Tyrant Billionaire Wants Massive Government “Testing and Tracing” Program

by | May 13, 2020 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    It sure would be nice if the tyrants would just say what they mean.  The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, who happens to be a billionaire, wants everyone tracked and traced before people are “allowed” to have even a semblance of their lives back.  But it’s all to help the economy, of course.

    A massive government program to employ a large number of people to track and trace their fellow Americans sounds disturbingly like Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  But nothing that comes out of the mouths of power-hungry billionaires surprises me anymore. Cuban is calling for mass surveillance, and it appears that he would probably support H.R. 6666, the mass surveillance bill that would “allow” agents of the ruling class to come to your house if they think anyone might be sick.

    “This is not like the recessions of the past, even the Great Recession, where we had time to allow entrepreneurs just to create enough businesses or create enough jobs,” Cuban said. “We’re down 30 million-plus jobs in two months.” Ignoring the fact that it was the government who destroyed the economy, the entrepreneur and host on ABC’s Shark Tank said he would support federal or state government work programs on an “intermediate basis,” noting that the creation of these temporary jobs “buys us time” while the country attempts to regain normalcy in the job market. He argued that consumer spending will be what revitalizes the economy but that people need to have income in order to spend, according to a report by The Washington Examiner. 

    Americans Are Too “Idiotic To See How Enslaved They Are” Even As the Gates of Hell Open Up

    “We may have to go to jobs programs like we did in the ‘30s, which would make perfect sense for like tracking, and tracing, and testing where we train healthcare workers to do that and create 2 or 3 million jobs,” Cuban said.

    “Create jobs where people who can’t get out of the house for whatever reason … hiring people from AmeriCorps or Peace Corps and paying them and training them to work with those people, particularly the elderly,” he continued. “We need to create jobs that people have confidence in because we need them to spend that money. We need them to be consumers.” –The Washington Examiner

    Does this sound familiar? This exactly what the mainstream media and most TV “programming” is doing already:

    At least we can thank Cuban for showing his true colors.  He doesn’t want anyone helped.  He wants us to submit to totalitarian and authoritarian enslavement where we can do two things: consume and obey.

    Don’t let any tyrants get away with any of this.  Remember who wants you to be controlled by others and remember those who blindly followed the orders to obey and track their fellow humans like they are cattle.  We need to stand up to this tyranny.  We are not dogs or sheep.  We are not cattle that need to be tracked and microchipped so the ruling class can do with us what they will.  We are human beings and until we demand to be treated as such, they will continue to stomp the boots down on our throats.

    Mark Cuban On AI: ‘If You Don’t Think A Terminator Will Appear, You’re CRAZY!’

    These people will push as far as we allow. So far, not enough Americans have stood up.  Most realize what’s going on, but most are content to follow orders and “not make any waves.”


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      1. As long as they are only tracking and testing Bill and Melinda Gates and Mark Cuban, and are paid for only by Bill Gates, and Mark Cuban, who can easily afford to pay 3 million people, I am ok with the idea.

      2. This is the guy who claims to be an admirer of Ayn Rand yet oddly supported Hillary C. for President, what a contradiction. And publicly called Pres. DT an obscene word. He appears to be just another billionaire who wants authoritarianism for the goyim masses, who sees people as merely as serving the purposes of the super wealthy. Freedom loving individuals don’t want forced vaccines, to be tracked and traced, to be micro-chipped against our will, to show our papers every time we leave our house, and generally forced to live with limited options and conditional rights. For G*D’S sake, will the Amer. people please stop acting like sheep!

      3. A cell phone is a lfe threatening toxic ball and chain, big nanny nazi! 

        Go ahead! Microwave yourselves with your cell phones! Micro-waves cook by vibrating molecules! 5G vibrates water molecules at the high end of the frequency range! 

        A government and mafia microwave, spy device, and theft device all in one, and you only have to pay hundreds of dollars, plus monthly user fees, for the government and digital mafia to spy on you, steal from you, and cook you to death!

        Now is the best time to ditch your cell phone! 

        Like a miniature version of Hansel and Gretel!

        From Big Brother to BIG NANNY! 

        Contract tracing is the most disgusting display of government over-reach, 4th amendment rights abuse, HIPPA law violations,
        government harrassment, and waste fraud and abuse in government spending that does not produce anything but
        BIG NANNY NAZIS and a creepy, disgusting, stalker zone for mentally incometent losers! 

        This was RICHARD WOLF’S  idea, from AMHERST UNIVERSITY so you know WHO to blame in addition to the DIGITAL MAFIA ( for which this is a new division of ), BILL GATES, and MARK CUBAN! 

        I completely understand the need for jobs to be created, but the fact of the matter is, that Bill Gates could easily afford to hire millions of people without government subsidies, so could Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Warren Buffet, as well as many others whose personal networth just sky rocketed as a result of the robbery that took place while everyone was under house arrest! 

        Trump said that he was going to plant a trillion trees, which he would definitely require help with, so have the nincumpoops do something that benefits society! I refer to them as nincumpoops not because they are unemployed, but because they would be willing to become BIG NANNY NAZIS! 

        DITCH YOUR PHONE, or expect to be harrassed by contract tracers, asking everywhere that you went and met, as if everyone would remember in detail a month later, or whenever! As if it is any of their business! Think of the information swept up that could be private and personal that a complete stranger, as well as the government is not entitled to demand knowledge of! Even that would place healthcare workers in violation of HIPPA violations! If a healthcare worker contracted the virus, and a BIG NANNY NAZI would be required to get all of their patients names, in violation of HIPPA! That is just one example out of countless others that are none of their GOD DAMNED business! 

        So in New York City, or a large metro area, people may come in contact with hundreds of people a day that have the virus, on side walks, public transportation, work, school, restaurants, so would they get hundreds of calls for everyone that they may have passed on the side walk? 

        Oh, and if you don’t talk to them, they can post it on social media! So now they also get access to your social media accounts?! This is sick as hell! This is just because the governmemt wants people’s social media accounts! And the Digital Mafia WANTS them to have it, so that when they get shut down, the government will be blamed, and not the Digital Mafia that sold all of your data! 

        Furthermore, this does not solve anything! 

        If people don’t feel well, they will do what they decide to do! 

        This will not make society healthier in any way at all! 

        The entire concept of it is sick, insane, creepy, stalker like, disgusting, grotesque, disturbed, demented, illogical, wasteful, pointless, retarded, and a total pain in the ass! 

        Richard Wolf claims to be an economist, and pretends to be a professor of economics, who obviously does not understand the first thing about economics! 

        He should be fired! Is that the best idea that the demented idiot can come up with for jobs? 

        Call Amherst University and demand the firing of Richard Wolf!

        This is just a CYA psy-op for the digitl mafia for the fact that they have sold people’s data! 

      4. paraphrased —
        ‘We [3%’ers] are not dogs or sheep. We are not cattle that need to be tracked and microchipped so the ruling class can do with us what they will. We are human beings and until we demand to be treated as such, they will continue to stomp the boots down on our throats.’

        I felt that the 97%’ers generally need to be tested and traced, as an essential component of their emotional framework.

        Anarchism is only a temporary status between petty tyrannies.

        Worker/drones will revert to the mean, after a stampede.

        The ratio of followers versus instigators, in the human ecosystem, is comparable to flocks, herds, and hives of other social species.

        Contenders have not accounted for crowd psychology, in which relative comfort and security is valued far above personal freedom. Some masochist cultures will even value the sacrifice, for it’s own sake, with no re-payment in-kind from any social contract — like proper cultists.

        Enlightenment concepts of free agency fail, when they acknowledge and appreciate their daily ration.

      5. There is a long list of billionaires (among other numerous official and “elitest” entities) who are ardent supporters of the deep State, and all in for authoritarian rule in the US. Furthermore, many openly and actively support and fund NGOs and “civil rights” organizations that undermine traditional Christian culture and European heritage is the US and Europe. They want open borders and unchecked illegal immigration, support sanctuary cities and states, and fund the elections of those who work towards these same goals. They want socialism with an emphasis on obedience for citizens, with wealth, privilege and power reserved for the tiny elite.
        They’re not doing this for you, it’s for them, they’re not billionaires and power mongers because of altruism. Rather, they despise you. It’s all about curtailing rights and the standard of living for the mass of free citizens, to convert citizens into controlled consumers (sheep) to make it possible to maintain a class of power hungry billionaires and “elites”. Notice people are often referred to as consumers rather than citizens, as a consumer one doesn’t have political rights.
        Many have actually openly stated a need for a new Constitution, and a total revision of civil rights. Meanwhile, our police state can get around our Constitutional rights by declaring emergencies. They use false flags and mass hoaxes to manipulate for popular support of more restrictive “measures”. For example, they may say “there is no restriction for you to move about, only you must let the State implant a micro-chip with your “vaccine”. Or they may simply say they require a greater presence in your home or family, but it’s to “help you”. Or you can own a gun, but you have to get permission from the state, it has to be kept in an inaccessible place, disassembled, locked with a trigger guard, unloaded, and any use of it at all will be deemed illegitimate by the state. This is making your rights conditional – period. Unfortunately, bread and circuses are keeping too many people pacified and sedate.These same deep-State individuals will no doubt exempt themselves and their families from all these “measures”
        In Russia, it happens to be just the opposite. Putin, his gov’t, and many Russian billionaires are deeply promoting and funding pro-family, traditional, pro-national, pro-Orthodox Christian programs. In, fact Putin’s gov’t has helped restore and build more than 25,000 churches since the year 2000.
        There are two main reasons why the deep State neo-cons “elites” in the US hate Russia. Firstly, Russia is powerful, and can’t be bullied, and refuse to submit to our debauched culture and ideals. They won’t buckle to the goals of the West and Israel. This stops the deep State neo-cons “elites” cold in their lust for global control. The second reason why they hate Russia is because it is European and white, and rapidly re-establishing their Orthodox Christian identity and heritage.
        It’s curious, when the communist USSR existed there were many who sympathized with them and even supported them, but the same are now neo-cons who hate Russia since communism has been thrown off. These deep State “elites” now conduct massive propaganda campaigns against any country who won’t bend and buckle to corrupt goals.
        Because there are provocateurs occasionally writing comments on this site, and may attack this post, I’m not some Russian stooge, and don’t identify with them, just stating publicly known facts.
        These power hungry psychopaths want you to be educated enough and intelligent enough to only function technically in society, but not intelligent enough to see a bigger picture, or to see things in a philosophical way, where you could challenge the status quo. Any information that can empower citizens against the State is also withheld. Look how the MSM and social media control information. They literally have modern day commissars who decide how information is to be altered and released, if at all. While traveling overseas I could see information to Americans was heavily censored, and that we Amer.s are highly propagandized.

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