Tucker Carlson, George Soros, and Property Rights

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Headline News | 55 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    If you read the George Soros funded website ThinkProgress, you might come away believing the First Amendment trumps property rights. 

    According to Alan Pyke, writing for the Democrat centric website—supported by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, yet another Soros operation—the “protesters” that violated the property rights of Tucker Carlson were merely exercising their First Amendment right, a constitutional right the SJW crowd apparently believe protects the act of defacing Carlson’s property with an “anarchist” symbol. 

    If Pyke and his source can be believed, the other “protesters”—this is what the media calls violent Antifa goons—disapproved of this act of defacement of private property. However, they seem to believe leaving a public sidewalk, crossing over uninvited on Carlson’s property, and pounding on the door and threatening they know where Tucker sleeps at night, is covered by the First Amendment.

    Mr. Pyke admits the point of this invasion of private property was not merely a protest, but rather an exercise in intimidation. 

    “The point of these direct actions, the activists behind them consistently say, is to deliver an emotional counterpunch to bad actors in U.S. politics whose work raises threat levels for marginalized communities. The point, in other words, is to unsettle and frighten—and I certainly would have been frightened had it been me in that house,” he writes. 

    It is not explained how Carlson’s wife and children raised “threat levels for marginalized communities,” or how Tucker’s Fox Show has threatened the SJW mob and their delicate sensibilities regarding the First Amendment right of “bad actors” (Americans who are not Democrat, progressive, and socialist). 

    The very presence of people who disagree with Antifa, ThinkProgress, Soros, and the amoral and vicious mandarins steering a corrupt and criminal DNC is considered an attack on the “marginalized,” and thus deserving a punch in the face or a bike lock upside the head. 

    Violating Tucker Carlson’s property rights, vandalizing his home, and calling for his murder while he sleeps is now standard behavior for the Democrat “resistance,” and if the people involved in this act are not arrested and charged (and they will not), this sort of behavior will continue and intensify.

    Next up: the murder of some Fox News talking head as he or she eats dinner at a restaurant or walks the dog. 


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      1. Some day they will pick the wrong target.

        When there are about 30 people in the front yard frothing at the mouth with some pounding on the front door, somebody is going to look thru that peep hole and freak out.

        A couple trigger squeezes on a 12 gauge aimed at that door is going to send some of the Anti-Fa to their reward and then the deal will be on…

        Mostly, the Totalitarians are just waiting for that day when they can completely clamp down on everybody (for our own protection…of course.)


        • bb,
          Most shotgun loads will not penetrate a solid front door.

          • Rellik, that’s correct. The door HAS to be open. 00 and 000 buckshot will work wonders on the commie scum.

          • I have to admit, most of my shotgun experience has been concentrated on animals.

            I have torn up some wooden items (I was thinking wooden doors), but I guess I oversold the ability of the weapon.

            But the thought remains. Someone is going to defend their family against these law breakers so that some of the evildoers are gonna die…














          • Mommy needs to give Eisen his meds and tuck him in.

        • #1 RULE in Defending your home, is you need to defend it from the outside of your house. If you are hiding in your house to defend it, you already lost. Invaders and looters can burn you out and shoot you when you escape. Shoot right through your walls, blow all your windows out and glass all over the floor. Got shoes next to your bed for all the glass, or cut your feet up.

          Solution, You need set up a observation point on the other side of the road to defend your home, or some place you can see most entry points to your property. You set up a lawn chair camo’ed out, and battle rifle in the shadows and watch your home. If anything threatening approaches, you take them out on your terms. Shoot their flaming moltov cocktail while still in their hands before they throw it at your house. Ever get up for a 2AM or 4AM night patrol around the parameter of your property? Get all your night gear ready to go in a minutes notice and practice, practice. Got your Battle belt with extra magazines, handcuffs, knife, flashlight, scentless bug spray, 2 way radio, to alert those still remaining family inside the house. Get your eyes conditioned for the night. Its amazing how good you can see at nighttime. Night Vision is also priceless.

          • TSB, all that advice is great but why handcuffs? If/when I get into such a situation I’m NOT taking any prisoners.

          • Easy, set up compound ‘walls’ and put up sheds around the compound. Concrete blocks or other, the walls aren’t there to be bullet-proof, but to keep would-be intruders from knowing where you’re shooting from. People in thirds world countries even have the ‘compound home’ type.

            Cars on blocks ’round the yard provide some dudes cover from attackers, folks been doin’ that for years.

            No matter what style of home patriots have, compound or ranch style, buy cheap concrete blocks and build a half-wall in front, a ‘shooter’s cover’ as it were. $200 will get you that. Fill blocks with sand, cement together lightly. Make it look like a hidey-hide for your grill, tell everyone it’s for aesthetics.

        • 1919 with q light trigger and a long belt

          • more hot air as usual

        • bb in GA

          “Some day they will pick the wrong target.”

          The target you proposed is exactly who and what they want. For them it’s a galvanizing event like the Colonial Boston Massacre or Kent State in modern times. This isn’t a war of territorial gain; it’s a war for public opinion.

          Spray them with glue and feathers. It makes comedy of what they desire to be serious. They’ll look like chickens. A great photo op.

          • You are exactly right but I’m afraid comedy won’t work. They must be allowed to continue their escalation until they overplay their hand badly (and they will). When that time comes, the opposition must be decisive, brutal and overwhelming. Until then… prepare.

            • Although Tucker Carlson is a member of MSM I have to sympathize with his plight since he’s been victimized by Antifa and that POS lawyer Michael Avenatti is trying to target him. Avenatti wouldn’t target me and get away with it.

          • Hmmm,
            Maybe all that dog shit has a use afterall!
            55gallon drum of liquified dog shit sprayed through a high volume sprayer that is capable of spraying high viscosity mixes, ive got one i used to use for manure,,,,
            Shoots anout 50-75’ through the gun

            • Nailbanger, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now I LIKE that idea. Sounds really wicked, hee hee!

            • Nailbanger

              Seriously you’re on to something. Animal facies liquefied.

            • Shit happens.

            • How about some Hog Manure…now that is some POWERFUL NASTY stuff

              • How about water balloons with good old fashion skunk scent. Nobody will want to be anywhere near them for a long time.
                Imagine dropping them from a drone.

          • Good idea, and if you have enough time to do it, include maybe some indellable ink or maybe even skunk pee. Hmm, now that might wake those up or make then run even faster.

        • Hitler and his Fascists used the same talking points as Soros and his Anfita Goons, (Brown Shirts)

          • Soros was a Nazi collaborator. THAT is why the Hungarians hate him so passionately they just passed a law to arrest him with if he tries to re-enter Hungary again.

      2. You can (almost) see the logic of putting full magazines into the crowd because the result for you will be the same if you drop one or all of them…The Right to be secure in your home is fundemental as well…I just hate to see our Nation devolve into a WROL lifestyle.

        • IMHO,
          Might as well make it a noteworthy event, why bother with one,

        • generally in most states, you can’t fire on people from outside or that are outside they have to be in process of breaking in and your defense you must claim was of life and limb not property. otherwise you get a murder or manslaughter bust on you.

      3. Antifa is going to be a shoot and scoot problem sooner or later.

      4. I would use the AR-10 in this situation. Depending on the circumstances they would either all die or think that they were about to.

      5. All well and good but they forget, we know where they live as well. In numbers, any group is scary and a force to be reckoned with. As they return home, not so much.

        We’re older, more organized, heavily armed and getting more and more pissed off with the way things are going. We won’t tolerate it very much longer, is my opinion and those we put in charge not doing anything to stop it should also consider that if you’re not on our side then you too are the enemy.

        Why do I feel like someone keeps throwing new spiders into the jar with me and giving a shake?

        Once we tend to the new spiders, don’t you think we will look for you?

      6. I would grab my 12-gauge, and quietly unlock the door. Then take the prone position off to the side…wait for the first couple intruders to come thru the threshold, and let them have it with 00 buckshot. The ghouls behind them will scatter like the rats they are as you exclaim “Do we have an understanding”? Totally legal. Self-defense.

      7. bb in Georgia:

        Well said.

        They have us in a lose-lose situation. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

        Sooner or later an Antifa type will die. Soros will knock off one of his own Antifa paid thugs just to get more excuses for gun confiscation. It’s just a matter of time before Soros strikes or Soros becomes a victim of an attempted assassination plot. (One he no-doubt will create himself.)

        I can see the 24/7 msm coverage. Soros funeral.

        (The old bugger dies of natural causes but we get the bs version.)

        A white supremist ?gun toting right wing patriot nationalist America First war veteran with post traumatic stress shoots 102 year old Saint ?Soros, philanthropist and humanitarian.



        • Some things are worth the optics. Soros is the most evil man on the planet, and the enemy of the people. Ironic, we fought a revolution against a man named George, and now, 222 years later, a man named George is inciting a revolution to take us back under elites. Funny how that works out, only a lot of us aren’t laughing.

          Know how many electoral votes Trump got? 306. WWI Caliber 30 ot six, what the old generation used.

          Know how many votes Hillary got? 223, the current caliber of the modern military. Think this irony is a coincidence?

      8. I hope Tucker and his wife both have a shotgun at hand in their homes and know how to use them.

        For the sake of their children if nothing else.

        Intimidation works in both directions, and shotguns are quite intimidating.

        • Tucker lives in NW Washington, DC. DC has “progressive” gun laws in place. ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_the_District_of_Columbia

          I have heard him mention on his show that he does own firearms. What or how many has not been mentioned.

      9. I am careful what I say, but another site with “improved” commenting section froze-up and changed pages, in the middle of me writing —

        Imagine that you’re a Paula Dean kind of Southerner or un-Reconstructed Kentucky Colonel, etc, slamming mint juleps, 150-200yrs ago. Read it, in your worst Foghorn Leghorn voice, and have a drawl —

        A colored, domestic terrorist has somehow found his way into a country club, and insults the virtues of a young, white woman, of good reputation — even, near the restrooms.

        Do not write the answer or take any physical or legal risks, whatsoever. I say, do not write the answer. Because, fake “traditionalists” don’t actually want that.

        You don’t observe traditional gender roles, so should not be pushing anyone’s ‘white knight’ buttons.

        Carlson never intended for the venue to be exclusive, whatsoever.

        Honor will not give you qualified immunity.

        • Beaumont, nor the quasi intellectual bullshit naivety Tucker carries around ! I love the guy, but he is very naive and quasi intellectual.

      10. I don’t particularly like either party, but publicly calling for the murder of anyone is wrong. I’ve heard people in this comment section do it often. When you do, you become no better than the other side is.

        Best to watch what you post on blogs… because the spooks are watching you and logging all your comments for future scrutiny. According to the NDAA you can be disappeared as a belligerent with no due process.

      11. Why is George Soros still alive? He’s Jewish. He was a Nazi Collaborator during World War 2. Why didn’t the Mossad get him?

        He is an “Enemy of the People” and an “Enemy of the State.” He has said so, publicly. His “Open Society” and “Open Borders” is all about destroying nations and the west.

        Why has he not been arrested, tried for treason, his assets confiscated, and his craggily ass deported? Why is George Soros still here?


      12. Do you eat well, and are you farm strong?

        It scares shop owners and damsels in distress, when you trounce the shoplifter or abusive boyfriend. The alt-right and liberal-tarians are still prioritizing their dangerous, exotic pets ahead of stuff white people like (swlp), while telling the story about the snake. When the animal collector gets stung, does he want you to put the animal down? Do the pit bull owners like that kind of thinking?

        Figure out what is the social bargain, before obliging yourself.

        Most of these people like to use the word conservative, like it’s a praise or it’s soothing to the mind, but should be disowned, like in the movie, where all the members of the tribe turn their back on you. Molyneaux called it de-foo-ing.

        Make sure, who it is, before you help them. They usually won’t treat you any better than the criminal.

      13. Live Target Practice on Antifa Scum. Works for me!

      14. Your Honor, what happened at the home of Mr. Carlson to his wife is DOMESTIC TERRORISM, nothing less, and the Only APPROPRIATE response when it is a MORE than reasonable conclusion that YOUR home is about to be HOME INVADED AND you and/or your loved ones HARMED or KILLED is to REPEL that violence with FORCE, the force of a shotgun or some other weapon that will repel the evil and protect the lives of good, decent, law-abiding folk.

        They doxxed Mr. Carlson to find out his home address.

        Then they showed up.

        Then they invaded his property.

        Then they POUNDED on Mr. Carlson’s door!

        Your Honor, to TOLERATE such Constitutionally-violative Domestic Terrorism is to repudiate everything our republic and home ownership is about.

        That’s correct, Your Honor, they did not break down the door nor enter the home, but from the totality of the circumstances it can be inferred by every logical and rational person that such WAS about to occur if not for the door being shut and/or locked.

        No other rational explanation exists.

        Therefore, Your Honor, we ask you to send a CLEAR and UNambiguous message that DOMESTIC TERRORISM and FIRST AMENDMENTS RIGHTS are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE and Can NOT be confused nor made synonymous.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Violence is that which violates, Force is that which protects.” – Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

      15. It is never wise to give bad advice, and what is worse…when you give such advice as above, it demonstrates an intent to commit violence ie it is pre-meditated. Antifa lawyers would get the case tried in a different liberal venue and then expose these past comments. See the problem?

        Here is a better idea.

        Know the laws in your state regarding self-defense.

        Is your state a castle doctrine state?
        Is your state a stand your ground state?
        Do you have the ability to repel an attack?
        Do you have the appropriate weapons, ammunition, training, ad temperament?
        Have you taken an authorized self-defense course taught by a legal expert who understands when and where and under what specific conditions you may engage with the perps?

        You should consider filming as they certainly will be filming. They will not document their abuse but will film you responding.

        Be a good critical thinker and look up my comments and do what is legally effective rather than beating your chest and getting sued or jailed.

        Antifa, BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), and BLM have begun buying firearms, loading them, and bearing them in public. They are using the 2nd AMENDMENT just as conservatives do. This means it’s just a matter of time before an armed and trained Antifa member returns fire or initiates an engagement while on private property.

        Just as liberals report us, report them when you witness Antifa using open carry. Immediately call law enforcement even if they seem to be following the law as escalation may occur. If they are open carrying in front of your house and harassing you, know your state laws regarding what specifically is meant by being “threatened” in your state.

        Use state stalking laws and harassment laws if there is a pattern. Put posted “no tresspassing signs” up.

        Be on great terms with local law enforcement so they become your allies if possible. Rural folks that are preppers often have allies among the county sheriffs department and deputies.

        These kinds of things do not just happen organically. When Antifa showed up in a little rural Kentucky city, it was precipitated by other events, then communicated, then organized, then transportation, then press releases, etc.

        Know how many extreme liberal groups are frequenting your region and state to have some idea of sizes. Be perfectly willing to engage in effective tactics to psychologically defeat them.

        Are there anti-mask laws in your state? If so, report every instance to create a hostile environment and a criminal record for the perps.

        Are the perps breaking any laws whatsoever? Report them. Do you suspect them of owning illegal things? Report them. Make their lives uncomfortable and miserable. Report their activities to the places they work. Businesses cannot afford bad press now a days.

        Be willing to use every tactic at your disposal. There is no chivalry in this kind of engagement.

      16. Abolish the democratic party. They are just piles of cockroach shit in need of round- up.

      17. Maranatha, please forgive my ignorance, but just what do you mean by a POSTED “no trespassing sign”? I have seen that term many times, but I do not understand the significance of the word “posted”.

        • https://legalbeagle.com/6552760-kentucky-trespassing-law.html
          Read your state laws carefully. Often an attorney within your state will write legal articles and post youtube videos on such common subjects.

          A tresspasser can claim they were ignorant they were on. private property unless signs are posted. Hunters frequently flout tresspassing laws…knowingly by opening and closing gates or crossing over fences. But if signs are up, and you catch them, and take photos, and inform LEOs or the game wardens, they can be prosecuted.

          Based upon their past and criminal history plus evidence of misdemeanors, then instead of a warning, then can be cited or even taken to jail. It’s at the LEOs discretion, likely a deputy in the rural regions.

          Use the law against these subversives whenever possible. They are fools and combative and thus foolishly make it far worse. No deputy worth his or her salt will let it slide.

          Now the police in urban regions are almost certainly Democrat bastions and are hamstrung by political creatures.

      18. https://www.signs.com/blog/state-by-state-guide-to-no-trespassing-laws-signage/

        Besides those other two recent posts, although the sidewalk is legally created by the municipality to allow egress and exit across the property, if some subversive fool falls, say due to snow or ice or merely being wet, they can sue you.

        Historically some people carried umbrella insurance to cover things like that. If these Antifa twits injured themselves while on your property, then you could be held legally liable.

        When you post a “no tresspassing”sign, then immediately they are knowingly tresspassing and it can then be argued you are not responsible for injuries as they have at least committed a class B misdemeanor in Kentucky.

        Why do you think LEOs chase out homeless folks from public and private property? The same thing but an even larger lawsuit could occur.

        Smart deputies and other supportive law enforcement will use vague local ordinances on “creating a public nuisance” laws, or “appeared to be inebriated” so public drunkeness laws, violated noise laws, blocking the sidewalk, not having a permit, etc.

      19. Read this link spelling out the many state and local ordinances that a group like Antifa ROUTINELY breaks.


        Inciting violence and blocking the sidewalk are only two but there are many.

        Inform law enforcement when you communcate and cite the law specifically that the protestors are breaking. They will be forced to act UNLESS a permit was given and then the protestors have a chance to correct the situation.

        Be meticulous and UNYIELDING. Both the protestors and the LEOs are counting upon you being cowed into being “a nice guy”. The heck with that!

        Document every bit of litter and vandalism (did they damage the grass or landscaping or lean on vehicles and scratch the paint
        ), no matter how small. If they MUST have a portapotty by law, then cite that law. What are the specific conditions that they agreed to IF they have a permit.

      20. https://civilrights.findlaw.com/enforcing-your-civil-rights/protest-laws-by-state.html
        For example, the second they block the sidewalk to private property in Kentucky, protestors have VIOLATED state and local ordinances. They must have a permit and it takes 60-90 days to approve it. At that point, they have an unlawful assembly. Now they are tresspassing and blocking the sidewalk and have an unlawful assembly. It all starts to add up.

        This is why you MUST know the ordinances.

        You can claim they have weapons or illegal substances and then the LEO has probable cause as well. Oops…I made a mistake, officer.

        • Maranatha, great links. I’ll check up on what Virginia has.

      21. The point here is that this incident is designed to terrorize the opposition. Who the victim is is not important they need one as an object lesson for others to see to create fear and self policing of speech See and fear So what are you going to do act timid and put up with a private street army terrorizing the country. Just bow your head and dont look them in the eyes and maybe they wont bother you. think small and timid and get along. Be afraid

      22. You do not need handcuffs, per se.
        A heavy duty zip tie will suffice.

      23. Anyone holding a molotov cocktail, particularly on your property, is fair game.
        By any means necessary.

      24. Sheep Dog, shoot the scumbag while he’s got the Molotov in his hand. That’ll stop him. And if the Molotov just happens to strike him…..oh well. You play with fire and you’re going to get burned.

      25. Rhetoric is like a brain game for college kids. You don’t really know what these public personalities are thinking, to themselves, sincerely, in their personal life. So, I am not saying to go burst his bubble, necessarily.


        Rhetorically speaking, for the sake of a *staged debate, Carlson is in favor of state market controls, aka Communism.

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