Twelve Things You Can Do Now To Be More Resilient Against Collapse, Famine, & Nuclear War

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    There’s little question that globalist actors are hell-bent on the mass extermination of the human race. What’s both horrifying and fascinating is that while most human beings are rather easy for globalists to (slowly) kill, a minority of individuals can make themselves very difficult to exterminate by taking specific actions that achieve resiliency.

    Resiliency means “anti-fragile,” and in the context of survival, being resilient means being able to bounce back from losses or mistakes because you have redundancies and alternative plans at the ready. Redundancy is a key concept in resiliency planning, and in the twelve steps outlined below, you’ll notice a lot of them focus on resiliency.

    If you follow the steps outlined below, you will be hard to kill. You’ll be difficult to starve out, difficult to bankrupt, difficult to trap, and difficult to silence. What you’re about to read are the skills of survivors who plan to make it through the ongoing culling of the human race — a nefarious plan which will not fully succeed, meaning there will be survivors who will have an amazing opportunity to determine the future of our world.

    Learn and apply these 12 principles (and skills) to survive the global extermination agenda that has been unleashed against humanity.

    Twelve things to apply that will make you a resilient survivor

    1) Get some of your assets out of the fiat currency debt-based monetary slave system because that system will crater (and it’s rigged anyway). Become proficient in using gold, silver, and crypto as means of exchange, because those assets are more “honest” in the sense that no government can artificially inflate their supply. (No government can print gold, silver, or Bitcoin, in other words.)

    2) Relocate far from the “death zone” cities, many of which will be non-survivable. Move to a local area that reflects the culture and rule of law you wish to live within. Things are about to get very local, so you should pick a local living area that reflects philosophies of resiliency, self-reliance, honesty, compassion, and the right to self-defense.

    3) Keep your passport up to date in case you need to seek a new destination around the globe. Have a crypto wallet where you have memorized the seed phrase so that you essentially have a “brain wallet” that you can access from anywhere. Use privacy coins that are untraceable to protect your privacy and avoid crypto confiscation attempts. Use crypto swap aggregation sites like to trade BTC into privacy coins. Watch for an upcoming announcement about my new Brighteon show focusing on decentralization solutions for humanity.

    4) Become proficient in secure, private messaging technology. Deploy the Session app. Learn and deploy privacy crypto (Monero, FIRO, etc.). Learn about Apricorn thumb drives with keypad encryption. Also, make sure you acquire sat phones (a sponsor) and radio comms as alternative means of communication that don’t rely on cell towers and can’t easily triangulate your physical location.

    5) Practice dressing down. Discard signs of visible wealth or abundance. Don’t live a flashy lifestyle. Toss flashy jewelry. Move out of your McMansion. Don’t drive a luxury vehicle. Don’t flash cash or gold. Embrace the “grey man” philosophy. Blend in with locals.

    6) Store food and learn to grow food so you can be ready for the coming food rationing. Learn how to grow food in a way that isn’t immediately obvious to everyone (guerilla gardening). Stock up on necessary supplements like vitamin D and zinc. Acquire non-GMO garden seeds. Learn food preservation techniques such as canning or drying.

    7) Learn a means of self-defense and become proficient in it. The easiest tool to master is a firearm, and the easiest firearm to learn is a rifle. Pistols are much more difficult to deploy and require far more training than using a rifle. (Sight picture, eye dominance, recoil control, etc.) If you don’t know what to buy, get an AR-15 and a Glock 19. Consider acquiring ballistic armor (see if you anticipate violence targeting your household or community.

    8) Be prepared to have your location overrun and have a backup supply of critical items at another location. (Bugout plan.) Be ready for the Marxist / communist “Activation Day” scenario. Have enough supplies at your bugout location so that you have a chance at retaking your home, farm or community buildings if they are initially overrun. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will never have to retreat from your house, ranch or city. There will be many refugees across America who are fleeing collapsed cities and regional kinetic conflict. This is why having a crypto “brain wallet” is critical because it cannot be detected nor confiscated from you.

    9) Secure a reliable water supply at both your primary and secondary locations. Water scarcity is an easy means of control to subjugate the population. A reliable water supply requires water treatment solutions such as a gravity filter or a high-quality pump filter/camping filter. Have a plan to acquire and filter water without using electricity. Consider surface water, well water, and rainwater. Make sure you prepare water storage at both your primary and secondary locations.

    10) Stock up on off-grid emergency medical supplies and first aid items. Many will be nearly impossible to acquire after the collapse kicks in. Specifically look at prescriptions (including antibiotics), ivermectin, and antiseptic supplies such as povidone-iodine. Related: Natural News is launching a new telehealth partnership that gives you access to licensed doctors who can write needed prescriptions where medically necessary.

    11) Maintain your physical fitness with cardio and strength training, to be ready for the harsh physical realities of surviving a collapse (and working a garden). Bone density is essential for resilience and survival. Stamina will be required for the heavy physical demands of “collapse living.” Anything you can do right now to increase strength, endurance, and bone density will pay off in the years ahead.

    12) Practicing living without electricity. Although a total power grid failure may never occur, we do expect regional, intermittent outages that could instantly plunge many areas of the country into darkness. Without electricity, water pumps stop working. Gas stations shut down. Retail establishments cannot function. Refrigerators and freezers halt, and air conditioning grinds to a halt. There are ways to live without electricity, but none of them are convenient or easy. Plan to deploy solar charging devices to provide trickle charges for small electronic devices such as cell phones and flashlights, but also plan for local cell towers to stop functioning for extended periods. Download my free audiobook, “Resilient Prepping” to learn how to live without electricity:


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