Trump’s Fatal Mistake: The President Can’t Stop Taking Credit For The Stock Market Bubble

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    So far it appears that Trump’s ascent to the White House is going to have a positive effect on the US economy. It’s good that we have a president who is willing renegotiate disastrous trade deals, back our country out of crippling agreements like the Paris Climate Accord, and shut down the southern border, which has allowed millions of low skilled laborers to enter the country and drive down wages for American workers.

    However, that probably doesn’t justify Trump’s current enthusiasm for the American economy. Over the past few days he has taken credit for all of the recent gains in the stock market.

    That of course could prove to be a fatal mistake for his administration.

    Donald Trump has inherited decades of financial mismanagement and unsustainable economic policies that have turned our economy into one giant debt bubble. He’s taking credit for impressive stock gains, but the stock market is definitely one of many messes that he has inherited from his predecessors.

    Right now he thinks he’s taking credit for an economy that appears to be booming since he came into office. That’s going to bite him in the rear real soon, because he’s actually taking credit for the tail end of history’s largest financial bubble. He doesn’t realize it yet, but he is essentially owning a disaster in the making. Once that stock market bubble pops, and the economy falls into a tailspin, he’s definitely going receive all of the blame for the inevitable financial collapse. By some accounts, that’s exactly what the elites want him to do.

    Perhaps Trump wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about slapping his name on this train wreck, if he knew that many experts are saying that the economy is in deep trouble, such as:

    • Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who recently claimed that the bond market is in a bubble. In case you don’t know, bonds are usually considered a safe haven asset by most investors. If that market is in trouble, it’s safe to assume that the rest of the economy is in bad shape.
    • Or the notorious investment company Goldman Sachs, which recently predicted that there is a 99% chance that the stock market cannot maintain this level of growth.
    • And then there is the financial analysis firm known as Corelogic, which is claiming that 4 major cities are in the midst of a major real estate bubble.

    Keep in mind that those are just the warnings that experts made today. They’ve been warning that Trump is sitting on a major financial bubble ever since he was elected.

    If he doesn’t stop taking credit for this wonderful economy (which isn’t actually wonderful since America is currently experiencing the slowest growth in decades), he’s going to take all of the blame when our financial system finally crashes and drags millions of ordinary Americans down with it. And the crooks on Wall Street and in the Federal Reserve, who are really responsible for this mess, are going to get away scot-free… again.


    Peter Schiff Warns: “They’re Not Afraid Of Collapsing The Bubble On Trump’s Watch”

    The Trump Collapse Scapegoat Narrative Has Now Been Launched

    What 12 Financial Experts Predict for the Economy in 2017…It’s Ugly


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      1. “That of course could prove to be a fatal mistake for his administration.”

        Spot on, however, he IS responsible for the continuing runup of the markets. War with N Korea cannot be avoided. That situation will be addressed this year; maybe September.

        Whenever it happens the markets will crash and clear out the hubris. 🙁

        • Why not? Trump takes credit for being a self made rich man even though his dad gave him millions, his dad gave him property, his dad gave him high up influential friends, his dad gave him a financial management dream team, his dad, his dad, his dad, .., all I got were medical bills and funeral costs from my family.

          • I can relate. If it wasn’t for the life insurance through my fathers job, I would NOT have gotten a fucking stinking thing. And now all that’s gone and I got NADA.

          • Sounds like he did OK to me. Took the millions he inherited and turned it into billions. I am good with that. We could have gotten Hillary Cuntin. She stole all of her wealth.

          • Trump’s father built affordable rental housing, mostly in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City. He had a net wealth estimated at between $250 million and $400 million at the time of his death, but his four surviving children were heirs.

            By 2011, Donald Trump’s business dealings had boosted his fortune to $2.4 billion, according to Forbes. One estimate now places his worth at $4.1 billion, although another maintains that it is as high as $7 billion.

            • Stop believing his lies, there is a reason he hasn’t posted his tax returns. Smarten up.

          • “His dad, his dad, his dad …”

            True. TRUMP got a million dollars from his dad. Lots of kids get money and help from their parents. Many children inherit wealth and live off of the income of the assets.

            Few if any take $1 million and turn it into a large fortune as the DONALD has. He has a Business Degree from Wharton, the best B school in the country.

            I grew up with kids that were handed every advantage and ended up dropping out of college and getting a job as a janitor, and failed to make much of themselves at all.

            Success requires motivation. At 70 years of age the DONALD is still motivated. We owe him a BIG debt of gratitude. He was the only person with enough courage and big enough balls to take on the New World Order.

            And he is winning.

            He deserves our support He is American’s last chance to get control of their country back from the NWO Elite and LSM; it’s propaganda machine. !!! 🙂

            • Exactly.

            • You are so right, if u inherit money and squander it away shame on you, but if you use it to make more and help people and do what our President did with his money GOOD FOR HIM and he is still doing good by giving his paycheck back to the American people , HE IS A WONDERFUL AND CARING PERSON AND CARES FOR US and wants to get rid of the EVIL THAT HAS FLODDED OUR COUNTRY, we must all help him to get rid of THIS EVIL NOW .

          • Poor me, poor me, woe is me…do you have a crying towel, Gandhi? Jealous much?
            PRESIDENT Trump’s father LOANED him money which he paid back in total. He learned his father’s business at his father’s knee as a child and grew up in the building trades which is why he can do any job and handle any piece of machinery. It was in the trade he made his own contacts and retained some he had made with his father. Of course, he received an inheritance when his father passed away which was shared among the siblings. Did you take on millions of dollars in loans and pay them back? Did you have the foresight to buy land to build on as did Mr. Trump? Did you take over a failing construction project and make it a hugely successful apartment complex on land by the defunct railroad that was considered unusable by other builders who refused to invest the work and time it needed? Did you take over a project that was millions over budget to get the ice rink working that no one else was able to do despite years and money spent in NYC? Mr. Trump completed it, under budget and ahead of schedule and the people in NYC are still skating there. Did you build the gorgeous Jacob K. Javits Center – you know, the one that is all glass where KILLary held her “victory” celebration where she would symbolically break the glass ceiling and didn’t? Mr. Trump did.
            Perhaps you should do SOME research as I did, Gandhi, stop repeating the lies of the left, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Grow up, snowflake.
            God bless OUR PRESIDENT Trump who has an enormous work ethic thanks to his having worked with tradesmen, being a builder whose creative foresight sees the big picture, and is patriotic beyond belief.

        • Durango, that would be a tremendous amount of hubris as you describe it.

          I am well past convinced the Trump pump is something Trump should be downplaying, not bragging on for one simple reason. Before Trump got elected all markets had been artificially pumped since 2009 to completely unrealistic PEs with no underlying fundamentals at all, just more cyber dollars fed into PPT and other market mechanisms to create the illusions the markets are well and safe.

          They are nothing of the sort and that is why we have created the massive debt we can never account for, much pay for. There are a few economic axioms that are consistent in all of history. The fact that when any markets ramp as long as these have, always means a serious correction will occur. And all markets were ramped prior to the Trump pump ! What really blows me away is how so many people, many at this site, seem to think this is NOT going to happen, when it is actually completely inevitable and unavoidable. All those profits are in fact always paper profits unless you cash in prior ! Bottom line is that we have never been in this kind of debt or massive market manipulations. So the final outcome is unknown, but I can assure you many will be wiped out and far more chaos will ensue than most seem to grasp ? It won’t be like everybody was not warned ad-nauseum !

          There is an old saying, “it all works just fine until the day it doesn’t and then everybody says, we could not have seen that coming “. The truth is numerous people saw 2007-08 coming and in fact made fortunes while everybody was decimated. Kyle Bass is the perfect example of that era, but there are many more examples. Most people believe exactly what they are told to believe in every matter and event, and greed and those paper profits keep people at the table seeking more !

          • I agree with your entire post. The perfect storm is brewing and it will not end well when it finally hits. 🙁

      2. The stock market has become too big to fail. It holds most of the US retirement funds, and most of America’s wealth, since interest rates went to near zero.

        Let the market crash and America is utterly bankrupt. Let the market crash and every state in America is bankrupt via retirement plans run by the states and US government.

        The deep state will still make it fail. When you see this its war.

        • Plan twice, prep once; totally agree and Mac has it right … “he’s going to take all of the blame when our financial system finally crashes and drags millions of ordinary Americans down with it”.

          It will be so bad that a person will no longer be known as a “patsy” they will be a “Trumpy”. I have gone on record stating that Trump will be hated like no other, his fate will be that of Mussolini.

          My preparations went into maximum overdrive when Trump was elected. Because he and what he represents (Nationalism) will be the fall guy. Everything was going great until …

          It’s really very simple, every crime needs a fall guy. Someone to blame everything on, so the real culprits can skate away free of blame. If you represent a client, the best way to get them off the charge is to find someone else who “really” did it!

          When this comes down (i.e. they stop propping it up) the crash will be one for the history books because it will mark the begging of a deep DEPRESSION but also a Reserve Currency Collapse. Now it looks like we can add WWIII.

          God help us!

          • Ah well…some days you’ve become either a hero or a heinie.

            • Oh, doom and gloom Justice says. So good you’re bragging about how you began preparing so wonderfully when OUR PRESIDENT was elected. So happy you’re bragging what a great job you’re doing and how great you are at prognosticating.
              But really, Justice, all you sound like is Chicken Little.
              What a wonderful time you’ll have and how much you’ll enjoy yourself petting yourself on the back saying, “I told you so”. I would hate to be you, having to be as perfect as you alone think you are. As for me, I believe in OUR PRESIDENT who is a successfully great businessman. How many BILLIONS have you EARNED, Justice?
              As for nationalism, what exactly is wrong with it?
              [nash-uh-nl-iz-uhm, nash-nuh-liz-]
              spirit or aspirations common to the whole of a nation; devotion and loyalty to one’s own country; patriotism. PRESIDENT Trump is putting America first, but is willing to work with other nations if they are FAIR to us,not taking advantage of the USA. Why should we pay for other countries’ defense when they refuse to pay their fair share to NATO? Why should we allow our jobs to go to other countries because we have carbon emission controls levied on us and they have none; yet, we have to pay them to produce the materials, thus OUR PRESIDENT removed us from the Paris Climate Accord? Why should we have NAFTA which is killing our truckers businesses and our businesses here in the USA? They impose tariffs on our products going there, but we can’t on their products coming here? Their trucks roll over our roads for which our taxes pay, and they deal in human and sex trafficking via those same trucks, not to mention billions of dollars of drugs are brought in via those trucks.
              So, Justice, you go right ahead and play Chicken Little, prognosticating just as the pundits did foretelling KILLary’s win. Weren’t they great, just like you? That’s why she’s Mrs. Clinton, and Trump is PRESIDENT Trump.

        • PTPO, A little off topic. Have you seen the movie “Hacksaw Ridge”? One particular scene where they’re in the fox hole and think they hear something. Only to look out and see rats eating on the dead. Pretty gruesome, and is what we will be exposed too. If war does come…….

        • Plan twice, we are well past the markets affecting much of anything except keeping the many illusions alive. USA and all states are in fact insolvent. Some far worse than others. All of these entities use slight of hand accounting to stay afloat and all manner of fed assistance and bailouts. There may be a few states that are technically solvent, but I am not aware of them ? The real truth is nobody actually knows just how insolvent it all is because those records are not kept any longer, only the fraudulent records are kept. That should explain how far it is all corrupted and completely broken. I see no reasonable solution to any of it. We will simply have a RESET of some sort and a new currency one day and at least a 50% discount, maybe more?

        • “The stock market has become too big to fail.”

          No it hasn’t. The PTB can kick the can down the road for a very long time as evidenced by the length of the current market. This market may even set a new record for longevity, but eventually, this market too will crash.

          It always does. It is what the markets do. 🙁

          • Exactly, the market will fail when they want it to, or when a sufficiently large black swan event occurs.

            The powers that shouldn’t be in the mean time are just getting richer. This greedy group don’t wan the party to end. The other faction that want to install a new government, the deep state, these are the ones who will crash it even if they have to finance, plan and run the black swan event.

            Everyday now there are new revelations about the Deep State Globalists and their crazy plans. Information leaking out describes a huge effort that combines a Marxist movement with the Islamists, working together at the highest levels of Western governments, to overthrow Western governments. Obama installed vast numbers in high positions throughout law enforcement, the military, intelligence services, and every other agency. Obama expanded the US government in extraordinary ways, and all the new hires are his political operatives and are progressive deep state operatives.

      3. Fuck Trump and the stock market.

        • Anon, Trump is the only hope we all have, not the markets ! And yes I know well he is not the perfect guy, I also know that perfect guy does not exist on this planet and we are far better off with the DEM canal in rubble ! Many of BHOs crimes are surfacing as well as Hillary’s and many others. Many more to follow and we will all see just how incredibly corrupted it all was and still is ! At least Trump is trying to expose and correct some of it. That is far more than anybody else has done including the GOPers.

        • True dat….

      4. There is oil and precious metals including rare metals on our land, the land the Federal Government is a steward of for you and me.


        • B from CA, they’ll sell all that off to China to pay the interest on our debt. That and all that land will house Chinese people that we allow to come here. We will truly be “New Babylon”.

          Man we have been done too. I pray that Justice be done to our traitorous leaders. When this is over White European Countries will be unrecognizable. Like you have said B, look at South Africa to see our FUTURE!

          • Have supplies and guns and plenty of ammo for those days ahead, in the very near future I have a funny feeling.

        • Allen Greenspans quote was more like. Equities are justified. Its the Bond Bubble. Post the entire quote not just selective parts. Sounding like the MSM picking sound bites to create a theme. To be really honest the entire US Financial systems books are cooked top to bottom. Any time they please the Pros can pull the plug and crash the economy. But for now there are too many useful idiots running it and the pros are exploiting it. They too can make big money crashing it as well. The Dow really should be sitting some where about 14,000 to 16K. 8 years of Free Money at near Zero interest rates allowed companies to buy back their stock jacking up their stock price while the Companies had little profit in General. Besides Apple and a few others. The high P/E ratios reflect what Im sating here.

          Greenspan is correct regarding the Bond bubble. As cities issue Bonds to finance their budgets then cant pay back the bond holders like Shitcago, thats where the real pain will be seen as they cut back services and Cities crumble. Thats why the Globalist want to push every body into Cities to help finance their debt. Thats why I moved to the country to avoid paying for their mismanagement and debt.

          • None of this is Trumps fault. Even Trump said before the election the zmarket is too high and told peolle to get out just like he did. This is one of the worst articles written on this site with assumptions and lack of real reporting. Trumps tweets are bitchslaps to the lyi g main stream media who said markets will crash if Trump is elected. Trump proved them wrong as when the election results came in the market went up not down. So Trump is right. Either post the truth of the real story and stop pandering into the fears and egos on the left. Btw/ Justice calls for a patsy and calls his moniker handle Justice. He has an identity crisis and contradicts his own babble. I guess that must be fake justice. Framing Trump. Idiots are everywhere beware of idiots. They cant help theselves.

          • RE: Allen Greenspans Quote: The whole Quote

            Equity bears hunting for excess in the stock market might be better off worrying about bond prices, Alan Greenspan says. That’s where the actual bubble is, and when it pops, it’ll be bad for everyone.

            “By any measure, real long-term interest rates are much too low and therefore unsustainable,” the former Federal Reserve chairman, 91, said in an interview. “When they move higher they are likely to move reasonably fast. We are experiencing a bubble, not in stock prices but in bond prices. This is not discounted in the marketplace.”


            “The real problem is that when the bond-market bubble collapses, long-term interest rates will rise,” Greenspan said. “We are moving into a different phase of the economy — to a stagflation not seen since the 1970s. That is not good for asset prices.”

            Article from the link above, Bloomberg:
            Greenspan Sees No Stock Excess, Warns of Bond Market Bubble
            – Inflation won’t stay at historically low levels, dooming bonds
            – Fed Model justifies elevated stock valuations for now

            Well Well Well, This Greenspan Irrational Exuberance back in the Dot Com Bubble mirrors the excesses we have today in the Equity Markets. We all know what happened then. Boom Crash!!

            Talked with a very successful PM’s Dealer yesterday who own stocks and lots of Gold and property, He said, “Wait and see what happens this Sept when The Govn’t chooses which path to take us.” I agree, and when you are rich and successful like this guy, you can spread your wealth across the board, and make money no matter what direction the economy goes. So diversification, and hold o to your PM’s

        • Bill 4919 gives the government the “right” to microchip.

          It is under the Justice Department, not Health Dept.

          Christians are the most dangerous people.
          If you don’t like this government you have a mental disorder.
          Veterans are dangerous.

          Although voluntary, it is subject to become mandatory.


          On the positive:

          Today President Donald Trump overturned Affirmative Action in College Admissions.
          The (((Zio-Anti-whites))) are outraged.

          White people have suffered massive discrimination for decades.
          Admissions will be based on test scores, grades, merit.


        • BCA, you mean like the way Hillary, Bill, Podesta and Reid were stewards over Uranium One and our natural resources on government lands ? That kind of stewardship ?

      5. Yep Trump has made a big error taking credit for the stock market. If it goes bust during his term he will like Hoover be blamed. I think its possible it will not go kapuit during Trumps presidency. Look how long they have kept this false economy going. I thought way back in 2008 that the bubble had burst and couldn’t be repaired. But they stuck band aids on the leaks and have inflated the bubble of debt higher the I thought possible. The fact is we don’t know what we don’t know. The unknown is always unknown until after the fact.

        • Old guy, the bubble did burst and has not been repaired , only far more debt added to make it appear it has been repaired. It is all just another illusion created at your expense. It is far worse today and few can even grasp that simple fact. How many trillions are we in debt ? 20, 100 or more ? who even knows for sure ? It is all just another of the many illusions created for us, nothing more.

          In fact the day H. Paulson shoved the first bailout thru congress with massive lies, that was the very day the US defaulted ! Think about it and you may see that fact. We turned a corner we had never been to prior and it all only got far worse ever since.

      6. Also, I would be cautious to equate a countries vibrant rising stock market to be reflective of the health of its currency, too. Just the opposite could well be happening underneath it all, and must not be ignored among all the stock market exuberance.

        Some of the world record breaking stock markets, in their own day, have been the Wiemar Republic, Zimbabwe & Venezuela, as they inflated/devalued their currency on the road to their currency finally becoming a joke.

        Go look up the charts…

        Venezuela finished 2016 with worlds best performance among more than 90 equity gauges tracked by Bloomberg worldwide.

        Think dollar demise couldn’t also be happening here, right now, too, with our own record-breaking stock markets?

      7. Oh please, only low IQ Morons would try to blame Trump. Most of America is low IQ amd no reality of any real facts. Trump is just bladting the media for their election year fear porn. Trump is correct. Low IQ imbiciles will always blame someone else. Anybody can get out of the stock market anytime they please. Including 401K holders. You can keep your money in the 401K, just select a safer fund sector like Blue chips that pay dividends regardless of the share price
        Buyer Beware. If you fail to exit the market now, then you deserve what you get. Pigs get slaughtered. The left and MSM will blame Trump for everything regardless.

        • Skulls, agree on all points. But Trump is setting himself up to take the blame and he could be doing this slightly differently and avoid much of it.

      8. Because most people do not understand the economy we live in and how it works and self-perpetuates, they make dumb assumptions just as Trump has done. Trump has nothing to do with the economy right now; he has basically done nothing since getting elected. What we see happening right now is the tail end of the massive Central Banks bail out of the financial system with QE etc. I was in the room at the time of the crash: we were told to create a huge financial stimulus and make it go past the departure of the first black president so that his global credentials remain in tact and that the public would always associate him with being the saviour.

        White people are sitting on over-inflated assets and epic debt and unfunded entitlements. For the financial system to keep going, it needs to correct that over-inflated asset bubble and debt and then seek new credit risks, ie: the people of the third world, who mainly are not in epic debt and actually have real assets and savings. This is just a system and it does not care what race you are; it just has to balance the books and make money. It seeks out wealth to tap and all the new wealth is in the third world now.

        Just look at most white people today: I look around and see them hobbling about on canes and zimmer frames, or with their obese bodies looking like hell. They are fried and are in no condition to work and create enough wealth to pay off all the owed debts. The math just does not work. They are also a healthcare nightmare, and are costing a fortune to keep alive.

        All the energy and drive and new assets to sweat are in the third world. And that’s where the system will focus its attention, while winding down the dead zone of Western welfare states via austerity and debt clearance. Just look at the facts: why are tuition fees, healthcare, going up at record rates? It is because anything that is part of the old welfare state system cannot be supported anymore and so it is being cut free to make money in the free market. And the money to be made is with foreign students not domestic. Pensions are the next phase and we already see governments pushing retirement to well past the 70s. It will soon be that there will be no state pension available for anyone under 85. The remaining funds in pension will be wiped out as it is used to help clear owed monies for the welfare states.

        When that is done Western governments will have to start offering land and other assets to the Chinese and others (Islamic sovereign funds) to meet their debts. If you want to see how that plays out, look at England. It went broke in the 1970s and was only rescued by Islamic finance. Islamic finance owns most of London and this is why Muslims can do whatever they like: he who has the gold rules. It is why British women are basically the sex prize for the Islamic wealth that keeps the UK going. The same will happen with the Chinese. They will get the prettiest women.

        • Frank you are a smart guy with many truthful facts. Even London’s Mayor is a Muslim. Only idiots buy into this articles propagamda. It serves no purpose other than to make idiots on the left feel good about their uninformed egos. Tell me who is forcing you to stay in the stock market, instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting to get back in after a correction. Buyer beware Aholes. Woodrow Wilson is who sold America off to the Rothchilds and while this is just the end product of a very bad decision over 100 years ago. So Blame Woodrow. Do you want facts or daily spoonfuls of BS? Its a choice. Choose wisely.

          • Skulls , agree on every point ! I have been saying it all for years now. Nothing new at all, just lots of mind fucked people.

        • This is what I have to say: FUCK the filthy Muslims and fuck the yellow chink bastards and don’t forget the Gooks!

        • Frank, many good points and yes most people have no idea about economics or how anything actually works.

      9. If you are still in the stock market at this time then you are a greedy fool. If you have a house that is valued at twice the amount from what you bought it and are depending on that for retirement then again you are a greedy fool. Trump has never put his money into the stock market.


      10. Actually Trump had some investments in the stock market but sold them off when he ran for Pres for 2 reasons. 1. Not to create any conflicts of interest and 2. Because the valuations were too high. Trump became rich because he is a savy business man and chose to put his money into real estate where he could control the assets. Not some phony fund manager to fleece. Why do you think they are called BROKERS? Thats your first clue. They work for their retirement not yours.

      11. What Trump and most ignore is a simple math issue. In apx. 1974 bread cost around 25 cents a loaf when on sale. Today, on sale, it is around $1.25. More or less a x5 increase. Back then a good young man’s blue-collar job paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 an hour if he was lucky. Today? What? $16 an hour? Close enough. In other words, a x4 increase. Wages have not gone up enough to equal the rise in basic needs costs. Divide that current stock market price appropriately and you’ll find the same problem. 22000 on the DJIA, great!! Worth in ’74 dollars? Well, the Dow avg. @, even considering the bear market and crash then, more or less 700. What? a x30 increase today!! Wages proportionate today should be $120 an hour by that scale. Bottom line is that as the stock markets rise and rise our purchasing power is decreasing today because we are not holding or earning enough dollars to live as we did even in a hard economic climate as in ’74.

        • Heartless, many good points I agree with. But how much of the market ramp was created by government hubris and companies like Walmart that are 100% dependent on gov freebies ? That too is part of any equation and a huge issue today. These guys explain it all, loud and clear ! a work of genius !

        • I just bought bread for 87 cents. Gas for Two dollars In 74 The minium wage was $1.80 and gas was 37 cents. What has went up is new car prices housing cost. But the biggest increase is Taxes and fees. Yep the parasites are robbing more than ever. Wages have been stagnant ever since NAFTA. When the government experiences a shortfall. They don’t cut spending. They increase taxes and add debt.

      12. They all too happy to let him hang himself. Prob not going to get any big changes until they can time the 2018 elections correctly with the stock market crash. Wouldn’t want to go off prematurely and give it time to start clawing back up before the elections.

      13. WW3 will cover up their theft? A N Korean nuke, a Muslems dirty bombs, a cyber bank attack, a EMP that hits a section of our country, EMP so. Cal. And watch the people of LA. and San Diego try to walk across the desert to get water? Most of them would be dead in two weeks? Claim a solar storm and turn all the switches off for a month? They have many options?

      14. If President Trump were a real genius he would immediately reverse course and DISAVOW the Stock market pop and tell the truth that it is all due to very risky and overvalued trading and stock values. He should attribute the other economic changes to his policies but solidly disavow the RIGGED MARKET system and warn people away from it, that these market gains are due to faulty trading algorithems and are not accurate reflection of the Democrats obstruction of government processes, Democrats failing to get rid of Obamacares insurance industry handouts and bail outs and preventing legislation to give the USA REAL economic recovery.

        What would transpire is the Democrats and Deep State and TPTB completely lose it and start scrambling to cover their asses as they are outed for their corruption and forced to come clean as it would then be in the peoples faces to HAVE to ask questions why they are being robbed yet again by 8 years of Obamanation. Trump could sidestep the entire blowback as he “inherited” the nation with this kind of corruption IN PLACE already.

        But what do I know about strategy…..oh wait… what do I know about psychology of the corruption of the USA…oh wait…

      15. The market is unsustainable W/O a QE back door injection. Its not standing on its own legs and hasn’t been since 2008.

        President Trumps biggest mistake was choosing an establishment VP. If he had Dr Rand Paul MD as VP he could state, “If you get me you get him, father included”. Never have a potential successor more palatable to the mega powerful than yourself. Obama picked bucket mouth Joe Biden for good reason.

        • K2 , interesting points. And yes QE has never stopped at all, just found new sources to do it and lie about it, nothing new in DC.

      16. His biggest mistake is that he is following his enemies advice who are besides him in the White House. The rats need to be eradicated.ASAP.

      17. WAR BY 2018 I see this as a unavoidable thing.

        I do have a question though if we do go to WAR how are we going to pay our troops.

        What incentive are they going to HAVE so they will fight ?

        It’s not going to be like WW2 where just about everyone believed in our Government, and our Countries calling.

        Now look at things now especially from 2008-2016 let’s look at the word BELIEF FOLKS!!!! see the hidden word there ?

        YOU DO NOT ???? well here all you nitt witts again with your ipod here is the hidden word.

        BE LIE F see the word in the middle ?

        President Trump I support you sir, and thank you for all you are trying to do regardless of what party you belong to.

        But you have a really big thing you must tackle, sir, and that is take the LIE out of BE LIE F, and replace it with TRUST.

        TRUST in the American dream again, TRUST in our Government,
        TRUST in our Economic Growth, and more of is to TRUST in one another, etc.

        • War with a super power will either be one incredibly violent but relatively isolated attack which lasts days to a week before cooler heads prevail or a flash bang that that lasts hours and destroys the human race.

          The days of a Normandy style invasion are obsolete.

      18. Everyone gushes about the DOW. I learned the Dow is a conglomeration of only the best performing stocks. The makeup of the DOW is always changing. If a stock falls below the next one in line it gets bumped. The DOW is not a true measure of performance. Ok now about real estate. Back in the 60,s Arkansas farm land sold for $50 to $100 per acre. Then in 1969 the government started guaranteeing bank loans for up to $300 per acre. The credit wortiness of the buyer wasn’t importiant. So land suddenly became worth $300 per acre. As soon as those loans started failing. The government upped the guarantee to $600 per acre. So broke ass failed agribusiness men could borrow more money. And that’s been repeted over and over. Many sold out and a bigger guy bought their debt. Land now sells for over $3000 per acre. How long can this be done? I have no idea.

      19. The ‘American’ or U.S. experiment was just that.. an experiment. One that quickly began to cannibalized itself by means of decades upon decades of severe corruption at high levels and all the while a very docile and inept serf-like populace stood and sat idly by..

        • Native Born American

          Some of the greatest institutionalized corruption occurred when masses of poverty stricken immigrants were imported for industrial cannon fodder. A microcosm if that was Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. Uneducated, yet to be Americanized immigrants couldn’t possibly understand the future impact of the Federal Reserve Act. Their’s was a hand to mouth existence. What we learn from this is that poor people who are not politically educated (think dumbing down indigenous Americans) are not capable of effective political resistance to the power elite. On an international scale destroying nations and instilling chaos in its wake accomplishes the same goal; see Iraq, Libya and Syria.

          • Keven2:

            The Federal Reserve Act was not voted upon by the public. The Act was a sneaky underhanded trick. The sinking of the Titanic killed the biggest opponents of the bill. Whether it was really an accident or part of a plot is a subject for scrutiny which I shall not venture into. But that the deaths of the men who stood in the way can not be denied.

            The enactment of the Federal Reserve Act was fought in Congress. At Christmas time, Christian Congressmen took time off. Like snakes, the Act was voted on by those (((non-Christians))) and passed. (I do not recognize this Act))). Furthermore, it was signed under duress by President Wilson. Wilson was being blackmailed. Wilson had suffered a nervous breakdown prior to becoming President. He did not have the emotional strength to stand up to the blackmailers. So, on the basis of duress and incapacity, Wilson’s signature on this Act is null and void.

            There is no legal basis for the Federal Reserve Act.

            People may be ignorant, but people did not vote for their financial theft. The people today are not too stupid to understand that they are getting robbed plain and simple.


            As a side note: Stalin was a bank robber before he got into politics.


            • Stalin became a politician ,and then to achieve political goals went to Rob banks .

      20. The Fed will start taking out money it has put in in September.

        In addition, obamacare repeal is dead and tax cuts will be a lot smaller than promised.

        Finally, we have consumer spending and saving decreasing and auto sales decreasing, all signs that a recession is imminent.

        Given these three things alone, you can probably bet your car we are within 500 points of the top before the next decline begins.

        Add that all democrats, most republicans and some Fed members want to see trump fail and you probably are looking for a big dow decline and pinning it all on trump; even though the fed did it.

      21. The question is this. Will TPTB let the market crash outside of their choosing? I think not. They will pump money in until they are the only buyer.

        If they chose to let the market crash by not pumping money into it. Then he can point to them as the reason for the crash.

      22. Hey all-

        Not sure what this was, but it had a straight up trajectory. 9:30am cst, Peoria Illinois. Shot up from due south…

        • Hopefully it was Obama and Hillary on the way to meet Jesus.

        • Any word on what it was? I’m in Southern Illinois and curious.

      23. Mac is right on! Trump (and we deplorable nationalists) will be the fall guys.

      24. To say things like, “He [Trump] doesn’t realize it yet, but he is essentially owning a disaster in the making” and “Perhaps Trump wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about slapping his name on this train wreck, if he knew that many experts are saying that the economy is in deep trouble . . .” is beyond absurd. Way beyond it.

        Seriously? You don’t think Trump doesn’t know what’s going on? I mean, what’s the first thing he did after his election: put Goldman Sach’s people to work for him. THAT’S what the Elite wanted!

        Look, it’s just ridiculous to think that Trump’s mingling with the heavy hitters through the years has not clued him in and put him in the know. For pete’s sake, this isn’t rocket science. He knows very well what’s going on.

        If anything, he’s anticipating the end to come to this country just as much as any joe-blow who’s fairly up on what’s going on. My gosh, this is the information age. Let’s not be so naive to think that Trump hasn’t got a clue!

        In view of what I’ve just said, have a look at the article I’ve linked to below; Trump may very well using the option to take credit for the stock market’s rise in view of his awareness that it’s going to fall and fall hard soon.

      25. The President gets the blame for the bad economic news;he might as well take the credit when the news is good. The framers of the Constitution never envisioned the President as being responsible for the state of the economy.

      26. It’s not the same indicator of economic health like it once was. Theoretically, it could go up
        to 25,000 and half the people in this country would still be suffering. Why is there a
        so-called Retail Apocalypse if everything is so good? Are the jobs being created all full time
        with benefits? Of course, they will blame Trump whether things go north or south. We know
        this. At this point he probably does not really care. We are on the cusp of war and all CNN
        wants to talk about is Scaramucci.

      27. It trickles-down from a Fifth Plank lending monopoly.

        Ultimately, no different from placeholders and units of measurement.

        Telling us there is a shortage of this money, created without consideration, is like saying there is a shortage of money in a video game.

        Saying that it causes a guilt complex, negative karma, or some kind of debt burden, is completely arbitrary and even superstitious –like having intense, moral discussions and brother-against-brother civil wars, over the hollow plastic buildings on the Monopoly gameboard. People are caged over imaginary numbers, like alley marks, as though the sun rises and sets by it.

      28. The FED has been directly financing the growth in the stock market. They have already stopped a couple major market corrections.

        DJT has certainly created an environment for business to grow and it has. He has significantly reduced regulation making business more optimistic. Trump has created an air of success. This also has grown the market. So yes, Potus does deserve credit for a part of the market rise.

        The FED has been instrumental in financing banking efforts to raise the markets. They day Yellen turns off the free money, the market crashes.

        • Trump is a chump.

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