U.S. Now Has 150 Million Fully “Vaccinated” Americans

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    The United States hit a new milestone.  Over 150 million Americans are now fully “vaccinated” with the COVID-19 jab, according to the White House.

    Perhaps the fear-mongering over the “delta variant” has worked to convince some holdouts, or perhaps that number is up as the U.S. begins giving shots to children as young as 12.  Either way, we are quickly approaching the halfway mark.

    Roughly 46 percent of U.S. residents have completed their vaccination schedule, but that’s still not good enough for the ruling class.  That’s way below the 70 to 90 percent inoculation rate that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, has said is needed to achieve herd immunity, according to a report by the Washington Post. 

    If this “vaccine” (which isn’t a vaccine by the legal and real definitions) is so great, why is there a 24/7 propaganda campaign to convince people it’s so great? Wouldn’t we be able to see how great it is?  But the rulers say the vaccination rate needs to keep rising because of all of the dangerous variants out there. In fact, they are now trying to say it is the unvaccinated people that will be dying this fall if they continue to refuse to take this experimental gene therapy.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    The transmission of the more contagious delta variant in the United States could spur a fall surge in coronavirus infections if only 75 percent of the country’s eligible population is vaccinated, former Food and Drug Administration chief Scott Gottlieb said Sunday.

    Although Gottlieb cited one projection forecasting an increase in infections reaching as high as 20 percent of last winter’s peak, he called that an “aggressive estimate,” saying he doesn’t “think it’ll be quite that dire.” But he said states with low vaccination rates already are showing a concerning rise in cases with the spreading of delta, which is up to 60 percent more contagious than earlier variants.The Washington Post

    Gottlieb also pushed for another massive and ongoing “vaccination” campaign in the fall when people will be going back to school. He says that could be a good time to try to convince people they need to take the jab. The newest push is using the fear of “brain tissue loss” after getting COVID.  Check this out:

    Those who had developed the illness experienced noteworthy tissue loss after infection in areas of the brain associated with the sense of taste and smell, the researchers said.

    “It’s very concerning because it does suggest that the virus could be having a direct effect on certain portions of the brain,” Gottlieb said.

    “I think what it suggests is that the balance of the information that we’re accruing does indicate that covid is a disease that could create persistent symptoms,” he said. “So, this isn’t a benign disease. This is something you want to avoid. And the bottom line is, we have the tools to avoid it through vaccination.” –The Washington Post

    However, there was no link to the actual study conducted, it was only stated that UK Biobank was the one who performed the “brain loss” study.  Since they did this AFTER everyone got the alleged COVID, how can they know what these people’s brains looked like before? Maybe they never had that brain tissue, to begin with. But there’s no reason why Gottlieb would invent data or “lie with statistics” is there?

    Gottlieb, who serves on the board of directors of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, also expressed hope that the Biden administration’s recent announcement of $3.2 billion in funding for antiviral medications could accelerate development of effective treatments for covid-19. –The Washington Post

    The goal is to keep the phony scam of a pandemic going as long as possible and continue to roll out scarier variants to convince people the rulers are telling the truth.

    Stay alert. This is not the end.  We could be at the very beginning of this scam.


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      1. The former VP of Pfizer, Dr Mike Yeadon said they are all lying. All of them!

        • Ya think….! It’s the super secret double probation “Delta Variant”

        • ?? Saw him saying same thing

      2. You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality….

        • of course your talking the reality of the jab being lots worse than the virius

      3. Eventually the truth of the matter, about both Covid and the Vaccines, will be available.

        But will anyone pay attention to it?

      4. Will they all die soon?

        • A lit already have died but the majority may take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years for their own immune systems to attack their own body. It’s not going to be pretty and it’s not an accident.

      5. So I’m thinking of investing in crematory services or grave opening services. There will be YUGE opportunities when these 150 million people die from the vaxx…alright mebbe only half that…still…money to be made.

        • Indeed, if only 1% end up dying during the 2023 Plan-demic and only 2% end up with debilitating side effects, expect some assisted care corporations and crematoriums to rake it in!!

        • Designer Body Bags.

      6. 150 million and soon our population will be reduced by half. just as they want under agenda 21

      7. These filthy creatures are such liars. Perhaps the only ones who experienced “brain tissue loss” were those who opted to take the “not a vaccine” as obviously opting for the jab is a clear sign of some type of brain tissue loss.?????

      8. Thanks for the article.
        Saw some things I thought your readers might find interesting. One is about how they are doing everything they can to destroy the food supply. The other is very interesting regarding mind control methods and the relation to the “vaxx”. Don’t remember which link is which but people can check one out and check the other one later on. Here they are.


      9. Safe prevention and cure!
        real cheap and real safe – The Jabs are a scam for profit and control
        Written up in recent medical journals – over 3 billion douses used in 3rd world countries with amazing results – wake up
        When this hits the news (maybe) it will cause a shit storm
        And there will be a call for Fauci’s head.

        • SHHHHH, I want the tards to off themselves….

      10. I stocked a bunch of apple flavor ivermectin last year when it was still real cheap. Also have D3, zinc, C, melatonin, NAC, albuterol, prednisone, an oxygen concentrator, a bipap machine, and some full oxygen bottles. ha! I’m ready…

        jk…I don’t really have a bipap machine.

        • JRS
          Did the exact same thing – great minds

          I wonder when this miracle drug will catch on – It has in third world countries. What will happen if the masses find out they were played and people died!!

      11. I’ll probably shock some people here, then again, maybe not. I got the vaccine shot on the insistence of my son and daughter in law, as they both work in the health industry. If I hadn’t, maybe then I would have been able to be with my wife of 48 yrs again. She passed away 4 years ago of cancer.

      12. I’m sure there are going to be bad side effects to this “vaccine” that will play out in the vaccinated population in the coming next few months to years. The side effects will be manifested as a variety of physical ailments that are rare now, and are unheard of in young people, but will become much, much more prevalent. I’d like to know how officialdom and the medical community are going to explain it. How will the gov’t and medical community explain that Diseases X or Conditions X which were almost unheard of just a few years ago, become prevalent, even common. How will they explain all these medical problems and health issues that have come into existence that did not exist just a short while ago or if did exist, was very rare. That all of a sudden large numbers of people are sick with conditions and diseases that were rare to non-existent in our society just a few years prior.
        No doubt TPTB/State/“elites” and their statist minions have considered this question. That’s why they are wanting to vaccinate the entire population. As the months go on, the other 180 million not vaccinated will face intense official requirements to do so. The propaganda machine is going to be really cranked up, and lots of new regulations and edicts will come out. Look for draconian measures imposed on the unvaccinated later this year or early in 2022.
        HL Mencken has to be quoted again, “The whole aim of politics is to keep the population alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”. Will also quote Nietzsche again, “Everything the State says is a lie, everything it has it has stolen”.

      13. The lie requires continuous shoring up.

      14. What convinced me NOT to take it and it was all a scam was when Fauceeth started lying, reversing what he said, the hypocrisy of it all that’s when I said back in May I”m not believing this guy anymore. PERIOD! Too much at stake.

      15. @Blather, I believe “Dr” Fauci
        Well, actually let me finish:
        I truly believe “Dr” Fauci
        IS A LYING ASS!!!!????

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