Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Says The Social Media Purge Will Last Long After Biden’s Inaguration

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said that censorship “is bigger than one account” after permanently suspending President Donald Trump from the platform. He has suggested that the deletion of free speech on his platform will continue long after Joe Biden is inaugurated.

    Jame O’Keefe from Project Veritas has released a new video showing Dorsey saying the elimination of free speech on Twitter is coming. It’s about to be an echo chamber for obedient slaves.

    Project Veritas said it obtained the leaked video, which is dated to January 8, from a Twitter insider, who ostensibly captured it during a virtual company meeting. In the clip, Dorsey also cites Twitter’s recently ramped-up efforts to expunge all accounts related to the QAnon online conspiracy community following a violent disturbance on Capitol Hill last week, arguing they should provide a model for content-policing going forward.

    “The moves we’re making today around QAnon, for instance, is one such example of a broader approach that we should be looking at and going deeper on,” the CEO said, adding that such content is not “going away anytime soon.”

    Observing that the US is “extremely divided,” Dorsey argued that Twitter’s role is “to protect the integrity” of political discourse in the country and to “do what we can to make sure that no one is being harmed based off that,” reiterating an often-stated goal to cut down on “real-world harm” stemming from activity on the web. The CEO previously defended Trump’s suspension on the same grounds, claiming the move would protect “public safety.”

    That means Twitter has chosen the side of the ruling class, the masters, and has no intention of helping free the slaves. The elitists of the world will do everything possible to maintain their power over people.

    Most social media sites have taken to censorship in light of the “riot” at the Capitol. Social media sites including YouTube and Facebook have purged thousands of accounts, most alleging those accounts “incited violence” and contributed to the unrest in DC.

    So let’s be clear: rioting and the destruction of private individuals’ property is fine, but don’t you dare take it to the source, the masters causing the division and enslaving us all.

    Both Reddit and Discord have also moved to censor certain groups too.  Are you getting the message yet?


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      1. HighImpactFlix is emphasizing wealth.

        All of social media’s programming code and hardware are available, a la carte, in the public domain, but for a cost, in manhours and materiel.

        You would require the wealth of some investor or benefactor, in order to establish yourself.

        You would then require the wealth of a loyal audience, constituency, or clientele, in order to stay in business.

        How many of the readers are willing to support this message, either as a speculator, or by the sweat of your brow.


        Step up.

        I think, the 99% are dead weight, in a gift economy, who will not take any responsibility for their own livingspace, except when prodded on a tight leash.

      2. “Twitter’s role is to protect the integrity of political discourse in the country” Funny how he mentions the word “integrity”,when it is clear that by enacting ever increasing censorship – he and Twitter have no fucking integrity whatsoever!!!?

      3. “Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said that censorship “is bigger than one account” after permanently suspending President Donald Trump from the platform. He has suggested that the deletion of free speech on his platform will continue long after Joe Biden is inaugurated.”

        Fine, then twitter can no longer be allowed to function in the USA. There are alternatives, and Americans can start using those and not let corporations tell us what we can and cannot do. Block twitter in the USA. Use the twitter alternative as long as they also follow US law. If there is no alternative then make one. BS on anyone telling Americans what they can and cannot do. Banning our US Prez has ticked most real Americans off (and it does not matter if they like him or not).

      4. Trump stood idly by while the mainstream (mockingbird?) social media censored and deplatformed conservatives and christians. This issue, plus the covid lockdowns and deadly vax, lead me wonder if Trump is 100% USDA Grade A, swamp critter?

        Did he *ever* have any intention of serving conservatives or is he just anther NWO, satanist a-hole?

      5. This arrogant POS needs to be brought down and stupid Americans need to stop ALL social media – Its poison

      6. It’s a lot of work but how about going back to making our own websites and fuck the phone idiots?

      7. It’s a lot of work but how about going back to making our own websites and fuck the phone idiots? They don’t use phones online for the same purpose laptops and PC users do.

      8. Poland has cracked down on the social platforms. Ironic that a formerly communist country is dealing with them….they’ve been where we are going.

      9. Jack Hoff Dorsey. He’s a shit eating shit bag coward. I say let him ban every one, then he’ll be just like the NFL no fans in the stadium means no money to pay the players.
        I personally have boycotted all sports, hollywood, fake news, amazon, walmart, they are all dead to me just like nancy PIGlosi, jerry shit in his pants nadler, adumb shit and the rest of the shit eating pig committee. Wow there’s a lot of shit in this comment.
        Won’t Tread on Me.. Elbulleheal

      10. There is no greater objection than absence.

        The sooner people stop using these platforms and find something else, the sooner these companies will lose relevance and standing.

        I would join in the cause, but one can not boycott, what they never subscribed to in the first place.

        Told you so. Told you twice.

        New rule, anyone pushing their message primarily from twitter or facebook without mirrored backups, along with a message to their audience to place use the alternatives instead, should not be trusted. It’s codependency and abuse, stockholm syndrome levied on the masses. How can anyone in good conscious even continue using those platforms in the first place?

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