U.S. Government Says It Owns Everyone’s THOUGHTS, Calling It “Cognitive Infrastructure”

by | May 29, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    The fight is on to hold the United States government responsible for colluding with social media companies to censor Americans’ free speech rights online.

    Missouri v. Biden, which was filed on May 5, 2022, has been taking quite the trip through the court system. It was amended three separate times, most recently to add an amendment that transforms the case into a class action suit due to the sheer number of Americans impacted by the government’s crimes.

    Uncover DC has been tracking the case, offering play-by-play details about what has been happening with the case over the past year. The plaintiffs, including the states of Missouri and Louisiana, pushed for expedited discovery to obtain a limited set of evidence and depositions from certain individuals.

    “They argued that this evidence would allow them to make the case for a temporary injunction to stop the government from infringing on the first amendment rights of Plaintiffs and their citizens,” Uncover DC reported.

    The judge granted the motion for expedited discovery and depositions, prompting a fight between the government and the judge, in this case, Judge Terry Doughty. In short, the defendants want to stop all discovery and certain plaintiffs from being deposed.

    (Related: In 2021, a Missouri court declared that the Wuhan coronavirus [Covid-19] mandates and restrictions imposed by “the whims of public health bureaucrats” are illegal.)

    Is Missouri v. Biden the reason why the deep state is trying to ram through the RESTRICT Act?

    In its argument against expedited discovery and depositions, the government tried to claim that forcing government workers to sit for lengthy depositions is inappropriate, especially for the head of CISA, who was summoned.

    Fortunately for the plaintiffs, Judge Doughty disagreed, forcing the CISA head, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and other alleged co-conspirators to sit down and tell all about what they did to deprive Americans of their First Amendment rights.

    Psaki, as you may recall, made threats to social media companies straight from the podium, which prompted her to be deposed. She then left her White House position, conveniently.

    Over and over again, the government has lost every single time so far in Missouri v. Biden. And it appears as though Americans may finally be winning, at least in the sense that we can now see what has really been going on behind closed doors.

    Tony Fauci, at one point, was also deposed. This prompted the government to try to seal all depositions and videos, claiming that government “employees” were being threatened – though it could provide no such proof to back this claim.

    Meanwhile, it was revealed throughout this process that CISA has categorized people’s “thoughts” as being part of the government’s infrastructure – meaning the government believes it owns whatever activity takes place inside your head.

    This is the argument the government tried to use to justify its illegal invasion of people’s online privacy and speech. Were it not for the expedited discovery and depositions, we would not know that CISA has an entire designation for the public’s thoughts that it calls “cognitive infrastructure.”

    The government has tried again and again to delay the inevitable by postponing the case, which the judge refused to do; by obfuscating the truth; and by trying to ram through the so-called “TikTok bill,” or the RESTRICT Act, which seems to be on the fast track precisely because of Missouri v. Biden.

    “It is because they need Congress to approve their actions here – this lawsuit is going to make it so they can’t function,” writes Tracy Beanz for Uncover DC about the matter.

    The U.S. government wants to control everything you do, say, and think. To learn more, visit Globalism.news.


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