U.S. Is Staring At A Dollar COLLAPSE By The End Of 2021

by | Jun 3, 2021 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    People used to call those who could see the writing on the wall “crazy conspiracy theorists.” Now, major mainstream media outlets are reporting that the United States dollar could crash by the end of 2021.

    Honestly, I am surprised the dollar hasn’t crashed already.  It’s almost worthless in the sense that prices are skyrocketing and hyperinflation is right around the corner.

    The “seemingly crazed idea” that the US dollar will collapse against other major currencies in the post-pandemic global economy is not so crazy anymore, the economist Stephen Roach told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Wednesday. –Business Insider

    Some sites (not those in the mainstream) have been warning that the dollar will crash for years.  This is all a part of the plan. In order to convince the public to accept a digital dollar and fully tracked and traced centralized monetary system, the slaves have to experience a well-thought-out collapse of the current monetary system.

    The central banks will attempt a “non-military take over of the entire world.” If we want a permanent system of slavery set up globally, we could simply roll over and allow this digital dollar to actually happen. Instead, I ask that you wake up and realize what’s going on. They have propagated people into the system using the left vs. right paradigm lie, and I admit, I used to fall for it too.

    No human makes a rightful master and not human makes a rightful slave.  The crash of the U.S. dollar is necessary and will eventually happen.  Will it happen in the mainstream media’s timeline? Maybe, maybe not.  But people unable to feed their families will willingly submit to slavery and participate in the draconian system of totalitarianism just to get a can of corn.

    It’s time to fully realize what is going on and make the determination that we are not slaves. Anything less will result in those in power dominating those who are not. Stop giving these psychopaths power. Remove yourself from the system. A vote in this system for anyone is your consent to be governed. (The word governed comes from the Latin word meaning “to control.”  If you want to continue to be controlled, by all means, far be it from me to tell you otherwise. However, many simply want their freedom to live on this Earth without being a slave to anyone.

    The first step is to free your mind from the grip the ruling class has on it, right or left. Next, is to prepare and hone your critical thinking skills.  If your mind is still enslaved, critical thinking skills will be limited. No one is coming to save us, but we don’t need them to.  We need to save ourselves.


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      1. With all due respect Mac, articles like this are less than meaningful. Most already know these things. To just say critical thinking is required is BS – That solves nothing – thinking does nothing – what is required is ACTION. Only ACTION gets things DONE.
        What do you recommend the average joe do to prevent what appears tp be the inevitable??

        • The “average Joe” has no backup plan and still thinks the govt. will save them. They think they can vote their way out of this crap. They truly are nothing more than cattle being herded around with the promise of greener pastures. They will go along with whatever the govt./banks tell them. Be very careful who knows your business because when it all goes down they will turn into the biggest pack of RATS you can imagine! You will be sold out for a sandwich…

          • I consider myself an average Joe. I am a prepper. I have food/water/meds etc supplies.
            I have guns and lots of ammo for each of them.
            So what!! – I am better off than most of the sheeple BUT when shtf my stash will only last so long. Running into the woods and living off the land will be a treat for 76 year olds.
            My point is this. In reality, if we as a society are to SURVIVE ,we had best come up with a REAL doable plan to stop this communist administration. As I said ACTION NOT BS WORDS

            • Then you are NOT an average Joe. You are light years ahead of slow ol joe. By action what do you mean? Voting? Protesting? Writing letters? Sueing? Or go out and be a martyr for a bunch of retards?

            • Just a few ideas for action:
              How about some small conservative organization like say Oath
              Keepers starting a offshoot organization of just plain old American patriot citizens. They could begin tio ask for donations to support conservative causes.
              Another idea is to have a conservative billionaire start a cable conservative channel. Thought Trump might do this?

              We need leadership and cohesive organization.
              The libs have a lot in they’re favor.
              !00% unity, 100% MSM, 100% tech/social media support, 100% educational indoctrination, 95% Hollywood

              What do conservatives Have?
              Our forefathers and our constitution!

              • These are great ideas. The first thing we need is a platform that restores the constitution. I know there are those who think I am a joke or that I am joking but the Everyday Doctor Complex is the number one existential threat to humanity itself. Through their organizations and guilds they have usurped complete control over society and wiped their ass with the Bill of Rights. While we love to watch our pundits bloviate and promise that DOCTOR Fauci and others are going to prison don’t be fooled. None of the untouchables will ever pay for their crimes. Take heed people, the Everyday Doctor Complex Medical Order has created a totalitarian state in Canada that surpasses Hitler’s Third Reich. Xi Jin Ping of China can only look on and blush at control of the masses that has transpired under Trudeau. Make no mistake about it, they have you in their sights to stand on your neck for so much as a single empty .22 caliber ammo brass case.

              • Forgot to mention that we should be requesting with all fervor that our article writers and pundits make it known about the complicity of the everyday doctors in the creation of the tyranny we now live under.

                Not sure where the everyday doctors were during remedial history classes but Lessons from WW II: “I was just following orders” doesn’t cut it.

                2) that the third reich under German law at the time was lawfully committing atrocities doesn’t make it right. People can stlll be brought to trial. People have a responsibility to discern right from wrong. The further up they are in the food chain only makes their immoral acts the more egregious.

                3) if these lessons were not learned then all those who fought then fought for nothing.

              • The things you refer to as actions already exist and have for a long time. And you forgot the libs have 100% financial backing from the fed reserve banks… people you never heard of that have more wealth than anyone you have heard of. The authors of the book that is playing out before your eyes. Bend over and get used to it sorry…

        • 100%
          Articles like this are just confirmation bias for most. Maybe 20% of the readers are new?
          At the very least the writer could direct newcomers to websites that will give you direction (homesteading, prepper sites, ect..)

        • I am a genius; all whom meet me in person come to know this quickly, suddenly.

          If we experience a sudden, systemic failure of the power grid, there is zero, zilch, nada hope for this (once) beautiful place of ours. It’s very simple to understand. It’s inarguable. Systemic failure of the “status quo” will inexorably lead to nuclear armageddon, and our beautiful blue planet will be radiologicaly sterilized down to the very last AMOEBA. It’s inevitable. It may in fact, without any further NPP (nuclear power plant) deflagrations (blowing the fugg – up), be in motion from the multiple General Electric designed boiling water reactors in Fukushima, Japan that are 10+ years raging open environment nuclear volcanoes. It’s the greatest environmental catastrophe in world history, the greatest deceit ever conjured by man out of the depths of hell.

          I’ve said previously that prepping is a admirable and prudent thing. Your chances of “outlasting” the majority are (marginally) better than no foresight/planning. The long term prognosis, however is the same. Our stewardship of this miracle place of ours has been abhorrent, antithetical for continued life, love… We have (literally) fugged ourselves right into oblivion.

      2. Critical thinking is all but extinct. The masses of morons are incapable of even grasping it. If thats what it takes to stop all this then we are DOOMED!

      3. If you can, pay off your debts, or at least your worst one with highest interest rate before the end of the year. Then save what you can and buy food storage.

        When the dollar collapses, that means the Weimar Republic example —a loaf of bread, which cost 250 marks in January 1923, had risen to 200,000 million marks in November 1923 from excessive printing creating money they didn’t have nor could ever pay back.

        This is what the Biden administration/Fed is doing. The fake Covid 19 plandemic didn’t plan out the way they wanted it to collapse the economy, BLM Marxist movement is losing steam, and the woke cancel culture is just nonsense, so they are trying to destroy it in other means with creating another crisis–

        • Max out your credit card.

      4. So many of the sheep seem to have some self imposed chains around their necks.
        These chains appear to be made of titanium and no matter what the rest of us do to help them or warn them – they seem to really relish being controlled and no amount of critical thinking will help these people as they have already been lost.
        It is so very sad and so very depressing and unfortunately
        it is also very true.☹️

      5. Freedom or Slavery…

        Freedom is a fallacy….for those who say they believe in the Lord God Almighty, those who have been redeemed by Christ and bought with His blood…you were once a slave to sin and now you have been freed from sin and enslaved to God.

        From Slavery to Slavery – Romans 6:20-22

        For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. Therefore what benefit were you then deriving from the things of which you are now ashamed? For the outcome of those things is death. But now having been freed from sin and enslaved to God, you derive your benefit, resulting in sanctification, and the outcome, eternal life (Romans 6:20-22).

        For those of you who do not know the Christ as Lord and Savior….you by this very verse, still enslaved to sin….

        Even your so called freedom in this physical world… is an illusion. You are a slave to something …try quitting your job, try not paying the car or cc payments…even if you quit your job and stop paying your bills and live on the street, you are a slave to your body…for you must eat and drink…and if you die and don’t know the Lord Jesus in faith, you will die in your sin and be cast in to hell…

        We are all slaves to something….as the old man Bob Dylan once said…ya gotta serve someone….

      6. Typo?

        “No human makes a rightful master and not human makes a rightful slave.”

        Did you mean to say that no_human makes a rightful slave?

        I can keep myself productive and happy, with relatively little.

        Most people have too much time and resources.

      7. I’m new to prepping. Very new. But sometimes I wonder if I’m being paranoid because who really is this so called ruling class and what would the slavery they seek look like? To me, it seems we are already slaves. Our government has full control over us all NOW. Can someone please give me some insights as to what I’m actually prepping for?? I have started a garden this year. Stockpiling rice and beans and vitamins and antibiotics. Trying to figure out water collection mechanisms here on my small back yard. Bought guns and ammo. And more guns and ammo. But I don’t know when this would ever be needed and I feel kinda crazy for prepping without fully even knowing why. But my gut or my angels tell me… prep girl. Shits gonna hit the fan!

        • Shoot yourself with the last bullet.

        • @anonymous,
          Trust your gut and figure it out as you go:) If anyone hasn’t noticed the changes happening to our Country, they live under a rock. Most preppers have one major concern and prep towards that event- times have changed though and it’s best to prep in all area’s. My fear has always been a grid down situation and thankfully that has served me well over the last year. You have meds, garden, extra food and self defense. It’s a great start! Add in medical, go-bags, toiletries, canned water, seeds, etc. then inventory your supplies and set goals. Example: you have 3 weeks of food and water, then set a goal of 6 weeks, then 3 months, 6 months, etc.
          prepping isn’t a guarantee of survival, it just gives you the chance to outlast the hard times coming our way. Prep things you want to eat, things you use every day. The shortages and chaos we are dipping our toes into now will become more extreme moving forward. If you have kids involve them so it doesn’t scare them when the changes come. Every member of your family should prep towards their strengths. I hope some of this helps and just keep moving forward and ignore what the majority think as they are going to have a hard time. This article highlights the problems but doesn’t offer any basic tips, which is what this site is all about. Good luck!

          • Thanks, TST. Indeed, good advice.

        • Anonymous, why prep? How about these possibilities: 1) Natural disaster survival (Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, etc.), 2) Govt. tyranny (How far will you & those close to you allow your own govt. or others to steamroll everything dear to you?, 3) Depopulation efforts (ideas presented by Bill Gates, George Soros, & others), etc.

          • I’m in hurricane alley and have always prepped for natural disasters with generator and stuff like that. I’m referring in my post to the long term type prepping in case of a societal collapse or globalist takeover. But I don’t get a sense that my preps or plans will hold up in that sort of disaster. I can’t see it in my mind’s eye and as a result can’t gauge my preparedness. What in the world would this crisis look like? As I said, I already think the government controls everyone including their money. To your second point, I don’t think I’ll stand by and let anyone take my weapons for example. But what am I against the US Gubment? I’d just go to jail or be shot. Uggg

            • Marycontrary, we have great historic examples of societal collapse. Venezuela, or was it Argentina, provided a recent example of economic collapse. You can find plenty of examples from history (Weimar Republic, Irish potato famine, many examples from Africa, etc.)

              WATER – 3 days until catastrophe. FOOD – 3 weeks until catastrophe. SHELTER – depends on location.

      8. Then these sheep will be the first to go in a great die off….

      9. If things go sour, it will be for everyone but the elite.

        There is nothing that you can actually do about it since that is the way it is planned, and being prepared for anything other than short term situations is actually meaningless since that can and will be ripped out from under you to make sure you are nothing more than one of the masses.

        Get used to the idea, there is no way to prepare for or avoid it, and decide in advance how you will respond to it when it reaches you.

        • This is my fear. My little stockpiles won’t save me.

        • @anonymous,
          People will always survive, and not just the elite. Prepping is not a guarantee, but it puts you ahead of the pack and sometimes that’s all you need. We can’t control what we are going to be facing, but we can prepare ourselves in many ways for a fighting chance. If you have a family, you have a responsibility to protect them and throwing up your hands and saying there is nothing we can do is not an option. You are right about not being able to avoid what’s coming our way, we are all going to pay a price, but giving up before the fight is insanity. The bleeding has already begun and there are hard times ahead and I know there are plenty of people out there, young and old, willing to contribute in any way possible to not only survive, but rebuild this Country.

      10. Off topic;

        Must say that it’s SO REFRESHING to see almost 20 comments posted, but NONE of the comments posted are encyclopedias of incoherent rants,and umpteen duplicate posts.

      11. Living off hoarded preps isn’t survival its enduring. If the grid goes down and stays down. I very soon becomes stone age. However If you can last 1 year you will have outlived 90% of the people on the planet. Game will abound. domestic livestock will become wild. Big predator animals from the zoos will be in the wild also. So I think prep for Stone Age. If it don’t happen that just tham much better. Find a cave that bont need heat or air cond. If you cant build a Hogan that is for the most part buried in the ground. Or a Hobbit house. Fill 100 pound bottles with LP. you can cook without smoke. The goal should be to ensure you and yours make the first year. That first year there will be no gardening. You endure that first year on hoarded preps. Nope you don’t go hunting or trying to barter you must hide from bad folks and desperate folks who would kill you for what you might have.

        • Interesting points. For the scenario you describe, wouldn’t there be some sort of marshal law or government control? Where do you see the government in that first year and beyond?

          For those of us living in suburbia, hunkering down in the house seems like the way to go rather than venturing off into the wild to build a hogan house. I have little ones. But, I think maybe some underground safe room would be feasible in the back yard. I’m in Florida so sand and water would be the challenge. There’s not much dirt or clay to speak of.

          Lastly, would you recommend converting diesel trucks to LP? People will quickly run out of fuel. Or maybe the solar truck… not sure that’s a thing yet. Then again, where would we need to go? Walmart won’t be open. Ha!

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