Twitter Can Collect Your Data Even If You Log Out And Delete The App

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    Twitter is able to track and collect your online activity data even you have chosen to log out and delete their app. This is all thanks to an obscure and hidden setting that can only be disabled by accessing a particular page on Twitter’s website.

    According to Breitbart, Twitter is likely still collecting your data if you have at any time, downloaded their app to your phone. This story was verified by Breitbart by testing Twitter’s data collection on an Apple iPhone, following a tip from banned conservative Twitter users @TheALX. Not only is Twitter neck deep in a censorship campaign, but once they’ve silenced a voice, they will continue to violate that former user’s privacy rights as well.

    Even when Twitter’s app was deleted from the iPhone, and no Twitter account was logged in, when navigating to Twitter’s “Personalization and Data Settings” page via a browser, Breitbart discovered that data collection on the device was still enabled.

    According to Twitter’s personalization page, all it takes is one login on a device to activate data collection across all devices until users discover the setting and switch it off. As the page explains, unless you switch off the setting, “Twitter will always personalize across the devices you’ve used to log in.” Not only that, Twitter’s personalization page goes on to explain that “Twitter may also link your Twitter account to other devices — ones you’ve never used to log on to Twitter — to help measure and improve your experience.” (emphasis Breitbart)

    Twitter then responded to Breitbart’s request for comment on the issue of data collection.

    Via a Twitter spokeswoman:

    Data is only collected from people without Twitter accounts if and where there has been interaction with third-party sites that have Twitter content active on them (i.e., embedded Tweets, widgets, cookies, etc.). Individuals are provided with logged out privacy tools (per your screenshot) to help them determine which information is shared or not shared. -Twitter, via Breitbart

    The personalization settings one must access to disable data collection are inaccessible via Twitter’s mobile app. To switch off data collection, you will still have to navigate to Twitter’s website via a browser and find the specific page before they can disable the data collection.

    Twitter also collects your browsing data if you’ve never had an account if you’ve done so much as read an article with a tweet embedded. As Breitbart puts it:

    In other words, as long as you’ve browsed websites that have embedded Tweets, Twitter cookies, or Twitter’s sharing widget, Twitter has your browsing data from that site. Considering that the vast majority of the top 50 U.S. websites (including pornography, payment processing, and banking websites) have some form of Twitter integration, this means that Twitter likely has a detailed profile one you even if you’ve never signed up for an account or used its platform.

    Click here if you would like to disable all of Twitter’s sneaky data collections and privacy-violating scams.

    H/T [Breitbart]


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      1. Why anyone would register with Twitter, or use it at all, is a mystery to me.

        Maybe I’m just too old and behind the times to understand the need people feel for it.

        • Twitter’s feed is indeed a cutting edge of real time news. I’ve disabled everything and have nothing to hide, but I am sure they have all of my history, etc. Twitter as a medium is better than most news outlets, as long as you dictate who your news comes from. However, I get your comment.

        • I’m an old guy too but an early adopter. i mean there were tons of sites for all things good. Not so much anymore. I cancelled as much as I can.

      2. None of this should be surprising after all we have learned. These people are communists. Why anyone would have the slightest interest in going to Twitter and Facebook in the first place is beyond me.

      3. Fritz

        “These people are communists”

        The words communism / communist has been through misuse used to describe anything that encroaches upon freedom and liberty. Soros is often described as a communist which he most certainly isn’t. Zuckerberg, likewise along with Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and their corporate / banking / financial empires are not communists. They are fascists who employ communists as human resource managers.

        “It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or capitalist foot”.

        • A reverse of the above are the Chinese who are communist at the top and bottom using capitalists in the. enter to further their endeavors.

          “It matters little if the boot on your throat contains a communist or capitalist foot”.

          • in the center

            not in the enter

          • Hello K2. Thanks for replying. Of course, you are absolutely correct in that not all totalitarians are communists and that it matters little about the boot, etc. When you have companies like this, though, that were founded by leftists, are managed predominantly by leftists, operated by leftist apparatchiks as part of a leftist cult with leftist bias, that invade peoples’ privacy by secretly data-mining all their activity and information, and they are clearly allied with radical leftist, progressive, democratic-socialist, politicians who side with foreign invaders and violent, leftist protesters, while over the years all of the planks of the communist manifesto are being nailed down to the destruction of our republic, and the whole mess stinks of the international, globalist hands at the top of the pyramid who want to subject us all to an oppressive, totalitarian world government … well then, yes, I am going to refer to the whole collection of scumbags and all of their scumbaggery and scumbaggishness as communist whether or not the term is used 100% correctly in the economic or political sense. I invite everyone to join me. Hope you are well. Best wishes.

        • Whether they are communist or fascist doesn’t really matter. What they are is pathetic cocksucking liberal scum.


      4. Privacy is hard to maintain in this age. I predict that the use of computers will be rejected for multiple reasons including privacy concerns. The nice thing about being self sufficient is not having to interface with so many malevolent creeps.


      5. OFF TOPIC: Does anyone here stock-up on coffee, and if so how?

        I have looked into stocking up on coffee several times and I decided on TEA and I have some freeze dried. I strongly believe in the VALUE of coffee as a barter item. See this article.

        Costco used to have green coffee beans in No.10 cans but I cannot find those anywhere. Should I stick with freeze dried coffee? Should a prepper really focus on Raw Beans? If you stock roasted beans how do you store them?

        Does anyone have real world experience on shelf life and quality? Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

        • I stocked up a bunch of 2 lb vacuum sealed cans of coffee nine years ago in preparation for TEOTWAWKI. We are using them up since the sh-t never hit and we don’t want to leave a bunch of stuff for the kids to clean up when we go. They don’t worry about doomer things.

          The coffee is fine for us but I’m not a “grind your own beans” type. To me coffee or beer is drunk only for the effect not the taste. The coffee tastes fine to me…no different than just bought.

          I stored them in my “root cellar”.

          • JRS, they were ground coffee in sealed No. 10 cans? About how far past expiration date were they when you drank them? Thanks.

            • Nine years! Sorry my reading comprehension is not what it once was. That’s really good to know.

        • Justice,
          Just do what I did, I quit the coffee habit 8 years ago.
          I’m not a Mormon, but I’m beginning to live like one.
          All this prepper stuff causes you to re-evaluate what is
          really important.

          • rellik, I too have given up all my habits/addictions as I have gotten older. Learning to live simply will be a tremendous advantage for what’s coming our way.

            Amen, “All this prepper stuff causes you to re-evaluate what is really important.”

            I can’t drink coffee anymore because it really upsets my stomach (switched to Tea which I drink infrequently). I guess I’m looking for a trade/barter items. Right now I ask what do I have enough of to trade?

            1. Lighters
            2. Razors

            The two best items are 1) Liquor and 2) Coffee. I have been allergic to Alcohol for almost 25 years so I cant stock-up on that!

            • You can stock up on it, just don’t drink it.

              FWIW, if you stock green coffee beans to roast later, if you haven’t roasted the beans before take my advice and do it outdoors.

        • If you live in the South or have a heated greenhouse, you can grow your own coffee.

          An alternative, if you just want the caffeine, is to grow yaupon bushes. Yaupon is the only native American plant that contains caffeine. You can make tea from the leaves and new green stems.

          Another is to dig up dandelion roots, roast them, and grind them up. I think people did that in the South during the War of Northern Aggression.

        • Sorry, coffee can’t really be stored. Any opened coffee or roasted only last 3 days before going stale. And it’s downhill from day 1.

          You can try green beans for much longer fresh coffee. However, the ones I tried after roasting and grinding wasn’t very good.

          So, all coffee in stores (including freeze-dried) only last 3 days.

          I have quit drinking coffee because of quality issues. Just aboout all store ones are total junk.

          If you want fresh coffee every 3 days you must buy from a roaster – and it’s expensive.

      6. I am glad I don’t have a Twitter account, never have and never will.

      7. So twitter lies and is deceptive. Typical of the left-wing that has overtaken the MSM.

        I hope you understand that. If you find that acceptable something is wrong with you.

      8. Here is the best definition of Communism I have ever found.

        “You can check-out any time you like
        But you can never leave!” — Hotel California


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