Trust But Verify: Show Us The Numbers If the Radiation Levels are Safe

by | Mar 18, 2011 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    Reports from Reuters and the Associated Press indicate that radiation from Japan nuclear facilities has reached the US West coast, but that radiation is “minuscule” and contains “very low” levels.

    While we want to believe that the recent panic over Potassium Iodide has been overblown, we have yet to see any official radiation numbers from the US government. It is clear that radiation in the fallout area around the nuclear reactors at Fukushima is dangerous and high enough to kill those in the direct vicinity of the meltdown. What’s not clear is how much radiation is being released at ground zero, and how that radiation has dissipated as it spreads out in Japan and across the Pacific on its way to the west coast of North America.

    According to the United Nations’ official radiation fallout forecast, radiation that does reach the US west coast will be “diluted”

    Ideally, it would be of interest to the American people if we were able assess for ourselves what “diluted” actually means, considering we don’t know exactly how much radiation originated at the source. Certainly, levels will dilute as the cloud spreads across thousands of miles of ocean, but not knowing how much radiation was released in the first place makes it impossible to determine how much will reach us, even if the original levels are diluted.

    If the situation is dire enough for the US Surgeon General to advise the populace to get a hold of KI as a preventative measure, then providing the public with a way of checking West coast radiation levels in real-time, through official sources, is a no-brainer.

    Japan is obviously doing whatever it can to minimize the impact the disaster has had on their economy and overall global perception, but it’s becoming clear that it is very serious, and millions in the region could be affected. At this point, a week after the Tsunami hit Japan, we still don’t know what is really going on. Has the meltdown been averted? Are radiation levels in Japan dropping? Is there a possibility that things will get worse? No one knows, because nobody, including the US government, is talking.

    Tens of millions of Americans, especially on the West coast, are looking for guidance from our trusted officials. The President of the United States has done nothing to ease the concerns of panicked citizens. In fact, it seems that there is nothing to be concerned about, as the President has chosen to vacation in Rio for a few days while all of this blows over – pun intended.

    As Americans, we should not have to depend on the government of Japan or the IAEA to disseminate information about dangers to America. This is the job of domestic agencies like FEMA and the Office of the President of the United States. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, whose agency is supposed to be responsible for dealing with scenarios exactly like this one, has been silent. It seems that DHS is capable of dealing only with manufactured dangers, like patting down children after they disembark from trains, because this is where the real threat is. Nuclear radiation crossing the Pacific, potentially sickening and killing millions of US citizens and radiating the Northern California agricultural centers – not that big a deal.

    The radiation reaching US shores today reportedly originated at the onset of the crisis last weekend. According to alternative news reports (because the mainstream has ignored accurate reporting thus far), the radiation cloud will persist for several days, until the situation in Japan is completely stabilized. The real problems did not develop in Japan until earlier in the week, suggesting that whatever “minuscule” radiation is currently hitting the West coast, it is just a prelude of more to come.

    We urge those in potentially affected areas to maintain calm, and to not ingest any Potassium Iodide they may have in their possession, as this should only be used as a last resort once confirmation of high levels of nuclear fallout have been confirmed.

    For the time being, we can rely only on private sector sources for radiation numbers, as our government refuses to provide any meaningful information on the situation.

    Online resources include the Radiation Network, which has independent monitoring stations set up around the country, as well as alternative news web sites such as The Intel Hub, Jeff Rense, Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, and SHTFplan who have been providing links and news reports on the crisis since it began.


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      1. From Zerohedge:
        The Daily Mail has released a dramatic picture showing the emotional exhaustion of TEPCO managing director Akoi Komiri who is openly weeping as he leaves a conference to brief journalists on the true situation at Fukushima, following his acknowledgment that the radiation spewing from the over-heating reactors and fuel rods was enough to kill some citizens. “A senior Japanese minister also admitted that the country was overwhelmed by the scale of the tsunami and nuclear crisis.

      2. Comments….. No need to verify, our news outlets are full of the most ethical,honest, inteligent, and unbiased people. They would never lie to us, and rest assured, our fine media are working 18  hour work days to dig up facts and expose any lies. They wouldn’t just read a statement the goverment gives them without checking it out themselves?

      3. Comments…..apabcnbcfoxnprcnn= aholes

      4. And of course his eminence is out of the country while this harmless radiation cloud is coming. What an odd coincidence!

      5. Don’t worry, Obama has it all under control.  By the way, has anyone heard how is vacation plans are going?  Any golf courses harmed???

      6. Comments   The epa, and doe for years have been correct, RADIATION IS HARMLESS! the half a ton of radiated soil, that gets washed into Lake Mead via utah warhead factory every year is HARMLESS! All those test site workers falling over dead THEY DRANK AND GAMBLED TO MUCH IN VEGAS. CHERNOBLE JUST A MICROWAVE OVEN MISHAP, THREE MILE ISLAND JUST A MALFUNCTIONALING SWITCH!  STOP ALL THIS FEAR MONGERING! WE ARE IN NO DANGER! PLEASE MOVE ALONG! 

      7. Comments…..kevin
        March 18th, 2011 at 2:33 pm
        Comments….. No need to verify, our news outlets are full of the most ethical,honest, inteligent, and unbiased people. They would never lie to us, and rest assured, our fine media are working 18  hour work days to dig up facts and expose any lies. 
        Would that be the same fine media that at 7:00 this morning around the debate table just before the break were dancing to the theme music??
        That fine media???

        Disgusting…they are in another plateau…honestly!!


        Kevin…they are called splodydopes!!!

      9. Well, at least his plans for Rio were made before the earthquake.  He’s probably going down there to look for some jobs to “create” (for who?).    What’s next?  Radiation detectors on cell phones or life meter apps? 

      10. Here’s a map, I believe it’s out of Germany, of various radiations levels coming directly off the plant, into the atmosphere.
        Best stay in and take your potassium iodide if the “gold” or “crimson” colors reach your area. You can also start gargling with iodized salt water in 6 oz of warm water, twice a day, to flood the thyroid naturally.

      11. Mac, I like your style of “pun”! 


           So what the heck:

        1) Do we need to cease buying agricultural products produced west of the Rocky Mountains?

        2) Where is a reliable source to show what radiation levels are in real time?!?

        3) How long until the US needs to intervene militarily in Japan and bulldoze those sites for the good of our own citizens here?

        4) If radiation levels increase here in Indianapolis, what is the best course of action?

        5) Comment open to reaction and response: I just have a bad feeling that the bread basket of this country is going to be receiving a sustained poisoning for the foreseeable future.  If we can’t eat or export the food we produce, then what…………


        Well, I was only semi sorta worried about this nuke dust till Obamarama told me I had nothing to worry about and then he and his entourage split for Brazil. Should I now be scared spitless? Maybe so.

        Anybody likes tuna fish ought to buy a can or two before the catch glows in the dark. Maybe a little salmon might be wise also. What’s the half life Cesium? 

      14. the reason no one big in government is talking , is because they already Bugged Out..,

        BO is gone..and thats no coincidence..

        I bet most of the ones in the know in the government , are no where on the west coast, I bet

        actions speak louder than words in my world

        I think he should be impeached , just for being a coward..let alone the 100 other reasons i have

      15. I’ve been monitoring the epa’s site at
        I had to make an account but it only took a few moments. There are about 150+ monitors across the states that you can watch. The only problem is that every time one shoots up above 150 it goes ‘dead’ for a while.  I’m sure that’s a coincidence (lol) I’ve watched 3 waves so far go from so-cal to Kansas in the last 24 hours.

      16. Must be higher than 150 it goes dead because Las Vegas is 165 now

      17. Looks like #1 knows how to play poker while he leaves town.  Break out the green ink pens.

      18. Well my comments may not pertain directly to this topic but here gos anyway. It’s 0630 and I’ve been up most of the night cause of the incredible inability of our own people to exercise the very common sense God gave them and because they are foolish, stupid and worse off IGNORANT! 
        I’am a fireman paramedic and a combat Army veteran [two tours]. At 0300 we get a call of a drunk 19 YO male [imagine that] breathing and conscious, with me so far? No trauma, no blood, pink and happy so to speak. On scene four cops all talking to each other tell me no one inside is over 20, drinking age in Florida 21. Go inside and find drunk kid sitting on stairs with head between legs. I ask the eight or ten kids standing around
        “Why are we here?” 
        Little tart says “ Well he was throwing up and we were worried cause I’ve seen people die from from this.” “Die from what?” I say. “Drinking too much.” She says like I’m suddenly a hairless Neanderthal. Trying valiantly to control my temper I explain why that’s a impossibility while he has the ability to speak, breath and move about the country freely. We take vitals and walk out….
        0545—Called out again for bleeding finger, alcohol on board. On scene 22 YO male has cut on right index finger glued by the ER earlier in the day. One female, four males and patient. Finger has stopped bleeding by now on its own. Once again I say,
        “Why are we here?”
        “His finger is bleeding…”And you called 911 for THAT?” I say. “What happened to life, limb or eyesight. “Well he was shaking a little.” The girl says. “It’s almost six in the morning he’s been drinking all night what do you expect?”
        “ Well we don’t want him to lose his finger… “Is it bleeding now?” I ask.
        “No.” Do you think he’ll lose that finger if we don’t take him to the hospital in the ambulance?” “We don’t need an ambulance.”
        “Then why are we here?”
        You see the pattern right? ALL of these coddled little socialites will die in the first weeks of the collapse. WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEIR PARENTS AND WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING THEM? My eleven YO son could wrap that sucker up and here are the new “adults”?
        Sorry I’m venting but you get the point right?  It doesn’t matter if it’s fire, flood, famine or radiation. The vast number of our population is doomed.
        So be it.


           Interesting: Just tried to go to the EPS radiation map, and it is down………everything else on the site is up.

      20. Stealth…I know exaclty what your saying,
        and the sad part is, chances are the parents of these types are probably just as bad, or close to the first place dawin award runner ups.

      21. @Stealth:
        It’ll actually be a blessing for that group of worthless waste-of-air slugs to be culled from the population. Keep answering your calls, and look at it as job security. Do all that you can to prepare, especially to be able to fend off the little maggots when the SHTF.

      22. Is anyone aware of another reliable map source?  Yes this EPS map is down.  How are you preparing today?  Anyone taping up windows yet.? I feel very alone here, most do not have a clue.  Thanks:)

      23. We now have the weakest, most inept president in our history.  He makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington.  We are screwed to the high heavens.   God help all those who helped to get this idiot into office.

      24. Comments…..stan

        We now have the weakest, most inept president in our history.  He makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington.  We are screwed to the high heavens.   God help all those who helped to get this idiot into office.
        A year ago, you and I would have been called a racist for making that kind of statement. Has anyone noticed as time goes on, that being called a racist for disliking the Obummer has lessened greatly? Even his own see that he’s an empty shell.  He’s more interested in golfing, eating shaved ice, and basketball.  When will he be impeached?  There’s no hope unless we CHANGE the situation.  It’s every man for himself now…..act accordingly.

      25. I wish I could find how high a normal reading was :/
        Present random readings (all cpm). Eureka Ca, 13 – Tuscon Ar 150 – Grand Juction Co, 58 – Navajo Lake Nm, 83 -  Colorado Springs 236 – Wichita Ks 54 – Portland Or 25, Olympia Wa, 24 – San Angelo Tx 96.
        All these reading were 0-22 last time I checked

      26. Comments…..The wind is blowing and it’s raining here in CA.  It’s raining out in the ocean knocking down radiation particles into the ocean and probably onto land. I feel safer here than being located in Japan.  Their drinking water is contaminated along with their food supply.  This is Japan’s Chernoybl.

      27. Niigata Japan has 438 cpm with a 41 gy right now. That’s about average for the last 5 days. They also has radioactive iodine in their food, milk and water. So, 438… bad thing. 236…?

      28. @Stealth – Parents are home watching biggest looser or one of the other stupid, dumb ass programs that take sheeples lives over.   Mobama is off on holiday again.  Hardly anyone else gives a crap whats going on.  Mostly all I care about anymore is me and my family.  Like Goldenfoxx says, it’s every man for himself.
        On a good note………  It’s syrup time here in northern Michigan.  We’re getting ready to bottle up about a gallon and a half.  It’s the absolute best.  More sap boiling and more trips to the woods later today.   More valuable than gold!

      29. EPA? That organization run by the US Government? 236 for back ground radiation? Look due west of Colorado Springs, like Grand Junction “54” or Southwest, like Navajo Lake “83”, what does that tell you? Then head out to California and look at those numbers.
        Where are the prevailing winds heading?
        Get the picture?

      30. this isn’t a west coast thing. It’s a middle America thing. Rapid City South Dakota is on the front edge of this latest plume. According to epa readings its Beta cpm is 244 (was 18) with gamma cpm 2564 and heading towards Canada. You can see the numbers rise with the weather system traveling on accuweather.
        For people who aren’t paying attention because this can never affect them or laughing at the iodine run on the west coast, the numbers may be small now but this pattern shows that if this was a life threatening plume Washington state would walk away without a scratch but the Dakotas and Colorado and Kansas and surrounding could be uninhabitable (not to mention Ca).

      31. I cannot stress this enough, especially in terms of local media–call us when you have substantiated information from a legitimate source. I can’t speak for all, but I love that. I’m a news producer and avid reader of alternative news, and it bites to no end when I have information and no actual sources.
        We can’t just report on anything. This keeps people from questioning why we’re reporting from anywhere and helps keep our pool of sources fairly official. The downside to this is knowing our sources can be and often are corrupted, but again, it’s difficult to not rely on Associated Press (AP) when unofficial sources can’t verify things for the time being. As wrong as official sources can be, our reports on the ground, for example are doing the best they can.
        For example, know a local professor who has been taking radiation readings since the beginning of the nuclear disaster? Give me his info. He’s a reliable source. Your favorite alt. media blogger, not so much, unless he/she has hard info we can report. Hopefully you can see our dilemma sometimes–taking official reports from the government because everything else is he said/she said absolutely bites!
        Again, someone with cold, hard facts and brains to tell us something about it = perfect. Grandma, while entertaining can’t help me too much.
        BTW, thank you for those readings cshellz. While actual aren’t something I can report unless there is extreme immediate danger, it’s nice to see San Angelo’s reading. I’m in Texas. The media has to be careful when reporting numbers because, as you said, we don’t know what’s “normal” or what could be causing these higher readings. It would incite terror. Even with questionable reports people are downing radiation pills like candy. Imagine what would happen with regular radiation reports with nothing to compare it too! Very scary…

      32. My name is Dan and I live in Wa. state. I am also a prepper over at . I have been an active lurker here for a very long time… I have N95 masks, chemical vapor cartridges and particulate filters on a different mask and yet another mask that is supposed to hold up against this type of threat. I have been watching multiple maps and “real time” readings (when available) as others here have been doing. Since I do not have a personal dossimeter or any other type of equipment that can read it, I will have to keep checking multiple websites to see if anything pops up.
             I am inclined to think that the proximity to the reactors, in conjunction with the type of release (materials didn’t shoot upwards in explosive fashion), means that we are probably just fine here on the west coast of the U.S.. It would be great if our fearless leaders would even act like they care, but it’s just business as usual. No response means nothing bad in their eyes and a hope of getting reelected…
              Here is what the Seattle Times is reporting as of friday, March 18th:

        I tried to find mutiple sources (outside of the MSM) to corroborate that there even might be higher levels of radiation present in Wa. or anywhere along the entire west coast for that matter. I can’t find anything but heresay…  One last thing before I split: Somebody smack that Mushroom guy with a wad of crisp $100 bills for

      33. I’m driving from Texas, via Salt Lake City to Seattle. On the road right now. I’m trying to be aware and informed about all this but I don’t want to become paranoid for nothing. If I’m gonna be paranoid it better be for a good reason. Mainstream media is useless for tracking actual threat potential. Most internet sites tend toward hysteria- the sky is always falling RIGHT NOW! I had trouble getting into the link from cshellz. Maybe it’s my 400 yr old computer. I’ll try again. Would somebody be kind enough to send a link to a reasonably believable source? Thanks in advance. By the way, from Amarillo to southern Utah I haven’t seen anything green and glowing yet!

        click continue…… new to cdx, register, continue, at the bottom- I accept, all fields required. For business I put family home and it too it just fine. Logon, enter, click radnet public map and query service, scroll down and the map is at the bottom of the page.
        That’s for the cmp and gamma readings, double click on a green bubble and all info will come up on the right hand side. You can play with it and get a history print out on some of the links. For weather I follow

        I make sure the first drop down menu says ‘Oceania’, then click animate, then on the second drop down menu choose ‘United States outlying minor islands’ (towards the bottom). You should get the entire weather system from Japan to over the states.
        and just for fun I’ve been watching

        who knew the world was in such chaos? I hope this helps.

      35. since I’m sharing my favorite links I thought I would add a couple more
        real time earthquakes.
        for solar storms. updates every 24 hours.
        and this one is a random site I found on the opposite side of Japan from the reactors.  It does wind, gamma and beta numbers. This link might not work for you because I had to load it in google translator. I’ve also noticed that quite often when the wind is heading west the wind directionals are gone and there is a black dot instead.
        I would love to see what other people’s favorite informational links are

      36. As of right now, I am not at all concerned about the radiation from Japan. The US government itself is a far greater threat to your well-being than the Fuk-U reactor is. Having said that, IF there is a complete core meltdown in one/many of the reactors, and IF that causes explosive release, then I would reconsider. But for right now I think that the threat from Japan is extremely minor. Hype sells, fear sells. calm doesn’t.


        From Bishop Richard Williamson (FSSPX):


        The latest dramatic shifting of tectonic plates off the east coast of Japan, causing both inland the biggest earthquake Japan has known for many years and along its eastern coast an absolutely devastating tidal wave, must be raising in many minds the classic question : if God exists, if he is all-powerful and all-good, how can he possibly allow so much human suffering ? The classic answer is not too difficult in theory, at any rate when one is not suffering oneself ! —

        Firstly, suffering is often a punishment for sin. God does exist, sin does offend him. Sin takes souls to Hell whereas God created them for Heaven. If suffering on earth will put a brake on sin and help souls to choose Heaven, then God, who is certainly in command of the tectonic plates, can without difficulty use them to punish sin. Then were the Japanese people especially sinful ? Our Lord himself tells us not to ask that question, but rather to think of our own sins and to do penance, otherwise “you will all likewise perish” (Lk. XIII, 4). Would it not be astonishing if there were no Japanese people now wondering whether Western-style materialism and comfort are really what life is all about ?

        Secondly, human suffering can well be a warning, to turn men away from evil and keep them from pride. Right now the whole godless West should be questioning its own materialism and prosperity. By the steadily increasing rate of earthquakes and other natural disasters all over the world over the last several years, the Lord God is certainly trying to get the attention of all of us, maybe in the hope that he will not have to inflict on us the worldwide “rain of fire” of which his Mother warned us at Akita (in Japan) in 1973. But right now, is there not every likelihood that because they are doing the suffering, the Japanese are profiting more from their disaster than is the distant West ? Those countries may in fact be lucky which are getting now a foretaste of the Chastisement threatening to come.

        Thirdly, God may use human suffering to highlight the virtue of his servants. That was the case with Job, and with Christian martyrs down all the ages. Few Japanese people may today have supernatural faith, but if the Japanese now humble themselves beneath what they sense to be the mighty hand of God, they will earn natural merit and at least on the natural level give him glory.

        Finally, there is God’s own answer to Job, who by Chapter 36 of his Book is still not satisfied with any explanation for his suffering that he or any of his family or friends have been able to come up with. I paraphrase : “Where were you, Job, when I laid down the foundations of the earth ? Did you design the tectonic plates ? Who do you think keeps the sea normally within its bounds, and stops it from flooding dry land ? Can you really think I did not have my own good reasons to let it just now wash over the north-east coast of Japan ?” See the Book of Job, Chapters 38 and 39. And Job at last submits. He is satisfied with the answer, and confesses that he was wrong to be calling in question the wisdom and goodness of God (Job 42, 1-7).

        Let us ourselves do penance, be warned by Japan’s disaster, hope to give glory to God in our own trials to come, and recognize above all that God alone is God ! Kyrie eleison.

      38. My God Euro…were fuked.

      39. I TALK TO “JESUS” da jew, and “GAWD” every day when I’m taking a dump! And Jesus da jew told me to tell all you bible thumping morons that your gonna die soon from cancer , from being deliberately poisoned by the NWO FALSE FLAG COREXIT plans of the GULF of Mexico and The Jap FUCKUOBAMA Nuke Plants!!!
        Take a look around “Deciples of Gawd!
        If there is a gawd and a real jesus da jew, they sure as hell fcked up earth, worse than a bunch of tequila swilling mexicans moving into the neighborhood!
        JUST REMEMBER this folks of the bible… WTSHTF for real… every asshole with a 12 gauge is gonna be walking the streets looking for food booze and drugs and other things… hint hint… just research katrina and the super dome! LA riots!
        Your local cops are gonna be home protecting their own families!
        So my question is this for you all…
        Who’s gonna protect you???
        A dead jew named jesus and some childs imaginary friend named casper da GAWD!???
        or a Remington 12 Gauge SG and a Remington 700 Rifle??
        I’LL BE GRABBING FOR MY 12 GAUGE SHOT GUN, not my bible!
        “click-clack!” scarious sound in the world at 2am in the morning!
        So just keep thumping your bibles… your life expectancy will be 2 weeks when the real SHTF and it is coming… your government is preparing for it!
        Maybe you should too!
        and to all you gov assholes reading this… FU !!!

        largest crime syndicate in the world is – organized religion!

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