Tyson Foods Announces Partnership With An Insect Processing Company

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    Tyson Foods has announced that it will partner with an insect-processing company in order to build an insect-processing plant to add bugs to its food-like products. Tyson Foods has reached an agreement for a twofold investment with Protix, an insect ingredients company dedicated to putting bugs in human “foods.”

    The mainstream media has been trying to convince the slave class to eat bugs and be ok with it for several years. Outlets like Vox have made sure to make bugs look appetizing while Climate Depot celebrated Tyson Foods’ partnership with Protix. 

    The investment is intended to support the growth of the emerging insect ingredient industry and expand the use of insect ingredient solutions to create more efficient sustainable proteins and lipids for use in the global food system.

    Through a direct equity investment, Tyson Foods will acquire a minority stake in Protix to help fund its global expansion. In addition, Tyson Foods and Protix have entered a joint venture for the operation and construction of an insect ingredient facility in the continental U.S. Upon completion, the companies say it will be the first at-scale facility of its kind to upcycle food manufacturing byproducts into high-quality insect proteins and lipids which will primarily be used in the pet food, aquaculture and livestock industries. –Climate Depot

    Vox writer   wrote: As humans gradually realize we need to cut back on traditional meat consumption for the sake of the planet, eating bugs — primarily crickets and mealworms — has become a buzzy, green alternative.

    But do we need to cut back on meat? Or do we need to eliminate “foods” that are not fit for human consumption?

    EAT BUGS AND BE HAPPY: EU Authorities Approve Crickets, Mealworms in Food

    The push to eat insects is continuing even though most humans cannot stomach the idea still and the propaganda doesn’t seem to be helping anyone accept that bugs are food for us.


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