U.S. Web Attacks Skyrocket Ahead of Mid East Action: 81% Above Normal *Real Time Heat Map*

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Headline News | 186 comments


Outgoing Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano ominously warned of a coming “cyber event” in an open letter to her successor this week, claiming that such an attack on the domestic internet “will have a serious effect on our lives, our economy, and the everyday functioning of our society.”

With tensions at a breaking point in the middle east, and all military options on the table, there can be no doubt that we (meaning all sides involved) are now engaged in cyber warfare ahead of traditional military activities.

According to Akamai, which monitors global internet conditions, the United States is experiencing a surge in web attacks this morning, clocking in at 81% above normal.


Via: The Woodpile Report
See the Real Time Web Attack Heat Map

While not necessarily indicative of an immediate threat to the national cyber infrastructure, the up-surge in web attacks comes on the heels of last week’s breakdown of the NASDAQ trading system, which handles billions of dollars in capital flows on an hourly basis.

Last week may have been a prelude to what is to come should the United States and western allies launch another offensive in the middle east. As we reported last week, one major internet security firm indicated that the attack on the U.S. stock exchange was not a “glitch” as suggested by the NASDAQ. Rather, it may have originated from the Cyber Fighters of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, an Iranian backed organization.

Russia, China, Iran, Syria and a host of other nations would like nothing more than to end U.S. hegemony in the middle east, and bringing down our domestic internet could be one potential strategy should conflict spread beyond the borders of Syria.

As noted by Napolitano, such an attack could be crippling to the systems of commerce that keep the U.S. economy moving. Should an attack, for example, target the merchant processing systems and large banking institutions like they did the NASDAQ utilizing a large-scale coordinated distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) it would paralyze the flow of money between customers, companies, and their financial accounts.

Such an “event” would have immediate consequences for all aspects of commerce including everything from just-in-time stocking of grocery stores and transportation systems, to labor force compensation and consumer activity.

In addition, DHS and well known Cyber Security firms like Norton and Mcafee have previously warned that attacks would likely not be limited to just our systems of commerce, but would also target physical infrastructure like the power grid, water plants and oil refinery operations.

When Janet Napolitano suggests the effects on our lives will be “serious,” she means it. In a study looking at the effects of a widespread infrastructure outage that targets our power grid for an extended period of time it was noted that a large percentage of the population – up to 90% of americans – would be dead within a year.

The U.S. government has been simulating the collapse of our financial system as the result of a cyber attack for many years. They know this is a distinct possibility, so they are preparing for it.

We urge our readers to consider the ramifications of such an attack and make an effort to prepare personal contingency plans should it ever come to pass. The blow back could potentially be as disastrous as a nuclear weapon being detonated in a major U.S. city.

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    1. ScoutMotto

      I’m most concerned about the banks. Get some cash out now, and put it in a safe in the house.

      • admin

        Agreed — DHS just threw up a big flag (false or not).

        Whoever it is – Iranians, Russians, Chinese, rogue intelligence assets working for the powers that be – is of no matter. This is going to happen sooner or later.

        Our internet infrastructure is full of gaping holes and the easiest targets are the financial institutions that move the money. If you want to do harm to America and the American people via the internet, stop the flow of money and watch the fireworks. It’s that easy.

        A sustained attack would cause pandemonium literally within minutes.

        We had a power outage in the middle of summer because of a wildfire. It lasted maybe 8 hours. Our town and all retailers for 15 miles shut down. I headed out to see what was going on. Walmart shut down, pharmacies unable to process prescriptions, ATM’s out of service, gas stations couldn’t pump gas, grocery store clerks had no idea how to ring up transactions, traffic was at a standstill (in a small town with just a few lights at key intersections)… It was a low-impact, short-term event and I could already see the frustration and anger on people’s faces.

        That was Day 1.

        Could you imagine Day 7?

        Or Day 30?

        • Man on the inside

          July 22, 2003, Memphis … Huricane Elvis. No power for days and up to two weeks for many areas. I am not as worried about the denile of service on banks as these atacks, thogh disruptive, cannot be sustained for the long haul. People will just get cash and merchants will default to the good ole papaer card slider. Power outages are much worse. No refrigeration, no lighting, no trafic lights (big problem when we were in New York for hurricane Sandy), Hospitals and airports on generaters (which means some services are stoped), no sweage treatment, no water purrified or pumped, and so on. Not a big lift for folks who are prpeped though…. just a blip and inconvenace for us. Well got to go blow the leaves off the soolar panels and do the six month maintanance on my two windmills…..

            • Anonymous

              If NYT and Twitter take a hit, what shall we ever do?

              • KY Mom

                Just a thought…Maybe they are just for ‘practice’.

                If they can successfully do that there, where will they try next?

                • penCRNA

                  maybe if rioting/looting start via twitter flash mobs, some smart hacker could take down twitter to disrupt their ‘organization’. a lot of the stuff after sandy was preplanned via twitter feeds.

            • legl-eyes-freedom

              I believe these supposed attacks carried out by the “Syrian electronic army” are really us intelligence elements that plan on attacking the financial sector and blaming it on Syria to add creedence to their attack on Syria, Iran, et al. Think about it, if it truly was a “state” sponsored event, do you think they would advertise it? Having had friends in military intelligence and psy ops, their fingerprints are all over these attacks…just saying…

              • sixpack

                They can kill the stock exchange for all I care—at least they’d be aiming for the biggest fish in the barrel. Aim small, hit small, ya know…

                Disruption of the “just-in-time stocking of grocery stores and transportation systems” would be the least of my worries. My supplies will last me and “the cat” for months.

                I can even shrug off a downed power grid for a while. I can make it without filling any prescriptions for a long while as well. I have alternative power in place.

                I HATE yacking on the phone, or just yacking in general. I (now) own a TV that isn’t even hooked up to anything but a DVD player. I couldn’t care less about TV…If someone hadn’t given me one, I wouldn’t have one in the house.

                We’re not on the city main and we have our own septic tank.

                About the ONLY weak point I have is I’m not that well armed, especially compared to how some say they are on here. I’m going to probably stay this way, as I refuse to even get on that grid…unless I can barter some gold for some lead and steel. That’s just me.

                All in all, let ’em take down the NASDAQ…do the rest of us a long-term favor.

            • Muddy

              @KY mom,
              I have also had trouble logging onto this site and ZeroHedge.

              Just in case this all goes down tonight, or while I’m at work the next 3 days, I would say it has been a pleasure to participate on this site, I have learned much and laughed often. Speaking of work, double check your GHB before leaving tomorrow.

              • KY Mom


                I too greatly appreciate and have learned so much from this site.

                Be safe everyone. Keep praying and prepping.

                KY Mom

          • braveheart

            I was in Memphis for Hurricane Elvis. I was without power for a week, but I had everything I needed for survival. I made it with flying colors.

            • Man on the indside

              As did I… even had my rental homes covered….

            • lower40

              thats because your an o’l FL boy that had been tempered from living in hurracane alley

            • Urban dog

              So did everyone else.

        • John Q. Public

          “…US hegemony…”???

          Zionist “master race” bankster hegemony!

          • Government Guy

            What does this comment have to do with the thread to which you replied. Civilians are idiots.

            • braveheart

              GG, only nonpreppers are idiots, not preppers. if you’re going to paint, you need a smaller brush.

          • KY Mom

            India Central Bank Scrambles With Currency Collapse Fallout: Gives USD To Oil Companies, Everyone Else Tough Luck

            “The aftermath of the biggest crash in the Indian rupee in history is becoming clear: business are scrambling to refine budgets, import and export activity is disappearing as there is zero clarity what the actual transaction prices net of FX are,

            purchases of hard assets are exploding as people are desperate to protect what little purchasing power they have left, capital controls are being instituted virtually everywhere, and the overall economy – at least that part that is reliant on foreign trade flows – is grinding to a halt.”


            • lonelonmum

              A few thoughts:-

              1. The sheer population size of India will mean this will ripple through to the rest of us. India’s emerging middle class had some serious global consumer power.

              2. Call centres, medical services and IT development are all industries the West has Outsourced to India in significant quantities in the last few years. MOST Western financial institutions and utility companies have an Indian call centre now. Anything white collar that didn’t get shipped to China went to India.

              What happens to services WE rely on, if those workers don’t show up for work? (which they may not if they’d rather tend a field for food in their Grandparents country village than work for a monthly salary that no longer purchases a cup of rice!)

              3. The Indian population never gave up their traditional love of 22 carat gold as a store of family wealth for inter generational transfer, as anyone who has looked at their dowry traditions will know.

              4. The British left behind a society deeply divided along religious, political and ethnic lines. Sudden currency shocks tend to exacerbate these in any nation as we’ve seen everywhere from Greece to the Balkans.

            • Gauge

              @KY Mom,
              I don’t know how you find all of the interesting articles and links that you post here. I for one really appreciate your contributions, thank you.

              • KY Mom


                Hello! I have learned so much from the articles (Thank you Mac!)and from the comments and links people have posted here. Thank you everyone!

                Take care! Hope you have a great day!

                KY Mom

        • ChickenLittle

          We’ve had a lot of storms and power outages in our area over the last couple of years. I always see them as dry runs for extended outages that may happen in the future. Helps to put yourself in the future and realize that there are little things you forgot about in your preps.

        • Piper Michael

          My firewalls are lit up like a Christmas tree…
          and I’m basically a ‘non player’…
          Glad I’m running Linux based servers w/IPtables… wouldn’t run Windoze for love or money…
          (Can’t understand why the big boys don’t get it.
          Maybe, its designed that way? So that MSoft and their inside buddies can crack you open like an egg… ) would this be a cause for war?

          IF Obama attacks Syria, methinks it will be his waterloo, and ours. At the beginning of every war, its always said, that its only going to last just a few days, weeks… now they say ‘hours’? haha, what arrogance. In any war, there are two votes, and the Russians get a vote.

          I wonder… if the HNIC bombs Syria, and the electronic infrastructure then melts down, and then Putin doesn’t allow his aircraft to enter Russia for the G20… because he is now a ‘war criminal’… what would the Dark man do?, call Putin a ‘raciss’?

          Nah, wishful thinking… 😉
          So many possibilities… but these internet outages cause me much concern.

          • Government Guy

            I’d be more impressed by your Internet savvy if you could figure out how to reply to a comment in a way relevant to that particular comment and not rape the thread.

            • The Old Coach

              I rather thought P.M.’s comment WAS relevant. Were you reading somebody else?

            • Piper Michael

              I do not participate in personal attacks very often, simply because it isn’t worth it, and that is what I consider ‘raping’ a thread. But in your case, since you purport to be a ‘government’ guy, you can;

              Go to hell…

            • San Diego

              Take a long walk off a short pier Government BITCH

            • braveheart

              GG, he didn’t rape the thread. His comments had everything to do with the topic. I would be more impressed with you if you stopped acting like a troll.

              • Piper Michael

                Bh, et al.
                Thanks, its nice to see I have a couple friends here, and folks who have “eyes that see”…

                God bless, and;
                May the Force be with you all…

            • legl-eyes-freedom

              Government Guy – you are a total fucking douchebag. Should you find yourself in the most unfortunate situation of being in my area when the SHTF, watch your 6.

          • Piper Michael

            Obviously, this was an exercise in relative thinking. The ‘government guy’ is an example of thinking inside the box. That everything happens without connection to anything else.
            Everything is relative and connected to everything else in this world, the internet outages, could merely be one front in an asymmetrical and multi-modal war model. The internet being attacked, could cause more damage than a nuke, if you consider that everything is run by computers now.
            Whether deliberate false flag or an operation run by ‘terrorist enemies’ makes no difference, the results would be the same… people like ‘government guy’ would be ‘in charge’, and the Nazi’s like him would take over.

            To keep ones thinking inside the box, in times like these, is stupid and self destructive. OBama is NOT a President of ALL the People, he is a Usurper with an agenda. If we cannot see this by now, we are lost. How all ya’ll liking your “Fundamental Transformation” so far? You know, war, is the final determiner of transformation, eh?

          • Samson

            @Piper Michael,
            I got it!!! Obama will launch the war right after Air Force 1 lands in Moscow and he asks for political asylum from the Russians.

        • Prepared Pastor

          The power goes out here for about ten days every few years and no one panics. Natural gas still flows from the wells so close we can see them so they don’t require pumping stations. 16 millions gallons of water are stored in various tanks above this small city. Many of the smaller businesses like the Asian market continued to operate on generators, but couldn’t process credit card transactions.

          I would much prefer this to EMP because I recently sold my old manually aspirated diesel and have yet to replace it. If our late model Jeep isn’t running it can neither keep the fridge cool via the inverter or transport the provisions we keep here to the retreat.

        • Max

          Mac, sounds like you were referring to the central valley in cali, we had a power outage last week that lasted about 8hrs for some and up to three days for about 1200 folks.

          I did walk to the store on the corner to grab some ice…most the people pulling up were yelling “where’s the beer, gotta have my beer”. Later that night as I sat there with the window open to get an idea as to what was going on…it was nothing but sirens and gunfire. Needless to say I was locked and loaded…

        • Shootit

          This morning 8 – 8 Wheel Personal Carriers(green, with smoke launchers, no other weapons could be seen) on 4 rail cars headed towards Wyoming on the BN rail road.

        • Be informed

          The United States has lots of soft bellies that enemies can hit. The infrastructure of a country that has to maintain it at near 100% operating status is very vulnerable here. Like the demolition of a building, it only takes placing the charges in the right spots, in this case the wrong spots, and the house of cards comes down in a thunderous roar.

        • Mordecai

          This is an excellent article, sobering but excellent. It drives home the point that a cyberwar could be launched from anywhere in the world, it would have devastating effects on economies around the world, the power grid, communications, command and control of nearly every military worldwide, transportation, etc., it would be fairly cheap to launch and to fight, minimal casualties, and it could end civilization as we know it in a matter of hours. Long term would be the upheaval caused, the riots and disease that’ll spread, and the human misery that will occur.

        • lower40

          we’ve had several 7 day w/no power from the storms here in SFL over the years ,thats not to say that people dont get a little edgey ,not so much the native’s ,but the money changer city slickers that have all the prime beach front property ,and live in houses that have no windows and depend on city utilitie’s ,first thing the police do around here is enact a curfew ,so us working stiffs dont try and go steal there cavier and crystal stem glasses ,cause you know thats what every ones looking for after they’ve lost part of there roof

        • Muddy

          @KY mom,
          I have also had trouble logging onto this site and ZeroHedge.

          Just in case this all goes down tonight, or while I’m at work the next 3 days, I would say it has been a pleasure to participate on this site, I have learned much and laughed often. Speaking of work, double check your GHB before leaving tomorrow.

        • Not-Like-Them.

          Right there is the proof of this website and the proof needed for the cry of the Preppers. Prepare,Prepare,Prepare!

        • SoapDish

          HI Mac,

          I smell a big stinking rat in all this crap about Syria! We all know they need something to blame for all the ups and downs. Could this just be a test to see how the markets will react? Like a good magician says, keep your eyes on this hand, while the other is doing God knows what?
          Trying times ahead for all to see.

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • jr23

          that a big reason after hurricane charlie the state of Fl
          required large gas stations at key areas to have generators
          and publix and others put them in or wired the stores to have quick hookups for trailer in power.
          the state here did learn but the all bought command centers and other expensive toys and a lot of waste also but you have to credit them when they do some things right. i did hear the fema will not send ice anymore and publix walmart home depot and lowes are a large portion of recovery
          instead of waiting for feds which after charlie the contracted ice water guard showed but the firs from fema were crates abd crates of paoerwork

      • So Very Doomed

        It occurs to me that the recent drop in the Rupee and Real must have left Western banks with huge derivative losses.

        If this is so, then a Syrian cyber attack could be used to justify Bank Holidays or limiting access to accounts.

        The attack on Syria may be to provide this justification.

      • Rubicon

        Looks like I will be hitting up the store tonight to pick up on essentials.

        One question…Why 212 attacks in Idaho? What is so important their?

        • San Diego


          • slingshot

            Yes, at all costs. We must save the potatoes.

        • guero

          Idaho National Laboratory, Homeland Security Cyber Security Center.

          • guero

            Apparently, that’s also where many attacks on China ORIGINATE from.

        • Piper Michael

          The new NSA multi-Petabyte data center, lies on a major fiber optic internet backbone hub… in Utah…
          Provo Utah, where one of my servers is, was brought down a week or so ago… because of the failure of an ‘upgrade’…
          My thoughts at the time were; Yeah, having a little problem installing that NSA switch?

        • Jenn

          Here’s a list of the companies in Idaho on the Top 5000 in 2012:

          Alligator Performance, $11.1 million in revenue
          Scentsy, $536.8 million
          Lucky Bums, $3.2 million
          Valued Merchant Services, $5 million
          Balihoo, $3.3 million
          Sunshine Minting, $1.4 billion
          ScotteVest, $8.9 million
          DJM Sales & Marketing, $2.2 million
          ClickShops, $7.8 million
          DaviesMoore, $7.1 million
          EcoAnalysts, $5.6 million
          The Source, $3.2 million
          PolicyTech, $7.5 million
          Portage, $67.4 million
          Porter’s Office Products, $7.4 million
          EMSI, $6.5 million
          Fisher’s Document Systems, $10.4 million

          That’s a lot of sales last year — and a lot of stored customer information that hackers may be looking to steal.


          • Wilson

            CCI and other ammo and firearms manufacturers. If the hackers would direct their attention to the N s A facility in utah we could all breathe a little easier.

        • Mordecai

          Blame the 212 attacks in Idaho on Rawles. 🙂 SARCASM!!!

    2. Mountain Trekker

      How could we live without the internet, all of these tough talkers would be isolated and no one to boast to. And when the black sedans pull up out front how are we going to holler for help. Hope all you people really have the preps you’ve been bragging about. If not you better get them. Trekker Out. ricin

      • OutWest

        I’m proud to be a prepper.
        I wish everyone would be.

        Keep crisp 10 dollar bills
        in #10 cans — Mushroom

        • t-zulu

          I hate shooting at mailmen lol that’s why I have a p.o. box lol.

    3. California Resident

      Hopefully, any attacks would target cell and iPhone comms to the point of getting people that are entranced by these electronic opiates to wake the F up and look at the world they will suddenly find themselves in.

      • California Resident

        Not related to this topic, but worth getting out there:

        This has to be one of the most accurate depictions of the shitbird in the White House that I have seen so far.


    4. Prepperdude

      Man you battle stations…what have a false flag attack…Man your battle stations.

    5. Satori

      we were talking about this at work earlier this week

      my facility is now entirely dependent on computers and the internet

      a shutdown will be catastrophic

      we have foolishly made ourselves totally dependent on technology

      us fire monkeys ain’t so smart after all

      a take down is gonna happen

      it may be the “turRorISts”

      but much more likely it will be our own government

      • Prepped in CT

        Everything is run by computers anymore, from the cars we drive to business software. Checking out of grocery stores is done by computer.

        It’s amazing to me that we have embraced the computer wholeheartedly, but there are still many chinks in the armor. It’s almost like asking to be screwed over.

        • Bob

          Don’t you just LOVE the look of sheer oanic on the face of most cashiers when a barcode won’t scan?

          • penCRNA

            not only that, they don’t know how to do basic math, or count money back to you properly. I love it when I give over old silver certificates, $2 bills, etc, and they think i’m giving them ‘funny money’. I’ve had kids not know what a .50 cent piece was.

        • penCRNA

          patient asked me today if I liked EMR (electronic medical records). would not say this to the patient but, Not really…..we are going almost completely paperless. If the system went down, I mean really went down. not bypassing servers, etc. all patient history, labs, imaging, consults, cardiac tests would be inaccessible. the hospital “strongly discourages” putting paper copies in charts or for report. As someone who gives anesthesia and daily has the balance of someones life in my hands, It is not comforting. So I write out pertinent history, meds and labs so that if the freaking beast crashes, I have the important stuff.
          It’s a question all patients should ask….do you keep back up paper records in the chart should there be a failure that lasts for hours and hours and hours.

          • MetabolicSurgeon

            A smart person keeps a paper copy of their tests, labs and op notes.

          • Babycatcher55

            I’m a dinosaur, and All my client records are paper. I don’t trust computers as far as I can throw them, and I have a B.S. in Computer technology! ( but I’m doing what I love, which is being a Midwife!) 😉

      • JayJay

        Satori–my neighbor does EVERYTHING by computer.
        Banking, he checks his account balance a few ties every day!
        Pays all bills online.
        I don’t even know how to access my bank account–cause the money is taken out within 3 hours of DD anyhow.
        I pay cash for everything but the mortgage-and only that is check because we have no BofA in Ky.

        Imagine–online banking
        online bill payments
        library access…..these folks are gonna be like chickens with their heads cut off..and I’ve been there with granny!!!:-)

    6. Bill Murrays Asshole

      drudgereport seems to be down at the moment

      • braveheart

        Drudge Report is now back up.

    7. king krazy

      The fact that that asshole obama got elected twice tells me the USA is gone so I don’t much give shit anymore.

      • Prepperpah

        I think you mean appointed.

    8. Prepped in CT

      418 attacks in 24 hours with 210 attacks in Idaho alone.

      What or who is based in Idaho? That’s an awful lot of attacks in one state…

      But then again, I have very little knowledge about how the internet works.

      • Satori



        PROTECT your potatoes !!!

        • Jenn

          I laughed my butt off when I read your comment, Satori. (It’s been a craptacular day, so thank you for that. I needed a good laugh today.)

          To the good people of Idaho, yes, please, protect the potatoes. I love them very much and they have to be kept safe.

          • JayJay

            By all means, protect those potatoes; those Idahos are in the dehydrator right now.
            Note: I have never paid $4 for a 10 lb. bag.
            Stock up, folks.
            It won’t get any better soon.

        • Gauge

          Please oh please Mr. Chinaman, wait until Duck Dynasty is over before you take down the power grid.

      • y99

        2 opposing things in Idaho, a large amount of preppers and I recently read china has been purchasing land within the State.

      • Dave in Id

        They wont take me alive.

      • Anonymous

        I hope Putin uses a surgical nuclear strike Saudis since that country is the center of political and money corruption. I’ll drink to see the day Saudis are simply wiped out from the face of the earth.

      • Not so Much

        “the world is going to hell.”

        The true legacy of progressives is WWI and WWII.

        There’s no reason to believe that the festering STD of progressivism in the democrat party wont take us to WWIII.

        Just follow your gut and prepare accordingly.

        • Anonymous

          +1000 but I could only give 1 thumbs up

          • Not So Much

            lol, no worries. thanks.

    9. Leslie Anne

      If the computers go down, there would be no reason to go to work. Always a bright side 🙂

      • admin

        Preppers always have a positive outlook! 🙂

        • ScoutMotto

          Bob at Farris Survival says that preppers are the ultimate optimists.

      • slingshot

        Irish Coffee, standing by.

      • Jenn

        Heh! 😀 You sound like you must work at my company. I pray for power outages and any other oddball disasters I can think of that might keep me from having to go to work. Alas, I still have to work. (There’s always filing to do! Oh, yay! Not.) Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards…. boss has never closed the office, and I’ve had to be here. :-/

    10. Prepped in CT

      That’s an interesting site Mac (Akamai). I just checked it and things are normal here now, but looks hot in the British Isles.

      I love to play with gadgets. LOL

    11. Prepped in CT

      BTW…about a week ago, did anyone else get a lot of malware put into their computer?

      I was posting here, trying to make a post, and all of a sudden my computer started typing backwards, and I couldnt get it to stop.

      I ran a full scan of Malwarebytes anti-malware, and there were 505 items that were infected, and I removed them. The computer was fine after that.

      Anyone else have any problems last week?

      • Calgacus

        .lla ta smelborp on ,oN

      • Satori


        best damn thing since the paper napkin

        beats conventional anti virus by a country mile

      • LivnintheOC

        We had a big problem with a Trojan last week, thought our IT guy got rid of it, but then the email program was attacked. Have to replace the hard drive to get it completely off.

        Someone else we know told us their whole system for their business crashed and they just replaced their hard drive today. Seemed like a coincidence but from this article and comments, I don’t think so anymore.

    12. Leslie Anne

      If the computers go down, I would have no reason to go to work. Always a bright side.

    13. Calgacus

      Napolitano has now made a public statement so that when its time, the Feds can disappear the $dollar. And they can disappear all the gold too. This is the perfect method to remove responsibility for the collapsing economy. Beats failure and bankrupcy. Americans will blame terrorists while the Feds and Wall Street players walk free holding all the chips.

    14. Nutbag

      Why has no one in the media asked why Assad would do exactly what he was told would get the US into the conflict. He’s either a complete moron or everyone in the media is. I choose “B”.

    15. Leslie Anne

      Anyone who is a Bible-believer knows this turmoil is coming. No reason to fret over it. Does it suck?…sure…but there’s nothing that can be done about it.

      • Indy Colts

        I believe the book of Revelation but I don’t understand how Russia could be the good guys here. Russia is supposed to be the bear of the north that unites all of the arab enemies of Isreal to start armageddon. Oh course things are far from playing out yet but I’m finding it hard not to cheer for Russia. Putin threatening the saudis is the best thing I heard all day.

        • Saved By Grace

          I know that this will get so thumbs down but, besides being an ex-KBG agent, and having the members of the Press in Russia killed. Mad Vlad’s Russia is allied to the terror states of Iran ((Shite Muslim) and North Korea, as well as Communist China.
          He’s has his bombers doing mock attack runs on our bases and his subs in The Gulf of Mexcio.

          So tell me how Putin is any better than Barry?

          THEY BOTH SUCK!

          • Sigi

            No argument here. Putin’s buddies were persecuting non-Orthodox Christians in the more rural provinces of Russia in 2001. Add fraudulent elections and lawlessness and I see very little difference between the two.

        • Sigi

          Try not reading in Cold-War Era sybols into scripture and the picture might clear a bit. Look at pre 20th C commentaries on Ez 38 and Revelation.

          Geneiss clearly puts Gog in Turkey. Keep your eyes on Erdogan. I think Russia may well be one of the “many nations” who will side with the bad guys in Ez 38, but they aren’t the ringleader.

          Meanwhile, no power like America once had is present in those prophecies, so we probably have to be sidelined someway. It is possible for the future bad guys to be ‘good guys’ in the meantime. Look at Biblical villains, many had it right for a time and then thurned.

    16. jim in Va.

      All because of a possible gas attack. We don’t know who really did it. It ok to slaughter people with conventional weapons but use a little gas and the whole world will end up in a possible www3. Stay the hell out,let them kill each other,drill here for all our oil and kiss the middle east goodbye!

      • PO'd Patriot

        NUKES ALL AROUND EVERYBODY, Barrys’ buying! Belly on up and enjoy!

        • RICH99

          PO’d you need to get a life really !!!!

          • PO'd Patriot

            Wo ho! there you are! How’s it going? Sitting here drinking some cold long necks waitin’ for the curtain to come down. Seriously Rich99 I do get a kick out of your comments and truthfully there are quite a few times that I do agree with your line of thinking. I’ve been hearing this and living this for 30-some years now and frankly being on guard all that time does wear thin. Cheers everyone!

            • RICH99

              I gave you a thumbs up because my response to my own comment would not have been as civil as yours but I still say that war isn’t gonna happen ……now the UN needs another 2 days to inspect….more delay……we know that we CANT attack Syria , the longer it waits the more things will settle down just like the Korean conflict 2 years ago that everyone forgot about ……we were days from war with korea at that point and korea was gonna nuke us and that just dissipated

              • PO'd Patriot

                Well I’m hopin’ you’re right and we don’t launch the missiles. For one thing I’m tired of seeing our soldiers die for this corporation’s monetary gain. And I’m weary of funding this bullshit through my taxes. Lets hope that if the UN inspectors remain for a couple of days or weeks that the shine on this strike will dim.

                • RICH99

                  Well its funny because I say things and people keep giving me negative ratings and comments but who is correct so far ? For nearly a week every website in town has WW3 is coming or were gonna strike Syria and I emphatically maintain my position that we will not attack Syria because of what I like to call the RUSSIA/CHINA FACTOR and and here we are still waiting

      • slingshot

        I had a gas attack last night. Nobody went to war over it.

        • Y'all Beware!


          Really good chuckle.

          Y’all Beware! Thanks!

        • Babycatcher55

          Was there methane in your madness? Lol

    17. maddog

      If you believe in Jesus Christ and read the word like I do you know what’s coming. If you don’t then you can look at the people obummer has put in charge of National Security, The State Department and the UN and read up on who they are and what they believe and you will know what is coming. Time for prepping is probably over now. Good luck to all.

      • Sigi

        Remember the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. If one of the foolish gals had decided anytime before midnight to take a chance and get extra oil, it would have been a difference story for her. I’m unprepped by the standards I see on these sites and cannot help it since I have no money; I will keep doing what I can until it’s clear that there is no time left.

    18. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      big sis just told everyone what’s going to happen…tptb are gonna crash the internet and replace it with web 2.0….you think you have no privacy now, just wait…you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet……….get your money out of the banks, fill your cars & gascans, oil your guns, hug your kids and spouse, and get ready for shtf

    19. Genius

      Thank god I dont live in a big shitty (city). If you have enough paper satans I reccomend you build a small solar power system. Ebay has cheap prices on all the stuff you wil need (solar panels, charge controller, inverter.) A few handheld dual band UHF/VHF radios for comms (under 50 bux on ebay). CCTV cameras and wireless video transmitters are also cheap and will work over 1/2 mile. Small sealed batteries with small solar panels and remote switches to run your remote video surviellance system. Dakota alert makes some good long range motion detectors. 100 paper satans will get you a decent ssb shortwave radio. For long range comms get a baofeng uv5r radio and simplex repeater (about 120 bux for both). Also reccomend a good scanner that had digital and trunk tracking capability. If your worried about emp keep your items in a metal garbage can that is lined with bubble wrap. Keep in mind if you use the small solar panels (under 5 watts) they will usually need a diode to keep from backflowing during the night. A 30 amp charge controller is about 15 bux on ebay and a 100 watt panel with shipping is about 150. Buy your batteries locally from costco or a golf cart dealer (6 volt deep cycle). Trojan batteries are junk so avoid them if you can. Also power jack pure sine inverters are shit so don’t buy them either. Ebay has a ton of useful things you can’t find at the store, let your imagination run wild! A portable toilet is nice to have just make sure you have enough toilet chems (I like aquachem). Yard sales are a goldmine of items too (candles, clothing, blankets, generators, etc.). DO NOT buy those portable solar generators they are way overpriced and have little battery capacity. Post any questions you have…

    20. Jay in UK

      In addition to what Mac has written in the main article above, I believe a cyberattack is a necessary prerequisite to WW3 as it would be used by TPTB to hide the roundup of dissidents under the NDAA legislation. It would also cover last minute logistical movements by the government. IMHO, a cyberattack must be treated by dissidents as a very dangerous, life-threatening red flag event that portends the imminent arrival of snatch teams on doorsteps. Travel will be locked down so any escape plans have to be in local terms, i.e. a tactical withdrawal into the hills.

      That all said, I remain unconvinced they’re ready for WW3 just yet because of shortcomings in the conventional forces needed to follow up the initial nuclear strikes. But Syria is undoubedtly a step towards WW3; and the ongoing web attack surge may be a strength-testing / infrastructure probing exercise in advance of the biggie.

      • Not so Much

        “I believe a cyberattack is a necessary prerequisite to WW3 as it would be used by TPTB to hide the roundup of dissidents under the NDAA legislation”

        DAMN! Who wrote that short story a few months ago that you’re echoing very closely here.

        Webs went down, govt rounded up all the opposition talking heads and started a war and then in the end, it was the individual sniper that took back freedom.

    21. Gravlore

      Just waiting to see if we get a peace deal. Bit of Biblical fun.

    22. braveheart

      To Mac and everyone: I hope I’m wrong, but it looks like party time is just around the corner. If the grid, internet, and everything else are about to be taken out, it will be by foreigners or our own evil regime. I don’t think we would have to worry about EMP or CME in this particular case. Just like everyone else, I would hate to lose the internet; however, if necessary, I can live without the internet. I did so up until 2005 when I finally started learning how to use a computer. My primary sources for good information up until then were shortwave radio and certain publications I subscribed to. I still enjoyed shortwave on occasion and something in the back of my mind told me to always keep my shortwave for backup. Anyone else out there who has a shortwave had better check it to make sure it is in good working order and if it’s a portable, make damned sure you have extra batteries for it. I have 2 and checked them last night and have a shitload of extra batteries so I know I’m good to go on that. if you have any money in the bank, get it out now. once the grid goes, no ATMs, and debit and credit cards will be totally useless. looks like I better start packing up for the BOL. I don’t like the way things are shaping up. braveheart

      • slingshot

        Breaker, Breaker 19. Radio check.

    23. Al Shockley

      Mass DDOS attacks or a coordinated effort to bring down financial institutions and infrastructure would be bad business indeed. Have some cash on hand just in case (enough for a week or two worth of expenditures). If it gets any worse than that, money will probably cease to be an issue anyway.
      Any suggestions for how one might make it off of Long Island in a true SHTF scenario? Manhattan to the west and Montauk Point to the East. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place…
      Thinking it might be better to wait it out for the first month and then take my chances…


      • braveheart

        Al Shockley, if at all possible, get out of Long Island ASAP. you might have 2 weeks at most; I doubt if you’ll have a month. just my 2 cents. braveheart

        • Al Shockley

          Sounds pretty grim when you put it that way! As terrible as the odds are, I’m going to do some emergency prepping this week (asap) and try and make arrangements with out of state friends and family. If this is it – and I’m hoping to God it’s not – then I’m going to try and keep my ear to the ground for as long as possible and then try and bug out with whatever window is left at that point.
          If news on Russia and China is dead accurate then this might be our red flag.
          At this point I’m just taking comfort in the fact that there are others out there who are awake and prepping.
          Prepare and be vigilant.


          • PO'd Patriot

            Keep a cool head, keep it methodical, and waste of motion to a minimum.

          • ready down under

            Dunno about some of you guys but personally if I believe if the baloon is about to go up, I’m gunna save time and panic early!! Whats the worst that can happen? A leisurely drive back from my retreat a few days later, thats what.

      • Darkstar

        @ Al Shockley…just getting out of LI or Manhattan on a normal day sucks. Good luck to you. I’m flying back to upstate NY on Sunday and I’m deeply concerned. Left my son in NY the envelope that says “don’t open unless..”

      • Dr e

        That’s one reason I moved out of there years ago
        Every time I’ve been home made me nervous as hell

    24. Southern Border

      The way I figure is about the time they start WWIII it would be a good time for them to pull off a false flag EMP or something else here so they can impose martial law & get their evil plan underway. Don’t know about y’all folks but I can just feel that there is something else going to happen besides the shit in Syria, don’t know what it is but i’m positive it won’t be good.

      • braveheart

        Southern Border, I’m getting the same feeling. just hope I can make it to the BOL in time. braveheart

    25. Saved By Grace

      American Thinker site yesterday had a very good article on the coming war written by Conservative/Libertarian James Lewis. (Check it out)
      There is a bunch of info in the article that I had not read anywhere else.

      Lewis concludes that a trap is being set for BHO and the U.S. in Syria and that Iran, Russia, ect are trying to pick a fight. Given that Putin called Barry , “A monkey with a hand grenade” yesterday, Lewis might be right?

      • Not so Much

        Um, the link they provide that ‘proves’ Israel did this is a big ol pbtpbtpbptbpt.

        I even searched for the whole title and even part of the title of the article at the ajc.

        After looking at the comments, it looks like a moonbat anti-Israel operation.

    26. VRF

      Ive been having service drop out a lot, called my ISP and they acted like they didn’t have any idea I had any interruption of service , wonder if they would notice an interruption of payments?

      I see the internet as severely compromised , and weak.

      also I see it as the human public and services have become way too dependent upon the internet..its a recipe for a nice disaster or the spark to start one for sure.

      I bet even some people on here couldn’t do with out it for 24 hrs without going bonkers

      Me personally..Id like the entire thing to crash..cell phones, internet etc..because that means they don’t have it either and if we’d be so lucky all our NSA’d shit would be gone and all their little spy programs will go poof..Now what bitches? my 7.62 doesn’t need to be plugged in or hooked up… party on!

      • Prepped in CT

        Last weekend we lost internet for over eight hours.

        We did fine at our house. Found other things to do, went for walks. It was so funny, as we were out walking there were teens wandering out hanging out on the driveways of their homes like they didnt know what to do with themselves.

        There were people who called 911 to ask why their internet was out. So funny. There was a big deal about it the next day on the news.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, VRF. I feel the same way. I lived without internet up until 2005 and I’ll live without it again and be just fine. Same for cellular service. I’ve kept my shortwave radios for backup all these years just in case. Always knew something like this will happen one day. Let it all crash and no more NSA snooping; that would really be great. braveheart

        • Y'all Beware!

          Here I’m bustin my butt to get a website up.

          I’ll give y’all six days. If nothing happens, I will happily wipe my ass with soft and fluffy for another year.
          If not, I have enjoyed y’all and the info gathered here. God bless you all.

          Y’all Beware! braveheart do you have a recommendation for portable shortwave manufacturers?

      • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

        12ga…..a low tech solution for high tech problems

      • Walt Kowalski


        I assure you that if the Internet crashes, the NSA, CIA, FBI , et.al. will have an alternative means of some form of network capabilities that have nothing to do with the Internet in it’s current form.

        It’s the everyday folks that will suffer. TPTB most likely have something already in place.

        What better way to insure that the population gets only the information that THEY want them to have, than to bring the infrastructure down so that the only means of communication available will be what THEY have.

        In any war, if you can successfully disrupt your enemy’s communications, the odds are already greatly in your favor.

        Control the flow of information and what is being communicated and you can more effectively control the population.

    27. warchild

      I read with interest some folks talking metals/cash,have both,metals in hand for inflation/cash short term unavailability due to whatever.A collapse situation neither will do much good short term,gold perhaps long term acceptable currency but can think of many better ones.Atm’s don’t reopen quick due to computer breakdowns shelves/gas tanks ect. will not be refilling anytime soon.I will keep trying to prep a bit more,is easy in a way as all stuff would use anyhow be it food/tools/clothing/ect.I hope nothing goes down but if it does hope am in a position to help others as a lot of what I do might not be around/safe for a long time.That said,am going fishing,no fights over fish/risk of getting killed for gear,at least not yet!Live for today,prepare for tomorrow.

    28. npgh

      As a kid, we didn’t have internet, in fact, when some of our friends had Atari, we did not. We would spend long, hot summer board games like Monopoly and Parchesi. Cards would be shuffled to death so that the corners were curled up and separating. We traded books with each other and climbed trees. Yes, I could live without the internet. But and this is a BIG BUT…I would miss the information sharing such as sites like this. I consider online preppers as friends because the real family thinks we are crazy, therefore, we don’t speak of the need for them to prepare any more. We keep to ourselves on world events and politics and especially prepping. The internet is still (but for how long?) still a place of freedom of speech and shared ideas. Good Luck and God Bless.

      • JayJay

        I have stocked 150 books from yard sales and flea markets at .50 cents or $1 each.
        In this house, we like ‘Aggravation’.
        I also have $1 jigsaw puzzles.
        We don’t associate with our neighbors, but have lots of board games in the attic just in case; cards and dice also.

    29. Walt Kowalski

      Gee…what a great opportunity for a nice No Such Agency (NSA) or Christians In Action (CIA) false-flag event.

      Does anyone here actually think those agencies work for us?

      It’s perfect….bring down our infrastructure and blame it on Syria/Iran/Hezbollah/Al Qaeda or whomever as a pretext to all-out war….martial law in our country…and a general B.O.H.I.C.A of the entire planet.

      You can bet that whatever happens….it will be orchestrated and executed by the globalist NWO banksters.

      May they all die slow, painful deaths.

    30. Saved By Grace

      Feel Like I’m Fix’n to Die rag-2013 (SARCASM)

      Come on all of you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again
      He’s got Himself in a terrible jam, by mess’n around with Syria and Iran
      So put down your book and pick up a gun, because we’re go’n to have a whole lot of fun!

      For it’s 1-2-3 what are we fight’n for?
      Don’t ask me, I don’t give a dam, next stop is old Iran

      For it’s 5-6-7- open up those pearly gates
      Because there ain’t no time to wonder why…whoopee we’re all going to die!

      Come on Wall St. don’t be slow, it’s Endless War A-Go-Go!
      There is plenty of money to be made, supplying the Army with the tools of their trade.

      Just hope and pray when they drop your bombs, that they drop them on Tehran.

      For it’s 1-2-3, What are we fighting for?
      Don’t know, so please don’t ask us,
      Not stop we invade Damascus

      For it’s 5-6-7 open up those pearly gates

      • TXGranny

        First big smile of the day!!! Good adaptation!!!
        Now I can’t get the chorus out of my head….

      • Merree

        Looks like we may have the chance to replay a huge number of 1960s-70s protest music and humor. The young folks haven’t heard them before and so many of them are so pertinent now.`

        It looks like we’re “waist deep in the big muddy” and the big fool is telling us to push on. I can’t figure how to get a link to work but this will cut and paste to the song.


        • Sigi

          How about this:

          “You can get anything you want
          at Vladimir’s restaurant”

    31. RICH99

      As I have emphatically stated……we STILL have not and will NOT attack Syria .
      They already have the assets in the region and they already know their targets a long time ago , so what’s the balk all about ….answer….THE RUSSIA/CHINA FACTOR

      • admin

        Rich, I would not doubt your assessment. While the mobilization of troops is happening to the tune of hundreds of thousands of men, the fact is that Obama, Putin, et. al. all know this could go critical. It could well be posturing. The only way this doesn’t happen, though, is that Obama claims he has been shown proof that Assad didn’t initiate the chemical attack last week. Otherwise, he has locked himself in.

        • RICH99

          Regardless of what of what proof …it doesn’t matter…..we will NOT attack Syria because of the RUSSA and CHINA ….period

          • ready down under

            Hope you are right but in a few days, a week at the most I fear you’ll be proven wrong.


          • braveheart

            Rich99, I sincerely hope you’re right. I don’t want war anymore than anyone else. braveheart

        • yental

          Mac, John Kerry has already stated that “it doesn’t matter who used chemical weapons, they have been used and we must go in”.

          The Wall Street Journal is parroting this “sentiment” now as well.

          I believe THEY needed for America and the UN to be able to sell the “Assad used chemical weapons farce” to block Russia/China from appearing as supporting “Assad the war criminal” by intervening in the Israel/American false flag war on Syria.

          Now the war drum is simply “chemical weapons have been used in Syria…it doesn’t matter by which faction of the civil war”.

          While I have not found where Obama has stated the same…Obama now has his hands full either way. If Obama jumps on this “mindset”, how will he recover without some kind of “kinetic military action”?

          If Obama chooses the potential path you describe, who is feeding Kerry his talking points? I’m still looking for a logical happy ending here…not seeing it.

          • yental

            Additional problem:

            “The Russian and Chinese officials walked out of the U.N. Security Council meeting in New York on Wednesday, August 28, after U.S. Permanent Representative Samantha Power had called for an immediate action in Syria.”

            • Road Runner

              yental: please see post on Gog and Magog…”The Game Changer: Syria Will Strike Israel Should U.S. Attack”

              • yental

                @Road Runner, I went back to that topic and commentary. Having reread what I posted and compared it with your “follow-up”, I recognize that I may have interchanged the words Gog and Magog in my stated description. Not intentional, off-the-top of my memory after a LONG day.

                With respect to this topic, I believe we are ultimately on the same page. I also believe that most readers will not “have a clue”, and much of the remainder will fiercely defend a long held and misdirected interpretation.

            • yental

              Never mind, I am behind the “site 8-ball”. Circumstances are in overdrive everywhere. I just saw the next topic.

              • maddog

                The point to GOG MAGOG was to point out that we a in the end times, as I believe you understood yental. With your post “circumstances are in overdrive” is a additional description of an end times world with an exponential increase in disasters. This explains obommmer in the white house as well, everything he touches turns to shit. Hope this ends the debate.

      • JayJay

        I heard on a Ky radio station one city here is fighting eminent domain; where’s Rand Paul??

    32. Jenn

      Huh. Lots of popular sites are having trouble right now: Yahoo Mail, Twitter, Hotmail, Facebook, Netflix and Livejournal (which is Russian-owned, btw).

      You can see their status for yourself here:


      I wonder if it’s just coincidence? (Maybe people are just talking too much and it’s overloading the systems right now? It’s lunchtime in a lot of places right now, so it’s possible.)

      • Jenn

        Hrm. My bad. It was just a coincidence, because all but one is up and running now.

        Here’s another useful site, if anyone wants it:


    33. sign_me_up

      A. Loss of Internet would be a huge boon for local businesses. No shipping, no distant competition.
      B. Good times for me if net goes. I’d lose my job but wouldn’t miss it much! We’d do just as well if we were on some of the 84 welfare programs and could spend out time investing in ourselves.

      BTW, anyone see a cartoon video on TV recently called “Secret Millionaires Club”. I thought it would be like “The Secret Millionaire” Is WAS NOT. It WAS a propaganda video for Warren Buffet and for the UN. Well, I only watched the first 5. Said the name Warren Buffet towards a 100 times with little caricature character of him and then started in with a school background and something like ‘kids, the UN is God’s gift to the world’ or some such mess. I am still off balance trying to understand why this video was made. Is it PR for WB? Is there about to be a takeover of the world? IDK.

      • Merree

        It is an indoctrination piece for young children. I think Buffet might have funded it. The supposed goal is to teach kids about our money system but I had trouble watching without gagging. It was quite the puff piece for Buffet.

    34. Hansel

      Anyone bother to take a look at who Akamai is, what they do and who runs it? This is a who’s who of power players in “the cloud platform” and a lot of others. Who better to get to prove who your cyber enemies are, than the people who facilitate full spectrum domination in the guise of “providing unmatched reliability, security and visibility into your online business.”(from their website)All this is is Northwoods,Gladio,Tonkin,USS Liberty take your pick to get people to tighten the noose around their neck.

    35. PO'd Patriot

      And me…. I don’t know what the hell I’m thinking about right now. Sitting here reading these posts with my arm up to the elbow in a bag of Herrs thin pretzels. Upp… cold longneck is about out, need to ease out to the garage and reload….. be right back!

      • yental

        Hope you grabbed two rounds, I have the distinct feeling I’m going to need one as well. Since you are “there” and I am “here”, drink one for me too.

        Hell, drink a case for me too.

        BTW, GOOBERMENT GREMLINS make Herrs thin pretzels…and this “snack item” is loaded with RFID tracking chips.

        My hope is you are on your own septic system…and are home when the NSA, DHS, TSA, IRS, FBI, and CIA toss a coin to see WHO is going “snorkeling” in your septic tank. Cheers.

        • RICH99

          Ya got about 95 days left !!!!!!!

          • PO'd Patriot

            Ain’t gonna happen. I’ve been hearing this for over 20 years.

    36. penCRNA

      Dear hubby says he read a facebook post from a NRA gun instructor with a link to an article about CA taking weapons from citizens. One guy was called outside by the po-po to be asked about a hit and run. guy went out and he was surrounded and taken down by over a dozen armed swat types and his guns taken because he was late paying his taxes? WTF? Also taking from folks on anxiety meds, etc.

      • RICH99

        Dumb Americans will be disarmed one by one ……just as long as you don’t take my big screen or my escalade

      • Anonymous

        Do you have a source?

    37. Night breaker

      Braveheart ,
      Some of the larger Radio shack communication recievers DX300 etc can also be run on 12 v. Dc
      I have a DX300 with SSB capability .that I can run off a jump start battery that can be recharged with a solar panel for nighttime use . I can run it during the day on the panel without the battery use inning the 12 v universal plug adapter. This makes an excellent system for picking up SW and the ham bands when used with a portable SW long wire antenna system.

      Most of my gear used ene loop rechargeable batteries AA , AAA , D I can carge them with this system. My panels are 25 watt foldable panels ( i have 6 that can be connected in parallel for a higher amperage) that I purchased new , They are compact and fold up to the size of a hardback book they were military surplus.I use an old PVC pipe hockey goal with the net removed to mount them on an angle side by side , you just point it at the sun , you can bring it in the house at night for securitywith out disassembling this worked great in the aftermath of superstorm sandy , ran my sat radio , shortwave , scanner , and recharged my iPad I was probably the only one to get on the Internet in my neighborhood using the 4g connection on my iPad . This was used for about 2 weeks system worked extremely well.
      . Also you can get smaller foldable system by goal zero that will charge batteries and run small electronics , (ipad , ipod , comms, NOD’s etc.i have this in a emp bag that is stored in my bug out bag
      Other things to have a way to purify water I use a british berkfeld system with the white ceramic filters and a Katadiyne pocket filter (military issue) and
      Kelly kettles for boiling water and cooking on and a rocket stove for larger cooking requirements.
      I have a solar cooker that I have not used yet maybe I will give it a shot this weekend if the weather cooperates.
      If all else fails I have all of my mobile stuff , water,shelter, food etc in my bug out bag .as backup.

      Eveyone should try to prepare as best they can it looks like life may charge as we know it very rapidly in the near future.



      Semper Fi 8541

    38. J_Ct

      “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind!”

      With the false flag chemical attack excuse for the imminent Syria invasion, the independent media has to be shut down to squelch opposition by aware Americans.
      Then the corporate media can bang the war drum unchallenged.

    39. Y'all Beware!

      Here I’m bustin my butt to get a website up.

      I’ll give y’all six days. If nothing happens, I will happily wipe my ass with soft and fluffy for another year.
      If not, I have enjoyed y’all and the info gathered here. God bless you all.

      Y’all Beware! braveheart do you have a recommendation for portable shortwave manufacturers?

      • sixpack

        I have a midland that uses AAs and has a hand crank and a lithium battery backup. I can recharge cell phones and other stuff with the hand crank as well.

    40. westside r us

      if iran and syria will not use our currency(because whats going on is not about a gas attack)then we have to blow them up,they have to live our type of life with corrupt goverment and a corrupt banking system..if you dont agree with united states they will blow you up …end of story

    41. agmand

      Interesting way to go about entities one dislikes.
      Maybe we should do the same to companies / entitities hurting America and Americans …

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