UK Heatwave Provokes Water Restrictions

by | Aug 7, 2022 | Headline News

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    The rulers of the United Kingdom have instituted water restrictions as the heatwave persists. Just when water is needed the most, those who claim the right to rule others are restricting its use.

    The country’s record heat in July (temperatures rose above 104 Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius) and melted airport runways. The heat also buckled train tracks, and shuttered transportation networks, as London’s fire brigade said it had one of the busiest days since World War II. The heat dome resulted in dozens of building structure fires and wildfires, according to a report by ZeroHedge. 

    As the heat wave continues, water reservoirs in London could slump as the metro area faces levels of drought not seen in a decade.

    London dodged the water restrictions for now as its large reservoirs are at “very comfortable levels,” Barnaby Dobson, a research associate on the Community Water Management for a Liveable London project at Imperial College London, told Bloomberg. “Months of sparse rainfall, combined with record-breaking temperatures in July, have left rivers at exceptionally low levels, depleted reservoirs and dried-out soils,” British newspaper The Independent wrote.

    Utilities have other options such as tapping emergency aquifers — rock formations that hold groundwater — or old reservoirs that are no longer in use but still have some water in them. They could also convince the UK’s Environment Agency to let them take more water out of the river to avoid any kind of rationing — although that risks resource depletion and other environmental concerns, Dobson said.

    “Part of our current issue with low water levels leading to measures like hosepipe bans is that we still think of this as a wet country, treating water as an infinite resource,” Christine Colvin, advocacy and engagement director at The Rivers Trust, said.

    Private water company Southern Water warned: “We know that we’ve had the driest July in the southeast since 1891, the temperatures have been really high, people have been using more water.”

    Across Europe, this season, drought and dried rivers have emerged in countries like Germany, which has caused economic disruption. –ZeroHedge

    Anything that can be controlled by the rulers will be controlled as they roll out the Great Reset.


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