Truthers and Terrorists: Questioning 9/11 Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous Use of Free Speech

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Headline News | 155 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Regardless of your views on 9/11, the following alarming report from The Intel Hub is clear evidence that our rights to free and independent thought are being sacrificed on the alter of security. Yesterday, your eccentric musings rendered you mentally incompetent and unable to safely possess firearms. Today, your questioning of the official 9/11 report may identify you as a potential sleeper agent and member of a domestic terror organization. What will tomorrow bring?

    If recent history is any guide, criticism of official government policy, statistics and anti-Statist ideologies will deem you, your family, friends and social network communities as threats to national security.

    Day-by-day, without pause or so much as a peep from the majority of our countrymen, the very fabric of American greatness is being eroded.

    In the last few weeks the FBI, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, have sent out 25 flyers that label normal everyday activities as possible terrorist indicators.

    These flyers also specifically target political speech and the belief that the CIA and others had a part in 9/11 in order to justify, among other things, multiple foreign wars.

    That’s right, our government is teaching state and local law enforcement nationwide that 9/11 truthers should be immediately looked at as possible terrorists.

    In an FBI, Bureau of Justice document on spotting potential sleeper cells within the United States it specifically states that someone may be a terrorist sleeper agent if they believe that the CIA had a hand in 9/11. (A fact that has been heavily documented by thousands of experts. Rogue elements does not mean the entire CIA)

    Late last week Intel Hub contributing writer Madison Ruppert wrote an extensive article that highlighted the details of all the 25 flyers that were sent out.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has routinely released their “Communities Against Terrorism” advisories in the form of fliers which encourage the public to report suspicious activity, something which the DHS has heavily promoted under their “See Something, Say Something” citizen spying program.

    Through releasing these fliers, the FBI has effectively made most activities possible indicators of terrorism. Many of these are so innocuous it is almost laughable to think of them as hints of terrorist activity.

    These are intended to make the people of the United States live in a constant state of fear, constantly on the lookout for non-existent terrorists lurking behind every corner.

    This also helps create a culture of citizen spying in which neighbors are reporting each other for what would otherwise never be considered noteworthy activities.

    Thus, it makes it much easier for the government to track down supposed dissidents since just about everything they do is likely to be considered suspicious when applying all of the absurd guidelines promoted by the FBI.

    Although all the supposed possible terrorists indicators are absolutely absurd, the fact that the FBI chose to specifically target 9/11 truthers shows how important, even after ten years, covering up the truth of the horrendous 9/11 attacks is to the powers that be.

    In August 2011 a video report from media outlet Russia Today highlighted a bill introduced in Congress that would allow indefinite detention of any American that the government declares a terrorist or terrorists sympathizer. (which we now have with NDAA)

    The report specifically spoke about the possibility of 9/11 truthers being locked up throughout the country and now, with an FBI flyer specifically stating this very thing, questioning 9/11 is becoming an increasingly dangerous use of free speech.

    Continue reading full report…


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      1. I read these lists. What a joke. If you buy much of anything you should be reported.

        It is a sad day, when I have to worry about teaching my children about the constitution, and that most of it is countered by some type of BS.

        This just plain sucks. I have no other way to describe it.

        • if stocking up isnt good then pulling all assets out of banks and other investmentswould be a real good thing . paying taxes to stockpile money to be used in your community throught the year would also be a contribution to terrorism… if they wanna play the haves and have nots game we the people should Play it…. i dont think were gonna have much of a problem if we turn our backs and look to the soil ,were not the ones in debt. they are. if need be for a few to come in to apprehend the guilty and carry their heads back . lets let em.

        • It is strange, to say the least.

          IMHO, the whole 9/11 “Truth” movement ignores basic physics and doubly ignores Occam’s Razor.

          OTOH, they have the perfect right to do so… concoct whatever theory you want about it.

          OTOH, a question: weren’t most of the “truther” folks furious types who can be best described as ‘progressive’, or did that go away when Bush did?

          • That’s right, thumb it down, but you know I’m right.

            • If by right you mean still asleep, sure.

            • 1) Read my posting history on this site before you spout nonsense like that.

              2) Being awake and prepping does *not* require subscribing to every scrap of stupid tinfoil theory being spewed out there. In fact, I daresay that it keeps my mind clearer, and more able to see actual bad mojo coming on the horizon.

              Lookit – the more you cling to the idiocy and the crack-headed stuff, the less people will take you seriously. It’s the first step towards being showcased on a TV newscast as one of those local nuts that keep giving the rest of us in the prepping community a *very* bad name (especially when they start throwing lead).

          • I wouldn’t identify myself as a “Truther.” But, I think you have to be in a state of willing suspension of disbelief to buy the NIST and 911 Commission story. That’s where the truth movement gets all their ammo is by poking holes in the official story. If TPTB were trying to get at the truth they wouldn’t have done things like ship the wreckage of the of the buildings overseas before the investigation was complete.

            There are a lot of crazy stories on the truther side too. Remote control planes, which would have necessitated those involved in the conspiracy to have murdered the passengers and crew on the ground. Could that have happened? I hope not. You’d have to be a complete psychopath to participate in such a thing.

            Bottom line. I don’t know exactly what happened that day because evidence has been purposefully withheld, covered up, lost etc. Much like the Kennedy assassination, I don’t know the truth, but I sure as heck do not believe the official story.

            • The problem with 9/11 conspiracies is that they’re a dime a dozen, and each conflicts with the last.
              Perhaps that’s the greatest 9/11 conspiracy of all. Imagine. The government concocts a thousand stupid conspiracies and splits the 9/11 truth movement 1000 ways.
              For pete’s sake, there’s even a “no planes” theory claiming that all the footage was doctored.
              It’s the perfect way to make the whole movement stink of tinfoil.
              p.s. If I don’t post for more than a week the suits have got me!

        • You might be a Redneck if…

          • Odd q- I always enjoy your input to this forum, you’re one of the good guys. However I disagree with your assesment of truther ideas. We see a govt coverup to strip liberty and perpetuate the war machine as a large dose of your so-called “bad mojo”, and it ain’t on the horizon my friend, its been here. Not subscribing to government lies does NOT make me “crack-headed”.

        • Patriots must organize politically OUTSIDE of the Dems and Repubs. There is strength, protection, and liberty from these abuses of power by the Globalists in DC in collective resistance.

          Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote Patriots into office. 90 million gun owners hold the future of America and their personal liberties in their hands.


          America First!, US Constitution Party, Patriot Party. Get on THEIR list and put Rogue Administrations on YOURS!

          Make YOUR list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. When the world turns, Justice can be served as there is no statute of limitations on Sedition.


          • “Patriots must organize politically OUTSIDE of the Dems and Repubs.”

            This, right here.

            The modern US political party system is like being given a choice between eating shit stew, or eating a shit sandwich. Either way you’re going to end up with a sour stomach and bad breath.

            • OQ: A shit sandwich and a sour stomach is the least of OUR worries. That’s exactly why American patriots must change the system to provide for a fair outcome.


              Remember Capt Kirk’s response to a no win situation at Star Fleet Academy? 🙂

              He changed the computer system to allow for the possibility of success. So can WE.

              WE can change America. Engage or bend your knee and serve your masters. It’s your choice.

        • What a joke?

          You mean for isntance like if your wife hits you then calls the cops and guess who goes to prison? Answer: not her…

          Ridiculous laws like that?

          Which by the way actually work… rather frighteningly effectively…

        • I have to wonder why are the feds making such a fuss about 9/11 truthers? I mean if no one pays any attention then they will just be a little group of guys who discuss it amoung themselves. But when the feds get all upset about this little group it kinda makes me ask why? The feds are what makes me ask why, not the truthers, but the response of the FBI for crying out loud.

      2. I must be on the top of their list then!

        • No,I didn’t mean first to post! I don’t play that silly game.

          • I have much to learn from you, Sensei.

        • You have lots of company on the list, I suspect I’m only half way up the list because I know 911 was a scam, but I don’t bother trying to convince anyone of it.

      3. Damn right I’m first. Not so fast AZ.

        • and don’t call me Shirley

          • Flight 209 you’re clear for takeoff.
            Departure frequency 123 point niner.
            Requesting vector, over.
            Flight 209 clear for vector 324.
            We have clearance, Clarence.
            Roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?
            Tower radio clearance, over.
            That’s Clarence Oveur, over.
            Roger, over.

            • Arriving gate 4, gate 5, gate 7, gate 12.

            • THE AUTOPILOT !!
              IT’S DEFLATING !!

      4. I must be 3rd on the list. Next?

      5. could it be that some of them have hit on the truth and it scares the fuck out of the perps?

        • As more and more nails stick up, eventually the hammer will break trying to whack ’em all down.

      6. Technically… wouldn’t Obama be considered ‘suspicious’ according to the flyer?

        • No, he Photoshopped a Hawaiian birth certificate. Don’t you remember last year?

      7. I have to say that for the most part those truthers are just harmless nuts who also believe in little green men. But there is a number of them who are actively anti-American and present a risk to us. We all saw the planes hit. How stupid would you have to be to deny it? What is their agenda? I find it insulting to all of those who sufferred on 9/11 and insulting to all Americans to make these bogus claims.

        • I have to say that’s the most amazing story I’ve ever heard. What amazes me most is that you were taken in by it. How can you be so obtuse?

          It’s a miracle! Vanished like a fart in the wind!

          • Time to get busy living or get busy dying

        • @ GWTW — you employ straw man arguments. I know of no 9/11 truthers who deny that planes hit the Twin Towers (but there is some — ahem — doubt that a plane hit the Pentagon).

          Doubting the government’s word is not “anti-American.” It is the HEIGHT of true Americanism. If you want to see real anti-Americanism, look to the supporters of a certain shitty little country who enable said country to spy on Amerika, steal its military secrets an give them to China, attack US warships and kill their crew members, and who most of all work assiduously to MURDER THE US CONSTITUTION.

          • I believe it all happened. I just don’t believe the reasons. I’m in the LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose or the ATMSWDI – Aided The Musloid Scum Who Did It) …as in the fabulous United States Federal Corporation.

            Here is what I know: For years they said building 7 went down because of debris, when there was little debris. After being pushed and pushed, they finally admitted TAKING IT DOWN. Its a know fact that it was taken down.

            Now, fancy me this: It went down right after the towers went down. Do you really think they were setting charges in building seven while the towers were falling. NO!!! They did it ahead of time!!! Why would they do that? I’ll let that one wander around in your brain.

            Now, fancy me this: I’m somewhat of a finatic about building demolition. Its a fine art/science that is esoteric in the extreme. As such, I know this: a building doesn’t like to go straight down ESPECIALLY one as tall as the twin towers. One little tiny thing off and the whole thing is, well, only one word describes it: FUCKED. Now, you can tell me that not one, but *TWO* of the tallest buildings in the world, hit imprecisely by airliners in a half half yawed manner do this in one day? Hahahahahahaha! The chances are laughable. Ask people who do building demolitions. Just ask. They’ll clam up tighter than grandma’s purse two days after Christmas. You want to know why? Its because THEY KNOW!!!

            You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist. All you have to be is in possession of a working brain, do some figuring and realize that there is NO FUCKING WAY a building could go down like that, let alone two of them.

            Its nearly as laughable as Oklahoma Cities Fertilizer Bomb theater. Glad I didn’t have tickets to that. They call it a “Fertilizer Bomb” for a couple reasons. To the public, it was made of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, or at least thats what they said. But, to the people that really know, the whole affair was made of way more bullshit that ammonium nitrate.

            Oh, don’t get me wrong, McVey lit the fuse and the truck went boom, however, thats not what did most of the damage.

            Yep, the planes hit, I have no doubt, but there were other things. Even on the day the towers fell, I know. We all know but our normalcy keeps us in check. TPTB thank their lucky stars for that.

            To me the people that argue about this are small minded morons. They’ve never studied the physics and they don’t know enough facts. If you do that, you’ll get an eye opener.

            I don’t know what happened. All I know is that we’re either being lied to or there is a whole lot of information being kept from us. I can see the shadow and that shadow is large.

            9/11, Oklahoma City, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Joseph Stack, they’re all events that the establishment has taken the truth and twisted it until its like a pretzel. I’m to the point where I don’t know who did what but I expect every word, ever bit of information that comes from our government is damaging, evil, enslaving bullshit and if they expect me to believe anything they say about anything they can kiss my hairy white ass. Not going to happen.

            Whether you believe this or that about the Twin Towers or not, do believe this. There is one constant in the world. One thing that never failts to be true: Governments lie. Its a universal, world wide process. Governments lie and they lie themselves our of existence.

            Why be a “revolutionary”? Why risk getting hurt, shot or incarcerated? You don’t have to! Government will kill itself. Its biting and chewing very fast now. Stay out of its way. Leave it alone. Oh, and get a pop and some popcorn and watch the show. I find it very entertaining.

            As always: Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits.

            • Well, it’s about time. Someone finally said what I’ve been saying for years. I quit saying it because no one would listen…just nod their heads and smile. “The buildings couldn’t have gone down that way” has been my mantra for years. I’ve heard the official reports, and they don’t make sense. Glad to hear someone else say it for a change.

        • The truthers are not denying the fact that planes hit and the towers went down, they are theorizing that our own Government perpetrated the attacks to draw us into middle east conflict. This conflict would justify our invasion to secure all that Arabian oil in addition to justifying an attack on our liberties in the name of safety. Personally, something about how it all went down stinks to high heaven but without enough credible evidence I cannot take sides as to who is truly responsible. We’ve already learned we can’t trust what the Government tells us and at the same time we can’t trust the tin foil hat crowd since both of their evidence is either very weak or lacks credibility. It’s just going to be one of those big mysteries like the Roswell crash, or how people find Jersey Shore entertaining.

          • hear, hear!

        • Fortunately these so-called “truthers” are harmless, at least so far. It always amazes me to what length these idiots will go to elevate the abilities of the federal government to plan and execute these deviously complicated and stealthy plots when the same government can’t handle simple tasks like balancing a budget, operating a post office, securing borders, or paying less than $400 for a hammer.

          • Ed, do you REALLY think they “accidentally” paid $400 for a hammer? do you think they can’t balance a budget? Do you REALLY, REALLY believe they can’t close the border? They don’t and they act like they can’t but its a won’t and don’t want to deal.

            You have decided to tow the normalcy bias line. I don’t mean to be harsh but being ignorant is not an excuse to call people who’ve done research “idiots”. Oh, believe me, there are some. I know one guy, Crazy Steve, we’ll call him, that doesn’t believe the planes even hit and all the film is CGI. Not impossible, I suppose.

            You see, I’m a theorizer. I found out a long time ago that if you can hold two or more theories in your head at one time and, essentially, believe they’re all true as you investigate you’ll end up with a lot more information because you don’t start putting your subject in a box and trying to force the lid shut.

            I don’t know everything about 9/11 but what I do know makes me realize that the stuff coming from government sources is mostly lies. (…oh, and like that is UNUSUAL or something…)

            I know you WANT to believe. Frankly, so do I. I would simply love for you to blow me out of the water with your facts. But, see, you can’t. Ever study building demolition? How about heat and combustion? Metal stress when exposed to heat? General girder and building stress? I’m a quick study on things I already know a lot about and about stuff I’ve worked with and I’ve had hands on experience with similar processes, albeit smaller. The official line is full of holes that those very same planes could have flown through with their landing gear down, FOUR ABREAST!!! But, the average American knows little about mechanics, steel, fire, explosives or physics and so our government is given a pass to spew outrageous bullshit.

            Who was it that said “Those who expect to be ignorant and free expect something that never was and never shall be.”? Well, we’re there!

            I assure you, what we’re being told about everything by our government is 98% bullshit. The difference in 9/11 is that the government informational spew on that is 99.999% bullshit. Lies, damned lies and fucking damned lies. Someday people will go to the electric chair for this. Murder. Were I to be the one to throw the switch, I’d do it with a smile and a clear conscience.

            Ed, you can have your opinion, and that is fine but I would like to know: are you basing that opiniont on the herd aspect, the normalcy bias aspect, the wishful thinking aspect, the clear thinking aspect or the research and experience aspect?

          • Not saying I believe that our government is totally responsible, but I do believe that – at the very least – they allowed 9/11 to happen. It always amazes me when people try to argue that the same government that built the greatest military force and space program in the history of the world just happens to be incompetent morons when it comes to everything else.

          • They fail to balance the budget, fail to secure the borders and pay $400 for hammers on purpose. It’s corruption and it’s purposeful.

            I’ll give you the post office thing. If our military was that poorly run, we’d never win a battle let alone a war.

            I’ve never worked at the CIA, but I suspect it’s a slightly more professional organization than the USPS.

        • GWTW; a point you over look is the purpose of people being called truthers; they are only looking for answers to some very good questions and obvious contradictions in the reporting of events. It is no different than people rejecting that Oswald shot JFK as the lone assassin. Could these same people be classified (now) as terrorist threats?
          Basically the Gov’t is classifing anyone that doesn’t believe their propaganda is a threat. This is communism, progressive, slavery or whatever you want to call it.

            • that is probably the most relevant quote to name in todays world!
              good shootin’ Mac!

            • Ah, way to make a Kewl point, Mac..touche!

            • Oh, OUCH! Excellent point, Mac!

        • well… I don’t know who did it or who was involved, I don’t know if that was an inside job or not.
          one thing I know 100% + and that is – TWC towers did not fell because of planes, pancake effect, steel failure or some other mumbo jumbo. they were blown from the inside out! I know that because I am trained in this. remember? I am combat engineer. of course we did not do such precise and neat demolitions, we usually just blew up things, but doing that man learns what can be done by certain stuff and what ain’t… and I tell you – WTC1,2,7 DID NOT FELL BECAUSE OF PLANES OR FIRES OR ANY OTHER OF THAT. that was done by demolition charges and very possibly with the help of thermite…
          so sue me

          • I meant to say – “did not fall”
            wanted to clear that up, lest I appear as a complete moron there 🙂

            • Lack of typing skill does not preclude intelligence. Just saying!


              We all knew what you meant.

              Thanks for the confirmation.

          • This is a classic example of rationalization.
            Two questions: 1)So someone placed bombs in the WTC and was lucky enough to place them both on the exact floors that the planes would hit. And somehow you think this is believable!
            2)If it were an inside job and had been planned for well over a year that means Clinton planned it and Bush went along with it. How in the hell did that conversation go??? “So listen George, Hilliary and I have this plan and now that you are president it is up to you to pull it off for us…”

            I especially laugh at the so-called “experts” who all think they are engineers and thus what we saw didn’t happen. We saw the planes hit and we saw the fires from the fuel and then we saw the building collapse at the exact floor where the plane damage and fire heat caused the building to collapse and they think it was “mumbo jumbo”!!

            I find it personally disgusting to claim that all our elected officials and civil servants killed those 3000 people on 9/11. You have some serious mental issues going on.

            • ~Wind-blown~

              Wrong answer, pal!


              1.) Nano-thermite is paint-able/spray-able. Burns in excess of 4000*F.

              2.) The melting point of structural steel is slightly below 2900*F

              3.) Jet fuel in a free ignition environment(no forced compression/combustion) is less than 600*F.

              4.)Every (load bearing) structural I-beam within all three buildings, exhibited 45* angle “cuts” to facilitate “slipping”…a phenomenon essential for collapse to occur at (very near) the acceleration of gravity….see physics 101.

              5.) Every building collapsed within its own “footprint” at near free-fall velocity & +3 weeks after the event, all three building basements contained “actively molten/liquid metal(steel)”…in an environment devoid of sufficient free oxygen to support any substantial combustion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              6.) However, thermite…or specifically nano-thermite, contains its own oxidizer in the form of “ferrous-oxide”…which is essentially, oxidized iron!!!
              Remember back in 7th grade science class where the teacher informed us that combustion/fire requires oxygen????????

              ***********Geezus Windy, I could go on for hours, poking holes in the govts lies/stupid answers…but I digress & its getting late!!!!

              Please enroll in a refresher course for science/basic physics at your earliest convenience….then you’ll be capable of comprehending my points/data.

              While you’re in class, ask your instructor about “ground-effect phenomena” relative to velocity, mass, gravity & surface area……then you’ll understand “JJ’s” point!!!!!!!!!!

              F= M x A…think about it!!!!

            • Gunsmith; what you have repeated is urban legend not fact. It is laughable that you sit on your high horse defending SNL talking points. There were no cuts to the I-beams!!!!
              The burn temperature of the jet fuel did not need to melt the I-beams it only needed to weaken them which happens well below melting point of steel. Then the 100’s of tons of weight above these floors follows the law of gravity.

              Regarding the supposed impossibility of 100’s of tons of building falling straight down, DUH! Did you forget we all saw 100’s of tons of building fall straight down??? Kind of makes you statement that it can’t happen sound pretty stupid.

              Those pools of melted steel in the building days after the collapse is more urban legend. I cannot understand how you can be duped by this crap so easily. Do you really believe there would be molten pools of steel days after the collapse regardless of what caused the collapse??? Could you be that stupid??? If you are going to continue to use incredibly stupid urban legend to support your thesis people are going to continue to laugh at you.

              The terrorist committed this attack. The U.S. government didn’t have anything to do with it. It is incredibly insulting to those dirtectly harmed by the attack and to every American for you to continue to spout this naive and stupid crap. Please go back to believing in little green men and stop hurting your nation and the good people in it.

            • Gonewiththewind: I would encourage you to go to “Scholars for 9/11 Truth”. There is a wealth of information from some pretty smart people.

              I don’t know exactly what happened, neither does anyone else here including yourself. I do know that there are some pretty smart engineers that have explanations that make more sense, no matter how disturbing, than the official one.

              If you find it disgusting to claim elected officials had something to do with 9-11, I would also encourage you to research “Operation Northwoods”. A plan like this has been out there in CIA circles for decades.

            • I didn’t claim that your “officials” had anything to do with 9/11. in fact I said quite the opposite, and I quote:
              “I don’t know who did it or who was involved, I don’t know if that was an inside job or not.”
              but as to WTC 1,2,3 collapse, you can bullshit yourself to the death, or to your heart’s content. unless you have blown something bigger than firework on 4th of July, we two have nothing to discuss. I will not even start to go into detail about how the building could not have collapsed strait down because off intricate steel beam network within the structure, I will not point out that the second collapse started with a tilting top and yet the understructure still “pancaked”
              oh, what’s the point, you sir are either a government spook or a thoroughly brainwashed sheeple, either way we have nothing to discuss.

        • Vaporized? They can do that?

          Welcome to the Rock.

        • Explain building 7 collapsing with a convincing argument and I might believe the government story. That’s all, building 7.

          • Oh, take it a bit further AZ..tell us how a multi-billion dollar defense system fails when it was known the country was under attack…why no pictures released of the video cameras surrounding the bldg?? Why no missile release when the intent of a multi-billion dollar defense system is to attack enemy incoming with a millile?? Why no plane parts or gasoline smell ANYWHERE witnessed by April leaving the ‘bombed’ bldg. with her infant?? The same April that sued Rumsfeld and Cheney–you gotta have some steele nuggets to do that and Godfearing faith in what you know is right.
            That’s just a start.

          • I was a truther before the truther movement. I watched the whole thing unfold as I was nursing a broken ankle that day. I watched the first tower go down … red flag. I watched the second tower go down just like the first tower and my immediate thought was that this was a controlled demolition … before anyone told me this was a controlled demolition. The third tower? It clenched it for me.

        • You’re not just an idiot–you’re a naive idiot.

        • I forgot to give you a thumbs, you know this group here..check out your statement’s thumbs down.
          Get a hint??
          Oh, add 1200 architects and engineers plus commercial pilots, and military pilots to that list of harmless nuts..and when you can debate those brilliant engineers and architects and those military pilots that say that the maneuver going into the most guarded building on the planet that had its multi-billion dollar missile defense system turned off, let us know; we’re ready to listen.
          (I spent weeks researching videos, statements, witnesses, pictures, articles, glad to answer any questions you have)

          • EDIT: …..and those military pilots that say that the maneuver WAS IMPOSSIBLE going into the most guarded building on the planet that had its multi-billion dollar missile defense system turned off…

      8. It is not enough to fear Big Brother — you must LOVE him. You must believe EVERYTHING he says, uncritically and adoringly, as does a child in relation to its parent.

        As the official 9/11 fable unravels, deductive reasoning, empirical observation and critical thinking skills are increasingly viewed as “threats” by our zionist/globalist masters. They are naturally afraid of the OTHER questions that arise in regard to that terrible day, especially those pertaining to THEIR role in orchestrating it.

        I submit that, in the spirit of responsible and informed citizenship, Amerikans are duty-bound to question ALL aspects of the official 9/11 story, and at the very least should exercise the same degree of skepticism in regard to this devastating event that they do when buying a USED CAR.

        Now, all you zio-trolls out there, lets hear some really good invective (the more scatological, the better, just like they spew it in Haifa). Let’s see you try to convince your goy slaves that “ignorance is strength.” Oh yeah — I’m NOT a Muslim, so don’t bother going there.

        • Always, always, ALWAYS question “authority.”

          • Always.

          • Especially IMAGINED authority… 🙂

            • Defacto Imagined Authority!

              Excellent point REB!

        • ~Ahab~

          *(quote)…As the official 9/11 fable unravels, deductive reasoning, empirical observation and critical thinking skills are increasingly viewed as “threats” by our zionist/globalist masters. They are naturally afraid of the OTHER questions that arise in regard to that terrible day, especially those pertaining to THEIR role in orchestrating it…(unquote)*


          Considering the physical properties of ASTM-572 structural grade steel, assuming that was used in the towers construction(or a derivative thereof)….the melting point of said steel approaches 2900*F. The thermal yield point is approx 60% of that temp(1700-1750*F)…(i.e) drastic load bearing reduction capability of the steel in question.

          Aviation kerosene for turbo-jet/turbo-fan engines…JP-4, JP-5, JP-6 & JP-8…ignite & burn below 600*F!!!!

          It defies the laws of thermodynamics to melt or soften such alloy-steel as ASTM-572, at so low a temp as produced by burning aviation kerosene!!!!

          Thermite/thermate(4000*F & 5000*F) on the other hand…(y’all have the recipe, remember?!?)…can easily produce the required temps to “BOIL & LIQUEFY” said steel in very rapid manner/fashion! Nano-thermite on the other hand is, orders of magnitude more efficient.

          …& it just so happens to be somewhat convenient that, the 2 largest manufacturer’s(& users) of nano-thermite are…the USA & israel….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          Highlighting “Net Ranger’s” observation of the OKC bomb blast damage….please recall that ANFO’s propagation/burn rate is slightly above 4000m/sec, if I recall correctly and hence, its a “LOW GRADE” explosive…yet the distance of the truck vs the structural damage to the building….again, is/was in defiance of the laws of physics.

          The final “official/agreed upon report” concerning OKC was that the truck’s ANFO bomb weighed approx 12,000lbs & the truck-box internal volume vs the weight of ANFO relative to said volume is/was…..ummmmm, on the far side of optimism, to be frank!!!

          NOTE:) The explosive power of ANFO can be boosted substantially via the ratio of 3 parts ANFO + 1 part aluminum powder + 1 part powdered charcoal…w/ ANFO being a 16:1 ratio of ammonium nitrate powder (31-0-0 fertilizer) & one part diesel fuel…

          …So doing the math for the above formula…we’re talking about thousands of pounds of aluminum & charcoal powder in addition to McVey’s fertilizer base!!! If indeed, he even took the boosted route!!!

          Photo analysis of the bomb damage unequivocally supports internal detonations “within/inside” the federal building itself….can you say false flag??? Can you accept federal govt sanctioned murder of its citizens & their children for political gain…or advancing of an ideological agenda???


          Ahab’s position is succinct & to the point!
          Those who discount any external influences or agendas relative to the debated tragedies, need to merely ask themselves……..
          ……………………..Who benefited from them!!!!

          • Gunsmith,

            Whew! I read that and had a TechRush! Thank you!

            But, try to explain all that to the people that press the buttons at the voting booth?

            Now, most of you know, I have no love of musloid scum. I even refuse to captitalize words like “islam” and “muhammed”. islam is not a religion. Its a political system designed to suck you in as a religion and then enslave you. Someone on here said that the final battle will be for your soul. islam is ahead of the game in that respect.

            But! I say this because I am not an sympathizer. What I will say next can be malinged. If we would just leave them alone. We stir them up. We torture them. We bomb them. We poke and prod them. …just like we’re doing to Iran this very *HOUR*!!! Is it any wonder they were complicit in flying the planes or they bombed the baracks or the USS Cole? I’ll never defend them but I won’t despise them because they kill us after what we’ve been doing to them. Besides, there are plenty of other things to despise them for, why add one that dishonors our own?

            BTW, just so we’re clear: Threaten to hijack my plane with a box cutter and you better hope the blade isn’t too long. That could be unhealthy when I make you eat it. …sideways.

            • ~NR~

              Agreed sir!

              I am no fan of Mohamedism and I despise Talmudism/zionism!

              The only grace I’m willing to grant the followers of the Koran is….at least they honor Christ & his mother w/ honest reverence, in print!

              NOTE:) The radical islamic cults are outside the norm…per the Koran!
              I’ve read much of it & have seen some noble points therein….yet it is light years behind our Christian “NEW TESTAMENT”…!!!!

              As for the Talmud & its supporting literature(Kabalah, Zohar etc…etc)…..well IMO, they/it are the gospel according to Lucifer!


              …as for the in-flight scenario, should we ever find ourselves on the same hi-jacked plane…

              ……….the only way you’ll be first w/ the sideways oral maneuver after I gut them/him ….is if you’re seated ahead of me!!!


          • What is termite made of, and what are planes made of? Could it be the same thing?

      9. You will be assimilated. . .

        We are borg.

        • You will be humiliated. We are redneck.

          Can you imagine? The borg assimilate a remote county in, say, rural Kentucky and suddenly they have to find a planet that has big trees so they can work on their warp drive.

          Hey! Its possible!

      10. It’s sad if this is true. They are going way out of hand here. The guy that was the prepper on a couple of articles below had his guns taken away because he was prepping and national Geo basically targeted him and the dr who said he was mentally instable was totally bs. I know lots of older guys who say id rather die than have a tube down my throat for the rest of my life, we might not know the whole story but i dont think that he deserved to have his guns taken away, he was not hurting or never hurt anyone else. totally bs anymore.

        • and thusly, the echo chamber rumor mill takes another victim…

      11. Funny thing is that if these people are my employee, and they claim I am a terrorists, then they must also be terrorists since they work for one.

        It is not about terrorists. it is about trying to gain the ability to lock up anyone who threatens the banksters monopoly on the issue of money.

        They are also the most likely to take it out on the complicit politicians, so they must protect themselves by locking up anyone who denies their absolute power.

        Lock me up if you can find me.

        • YEEEEP!


        • Are you saying that you do not believe that the planes that hit the World Trade Center were flown remotely by Bilderbergers camped out at Behemian Grove and that airplanes full of burning fuel can in fact bring down a skyscraper built in the 1970’s without the help of explosives planted there by our own government?

        • So I guess we’ll see ya later then?

      13. I guess all those structural engineers and architects that claim the corp narrative is not true are all suspects now too. They may all disappear into the night. No, my tinfoil hat isn’t that tight. I’m afraid they won’t be able to pull this on off.

      14. So, does this mean if I wear my “9/11 was an inside job” t-shirt to the airport, I will end up indefinitely detained???

        • No, they’ll just run you through the nudie scanners about 15 times, give you a few internal & external pat downs, steal your personal stuff, have a good laugh and send you on your way to miss your flight.

      15. The Lady doth protest too much..

        If they didnt do anything wrong..than why the fear of the truth?

        • It has been my experience that the truth is relative and personal to each person. So good luck finding it. Peace

          • Its has been my experience that there is only ONE truth and a person’s level of greed, motives and willingness to lie makes it difficult to find what actually happened.

      16. placing ANY faith in what governments spews at people is the same as handing a loaded pistol to a psychopath and expecting him to not shoot you.

        DUH. everyone outside the US knows 9-11 isn’t what government says it is. many people inside the US also know this; what’s left of the evidence is enough to connect the dots. it’s already been done. the official government line on 9-11 is a fable, a bad story, sloppily hacked together by psychopaths whose time of dominance in the world is ending, and they know it.

        • Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron, welcome to the top of the list with me! LOL

          • OUCH! AZ, please! Those are MY toes! Its getting crowded up here!

        • Why close the investigation and seal the documents for 50 years if there is no disclosures for the government to fear?

          It was a whitewash and the fingerprints of the Mossad are all over 911.

          • I would assume that most here would be expired or their (best by) date exceeded by then.

          • You also have to remember that all those videos of a plane hitting the Pentacon are sealed due to “National Security.”

            Because, well… we might see and jumbo jet actually hitting the Pentacon!

      17. I’m not a 9-11 truther but I believe those who are should be free to speak their minds and voice their opinions.

        There is no more freedom of speech in America. The thought police (i.e. Minority Report pre-crime police) have seen to that.

        Our Republic is under assault by the elite, the progressives, the govt bureaucrats & the politicians.

        We are self destructing from within. The end is near 🙁

        • Bluto,

          As long as you have the ability to stand up and speak your mind, the right is not taken away by a corp threat. It can only be surrendered voluntarily in response to the threat.

          Your right ends when you refuse to exercise it for fear of the consequences. Their rights end when they refuse to allow you to do so and you are forced to protect the right.

          You should be a 911 Truther. Just look at Building 7 and it becomes self evident the buildings were purposely brought down, and not by planes.

          The truth would make a good book that would have to be published as a fiction and most would not believe.

          • @Gods Creation. I believe there are many evil human beings with evil intent in our government but I really don’t believe that they intentionally brought those buildings down and killed so many innocent men, women & children. I have to believe that there is SOME good in them.

            Plus its too big a secret to keep. Someone on the inside would have squealed by now.

            I don’t want to argue about it, it’s like abortion – people don’t change their minds. To each his/her own.

            • Mr B, I respect your opinion.

              This would not be the first time in history for the corp. to lie. And they do believe they could keep it “secret”. They own the media that purports to tell the truth.

              Just look at why you, I and almost everyone on this site is here in the first place. We don’t buy into the BS the corp. spews!

            • Mr. B,

              I respect your opinion about not being a “truther”, however, read my narrative above and tell me where I’m off track. Please, I pray each day that I am a total idiot and that someone can come along and tell me I’m wrong. Because, if I’m not, the world, our government and the criminal bastard thieves lack any conscience or goodness within themselves. Please, disprove what I say. I *BEG* you, make me looks silly. I welcome it.

            • Mr. B–what purpose would it serve to hold ALL pictures and videos from those cameras surrounding the Pentagon??
              Hell, isn’t that why they’re there?
              Just give me 30 minutes and I can make you a truther.
              I’ve done it lots of times in the past two years–know what gets ’em?? The size of the hole in the Pentagon AND the fallacy that a piece of tin can go through all those sections of concrete and actually enough be left of that tin to make a hole in the back of the Pentagon.

      18. So Sad. Not my real name, does that make me a possible suspect. I guess maybe, why am I not using my real name.

        Look at history, Nazi Germany, divide people into groups, pick them off one by one. Easier to manage smaller groups than big groups.

        For example, all Christians should’ve been outrage that the gov was taking aim at Catholic belief on birth control. Most Christian sat back and said, not me, not my religion. But the point is they are slowy eroding each group down to nothing. Soon there will be no one left to speak up when they come for you.

        Remember divide and destroy. Segment people. Would you rather fight ten people or one person?

        Ha ha ha jokes on us. Now back to back to zombie tv and mind numbing wortless app games.

        • So Sad -I’ll take your comment a step further. Instead of saying all Christians should’ve been outraged that the government was taking aim at Catholic belief on birth control, I would say ALL AMERICANS WHO LOVE THEIR FREEDOMS should have been and should be outraged.

          I don’t care if you are a Satanist or a devout Catholic, you have a right to believe whatever you see fit without the government stepping in and dictating anything about your religious beliefs. The seperation of Church and State needs to stay seperate or else we will all end up required to follow whoever is “elected” belief system. No Monarchy for me and my fellow man please!

      19. @ Durango Kidd

        Would you want me to judge your beliefs by your behavior? I doubt it.

        You AND I are properly incensed about the wicked, perverse, and heretical behavior of ChurchMEN—especially the recent “Popes.” The Church is indefectible, but ChurchMEN frequently defect. You do not properly judge GOD at all or His Church by the free will behavior of MEN.

        Besides, emotional subjectivity, whether yours or mine, is no basis for determining the truth. Your pea brain and mine cannot fully understand God or His doctrine. Either you have Faith, an undeserved gift from God, or you do not.

        As I have said, you are “free” to make your choices and your eternal soul depends on it.

        Lastly, only about 1% of professing Catholics are actually practicing Catholicism. The post-Vatican 2 Church, “Popes,” “Mass,” rites, dogma, and morals bear no more relation to authentic Catholicism than talmudic Judaism bears to Mosaic Law—namely, ZILCH.

        • well, if only 1% of catholics are doing it right, then maybe the church would see fit to only molest those in the 1% and maybe give the money back to the other 99%.

        • JQP ~

          Let it go, man. Durango hasn’t even posted on this thread. This discussion is about 9/11 and questioning the PTB, not on the relative benefits of Catholicism vs. Protestantism.

          I admire your faith and passion, truly, but don’t beat us all over the head with it.

          • Durango made himself a target with his asinine “Christian” Zionist exegesis, then he turned tail and ran. I’ll “give it a rest” until the next time some Bible Believer makes a similarly indefensible exegesis.

            • JQP: I haven’t turned tail and run. I have responded to all your posts, but there is a limit of how much time I want to spend looking for your possible rants and responses.

              You can send those to me at:

              [email protected]

              Meanwhile, take your perverted catholic church and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Which is typically where the Satanic Catholic Priesthood wants to put it anyway.

              Maybe the reason there are only 1% practicing Catholics is because they are looking for a godly church and not the Mother of Harlots.

              Churches and individuals who embody the fruit of the spirit, will naturally and of necessity, produce the gifts of the spirit.

              If the gifts of the spirit are not in evidence, then the fruit of the spirit is not present within that church.

              The fruit of the catholic church is evident for all to witness. Do not worry about my immortal soul, worry about the tens of thousands of children your pedophile priests have sodomized.

              For every one that has come forward, there is probably at least three or four who have not. Such is the fruit of the Catholic Church. I would run, not walk from an organization like that.

              That you want to defend the un-defendable so strongly, and know so much about the Catholic Church, says a lot about you, FATHER!

        • JQP: Yes, judge my beliefs by my behavior. Actions speak louder than words. Life is about expressing what is inside outside. People whose behaviors do not match their beliefs, or their words, are called hypocrites.

          Faith without works is dead. Perversion is not godly and child abuse is satanic.

      20. This all too similar to what happened to dissidents on the other side of the iron curtain.

        Asking “what the hell happened?” when a major disaster occurs is not terrorism – it’s a normal rational human response.

        Coupled with the privisation of US prisons, arrest without trial and the loss of gun rights for minor misdemours/nonsense mental health reasons it’s sinister. I have to ask – has slavery really been abolshed & are Fema camps intended to be the modern version of the old Soviet Gulags, adapted for an American “consumer”.

      21. ‘Among the calamities of war may be jointly numbered the diminution of the love of truth, by the falsehoods which interest dictates and credulity encourages.’ (Samuel Johnson from The Idler, 1758)

      22. Judge Napolitano: Final Word on the Last Episode of Freedom Watch

        He is an inspiration to all who want freedom.


        • What a great video, thank you for the link. He’s preaching to the choir with this group of readers.

          I can’t believe his show is off the air. I really like the guy. I wish there were 300 million more of him in the USA…….

        • Napolitano is among the 1% — preVatican 2 Catholics. Amazing that the “neo-cons” at Fox didn’t find out until Napolitano had a following.

      23. I buy vinergar to clean with, can with and use to make stuff to eat, HOLY CRAP I am now a terrorist lock me up!!!!

      24. 911 truthers. The biggest idiots who following the like of Alex Jones looking for the boogeyman. Idiots

          • It is the abolishing of the 1st amendment rights. If they are allowed to get away with abolishing the 1st amendment without an uproar, the 2nd isn’t far behind.

            • As for the Second Amendment, the case of David Sarti reveals that the “they’ll never take my guns” talk is, for many, empty bluster.

          • I am truely amazed that anyone on this site still believes the “Government 9/11 conspiracy LIE”. Jets hit the twin towers at speeds in excess of airframe capabilities at sea-level. (Pilots for 9/11 truth, but what the hell do they know, they just fly the same supposed jets) And then obliterated said buildings to MOLTEN STEEL(for weeks) and pulverized concrete into dust.

            And WTC 7 fell at freefall speed into it’s own footprint out of sympathy for WTC 1 AND 2…no “jet” involved.

            WILLFULLY IGNORANT IDIOTS!!!! And I won’t even get into the atrocity of the Pentagon “fairytale”.

        • Maybe instead of you making a determination as to their intelligence, maybe we should just allow them to be Americans…
          Don’t they have a right to believe whatever they like? Speak about it to any that will listen? Write a book/article, etc.?
          Do you think the founding fathers would have allowed any kind of “thought police”?

        • I am not sure how questioning an official gov’t report makes a person an idiot. While I can agree that some of the truthers explanations are “out there”, I certainly cannot fault any of them for doing some investigative research on their own rather than eating the spoon fed answers given by the federal gov’t.

          Imagine if the Tillman’s would have just accepted the official death explanation given to them by the army.

          Idiots are the ones who do not question. Intelligence forces you to question and search for reasonable explanations. I encourage everyone to question everything, this site included, and verify the information.

          • ~Mike~

            *(quote)…I am not sure how questioning an official gov’t report makes a person an idiot. While I can agree that some of the truthers explanations are “out there”……..-(snip)-……..I encourage everyone to question everything, this site included, and verify the information…(unquote)*


            I like your phrase…”idiots are the ones who do not question.”

            On the flip side, regarding questioning this site itself…..Nah!!! Waste of time….!!!

            Mac’s endeavor here @ SHTFPLAN is honest/legit. I don’t think the man has/supports a nefarious or hidden agenda…what you see is what you get, 24/7/365!!! He’s been consistent since I discovered his site.

            Kudos to him for possessing the gonads to minimize the limitations of free speech on these threads. He surpassed “FREE REPUBLIC” eons ago!(thanks Mac!!!)

            That’s why the trolls & monitors hate it!

            I love this site, because the overwhelming percentage of its posters, possess courage & they defy/resist/reject the “borg” mentality…………!!!!

            …plus, I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge in the short time I’ve been here…especially from the ladies w/ regards to canning/preserving foodstuffs.***

            ————(thanks girls)————-!!!!

            ….sometime back, an observant poster tagged us all, as a big “dysfunctional family”…..& I agree!!!

            That’s exactly why…I feel right at home here!!!!!

            • @gunsmith: The reason I say verify everything even this site had nothing to do with mac or incorrect information. It just has to do with one of the things that get on my nerves. I am troubled when anyone reads one source and then turns that information into gospel. Reading from multiple sources, I think a person can draw their own conclusions and be able to defend those conclusions with something other than “I read somewhere”. I absolutely hate going down to the bar and hearing hannity or Rush fans talk, they have never verified one thing, but because Sean or Rush said it, it must be true. I don’t mind different views, in fact I learn more from those. But when I am talking to someone and they tell me to go check out a certain site as reference, or read a certain book, not only do I learn more but their view seems to carry a little more weight in my mind because they have taken the time to study it.

            • @Gunsmith:

              Thumbs up to infinity and beyond !

              This site is truly family.

              You can bring your geetar up on the porch with me, my banjo and teeth are perportionate to my

              Nuthin’ but love and respect to my shtf family.

              …be safe…stay the course….B…

              P.S. Hi Daisy !

        • Detroit, Uh, you’re late! The black lamb is over there, you know, near the man with the axe. Try to keep up.

      25. like ive said before..if theres nothing to worry about, why are they worring so much?

      26. Anyone who DOESN’T believe that the government was complicit in 911 are the ones that should be locked up and part of the re-education program! I’m a Viet Nam veteran, and I’m not proud of that, but I believed in the government way back when I was 19. I agreed to be DRAFTED. Never again would I do something so stupid. Over fifty-seven thousand young american boys also believed in the govt and went to Viet Nam and never came back — all based on, once again, on a PACK OF LIES! You have to also remember the 3.5 million Vietnamese who were cut down DEFENDING THEIR OWN COUNTRY! All based,again, on american govt lies! Now, do you think that there is the slightest chance that the govt lied AGAIN about 911 to bring the usa and the rest of the world into this mess? Who benefited? Certainly not the average citizen of the WORLD! I’m just sayin. Snap out of it, people. Now we’re being set up yet again for a hit against Iran! At some point, if this crap doesn’t stop, we’re looking at a full blown thermo nuclear meltdown planet-wise! The rest of the world is not going to take too much more of this imperialist bullshit.

        • Now I call this a prime example of integrity and patriotism – if a person pulls out government’s lies into the open, it doesn’t mean he is no longer a patriot!
          I too served my country, but I pulled out as soon as they said I should go to Afghanistan. why? because, my friends, that is pure and simple occupation and I will have nothing to do with that, but it doesn’t mean I ain’t patriot!
          Greg, I would like to be your countryman!

        • @Greg, Gulf of Tonkin a PROVEN LIE (but justification for the Vietnam LIE). But somehow there is still an “army of morons” out there that “want to believe” that the 9/11 “official bullshit” is a “biblically true” account of the events of that day. Never mind the countless loss of liberty and freedom taken to “help save your stupid ass” from additional future “terrorist events”. (Gooberment sponsored events)

          Until this LIE DIES, this country cannot move forward.
          Ever get the “feeling” that there will always be a certain number of “sheeple” that are just too stupid to live? Seriously.

          • ~YENTAL~

            *(quote)—Ever get the “feeling” that there will always be a certain number of “sheeple” that are just too stupid to live? Seriously.—(unquote)*



            That was funny!

            But you know, your post reinforces my belief that science & the periodic table is blatantly incorrect in the modern sense!!!

            …Hydrogen(H) is not #1 on the periodic table…nor is it the most abundant element in the universe!!!

            …STUPIDITY -(duh-) is……………!!!!!!!!


            Thumbs up to you, sir! Good post.

        • It’s my understanding that one JFK was eliminated, Mr. LBJ lifted certain sanctions on Soviet-bloc countries… which made certain industrialists rich… and greatly increased the flow of arms to the NVA.

        • ~Greg~

          Please reference “Black-rifle-Warrior’s” post a few days ago, regarding the bad “KARMA” headed our way!!!

          Its the TRUTH & its consequences are gonna be harsh in the extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      27. I’ll just say Fuck off and be done with it. And that my friends is my God given right to say so.

      28. They are not trying to paint 9/11 Truthers as terrorists because the 9/11 Truthers conspiracy theories are true (in most cases, they are ridiculously stupid). They are trying to paint the 9/11 Truthers as terrorists because 9/11 Truthers are also critical of U.S. foreign policy… They don’t give a shit about your conspiracy theories, they simply don’t like the fact that you don’t support the war-machine.

        • Then is Patty Shehan (however you spell her name) now a terrorists? It isn’t about one’s support of the war machine, it is about getting to close to the truth and unnerving the PTB. The PTB don’t like having to answer to anyone.

      29. reply to mark slavo for free speech today try twitter or face book

      30. dam
        I came home today and the wife bought 2..!!
        2 tubes of tooth paste…shit!..shit shit! all know what this means..Dammit
        godddam it..were on the dam list now..Fuuuuuuucc!!

      31. VRF you are so screwed now
        and I’ll bet your wife paid CASH
        oh well
        nice knowin’ ya
        at least you’ll have first choice of bunks at the FEMA camp !

        • I hope my fema camp has a porch.

          …doda dooodaaa doda doda doo…lol !

      32. Does anybody here believe a word of the official report? Did anybody here actually read it to begin with? Any entry-level structural engineer who isn’t lying to himself or herself knows the deal…

      33. since 9/11, you are no longer the common criminal, but the domestic terrorist…tsa, dhs, ndaa….can’t pay with cash…can’t buy bulk….hell, i wanted to sign the petetion for the doomsday prepper, but i don’t want my real name on a list that is sure to be sent to a fusion center…keep on prepping, but keep your mouth shut…be safe everyone; America is counting on us

      34. The gov must sponsor American Idol too. It’s easier to control people when they’re convinced that success is having a record deal instead of focussing on getting educated and becoming more informed. Would a teenage boy rather have an electric guitar or a lifetime of free books. Quite a sad answer.

      35. Lies and manipulations are nothing new, this has been going on in earnest for the last 100+ years in America.

        After almost a century of people belatedly finding out they’ve been lied to and screwed, should we expect anything extraordinary, like the truth about…ANYTHING? Most likely they have so much contempt for the American people, they lie because they can get away with it, not because they fear any kind of retribution.

        It is only that most people are too jaded, and trying to get by, that they have pretty much accepted the conditioning (Pavlov would be proud), and quit caring. Despite the fact that the Owners, thier puppets,liars, and maipulators are entrenched, and thier antics so transperant.

        Soon, our freedom of speech and association, and right to self defence will be gone. And it will be over.

        • JustMe

          “Soon, our freedom of speech and association, and right to self defence will be gone. And it will be over.”

          The power elite could control the masses and still “allow” some measure of “freedom”. I had to hi-lite “Allow” and “Freedom” because true freedom is not allowed.

          The power elite like any individual or group in control just don’t know when, “Enough is enough”.

          Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      36. The 9-11 deniers are idiots. They’re like holocaust deniers. They’re like the idiots who think the moon landings were faked.

      37. Trust the govt if you like but you cant be thinking very well…this fedco inc has a long history of violating the law of the land(no they are NOT the law,but they think they are)…anything this fed govt has gotten involved in is corrupt,just like you cant touch crap without smelling like it,this govt cant touch without corrupting!
        This govt may not have done the deed on 911 but they sure as hell knew what was happening and did nothing to stop it,in fact it appears they helped facilitate it and make it matter because of all the crap they have done in the past they now have no credibility with people who think and ask questions…as far as 911 goes though when it comes right down to it people can believe what they want to,believe the govt did it or not,its your right to dissent with the govt…some still believe in the flat earth,thats still not grounds to lock them up…personally I believe based on what Ive seen the govt is guilty as hell…I choose to question everything?everyone,especially the govt!!

        • ~REB~

          You know, you’ve touched on a subject that’s deeper than many recognize concerning…-(snip & insert here)-…*(your quote)…”this govt cant touch anything without corrupting it!”…(unquote)


          REB, you’re one of the brighter ones here.

          Research the planks* of the “Communist Manifesto”…

          …very high on its list of priorities, is the commandment/order….to cast a targeted country’s govt/leadership/administration in such a bad light/public opinion, as to produce/induce a unorganized rebellion among the populace, so as to secure a beachhead for revolution & takeover……hence the need for “useful idiots”…!!!

          That’s why I find myself at odds w/ many manifold groups spouting the wonders of “National Socialism.”

          …I’m all for the “Nationalism” part of the equation (see Constitution/BoR).
          But dead set against the Socialism variable/part!!!!

          • Thanks Gunsmith…

      38. test

      39. ok…. now im here !yay… ah screw it anyway

      40. im sorry mac *hangs head in shame*

      41. We can expect a campaign against those that stand opposed. Preppers are in front of the line because they are willing and able to do something other than follow. Who is to say the first Lemming arriving at the cliff actually jumped over it? Fooled ya.

      42. 9/11 was the alarm going off.

        I hit the snooze for ten years’

        Not no more, NO SIR !!!!


        I apologize for the yelling, but I do not apologize for my Rights, NO SIR !

        Thx Mac, for shtfplan, it is truly a gift….B..

      43. In a culture of sheep, 9/11 truthers are being singled out because they have the BALLS to speak out about the most treasonous crime of the 21st century to fellow Americans. When TSHTF, with whatever is rapidly coming down the pike, tptb wants strict obedience for their nefarious ends.

      44. This shows just how bad it is getting. Our ability too even think is a danger too our goverment,if the government could take that away,they would not wait very long to do just that. lol can you say MAYDAY!MAYDAY! We,re goin down lol.

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