U.S. Power Grid Security Update: “There Have Been Intrusions”

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    Just this week our electric company installed a new ‘Smart Meter’ at our home. For those who are unfamiliar with the Smart Grid technology, the system is essentially designed to allow electric companies two-way communication with the meter, expanding the range of services and control that was offerred with the ‘dumb’ technologies of the 20th century:

    Smart grids use digital meters and control mechanisms that allow utility companies to better control the flow of electricity remotely and promise to save energy and reduce utility costs. Smart meters installed in homes and businesses allow utility companies to remotely communicate with the devices to read usage levels and control the delivery of services.

    Source: Wired

    Our initial reaction was one of surprise, as we had no idea that the electric company was installing the new technology until we happened to walk by the side of the house and noticed it. Our surprise was quickly followed by concern for a variety of reasons. For one, smart meters are known to emit high levels of radiation, despite what major power companies have stated about their safety.

    “The reality is that ‘smart’ meters emit radiation of a power and frequency that has been linked with DNA disruption, pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier (which can lead to neuron death), and many other health impacts.

    Joshua Hart, Director of Stop Smart Meters

    And while the serious health impacts of smart meter technology have yet to be studied in any extensive capacity, an equally alarming threat is the security issues faced by the new systems, which for all intents and purposes are now plugged in to the internet.

    We’ve previously pointed out that there are Staggering Security Holes In Our Power, Water, and Oil Grid – all of which are critical infrastructure systems. By opening these systems up to direct two-way communication, we also open ourselves up to massive cyber attacks that could literally cripple our way of life.

    Before you dismiss the threat these new systems pose as hype, consider that high level security systems like those of the Pentagon and other intelligence organizations are constantly under cyber attack from foreign nations and rogue elements. It has been admitted time and again that tens of thousands of pages of top secret information has already been compromised from government institutions that deal specifically with computer related intelligence gathering. These same institutions spend billions of dollars on network security and can’t prevent these attacks.

    That being said, how susceptible is the new smart grid to such attacks?

    Utilities such as water supplies and the power grid face a rising number of cyber break-ins by attackers using sophisticated attacks.

    Acting DHS Deputy Undersecretary Greg Schaffer said that industries are increasingly vulnerable to hackers and foreign agents due to ‘connected’ equipment…

    Earlier this month, security researchers demonstrated that it was even possible to remotely ‘open’ jail cell doors if they were controlled using ‘programmable logic controllers’ – common automated controls.

    ‘We are connecting equipment that has never been connected before to global networks,’ Schaffer said. Hackers and perhaps foreign governments ‘are knocking on the doors of these systems – there have been intrusions.’

    U.S. officials and others long have feared that future wars will include cyber assaults on the industries and economies of adversaries, and the potential targets include power plants, pipelines and air traffic control systems.

    In a 2007 test at the Idaho National Laboratory, government hackers were able to break into the control system running a large diesel generator, causing it to self-destruct.

    Before the test, he said, the notion of cyber warfare ‘was mainly smoke and mirrors. But the Aurora tests showed that, you know what? We have a new kind of weapon.’

    Source: Daily Mail via Steve Quayle

    We’re not suggesting that such an attack would be easy. Far from it. But we can be certain that foreign governments, especially China and Russia, have an interest in identifying holes in our critical infrastructure. If it were to ever come to it, they wouldn’t even need bombs. Because the majority of these smart technologies are deployed in major population centers, a coordinated cyber attack against the grid wouldn’t take long to take down the entire country – about 15 minutes according to Richard Clark:

    In his warning, Mr Clarke paints a doomsday scenario in which the problems start with the collapse of one of Pentagon’s computer networks.

    Soon internet service providers are in meltdown. Reports come in of large refinery fires and explosions in Philadelphia and Houston. Chemical plants malfunction, releasing lethal clouds of chlorine.

    Air traffic controllers report several mid-air collisions, while subway trains crash in New York, Washington and Los Angeles. More than 150 cities are suddenly blacked out. Tens of thousands of Americans die in an attack comparable to a nuclear bomb in its devastation.

    Yet it would take no more than 15 minutes and involve not a single terrorist or soldier setting foot in the United States.

    It may sound like a ‘smart’ idea to implement these types of command and control networks around the country, but given the health risks, privacy concerns and gaping security issues, perhaps they’re too smart for their own good.

    UPDATE October 7, 2011; 16:20

    Shortly after publishing this article we learned that the US Drone Fleet, also an interconnected system operating in essentially the same fashion as Smart Grids and other multi-node networks, was hit by what’s being described as a virus or malware:

    A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America’s Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots’ every keystroke as they remotely fly missions over Afghanistan and other warzones.

    Military network security specialists aren’t sure whether the virus and its so-called “keylogger” payload were introduced intentionally or by accident; it may be a common piece of malware that just happened to make its way into these sensitive networks. The specialists don’t know exactly how far the virus has spread.

    Source: Wired

    This latest attempt against sensitive military network components further highlights the seriousness of the problem.


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      1. Welcome to the club. Now when its deemed necessary they can cut your juice. Our electric company offers a $10 a month discount if you allow them to turn off your air conditioning for 10 minutes 2x an hour during hot summer months – that and my bill was still 3x the lower costs of spring and fall. We managed to go solar thank goodness. Even so to get the rebates I had to tie in….that’s ok I read the contract and they can’t take the rebate back when I go it alone next year 🙂

        • I always wondered, how much do you guys and gals pay for electricity, as $ per Kilowatthour?

          • Hi,Giurza…In Kentucky, I beleive we have senators that fight to keep our costs down.. or as low as possible.
            KWH here is about .09 – .11 depending on your usage. Lower usage, lower cost, higher usage, more.
            Or the summer months usage is less per KWH than winter.

            • Okay—got that backwards–lower usage, higher cost; higher usage, lower cost…at least that’s how it is here.

              Our winter bills are lower per KWH.

            • Thanks JJ for info.
              btw that is terribly cheap!

          • Tell him TnA.

            • 9 cents/kwhr here in my area of TN. They pay me 21 cents/kwhr for all my solar production. Just finished up an expansion of solar from 3150w which produces about 14-16kwhrs/day to 5950w, which should produce over 30kwhrs/day…..in good months, we should not only have no bill, but they will owe us 75 to 100 bucks/mo.

              Also, designed our system with battery backup ( twin Outback inverters….true 240v AC out from panels or 1200amp/hr @24v battery bank ), so if the grid goes down, I flip a transfer switch and we’re in business.

        • ok listen…im an electrician, and just a useful piece of simple advise to those worried about the whole “hackers shutting off the power at my meter” crap…go to home depot…make a ten dollar investment of 2 chunks of no.2 copper…shut your main breaker off, pull the meter out and carfully, yet quickly to avoid arch, make the connections from line to load. done. no more radio shit lol this is only to be done in an emergency situation. And of course im assuming they didnt cut the utility out at the source which would be the quickest way to shit on everyone.

          • Before you do this give me a call. I want to film it for “America’s Stupidest Asshole”.

          • You forgot to inform our good friends to shut off the main breaker(s), wear protective gloves, use a non conductive tool and insulated boots before performing this op.
            Yah it’l work but be safe.

            • Yeah, that might help. I work for the power company in an east coast state and have seen it attempted without protection. It doesn’t end well.

          • 1) You’re not an electrician, else you’d have been smart enough to have known that the “main breaker” in your panel won’t kill power to the meter. Your breaker is *downstream* of the meter, meaning that it’s still nice and hot even if you removed the “main breaker”.

            2) To kill power to the meter, you will have to locate the break-switch upstream of it, if there is one and it isn’t locked or tamper-proofed. Usually, the power company has to do it for you.

            3) Most meters have tamper-evident ‘locks’ on them (those little wire things)

            4) If you’re caught tampering with a meter (assuming you survived the attempt), some states consider it a misdemeanor, and power companies will take you to court.

            5) You can work on something while it’s “hot”, but you’d damned well better have a lot of insulating gear built for the purpose, and a ton of space around you free of anything that can touch ground.

            6) It isn’t worth it, kiddies. You’re better off putting in solar panels or some other alternate means of power (preferably two, like, say, solar and wind, or solar and propane).

            • lol dude, i clearly stated…”shut your main breaker off” If there is no load…there will be no ark. thus the reason for shutting off the breaker to the house. I also clearly stated “only to be done in an emergencey situation. Guy that works for the utility company…how many times have you showed up to look at a meter for whatever reason and found the “tamper tag” cut off? Thats cuz someone pulled the meter without a permit and took care of it. I have done it. Many times for panel changes. Least we forget the comment about a ” misdemeanor”? Who gives a fuck about that if they are freezing and have kids to keep warm? The whole point not to be forgotten here is this comment was made strictly under the circumstances of “emergency”. Im not even going to indulge in the rest of the conversation.

            • Used to make temporary connections after an electric service change all the time. The utility supplier would have laughed if you wanted an outage for a residential service change. That said, it’s not something I would recommend for inexperienced people.

              Now many meters (especially in “affordable housing” areas) have barrel locks which are very hard and difficult to remove. If there is any suspicion of meter tampering you will probably get one.

            • I thought you were just an IT guy, LOL. You seem to comprehend service entrances very well.

              I have worked things hot before but I made damn certain I was not grounded, standing on a rubber mat. That was many years ago when I was in my 30’s. I have been programming AFD’s and making adjustments to energized controls for 3 decades.

              Truth be told, Friday I got the first zap I’ve had in over 25 years. Paranoia can be a lifesaver. Over confidence wakes yer ass up in much less than a second 😉

            • “lol dude, i clearly stated…”shut your main breaker off” If there is no load…there will be no ark.”

              Yes there will… the moment you become the new load between that still-hot meter connection and ground.

              Just because you allegedly got lucky doesn’t mean everyone else will.

              “Least we forget the comment about a ” misdemeanor”? Who gives a fuck about that if they are freezing and have kids to keep warm?”

              You will, when you get heavily fined or locked up, genius. The last thing a struggling family needs is to have to eat a multi-thousand-dollar court-ordered fine, or to have the breadwinner spending time in the klink.

              This. This. Through.


            • “I have worked things hot before but I made damn certain I was not grounded, standing on a rubber mat.”

              Must be why I wrote this:

              5) You can work on something while it’s “hot”, but you’d damned well better have a lot of insulating gear built for the purpose, and a ton of space around you free of anything that can touch ground.


            • FYI…those little ‘locks’ are on the end of a tab that’s riveted to the front/side of the box. Drill out the rivet, remove the cover, do your work, pop in another rivet…takes all of 2 minutes. Visiting Costa Rica I saw these guys jump their meter boxes with everything from horseshoes to railroad spikes…I can’t imagine how many people they lose doing that…

          • Shouldn’t be any arc if you drop the load. I probably still have some old u-shaped jumpers from a meter (not sure what they were used for, but they are obviously not homemade). Such jumpers can be homemade from large solid copper grounding conductor hammered flat on the ends. If caught, you will be charged with theft of electrical energy.

        • I am a member of a small electric utility coop and our rate is $.06 a kWh. The rate does not increase with usage. I am 100% sure the “green” power scam will increase my rates in the future.

      2. Wow…and here I was worried the Smart Grid would allow Obama’s regulators to invade my home and keep my thermostat at 82 degrees! That seems to be the LEAST of our worries now! Thanks progressives! (sarc)

        • w bush passed this legislation, moron

          • HA, Bush might have passed it, aeop, but O-Bomb-Ya enforces it. Makes no diff. Two wings of the same bird.

      3. Smart Meters are thousands of times more toxic than cell phones. That’s one device you DON’T want to have connected to your home. Most people in America don’t have a clue about the massive electric pollution emitted from these hazardous devices.

        Smart Meters are under the umbrella of the “Smart Grid” which is under the umbrella of “Agenda 21”.

        Dr. Bill Deagle (at least read this one. This Dr. knows his stuff)

        Health Dangers

        Intro to Smart Meters, excellent regarding intrusion, spy device.

        Not only are the lethal to your body, they are lethal to your pocketbook, i.e. produce higher bills.

        • I keep hearing about these devices that are supposed to lower utility bills having the opposite effect.

        • Hey EA: Any word on how / whether smart meters affect digital wireless in the local area?

          My mom emailed: “… curious to me: my computers started
          ‘going bad’ when they got the meter… ” when I sent her a copy of US Power Grid article. She cannot get wifi 2 work @ her home since the neighbor’s new meter installation —

          Unknown 2 neighbor beforehand; no request; utility co just went in his yard & put in new smartmeter. Now his bills are higher … & I learn that his family’s health is at risk.

          Mom bought a new desktop @ Office Depot (never do this); they made her sign a contract saying no refund; took it home, it did not work. Took it back 2 store (heavy with her old back injury), it worked there; took it home, did not work. No refund …

          Sounded crazy 2 me that Mom has “no wireless working @ her house” but now the possible explanation is interference from PG&E (in CA) smartmeter!

          FCC is not likely 2 give a damn about this nor 2 do anything if they can be brought 2 notice …

          So, any info?

          (Budget: Mom does not want 2 go cable or satellite.)

      4. The bigger danger here is the ability for the power company to turn off your heat or A/C in the home that you pay for because you are using more than your fair share of electricity. (as decided by some asshat in a suit in D.C.) Future appliances will be “smart” as well, so enjoy the higher cost of rationed power, comrades.

        • Yup, just wait till it is commonplace for people to have automated homes. Big brother says it’s past your bedtime, so lights out sheep. Big Brother says you’re watching too much TV so let’s turn that pesky idiot box off- it’s for your own good.

          • Big Brother wants you to watch more TV not less…

            • Yep. Jersey Shore to teach you kids trash values so they can further manufacture another generation of hip hop imitators who live like alleyboys ande girls. I hope i ain’t here no more when Snooki and Mike and that chick wioth the giant gazongas are running the world…..assuming they ever get a real job which of course means they will probably all be the Gov. and staff of California. They like irresponsible dildos there. Or maybe the bad girls club could take over congress and pass less bullshit laws while they pull each other’s weave out…

        • Come on sanity; obama told you flat out before he was ordained the head priestess we couldn’t keep telling the world we’ll keep our thermostats at 72 and drive our SUV’s….he’s making good on one of his promises. (please note sarcasm)

        • Well, I don’t use AC, and the heat is a wood stove, and I sorta doubt somebody can remotely shut down my stove…..ahahahaaaaa

          • Hoot Hoot! Not without coming well into pistol range. I think you are safe i would not come near your heater uninvited! LOL?

      5. Nope, its not happening in this house!

        • I agree 100%.. but eventually, if you want power from the grid.. compliance will not be optional. No smart meter, no power.

          • You don’t have a choice anyway. The power company has lawful easement rights to THEIR meter. Off grid is the only solution.

          • It’s here, too, and NOT optional. I argued long and hard but was unable to prevent the installation of the meter on my former home.

            • They may be able to install it (in town limits, anyway), but nothing says you have to use it.

              The following is nowhere near complete, but just enough to give you the idea. That’s it.

              Here’s what you buy:

              * some alternate source of power
              * wires of the right size (look it up, depending on your panel size/amerage, etc)
              * two big-assed (of sufficient size and amperage) disconnect switches.

              1) Have the power company disconnect your power (tell ’em you’re working on the main panel, which is your right to do so).

              2) While it’s all off, disconnect the existing wire coming in from the meter, and connect both big-assed disconnect switches to your main panel.

              3) connect the infeed of one panel to the meter, and the other to your off-grid source of power. Bonus points if you can rig it so that only one switch can be on at any one time (perhaps install one upside-down and connect the two levers by an insulated bar)

              4) have an electrician inspect the results (most towns and cities require it).

              5) have the power company come back and turn things back on at their end (and you’ll probably have to show them the inspector’s certification).

              …now you have something where you can shut off the power company feed and use your own, and it won’t matter if there’s a smart meter there or not. You also have the option of switching off your power and going to grid power if you need to on a temporary basis.

        • I had no choice—the meter was here when we bought.

          And this meter is right outside the pantry wall where i keep my canned goods…

          • Place all your prep food around the meter. Instead of a 30 year shelf life, your food will have a half life of 500,000 years!

      6. The smart meters allow the electric company to control how much power you are allowed to use. It isn’t an issue now, but if new EPA regs go online; it will be. First they will hike the price of power; if that does not reduce consumption “acceptibly” they will impose use limits.

        Also on Drudgereport, our drones have been hacked and the virus keeps reinserting itself after it is removed. It records the commands given to the drones. Pretty good information to have if you are intended to be on the receiving end of a strike.

        • Also, also on Drudge: FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition.

          • Face Butt & TSA. What else is there to hide.

      7. Just think of all those meter readers who will then be among the un-employed.

        Life just gets weirder by the minute.

      8. They should be called “stupid” meters. Anyone stupid enough to have allowed them to swap it out should understand. Talk about surveillance!

        • I swear I didn’t know they did it! I just happened to walk by the breaker box yesterday and there it was… I’m not even sure if I had a choice or not.

          • Inside I assume? Never take the discount.

          • Forget the surveillance/personal intrusion side of this for a moment, health dangers far exceed “wiretapping” issues. The question is Mac, where is the meter in relation to your bed? Anyone there in your household have any unusual health issues. Ears ringing? Tingling (unusual) on the skin surface? Anything that can’t be diagnosed?


            In addition:


            Smart meters operate wirelessly. They pulse radio frequencies every 1-5 seconds, 24/7. They can’t be turned off. High doses of the radiation get into buildings, homes, and travel through the air. Even if you don’t have one on your house, your neighbors’ meters will still come into your house.

            Across the country, people who were already electro-sensitive to radiation from wireless devices like cell phones, wi-fi routers, and cell phone towers are getting sicker once the smart meters are installed on their homes. Symptoms include ringing in the ears (tinnitus), sleep disruption, headaches, fatigue, nausea, heart palpitations, & flu-like symptoms. Even people who have never before experienced sensitivity to wireless radiation are suddenly experiencing the above symptoms after having a smart meter installed.

            There are numerous studies that link higher incidences of cancer and leukemia to exposure to radiation, such as that from cell phone towers.

            The favorite response from utilities is that they meet FCC standards. It has been shown repeatedly that these standards are set at unsafe levels, and are for a different kind of radiation than that emitted from smart meters. The FCC standards are for thermal radiation (that which causes heating), not non-thermal radiation (which does not cause heating and is the kind emitted from smart meters) which still have very negative effects on the health of people, animals, and plants.”

          • You did not have a choice… except to disconnect your power.

          • OH NO! You’ve been “METERED!”

            Well, honestly, they try to keep it as hush-hush as possible.

            You need the non-pantented NetRanger “Burn Gun”. Made from an old microwave oven magnetron. It takes care of pesky surveillance electronics with only a 15 second application. WARNING: Microwave radiation resistant suit not included.

            Wow! So they just “put it in”? …without asking? Crap! I’d accidentally put a hole in in with a 30-30 explaining to them that I was really shooting at the deer in my front yard but it must have hit a bone on the way out. Then I’d demand a standard meter.


          • You didn’t Mac, they just waltzed onto my property and put that sucker there without my knowledge or approval.

          • Please step away from the meter. You have no control over the meter as it is owned by the power company.

      9. yep they installed ours a year ago and we didn’t even know. Just went and looked.

      10. Learn to live off of very little power and generate it yourself with solar power.

        here are some free solar panel building videos


        I would say that most of the electricity you use could be done without if pressed. You should aim to be able to run a freezer and fridge indefinitely without the grid. And maybe a small entertainment center on a separate system, that could also run fans for cooling and circulation of air. Cook with Hank Hills sweet lady propane and have a good supply. Candles and oil lamps are always nice on peaceful nights. Kerosene heaters.

        There are many ways you can get by without electricity, and many people in the not too distant future will have to learn those ways.

        It may seem hard to think about life without all of the modern conveniences, but they are hardly necessities and their loss can only lead to a simpler life. You will be closer to the land and God, and less propagandized and frightened by and of the the corp.

        • GC I built two panels this past year for the fun of it and to use them on a couple of security lights. Batteries ruined any savings I might have had. After buying decent cells on eBay and all the pieces I saved about $80 a panel over buying them and since they took me far too many hours I prefer to just buy the panels, but DIY is still a good adventure.

          Its my plan to take the system I bought off the grid next year, add some batteries and some panels so I have all that is needed, but I’m curious what the utility will do when I ask them to take their meter and shove it….my guess is they are going to tell me to shove it back huh?

          • Just don’t pay the bill, and they will come get the meter and put a blank plate over the meter base ( here, anyway ). Problem solved, assuming you can generate enough of your own.

            We’ve produced about 1/2 our power for the last couple of years, and now will be producing right at 100%….but I’ll stay connected because we have such a good infeed rate….better than twice retail.

        • “You will be closer to the land and God”. This dosn’t include refrigeration, an entertainment system, propane, or kerosene heaters. For all of your “wisdom”, I’m convinced that you are lying to yourself.

          • Lying to myself about what?

        • How long until they make it “illegal” to live without power. “Think of the children!” I can just hear the liberals screaming now. Saying we can’t care for our children, stay clean and healthy without power! Soon it will be impossible to escape. From the insanity, from the regulations or from the country.

          • MLG, they did that to a guy in my state. He was parking an RV on a 5 acre square of land he owned. They said he wasn’t using electricity or sewage and they made him leave. He was in a county with a large city. Just another reason to avoid the city.

            They won’t do that in my county. That would trigger an armed uprising.

            BTW, to the guy who said what about this and that. The only thing you can’t power with solar is high power use equipment. Some of that can be eliminated with gas or wood.

            I’m interested in a hybrid system. Solar/batteries to run light and electronics. Even refrigeration can be run by solar. Autostart generator to run bigger stuff like water heater, etc, using both the electricity and waste heat from the engine.

            There are many ways to engineer to exit from “The Grid”. Not many have done it because, up until now, it was way cheaper and way easier to be on the grid. The smart meter is just another reason amongst the cost and regulations, to disconnect.

        • maybe this is a way for obama to try and force us into solar? any takers? if you dont like the smart meters then you can have your american dream and choose? that way its giving people a option but are screwing us anyway they can. we gotta end this crap people. its getting out of hand anymore with restrictions.

        • Agreed GC.

      11. Chinese researchers publish “How to attack the U.S. Power Grid: Cascading Failure of the entire system”

        Off the Grid Radio #10 – Protecting the National Power Grid (2010)
        John Kappenman’s testimony led the US House of Representatives to vote unanimously to fund his recommendations to protect the national power grid from dangerous solar storms that threaten to completely devastate our grid…and way of life. http://www.offthegridnews.com/2010/08/13/interview-with-john-kappenman/

        Update with John Kappenman (2011)

      12. its the trickle affect..just a little at a time and before you know it..whamo another way for the government to bend you over , or violate your privacy.

        I dont have one of these yet, im pretty rural, they still read them the old way here..for now
        I wont consent to it either..if i have a choice..I’ll bet it will be one of those deals where they will do it without my knowledge
        Because to the power company anything from the pole to the house is “theirs”..anything from the outside wall into the house is concitered “mine”..thats what I was told when I had a power disruption for over a 14 day period due to an ice storm..

        so chances are, I wont know when they do it , unless i camp out at the meater

      13. Here’s the way it works. If you don’t have a Smart Meter, it IS coming to a theater near you, so to speak. If you want to “Opt” out, they will charge you a flat fee up front, usually over a hundred bucks, and then, an added amount to your monthly bill. You will get a “Analog” Meter, the old kind, and they have to be physically read once a month.

        So you’re paying a one time fee up front, followed by your monthly bill with an added monthly fee. Excuse my French, but a TOTAL FUCKING FINANCIAL RIP OFF OR A SLOW DEATH SENTENCE. It’s your choice. One way or another they’re going to screw you.

        They are doing anything and everything on this one to make home owners comply. It’s ALL about control AND weakening the immune system of those they control. I believe it’s called population reduction.

        Smart Meter
        Smart Grid
        Agenda 21

        Do a search of The Dangers of Agenda 21 and Smart Meters

        • AGENDA 21…..WHAT IS IT??
          What is Agenda 21?
          It is a United Nation’s program presented and approved in Rio in 1992.
          Agenda 21 is a totalitarian comprehensive environmental program that, when fully implemented, will direct WHERE YOU LIVE, HOW MUCH WATER YOU CAN USE, AND HOW AND WHERE YOU CAN TRAVEL.
          Agenda 21 is being marketed as a worldwide effort to ensure that all human beings will have access to adequate housing, health care, water and food.
          Of course this will require a massive REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH from prosperous countries to poorer countries. Predictably, capitalistic countries, like the United States, will suffer lower standards of living.
          Some things we hold dear are at stake:
          1. All private property rights (property ownership)
          2. All forms of irrigation, pesticides & commercial fertilizer
          3.. Livestock production and most meat consumption
          4. Privately owned vehicles and personal travel
          5. Use of fossil fuels for power generation or mechanized travel
          6. Single family homes
          7. Most forms of mineral extraction and timber harvesting
          8. Human population must be reduced to fewer than 1 billion people.

          • Agenda 21 freaks me out. In my opinion, this is just one step closer to a New World Order government. They are trying to con people into thinking that this will make life WAY better for the poor starving folks but in actuality, they want one standard of living worldwide. This is sanctioned and promoted by the UN.

      14. I read the story regarding the virus attacking the Predator drones earlier today and it is concerning. The fact that the latest and greatest technology has been comprised already tells the real tale of how vulnerable these grid technologies actually are. They are no safer than the laptop I am using to write this comment. The fifteen minute scenario that Richard Clarke describes is pretty much spot-on. Not one soldier on the ground and tens of thousands dead, in fifteen minutes.

      15. I aint skeered (is that how Okie would say it?). Shut it all down. My only concern would be all of the aircraft falling out of the sky. Really, how many of the “survivalists” on this site would be totally lost without the juice? Not us.

      16. Man I’d love to screw them buy going totally solar..in due time I will, if I have enough time left

        • In terms of surveillance you can basically reduce their ability to do scan your electrical premises by opting out. However, even though you’ve avoided (somewhat) the massive radio frequency radiation that’s blowing off these devices by going back to analog, you are still getting zapped by your neighbors smart meters, as in the “Grid” radiation covers entire neighborhood/regions now. This is SERIOUS SHT.

          Call your local energy company, which I have, and ask them about the dangers of radiation (and I have) and they will 1. Treat you like a Conspiracy Theorist and 2. tell you the toxic (which they will not admit it as) signal (sending the data to home base)is only sent out either once or twice a day, which is total bullshit. It’s going out every 15 seconds and it’s going right through your wall and through your body and screwing every cell of your innards up, BIG TIME. Why this isn’t front page news, is obvious, they want to know everything about you and as your body starts to die, they want to keep you paying, one way or another, into their system of corruption and down right evilness.

          We live in a War Zone and no one is immune to the infectious, contaminating nature of those who run the show. We’re getting bombarded from every angle imaginable. (And even those who work for the electrical companies are clueless of how they are being used as pawns to spread the dis-ease).

        • you’re not screwing them; just keeping more of what’s yours.

      17. My daughter had to read a book called “The Hunger Games” for English this year. It is a fictional future in America after it has been taken over by the elites, and it is now a communist country – although it never uses the word “communism” – it’s just implied. (Awesome teens’ book, BTW)

        Anyhow, “The Capitol” controls the electrical grid, allowing power for 2-3 hours per day, or whenever they want “The People” to watch a presentation of propaganda. One of the punishments for rebellion is the with-holding of power, especially during the winter.

        Maybe it isn’t really fiction. Maybe it’s the future.

        • Social conditioning.

        • My wifes mother lives in Ukraine. Her water is on from 6:00am to 9:00am then off until 6:00pm to 9:00pm, then off again till morning.

          • How awful, AZ!

            This stuff is for real. Soon the PTB will be rationing everything, including utilities. And they will tell us all that it’s “for our own good” too.

      18. Soon there will be a smart box on your car that records your mileage and sends it to some government agency that will then send you a bill based on your irresponsible and unnecessary driving habits. Don’t pay the bill and smart box won’t let you start your car. This service can be directly tied to your checking account for automatic deductions for your convenience.

        • Uh yeah….. Its already here and it is called ONSTAR

          • They keep on even if you cancel Onstar, brobably even if the car is sold.

        • Which is why everyone needs to stop using banks.

          • Yea, people talk about banks failing as though that is a BAD thing.

        • dont let them install it and dont have a checking account, pay by money order or cash, problem solved

      19. We recieved a postcard from our electric company the other day, telling us that they’re going to install a Smart Meter in the near future.
        I called and asked if we could decline it, they said no.
        Being that the electric meter is on a bedroom wall…
        Does anyone know of any way that you can protect yourself from it all ?
        Such as, could we put a picture or a tapestry – with some kind of anti emf liner behind it – on the part of the wall where the Smart Meter will be opposite ?
        Anyone know of any suggestions or websites ?

        • From:
          Energy Customer’s Name
          Street Address
          City State Zip

          Energy Provider
          Street Address
          City State Zip

          Date of letter


          Dear (Energy Provider) and all agents, officers, employees, contractors and interested parties,

          If you intend to install a “Smart Meter” or any activity monitoring device at the above address, you and all other parties are hereby deny consent for installation and use of all such devices on the above property. Installation and use of any activity monitoring device is hereby refused and prohibited. Informed consent is legally required for installation of any surveillance device and any device that will collect and transmit private and personal data to undisclosed and unauthorized parties for undisclosed and unauthorized purposes. Authorization for sharing of personal and private information may only be given by the originator and subject of that information. That authorization is hereby denied and refused with regard to the above property and all its occupants. “Smart Meters” violate the law and cause endangerment to residents by the following factors:
          1. They individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated causing invasion of privacy.
          2. They monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security.
          3. They transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behavior and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.
          4. Data about occupant’s daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data by those who’s activities were recorded.
          5. Those with access to the smart meter databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants.
          6. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of criminals, blackmailers, corrupt law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.
          7. “Smart Meters” are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.
          8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.
          9. Your company has not adequately disclosed the particular recording and transmission capabilities of the smart meter, or the extent of the data that will be recorded, stored and shared, or the purposes to which the data will and will not be put.
          10. Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency energy contamination from smart meters exceeds allowable safe and healthful limits for domestic environments as determined by the EPA and other scientific programs.

          I forbid, refuse and deny consent of any installation and use of any monitoring, eavesdropping, and surveillance devices on my property, my place of residence and my place of occupancy. That applies to and includes “Smart Meters” and activity monitoring devices of any and all kinds. Any attempt to install any such device directed at me, other occupants, my property or residence will constitute trespass, stalking, wiretapping and unlawful surveillance and endangerment of health and safety, all prohibited and punishable by law through criminal and civil complaints. All persons, government agencies and private organizations responsible for installing or operating monitoring devices directed at or recording my activities, which I have not specifically authorized in writing, will be fully liable for any violations, intrusions, harm or negative consequences caused or made possible by those devices whether those negative consequences are justified by “law” or not..

          This is legal notice. After this delivery the liabilities listed above may not be denied or avoided by parties named and implied in this notice. Civil Servant immunities and protections do not apply to the installation of smart meters due to the criminal violations they represent.

          Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal. All rights reserved.


          • Can Smart Meters simply be Faraday caged?

            Does anyone know what frequencies are used?

            Recent data suggests that gigahertz frequencies used by cell phones disrupts bees’ navigation, accounting, some think, for the death of bee hives—not at all a trivial concern in view of the importance of bees to our food supply. Do Smart meters use similar frequencies? similarly disrupt bees’ navigation?

        • A grounded copper screen will do nicely. However, if you’re going that route it would be wise to cover the entire wall (ex-windows) in order to provide the largest ‘dead zone’ possible. Expect leakage around the edges, but you can eliminate most radiation this way.

          Hey, I spent many a long hour in my early career working on electronics in cages made of grounded copper screening. It works. Also your microwave has a screened window in the front… prevents radiation leakage.

          OBTW, don’t expect good cell phone reception in that room

          Remember… tie the screen to a good ground, such as running a lead out of the house to a metal ground stake.

          • Thank you for that.

            Any thoughts about Smart Meters and bees?

            • It may be the entire “Smart Grid”, collective of Smart Meters that is influencing their decline. Conjecture on my part, but I’ve read bit’s and pieces that that is what’s going on.

          • Is there a web site that explains exactly what you are touching on? If you could write up an in depth method, i.e. step by step on how to construct such a shield, that would be invaluable.

            Regarding the copper mesh, should it, can it just wrap around the smart meter on front and back, a few feet above and below, like a box or tube open at top and bottom, then grounded off?

        • you can opt out of it, just tell them no

        • @ Louie. My mom in CA (PG&E) keeps her gates locked. No entry 2 her yard w/o her & key. Tall fences (@ part) util folk cannot climb. & clear continuing refusal 2 new smartmeter.

          Also Mom has Beware of Dog sign altho her dog died this yr. Folks stay out.

          & she keeps telling util co “I can’t take time off work (hrly wage) 4 your people.”

          She did take 1 day off recently 2 allow free tree trimming. I said, How do u know they won’t come in your yard when you are not there (next day) & install smartmeter? Mom said, These are subcontractor tree trimmers, not gonna mess w/ meter.

          So far, correct.

      20. @ Slick

        (1) I have no soft spot in my heart for Islam or jihadists. They are our enemies.
        (2) Judaism is a racial supremacist creed, teaches that only Jews are human, teaches that “the best of the goyim should all be killed,” and for 2,000 years has consistently taught that Christians are idolators (because we worship Jesus Christ as God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity) who should be beheaded.
        (3) You may not have seen Judaics beheading any Christians, but you can see a listing of what terrorism they have been perpetrating on goyim, including women and children, for about 60 years. Scroll down to the comments for the PARTIAL listing:
        (4) You can also keep in mind that it was primarily and disproportionately Judaics who killed over 60 million Christians in the USSR:

        None of that is opinion. It is all verifiable, mostly from their own mouths, from Judaic sources. Now for an opinion.

        (4) Islam is a danger, however Judaism and its “secular” offshoots of Zionism and Communism and “Russian” mafia are a much greater threat to both body and soul than Islam.

        Would you care to discuss any point? Need more references?

        • Oh Shit!
          Your like the plague.
          I’m stating to feel like we are DK, and Clark, going back and fourth, and I like both of them.
          I don’t think I will ever be in your camp on this one.
          But, I will agree to disagree with you on this topic.
          Perhaps we can find find common ground on being prepped for what is to come.
          After all this is not the… What makes the Jews the Enemy web site.
          Happy prepn to all (Jews included).

          • As I expected, all emotion and hot air. I don’t have a “camp,” only evidence and reasonable understanding. If you don’t know what belief system and what bad actors are killing and raping us with their crimes against humanity, how do you expect to solve the problem?

            To be perfectly clear, the enemy is their Master Race creed and the behavior of those who put that genocidal creed into action, including their agitprop shills. Very important to remember, there are many INNOCENTS in their tribal camp.

            I oppose ALL racial supremacism and genocide. I oppose ALL crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity.

            Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            Let me guess—you didn’t even read the partial listing of their terrorism at either of those websites, did you?
            See comments at:

            A “camp” of ostriches. That will really save us. Nice chatting with you, Slick.

            • I like Jews.

              I just can’t eat a whole one by myself.

      21. Anyone using this may want to refrain from referring to your home as a residence. In order to be a resident of someplace and have a residence, legally speaking, you have to be there by privilege as opposed to right. You can not be a natural born American inhabiting the land under natural right, and at the same time be a legal resident. The two are like oil and water.

        You become a resident of the United States, or a US citizen, by declaring your legal domicile to be in the District of Columbia through your Social Security application. When you use those numbers, you are no longer on the soil of your state, but are legally bound to the private laws of the United States, the corp., in what is called the federal plane. It is foreign to the soil of the state and the constitutions, but you agree to go when you USE the number.

        The other problem is that nobody cares. The corp employees have no concept of right and wrong when on the job, only on getting their blanks filled in. Your rights are lost due to their belief they have excessive authority because they do not understand the law. the corp tells them they are all powerful, and they are stupid enough to believe it or sell themselves to the devil.

        Your notifying a fiction whose representatives are unaccountable anyway, and in a way that indicates you lack the standing to make the demands.

        • Sorry, that was for the earlier post from European American…

      22. What can one expect from a country’s leaders that allow a Navy to buy bogus missile chips from China with a BUILT IN BACK DOOR????

      23. As you look at your power bills increase every month all the while hearing the rhetoric about dirty coal, nuclear and all of the LaLa about and how wonderful wind and solar is. Look at the stats on just this one power station. Anybody would have to carpet the entire continent with panels and whirligigs just to match this one power station, if at all possible. Next though, there is not enough money on the planet to pay for this fantasy.
        My late father was a steam generation engineer. He and I discussed different power production processes. And we noticed that the wind and solar pundants all skew their numbers. When they rave about their production numbers they are talking about daily.
        IE; wind generator at 1.5 megawatt “per day/24 hours” if the wind is blowing.
        Steam generator; average 2000 megawatts “per hour” that’s PER HOUR!!!
        This plant below is wild, this thing just cranks it out.

        The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is a nuclear power plant located in Wintersburg, Arizona,[1] about 45 miles (80 km) west of central Phoenix. It is the largest nuclear generation facility in the United States, averaging over 3.3 gigawatts (GW) of electrical power production in 2008[1] to serve approximately 4 million people. Arizona Public Service (APS) owns 29.1% of the station and operates the facility. Other owners include Salt River Project (17.5%), El Paso Electric Co. (15.8%), Southern California Edison (15.8%), PNM Resources (10.2%), Southern California Public Power Authority (5.9%), and the Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power (5.7%).[2]

        Located in the Arizona desert, Palo Verde is the only nuclear generating facility in the world that is not situated adjacent to a large body of above-ground water. The facility evaporates water from the treated sewage of several nearby municipalities to meet its cooling needs.
        [edit] Description
        The facility is on 4,000 acres (16 km2) of land and consists of three Combustion Engineering pressurized water reactors, each with an original capacity of 1.27 gigawatts electrical, current (2007) maximum capacity of 1.24 gigawatts electrical,[3] and typical operating capacity 70%–95% of this. The plant is a major source of power for Phoenix and Southern California, capable of serving about 4 million people. The plant provides about 35% of the electricity generated in Arizona each year. The plant was fully operational by 1988, taking twelve years to build and costing $5.9 billion,[4] eventually employing 2,386 people.[5] The plant employs 2,055 full-time on-site workers.
        It supplies electricity at an operating cost (including fuel and maintenance) of 1.33 U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour.[5] This is cheaper than coal (2.26 cents/kW•h) or natural gas (4.54 cents/kW•h) in the region at the same time (2002), but more expensive than hydro (0.63 cents/kW•h). Assuming a 60-year plant life and 5% long-term cost of capital, the depreciation and capital costs not included in the previous marginal cost for Palo Verde are approximately another 1.4 cents per kilowatt-hour.[citation needed] In 2002, the wholesale value of the electricity produced was 2.5 cents/kW•h. By 2007, the wholesale value of electricity at the Palo Verde hub was 6.33 cents/kW•h.

        • Watts, Kilowatts, Megawatts and Gigawatts are all just words to describe power. The unit of power is the watt. Watts as a unit of power have nothing to do with time. The only time that time comes into play is for the purpose of billing, ie: you used so much power (watts) for so much time (hours).

          Getting back to watts as a unit of power the watt in a direct current cicuit is equal to one volt of electromotive force times one ampere of current. In a DC circuit the term volt amperes is the same as watts. One ampere is the amount of current when one volt is applied to a circuit with one ohm of resistance. If you apply 120 volts (DC) to a circuit of one ohm resistance you will draw 120 amperes of current. sSince watts in a DC circuit is equal to the volts times the amperes then 120 volts times 120 amperes would equal 14,400 watts or 14.4 kilwatts.

          In an alternating current system both the voltage and the current are constantly changing in both direction and magnitude. The constant changing means that the lines of magnetic flux that are generated around the conductors are also constantly changing in both direction and magnitude. This motion in the lines of flux generate a current in the windings of any inductive device such as an electric motor. This induced current is always directly opposed to the applied current and is known as CEMF or counter electromotive force. CEMF reduces the effective flow of current thru the circuit and therefore reduce the total circuit current draw.

          In an inductive circuit the voltage “leads” the current. Conversely in a capacative circuit the current leads the voltage. This amount of leading varies depending on the inductance of the circuit measured in Henrys. The volt amperes reactive (VARS) can be calculated as a simple trigonometric phasor diagram which will identify both the apparent power (KVA or thousand volt amperes) versus the true power consumed which is volt amperes times the power factor calculated in the vector (phasor) diagram. Basically the pure resistance of the cicuit is one leg of the triangle and the inductive reactance is the other leg with the total circuit impedance as the hypotanuse.

          I hope this clears it up for you. If you need further explanation this short video is by far the most explanatory, concise information I have ever had the privilege to hear.


          • Plain old American;
            I don’t know what just prompted your response but theoretically, Los Angelus Ca uses on an average day 39,000 megawatts, if one was to put LA on strictly on wind generation one would need approximately 65,000 windgens to cover the demand. At 6.5 million each that would be in the neighborhood of about half a trillion $. Got any good ideas of what it approximately cost to put this fantasy in place for the entire US?

      24. Ok, first not all smart meters use RF radiation. They can use the existing power lines to communicate and may only upload the kW /h readings. That can benefit you by not having the cost of the meter reader in your electricity. They also don’t have to physically enter onto your property, they can read the meter the exact same time and read it correctly each month. They can also tell faster and more precisely where power failures occur decreasing down time. It does not shutoff any appliance you have to have a device installed on your ac and sign a contract in exchange for a decent discount for that to happen. Now they may charge tier rates based on high usage periods like they do some businesses in the future but thankfully utilities are highly regulated in the consumers benefit.

        • That’s the one I have. Power guy answered all my questions and invited me down to tour the system and see the capabilities in action. Think I will. Too bad for all those with RF. I wouldn’t want my brain grilled. Tough enough as it is.

      25. I know I’m pushing the envelope on the posting limit (if there ever was one) but as you can tell, this is the ONE that clearly pushes my core buttons. It’s one of the most invasive “double dose” methods of attacking us from two fronts at once, i.e. watching our every move and killing us slowly in the process. IMHO it’s essential that we understand the colossally corrupt, methodically planned out dynamics here; how they penetrated the sanctity of our sovereign personal property under the guise of what appears on the surface to be “Smart” technologies; sustainably controlling/monitoring the flow of energy “to save the planet”. When in reality, the function of these Smart Grids with their Smart Meters is ultimately to control and manipulate the health, the wealth and the very lives of we Americans, in the confines of our very own homes. (I have to give them credit, it’s pure genius what they’ve got planned for us. They got this one down, pat. We are in big trouble if we don’t demand an end to this mass genocide, now)

        Most assuredly, they’re crossing the line on this one. Excuse me again for me harsh language, but WHO IN THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE! I’m outraged and ready for some heavy action. This is where I draw the line.

        On that note, I’m hitting the hay and hopefully dreaming about something soothing and nourishing to the nervous system.

        Another great read for those with some time on their hands.

        ” SMART GRID and SMART METERS- As if electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) from cell phones, cell towers, microwave ovens, HD TVs, wi-fi signals, medical CT scans, X-rays, and airport scanners, aren’t enough to fry us, we now get to have the new and improved electrical grid along with the deadly ‘smart meters’ that go with them.
        Here’s another gift from TPTB money grabbers who have nothing but their own agenda in mind. Even all the corporations who are going to be bidding for a piece of the action dare not bring up the issue of safety. Not a word! This may finally be the wake-up call for all the people who refused to believe their government has anything but their best interests at heart. Once again, our dependence on electricity will be used to hold us hostage, and to make us comply with something that may very well kill us!

        Not to mention that ‘smart meters’ are a complete invasion of your privacy and a way for Big Brother to keep track of your every move and even control your appliances remotely if they want. Please read up on this subject before they come to your town and alert your neighbors! The meters will be spewing strong pulses of microwave energy all through the environment, your home and everybody in it, then returning the signal to a receiver up to 2 miles away. Even if you didn’t have one, don’t worry, you’ll be treated to all your neighbors signals as well, right through your walls.

        Your utility’s talking point will be that ‘they are no more dangerous than a cell phone’, or that it only pulses twice a day. Outright lies! Apparently, they haven’t been keeping up on their propaganda scheme.

        Even the WHO is finally admitting that cell phones do cause cancer tumors! Another case of hiding the health risks for the benefit of big corporations. And, according to Dr. Bill Deagle, who has been testing the smart meter, it’s been putting out 100 times the EMF of a cell phone! I wonder how long it will take to kill people who are unfortunate enough to live in multi-family dwellings, or live with a meter bank containing hundreds of meters a short distance from their home?
        Don’t think our government knows exactly what they’re doing to us? The military has studied this technology extensively! The meters have not even been approved by UL, and you need a subpoena to get safety rating records from the utility co. How would you like to die? Cooked by microwaves, or fried in a fire?

        The meters have been catching on fire and may have been the cause of the gas line explosion in San Diego that took 8 lives and 47 homes a few months ago. Federal “investigators” said they were not going to investigate if the meter was the cause “because the meter did not cause the explosion”. They don’t look for things they don’t want to find.
        The utility commissions and the utility companies are playing extreme hardball with people who do not want to be microwaved in their homes. If you try to ‘opt out’, you will pay dearly to protect your health, while they are happy to place your life on the black jack table for that first winning hand.
        Judging by Dr. Deagle’s own testing of his smart meter, it’s obvious that any test results provided by the industry claiming the meters are completely safe are fraudulent! Further, they do admit that there has been no long term testing, but you’ll need a subpoena to see their safety data. So just like cell phones, how can they dare to make any safety claims?

        “The meters are within the FCC’s guidelines” they say. (Another alphabet agency) I guess cell phones are too, although the radio frequency levels they put out have just been listed as carcinogens. Once again, the people who will get rich off this boondoggle will be sailing away on their yachts, while you lie in a hospital bed dying of cancer. You can bet they won’t have smart meters on their homes!
        The government has offered bribe money to the states, utilities and the utility commissions (which came from us in the form of ‘stimulus money’) to institute this program. Then we’ll pay for it again ‘to reimburse the utility along with a ‘fair’ profit’, by paying much higher rates.

        It is NOT mandated by law, but if you refuse them permission to install the meter, they will come back and install it anyway and say you have no choice. Or they’ll threaten to turn your power off! They thought they could pass this one off by saying it will save us money, conserve energy, and save the earth! But people are catching on to this one, and the lawsuits are already under way. (Good luck with that. How many judges do you trust these days?) Act now and get your city to ban them, please! And don’t forget to educate your doctor.

        He’ll need the info to treat your addled brain and confused bodily systems, if the Cabal gets their way. Every cell in our body has an electrical biology, and unless you aren’t human, you will be damaged. It’s the modern day version of a gas chamber. The chamber this time happens to be your own home, If this isn’t our line in the sand, nothing is.

      26. i’d say all this “smart” technology isn’t really so smart

      27. So far, the smart meters installed in the USA have no hardware to control your use of electricity. So get a life. At best they can see your useage hour by hour, or minute by minute, instead of just aggregate useage over a month. There is a design being used in Italy which can shut down the power, but it’s not here.

        Power companies have been reading meters right over the power lines for years. Not rocket science. So remote contact with the meter is nothing new. Now, why they designed these to use a radio link is beyond me. But the radio link has to be far less dangerous than a cell phone, just because of the inverse square law. Unless you want hold your head on the meter all day.

        • You are wrong OC. Rented a condo down in Miami few years back that had smart meter in closet that shut down hot water heater and AC only when FPL desired. Electric bill stated small discount every month. Turkey Point Nuke plant was provider.

          Anybody here on Smart Money radio show today that brought up agenda 21 and smart meters?

        • The smart meters do have DSP chips in them that allows the power company to discern exactly what you are using in your home – from an electric toothbrush to the largest appliance simply by looking at the electrical signature of the device. Once they have cataloged the devices, they will know what activities are going on inside your home real time.

          The surveillance aspect of this technology should not be understated. It is real… and to me the current biggest threat to individual freedom in this country.

        • The smart meters do have DSP chips in them that allows the power company to discern exactly what you are using in your home – from an electric toothbrush to the largest appliance simply by looking at the electrical signature of the device. Once they have cataloged the devices, they will know what activities are going on inside your home real time.

          The surveillance aspect of this technology should not be understated. It is real… and to me the current biggest threat to individual privacy in this country.

          Corrected last statement – meant “individual privacy” not “individual freedom”

      28. Smart meters, predator drones, remote kill switches on new motor vehicles… if you look at the whole picture, they are putting an infrastructure in place that enables a numerically tiny minority to control and if need be fight and kill a huge population.

        Here are the new VIPeR hunter-killer robots that have just been unveiled by Elbit Systems of Israel:

        We are all about to become Palestinians now.

        • yup and guess who’s money they used ??

          ours!..enough to piss you off isnt it?

      29. RIP Al Davis
        Sorry OT I know, but I love da Raiders.

      30. Who’s got the lights?

        • BTW, welcome to the “Truman Show”.

          • funny you mention that, i was thinking about that same senario , but just a bit more sinister

      31. I had a relative who placed large magnets behind his meter
        (over 30 years ago) and slowed the rotation. Worked great for a few months but they caught him and back charged & fined him. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for them to go digital.

      32. So, “grid down” may not be an entirely bad thing?

      33. For insights into the stark consequences of losing the electrical portion of the critical infrastructure (and electronic devices in general), see the book “One Second After,” a novel by William Forstchen about an EMP attack on CONUS (ISBN 9780765317582). The author unquestionably did his homework. He describes in detail the impact of such an attack and the agonizing life-or-death decisions that have to be made in the aftermath. Quite literally, “triage becomes your best friend,” because all decisions relate to survival and survivability.

      34. i have jumped meters and anyone can do it. stand on plywood and wear rubber gloves.

        we won a suit against our crooked provider and they got years to repay us. they owe me thousands. i get two small checks a year. crooked supplier and crooked court system both.
        do not sweat or freeze either. YOU ARE DEALING WITH CORPORATIONS THAT STEAL FROM YOU TOO.

      35. There’s no way that the smart meter can turn of individual circuitry in your home. There has to be individual boxes that break the circuitry on each appliance,i.e. A/C or electric hot water heaters. In your electrical service panel you have individual breakers that must be turned off manually to kill the circuit in a particular room area or dedicated appliance. The smart meter is feeding the main breaker in your panel that feeds each indiviual breaker. IT CANNOT discern and physically switch off your breaker. IT HAS TO BE DONE PHYSICALLY by you or someone else. The only possible scenario would be for them to turn off your entire house by disrupting electrical flow to the main breaker. Those people who wish to have the electric companies shut down their AC or electric hot water heater during peak hours and receive breaks on their monthly bill can have either a radio controlled box or thermostat installed to do so. I know this for a fact cause I have installed and removed these boxes and thermostats for my customers.

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