U.S. Navy Has A Video Of UFOs, But We Can’t See It: It’s A National Security Threat

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    The United States Navy has reportedly confirmed it is in the possession of classified documents and a video related to a 2004 UFO sighting. But we won’t get to see it, because the government, in a response to the Freedom of Information Act request, claims it’ll harm national security.

    According to a report by CNET, in 2004, Navy pilots on the USS Nimitz encountered a strange aerial object. After researcher Christian Lambright sent a FOIA request seeking additional information about that incident, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) confirmed they had information. However, according to Motherboard, the information the U.S. Navy has was “discovered [to contain] certain briefing slides that are classified TOP SECRET.” This is because the materials in question “would cause exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States.”

    The Navy also said ONI has a video classified as “SECRET,” according to Motherboard. In December 2017, The New York Times published a one-minute video of the pilots’ encounter with the UFO. Several researchers speculate that the Navy could possess the full-length, raw copy of that footage because some witnesses of the incident say they saw a longer, higher-resolution version, Motherboard said. Others have denied the existence of such a version. –CNET

    Former Pentagon staffer Luis Elizondo told Motherboard that “people should not be surprised by the revelation that other videos exist and at greater length.” After all, if there’s any entity that will lie repeatedly and continue to exert control over people by manipulating the flow of information, it’s the U.S. government and its military-industrial complex.

    U.S. Navy Admits Videos Of UFOs Are Real And “Unidentified”

    This narrative (the official “national security threat” narrative) is not a new one. Allegedly, UFOs are all threats to the U.S.’s national security.

    Ex-Defense Official: UFOs Pose A “Vital National Security Threat”



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      1. Urban Mexico, Medieval peasants, and drunken hillbillies were qualified for full disclosure, because the sole doctrine of the powers of the air is moral free agency; they do not ask to be taken to your leader.

      2. Screw the UFO’s. The Baltic Dry Index is going lower. It’s in the 700’s now. I’ve seen it near 300 before, but a year ago it was about 2500. Just something to watch. It is an indication of world trade in things such as coal, ore, etc.

      3. More bullshit from the bullshitters! The Grafton Wisconsin cops in their infinite stupidity, insanity, and mental incompetency like to pretend that they are a UFO by fly by night psyop of shifting the copter in flight ascending, descending, shiftting left to right with lights off, then reappearing in a different location with different colored lights on. What a waste of funds. People are starving, and these jack asses are getting paid for this, and flying their unnecessary helicopter which they have repeatedly proven that they are unfit to operate as a result of repeated violations of federal aviation laws, they came within 8 feet or closer of a cell phone tower and almost rammed into it, and frequently fly low over my roof, and flew between my house and my neighbors house flying at the second floor level between the two houses with a very small distance between the two homes.

        So sick of the jack ass brigade!

        • Human Rights Watch is a propaganda establishment organization. When I called them about the extreme human rights abuses being launched against me, they said that they do not investigate human rights abuses in America.

          There is no specific accountable organization to report human rights abuses in America.

          They just issued a warning about China. What about the extreme human rights abuses in America, of not just me, but of millions?

      4. The only thing I can see that would raise a panic regarding UFO’s is government panic. All of a sudden they would not be perceived as the epitome of power.

        Two thoughts. 1968 the Navy was definitely in deep with researching UFO’s. Personal knowledge

        Second, as an electronic tech working with some of the more advanced electronics of the time in the 60’s the industry made a huge shift to semiconductors even though semiconductors made terrible hi-fi and other precision due to internal leakage. What did the ‘intelligensia’ know that we did not know.

        It took Bell Labs a number of years to figure out what was in those blocks of supposedly electronics in the Roswell crash. They ‘invented’ the transistor about 1955 Makes one wonder.

        • If early mankind was supposed to have learned advanced industries, with the help of otherworldy beings, in the book of Enoch, if such beings are responsible for founding entire civilizations and our degenerate languages, I think that contactees should be held to somewhat higher standards than giving Greta Thurnberg-type speeches.

          A transistor can be diagrammed and explained in just a few paragraphs. Hundreds of thousands claim that they saw something. Where are all the advancements besides just Velcro and saying the Golden Rule.

          • If all this were true, I would like to think that you could come up with ideas and new sayings, on your own, which might become popular to other races.

      5. Gives you a good idea of just how paranoid the government is.Also , how much the government fears We the People.

        • You are correct if the announcement were to be made confirming the existence of UFOs people would not be running in the streets with hair ablaze. The government on the other hand would be in a panic to explain why they hid a possible military threat that they have no capabilities to combat from the public.

        • The ONLY reason We’ve never been allowed to have actual democracy, where the true will of the People is the supreme law of the land, is that Our unity is their worst nightmare.

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