Trump’s North Korea Options: Place Nukes In South Korea Or Kill Kim Jong-Un

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at


    With Syria down, it’s now North Korea’s turn.

    According to NBC News, the National Security Council has presented the suddenly ragingly bellicose President Trump with several options to respond to North Korea’s nuclear program: put American nukes in South Korea or kill dictator Kim Jong-un.

    The scenarios were prepared in advance of Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week. The White House has expressed hopes the Chinese will do more to influence Pyongyang through diplomacy and enhanced sanctions, but if that fails, and North Korea continues its development of nuclear weapons, there are other options on the table that would significantly alter U.S. policy.

    While Gen. John Hyten, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command, maintained on Wednesday that “any solution to the North Korea problem has to involve China” a senior intel official told NBC he doubted U.S. and China could find a diplomatic solution to the crisis. “We have 20 years of diplomacy and sanctions under our belt that has failed to stop the North Korean program,” said the official involved in the review. “I’m not advocating pre-emptive war, nor do I think that the deployment of nuclear weapons buys more for us than it costs,” but he stressed that the U.S. was dealing with a “war today” situation.

    The “nuclear” option would mark the first overseas nuclear deployment since the end of the Cold War, a move that would promptly provoke global condemnation, not least of all by China. It was not immediately clear if South Korea’s regime – in turmoil recently following the recent impeachment and arrest of ex-president Park – had been consulted with the proposed strategy. The U.S. withdrew all nuclear weapons from South Korea 25 years ago.

    This “option” is also facing domestic pushback: “I don’t think that [deploying nuclear weapons] is a good idea. I think that it will only inflame the view from Pyongyang,” retired Adm. James Stavridis and former NATO commander told NBC News. “I don’t see any upside to it because the idea that we would use a nuclear weapon even against North Korea is highly unlikely.”

    South Korea’s sentiment aside, NBC notes that the US Air Force leadership doesn’t “necessarily” support putting nuclear weapons in South Korea. As an alternative, it’s been practicing sorties right out of the depths of the cold war: long-range strikes with strategic bombers — sending them to the region for exercises and deploying them in Guam and on the peninsula as a show of force.

    * * *

    The second, and just as controversial option, is to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and other senior leaders in charge of the country’s nuclear program. The overt regime overthrow option has huge downsides, said Mark Lippert, the former U.S, ambassador to South Korea, who also served as an assistant defense secretary under President Barack Obama. “Discussions of regime change and decapitation…tend to cause the Chinese great pause of concern and tends to have them move in the opposite direction we would like them to move in terms of pressure,” he said.

    Quoted by NBC, Stavridis, said that “decapitation is always a tempting strategy when you’re faced with a highly unpredictable and highly dangerous leader”, especially for a nation like the US he did not add.  “The question you have to ask yourself,” he said, “is what happens the day after you decapitate? I think that in North Korea, it’s an enormous unknown.”

    In any case, the groundwork has already been laid: as reproted one month ago, elite US forces, including  Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 have been conducting drills on taking out Kim Jong-Un, as well as practicing tactical North Korea “infiltration.” All they need is the green light.

    * * *

    A third, bonus option, is covert action, infiltrating U.S. and South Korean special forces into North Korea to sabotage or take out key infrastructure — for instance, blowing up bridges to block the movement of mobile missiles. The CIA, which would oversee such operations, told NBC News it could offer “no guidance” on this option. But Stavridis said that he felt it was the “best strategy” should the U.S. be forced to take military action. He described such action as: “some combination of special forces with South Korea and cyber.”

    One wonders if the CIA creating a “false flag” attack on South Korea (or China) using chemical weapons was one of the options under consideration.

    * * *

    Trump has already indicated he’s open to unilateral action if China fails to rein in its ally, telling the Financial Times last weekend, “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.”

    Until last night, his words were largely dismissed as more bluster; however having just demonstrated how quickly Trump is willing to launch offensive operations – having U-turned on his Syrian position in less than a week – suddenly the possibility of nuclear war with an irrational adversary does not look all that distant.



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      1. “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.”

        History teaches us that in war, the side that is sure for a win is genocide.

        • Choice #3 we could just mind our own business and stay out of NK. While we are at it why don’t we bring all US troops and equipment (including thousands of Garands) and put the troops down on our southern border. The dollars spent would circulate in our economy instead of Korea’s. SK is prosperous enough they can take care of themselves.

          • Well, that was the way Chamberlain dealt with Germany.

            Quite effective too.

            • Chamberlain was a pussy who said peace at any price. I am not saying peace at any price. I am saying that it is not necessary for the US (taxpayers) to fund every fuc*ing war, and fix every problem (perceived or real problems) around the world. I am fuc*ing tired of being expected to foot the bill for all kinds of foreign aid and foreign wars while things go to shi* here at home and we are being overrun with people entering this country illegally and funding all of their food, health care, rent, food stamps, etc. We are under invasion here at home and instead of fighting the invaders we are helping others with their problems. Again, SK has one hell of a strong economy, it was built because we were protecting them from NK and the same goes for Japan. Trump made a bit of noise telling Germany and NATO to pay up and now he can do the same to Korea.

              • Amen
                Who is John Galt!

              • War has nothing to do with dictators or evil despots or threats that some North Korean might have the bomb. And as for kids getting gassed in Syria?? Hahaha! Yeah right. Wars about making money. And boat loads of it. It might look like we spent trillions on Iraq and Afghanistan but just remember that some rich SOB is rolling in it cause he made money out of it. Some kid might have been killed for nothing in Iraq and nobody even heard of his name or maybe a vet came home, lost his wife and kids, became homeless and then hung himself cause he had PTSD no one gives a shit. The money makers don’t care about your kids, they care about making more money on more wars … and if they have to fabricate more wars to send your kids to, to be killed and maimed, then so be it. Wake up, grow up and realise you’re getting screwed over.
                WWI was a lie, WWII turned out to be a continuation of the lie. Vietnam turned out to be a croc, First Gulf War, Second, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya …. it getting embarrassing. The rich are scamming the poor with war! Wake up to what’s really going on

          • “Choice #3”

            Another thought exercise:

            The future can never be fully predicted. Because as soon as it presents itself, it becomes the past. However, some aspects of the future can be determined if the past is repeated.

            Therefore, while you cannot gaze into an unknown future like an open window, you can mirror it, so that when it presents itself, it repeats the past.

            Nothing sells an imperfect solution better than a well executed problem.

          • SK is an ally, they fought alongside us in Vietnam because they are.

            We have treaty obligations to defend them the same way they have to defend us.

            You don’t want defense treaties honored?

          • I agree with Jubali. Trump needs to mind his own business, like focus like a laser beam on the Wallstreet banker criminals and put them in prison along with the Clintons and Obama.

            Korea or Syria or Libya or Iraq never attacked us. Lwt the Rothchilds go hire their own Army to fight their phony paper IOU currency and economy.

            • NK has got to be dealt with or would you like that crazed fat gook to drop a nuke or two up your a$$??

          • This is one very smart man and he is absolutely correct. We gained nothing by this action . We didn’t stop anything bad in the future from happening either . The only message we sent was that Trump can be duped into bombing people if you put enough newsmakers in his face to make him feel bad and impotent . Make America great again , Trump . That means stop messing around in other people’s wars and conflicts . If it doesn’t impact America , walk away . If everybody in the world hates what’s happening, let them do something about it . It’s their turn anyway .

        • This is going to be the war of psyops. After the shock and awe the North Koreans will be looking around for any signs of leadership. If they do not see any, there will be lots of
          mutiny in the ranks. They will not want to die for a failed Stalinist regime. They want to be
          free like their cousins in the south. Hopefully we have laser weapons that will relegate the
          2 NK orbiting satellites into space junk. Hopefully China stays out of it. China has much to
          lose by getting involved, and so do we.

        • Trump should tweet to ol’ Kim “Duck!”

        • Why don’t we just “say” we have a mole who will assassinate Kim and then let him kill off all those around him in his paranoia?








          • I agree with you – “they” hate the white man to no end and want us gone. WE had better wake the hell up & do it yesterday!! Everyone else is protected and cared for and coddled but us white folks are pissed upon every damn turn.

      2. Yeah, being at war with China and Russia at the same time is a greeeeeaaaaaaat option….
        Jesus Christ we’re fucked.

        • Thats the understatement bud,,,

      3. If I recall correctly, the reason Hitler lost WW2 is that he was pulled in too many different directions. Musolini needed help so Adolf postponed his invasion of Russia. Because of the delay, Winter and low temperatures made victory in Russia impossible.

        Now we aren’t satisfied with Syria, we need to attack North Korea. Syria and North Korea are the last hold outs to the Rothschild banks. It is not about a nuclear threat. It’s all about money.


        • If you recall?? He wasn’t pulled in too many directions. Hitler lost because he was an inept buffoon. Amongst his many many mistakes, he willingly attacked the Russians in the middle of the winter – with no cold weather gear! So guess what? They froze to death. Talk about stupid. Oh well, now Germany is a Muslim country and will be under Sharia law in the near future. Took a bit of time, but his actions led to this. Adolph, your hero! Keep sucking his hog. LOLOLOLOLOL

          • The Real Deal, Adolph’s only problem was not to eliminate the entire Microbes named JEWS. The result is we get a JackASS president one after another all under the domination of the same microbes and the new one is fucking the President daughter.

            • Germany lost the war BECAUSE OF THE JEWS. When you mess with God’s people, you will
              be destroyed. Look at all of the ancient biblical kingdoms that raised up against Israel.
              GONE. Israel will be the last nation standing.

              • Sure Anon…… Don’t worry soon the God’s people as you call them will be hunted one by one in all continent. Funny part is ISIS monsters also call themselves God’s people. Wait they are the same… DNA cousins and created / supported by the same SOB’s like the fucking president son in law.

            • The “microbes” are very much alive and well, thanks to your hero, Adolph. Probably stronger than ever, actually. If it weren’t for him, Germany would be a thriving white Christian nation today. Within a decade or so Germany will be gone. Probably renamed to reflect it’s new Islamic majority. So much for Aryan “superiority”. HA HA HA!

          • Germany Vs Russia. 20 Million Russians died in WW2. Hitler Seemed to have had a pretty good impact on the destroying the opponent. I cannot recall in any war where so many lost their lives against an opponent such as Germany. Hitler put the hurt in the world. That’s how you fight a war, when Europe was infested with parasites. Thank you Mr Adolf!! Think how much worse it would be today, if you had sat idle and done nothing. If Hitler could see how Merkle Destroyed Germany today, Hitler would have fought even harder. You can bet your lucky swastikas on that.

            Keep in mind The Fascist Ford Motor Company supplied Hitler with engines for his tanks, while they shot at US and Allied Forces. Fascist win no matter who wins the war. Get the facts on history so you are not a dope.

            • Germany lost the war when America got in it. Hitler was part Jew himself. The Nazis had a scapegoat for their ills. Same thing is happening today. People like you keep it alive.

              • A little thought experiment about assumptions:

                If I placed a man into a round room and told him to stand in the corner, would he attempt to find one? No. Direct observation would tell him not to bother.

                However, if I were to blind fold him and told him that it was there. Would he stumble in the dark to find it? Sure. Because we assume that all rooms have corners, don’t they?

                I’ll never forget a simple lesson from a Senior Chief, when he broke down the word “assume” into “making an ‘ass of u and me'”.

                If you don’t have all the facts, then what you have is an assumption.

                However, whether you’re a soldier, involved in a religion or vote for a candidate, you are expected or instructed to assume that the facts are real without question.

                Humanity is in this mess because we continue, through our own ignorance, to make asses of ourselves.

                I suggest playing the Benny Hill theme track.

              • Wrong Anonymous- Hitler was a devout Catholic and 95% of Catholics in Germany supported Hitler. Get the facts, look it up, and do your research, you look like a fool spouting off babble crap. Hitler was not a Chew. However Winston Churchhill was a closet Chew. Oh yeah, that’s who dragged the US into war. American has been on the wrong side of every war since WW1.

                ITS OFFICIAL – Trumps Transition period is now over, he is now under the complete brainwashing spell of the parasite Zionists and NeoCons dictating Perpetual War. He bombs Syria, but, but, but,… wait, during his presidential Campaign he said this:

                Here Are 45 Times Trump Said Attacking Syria Was A Bad Idea And Might Start World War III
                04-08-2017 • ht tps://, MIC

                Trump is now a traitor to his Voters. He is the swamp. And his son in law Kushner and Daughter Ivanka are Chew infiltrators in the White House. They are enemies of the state. I saw this coming.

                Just like in WW2 When President Franklin D Roosevelt’s lesbian Wife Eleanor has a (((Chewish))) Mistress, Yep another Chew infiltrator posing as a journalist, She gave sexual favors to Eleanor to gain access to the White House to prompt FDR to join in the WW2 against Hitler. You wont hear about this in ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN will ya.

                Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the biggest traitors in America. Putting her sexual needs above the Nation.

                Article- “The queer history of Eleanor Roosevelt you won’t see in the Ken Burns documentary”

                Some examples of lines from their letters:

                Hick my dearest– I cannot go to bed tonight without a word to you. I felt a little as though a part of me was leaving tonight. You have grown so much to be a part of my life that it is empty without you…

                I wish I could lie down beside you tonight & take you in my arms.

                I’ve been trying to bring back your face — to remember just how you look. Funny how even the dearest face will fade away in time. Most clearly I remember your eyes, with a kind of teasing smile in them, and the feeling of that soft spot just north-east of the corner of your mouth against my lips.

                Eleanor Roosevelt with (((Chew))) Lorena Hickok
                The queer history of Eleanor Roosevelt you won’t see in the Ken Burns documentary
                Read more at ht tp://

              • Hitler was a devout Catholic. How do you just make up history to fit your opinions?

                • He was raised Catholic. How do you define “devout” ? He had Jewish ancestry.
                  Do some research. Start now before you embarrass yourself further.

                • He was the bastard son of the race that you despise so much.

                • Your idol standing before God.


                  • I have never read such nonsense in my life. People praising Adolph Hitler, unreal In point of fact Hitler basically lost World War 2 when he had the entire British Army caught on the beach at Dunkirk and failed to destroy them. He had 4 Panzer divisions in position to do just that but ordered them to stand down, because the fat heroine addict Goering felt his Luftwaffe had not shared in enough glory and convinced Hitler he could destroy them from the air. They were unable to accomplish this expeditiously and allowed the Brits precious time to organize a withdrawal back to England. Had he followed his military commanders on the ground advice he would have destroyed the British Army and they would have had no option but sue for peace or face a German invasion, which they would have had no army to repel.This critical lapse insured WW2 would remain a 2 front War and eventually overextended German forces insuring there eventual defeat. Had he acted at that moment with sound military sense the world we now live in would be a MUCH different place.

            • Oh, right, Germany is doing great these days, thanks to your hero, Adolph (with his missing testicle). I don’t think you get it at all. Hitler lost. He committed suicide. Germany lost. Big time. It doesn’t matter how many they killed. Now, they are on the verge of becoming an Islamic state. Germany will be gone, very soon. What part of surrender do you not understand? Talk about being a dope and a revisionist historian.

              • Hitler never committed suicide. He fled to Argentina before Berlin was invaded. I wish Hitler killed 6 Mil parasites. Only about 200k died in WW2 mostly of disentary in prison camps. The Holohoax was a sham so the parasites could beg for centuries playing the victim. 20 Million Russians did die, but you sure dont see them playing victim 3 generations and 75 yrs later do ya. Its pathetic the lies that are still perpetrated today.

                • Herpes: Hitler committed suicide, while his soldiers were slaughtered in the streets. It’s a well known fact, but, if it makes you feel better, you can lie all you want and say otherwise. For all practical purposes, Germany committed suicide as well, unless you consider banging goats to be acceptable behavior, as they do nowadays in the Islamic Republic of Germany.

          • So true. All of those filthy, lazy, radical muslim mutts will rule and own Germany in no time. My God they breed like rats and have 6-8 kids while average white family has what 1 or 2…breed like god damned rats while all on the Gov’t welfare tit’



          • Now Germany is paying dearly as their women get raped and the men cower in fear. Germans are pathetic weaklings.

            • Because all is being designed by JEWS.

      4. How about ignoring him. Have Dennis Rodman relay a message. If war starts you and your family will be the number one target. No man created bunker can withstand multiple ground burst multi megaton nuclear weapons, none.

        Oh no more tribute too.

        • All the goodwill gestures and ambassadors are done. The game moves to the next phase.

          • Its been my contention, if you look for trouble, you will find it.

            NK is an annoyance. When trouble brews elsewhere they rattle their saber (pocketknife) and for the sake of cost and expediency they obtain food, money and oil in de-facto tribute.

            Ignore them but pass on the Dennis Rodman message. Officially replying elevates them to an equal.

            • Israehell needs to take in 1 Million Syrian Refugees ASAP, and show the world by example how well open borders works. After they start raping and bombing the country like they are doing to the rest of Europe, we will all see this unfold like poetic justice.

              • They won’t because they are smart. They believe in security. Europe should learn from them.

            • You CANNOT IGNORE a sick sociopath that is developing ICBM’s that can reach everything
              inside the continental US. He has repeatedly said he will use them. Same goes for Iran.
              Look at the rest of the nuclear powers in the world. They are not using the same rhetoric.
              There appears to be no other alternative except war and regime change. It’s not up to us.
              We go along for the ride. Where it ends we do not exactly know.

      5. It’s clear that God has been revealing the sins of the leaders in America and the sins of the leaders throughout the world, for all the people to see.

        Does anyone know what will be revealed about the sins of the people in Amerca? To sum it up, the sins of the people in America amount to Complacency.

        According to the Declaration of Independence we the people have the right and the duty to remove all the treasonous political leaders, but yet we still allow the continued chemtrail spraying, the abortion industry, Pedo-gate, the Federal Reserve and massive government corruption. Why, because of surrendering to Complacency.

        The same spirit of complacency was also here:

        37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

        38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

        39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. (Matthew 24:37-39)

        Pray, and repent of all sin to God through Jesus Christ while there is still time. God loves you all but America as we think we know it is over. God’s judgment of America will be severe and just. You can read about America’s judgment in Revelation chapters 17 and 18.

        • 1. God only loves His own: “having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end” (John 13:1) and “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated” (Romans 9:13); And Jesus deliberately spoke in parables so that those whom He did not love should be converted (Mark 4:12). The doctrine you are pushing comes from the Counter Reformation and is called Arminianism.

          2. Revelation chapters 17 & 18 refer to the Mystery Babylon (named after the Babylonian Mystery Religion = idolatry, Mother & Child deities, etc.; today, that refers to superficial forms of Christianity, especially the variety centered on the ecclesiastical city built on seven hills).

          Those chapters also refer to the earthly power on which Babylon, in her superlative form, rides; that is, the European nations – along with their colonial offshoots – that succeeded the Roman Empire of old as the world’s premier power bloc, a position they hold to this day (this is also referenced in Daniel Ch 2). In other words, this scarlet beast appears to be “the West”, or at least, its ruling caste / systems, full of names of blasphemy (socialism, Darwinism, atheism, feminism, secularism, etc.); this beast will turn against the Whore (Rev 17:16), but it is also hostile the true religion (Rev 17:14). I would suggest we (if we survive WW3) should look out for a ban on all religion after a devastating, but not fully catastrophic nuclear war. The plan seems to be to pin the blame for this coming worldwide trauma on religion per se (as cover for the true target), on patriotism, on popularism, on cash, on privacy, on liberty in general.

          The devil knows the time is short before the golden age of the Church begins (again, Daniel 2 covers this, as does Romans 11) and even though he knows he is doomed to failure, he can’t resist trying to thwart it, just as he tried to kill the infant Christ. So I think there will be a great persecution of believers by the coming atheist superstate in the West, but when it ends it will usher in the beginning of that golden age, worldwide.

          One last point: the nations of the West have had far more light, especially the Anglo nations, than the rest of the world has. And yet we lead the world in perversion, gay “marriage”, rights for devils, rapists, murderers, thieves, perverts. For me, the gay agenda in particular, with gay “marriage” facilitating the stealth legalisation of paedophilia via adoption laws, means time is short before our nations are hit hard by judgement. And while we must continue to resist wickedness in our countries, we must also know that there will be no mass repentance and thus no peace until the golden age begins. We should therefore look at the catalyst for that golden age. Romans 11 tells us the answer: it will be when the Jews worldwide forsake their cursed Judaism and acknowledge the Messianic faith, en masse.

        • Yeah if God was so smart he’d print his own money instead of begging and stealing yours every Sunday from the stupid gullible sheep that dont know any better. If a rock told you he loved you wpuld you give it money too? Stupid is.

          • Hey. I don’t give a f>>k what your religion is but don’t disrespect mine. Meaning leave GOD out of it.

            • Yep Religion is all about group think. You feel more secure all being stupid on the same page together. Congrats. Just bring forward one true believer that got ever lasting life. Or those ignorant muslims that got 70 virgins. Fleeced Sheep are so friggin gullible.

              • “Fleeced Sheep are so friggin gullible.”

                The Sheeples Prayer:

                Oh lord, help thee sharpen thine shears so that I may fleece my fears.


          • Don’t forget to include worship of blood sacrifice, the New Testament, Jesus, rapture, “amen”. Gods (as in plural), that Channeling is evil, but God breathed in is OK.

            Those religions are dumb or evil, but ours is the right one because, because… ah, uhm.

            Religion, from the Latin word religio meaning “taboo, restraint.”. Religio comes from “re” meaning “return” and “ligare” meaning “to bind”.

      6. Why not just do some ‘surgical military strikes’, such as destroying supply depots, missile launch sites, their nuclear test site, all of their missile stocks, etc.? No need for an invasion. Anyone notice that porky has been silent since the missile attack on Syria?

        • Probably in hiding, he may be insane but isn’t stupid.

        • Even if we take out porky, NK still has nukes on submarines. Do you have a workable plan to take those out at the same time we ko porky?

        • Braveheart1776

          Thanks for posing the CFR roster.

          Two decades ago a group called F.R.E.E. (Fund To Restore An Educated Electorate) published a flow chart of all of the CFR, BB Group, Trilateral members of each administration along with who in business, finance, House/Senate, Justices who were members. Used to get them in the mail, gave out 100s but they’re no longer published. Know where they can be had?

          • Kevin 2, my pleasure. If you’ll notice, both of Trump’s national security advisers, H.R> McMasters and Dina Habib Powell, are on that list. Wonder how many more on the WH staff are on that roster? Or even the Cabinet? Research time again.

        • Porky has gone silent? Where are JJ and JWR?
          Everytime SHTF they go Mia.

      7. Dont they know where his palace is?
        One bunker buster with ultra high explosive charge is good,,, just get rid of the fat little prick

      8. We don’t need to put nukes in S.K.

        One Nuke sub can turn that shit hole into glass in seconds.

        Or three B2’s would do the same thing.


        • Sgt. Dale,

          The POS in NK probably believes his own lies. He is not invincible! He could be snuffed out in an instant is being saved for the ‘right time’.

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • Those were my thoughts as well.

      9. We are NOT going to nuke North Korea, for Christ’s sake, and we are NOT going to put nukes in South Korea. China is going to reign in Kim Phat Pug, and that will be that. He may be crazy, but he’s not suicidal. He will continue to bark around and threaten, but he can’t even launch a missile without it tumbling into the ocean. If he attacks South Korea, they will attack back. Same with Japan. If he tries to attack us, thank God we finally have a president who won’t fly to Germany and explain how we deserve it then call us all racist sexist bigot homophobes for wanting to defend ourselves and fight back.

        A couple of solid, effective punches in the noses of our adversaries would go a long way to keeping them in line. Bullies continue to be bullies until you kick the shit out of them. Do it as many times as necessary until they stop being bullies, because if you don’t, eventually they become big enough and tough enough that nothing short of all-out war will stop them. Read your history folks, this has never been different.

        No, we don’t want to be in the middle east. But that decision has already been made by those before us. Now they have nukes. Pakistan has nukes. Israel has nukes. Iran will very soon have nukes. Russia has nukes. Syria has chemical weapons. And no matter what the idiots who believe that Saddam Hussein didn’t have WMD’s say, he did. They found many of them, and the rest went to Syria. How quickly we forget. This is a damned dangerous world, and, as it has always been, if you’re not the big fish, you are eventually eaten by a bigger fish. So, we can choose to piss and whine about Trump bombing Syria after he said he wouldn’t, but I guarantee everyone here has made a decision that they later changed their mind on. I have. So have you. He made the right choice, to the best of his ability. We may not have made that choice, but if we didn’t, sooner or later we would have to. I for one am glad he did it now. Punch the bully in the nose. Next time break his arms and legs. After that you blow his fucking head off. Others will get the message. Leave us alone, stop murdering your own people, or anyone else’s people, or we will hurt you very very badly.

        Same with Russia. If they fly one more jet over our warships, blow them out of the sky. Warn them that this is what will happen, and if they do, then shoot them down, and let them know that the next time they do it, not only will we blow their plane out of the sky, but we’ll also blow the aircraft carrier it launched from out of the water. War planes are expensive. Aircraft carriers are very expensive.

        It’s time for this mealy mouth pussy whining to stop, or we will NEVER be left alone. It is also time for the Rothschild Bilderberg conspiracy crap to stop. There are actual, real dangers in the world, and not everything is a false flag attack. We are in very real danger. It’s why we prep, right? Would we rather the entire fucking planet blow itself to hell, so we can be justified in our prepping, or would it be better to have a real man who is not afraid of bullies hit back, stop our adversaries, and bring some sens of calm back to the world? We can still use our preps, then restock, right? I for one am tired of spending my life on red alert from terror porn which exists everywhere and has become big business… that’s right, I said it. Terror porn is big business. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

        • Totally agree: time to take it to the line and put an end to Operation Giant Millennial Slacker Pussy we have had for the past nine years. I need to see Millennials and younger in uniform like yesterday. They need to be on the tarmac getting lined up for the flight to their combat roles.

          The state of youth today disgusts me. Worse, they are now a racial and ethnic mess who couldn’t organise a hot dog stand. They need discipline and they need to learn the lesson of a generation and finish the job with taking down Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuala, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Turkey.

        • Agreed 100%

        • HT,

          Agree 100 percent!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • You are a kind of a bozo. You live in a country that exports most of the death and destruction around the world and then talk about how the rest of the world is full of “bullies” who need to be taken to task. Your mentality is 100% new age American I will give you that. America invented much of the weaponry that can destroy this planet three times over and we export it around the world. America is hypocrisy and so are you. What Trump did was attack a sovereign nation who did not attack us or even threaten us in anyway. A small war torn country who is no match for us and so who is the bully here? Congratulations on being a typical empty head though and I hope you live long enough to see the wars and bombing you watch and think are so awesome on CNN come to your own front yard.

        • How about stop parking US war ships off Russias coast in the Black sea. The US military is run by CIA and Neocon psychopaths. Who profit bigtime the more conflicts they get us into. Im sick of these badtards destroying Americas good name for their zionist causes. Follow the money, thats the true enemy of America.

        • Open your eyes, China cannot or will not “reign” in the fat gook as you say…so he needs to be dealt with. We have played with fat gooky’ for way way too long. do you want to wait until a nuke is dropped on top of your mamma’s house boss man?

          • Methinks China will not wait too long this time. China is embarrassed by the Phat Pug, and desperately needs the United States to be a good trade partner. Without us, they die. Without the Phat Pug, well, they would actually probably have better trade relations with the rest of the world.

      10. One nuke and the banking house of cards collapses. They aren’t worried about the death toll from NK setting off a nuke, they’re worried of the resulting financial collapse as credit freezes.

        • They are not worried because the frenzy of theft is in its final stages. We must remember that all modern wars are banker wars. The remorse of Maj.Gen. Smedley Butler explains what happened prior to WW2:
          I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902–1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

          • GrandpaSpeaks

            I have posted the very same thing many times. I’m glad to see others agree.

            Hats Off To Ya

      11. Completely OT here,

        A few hours ago 3 high Arctic circle quakes occurred. Though not of particularly intense magnitude (max 5.1) they were all co-located in close proximity to each other and ALL were above 85 degrees latitude. BI and I took up this scenario as a topic a few years ago….this merits watching in the context of all the current volcanic activity we have been seeing for months now.

        I would recommend watchfulness IF we also begin seeing extreme southern latitude activity/occurrences hereafter.


        • Yu No Hu, there has been a lot of volcanic activity lately.

        • JOG, it’s great to hear from you. How have you been and how is Be Informed? Both of you are sorely missed here.

          • Howdy BH!

            All is VERY well here my friend(s), though I am stunned at what is transpiring over the last few days…for a time I had some small hope that things were on the path to improvement. Clearly we can now see that is not the case; may God have mercy on us all…

            With these developments at hand I do not see how the “consequence at hand” which we have ALL feared so much can be avoided. Finish out whatever yet you lack, time is clearly short.

            BI is one that I miss with all my heart…a true kindred spirit. I would give much to have the pleasure of that one’s company again. In any event – one and all of my friends here – be well, be safe…be ready, time is seemingly so short now.


        • Hows it hangin bud,,, hope all is well

        • YNH,

          Great to hear from you again!

          You are right about the quakes!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

      12. K2,

        Spot on!

        Louisiana Eagle ?

        • The greatest peacekeeper in history has been nuclear weapons. For the first time since the castle, the orchestrators of war, will guaranteed personally suffer its consequences. Its not uncommon for leaders to send their citizens to death in vain. The British Battle Of The Somme, where they had almost 58,000 casualties on the first day for no gain and 420,000 before it ended dramatizes this policy. The King by the way was spared.

          NORAD is not immune from multiple multi megaton nuclear strikes.

          • If Nuclear war was being planned you’d see the PTB making plans for it by getting ready to head to the Southern hemisphere where radiation contamination is unlikely.

            • The threat of nuclear war is the only thing preventing major war with nuclear armed rival nations. The threat of nuclear war includes the leadership calling the shots being killed themselves. Its easy for the Monarch, President, Prime Minister, to send others to their deaths, no so when its them. When its just greed there is no problem sacrificing others. When its personal survival, “that be a different story”.

              Yes they have kept the peace.

              Yes when you see the upper upper upper crust flee……….look out.

              • Will there be headlines when they flee? Will anyone know? C’mon dude. Really?

      13. Trump the dictator does not need approval from the UN or Congres to attack Syria so that it can defend it friends in ISIS but when it comes to stopping immigrants entering the USA then any two bid judge can block him.

        North Korea has every right to have nukes, more rights than Trumps paymasters in Israel so maybe when the south get hit then the puppet leaders in Japan will think about there relationship with the USA and kick the yanks out

        • I wish Japan would kick ” the yanks out “. We could then shake the dust off our feet and
          move on. They have become a bunch of pacifist wussies hiding behind our coat tails.
          Let China and North Korea have at them.

      14. Been posting here for years so cut the shit out about “our system does not recognize your IP address or email address” because i don’t buy it

        • That’s right, Mac. After all, this is Mr Smith’s blog, not yours. Get with the program.

          Or you can just block the bloody bastard… 🙂

      15. Ever since Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech North Koreans have listened to threats against its nation continually unless they comply with our wishes of them eliminating their nuke program. The leadership there saw what we did to other nations that complied (i.e. Libya) and decided that de-balling themselves would only encourage the U.S.
        in taking over their nation one way or another. How did things work out for Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Libya? We have lost all credibility in the world, and any nation willing to sacrifice its own security to appease the globalist agenda will soon find out that they have lost their nation. North Korea, like Iran is by in large a nation whose foreign policy has been formulated by the idle threats of the U.S. upon their people. These nations have nothing we want, or need, yet their governments have decided that we pose an existential threat to them. Why?
        Antagonizing the A-holes that run these hell holes is not worth the safety and security of our nation. Now it is too late. The Nuke programs have been put on the fast track. I hope Bush’s “axis of evil” speech was worth it.
        Idle threats will soon be answered with open warfare.
        It has been very easy to sit back and shoot our mouths off over here, but if you were one of those kids who will pay the price when war breaks out, I’m sure you wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about the coming war.

        God help this nation!

      16. Kimchi prices will skyrocket!

        • Give me all the women that Fat Boy refused.

      17. Don’t forget, we are messing with the people that has the capability to land a man on the sun.

        • But, but, but,,
          They were going there at night!

          • Love that Humor!

      18. Keep prepping.

        Appears as I have thought based reports on this site and others have published. Multiple unsettling economic/military and not to exclude earth change events.

        May not have been intentional, but Donald Trump may have just lit the fuse for an terrible Middle East War.

        Do any of you know that just last week, Russia made its bid to Divide Jerusalem; by saying that East Jerusalem should be the capital of The Palestinian State and West Jerusalem the capital of Israel?

        Now consider this. Does our intervention in Syria give Russia the right to intervene militarily in the Israeli/Palestinian issue?
        Many questions and all the wrong answers.

        • Anyone has the right to intervene anywhere they can get away with it.

          And no right to intervene if they can’t.

          It’s the way the world works, you can take what you can hold and nothing else.

          • if youre big enough to get away with it
            it’s legal. thats international law!

            • Yep.

        • When they worship on both sides of the wall…….

      19. Wouldn’t it be great if people wouldn’t believe the media? All the NWO needs for a war is to tell the sheeple what to think. Then the sheeple gleefully scream for war. Hell, they’ll even send their own kids to die in the war. I wouldn’t want to live in NoKo. I live here. NoKo is not a threat to me here. They may be a threat to South Korea and Japan. Does anybody think China is going to let the US have access to the under belly of China by eliminating NoKo? Look on a map. The media begs for war with Russia and China. Can we defeat Russia, China, Iran, NoKo, and their allies all at once? At what cost to the US and the rest of the world? Think about it. The NWO is waiting for your approval.

      20. We already have nukes in the area… Anyone who’s ever been in the military has got to know that we certainly have at least ONE nuke-equipped sub patrolling the waters over there!! Just cuz Kim-Jung-Fatboy can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there, ready to blow his pudgy ass away!!

      21. Some poster by the name of Hermes says that I am delusional. Hermes thinks that I give a shit if he called me delusional wants me to show him proof with pictures of Chinese soliders in Mexico.. I know Hermes, Gary Haven who made the movie Amerigeddon is also delusional, showing chi-coms soldiers shooting American soldiers at a camp site in his movie… I know you know everything Dont you.. Your nothing but a fucking troll .. Coming on here and posting your stupid bullshit will not convince Texans to give up arms fact every Chinese soldier should know one thing, this is where you die, right here in Texas. You wik beg us not to kill you and we will kill you when you get here..American White men do not tolerate killings and rapes of family members…You can get away with that shit in China. This is not china, we will shoot back.. I can honestly say that if you chi- coms come here and enter my city. I will kill you sons is bitches on site..


        Pure unadultered fucking balls ..try me..

        • I went into a Chinese restaurant in Houston last week and saw Chinese soldiers in the back room. A Texan complained about his food and the Chinese soldiers came out and beat him stupid. There must have been a full platoon back there. It was horrible. Why doesn’t somebody do something?

          • Whatsamatter? Your name not Somebody? You were there. Why didn’t you do something?

          • Chinese Restaurant. Those are waiter and busboy uniforms not military uniforms skippy. You tooting off the same bad batch of meth Hcks is? A full platoon of busboys are not soldiers. You may ne having flash nacks from Nam maybe.

            • Hermes and tc, are both of you retarded? You couldn’t tell the story was concocted? You both probably believe the boob tube, also. A platoon of Chinese in a restaurant in Houston? Sheesh!

        • HCKS,

          Being fair about it, the only reason Hermes calls you delusional is because you’re delusional.

          Other than that, he has nothing to stand on.

          • He’s too busy hating on ” Chews ” and bragging about his Silver Eagles. He always posts the price per ounce on silver daily like he’s the only one watching the markets. Then the
            fool beams when the price of silver goes up. He seems to salivate anytime it goes up 20 cents. If he had an ounce of brains he would want the price to be lower so he could buy more. Silver and Gold high- the world is in deep shit. Thats nothing to get exited about.
            Try telling him that. Grand Wizard Swamp Boy. He has it all figured out in his warped mind.

          • HCKS. Is playing with house money. He predicted his own death and he is still here. Never mess with a dillusional person who has nothing to lose. HCKS will now tell you he is a black belt yada yada.

        • One word – Logistics. How do you feed/supply/transport these chi-com soldiers? Please elucidate/clarify.

          Plus, how do you manage to utilize a chain saw and fire a weapon (safely) as you said you did (in a recent post), at the same time?

          Oh, by the by “Amerigeddon” was a fictional movie. Hermes was right. You are delusional:

          ht tp://

        • HCKS, Hermes is WWTI, Zeus, Apollo, (and a hundred other names), and will now be known as Herpes.

          • Stormtrooper Grand Wizard Swamp Boy what I call him.

        • You are a joke. Show us proof. Chinese invasion?. Or just a bad batch of meth this month?

        • Hcks. Let me help you here. Mecicans come from Mexico and Chinese come from China. Mexicans do not come from China nor do Chinese come from Mexico. Hope that helps clear up your dilusional illusion some. Got it?

      22. Folks have programmed for war through their government schooling ‘AND’ T.V. viewing and they call it programming for a reason!

        February 12, 2017 U.S. Special Forces Deployed To 70% Of The World In 2016

        American special operations troops deployed to 138 nations last year or 70 percent of the world’s countries according to official Special Operations Command. 55.29 percent of deployments were in the Middle East, a 35 percent decease since 2006.

      23. Right now NK is just a barking dog. The US don’t need to relocate standing ICBMs in SK. If they gotta be close, a lurking sub will do. No need to keep poking the Bear by placing nukes in SK.

      24. Not so wet in the panties for tRump any more, huh?

      25. On the 100th anniversary of the Vimy sacrifice we are at the point of total war again. The truth is their sacrifice was in vain. There is no human instinct for war. Only greed rides the pale horse while the rush for the remaining resources of the Earth is hidden by words of aggression. The command issues from a red shield the rider of the pale horse has carried for 300 years. Splinter that shield into a thousand pieces and cast it to the wind to force us from this warpath but you must be willing to refuse their bribe. Then enters greed as always because we are overwhelmed by it and they are the masters of it. We witness the suppression of honesty and integrity and the loss of either always leads us to war. With both suppressed the path may be too difficult to overcome. So man your battle stations yet again and if I die at least I know why.

      26. One thing everyone here has missed.
        We put 59 missiles on target through
        one of the supposedly best air defense systems
        in the world (S 400).
        Russians either let it happen,
        or our expensive toys really work
        good. Personally I think our expensive
        toys really do work that good.
        Every one of those missiles
        could have had a nuke
        on board. We own thousands of
        weapons and know how to make more.
        I think the world is taking notice.
        Anybody here ever made beer from bread?
        Just checking if anybody actually reads
        my comments.

        • “R”
          To the BEER. No but I have heard that there are stuff like that made from bread.

          As far as the toys goes. THEY HAVEN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!
          Bockman Turner Overdrive.


        • And they have rockets that fly below radar,,,

        • Never heard of beer from bread but some beer battered onion rings would be great!

        • rellik, far too many missiles were wasted and didn’t hit a thing. Aircraft were using the runway the next day.
          Everything about this incident stinks.

          They got to Trump by showing him some hidden cam footage from his little trip to Lolita Island. Mr. Epstein’s island.
          It’s textbook control, folks.

          • Hollywood makeup people are good, real good, if they can make Tim Allen look like Santa Clause they can make somebody look like trump, so skies the limit, anything they wanted to make him do they can, im convinced thats why once anyone goes to DC they change

      27. I know that the peoples of North Korea would welcome the assassination of Kim Jong-un. This tyrant has truly enslaved the people of NK. He commits whatever atrocities he chooses against his people without any fear of reprisals from anyone. This little spoiled bastard needs to be put in his place by someone. Do not be so passive as to think this madman would not launch a nuke. He is a lunatic, a madman equal to the other madman know as Adolph Hitler. These two men had and have no respect for human life. Our own powers that be also have no respect for human life. Don’t believe their lies, don’t do their bidding. I have always said, since I was a teenager and a young mother, that I would be willing to send my sons to war when the men who proclaimed the war went on the front lines first. Leaders should lead in every way. Don’t ask people to follow you unless you are willing to fight side by side with them. It’s easy for an old man to declare war.

        • I say a quote about an Old Mans’ war but a young mans’ fight. Just like during Viet Nam war, the rich man’s sons were in college and the poor mans’ sons did the fighting and dying..

          • Trump had his share of draft deferments to keep him out of harms way when he was a
            young man. This seems to go unnoticed by many of his supporters. I suppose Slick Willie
            broke the mold on that one. Does not really seem to be an issue in modern elections.
            So far both military ops green lighted by Trump ( Yemen, Syria ) seem to have their share
            of blunders. One can only imagine the mishaps of a big entanglement. Only 7 out of 10
            naval aircraft are fully functional. They better get some spare parts fast.

      28. The South Koreans had better join the festivities when we start shelling the North.
        Sick and tired of all the “allies” becoming spectators when the tracer rounds start whizzing.
        They need to stop being milquetoasts and unify their damned garlic reeking peninsula.

      29. For most of the people who live in North Korea, being nuked doesn’t sound so bad. The only people who have a half-way decent life are high up in the government. Even they can be purged at any moment. North Korea is totally dependent on China. Frankly, I think the Chinese enjoy his antics against the US.

      30. Trump should do absolutely nothing…..until he gets the house and senate’s cooperation on healthcare and taxes. Then, he can delay, delay, delay.

        After all, Xi Xingping just got 5 star vacation at Mar-a-lago.

      31. In President Nixon’s book, he said the President should be the Wild Card. Let the professional diplomats hash out everything and be predictable. The President should Not be predictable. You want the world to say, the President is not crazy enough to do something OR is he?
        Like in the movie Patton, when Patton gave a crazy order, his Aid said, how will they know when you are joking. Patton said, it is not important that they know, it is only important that I know!
        I think Trump did the right thing as the world will think twice before crossing us.

      32. I would open up about 500 Burger King and McDonald’s restaurants along the DMZ with a sign offering free meals to any North Korean defectors. Those little bastards would be tearing down the barriers and running across the mine fields faster than you can say “do you want fries with that.”

        • All they need to do is air drop bento boxes to the people there every day for a week with leaflets attached that say your life sucks because of your leader, and show south Koreans at the beach in Waikiki drinking maitais or playing golf

      33. “Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 have been conducting drills on taking out Kim Jong-Un, as well as practicing tactical North Korea “infiltration.” All they need is the green light”.

        Fatso is NOT stupid, he will be well out of sight and range by the time they get to NK.

      34. My fear is that North Korea launches a Super EMP satellite on a trajectory that places it over the US in less than one orbit for which we have no defenses in place for. I really hope I’m wrong and we do have a top secret iron clad defense for this type of aysmettical attack before we even think of kick over this hornet’s nest.

      35. Americans have no idea about North Korea. Europeans actually have a better understanding of the country and what it is really like. Life there is not that bad as portrayed in the US media. Yes, they had the food crisis in the 1990s but this was in a country directly targetted by the US for decades for destruction: boycotts, bans, blockades etc. Just look at what America has done to Venezuala and did to Cuba.

        Since then, they have opened up a lot of trade and improved living standards. The country is kind of like the 1950s (very conservative and family-focused) mixed with modern stuff imported from China. They commit no more human rights violations and atrocities than does China (America’s Number One trading buddy) or in fact what the US gets up to (global network of torture facilities, horrific wars, the death penalty, the most people in prison, cops killing blacks etc.).

        North Korea has also been preparing for this war for decades. They know it is coming and they know how America will try and do it. They have prepared for endless B-52 carpet bombing campaigns, they have prepared for nuke strikes. As for the idea a bunch of SEALS in a couple choppers are going to get in there, kill Kim, and get out alive, is pure comic book fantasy. The fake Osama assasination was a joke and they lost a chopper on that one. And don’t even bring up the Iran mission.

        No, if Trump does it, the NKs will hunker down, take the first strikes, and then strike back. It won’t be fun.

        • Think you have a very good assessment. Our SOF operators are well trained and prepared.
          They are not bulletproof like Hollywood would have most believe. North Korea also has its
          own SOF that border on fanatical. Most likely North Korea’s leadership has already gone
          underground fearing imminent attack. It will not be easy flushing them out. They have had
          many decades to construct deep tunnel complexes. I cannot see the South Korean military
          sitting on the sidelines after a huge artillery barrage. The first 48 hours will no doubt be
          horrific. If millions in Seoul start heading for the underground shelters, that would be the
          big tip off. With NK subs on the loose all commercial freighters in the Pacific would be in
          jeopardy. You better believe Trump and the chiefs of staff are not getting much sleep.
          The planning for this one is in the final stages. When the chatter gets quiet is exactly when
          it will pop off.

          • Agree: It will go very quiet and then you will know the conflict will kick-off. It was the same prior to the Iraq invasion. I was watching the build-up in California and it was obvious the invasion was on (the media kept claiming no such thing was going to happen). But don’t listen to the media; look at what the military is actually doing.

            The preparations in South Korea were in full swing as far back as 2012. The last UN secretary general only ever had one job: to line the ducks up for the attack on North Korea. The guy was a joke on everything else and was so in contempt of the general public, the UN and his job, he just took kick-backs and secured bribes for his friends and family.

            The take-down of NK is key because it would then put a US friendly regime right on China’s door step. This would complete the picture: the US already has its friendlies right on Russia’s door step all across Europe and Central Asia, and now, the US will have this in Northeastern Asia. Full Spectrum Dominance: it has always been the plan.

      36. Send boat loads of Muslimes to N Korea? The ones that live may eventually destroy the place. Then drive them out and unite
        N & S Korea.

        • That is actually very funny! “Muslims, Wrecking Countries and Civilisations Since AD 1000”.

      37. Who actually gives a crap about NKorea? All the Corporatists dba’s in SKorea.

        Look at the car plants over there, KIA anyone. No telling what else they make like Appliances, TV’s, cell phones, tech crap. This is about protecting Corporatists! Glad, I don’t BUY SKorea SHIT! I refuise to support some greedy azz bastard meanwhile they want to use our young people to protect there f-ing interests.

        Heck, give Nkorea a few contracts maybe they can sell their shit over here, too! Maybe cheap tiny house kits who the hell knows or cares? Or just add water Prep rice?

        I am SICK of the Damn WARS!!!!!
        What about the VA BS Treatments our Vets get? Haven’t heard a word about that since the Campaign trail.

        Send McCains ass to LIVE over in the middle of the war zone of his choice. Heck, Congress is ONLY interested because of their Stock Portfolio’s!

        That whole place over there is infested with insects, disease and it stinks. No sewer, filthy water and you live in a box.

        Anyone on this site that owns anything from SKorea – THANKS! I wish everyone would take their KIA’s back to the Damn dealer and tell them to shove it!

      38. Easter is coming–next week.

        After what happened in Egypt today (palm Sunday), I expect more of the same next Sunday, or even Good Friday.

        Beware and be aware where ever you church.

        Your Christian brothers and sisters are being severely attacked by isis.

        Will come here soon. Or next.

      39. Where I grew up common sense dictates that if a fellow repeatedly tells you he intends to kill you you would be well advised to take him seriously. If the fellow is INSANE it is doubly important to do so. You guys can rant about NWO and deep state conspiracies all you want, in fact I tend to agree with you about some of it. In this case however we have a mentally unbalanced individual controlling a state which is trying to develop a nuclear arsenal that he repeatedly says he will use to attack us. This guy isn’t even making a pretense about his motivation or desires, he plainly says I will develop these weapons and use them on America, for all you guys saying this is none of our business I ask you, What would you consider to BE our business. Now you are President and your generals come to you and say, the last 3 Presidents have basically ignored NK because they lacked the ability to act against us in a credible manner, however he is abou 18 months away from being able to carry out his threats on YOUR watch , WHAT DO WE DO.
        Tough question, no easy soft place to land here, any decision you make will have unpleasant consequences. If I was President (thank God I’m not) the one scenario I wouldn’t entertain is the possibility that one or more of the cities in my homeland would one day be smoking rubble because I did NOTHING. I realize we have been in a bunch of unnecessary costly foreign wars, and people are sick of them, this ant one of them though folks, these guys are an existential threat to our country, you guys need to lighten up on Trump on this one. From where I’m sitting he is doing his job.

        • Tech and supplies provided by Clintons? democrats sure sent a lot of food and money over there. They said it was food because the People were Hungry????

          Those bunch of do gooders.

      40. It’s about drawing lines. An excellent article by John Nolte is worth the time to read:
        Not fake meaningless red lines like Hussein made, and not nation-building like GWB. Swift, decisive and measured action. Like I said above, you punch the bully in the nose. Others notice, and the bully generally shapes up. If he doesn’t, breaking his arms and legs is generally enough. You don’t kill a bully for pulling your sister’s hair. North Korea is a weak, insecure bully, and only even exists because of China. China NEEDS us, as we are far more beneficial to them than Kim Phat Pug. They will reign him in.

        Anyone realize how stupid it is to suggest China can’t reign in North Korea, and in the same vein suggest that we cannot win a war with them? Really?

      41. Don’t be foolish….NK has 20,000 artillery pieces aimed at SK. One stupid move (like a surgical strike) or assassination of the piglet will unleash a barrage of 150mm shells (some nuclear tipped) at SK. The death toll would be in the millions. There is only one answer at the moment. China (the enabler)….and containment. DEMAND China cutoff supplies if NK does not halt its ICBM nuclear program. let them keep their “defensive” nukes. And contain them for the next 100 years. If NK does something stupid, like launching a pre-emptive strike against SK, Japan, or even the US, then you bring complete destruction with strategic thermo-nuclear weapons……Game over.!!

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