Trump’s Labor Day Message As Unemployment Nears 25%: “The American Worker Is Getting Crushed”

by | Sep 5, 2016 | Headline News | 95 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    Watch Donald Trump’s Labor Day message to Americans:

    The American worker built the foundation for the country we love and have today. But the American worker is getting crushed.

    Bad trade deals like NAFTA and TPP… such high and inexcusable taxes and fees on small businesses that employ so many good people.

    This Labor Day let’s honor our American workers – the men and women who proudly keep America working. They are the absolute best anywhere in the world. There’s nobody like them.

    I’m ready to make America work again and to make America great again. That’s what we’re going to do on November 8th.

    The REAL unemployment rate in America, when you count all those people the government no longer counts, is approaching 25%.

    That means that nearly one in four Americans have no job.

    These are Great Depression numbers.

    Via ShadowStats:


     According to the Free Beacon:

    There were 94,708,000 Americans not participating in the labor force in May, an increase of 664,000 individuals from the previous month, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Friday.

    That’s about 2,000,000 more Americans who are out of the labor force than there were in October 2015.

    This is Obama’s America and Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly continue the trend.


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      1. If you are one of those with only 1 skill then yer fooked. Many, many ways to make $. I’m thinking shine and prospecting lol.

        • 64 days and counting

          Have your war bag ready Genius

          Blacksmithing , construction , mechanical , medical, defense , food production , education – lots of ways to get ahead

          What is going g to happen ???? Something 1000x greater than 9/11

          Get out of the cities now

            • Hey G.. I like all those ideas, but the problem will be for me is, what to do with all the dead deer piled up the next morning? Too many critters here would be setting them all off. Maybe if things got really bad, I could set up a few at probable choke points. My motion detectors I orig set up here, kept going off 3-4am and it was deer prowling around the compound. I even walked out a few times in the dark, and to them it was daytime and took off.

              ~WWTI… But those traps are also a way to procure protein if needed. I even have snares big and strong enough for deer.

              • WWTI, Dakota alert makes a system that only detects metal. It’s a lil pricey but works great. It will transmit 1/2 mile or so and the batteries last a long time. For a transmitter with 50′ cord to the sensor is about 240.00 the reciever (you can use any scanner too or baofeng) is about 90 bux. I had the same issue with animals and shit so I bit the boolit and got the magnetic sensor unit, works great!

          • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, dependant on prescribed medications and addicted to OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins; this race of subhumans are extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically)…an insult to humanity indeed.

            • Must be describing yourself, Skippy. I don’t personally know anyone fitting that description…

              • another troll, using the same tired line from the LAST story, just changing his name….i’m glad they out themselves so easily.

            • Albrecht: I totally agree, Hubby and I(retirees) are social recluses and only know several people who are tuned in. We have given up on mankind as a whole (dumbed down masses) We have disengaged ourselves from relatives and former friends who are not on board and preparing. We are not involved in the community or any group, which is a waste of time and energy to incl patriot meetings which accomplish nil. America is without hope and the train is derailing.

            • Albrecht troll, move along. No trolls allowed.

        • Every family or person needs Multiple streams of income. That means wife gets a job, kids get jobs too.. and part time jobs, That means, just like Genius said. You need many skill sets. Get out of your comfort zones and start learning various new trades or skills. I found hanging out with friends helping them with tasks, teaches me a new skill. From laying flooring, to auto mechanics.

          Just Go tell a business you will help them out for free for a few days to prove to them you are a quick learner and willing to do the job. Go drive a forklift.. what ever.. What have you got to loose? It shows eagerness to learn and not afraid to do work. We will get down to doing a lot of Bartering coming up when the dollar collapses. What do you have as a skill for trade for something they have? Could be computer skills, to physical work or just helping people with some yard work and they feed you dinner.. You just earned another friend and relationship.. People in rural communities already know this. People living in cities, barely know their neighbor as everybody hides in their houses and outsources manual labor. And waves in the Am and PM as they come home from work, like they are friends, Hi and Bye.. I know I lived there..

          ~WWTI… btw/ Trump knocks it out of the park again with that Video. Home run.

          • Trump is a master bullshitter just like you

            • And you are a master baiter.

              • 🙂

                • Randy is another troll who needs to move along.

          • trump hasn’t knocked anytbing “out of the park”! if you don’t/refuse to smarten up, the country is finished:

            if you continue to IGNORE the LAW OF THE LAND, then you will deserve the tyranny and cruelty these evil batards will visit upon you and your progeny!!!

          • WWTI, spot on. I have my own skill sets for survival in post shift.

            • Obama was snubbed by China at the G-20..

              G-20 Summary from

              This weekend the G20 met and gave anecdotal evidence that King Dollar will be dethroned sometime in the next 10 years. The USD came out of the meeting softer and Gold stronger. The winners from our point of view at the summit were Russia and China. The losers were the US and UK. As tea leave readers the events will long be forgotten in the next news cycle, but they are the slow inevitable drivers behind the replacement of the USD as global currency by an SDR which will likely contain “hard assets in its basket of currencies.” Meanwhile Central Banks keep buying Gold at varying paces. But this is about Technical Analysis. -Soren K.

              A Brief Digression: We are currently going through the JPMorgan 13F with an eye on why in heaven’s name they have or control so much Silver. Simultaneously, on the back of the recent Deutsche Bank failure to deliver Gold on the Xetra ETF, we are researching the mechanics of confiscation. And there is a huge intersection between JPM’s Silver and the prospects of “Gold not being available to the public in the future.” We are also reading Peter Bernstein’s old stuff on Gold’s value and why it is money when Silver is not. We were looking at it as a short term trade. But are slowly concluding that “we must own more Silver as a speculative investment.” Conjecture so far. But not invalidated it yet. More on that tomorrow.

              Silver: Odds are in favor of a Rally

              Silver Technicals

              We like Silver. Not just as a trade, but as a thing of mystery. We’ve charted its correlations to Copper and Gold. We’ve tried to isolate its industrial component to its precious component. We’ve created synthetic contango’ with options. We’ve taken delivery to arb the big dumb rollover by funds. We’ve done Copper trades based on the Gold/ Silver ratio, Gold trades based on the Copper/ Silver ratio. All with some success. But never enough to take us away form our love of volatility arbitrage. All of them were Regression to the Mean (RTM) trades. For a gray pet rock, Silver is remarkably hard to pin down. But we think we are getting its number now. We love silver. And you should know that when we start telling you we are bullish. That is a Red Flag of our bias.

              Link: ht tp://

              ~WWTI… More convincing evidence, the US Dollar is crashing and Metals will be in play to secure your wealth. Any Questions on that? Otherwise, Back up the trucks and keep stacking people, you will be rewarded. Buy Low, Sell High works for me..

          • 2017 will be a tough, tough year. It will take a year before TRUMP’s jobs program (infrastructure spending) and tax reform can take effect.

            Corporate America’s offshore funds will find an investment opportunity in this new infrastructure funding and come home.

            That 7% tax rate on these FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS will increase tax revenue at the same time TRUMP is cutting worthless government agencies by at least 10%. The budget for 2018 will reflect these changes.

            Expect significant changes to the budget deficit and balance of payments by 2018; if only because the dollar gets much stronger than it is now.

            There are good times ahead again if America can hold on a little longer. The good news for TRUMP is that, like a new quality football coach taking the helm of a perennial losing team, there is no way out, but up. 🙂

        • I KNOW… WAS JUST TELLING SOMEONE ABOUT THIS… PAUL CRAG ROBERTS SAYS SAME THING… Our country has changed profoundly since around the year 2000. I used to live in a real nice 2-bedroom apartment, was buying antique furniture and real expensive drapes.. life was good. even started back to college… that was then.

          Now, I live in a run down trailer with leaking front porch roof, with no working toilet or fridge for almost 2 years and my truck was confiscated (stolen!!) by the cops/towing company even though it was legally parked!! Laundromat has shut down and I have to wash clothes by hand, and walk a mile to the bus stop to go into town for a decent meal– salad and tacos… The good life!! Thank you Bush and Bummer!!

      2. I will be losing my job at the end of the month. I have a second job but things look very dicey there also. There could be layoffs there too. I know someone who recently lost both their jobs at almost the same time.

        • Go to any same day courier service in a nearby city. Deliveries aren’t for everyone but it’s a 1099 job and mileage is tax deductible. Show dispatch that you’ll go anywhere and you’re willing to work hard and they’ll start calling you first. I hope you’re doing okay

          • Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I’m doing okay and I have help. It’s just I feel like I’m seeing the collapse around me not just because I’m losing a job but seeing how people are acting at my second job.

        • Sorry to hear that, my friend. The season may be too late where you live, and laws may be different, but when I was young I was always looking for ways to pick up extra cash on the side. I ran ads in the local Pennysaver to haul away dead motorcycles, free of charge. I hauled away a LOT of motorcycles–hundreds–most were neither running,nor had titles, but I was able to advertise them as parts bikes, which as such, required no title. I had a pickup, and a 2×8″plank that I used as a ramp and the owners even helped me roll the bikes into the back of my truck. Some had titles, but had been wrecked, or simply wouldn’t run. The ones that were wrecked usually would run,and I’d swap out the front end, as well as any collateral damage like gas tanks, lights, clutch covers etc. They fetched $400-$600 each. The dead ones without titles went for $50-75 each.I always had the individual from whom I got the bike fill out a state bill of sale form, in case of “ownership” issues, and always stopped at the local state police office and had them run the VIN to be sure I hadn’t received a stolen bike. Only once in about 10 years was this a problem, and I instantly unloaded the bike in the State Police parking lot after showing them the bill of sale form. Something similar can likely be done with lawn mowers. Best of luck to you!

          • Anon,sorry about main gig loss,you get laid off they and you paid into unemployment insurance assuming over the table job,go for it till you get on your feet.You can look at CL for free mowers and other 2 stroke/4 stroke gear folks giving away for fre,a little work and I get that stuff up and running for usually just a little labor and good gas and sell onCL!Tis a win for me and buyer.A lot of stuff in my area on CL free is good stuff,you have room pick it up and list for free,on,well….CL.There are also on CL in gigs sections many day jobs ect. listed,some don’t pay so well but tis cash and remember,not a prison sentance,you get something better you move on,good luck in these challenging times.

          • Thanks for the advice but I’m a woman, 5’2″ and I don’t think I can haul motorcycles. Sounds like a great idea though in general. I think I can find a job but I know I will make less than I do now so I am downsizing and moving in with family and focus on finding work again and saving money.

      3. At least he understands the government statistics are no better than the ones that Enron used.

      4. BS!!! The unemployment rate is only 5%. Just ask any of the TURDS in D.C. Then ask one of the 1,000,000+ that aren’t working because there are no jobs. They will tell you what the rate really is.

        Only way in the past to get out of this was WAR!!!!!


        • Sgt Dale

          War never created prosperity. The cost of Vietnam sunk the US. Neither did the US have a boom time because of WWII. It boomed post WWII because a large percentage of the industrial world was in ruin while the US remained intact and hence became the worlds manufacturer. A small war gives us a financial replay of Vietnam as we now see by the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan. A large war with a varsity team like Russia gives us and them utter devastation. The beneficiary? The present undeveloped world unworthy and therefore untouched by nuclear weapons.

          • kevin,it’s not that war creates prosperity directly. Instead, war is politics by other means, when politics can not redistribute the profit cake any more and new market places for expansion are exhausted. Look at goods exchange, it’s not that where goods pass, cannons don’t pass: exactly the opposite is true, goods pass where cannons passed earlier.

            • “O”
              Very well put. You responded better than I could have.

              I met that when all else fails they go to war.

            • ors.. That sounds like a military cliché’ to justify war. Smart people do not need to go to war to create business. We never went to war with China, but look at the trade deficit that is now been created. Trump is exactly right and this TTP and NAFTA needs to be scrapped.

              Hillary is clueless and supports these biased agreements. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, Hillary supports it, But on the Campaign trail Hillary proclaims I’m gonna bring back the Jobs. LMFAO!! Liar!! So she will bring back the jobs she supported in destroying over the last several decades. OK got it. Ask a liberal why they can’t find work? And see what they say, then fill them in on this.


              • WWTI

                “Hillary is clueless and supports these biased agreements.”

                Hillary is not clueless. Hillary works for the highest bidder and thats TPTB / Banksters / MIC.

                “Ask a liberal why they can’t find work?”
                They say that Bush or Reagan signed NAFTA, China Free Trade and the like. The reality is they would have but couldn’t as vital Democrat votes were needed and Bill Clinton delivered. The reality is the Republicans were at the spearpoint of Free Trade and De-Regulating the financial sector but they couldn’t do it. The facts are the “Establishment” controls both the Republicans and Democrats and when it comes to international business the Republicans are more philosophically in agreement. There are no saints in the big club to which we are not members.

                • Kevin2 I agree with you. Hillary is a calculated cunning witch.. I was referring to Clueless as meaning she has no idea what is good for America.. Its all about her, her wallet and buds who donate to her.


            • orsobubu

              The standard of living in the US during WWII wasn’t high. No one bought a car, food was rationed. The benefit came post war. Vietnam facilitated the demise of Bretton Woods.

              I know the quote, I read the book. Clausewitz was speaking in reference to war seeks a political concession, hence, “War is politics by other means”. War is not good economics. It bankrupted the Roman Empire, The British Empire and the American Empire. Only the very unique ability of the US to export its deficit spending to the world has stayed off our demise. This is coming to and end and now war has become vital to save what is left forcing nations to continue to use the USD as we have seen in Iraq and Libya. War, specifically Vietnam, created the very situation that ended the USD as the best brand in the world backed up by gold, at a fixed exchange of $35 / oz.

              • “War is an extension of state policy by other means.” Clausewitz

              • Why it is so important to be able to grow/raise your own food.

                Gold & Debt: The 1929 Great Depression vs The Next Great Collapse

                “The situation Americans face in the future will be nothing like anything they have experienced in the past. While we have seen old footage and heard stories about the Great Depression (starting in 1929), we have no idea how bad things really were during the 1930’s.

                At that time, approximately 25% of the American population were farmers. Thus, when things really got bad, folks in the cities could move out and stay with their families or relatives on the country farm.

                This is not an option for most Americans today as only 2% of the population are farmers and ranchers (source).”

                Debt and currency…
                “The $20 Gold Certificate was printed in 1929, and the $20 Federal Reserve Note was printed 80 years later in 2009. Both are bills, but one was backed by real gold and the other is now backed by $19.4 trillion in U.S. Public Debt. That is why it’s called a “Note.”

                We must remember, a “Note” is an obligation. When you take out a home mortgage or car loan, it can be also called a “Note.” So, all those Federal Reserve Notes we keep in our wallet or purse are debts or obligations we owe, rather than an asset such as a Gold Certificate that represents physical gold.”

                ht tps://

          • Kevin2 To add to your comment, Military Bases Do more damage to a local community than they do in bringing prosperity. Oh sure there are dopes that work at the base, and the strip joints in the area, but if you look at the numbers, and I have, when they close a US Base down, after the initial few years as they clean up the Bio hazardous Pig trough, the municipalities begin to really prosper.. Just closing down the bases Tax Exempt BX, will inject another $100 Million in annual revenue and tax collection for the community instead of some contractor living on his yacht in another state.

            Military bases are good for Lazy Politicians, who just sit back and diddle, while the Federal money is dumped in on them. Instead they should be out there working and soliciting for new sustaining business to relocate into their communities. Once military bases are closed, the land is returned to the city, then sold off to business enterprises for all sorts of new business, real business begin to pop up, including a new Tax base. The landing strips can also then be uses for commercial purposes as well. So ignore all the BS Propaganda by local officials how great Military bases are. Its a phony argument and an outright Lie.. There are plenty of case studies outlining this fact. Bases depend on a steady war and Genocide to stay afloat.

            Just think of the $7 Trillion Dollars we wasted on Afghanistan and Iraq that could have been injected into infrastructure building here in the USA and created plenty of jobs. Besides paying for solar panels for about every rooftop in America, making us energy independent and would eliminate the need to go to war. War is a costly Racket that just enriches the banks and Military Industrial Complex Mafia!!


            • WWTI, damn good points about military bases. An example in my area is the old Millington Naval Base 7 miles north of my city. During Clinton’s 2nd term, the naval air wing was transferred to Pensacola and the base was downsized which is now their Bureau of Personnel. the entire north side of the base where the air wing was stationed was taken over by the city govt. the airfield is now their municipal airport. the brig was taken over by the local PD as a new jail. On occasion, navy C-130s still fly in and out of there. The runways were priginally built to accommodate all aircraft up to that size. The local National Guard unit occupies the rest of it.

          • Well said sir, well said.
            Hold onto your hat America……The Big Karma sandwich is about to be served up.
            Good luck to the good people who don’t deserve what’s coming.
            And to those who do…….MAY YOUR TRIBE DIMINISH!!!
            The world will welcome back and help to rebuild the REAL America that once was, when all this is over.

      5. One thing should be clear….While we don’t held the minimum wage teller at the banks responsible for the crimes against humanity by the Zionist owners of the monetary system but this time every single anchor from Faux News, CNN, MSNBC and specially CNBC and Bloomberg must be hanged due to the fact that they purposely hide the financial facts on a minute by minute basis. As they walk to the light pols the only decision should be which hight to use for male and female version of these leaches.

        p.s. Specially I want the guy named Steve Leasman from CNBC…That fat six sided star criminal.

      6. sitting on the lake in the forest. I know about five places those wild pigs are wallowing , Bacon any one?

        • Why does Hillary always bitch about the phony “Glass Celing” that bans females from various jobs, yet she never ever complains that in israel Only Males are ever allowed to go face that wall and do the famous head banger at wall stunt, which gains full approvales of a potential run for elected or apointed office for those males?

          If she was sincere and honest?…She’d be 24/7 complaining about women being banned from the experience of doing the head bang at wall event. Oy Vey!

      7. Is the nation that far gone and does it matter if Trump wins. Even if Hillary wins and hides the truth about the employment numbers, somebody is still going to be hurting. Maybe I will still vote for Hillary and jam it to the Whole Nation. Then the arm chair generals might have to do something.

        At this point which is worse, the coverage of the storm Hermaine or the election. Both long in the tooth.

        • I think a Trump win is the only way to not have things get much worse. The scary thing now is that the globalists are pushing the phony Libertarian candidate Gary Johnston to try and split the vote, because most people are not aware of his record or that of his Masshole running mate. (Collectively, they are pro gun control, TPP, open borders, etc. It would be like voting for Hillary in Libertarian drag.)

          • Gary Johnston? … ok, you asked for him … here he is –

            Gary Johnston – TEAM AMERICA


            Duration: 1:22

            Team America, Dick Pussy Asshole


          • ” the globalists are pushing the phony Libertarian candidate Gary Johnston ”

            Same plan as Ross Perot. There was zero intention of him winning. The goal was to defeat Bush 41 so Clinton could accomplish what Bush 41 couldn’t which was to sweet talk and bribe with Federal money vital Democrats for NAFTA passage. They’re very good at being very bad.

      8. One thing everyone is missing, is that no matter what, many of those lost jobs will never come back. Robots and automation will take the place of mind numbing repetitious manufacturing jobs and many entry level labor jobs. Due to excessive government regulation, many more jobs will be lost forever $15 to make fries! That will be automated in no time. Granted some workers will be retrained to maintain those robots, but there won’t be as many of those jobs. Farms will go large scale automated, education is a field nobody wants to go into with all the PC crap and low wages. American STEM workers are being replaced by cheaper foreign workers, so we retire at age 55 and do whatever. Places like Amazon are changing the way we shop and cut down dramatically on the number of people required for the entire retail sales stream.
        The trades( eg. construction, custom metal fabrication, Medical, Mechanics) will continue to grow, but there will be a lot more people than jobs.
        What do we do with all these people?

        • rellik

          “The trades( eg. construction, custom metal fabrication, Medical, Mechanics) will continue to grow……”

          No they won’t. They’re still there because of what I have written below.

        • That’s why “The Hunger Games” (Title owned by respective copyright owner, not me) will begin. Plenty of useless eaters to throw into the arena, and plenty of mid-level worthlessness to tune in and pay good money to see the carnage…


      9. That’s funny cause I see illegals picking veggies in the fields on my way to work. They are out there like clockwork. There is work people are full of excuses of why they cannot get work. It’s because they are lazy useless eaters that get a free ride. The average person is lazy and will always take the easy path through life. Which is the dole. Bottom line is these people have no skills therefore the only kind of job they can get is labor but they are too lazy to work so free shit is easier and complaining about immigrants doing the job is an easy scapegoat. Bums and losers. I could get a job tomorrow if I needed one. There is work out there for people who want to work. Cmon people.

        • Asshat, it’s the same way where I live. I’m surrounded by dildos who think the world owes them something. No one owes anyone any damn thing. Everyone is responsible for their own well-being. They should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and pull their own weight. It’s all I can do to take care of me and my own. I’m not responsible for any goldbrick who won’t do a damn thing for his/her self.

      10. If the US didn’t have the unique ability to print money and export it to the world and have it accepted as having significant value because of the USD reserve currency status, the standard of living would be less than 50% of what we presently see. I’m not picking numbers out of thin air as the debt accumulated by QE and fractional reserve banking in the last few years is half the nations GDP. Little by little, sometimes in greater amount, the reserve currency status is shrinking and with it the pool to dilute the magic money that grows on trees.

        Want a skill to apply to survive? Be able to repair things in this disposable society. How many clothes washers are thrown out because one major part broke but the remainder still have life in them? Think that happens in the developing / 3rd world? That is a luxury of a wealthy nation. Think poor.

        • Fortunately there aren’t too many things I haven’t fixed at one time or another. I did have to pay medical people to arthroscopically repair a knee, but in most all other cases I’m too cheap to hire someone to fix something I can fix or re-build.
          As to your economic predictions, America really doesn’t need the rest of the world outside the Americas. We take advantage of the money situation to get cheaper goods, from the world, but in the very near future, automation will dramatically reduce prices and we can keep and will be forced to make things locally. The recent bankruptcy of Hanjin shipping is a good example of why we want to bring things back home.
          We will not go third world like Venezuela, but will have to adjust to having a large population that doesn’t do anything useful.

          • Kevin,the problem is many times a part costs as much almost as the machine.You can actually fix certain parts(new relay what have you)then tis worth it.I bring a lot of dumped mowers/weed wackers/other small 2 stroke stuff back to life when just a bit of labor/small part cost,which is the case many times,then sell on CL for cheap,a win for me and buyer.

            As for folks not working would add a lot of govt. employees,they have a job but do not really work,just stealing from citizens,note i said a lot,not all.We could end a lot of govt. jobs and the country would be in better shape for it.

            • My father had us cannibalize every appliance going into the trash and salvage nuts, bolts, screws and the like. I fully understand the economics of throwing things out as a mother board that cannot be purchased separately that runs a dishwasher fails and a unit that is 4 years old, good pump and all gets tossed out. Those days will end as everything that works will be salvaged.


              I guess I’m a bit less optimistic. “We” have nothing. The banksters own everything. “We take advantage of the money situation to get cheaper goods, from the world”. “We” take advantage of nothing as the US hasn’t been operating in the best interests of “We The People” in quite some time. TPTB desire to maintain, out of necessity, enough political stability to maintain the war machine they need in their globalist endeavors. They would sell US indigenous US energy overseas and have the American consumer pay through the nose for what remains. The US is just a stepping stone in their globalist conquest plans. Your stating what should be or could be, not what is.

              • Kevin,I also take all old nuts/washers ect. from good ,well,no good anymore items,has saved my ass many times in another project having what I need.I try and avoid any appliances that have computers,they are still out there and many times have resurrected old appliances.Hell,when t-shirts to beat to wear they become oil rags,then,swabbing rags as final job.That said,am a frugal yankee from New England,will pay for quality but will use/reuse stuff as much as reasonable.

          • relik, been in a Walmart lately? The only thing made in America at Walmart, is some local food products, Ammo and the white trash that works there.. Its all China baby!! Cheap imports crushed US manufactures. That’s what a supply shortage will look like, if China cuts us off on day, and poof its all gone.. with in a few years we will look like Cuba.. How many years would it take to ramp up manufacturing in the US to replace the goods on the Walmart shelves with a Made in the USA Sticker? A decade, 2 decades? You can kill a business faster than you can ramp one up.

            ~WWTI… It can happen, if we dump NAFTA and TPP. Trump is spot on.

        • Kevin2 – According to the G-20 Summit, the US Dollar as the worlds reserve currency only has as best, 10 years left before it is fully replaced by a basket of currencies and metals. See my comment above for G-20.

          I bet it is less than 10 years, more like 5 years if they are lucky. Central banks across the Globe are setting up their own exchanges, like Block Chain circumventing US banks, which also cause them not to deposit money in US Banks. How about a Global Bank run on US banks. OUCH!! And they want their deposit money paid back in Gold…

          ~WWTI… Depending on how fast they set that all up, the US Dollar’s days are numbered. I feel other countries are extremely motivated from what I have been reading.

          • When the US cannot export its inflation, by the loss of the USD as the reserve currency and is therefore required to live within its means true economic impact of the loss of wealth creating manufacturing will be felt. The standard of living will drop like a rock. I suspect to keep political stability the bottom will not drop but will be joined by those that mistakenly believe that they’re in the solid middle. The bullshit rich, those making a million year will get their ass taxed to massive proportions to fund a welfare state to thwart political instability.

      11. Ifn we gets hitlery
        Can we go FULL RETARD ??
        Oh well a guy can dream
        Besides shtf already happened we
        Are now in full blown FUBAR
        Next phase of collapse is called

      12. What Utter Trump Shit …Elected or Not(Please:NOT!)The Donald is Already America’s Liar in Chief !!!

        • Bill

          Trump don’t have a trail of dead bodies following him.

          But I do like the idea of putting a crazy ass bi@th in office.

        • NAFTA, China Free Trade, the demise of Glass-Steagall. All are polar opposites of what the Democrat party was supposed to stand for. All became law with not just the signature of Bill Clinton but his very active participation. I heard Bill say, “NO NAFTA” at a UAW rally when he was campaigning.

          The Clintons had a net worth of less than $1 million in 1993 and they’re now worth $100 million. The only thing they had to sell were their respective public offices. Think the financial sector paid Hillary and Bill $21 million because they are Will Rogers?

          Facts are facts and the fact is that the Clintons are as crooked as they come.

        • I may not be Trump’s biggest fan, but I do not see him as a liar. His policies are largely untested and so at best he is an unknown. Hillary on the other hand does support policies that have a known track record and are universally a disaster. Plus, she is the mother of lies and the truth is not in her. She has lied in ways that are very well documented and will say anything to get elected, no matter who she screws. At best, you can say we have four terrible candidates for president this year and it is disturbing that Trump is the least offensive to vote for.

          • Seems ‘sane thinking’ (to me) that due to Hitlery’s age and unknown health, she’s got NO problem “running the same road” as Obama, which is “running over Americans en-masse” (even more so as his days dwindle to double-digit).

            Since she’s reasonably close to kicking the bucket from something, she’s not in the least concerned about anybody in America or on Earth for that matter, except herself. If she’s gonna die, then a helluva lot of folks will be swept off Earth by HER hand every chance she’s given to do it. (So far, (((for years now))) she’s NEVER missed an opportunity to ‘waste’ a problem person or ex-workers who know a little too much about their private affairs).

            However, Hillary is nothing more than an object to take your eyes off whatz really happening (with nothing possible but dire consequences because of ‘the happenings’ as of late). I see no need to specify as all things “of the people” are now under attack, including our Nation, both from within and from rogue nations (e.g.: N. Korea, China, Russia …though China is going to pose the largest problems in the times to come (and they can certainly put enough “boots on the ground” to do it “whenever”….

            I sincerely believe we will soon find ourselves immersed in a war like no other in previous times, and perversions of everything, everywhere for the duration.

        • Bill, What has Trump lied about? Please give some examples. Thx


          • Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling. So why is Clinton supposedly the corrupt one?

            h ttps://

            • Because she IS corrupt, and broke numerous laws as FBI Director Comey pointed out. Trump has, as an entrepreneur, started businesses some of which eventually failed, as well as those that succeeded. A FEW people sued Trump U, but the majority of his students were apparently satisfied with what they got for their money. Hillary is corrupt, and ony someone with shit for brains would consider voting for her.

        • Agreed it would be a rough go for the likes of you if people who love the country were to gain control.

        • Bill is a troll. Move along, sonny. No trolls allowed.

          • Bravefart – what is it with you and trolls? This is supposed to be a free and open forum where diverse opinions are openly expressed, not your own personal fiefdom.

            So what gives you the right to be moderator in chief? Are you usurping the role that HCKS has taken upon himself? He won’t like that and he could band your ass you agency clown troll!

            Or do you merely pay lip service to free speech?

            • Yanon, if they came here for some serious discussion it would be different. It IS a free and open forum here and I DO believe in and value free speech. But when someone comes on here and makes unjustifiable personal attacks on other people…..don’t you see something wrong there? No I don’t have the power ban anyone but Mac does. HCKS is part of the entertainment here, LOL. Take care.

      13. Thankfully, there is MASSIVE hiring in hiring for travel agents for Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama. I hear next month she is renting out the country of Lichtenstein for just her and 800 of her Chicago cronies. Current residents can just take a hike.

      14. Thank you trump for stating that the real unemployment rate is 25%.
        Not the fantasy 4.5 rate that they keep lying to us about.

      15. I just saw the article a couple days ago about FEMA requesting 5 million bottles of water. Here is my take. I’m with you most of the time with backdoor government nefarious activities but for this I just need to add that I’m studying for my masters in safety and have been assigned a FEMA course. Actually FEMA is now required to solicit competitive bids for procurement and non-competitive bids for procurement for emergencies. Non competitive bids have to be sent to congress in writing as an explanation why no bids were taken. It has to be written by the director and non competitive contracts can only be used in emergency situations ( presidential major or emergency disasters) for 150 days. The reason for this was due to hurricane Katrina where non competitive bids from outside companies were awarded most of the cleanup work.
        This article can be found under the “Congressional Research Service Report for Congress”. A summary of statutory provisions,2006. Read it all the way to the end where it discusses what will be done with firearm owners who wish to be rescued.

        Check it out!


        • I neither want nor need to read it to know. That’s why many of my posts end in…

          MOLON LABE

          • Equorial,
            You got it. Last paragraph says anyone wishing rescue will have to turn in your firearms where they will be inventoried and “returned” at a later date.

            • That’s not going to happen. Don’t need no fucking FEMA.

        • SOL
          What are they putting in those bottles.(FEMA requesting 5 million bottles of water). I don’t need them I have a well.

          I’ll give you a bottle of water for you AR.


        • Can you post a link to this actual report? There appear to be a LOT of reports to download from this site…Thanks!

      16. And refugees are receiving $1700 per month per person, and refugees are being provided farming training in Idaho with farming land and tools, FREE!

        • SH
          Worked 40 year and then collected my SS after tax I get $1322.00. When I work part time I still have to pay into SS. And now you are telling me these Bastards are getting $1700.00 and paying no taxes on it? WTF!!!!

          And they wonder why the County is broke. And why the working class is getting PISSED!!!


          • The High Cost of Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees

            ht tp://

        • Strayhorse, haven’t heard what they get a month.But Obuutto wants to give refugees (minors) 17k per a year,hell have 5 or 6 kids in like Flynn.And who pays you and me!Don’t know if it passed yet? Who gonna stop it Congress –lol
          Maniac –out

      17. After listening to Trump’s can-do nationalist message since he declared his run for president last year, I was surprised to find myself thinking how much he has in common with Putin’s leadership style as I watched a 2.5 hour Russian documentary on their leader last night. When there’s a problem, they both go there. When things aren’t getting done, they tell underlings what result is wanted and when they expect it done. If it still isn’t done, “Your fired!” is in both of their vocabularies. Remember, Putin came to power with Russia on its knees after the collapse of the USSR, he held the federation together, got the economy moving, and gave them back their pride. Trump’s job will not be that different when he takes office.

        I especially

      18. Looks like BILL is a fuckin troll!

        • “B”
          Just might be. Hasn’t said anything positive yet.

      19. There are always jobs. People think someone should “give” them a job. People won’t work at something that’s “beneath their dignity”. And a lot of people are drug or alcohol abusers. I know the economy is lousy, but getting and keeping a job is always a challenge. Too many people use this economy as an excuse.

        Those robots doing surgery are puncturing people’s intestines and shit is flying all over operating rooms everywhere.


      20. Was George Carlin Right About America?

        h ttp://

        “You’re just another American who is willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dxxx being shoved up your asxxx every day… The owners of this country know the truth… it’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!” ― George Carlin

        “Proud to be an American? Pride should be reserved for something you achieved on your own, not by accident of birth. Being American isn’t a skill.” —George Carlin


        h ttp://

        “No matter who is elected in November, the next eight years will try men’s souls and the outcome for our country could be glory or destruction”

        the Fourth Turning
        we’re living it

        ““Imagine some national (and probably global) volcanic eruption, initially flowing along channels of distress that were created during the Unraveling era and further widened by the catalyst. Trying to foresee where the eruption will go once it bursts free of the channels is like trying to predict the exact fault line of an earthquake. All you know in advance is something about the molten ingredients of the climax, which could include the following:

        Economic distress, with public debt in default, entitlement trust funds in bankruptcy, mounting poverty and unemployment, trade wars, collapsing financial markets, and hyperinflation (or deflation)
        Social distress, with violence fueled by class, race, nativism, or religion and abetted by armed gangs, underground militias, and mercenaries hired by walled communities
        Political distress, with institutional collapse, open tax revolts, one-party hegemony, major constitutional change, secessionism, authoritarianism, and altered national borders
        Military distress, with war against terrorists or foreign regimes equipped with weapons of mass destruction”

      22. IT is government that needs REGULATING not you!! That is why they override your Constitution all the time.

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