s a good point. Entitled dirtbag’s will band together to steal from good folks who are not prepared to defend themselves. I live in a very small town in the mountains, I know half the town. People that come here to steal, plunder or pillage probably won’t fair so well.

        • Are you kidding? They’re too lazy to walk to the burbs. As long as they have liquor, weed, and video games, they ain’t gettin off their asses

      4. you gotta move to the suburbs at least. one thing thugs don’t do is head out to the suburbs unless they live there already. I figure as long as youre 10 miles away from major city centers and bad parts of town you’ll be fine; except from the governeent; they’ll still come and take your stuff when they need more money.

        • If you are within 10 miles of a city, you are less than 1 days walk. 30 min by car.
          big red zone.

      5. A 3 day supply of food, water, etc. is not so good anymore. Two weeks is a minimum. There are few who live in an area that they can sustain a food and water source where when the SHTF. Bad guys, oh yes. A part of the silver haired folks, not so good. Be craftier than your situation, have knowledge, test yourself and be able even if you don’t think you are.

      6. “How To Survive When The Cities Burn”? How about not being there for starters?

      7. With all the bullcrap going on regarding all the shootings, don’t forget to sweetin’ up the pile of boolits. Trumpy is swaying back and forth on bringing changes that might put a crimp on your future gathering of ammo. The credit card companies (some) are already looking at not allowing some gun companies to ship firearms even to legit dealers.

      8. The Woodpile Report Guy advises stay away from crowds. I agree with him. the city’s are crowded. leave the city now!. You need a years supply of food to survive the 90% die off. Only a great culling will solve the unsustainable problem of too many parasite takers and to few producing makers. We cannot vote our way out of this mess. The political arena is a dog & pony show. The difference between the cantidate’s and party’s is the same as the difference between a stack of turds or a pile of poop.

        • Old Guy

          That, “great culling” is WWIII. That 90% largely includes the skilled and educated, those that put the M in modern. Conversely those skilled in survival and from areas unworthy of attack would disproportionately survive. Knowledge, science, medicine, technology take a backseat to knowing how to start a fire with sticks and tan animal skins; believing that we’ll be better for it is madness.

          • I never stated it would be better. I think it would regress to a stone age existence. my point is the fact too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not long term sustainable. There isn’t now hasn’t been and never will be a viable political solution. throughout history civilizations and techknowlegy have rizen and fell. and when they fall a great culling occurs. When the electric grid fails on a grand scale there will be a 90% die off. Take a good hard look at the physical cond of most folks. No matter how skilled those fat tubs of guts will be culled.

            • We look at things differently. I look at human life being precious. I can’t put “culling” and “great” in the same sentence with a 90% reduction in life as anything other than a catastrophe of literally Biblical proportions. I look at one individual having $150 billion and with it making a mockery of “We The People”, “One Man One Vote” and the, Rule Of Law”, in a supposed Constitutional Republic being incredibly dangerous. As the study said we live in a Plutocratic Oligarchy. This concentration of real power is a far greater problem. “We The People” do not self govern. These “parasites” will not put us in WWIII but the same can’t be said for the ruling elite.

              Source Business Insider
              h ttps://www.businessinsider.com/major-study-finds-that-the-us-is-an-oligarchy-2014-4

      9. I’m already out of the city. so I’ll be just fine.

      10. Understand the situation, get out of the big population areas. Now figure out not to be around any Nuclear Power plants that may go tink when the power grid goes down.

      11. Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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