Ukraine Is Using Western-Supplied Weapons To Attack Deep Into Russia

by | May 29, 2024 | Headline News, War | 0 comments

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    Ukraine, and by proxy, its Western backers, has been using the weapons supplied to attack deep within Russia.  Agence France Presse (AFP) has claimed that these weapons have been used multiple times. How much longer is Russia going to tolerate the constant irritation that the West has become?

    ”Western weapons have already been used on several occasions against Russia’s territory, most recently against the southern town of Krasnodar, several Western sources said,” the report by AFP claimed, according to RT. 

    On Tuesday, the news agency cited several experts, who believe that Western donors should not be concerned because several other Russian red lines have supposedly been crossed without consequence. Russia has so far, refrained from acting on any of its warnings to the West, which has emboldened NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

    Moscow Warns That NATO Is Preparing For A Nuclear Strike On Russia

    Some senior Western officials have urged their fellow ruling class members who donate longer-range munitions to Ukraine not to ban their use deep inside Russia. But others have publicly objected to the idea claiming a broader war could result if restrictions are removed.  A restriction against such strikes has notably been imposed by the United States, the main supplier of arms to Kiev, however, Washington’s ruling class has said the ban is meant to prevent an escalation of the conflict and has made no indication that it will be lifted.

    Russia Accuses The U.S. Of A Cover-Up Regarding The Moscow Terrorist Attack

    Last week, a Ukrainian intelligence source claimed that the country had targeted an early warning radar station based in Russia’s Krasnodar Region on May 22, and later another site in the Orenburg Region.

    Both locations have roles in nuclear deterrence. Their primary task is to detect an incoming missile and give the military enough time to launch a retaliation before nuclear weapons hit Russian territory. –RT

    Western Media Being Strangely Quiet About An Incident In Russia That Could Have Sparked A Nuclear Exchange

    According to public statements by the Russian leadership, the country does retaliate when its red lines are crossed in the Ukraine conflict. After Kiev damaged the Crimean Bridge with a truck loaded with explosives in 2022, Moscow added Ukraine’s power grid to its list of military targets.


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