Ukrainian Censorship Of “War and Peace” Is The Modern Equivalent of Nazi Book Burning

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    Ukraine is looking to ban Leo Tolstoy’s book, War and Peace because it “glorifies the Russian military.” Kiev’s ministry of education said it will no longer “teach” other Russian works that also “glorify” the Russian military.

    The War and Peace is described as:

    Hailed as one of the greatest novels of all time and a classic of world literature, War and Peace unfolds in the early nineteenth century during the turbulent years of the Napoleonic invasion of Russia. Tolstoy’s epic ranges from stirring depictions of historical events to intimate portraits of family life, moving between public spectacles and private lives to offer a tale of both panoramic scope and closely observed detail.

    Tolstoy’s internationally recognized masterpiece joins other classic Russian books that were already banned in Ukraine long before the current conflict. “All these will be completely excluded from foreign literature,” first deputy Minister of education Andrey Vitrenko said in an interview with the TV channel Ukraine 24. “So, for example, ‘War and Peace,’ this will not be studied in Ukraine anymore.”

    Banning books is the modern-day equivalent of the Nazi book burning. But statists and those who worship their masters and love their slavery know that a free mind comes from knowing and that knowing comes from learning.

    “Propaganda is a dangerous weapon. Russian lies are poisons all around today,” deputy minister Larisa Petasyuk said on Facebook at the time.

    But the real problem is censorship. Propaganda will eventually fail if people have access to all information from all sides, even information they disagree with. It’s the censorship that keeps the masses enslaved and believing they have to be controlled and ruled and that’s “civil.”

    Kiev has also banned Russian works of art and language instruction long before the current conflict, however. In March 2019, the Ukrainian government prohibited some 40 works of art due to their mention of Russian businesses, artists, social networks, internet portals, the USSR, or Soviet political figures. Among the works banned on that occasion was Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita, which had also been censored in the USSR.

    The most eye-opening book that can be read right now, is by Larken Rose, and it is called The Most Dangerous Superstition.

    If you imagine yourself to be a compassionate, peace-loving, civilized human being, you must read this book:

    When someone looks out at the world and sees all manner of suffering and injustice, stretching back for thousands of years and continuing today, he invariably blames such problems on someone else’s hatred, greed, or stupidity. Rarely will someone consider the possibility that his own belief system is the cause of the pain and suffering he sees around him. But in most cases, it is. The root cause of most of society’s ills–the main source of man’s inhumanity to man–is neither malice nor negligence, but a mere superstition–an unquestioned assumption which has been accepted on faith by nearly everyone, of all ages, races, religions, education and income levels. If people were to recognize that one belief for what it is–an utterly irrational, self-contradictory, and horribly destructive myth–most of the violence, oppression, and injustice in the world would cease. But that will happen only when people dare to honestly and objectively re-examine their belief systems. “The Most Dangerous Superstition” exposes the myth for what it is, showing how nearly everyone, as a result of one particular unquestioned assumption, is directly contributing to violence and oppression without even realizing it.


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      1. “Ban” or “censorship” are gross overstatements… they simply removed it from school curriculum. Don’t be that guy.

      2. They also banned (along with the EU) the public display of the letter “Z”. Russian troops and equipment are often identified with the letter “Z”. We can therefore call them “Zees”.

        Those against Russia have gone so far as to “cancel” the letter “Z”. We can therefore refer to them as “Not Zees”

        h/t William Gruff from MOA

      3. So, what does that make pastor Greg Locke when he holds his book burnings? Is he a Nazi as well?

        • Everyone’s a Nazi to somebody, it’s the spirit of the times.

      4. Maybe we should stop with the “Nazi” propaganda?
        The “Nazi” army was the RIGHT SIDE. Instead, we sided with the Satanic Gewish Bolsheviks. Hasn’t that worked out wonderfully?

        What kind of books were “Nazis” burning again? Oh yeah, Gewish pornography. Huh. Make sure you don’t mention that part in your propaganda narrative thing you got going here.

        • It’s not only Hollywood and the MSM, the pornography industry in the US (and the West) is fully controlled by Gous.

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