TRUMP’S PEARL HARBOR: Corona Cataclysm – ECONOMIC 9/11!

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    The Weight Of The World On His Shoulders

    You will be able to wipe the floor with what’s going to be left of the markets, if a more REASONABLE and sensible way of dealing with coronavirus isn’t implemented, as soon as NOW!

    Entire industries can CRUMBLE to dust. At this point, countries are essentially FORBIDDING and PROHIBITING businesses from making income.

    When an entire country is being put under quarantine, how can ANY small business pull through?

    Because tourism, commuting, shipping, air travel, and trucking are, de facto, HALTED, the energy sector has CRATERED to 15-yr lows!


    The wave of defaults will be GIGANTIC, without federal assistance. The oil industry isn’t alone. There are hundreds of thousands of restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, sports teams, and retail malls, which stand to lose a FORTUNE!

    The Federal Reserve has already cut interest rates to make sure credit is available and that this doesn’t DRASTICALLY escalate into another 2008. I can tell you that in less than a week it will absolutely slash them, AGGRESSIVELY, once more.

    We are in the midst and at the heart of the most terrible economic disaster of our lives.

    Much more intimidating than the virus itself is the disruption corona has had and IS HAVING on commerce.

    The response has been so DRAMATIC that I can’t imagine a RELIEF MASTERPLAN not being drafted, as we speak.

    This could easily escalate to social upheavals since families are tapping into their savings and seeing their businesses DEMOLISHED and their portfolios OBLITERATED. People’s livelihoods, self-dignity, lifetime body of work and their future, are at risk.


    Wall Street is demanding Powell take a SWORD and demolish the current interest rates down to zero. The S&P 500 already visited bear market territory and the Dow Jones is now down over 20%, as well as the Russell 2000 and the European equivalent of the S&P 500.

    Many millions of people will not be able to quit their jobs and retire, as they’d hoped.

    Many millions more will most likely be laid off or cut back.

    This upcoming period will be horrific.

    Not since the Dot.Com massacre of the NASDAQ have so many stocks gone down.

    It really doesn’t matter which company it is; nothing has been immune to the virus and to the panic surrounding it.


    This is the advance/decline graph for the New York Stock Exchange. In a healthy market, most stocks are heading higher. Right now, THE LION’S SHARE of them is going down. It’s a severe bear market.

    Nothing is safe and I don’t think this is the end of it, unfortunately.

    Not until the restrictions are relaxed, can any MATERIAL change of course occur.

    Zero interest rates and government support might satisfy investors that there’s help coming, but nothing can replace an EMPTY MALL or a stadium without fans.

    The boiling point is within 2-3 days; if this isn’t sorted out over the weekend, business-wise, we’ll see the sky falling.

    Trump will not allow his crown jewel, unemployment numbers, to rise and for businesses to shrink its workforce that quickly. He will act; he has no choice, since, as you can see below, the odds are tilted in the Democrats’ favor.


    Trump doesn’t have much time to turn this around. He knows that fiscal policies take time to implement and have an effect, so he’s going to put NON-STOP pressure on Jerome Powell to stimulate, as other central banks are doing.

    He’s not going to leave him alone, even for a second.

    Powell also knows that if he doesn’t comply, the public will certainly blame him for not listening to the President.

    I don’t know if markets are enjoying the rivalry or if they want to see a unified front of leadership, but the end result is the same: the U.S. will have lower rates very soon.

    The Chinese have started the miraculous return to normalcy in many parts of the country.

    If the Chinese did it, others will mimic their success. The way I look at this, the global economy will soon rely much less on China.

    Globalism might have peaked with Coronavirus.




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      1. This is really a new low for Wall Street propagandists, traders, and brokers. As far as the bull market and economy is concerned, there never was any there there to begin with. Everyone knows it. Have at least a little self-respect and stop the bullshit fraud schemes. Wall Street looks like shit again, as well as the government. What a shock that the bullshitters look like shit. I can see why Wall Street is demanding that the NYSE shuts down and that everyone self isolates and so that they don’t have to face anyone and explain themselves once again for the fourth major market crash and economic collapse in the last 33 years.

      2. Keep Clam, and carry on.
        In several weeks we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      3. Coronavirus is a one-time, awesome opportunity. The one country that sees this and is taking a different approach is the UK. Here is a 10 point plan to make Corona work for the UK and restore the UK to the top, the Crown, of the global power pyramid:

        1) Keep the economy going: In a global financialised econonmy built on credit and debt, the winner is the one who stays in the game the longest. With entire countries shutting down their economies, the UK, which is in debt as a result of the Global Financial Crisis at a record level never seen its history, can wipe out all its debt obligations and flip it to the whole world owing the UK.

        2) Let the virus do its work: The virus is opportunistic and it will take out the old and sick and the sick and sick. These are groups of people who are being kept alive at great expense by the health system, especially because of drugs made available in the past 20 years. But the reality is this: these people on the whole eat a terrible diet, do not exercise, have spent a lifetime smoking and drinking with bad teeth (poor dental hygiene is the source of many other diseases).

        3) Borders and population: Governments have avoided taking action because of lawyers and politics. But the human trash that have flooded into the UK in the past 20 years need to be deported. This is a great opportunity to do that and to make handing over of biodata and geolocation data (virus tracing) compulsory, especially for the violent urban populations.

        4) Trade, trade, trade: Keep selling products and services to the countries that are shut down and gain epic market share.

        5) Diversify away from dependence on China and expand production in other Asian countries who are desperate for the opportunity.

        6) Population clusters and global refugee and urban poverty crisis: Let the virus do its work in these places.

        7) Develop a package of health measures for the best populations. That is your best bet for the future so place all your chips on that square.

        8) War: Let the wars carry on because they are chocking off population growth and also giving a one-time opportunity to re-draw boundaries and eliminate past mistakes.

        9) Build new alliances: Build alliances only with smart countries. Stop encouraging dumb countries and dumb labour. The fourth industrial revolution doesn’t need these people.

        10) Go green: Make sure the global economy re-boots post crisis as a green economy. Shut down the species depleting wet markets, stop polluting the air. With fewer people and things in better balance, encourage only green growth.

        • 2) Let the virus do its work: The virus is opportunistic and it will take out the old and sick and the sick and sick. These are groups of people who are being kept alive at great expense by the health system, especially because of drugs made available in the past 20 years. But the reality is this: these people on the whole eat a terrible diet, do not exercise, have spent a lifetime smoking and drinking with bad teeth (poor dental hygiene is the source of many other diseases).

          Boy does God have a plan for those that believe that the above plan is a great plan!

      4. The DOW crashed?

        So you mean it is back to where it was a year ago?


      5. I am not a Wall Street person, but my guess wuld be that there would be an unusally high amount of currency trading taking place now, trying to make up for losses that way, which is why the banks dn’t want anyone to withdraw money.

      6. Just don’t quite understand. Most Americans are not into the stock market only the elite are. Next the stock market was like around 12,000 when Trump took office. It went to 30,000 and dropped a little SO BIG DEAL! The virus will go away quickly as it came. There is some info out there that is very interesting to how this plays out. The panic does need to stop and so will the BS Virus.

        A prediction from the book titled “End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World” written in 2008 by the now deceased self-described psychic Sylvia Browne—and in whose prediction made 12-years ago, saw Browne eerily writing the words:

        In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.

        Almost more baffling that the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.

        SO the globalists are doing the same thing they did in 2010 which she predicted in her book too. They are doing it in 2020 and next time will be 2030 they do this again.

        It is all an economic war!

      7. National Hero Chelsea Manning has been released from prison for her refusal to testify to a grand jury against Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

        Chelsea Manning attempted suicide while incarcerated and has over $250,000 in fines, being fined $1,000 a day for each day of incarceration.

        America demands that one of the worlds or preferably one of America’s billionaires step up to the plate in an act of charity to also prove that all billionaires are not evil villains. Are you all evil villains or not?! We shall see! 

        You have never been in more dire need of good karma and good will than you are now! 

        Chelsea Manning also deserves to be freed of the debts that have been forced upon her by evil dictators in America! 

        Now is the time for you to prove to the world that you oppose corruption and fascism! 

        If you do not pay off Chelsea Manning’s fines, the world will realize that all of you fully support corruption, fascism, and sadistic abuse of people who tell the truth, and you will be villified more than ever before!

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