TSA Humiliation, Discrimination, and Demoralization

by | Mar 23, 2010 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    The TSA’s actions are reminiscent of communist police and border patrol agents of the former East Block. Has it really come to this?

    She was yelling “I have power, I have power, I have power!”

    They make you feel like you have no rights.

    If somebody told me that I was going to save the people on the airplane by taking my pants off in public, I wouldn’t mind doing it. But this was not necessary.

    This is the problem with government taking control of industries that are better left privatized.

    Try to imagine what health care will look like in 2020. Hint: It will not be pretty.

    CBS 2 Special Report About the Abusive Nature of TSA’s Screenings:


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      1. Ridiculous.  We’d rather harrass senior citizens than profile and become efficient.  We need to learn from the Israelis.

      2. I have a pacemaker, and even after I show them my documentation, they don’t use a medical wand, they do the pat-down grope job on me.  And yes, the do touch my Johnson and the areas around it.  A metal detecting wand would do the same thing.  It is sick.

      3. This is disgusting. 

        What is wrong with people … both the savages subjecting others to these humiliating processes and the general American public who doesn’t see the UNBELIEVABLE invasion of privacy.

        It is up to us, the general public to raise our voices in COMPLETE AND UTTER REFUSAL TO COMPLY to these tactics.

      4. Yea, this is pretty bad. 20smoney, we learned from the Israelis, this reminds me of the humiliating checkpoints the Israelis have set up for the Palestinians. But the point of this is not to protect the people from terrorist attacks, it’s just another step closer for total subjugation of the people.

      5. TSA is looking for bad people to do you harm.

        What do you want?  You want to board airplane without any screening?  Are you that stupid in these times.

        Go find yourself an unsecured airlines and take your family with you.  Have a nice flight!

        As for me, I appreciate the extra effort these men and women do to make my flight safe.  They are treated very poorly by the public and all they want to do is keep you safe.  These officers place their lives on the line for you.  All you want to do is bad mouth them.  You probably bad mouth the cops for giving you a ticket for speeding. 

        What can I say?  Shame on you!!

      6. “They are treated very poorly by the public”

        The public treats them as they treat the public, luckily, the public has some restraint, something that cannot be said for the TSA agents featured in the above video.

        “Go find yourself an unsecured airlines and take your family with you.  Have a nice flight!”

        As 20smoney said, we should do it like the Israelis. No one is suggesting that we should not have airport security. As I suggested in this article, security should be returned to the private sector, where civil and criminal liabilities exist. When the government is in charge, they seem to believe they are above the law.

        “All you want to do is bad mouth them.”

        No, all we want is fair treatment. We, the public, are not wild animals. Most people are happy to submit to airport security, but not when it is humiliating and demeaning.

        “You probably bad mouth the cops for giving you a ticket for speeding. “

        Only when I wasn’t speeding, or if everyone else was speeding too.

      7. Comments….I lived in Socialist Country and was amazed to see this video in USA.My quesstion is:How he puts his life on line for me?What I see from video They put not life but people on the floor.That is what I SEE.When I was a policeman back in Socialist country and  would do what I see in this video I would be gone from Police force in no time.IN COMMUNIST COUNTRY !!!t.Do you know Woody01 what is Inferiority Complex?If You make stupid person powerful You putting Him above The law.It’s natural.When ever The Rule of law gives way The collapse of The State is not far behinde.
        I don’t bad mouth Cops for speeding ticket but for me is stupid to pay $300.00 if I go 5 Miles  over The speed limit.As a cop I never brutalized people.
        People should be aware of what is going on.And as a cop used to be.What can I say?That somebody else should be shame of this act on video.

      8. Comments…..The Israelis own all these companies, all the head offices aren’t even in the US they are in Israel.This is how they orchastrate all the false flag operations, they have freedom of movement throughout all the airports. The ex. head of home land security Michael Chertof who is a dual citizen owns a share of the company supplying the new high tech scanners. How convenient

      9. “TSA is looking for bad people to do you harm.”
        The TSA operates using money stolen from US residents and in exchange treats innocent people like criminals, confiscates shampoo bottles, and looks at children’s genitals. But if you have an underpants bomb and want to do a false flag attack, TSA will speed you through security.

        “What do you want?  You want to board airplane without any screening?  Are you that stupid in these times.”

        Some people would choose to board an airplane with lesser, different, or greater security measures; perhaps in exchange for lower or higher prices or lesser or greater convenience. But in USSA, there is no choice.

        “As for me, I appreciate the extra effort these men and women do to make my flight safe.”

        I feel less safe. The chance of dying in a terrorist attack is tiny compared to the chance of being beaten up and shot by TSA agents because you are carrying a bottle of hair gel that is slightly too large or because your wang looks too menacing under X-rays.

      10. BTW this is another case involving Frederic Bastiat’s insight regarding the seen and the unseen.

        That TSA provides security – that is what is seen. What is not seen is the security solutions that would exist without the TSA. These aren’t seen because they were never allowed to come into existence. What is also not commonly seen is the margin of taxpayers that lose their homes because they are forced to fund TSA against their will, even if they’ve never been to an airport in their life.

      11. We’re unsafe because we refuse to use Israel’s number one weapon against terrorism at their airports….PROFILING!!

      12. The tsa is a fucking joke.  I was on a crew doing some work at our international airport a few years ago (after 9/11), and the security is a farce.  While they hassle the crap out of everyone in the building, on the outside, doors are left wide open, there are holes in the fence, and no one is around.  You could walk right in, and through a couple doors, and presto, you’re at the gate without going through “security”.  Every one of these boobs should lose their job.

      13. Jonny V,
        Are you crazy?  Physical security of any airport lies on the airport itself, not TSA.  That’s a no brainer.
        What’s the function of TSA?  Screening passengers and passenger’s baggage.
        Did you bother to report what you saw to the airport director.  I guess not.  You rather place the blame on someone else — these same people who is trying to save your butt from another 9-11.
        If your not part of the solution, that makes you part of the problem.
        However, you make a safety issue into the ‘”F” bomb joke.
        Would you rather fly without security?
        I fly several times a year with my job.  I’m thankful TSA is there doing the best they can despite the attitudes of passengers.  I think the classic remarks are, “You’re violating my constitutional rights!” or “Do I look like a terrorist?”  I really don’t understand that last quote.  What does a terrorist look like?  If anyone knows, please let me know.
        I’ve seen grown adults act like children and end up missing their flights.  Why?    I’ve seen unruly passengers taken away in handcuffs.  Why?
        I’ve had zero problems with TSA and I thank God they’re there and I believe they’re here to stay … just like rock-n-roll.   I also believe they should be able to unionize like any other government agency.
        What are you going to do when it becomes mandatory for you to go through the full-body scanner?  Hmmm?  More “F” bombs jokes.

      14. Well, I guess you’re sensitive to language…..No one at the airport cared.  Believe me, a gang of construction workers aren’t going to give the airport people shit over stuff like that?  Please!  We ridiculed those idiots up one side and down the other, and it made NO DIFFERENCE.  The fat chick in the tsa outfit hassling you to take off your shoes is just for show.  Its not making anything any safer.

      15. I remain silent as a default mode when dealing with these people.  When treated with arrogance, I give it right back.  I am a citizen, not a subject, and I will not bow.  Arrest me.  On the other hand, I will return politeness for politeness.  Indifference for indifference.  Disrespect for disrespect.  That’s pretty easy.
        @ Woody 01- What am I going to do about manditory full body scans?  Gee, that’s a real hard one.  I actually believe what I say, and will back it up.  My job does require flying from time to time (2-3 trips/yr).  I have informed my employer that I WILL NOT COMPLY with these scans.  If it costs me my job, so be it.   That’s how strongly I believe.  I live in Alaska.  I will drive the 3,000 miles to see my lower 48 dwelling family before subjecting my wife, six children, and myself to scans.  Bet on it.


      16. OH!  and YES I AM!!!!!!!!!! FUCKIN CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!WEEEEEHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

      17. Come on now the answer to this problem is stareing all of you right in the face !!  Just tell TSA that you are of the Islamic faith and have your wife wear a BURKA !   Bingo , you get an escourt to the plane and a nice pillow and blanket too !

      18. Jonny V

        How wrong you are about removing shoes.  The bad guy will never get through security with a shoe bomb ever again.  Yes!  Things are safer. 

        Technology keeps improving to stay ahead of the terrorist.  I believe the worst thing TSA has to deal with is passengers who just don’t get the message or try to understand it.  Or, they just don’t care and the heck with everyone else. 

        People lives are at stake, day in and day out.  Though, TSA isn’t perfect, neither are the passenger who go through the checkpoints.  However, everyone is trying with exception of a few who think they can buck the system.

        My statement still stands:  If your not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. 

        As for me and my family, we will do everything we can in our power to contribute to keeping air travel safe.  We will take our shoes off, remove our large electronics and liquids from our carry-on, remove all metals from our pockets (including cell phones), comply with random additional screening, and report anything we deem unusual.  

        Everyone must chip in to deter any terrorist ever trying anything again.  If we do nothing, how many lives are on the line every day? 

        How long ago has it been when passenger who was crazy or bi-polar  made the wrong comment at the wrong time and place?  He was shot and killed at an airport jet way.  They’re not playing around. 

        The message is clear:  Zero tolerance [period]

        I have no problems going through security because I comply with simple instructions.  Instructions which are on posters, recordings playing over the PA system throughout the airport, videos at the lines in the checkpoint, and someone from TSA reminding us to take our laptops and liquids out.  Without fail, someone didn’t pack their brains when they came to the airport.  These boneheads hold the line up for everyone else. 

        How long have we been taking liquids out of our bags and removing laptops?  Still today, passenger can’t do a simple thing even when they are reminded constantly.  This information has been in the media (TV and newspapers) every time a new change takes place.  

        Jonny V, what are you contributing to the security of commercial aviation?

      19. C’mon AB71! When you get in front of that scanner, turn around, bend over and shoot the TSA a  “moon”!  🙂

      20. Well Woody, here’s what I do.  I have several drinks before boarding.  Then I make sure and take an isle seat by the wing.  I scan the cabin for any terrorist looking people (arabs).  I order more drinks and check out the wings through the windows and report any loose parts I see in a loud voice to the stewardess.  I keep an eye on the rag-heads and remain prepared for physical combat if anything unusual or threatening happens.  That’s it, in a nutshell (ha-ha, no pun intended).

      21. Comments…..Jonny, It disappoints me to see you talk like an idiot, I always thought you were smarter than that. The rag heads aren’t the ones roaming the world like war whores destroying peoples lives.

      22. I know Sam, it makes me feel stupid too.  Woody’s thing was just a little pompous and so I went a little off.  Took my meds, everything’s fine now………

      23. Comments…..  last  march 23  i  had  a  friend  who  was  trying  to  get  the  his ass  off  the  disgruntled  and  empoverished,  and  economically   fucked  up   UNITED  STATES  OF  AMERICA….he     never  got  out  from  maine,  his  czech  passport  was  one year  expired  and  the   damned  bastards  of  the  TSA   grabbed  him   and  sent  him  to  prison   CUMBERLAND  COUNTY  JAIL  PRISON  PHONE  NUMBER  207-774-5939 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              207-774-5939      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              207-774-5939      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.  SHERRIFF’S  NAME  MR  DION….VICE  DEPUTY   MR   JOYCE….ok he  went  a  thousand  times   to  the  venezuelan  consulate   to  get  a  visa  and  it  was  denied   to  him….but   the  TSA  grubs   arrested   him ,  hancuffed  him and  took  about  10.000  US  dollars  he  had  earned  busrning  his  ass  off  all  the  time  he  spent  in  america   ,  he’s   from  the  czech  republic ,  but  in  my  country  afterr  you  have  so  many  years  living   in  this  land,  you  are  considered  to  be  almost  a  country’s resident…..he  never  broke  the  law….he  always repected  the  american  authorities,  but  the  TSA ( teasing snitches  anonymous,  busted  all  his  plans  to  move  to  venezuela….a  free country  ,  with  a  wonderful  president,  beautiful   girls,  and  lots  of  jobs  for  a  construction  engineer  like  him…..now  i  wonder   what  happened  to  all  the  “alleged”   suspects   which  turn  out  to  be  legal aliens   caught  during  their  airport  stupid random  searches ??’  my  friend  is  still  in  prison  his  name  is  frederick  bernatek…..please   let  somebody  help  him   his  two  kids  are  americans,  i  ask  anybody   there  who  can  help  him   to  recuperate  his  money  and  his  dignity….it’s  enough i  think  when  you  lose  your  wife  , your  kids,  your  home,  your  joj,  and  to  top  it  all  off ??  your  beautiful  and  valuable  FREEDOM ….as  a  result  of these  absurd paranoic and  ass-  shitted     ASSKISSERS,  TSA  AGENTS…..LET  THEM  GET  ROTTTEN  IN  HELL…….THE JUST  HINDER  PEOPLE’S    LEGAL  RIGHT  TO  MOVE  FREE  AND  WITHOUT  HASSLES……GREEETIGS  FROM  VENEZUELA.

      24. No search = No flying. Take a bus, train or swim to your destination then. Its fascinating to see that Americans are Oxymorons. You want to be safe, but dont like to be bothered with security checkpoints. I’m not saying that TSA is the best plan, but consider the alternative. Rewind to 9/11/2001.

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