Tucker Carlson Says The “Vaccines” Have “Profound Benefits”

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    They are all in on it.  The mainstream media and the government are all working together regardless of which side they say they are on. They are on one side, we are on the other.  Even conservative “hero” Tucker Carlson has said the COVID-19 “vaccines” have “profound benefits.”

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Donald Trump started the “vaccine” push with his Operation Warp Speed and just simply pointing out that fact will still get those stuck in the left vs. right paradigm lie riled up. Trump also praised the “vaccines” saying he would recommend everyone take the shot.

    Trump Does Fauci’s Bidding & Urges Americans To Get Vaccinated: “I Would Recommend It”

    Carlson added to the propaganda by saying: “There may well be profound benefits to the vaccine.” Carlson made that statement on his Monday night broadcast. “My understanding is that the vaccine does have benefits.”

    They Are ALL IN ON IT! Republican Governors Try To Convince Followers To Take The Shot

    “It seems to various vaccines seem to lower the effects of the disease, make it less severe on people,” he continued. “They’re less likely to go to the hospital to take for taking that. That completely makes sense.” But is Carlson only doing the bidding of his puppet masters? It appears so because according to Newsweek, Carlson’s comments came after a July 16 study from the media watchdog group Media Matters which found that 60 percent of Fox News’ vaccination segments over a recent two-week period pushed “anti-vaccine propaganda.”

    It’s simply the illusion of choice. We know what side all mainstream media falls on and it isn’t our side.  They are dividing us in order to more easily conquer us. It’s a game to these psychopaths and it’s rigged. The only way to win is to refuse to play or cheer for any side.

    In an April 13 broadcast, Carlson called the vaccines “a massive achievement” and “something all Americans can be proud of.” That was likely to align himself with Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and show he’s a piece of the system.

    Last week, Carlson also pushed back on Democratic Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s comment that Carlson and his fellow Fox News opinion host Laura Ingraham are “anti-vaxx quacks.”

    “We haven’t been, nor are we against vaccines, of course,” Carlson said in response. “Very few Americans are against vaccines. Virtually every American has had a ton of vaccines and was expecting to take this one.” –Newsweek

    Carlson is only doing what he’s expected to do.  If he steps out of line, the show would be cut off and more dramatic measures would be taken. We know that the media is not telling us the truth and that they are there to divide us along whatever lines they can. Carlson is a member of that group and because of it, should not be trusted any more than we trust the talking heads at CNN. Like politics, no one gets into a position of power or persuasion unless they are willing to do what their masters ask of them.




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      1. What has happened to this site? Where have all the characters of several years ago gone?

        Their diverse opinions stirred controversary, high passion, and, most importantly, debate.

        Now this place is a ghost town providing nothing in the way of originality. It’s now like a film set for a spaghetti western, slowly being eroded by the sands of time. Not even a footnote in the annals of web history.

        • They have moved on to sites that allow debate. You can bet this site like many others are being monitored which puts a damper on discussion and where opinion gets twisted by the “fact checkers” into misinformation and hate speech.

          • “They have moved on to sites that allow debate”

            Have you noticed what happens every time a poster disagrees with popular opinion on this board?
            As long as posters agree with the keyboard cowboys everything is rainbows and daffodils but watch what happens when people call the keyboard cowboys out for their BS.

        • It seems every post I’ve made in the last few weeks never show up. Probably the same with this one.

          • @ToS, actually your post
            is up. Sometimes they just
            take a little longer. That’s all.

          • @ToS your post is up.
            Sometimes they just take
            a little longer. That’s all.

        • You only need to get a critical post censored a couple of times to drop out. Attacking Tucker Carlson isn’t going to help.

          I tried to call out the ridiculous story that the COVID vax was magnetic and the post was censored.

          Trolls were probably sticking little magnets to themselves with double-sided tape or some other kind of tacky substance that won’t show on camera.

          Obviously, the only way you could test this yourself was to get vaxxed, or trust someone who got vaxxed, neither of which as much of an option.

          However, promoting the vax magnet story with no debunk may have made some people on the fence about vaxxing too curious to see for themselves – by getting vaxed or getting someone else to be. Not unlike the kind of duplicity Carlson is being accused of.

        • Site turned into Groupthink a few years back and the rest is history.
          There’s basically a “go along to get along” mentality among posters on this board.
          Occasionally a poster will have a different opinion, but their opinion is quickly canceled out by the cheerleaders and gatekeepers so there’s really no point in posting here anymore if you have a different opinion.
          It’s simply going to be canceled out.

      2. As you mentioned, they are all in on it together. Can’t trust any of them. Tucker is just another puppet of the elite. Regarding his comments on the profound benefits of the not a vaccine,
        I would say to Mr. Carlson that gruesome side effects and an increased likelihood
        of death does not sound like a “profound benefit” to me?

      3. The only people who may experience any type of “benefit” from the jabs are those who have never taken these gene therapy shots in the first place.

      4. Too hot for corona virus to survive. The virus is a dead issue.

      5. Hold my drink, think I’m gonna puke.

      6. “Tucker Carlson Says The ‘Vaccines’ Have ‘Profound Benefits’”

        they do, absolutely. just not for YOU ….

      7. You do know that Tucker also worked at MSNBC ,CNN and PBS, doncha?

        He goes for the best contract he can get and, of course, under contract, you do as the boss says. Not so much different than our working life except we don’t get to lie to people for a living.

        Okay…Okay…mebbe not exactly lying…it’s made up OPINIONS…

      8. I got the covid vaccine only to shut my son and daughter in law, as they both work in the health care industry. If I hadn’t gotten the vaccine, then maybe I might be able to be with my wife of 48 yrs again. She passed away of cancer 4 yrs ago.

        • Alfie…enough already!!!!!

        • Remember the song “What’s it all about Alfie” Hhahhahhaa I think this Alfie is just a troll stuck on the song …. Hey ALFIE – No worries – you got the so-called SHOT and soon you will be with your wife. You will be dead soon so you can be with your wife. NOW if you did not get the shot as you try to state you would be with your wife … well that that is ass backwards … just wait a little longer and see.

          • Feel free to list the university where you obtained your PhD in Microbiology.

      9. I wish you’d join her, because you keep making this low-IQ troll comment every chance you get.

        • ALFIE is a huge troll trying to use reverse psychology by saying if he did NOT get the shot he would be with his wife again. Meaning he is not up to seeing her. But since he got the shot he is saying now he will not be seeing her so soon and is encouraging people to get the death shot. BUT he got the shot and soon will see his wife again so his statement is an oxy-moron! OBVIOUS it is a paid troll!

      10. Does anyone personally know anybody that has had problems from the vaccine to date? (Know as in actually know them, not know someone who says they know about someone)

        I know a lot of people (my customers as well as my friends) but none of them that have had a bad reaction (none of them caught covid either for that matter).

        At some point what I’m being told has to match up with what I see in the world or I just have to discount it the way I would just discount an unsupported rumor about something.

        • @Anonymous, well uhh,
          guess what? I also don’t know ANYONE who’s died from “covid”. Heck, I don’t even know anyone who’s had it. So , until the alleged rumor of a “virus” allegedly
          infecting and killing tons of people becomes something that I actually see in the real world, I will NOT be taking an experimental God knows what for a “pandemic” that we see no signs of anywhere. Psst, Could be there is not and NEVER has been any “pandemic”?

        • Yes Troll ….. many have seen the people who got the death shot and all are suffering ….

          • I take it you’re among the crowd that wants to cancel everything you don’t want said.

            You apparently don’t want to address the post and the question it poses either. Can’t discuss or answer it, cancel it!

            • This board has turned into Groupthink.
              No debates here anymore.
              It’s basically a “go along to get along” mentality and anyone that questions the narrative is immediately insulted, lectured,gang piled,et al;
              And people wonder what happened to 90% of the veteran posters?
              They probably got sick and tired of the GROUPTHINK BS!!!

          • Yes. A good friend of mine spent 5 days in the hospital shortly after getting the phizer vax. He was fooked up for several weeks over it. The told him he had “low sodium” what a joke. He’s going to die before long because of his stupid decision. What can I say…

        • My DIL was in bed for days after getting it. She’s very healthy (a PE teacher) and nearly never getting the sniffles even if the kids brought it home.

        • Personal friend died 4 days after second shot. That’s a fact.

      11. Suckers put Carlson on such a pedestal. He’s just as bad as any other one of them.

        • He’s a right wind hero, the best they have to offer.

      12. 10 Amendments vs 10 Planks (from Marxist Communism)

        First Amendment:
        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…
        or the right of the people peaceably to assemble…
        and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

        Sixth Plank:
        “Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state.”

        At present, none of us is allowed to own a tv or radio station free-and-clear.

        Which is our system of govt?

        Some of each. PPP’s actually expect you to pay your part, in order to hear state propaganda, whereas Communism would probably have bullhorned it, free-of-charge.

      13. The blind fear exhibited in these replies is stunning. If COVID has a mortality rate of even .5% in the over 70 (.5 times 20 million is 100000 deaths) and 12000 people have died from the shot, I’d say there are 88000 deaths that the vaccine could prevent. That is the definition of a significant benefit. Rightfully complain about the lack of transparency with the government. Justifiably protest the proposed mandates. Just don’t deny the potential benefits our vulnerable get from this vaccine. That is just ignorant.

        • Let’s start with this being a gene therapy. It programs your body to write the signature of an invasive organism.

      14. Well, seems like everyone is being bought off. The benefits he speaks of is written on the Georgia Stones.

      15. Gotta follow your sargents directions or get your AZz pumped with a S&W! Learn a lesson from a real robber baron, Better stay in your place tuck, else you will get Fuked!

      16. It almost seems as though theyve been bought

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