U.S. Jails Lone Vaccine Researcher, While Fraud Remains Epidemic: “Perhaps Half May Simply Be Untrue”

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    NIAID, Wikimedia Commons.

    With many states on the move to make vaccinations mandatory, perhaps people should reconsider how sound that vaccine safety really is – and how much we trust the system to keep it in check.

    A vaccine researcher formerly at Iowa State University was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for spiked data, after admitting to “fabricating and falsifying data in HIV vaccine trials.”

    Rare is the scientist who goes to prison on research misconduct charges. But on 1 July, Dong-Pyou Han, a former biomedical scientist at Iowa State University in Ames, was sentenced to 57 months for fabricating and falsifying data in HIV vaccine trials.

    In some cases, Han spiked rabbit blood samples with human HIV antibodies so that the vaccine appeared to have caused the animals to develop immunity to the virus … Han said that he began the subterfuge to cover up a sample mix-up that he had made years before.

    But this high profile case stands alone, with the vast majority of scientific fraud going unpunished, and typically resulting only in minor fines or suspension. That is exactly what Nature says stands out:

    Han’s harsh sentence raises questions about how alleged research fraud is handled in the United States, from decisions about whether to prosecute to the types of punishments imposed by grant-making agencies.

    The only reason this case led to jail time and a serious response is because Sen. Chuck Grassley took personal interest in the case:

    […] criminal prosecution is unusual for a “medium-level” fraud case such as Han’s. “In most cases, I don’t think it would have been done. But Senator Grassley cares deeply about these issues and wanted to make that point.”

    “This seems like a very light penalty for a doctor who purposely tampered with a research trial and directly caused millions of taxpayer dollars to be wasted on fraudulent studies,” Grassley wrote in a February 2014 letter to the ORI.

    The seriousness of fraudulent science research is indeed on a grand scale, and could cost lives.

    But most of it goes unpunished because the system has inherently been captured by corporate interests who are not just biased, but who are steering a global agenda backed by favorable studies. Nature reports:

    The very few researchers who face criminal charges are not necessarily those who have caused the most harm to other scientists’ careers, or to science generally. “We’re so preoccupied with major cases and so subject to policy pressure, we’ve lost sight of the larger picture,” says Nicholas Steneck, an expert in research integrity at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

    In theory, the US Office of Research Integrity (ORI), which falls under the Dept. of Human Health Services, is supposed to investigate fraud and create accountability for misconduct – but in practice it ridiculously has no power to do so.

    The ORI cannot directly investigate suspected fraud or misconduct; it is limited to overseeing probes by the institutions that employ researchers suspected of wrongdoing [however] … the ORI can impose funding bans…

    Like so many other things, it is politically taboo to talk about the extent of corporate influence – though it is pervasive – over watchdogs, government approval and research – even when scientists admitted simply making up data to fit the model.

    Several major editors have blown the whistle on the epidemic level of untrustworthy and unreliable published research. Lancet editor Richard Horton says the problems are system wide:

    “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.” (source)

    Horton also made scathing remarks about the biased system of peer review back in 2000:

    The mistake, of course, is to have thought that peer review was any more than a crude means of discovering the acceptability — not the validity — of a new finding. Editors and scientists alike insist on the pivotal importance of peer review. We portray peer review to the public as a quasi-sacred process that helps to make science our most objective truth teller. But we know that the system of peer review is biased, unjust, unaccountable, incomplete, easily fixed, often insulting, usually ignorant, occasionally foolish, and frequently wrong. (source)

    This den of vipers is nearly as protected as the “Too Big to Fail” Wall Street crowd, though perhaps putting forward scapegoats to take the fall for getting caught just comes that much more naturally to research work.


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      1. If he had been doing real research, and had found a link between vaccines and, say, autism for instance – they would have shot him in the chest and tossed him off a bridge.

        • Another Vaccine Researcer that discovered the link between Vaccines and Autism, his body was found floating down a river. Its obvious who the criminals are. Every pill you take destroys your liver. They dont want you or I to know that big fact.

        • Or if he had disclosed the fact that HIV/AIDS was actually an experimental cure for homosexuality, he certainly would have been made to mysteriously disappear.

        • ISIS buries children alive, most radical muslims want us converted or dead Iran wants nuclear bombs so they can re-conquer the world and force everyone to convert to Islam and the supreme court of the US is now passing laws and bypassing congress. And you want to burn the Israeli flag. Well, you just go ahead and have a party then.

          • Hasn’t it been pretty well established that isis is trained, created, financed and controlled by usa and Israel? And are you sure that iran wants the bomb to force all of us to convert? Are you sure that iran wants the bomb? Seems that Israel is forcing its will on the rest of the world

            • “Seems that Israel is forcing its will on the rest of the world”…and the U.S. has no problem keeping them very well funded with our taxpayer dollars.

              • 50 Thumbs up – how some people are unable to connect the dots on this issue is completely and totally beyond me.

              • Yeah, Israel is that powerful guys. Go eat your goats and stay out of the SHTF blogs please….

                • JJsan – not sure why you post up here, you have never added anything of value to the board. Please continue to receive your daily dose of CNN / FOX programming.

                  • Yeah, Israel is that powerful guys. Go eat your goats and stay out of the SHTF blogs please….

                    I was posting here for years until this sight was taken over by “Zionist Haters” and people who are trying to start problems in the U.S. And have people fighting each other here. A storm that hits internally hits with Gale Force, and I am not having any of it. You guys who preach this crap have your own agendas, and that is the downfall of Israel and the U.S. It is clear as can be, but Americans are a tough lot (although I will agree with you that a lot of them have become pretty stupid), and I am tired of seeing the anti-Zionist movement preach here. I don’t believe that Israle pulls our strings like that, but I do believe that people who hate Israel have been getting their asses kicked by them for years. This is only a blog, but even my kids are now laughing at this.

                    This used to be a survival page. Where we talked about ways to stay alive and survive disasters, both man made and natural. Now it is a revolutionary page where you complain about politics and Israel only. I have called several people out over the years as Muslims who are trying to use this page to incite problems, and none of the bloggers have ever called out anything bad to the prophet or Islam. So I will ask you guys to slam Islam like you are slamming Israel. Call out the child molestes and the animals who are cutting heads off of Christians.

                    I doubt you will. Even lazy pre teens can see through this crap if they even try…… I will go away again and stay with real survival sights and leave you guys this revolutionary site. Too bad too, because Mac used to have a good site.

                    Keep your powder dry

                    • Dude, it goes without saying that child molesters are the lowest scum on earth and with recidivism rates around 90% you have to suspect that it’s a genetic defect that isn’t fixable by any means except perhaps a glock or a good knife.

                      If you really read here even semi-often you will have noticed many anti radical islam/jihadist posts. Some of the posters here are jewish and some are likely muslim, and that’s fine. There’s a big difference between being anti-zionist, anti-terrorist muslim fanatic, and being anti jew or muslim. Thus as you have pointed out there really aren’t many anti Judaism or anti Islam posts.

                      The biggest difference to my mind between radical jihadists wanting to cut off my head, and zionists, is that the jihadists are pretty straightforward in their approach whereas the zionists pretend to be my friend while they steal my money and subvert our society for their ends.

                      SPOILER ALERT: my ancestry.com profile says I’m 1% European Jewish.

                      Several posters here have answered my questions about their anti-zionist posts and provided links that are very informative and not anti-jewish at all.

                      As an aside, that 1% jewish part of me must be why I’m so cheap and plan for a rainy day 🙂

              • Everything, your moniker fits you perfectly. You are a lying troll.

                • Oh how quickly the winds change here. Here I thought all this time, for years, that braveheart was a friendly.

                  Apparently not.

                  EverythingISayIsALie, aka sixpack.

                  • Sixpack,

                    He always was a friendly and will be again once he realizes it’s you. What he’s showing you is his level of stupidity, something that you should take into consideration in your future posts to him, after all, the old saying around is here ” ya can’t fix stupid!”

      2. This may be redundant, (as I posted this once already) however tomorrow, July 4th. is the 17th day a Ramadan. This date has significant meaning to both us and Islam.

        Might be nada, might mean big trouble. Just finished reading a novel by the same author who wrote “One Second After”. Called “The Day of Wrath”, it’s about how ISIS might attack the U.S. on our own soil.

        So stay alert and keep you power dry.

        • I didn’t hear Obama mention anything about Ramadan this week. He usually hosts the Muslim Brotherhood or Hamas at the White House during Ramadan.

          Obama did say he was going to stop at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and take a piss.

          • He did – hosted a dinner on 6/22 –

            “President Obama hosted an Iftar dinner Monday night to mark the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and to reach out to the roughly 1.5 billion Muslims around the world when much of the Islamic world is struggling with war, terrorism and economic challenges and when the United States remains embroiled in many of those conflicts.”

            • Bernie Sanders another Jew running for President. His last gig was doing the voice over for the cartoon show “Ardvark -Ant Eater.”

              • Isn’t it interesting that Sanders is the only politician who doesn’t flip-flop and who consistently looks out for workers and veterans? I guess the thousands of people coming to hear him speak care more about his message.

            • Watch the White House calendar for 7/18 as well when Ramadan ends. In August there is another big celebration-if he skips the one this month I think he will host the other.

              For all of you stupid Jew-haters, the White House is much cozier with Muslims. You’re scared of the wrong folks.

          • good one john!

        • TH, I’ll be watching out for ISIS and everyone else who wants to harm us. I’ll send the ISIS boys straight to Allah with bullets dipped in pork.

      3. The US govt. would like your child to have 14 different vaccinations- a total of 49 shots- by the time it is six years old.
        Hey, what could go wrong?

        • Yep, it’s absolutely disgusting how BigPharma pushes these drugs. Then again, it’s why BigPharma is a $300 Billion Dollar a year business. It’s all about the money, and nothing about your health.

        • Neither I nor any kids of mine will ever get any vaccinations, period.

          • Braveheart, your 58 years old and single, the odds of you ever having kids is less than you winning the lotto.

            • anon1776: 🙂 !

              • anon1776 and acid’s brother, f#$% both of you.

                • Braveheart,

                  Sorry, but I’m confused by your statements. You won’t let any of your kids be vaccinated but at the same time you admit you don’t have any? I can’t figure that one out for the life of me.

            • Anon 1776, I gave up on having kids when my wife was killed by that POS Haitian drunk driver. she was the only woman I was willing to have kids by. I’m too old to play ‘da-da’ now. and I don’t care about the lotto either. All I care about now is surviving what’s coming.

          • Howdy Braveheart! How you been? Well, I hope.

            To everyone here: Today we celebrate the 239th anniversary of the Declaration of our Independence. With that in mind- Wave your flag made of cotton from Pakistan (or polyester from Saudi oil), light up some good ole Kingsford briquettes made from the finest Canadian hardwoods, grill up some sushi, crack open a cold Heineken and send off some Chinese fireworks. Today we celebrate the Fourth! Go ahead. It’s as American as a burrito!

            • SmokinOkie, welcome back. I got stuffed on BBQ today. As I type this, Memphis sounds like Syria with all the fireworks and gunfire mixed in.

      4. Tomorrow just may be our last Independence Day we will ever have. Enjoy it to the fullest as free men. The future looks very bleak, the collapse of the United States is at hand, World War III is just one breath away and Obama with his Ass Clowns are still in charge of running this country. Patriots celebrate the day as it should be. All in all it’s been a good run. Live free and die free if need be because it’s on our watch now; don’t forget it.


        • Amen brother!

          Keep your powder dry…

        • Totally agreed and well said!

        • Copperhead:
          I agree with you on everything you posted.
          I just hope you wrong on one thing. That it is not our last Independence Day we celebrate. We might see a break from the 4th for a few years, but I hope and pray that we will be celebrating them again one day.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Riddle: If a man goes out into the middle of the woods, without his wife and speaks, is he still wrong?

          One thing I learned out at the BOL without women in tow, is that Ive always been right so far. LoL.

      5. Fux news said this morn that the cops are gonna carry radiation detectors just incase of a dirty bomb attack. Tptb must know Isis has the ability to hit us with a dirty. Isis needs to bring America down in order to destroy israhell it’s just the way they have to do it. I expect an attack to happen this weekend. I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen.

        • Surprised yet?

          • Ditto. Surprised? As you can see we don’t need no stinkin isis to ruin this country. We are fucking it up nicely ourselves.

      6. I’m a retired Ph.D biophysical chemist who is an author on more than 60 peer reviewed published papers. I totally agree with the editor of The Lancet. The main issue with peer review is that when the paper is published the names of the reviewers are not given. Back some decades ago no grant to study protein folding was given to someone who had not been in Dr. XXX’s lab. He was the head of the NIH study section and had the ability to direct all such grants to his former student’s. I’ve seen many papers published that were sheer fiction or that contained really silly and beyond stupid errors that the reviewers did not (or did not want to) catch.

        Now the problem has gotten far worse with corporate “science” that is inevitably imbued with horrific conflicts of interest.

        I suggest the excellent book by Steven Drucker “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” that clearly shows how both the FDA and USDA have literally been controlled by Monsanto and other GMO outfits. This is a damming indictment of both these agencies. GMO foods have NOT been proven safe, some are clearly very dangerous as shown by this book.

        • Thank you for your input. I’ll get that book.

      7. Not to change the subject.. but anyone recently heard anything from Mannos ? I saw a post on another thread a few days ago.. sure would like to know how he’s making out. I assume he prepped up as much as he could.. ( he’s in Greece for those that don’t know the handle ).

        • oUCH

          Manos is surviving the best he can..been sending me updates almost daily…


      8. Ouch, welcome back. How have you been? Possee posted an email on another thread from earlier this week he received from Manos. Manos is OK and surviving.

        • Yes, read that one with interest.. thanks Possee & B.Heart !

      9. http://drtenpenny.com. Very interesting website concerning vaccines. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has done a lot of research on vaccines and even written a book on them. Well worth your time.

      10. While I’m at it, has anyone heard from Sixpack? Hope she’s OK.

        • I’ve been wondering where she is too. I really hope she is well and doing something she enjoys.

          • I was always under the impression she was one of the rainbow people.
            She should be especially happy right now.
            Fortunately, this site is fairly STRAIGHT.

            • Sixpack is fine… She’s “straight”. Big boobs, nice thick butt….probably a little more woman than you could handle.

              • 🙂

          • Sixpack here. I changed my handle in protest, to the wannabe CIA analysts who camp here on this site. I’m not trying to hide. I’m just fed up with wannabes scanning the archives trying to identify people here, and even worse, trying to use historical comments to silence and/or shame people they don’t agree with. SHAME ON YOU! You subvert everything an honorable prepper and/or patriot stands for.

            It’s bad enough that the govt is doing away with our privacy, but to have people here pretending to be analysts doing their jobs for them for free—ridiculous.

            Those people like BJ and POG, can’t use anything I post to try to profile me now. As my new moniker suggests, I MIGHT SAY ANYTHING, AND IT MIGHT BE ALL LIES. It might not. There’s no way to be sure. Everything I Say Is A Lie. Deal with it. Those that know me (1) know better, and those who don’t know me don’t matter.

            So analyze THAT, you divide-and-conquer-wannabe-spy-m’fers.

            What you’re pushing is fear, hate and hypocrisy. Not at all what a true patriot/prepper web site should be. Mac should be upset that his site has been hijacked by haters, but it doesn’t seem to me like he is.


            Somebody has to make a stand against citizen spies and shit-stirrers.

            …now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

            • I think you should keep you original Handle – I like it, and you are on good terms with me. We can all agree to disagree on subject matter, that is completely normal behavior. What is not normal is when certain individuals go out of their way accusing others as being shills or whatever alphabet agency that they want to categorize one as representing. – boo on them.
              You have been posting here, way before I started to…and there is no reason to wonder away from this site now.

              People have disagreed with me on subject matter all the time, even nasty at times, and I as well have been nasty in return. It’s not right, either way a person wants to look at it. The thing to keep focused on is – don’t let anyone get the best of your emotions. It’s a tough one to battle, but keeping a strong, stable mind is the strongest tool in your arsenal.

              There was a day where I was very tolerant and had patience of other people. Now — not so much.
              I practically have zero tolerance and patience of others because I find most of society is one big gigantic cesspool of shit. I censor myself to the best of my ability’s, but on some days – that is just not possible.

              Hang in there – I would think that most of us here like you for who you are.

              • Tony:

                Am I tired of the “dirty laundry’ between 6pk and myself being aired on this blog? Yep. Will I let attacks on me that are a lie pass? NOPE.

                Always two sides to every story, isn’t there. And it was never my intention of airing any of our differences on this blog.

                I, twice, have thought of changing my posting name but I know the way I post would out me in a minute. The idea that we all hide behind one name or another has anything to do with who we are is ridiculous at best, and stupid in reality. I would think if someone is concerned about their real privacy they would not post their REAL email address here without running it through another email address with some kind of verification.

                I believe once you have posted here you should have to keep your original name. The reason: after you have made a post you can come back and pat yourself on the back as many times as you want for that post just by submitting another name, and another name (as many as you like) with fake email addresses. I believe that happens, and often.

                I know you as a fair minded person; thus my reply.

                • POG – I don’t recall any dirty laundry being passed between you and Sixpack, I’m not saying there hasn’t been any, I just do not recall any of it going on – the information you have provided is all “new” to me.

                  Anyhoo – I like both of you ladies, and I would have to think that both of you can make amends between one another and resolve the issues once and for all. There’s already enough shady stuff going on in this World, we certainly do not need any of it here.

                  Whatever wrong doings that have been going on, please resolve this issue as civil as possible between each other. If you still have each others email, I suppose that would be a good place to start.

            • 6pk or everythingisayisalie:

              Looking back in the archives I find it rather odd that the first comment made by a shit-stirrer, when they saw that when the thumbs were still up and running, was directed at me. When 3 people had thumbed your illustrious, smartest comment down, your comment to me on that blog was “Pog, is that you?” And you haven’t stopped since then. It seems you have a NEED to personally punish someone who has rejected you….and so it sontinued on this blog.

              You lied when you said I discontinued emailing you personally. The truth…..I sent you an email….forwarded from an email friend, and I had not checked the veracity of it…and at the same time I cd’d the email to other friends (I forgot to blind copy it). You took it upon yourself to tell me not to send you such trash among other negative comments (no problem with that) the problem arose when you took it upon yourself to cc YOUR snide smartassed reply to ALL my email friends that was cc’d on that email to you.

              Now I find that to be a huge breach of honesty and I share this as a warning to anyone wishing to contact someone by email that you don’t know.

              I think SGT labeled that sort of breach “a snake in the grass” a very adept description. And your shitstirrer/citizen spy accusation lie about me spending time digging up info on SGT was just that ….another lie.

              Don’t matter what you change your doniker to (altho this one describes you to a T, your karma must have got the best of you, all we need is a subject on Putin/Russia and your gushing love affair will out you every time.

              By the way, you did say, under your new name, everythingisayisalie, that you are on a no fly list. When I questioned how you get listed on a no fly list your answer is laughable. Anyone interested can find your answer under the Greek dumpster subject.

              I post on this blog….I am not on a no fly list. So which is it everythingisayisalie…..the truth or another of your lies.

              And at one time when we were corresponding, I felt very sorry for you and was thinking of opening up my home to you……buyer beware.

      11. For some really interesting, insightful, and accurate info one big pharma, vaccines, and GMOS watch ‘Bought’…then follow up with ‘Doctored’.

        Both are well done and informative.

      12. I don’t trust chemicals and I don’t want to take pills or shots. I don’t get the flu shot never did and not gonna start either . My kids get them and the wife too. I don’t see it making a difference your gonna get the flu either way it’s a hoax by the gov and pharma industry. The flu shot costs like $30 even if you get free state medical it costed. Figure how many people get the shot every year. I’ve had the flu it sucks makes you weak but I’ve worked through it. I figure my immunity will be stronger if I get the flu from time to time. When the shit goes down the last thing you need is chemical dependantcy.

      13. High time some research was done to see whats being put in our food to bumb people down and turn them into domesticated sheep.

        The US government is at war with it’s own people and this is why Google has been allowed to install software with it’s Chrome browser that can switch on the microphone to record you at any time.

        Looks to me they want a heads up for when people to finaly man up and revolt.

      14. “We portray peer review to the public as a quasi-sacred process that helps to make science our most objective truth teller. But we know that the system of peer review is biased, unjust, unaccountable, incomplete, easily fixed, often insulting, usually ignorant, occasionally foolish, and frequently wrong.”

        How often do we hear these “man made global warming alarmist” tell us that their studies are peer reviewed somehow implying that the data is beyond reproach, so much for peer review.

      15. Well,happy fourth all,hope you enjoy the founding of this countries independence with friends/family,or like Warchild,some solo time in woods.This was just a start,the founding fathers had excellent ideas though they were not perfect.Jefferson said about slaves,hold the wolf by the ears/Washington was going to respond to whiskey tax rebellion with armed force.We have the bones/basic tenets to work with but must keep at it if we do not want to be hypocrites/slaves ourselves.Powers that want to be have done their best to divide the people as evidenced by last few decades in this country,we must not fall for it but gather together to fight the true enemies of this country,starts with looking in the mirror.
        Enjoy the weekend all,(don’t forget to blow some cool stuff up) and see ya’s down the road!

      16. Trusting your child’s health to the giant multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates is not much different than trusting your child’s education to sodomy-loving teachers. If vaccines work so well, why is the politically-correct-give-your-baby-all-26-vaccinations-before-2-years-old-meme crowd so afraid of the non-vaccinated?

        Revelation: “And the light of a lamp shall shine no more at all in you; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in you: for your merchants were the great men of the earth; for by their sorceries* were all nations deceived.” Revelation 18:23

        *translated from the Greek word for pharmakeía (poisoner) (from pharmakeuō, “administer drugs”) – properly, drug-related sorcery ~ Strong’s concordance – 5331

      17. To much money involved to expect the truth to be told.

      18. So I wanna talk about fitness. I’m out in the front yard doing landscaping work on my yard had a new driveway and sidewalk and front stairs installed. The guy left me a huge 10yard pile of lume he scraped off the surface of my yard. So I’ve been spreading it with a shovel and wheel barrel. Im redoing the shrubs and all I figure do it right. I’m beat this is heavy labor and I’m doing it myself . While I’m out there I’m watching my neighbors come out and do things on their property mostly older women with no husbands or males in the house. They are decent neighbors but they are over weight have diabetes or other health issues. I know this because my wife talks with them from time to time. There is a couple of younger couples on the street with no kids yet. A divorced woman 4houses down. Some of the women would not be capable of doing the labor needed to run a garden or maintain their house much less have the $ to get big jobs done. My neighborhood is well kept with the exception of a few homes. There is no homeowner association to force these issues I’m glad for that. It seems when you do things on your property people come out and do things on theirs as if they don’t want their place devaluing the area. I know we got away from fitness oh well. I just want to say if you can’t do a days hard labor your screwed because your gonna need to labor everyday just to survive when the shit goes down. Moving dirt one wheelbarrel at a time is boring and tiresome I feel a lot of future chores will be this way. But when it’s all done it will be beautiful .

      19. Any ones guess on how many terrorists attacks the Government will say they stopped today. See we are from the Government and we’re here to help and protect you. They couldn’t protect a turd under a glass jar from flies the truth be known. If any attacks do happen today I’ll bet they are the ones doing them.

      20. Happy 4th of July, for whatever it is worth. I won’t be getting any shots either. On another note, why do people get upset at the truth of Israel’s control of America? “The U.S. has had three coups if you count the 1st one as being Jekyll Island in November 1910, the 1st day of the meetings to create the federal reserve was on 11-22-10, whereafter the Jews took over America’s banking and monetary system in 1913. JFK was assassinated 53 years later on the anniversary of Israel’s earlier coup. President Kennedy had dared to attempt to take America back from the Jews. Any educated person whose thoughts have not been contaminated by the Jews should view Israel as the enemy of all mankind”. The above is pulled from VideoRebelsBlog and also featured today at FromtheTrenches.com. The federal reserve, JFK’s murder and 9-11, this is an extensive account on the truth of the reason our nation is set for planned destruction.

        • JFK was murdered by the 6 sides star Fed. Look up exexutive order EO-11110 – June 4TH 1963. He wanted to take the US off the FED Loan Shark Lending scheme and continue to link the dollar to silver for stability and control. He was murdered shortly after this order was issued. Then Pres Johnson played along and took the dollar off the silver standard. Lots of treason going on here. Thus pre 1964 silver coins. And thats who Obama is their shoe shine boy.

        • Maybe it is because using the word Jews, as in referencing to all of them is a negative viewpoint. What you and others should be using instead of Jews, is Zionist.

          as in The Zionist Movement

          Even the good Jews condemn this elitist group.
          They do not associate or recognize them for being Jewish.
          They know it is a radical movement and know how destructive they can be.
          What you say Aljamo is not completely wrong, the information you provide is very much accurate, except for labeling the movement as it being all of Jews fault when you should be using Zionist.

          • Something to think about, thanks.

      21. Bravo, aljamo ; Sad to say that you and I and people like us who have bothered to confront the truth will be the first to be murdered by that odd and strange tribe who have no limits to their hatreds! I’m confident, however, that we will leave this life honorably and on our feet.

      22. Copied & pasted from another article. “Meanwhile, three Alternative/Holistic Medical Doctors found dead under mysterious circumstances in a couple weeks’ time. Officially ruled as a suicide and freak tragedy murders, family members believe something foul is going on:

        In the past several weeks, a number of natural, holistic health doctors have died under mysterious circumstances. Two weeks ago, the string of mysterious deaths began when Dr. Jeff Bradstreet MD was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest.

        The police claim that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted and that the death was a suicide, however, Broadstreet’s family suspects foul play. Last week, members of the family set up a donation page “To find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play.

        Another death came on Fathers Day, June 21, when Dr. Bruce Hedendal DC Ph.D., of the Miami area, was found dead in his car with no explanation as to how it happened. As of right now, there are even fewer details about the circumstances surrounding Dr Hedendal’s death as there are about the death of Dr Broadstreet.

        To make matters even more suspicious, both doctors have had run-ins with the Feds due to their unconventional treatments, which had been known to be very effective and help people. In fact, just weeks before his death Bradstreet’s office was raided by the FDA.

        If two dead doctors in the same field, and same region of the country in such a short time-span was not suspicious enough, Dr. Teresa Sievers, another natural health doctor from Florida, also died under mysterious circumstances earlier this week. According to Sievers’ website, she also specialized in holistic health treatments. She was allegedly murdered by an unknown attacker in an upscale neighborhood that experiences very little crime.

        Each of these doctors were described as very healthy people with no major health problems, and no real reason for anyone to target them for murder, nor did they show any signs of depression. None of any of the family members believe the death of their loved one was suicide-related.”

        I think this vaccine researcher was probably set-up. He was possibly onto a cure for HIV and the Feds & Big Pharma didn’t like it so they set him up and accused him of fraud and locked him up so he couldn’t reveal a future cure. TPTB don’t want cures, they just want to make money. So far, in the past 25 years $89 billion has been poured into Cancer and HIV research and still no cure…$89 billion.

        • @ Common Cents ~ Thank you for your post.
          Yes, those deaths sound very suspicious.
          I have suspected, and others agree with me,
          that there IS a CURE for cancer.
          Look at Lance Armstrong, or Sharon Osborne, Ozzys wife.
          I believe if you have a ton of $, you will be cancer
          cured. If not, oh well…. lets reduce the masses some more…

        • @ Common Cents ~ Thank you for your post.
          Yes, those deaths sound very suspicious.
          I believe, and others agree with me,
          that there already has been a CURE for cancer for years.
          Look at Lance Armstrong, or, Sharon Osbourne.
          If one has a ton of $, they get cured of cancer.
          If one does not have a ton of cancer, oh well, more
          getting rid of the masses.

          • Thanks UpstateNYer. Yes, you’re right… there is a cure – for both HIV and cancer. That’s why you rarely, if ever, hear about a doctor undergoing Chemo. You may hear of a Nurse undergoing Chemo treatments, but not a doctor.

            In fact, yrs ago I cured my own cancer. The only people who believe me are those who are closest to me and saw for themselves. Cancer is actually caused by a parasite and several toxins, all of which weaken the immune system, not by big bad cancer cells. So, if you can strengthen your immune system, rid your body of the parasites that have taken over, as well as clean up the toxin build-up (takes 60 consecutive days) then it’s cured, and with no side effects.

            I have no background in health-care and I cured my own early-stage cancer yrs ago. I now use the same treatment plan to prevent it from recurring. It actually takes more willpower and dedication than money… although it is a bit costly. But they don’t want anyone to know about it.

            Doctors know this, which is why they don’t go through Chemo and we rarely hear of a doctor dying from AIDs. They aren’t allowed to tell patients the truth. Plus, it isn’t something that can be learned or explained in a doctor’s visit. Doctors also know most people will not stay on the treatment plan for the required 60 consecutive days, which is the main reason this ‘all-natural cure’ does not work for most people.

            So the doctors just use it on themselves as a preventative or as a cure. When was the last time anyone heard of a doctor (truthfully, not a made up bs story) getting Chemo?

            The plan is rigid and structured and requires enormous dedication, but they go off of it, and therefore aren’t cured. Anyway, cancer and HIV are big busine$$. A cure will surely put these greedy bastards out of business.

            • “It takes willpower.”

              VERY tough for me to eat healthy and lose weight. Beer eventually just made me sick, but so hard to leave that behind- been drinking beer all my adult life, it was like a good buddy went away.
              Most health issues fade away the more weight you lose, but man what a knockdowndragout fight.

            • CC…….The top three herbs you used would be ?????????

              Thanks! !

              • Cookin’ Mom – Sorry I didn’t see your reply until just now. I was cleaning out my email inbox and saw that I had a reply from you from almost 2 months ago that I had never noticed and therefore didn’t respond to. Again, sorry, I just didn’t see it. I reply to all.

                Hope you get this message since it’s almost 2 months old.

                Anyway to answer your ‘top three herbs question’, here it is.

                -BLACK WALNUT HULLS (from the black Walnut Tree – juglans nigra)

                -WORMWOOD (from the Artemesia Shrub – atremesi absinthum)

                -COMMON CLOVES (eugenia caryophyllata)

                SEE Dr Hulda Clark’s ‘Herbal Parasite Cleanse’ for details…or reply back here if you need more info. If I could cure my cancer, believe me, anyone can do it. You can order the herbs online, if you google her site.

                It takes more time and will power than money, although it’s not cheap.

                Although you should know my cancer (many yrs ago) was early-stage which could have made the difference, and I also do not smoke, drink or use drugs, which helps with the cure and I think all of this combined contributed to my success.

                Let me know if you need more info. I’ll check back. CC

      23. And then we have Global Warming and Climate Change studies.

      24. That’s OK. NONE of the scam artists behind ClimateGate I or II went to jail. Nor did Jon “I lost that $1.6 billion of other people’s money” Corzine or any of the Solyndra scamsters.

        Jail sentences in leftist America is just for the “little people.”

      25. All these assholes lighting off fireworks burning up all their $ I’m sitting on my front steps watching it all for free. Rockets and mortars sounds like a battle off in the distance. This is the most fireworks lit off by far ever around here.

      26. Asshat,was one of those assholes!I visited friends in a fairly well to do area with decent homes/2-3 acre lots.We and a bunch of other homes blew off all sorts of cool stuff!I have not seen it lite up like that in neighbourhoods for years.I believe that folks think may be last time to celebrate for awhile and thus living for today!My friends are prepped supply wise,just want their daughter to have a nice holiday in case the last forawhile.Many homes did not shoot off any but like you folks all gathered in their front yards to watch the festivities.Thus,am proud to be called a asshole!

      27. How do you stop getting every comment emailed to you? Please don’t email me every new comment. Thank you.

      28. wink anon ’76

      29. Hey Mac,how about telling the WHOLE story. The researcher spiked his test tube ingredients with RABBIT BLOOD. Thats why he was arrested and put in prison. Jackass was messing wityh real science. This is why I don’t come to this site,it is turning into a POS. Drudge Report is more beleivable than this site

        • Yep, is actually old news

        • Can you say CLICKBAIT?

      30. ps. i have an idea. let’s boycott dave hodges at common sense (he shows none.) tried to comment there, you know, to voice an opinion; but, if it’s contrary to his, he won’t allow it. click bait. fear porn, tis all.

        let’s be sensible!

        • The cray cray show

      31. I like the fireworks just not buying them they are expensive. But hey if you got the cake to do it what the hell. I’m a cheap bastard that’s all.


        great reveling video by david vose

        *warning – very graphic, not for those with weak stomach’s.



      33. The folks in Greece have voted,time for euro zone/imf central euro bankers to kiss ass or let Greece go,may be the domino to start the slide!
        To the folks in Greece,will be very tough,like in all countries pols lied to you about benefits and their affordability,you are going to have to take care of yourselves.Look though to Iceland for pointers,they are doing just fine now.Time to throw the shackles of bought out corp controlled govts.,one chain at a time!Wings of a butterfly,yeeeehah!

      34. Urban dwellers; a nice reliable smooth bore and favorite handgun should be your constant companion’s from now on for the foreseeable future! Rural folks; keep your favorite handgun and your choice of a rifle with you at all times, thing look to get very interesting soon. To all; you should also keep plenty ammo with you and have the rest within easy access for yours and your families safety.

      35. Who could trust Big pHARMa and all the poison they push on gullible people? They have the backing of the FDA and the government, just like the genetic food manufactuers do. Look at all the benefits, payoffs to elect and then reelect politicians who do their bidding, keeping the established medical establishment stocked with patients in a vicious repeating cycle of obscene murderous medical outcomes and profits. Apparently that amount isn’t enough, as these secret so called free trade deals grant the pill and vaccine pushers higher profits and less responsibility for the damages done by using their poisons. Same for GMO’s plus laws to make the at least 90% majority citizen opinions desire to label GMO’s against the law. The people’s voices are being ignored, now legally.

      36. Prepare yourselves the world just may have truly crossed The RUBICON.

        • Seems so. What good can you ever remember that has come from government decisions? The largest group of thieves and murderers ever. CRIME INC.

      37. The same crap is happening with global warming. But the global warming scam is too big to fail, so nobody will go to jail.

      38. The Greeks are playing the system for all it’s got. Everyone knows they will get bailed out because if not it will be ugly. They will throw $ at the problem this is my thinking. They are broke they still need $ someone will bail them probably the euro or the us gov. Wait and see if I’m wrong.

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