U.S. Journalist: The West Is A Crumbling Empire

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Headline News

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    According to United States journalist Jackson Hinkle, the West is a crumbling empire.  There is no hope of stifling the success of a multipolar world, said Hinkle.

    History will not look fondly upon the “Nazis and the liberals” who are pushing a progressive ideology, such as transgenderism, onto children, political analyst Jackson Hinkle told RT in an interview on Tuesday.

    The host of “The Dive with Jackson Hinkle” stressed that the U.S. and Western Europe are beginning to lose their global influence in an “ever-changing multipolar world” and are becoming a “hollow skeleton of power” and a “crumbling empire.”

    “Empires are most dangerous when they’re rising or falling, and right now that’s definitely the case for the United States and the West,” Hinkle said, noting that apart from a nuclear war, there is little Washington could do to stop the development of countries like China and Russia.   “There is really no hope of stifling the success of the whole world,” he said.

    “Any U.S. asset abroad eventually meets its demise,” Hinkle said, noting the examples of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. “Zelensky, may, or may not, be close to meeting that cruel end,” he continued, pointing to the incredible amount of Ukrainian lives that have been lost in the “suicide mission” that is Kyiv’s attempts to counter Russia’s forces. Hinkle stated that there should already be thousands of people flooding the streets of Ukraine protesting against the Kiev government, but, due to fear of being “imprisoned, or worse,” these protests aren’t happening.

    Russia: Once WW3 Breaks Out, “Everything Will Definitely Be Turned To Dust”

    It’s quite obvious that the U.S. will stand no chance against Russia or China if another world war breaks out.

    As long as we, as collective human beings, continue to believe in the myth of authority and government, we will continue to be slaves to rulers who will send our children off to kill and be killed in wars that only benefit them. We all live on the Jones Plantation. If you haven’t seen the movie, please do so. It’s eye-opening in a way that no other movie ever has been.

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