U.S. Border Agents Use Tear Gas Against “Rock-Throwing” Migrants

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    Some United States border patrol agents have used tear gas on migrants who were reportedly throwing rocks in Tijuana, just south of San Diego.  However, some witnesses say the gassing of those on the southern border was unwarranted.

    The authorities say they repelled an attack by “violent” rock-throwers by using tear gas, according to a report by RT. In footage provided by Reuters, a man is seen picking up and throwing a tear gas canister back over the barrier while a group of Spanish-speaking migrants cheers and whoops loudly. As the cloud drifts closer to those gathered, migrants can be seen covering their faces and fleeing, with some choking on the fumes.

    The incident took place on New Year’s Eve, with migrants telling Reuters that they expected security to be lax during the first night of 2019 due to celebrations.

    However, it turned out not to be the case: as the migrants prepared to climb the fence, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents retaliated with tear gas and arrested 25 people, including two teenagers. –RT

    In its statement following the incident, USCBP (United States Customs and Border Protection) said that the volleys were not aimed at migrants attempting to cross the border illegally but at those throwing rocks at the agents who attempted to prevent the agents from helping the children being dropped over the border fence, according to numerous sourcesBorder Patrol agents witnessed members of the group attempt to lift toddler sized children up and over the concertina wire and having difficulty accomplishing the task in a safe manner,” the statement said. “Agents were not in a position to safely assist the children due to the large number of rocks being thrown at them.”

    The deployments were not directed at the migrants attempting entry on the U.S. side or at the fence line, the agency insisted. They dispersed “smoke, pepper spray, and CS gas to a position upwind of the rock throwers.” USCBP also argued that none of the crossing migrants, including children, suffered from the effects of the gas dispersed, as the targeted perpetrators stood further away from the fence.

    A witness cited by Reuters said he did not observe any rocks being hurled at the agents, but saw a migrant being hit by an object that looked like a gas canister. According to RT, The Department of Homeland Security spokesperson Katie Waldman accused a violent mob of migrants of “attacking” the border patrol force with “projectiles,” saying the agents used the minimum force necessary” to thwart the attack on the border and defend themselves. USCBP estimated that about 150 migrants attempted to sneak into the United States illegally during the incident.


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      1. F the tear gas use LEAD!!

        • I’ve got a better idea. Use that skunk spray the occupiers in Palestine spray on the Palestinians.?

        • Really Siyo.. what the heck is wrong with this picture? The border officers run out of .50 cal or something? These are invaders; not, immigrants. Someone once told me that at least one Chinaman died while building their great wall. Maybe we ought to mortar our own ‘bricks’ with the bones of those who’d enter our nation illegally.

      2. Someone official needs to start video documentation of these incidents, someone that can document it all, to justify them and prove they are legitimate defensive measures.

        Just claiming large numbers of rocks being thrown is less convincing (to critics) than claiming large numbers of rocks being thrown and showing video of it to prove it.

      3. They meant to say, “rock throwing invaders”.

      4. Try THE M79 OR M-203

      5. I forget…what was it again that Trump said about rock throwing?

      6. I would replace tear gas with White Phosphorous.

        • Tucker, I was going to say ‘shoot them’ but I like your idea better.

        • No !!!!!


      7. This is why we need a wall! Stop these criminals from coming here! They have no respect for anything. BUILD THE WALL!!!!!

        • Sam Adams, LOL. Thanks for that song. Fits the chimps to a T. Blaming white people for their problems. Never take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. Useless people all around.

      8. Ronald Reagan once famously quipped that “Latinos are Republicans. They just don’t know it yet.”

        This administration brags about their good jobs numbers, will gladly give white status and resources away to the ‘baby Republicans’ as we become ever more crowded and you wait for your lucky break.

        On one of these endless police shows, an agent admits to being an anchor baby. They torment Anglos 100mi, from the physical border — apparently in good standing with the Republicans.

        Why have you assumed that this was identity politics, and you identify with the border agents.

        • 1/3 of Latinos seem to be voting Republican. I honestly don’t care as long as they are legal citizens. I don’t care about such silliness like ethnic origin like some of you as I don’t see bigotry supported in the Bible.

          If someone is a stand up guy and patriotic and Christian, they can be a Martian for all I care.

          • If you were not in fear of racial replacement, by design, why does partisanship, borders, or religion matter. Weren’t there enough critical resources, for everyone, regardless?

      9. The mere fact the invaders were at the border is enough to warrant tear gas use. They should get the 25 pound CS gas pots from the military,,, last long time and very very EFFECTIVE for larger areas if strategically set up where down wind effects are maximized and covering lower lying ground where it will set and concentrate and deny those areas for use.having been exposed to just one in my career…it’ll make you pretty unhappy pretty quick.

        • Like Tucker suggested, use white phosphorous on them. They get exposed to that one time and they won’t come back for a ‘second helping’.

          • Some time soon, an unapologetic fatality inducing defense will HAVE to be mounted. End of story. The invasion will never stop until the USA is just another socialist failed shithole…. Ahem socialist utoptia everyone will be running away from as well. But that need nevr happen if the fucking cowardly american people would just goddamn defend their borders and homeland. If they wont, they deserve the socialist raping that is coming.. But sadly no, the courage and spine needed for that to happen is gone forever, so the cucked states will deserve its fate. Fuck em if they wont stand and fight. Hope they get fucked like history has never seen before.

            • You seem upset elsewhere about the long mod times.

              Disqus is the issue much of the time. If you put in the same email address, most things will post. Certain words offend either Disqus liberal sensibilities or the site can have censored words.

              Now the weird thing is sometimes the moderation comment shows up, which Mac then has to read and allow, or strangely enough, sometimes whole posts seem to just disappear, then get posted 24 hours later. This happened to me recently and posted as anonymous regardless that I had put in the same name and email and ip address. Who knows what the issue is? I largely blame Disqus.

              It also could be a tablet issue as I’m using an aging tablet instead of a pc/laptop.

              • I offer comments on many forums that WILL Not be widely accepted or palatable. But I do make it a point to couch them at the topic and are readily apparent to people through observation to prove what I point out to be true, even if a person has to expend a little effort on their own to see it for themselves, AND do so without applying their brainwashed and programmed filters to see the obvious reality. Religion has been proving to me to be a power group (organized religion of any stripe) horse blinders to compliance to THEIR targeted agendas. Being moderated here (EVERY SINGLE POST NOW) I can virtually prove to be based on my email address ALONE, therefore the moderator message is a provable LIE, see also Macs answers to my complaint. Quite telling actually. I expect that “tolerance” by approving my posts, to end fairly soon as I am drawing too much uncomfortable attention to it.

                My message is simple. Drop the programming and brainwashed agendas and use your own eyes and experience and SEE the actual reality instead of coloring it all with unsubstantiated belief and taboo and bias.

                • Yet, every single one of your comments that Disqus sent to “pending” is being approved manually by the admin.

                  • Right at the moment, im your best sales person and marketing youve ever had. I could be accused of false flagging this moderating nonsense simply because of the morbid curiosity of posters to the exchanges. Disqus has a specific marketing strategy to “3ngag3” your users and posters…. But then I would also have to lie like a flea ridden dog and say thats my motivation. I again point people to find the answers at disqus 3ngag3. And the Website operators Disqus console…the longer you let me post the more money you make… Catch 22,mac. Cant ban the golden hen that keeps laying your nest egg.


        ht tps://youtu.be/YcR6xQ0Ohw8

      11. ht tps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-03/more-troops-be-deployed-southern-us-border-will-build-160-miles-fencing
        The Chief Executive is deploying troops to the southern border and they willbuild 160 miles of fencing.

        • This fencing will be in the California and Arizona region of the border. California is hard hit by H1N1 influenza A and Arizona is hard hit with H3N2 a totally different strain. One hypothesis is these are coming in via the vector of illegal aliens. Research is almost conclusive that the 2008-2009 influenza pandemic started in Mexico.

          Watch influenza in Mexico carefully as multiple ethnic groups from various countries are congregating there as entrance into the USA is limited. We already have seen both tuberculosis and influenza in the children who are illegal aliens in this group.

          This alone should lbe used to prevent ANY illegal aliens from coming in due to contagion.

      12. We need to have a “million man conservative” march on DC. Maybe that would give the idiots in “power” an idea of how we view BORDER SECURITY. I hope people nationwide will call chuck and nancy’s office. What? They aren’t your representive? They are still supposed to do what is best for OUR COUNTRY. Call them anyway. I bet a million or so phone calls would tell them what we really think of their stupidity. All of them.

        • Won’t work, they will ignore you like they already doo. A million angry moron white men showing up wont change anything, as they don’t have the spine to FORCE a change as that requires responsibility and courage and self sacrifice they wont commit to. the USA is waiting for a magical mystical “cavalry” to come riding to their rescue and just GIVE IT BACK TO THEM..Ain’t gonna happen because their is no such thing. Kiss you alleged FREEDOM goodbye, because their is no stomach nor spine left to fight for it and possibly die for them. Just a loud crowd of verbal surrender monkees. they don’t even throw turds, who the f*k is scared of that?

      13. These people are illegal alien invaders-plain and simple. They are not “migrants”, they are not “undocumented persons”, or whatever the hell crooked politicians want to call them. They are nothing less than criminals-period! Therefore, border control agents should shoot-to-kill as they blatantly defy U.S. laws, and try to enter the country for the simple task of sucking taxpayers dry. Maybe if the Southern border has a pile of illegal alien dead bodies laying around, Mexico, and other Latin American countries will realize the United States means business. Oh, I am sorry, I probably offended someone with such a comment, who thinks that they should get everything for free, simply for breaking the law. In which case, they should head right to the halls of Congress, instead.

      14. How about flame throwing vs rock throwing?

      15. I continue to believe the Catholic church is PRO illegal immigration. Be what it may, there are latino infidels, peep in ill health and others in the mix, the Catholic church needs the money. If not for latinos, the Catholic church in the USA would be in trouble. Follow the money.

      16. Why obscure the view? A minefield would be an effective deterrent.

      17. Dropping toddlers over the fence? BP needs to start arresting people for child abuse. Then we shall see what the MSM has to say

      18. If Illegal INVADERS are attempting to enter and or “storm” the border, that is what rounds of 7.62x51mm are GREAT for!!

        • Fear of real permanent painful consequences will end the border nonsense very quickly. But America has no spine or stomach for it… So turning into a socialist shithole… Ahem… Utopia is their choice. The invaders dont care, they are running away from their utopia like a locust plague to take our resources away from us…. Our country, if only we wod fight to keep it… But no.

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