Tyranny Ends When We Say It Does, and That Time Is NOW With The Free Market

by | Apr 26, 2020 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    The totalitarians want us locked in our homes. They want us to not question them and mindlessly comply with the commands.  It’s not about health, it’s about control.  We have more power than we think and we can end it tyranny now and solve the pandemic at the same time.

    The truth is, we can end their control over us right now.  We just have to stop complying with it.  We need to allow the free market to make more solutions to this virus as governments have failed epically.

    This will get easier too, as more cops and military members refuse to force the elitists’ commands on us. As this movement grows, government power will erode. The sad truth is that we locked ourselves down by complying with tyranny. We did it to ourselves.  But the good news is that it’s easily reversed by disobeying and living free.

    Stop giving the mainstream media your time. Stop letting them take your livelihood. Stop asking permission to feed your family. When you free your mind and escape the mental prison the media and the government have put around you, you will be able to more clearly see exactly what’s going on.

    Land of the Free? Home of the Brave?

    They lied to us. They told us to live in fear in our homes and most of us complied. Until now. People are finally realizing that they don’t have live as slaves to the government or elitists, and cops are figuring out that their forcing of these human rights violations is putting them on the same side of history as Adolf Hitler’s Gestapo.


    The best way to fight the pandemic is by voluntary action, not government force. The Foundation for Economic Freedom wrote:

    It’s important to recognize how the private market has already stepped up to provide much-needed goods and services, and in a more efficient and cost-effective manner than the government ever could. And all without overly aggressive and unconstitutional government mandates. –FEE

    Sadly, a lot of Americans have bowed to government and further enslaved themselves while demanding others comply with their enslavement too.  But others have opened their eyes to the disaster that is government and why you should never let another human have power over your life.  Innovation and the free market and free people will be able to handle the next pandemic much better than any government and their totalitarian polices could ever contrive.

    One of the first products US stores ran short of after the crisis broke was hand sanitizer. In response, several large international distilleries began shifting production to alcohol-based hand gels instead of whiskey. According to Ann Mukherjee, a regional director for the North American division of Pernod Ricard SA, “I say to everyone on my team that a time of crisis is not what builds your character, it’s what reveals it.” –FEE

    The current situation has shown both the ingenuity of the free market and the harmfulness of many government burdens placed on private industry.

    Disobeying is going to become a way of life until no politician is left with any more power than any other person. Some people will remain blinded and submit to their slavery, but they won’t be able to enslave others with them. Once you are free, there is no going back. We can beat the pandemic and we can be free. And both of these can happen simultaneously the moment we realize it and the moment we go about our lives disregarding the immoral commands of the ruling class.


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      1. Although the abuses by the Indian government on Kashmiris has been barbaric, sanctioning India should not be done and will amount to a minumental humanitarian crisis since 68% of Indians live in poverty, in contrast to the BDS movement, 24% of Israelis live in poverty and 21% of Israelis are Muslims that are not allowed to own businesses involved in international exports.

        The population of India is 1.38 billion and the population of Israel is 8.84 million.

        To apply the same tactics to the two countries is not in accordance with humanitarian principles or goals. It is an apples to oranges comparison.

      2. Although the abuses by the Indian government on Kashmiris has been barbaric, sanctioning India should not be done and will amount to a minumental humanitarian crisis since 68% of Indians live in poverty, in contrast to the BDS movement, 24% of Israelis live in poverty and 21% of Israelis are Muslims that are not allowed to own businesses involved in international exports.

        The population of India is 1.38 billion and the population of Israel is 8.84 million.

        To apply the same tactics to the two countries is not in accordance with humanitarian principles or goals. It is a water mellon to raisins comparison.

      3. We are standing up in Georgia! Even when Gov Kemp had a “lock down’ it actually boiled down to maintaining social distance of 6 feet. My wife and I are elderly and have been minding our distance but have been going on nice drives. Going to state parks. Eating out with take-out and picnicking in church or shopping mall parking lots. No one is stopping any of this.

        As we open up our economy I have already seen people eating at restaurants, mainly outside and at a good social distance. We are opening stores that in the past were not deemed ‘essential’. Stores that sold food (Walmart/Target) were allowed to be open while Kohl’s wasn’t. Much the same merchandise?? Same risk if treated with some conservative brains!

      4. The criminals, the scientists, the pharmaceutical companies that have inflicted this on us will escape without paying for their crimes. I am ashamed as I watch most Americans submit to the fear mongering propaganda. Americans actually locking themselves inside their own homes for weeks. These are not real Americans. I go outside every day. I go where I want, when I want. No stinking mask. No stinking gloves. For three and a half months the CDC told us we didn’t need them. Now the government claims we have to wear them every where. The first person to stop me and try and enforce that, gets shot in the face. Twice.

        • 1st Rule: Know the Rules. They make up the rules so don’t play their game. Make YouTube videos exposing their fraud. Be on the cutting edge of news, and do your research into their fraud and present evidence.
          2nd Rule: Make the Government accountable to their own set of rules, never let up, and keep the pressure on and expose their crimes on Youtube Videos. Do public records requests and FOIA Requests for documents. Catch them in their lies, and there is always a Human element behind bad evil decisions. Find that person (s) and prosecute them. Rip them to shreds.

          And Parents: Get your home schooled children up to date on the US Constitution and post the Bill of rights in their bedrooms and quiz them on it. Get busy folks, the public brainwashing program is over, dump your propaganda cable TV nonsense, and go outdoors and live your lives. F-Them. Get rid of your tracking device Cell Phone that also rats on you and your daily activities.




      6. Stop lying to yourself!!!
        There is no free market! The daily stock market buying injections. That is a bailout for the rich!! Price fixing oil is not a free market either! Bailing out banks also not free market!! We are under a cloaked FASCISM!!

      7. Fascism is a convenient buzzword, similar to “racism”, tossed out as an epithet when one is not getting one’s way, and can’t make a counter-argument. The reality is what was called “State Capitalism” by those in Central Europe when under Russian Occupation and puppet governments. The government calls the shots, protects the connected, and stomps everyone else. All while telling everyone constantly it’s for the best, and any problem is someone else’s fault. Sound familiar? There you go. No personal criticism, just suggesting you use the right terminology, otherwise the wise guys use any slight error to cut your legs out from under you and negate an otherwise legitimate argument.

      8. There are no frree markets in America except for small businesses. 

        Apple Stores shuttered all of their stores before any other school or business was closed in America.

        This corona hoax was engineered specifically to be a fall guy and an excuse for bail outs by the most repressive, abusive, irresponsible, corrupt, fascistic theives in America, including but not limited to Wall Street, Big Pharma, the AMA, big factory hospitals, big factory medical clinics, the digital mafia, ( as Patrick Henningsen refers to Silicon Valley ), the paid speech media, ( They  get paid to say what they are told to say! Not what they really think or know! ) as well as numerous other gigantic global corporations seeking bail-outs and free shit! Yes, the government too, but really, stop being ridiculous! The 
        government serves the aforementioned at everyone else’s 

        Leaving home is not enough! Civil liberties must be fully restored ! The thirteenth amendment must be expanded to prohibit slavery for those convicted of crimes! It has been, is being, and will continue to be abused unless slavery is banned altogether under any circumstances! 

        I oppose the lock down, but there are far too many dangerous psychopaths on the loose in America! The predator class is literally getting away with murder, and much more! It is time to end corruption! Still waiting for all Kennedy assassination documents to be released! Still waiting for those responsible for the 9/11 attaks to be thrown in the slammer for life! It not only was used as an excuse to go to war against seven nations that did not have one iota to do with it, but was used as an excuse to deprive us of even more rights, including more 1st amendment 
        4th amendment, 5th amendment, and 13th amendment rights abuses! 

        Demand accountability! Demand it and do not stop! 

      9. Every single American, man, woman, and child, could have had a $20k check, instead big biz bailed out and special interest favors again.

        Half of the people are no longer wearing masks at the grocery store. Workers are purposefully wearing them wrong because they have a hard time breathing. The partition plexi glass is the most ridiculous thing, we just walk around it and end up closer to clerks to read the checkout screens and be able to communicate. They removed the floor covering down to concrete at the grocery store.

        It’s like you can tell who the mind control media works on and whom it does not. What a unique blip in history. Not surprisingly, the weak, the dependent, the slobs, they’re all wearing masks. The healthy, the fit, the strong, the independent, none of them are wearing masks.

        Did you read the Childrens Health Defense (RFK JR) article that you’re 2x more likely to get this coronavirus if you’ve had the flue shot.

        Did you research the bluetooth technology? It is what facilitates the proximity alert technology. David Knight had some good shows on this point. It’s been in preparation for years. Most people are blissfully unaware their bluetooth capable devices may reach 50-100 yards routinely, well beyond their home and auto. It’s just the proximity sensor only lets the end user actually have interactivity at a certain distance. Oh yes, it’s true. Research bluetooth range. Which government sanctioned cellular spy device did you choose? I continue to refuse to have wireless technology on my person, house, or auto. Rip that SHTF out of your home and auto today. Go into your device manager and services settings and actually disable all wifi and bluetooth functionality. You don’t need more than 1 cell phone for the entire family. Most people don’t even actually need that. Buy a steak and 12 pack instead, a round of silver, just stop wasting money on cellular tech.

        Bill Gates can come and try to give me that vaccine himself… Go ahead, come on over and try it. Donating to anti vax groups weekly right now, buying their products. Suggest you do the same.

      10. Tyranny is when the fruits of your labor are confiscated for the benefit of others. So how can this be done?  Remember the 1860’s ? The massa in the Big House used slave labor for his benefit. Today, the government, or the force behind it on Wall Street, wants you to bail them out from all their nefarious acts that have robbed the U.S. citizens of their heritage.

        We could start with the $23 trillion that has been embezzled over the past 100 years and the Ponzi scheme which put that value in the pockets of Wall Street and is not, even today, understood by even 0.01 percent of the people. That story has already been written and ignored. Ref. https://ppjg.me/2019/11/18/the-federal-reserve-a-different-view/ .

        But Wall Street, using the laboratory made virus, the MSM, the panic of the people for relief via benefits from the government, has been able to apparently obtain control of government spending without any approval from Congress. The hidden ownership of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Inc. by Wall Street, as alleged in the above article, puts the Treasury Department, the Fed, BlackRock, Inc. and Wall Street into one cabal after recent changes in D.C. The Treasury is apparently authorized to buy any trash the Fed wants to get rid of according to this Bloomberg article:

        “The Fed will finance a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for each acronym to conduct these operations. The Treasury, using the Exchange Stabilization Fund, will make an equity investment in each SPV and be in a “first loss” position. What does this mean? In essence, the Treasury, not the Fed, is buying all these securities and backstopping of loans; the Fed is acting as banker and providing financing. The Fed hired BlackRock Inc. to purchase these securities and handle the administration of the SPVs on behalf of the owner, the Treasury.” Ref. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/feds-cure-risks-being-worse-110052807.html

        This is a coup. New York bankers will be authorized to unload $1,500 trillion of toxic trash they have created, and more.

        • $1500 trillion = $1.5 quadrillion

          Now I see why you did it that way.

      11. As far as I am concerned, the tyranny ends when the guilty parties for the corporate and Wall Street financial fraud, corona hoax shut downs and dis-information coming from the medical mafia, the civil rights abuses by the digital mafia and governments, and the 9/11 attacks and those engaged in the cover-up of those, are in the slammer, and civil liberties are fully restored and respected by all, including governments, corporations, and scumizen spies, although they would also be in the slammer!

        I have no sympathy for the devil!

      12. With your $1200 go buy an AR-15 or AK-47 and a ship load of ammo and get the battle rifle sighted in 100 to 200 yards away, and practice, like you life depends on it. Show-time coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Don’t be a defenseless milktoast coward to your family. Prepare to fight and defend. Remember to defend your home you need to be outside of your house and into the shadows. Set up a lawn char in the shadows and analyze your situation and listen to the sounds in the night. Train and take shifts. Major food shortages a coming.

      13. The Milwaukee police didn’t get the memo and have arrested 133 people since the shut down began for violating social distancing guide lines.

      14. I notice you, among others, insist on the myth of “Hitler’s Gestapo”– WHYD DON”T YOU MENTION STALIN and his Communist zionist horde- which tortured, raped, and slaughtered more than 100 MILLION non-jews?!!!
        More than the petty 6 million jews, advertised?

        OR are jews MORE important than non-jews.

        THe myth put forward by the Allies- (fat pig Churchill – Communist FDR – & Stalin)
        against a German trying to save his country from Stalin.

        (Which didn’t pan out, because at the end of WWII, the Big 3, had Eastern Eur. under Stalin anyway.

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