Turkey Will Continue To Defy US Sanctions And Buy Gas From Iran

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    In a move which can only be seen as defiance against the United States, Turkey has decided to ignore sanctions imposed and continue to buy gas from Iran. Despite Washington’s threats to punish countries that do business with Iran, Turkey will continue to do what they want.

    Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan basically thumbed his nose at Washington’s insistence on controlling everyone and everything. “We need to be realistic… Am I supposed to let people freeze in winter?… Nobody should be offended. How can I heat my people’s homes if we stop purchasing Iran’s natural gas? Erdogan said in an exclusive interview with Reuters.

    At the moment, Turkey is buying 50 percent of its gas from Russia, with the rest imported from Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and Algeria, according to a report by RT.  Turkey’s leader has also said that the country will continue to purchase gas according to its needs, not the “ink on paper” commands of the United States.

    Turkey gets 40 percent of its electricity from natural gas. It is dependent on imports for almost all of its energy needs and Iran is a key supplier of Ankara’s natural gas and oil purchases. According to Turkey’s Energy Minister Fatih Donmez, the country’s natural gas contract expires in 2026. Under the agreement, Ankara is set to buy 9.5 billion cubic meters of gas from Tehran. -RT

    The new round of sanctions against Iran’s oil industry is expected to come into force on November 4, 2018, however, Turkey will likely continue to defy them. The White House also threatened secondary sanctions on any countries or companies that conduct transactions with Iran.  Since pulling out of the Obama Administration’s nuclear deal signed in 2015, the US has sought to reimpose harsh sanctions against Iran.

    Infuriated by evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson’s detention on terrorism charges in Turkey, president Donald Trump authorized a doubling of duties on aluminum and steel imported from Turkey in August. Turkey retaliated by increasing tariffs on U.S. cars, alcohol and tobacco imports, adding problems to an already precarious economic situation for the everyday American.

    Beijing’s imports of gas from Iran have slowed, although the country has also signaled its intent to continue buying in spite of sanctions.


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      1. Just one more reason that the price of gasoline is so high in the USA. The Iranian BS. As Theodore Roosevelt
        would Say “Bully”! Was he referring to the USA?

      2. And we wanted a nation infested with islamic savage to join NATO, why?

        • Menzo, that’s a really weird combination. Historically, the Turks are barbarians. The Turks committed the Armenian genocide during and after WW1. They’ve always been persecuting the Kurdish minority within their borders. The Kurds want their own free country. I see the Kurds as underdogs. Turks are total Islamic savage POS. Totally useless as people.

          • Yeah, even the Arabs LOATHED the Turks. See Lawrence of Arabia.

            On a side note, throughout history, even from ancient times, Persian ladies were considered the most beautiful of the Middle East.

            The Turks have claimed the 12th Imam / Mahdi has been born on Turkey. This should alarm every Christian.

      3. Turkey might belong to NATO but you can’t depend on them. Turkey will do what is in Turkey’s best interests just as all nations will. Turkey is dependent on Russia for its natural gas just as Europe is. When the electricity goes off and you have no heat in a bitterly cold winter, the war fervor drops off drastically. Sad but true. Turkey seeks to lead the Muslim world (all the Muslim world).

      4. At least they don’t go along with the Globalists. The Globalists destroyed America. With help from the Marxists.

        • Thats because erDOGan is trying to revive the Ottoman Empire and he wil succeed until America crushes them

      5. Well, the US will never sit still for this. The Progressive Socialist Democrats and Hillary Clinton will get George Soros to build them a clone army. This empire will not go quietly in the night. [sarcasm]

      6. Turkey should be allied with Russia and demand the removal of the American military airbase in that country. This world has had enough of US-Israeli-Saudi caused bloodshed across the world. All involved in the three tower takedown on 9-11 in NYC with nukes. All of the proof is out there still being ignored but not hidden. Calling that a terrorist attack is spot on with most of the perpetrators presently within the US. And who controls the press?

      7. It is a good idea to have some of those red plastic gas containers from your local Home Depot or automotive supply store.

        Rotate your supply to keep it fresh. Don’t let your car get below half before refilling the tank. There is crud at the bottom that gets into the engine (or so I’ve been told).

        During the 70’s we waited in long lines for gas. People were pretty tame in those days.


      8. I keep my supply of gasoline in a special cabinet built for flammable fluids. The gasoline is stored in metal cans built for safety. I rotate it on a regular basis. Those plastic cans are a real disaster to use. I had to change the spout to get the gasoline to pour. I see the dark hand of the EPA who probably were influential in getting the spout designed to suppress gasoline vapors. The gasoline wouldn’t pour so I bought an alternative spout.

      9. I have no particular respect for Turkey, who would never allow me to live there in peace.

        I just consider it intellectually-dishonest, to say that you recognize the sovereignty of other countries (which I don’t, necessarily). Then, you emplace restrictions.

        Why not take moral and financial responsibility for your imperialism and, if they are so improvident, make them a vassal state, before BRICS does.

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