Trump’s CIA Considered Kidnapping or Assassinating Assange: Report

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was originally published by Jake Johnson at Common Dreams. 

    *EDITOR’S NOTE: This one is going to violate the feelings of those still cemented in the left vs. right paradigm lie.  That’s your warning. Don’t read if you’re going to be offended by the truth, and continue to lie to yourself to uphold the system that’s working together against you. We need to stop deluding ourselves into thinking that Trump is anything other than one of them. No one sits on the throne unless they are meant to sit there. The truth hurts. But the sooner we face it, the sooner we can remove the last bit of slavery from this planet permanently. Opening our eyes is the first step.

    Under the leadership of then-Director Mike Pompeo, the CIA in 2017 reportedly plotted to kidnap—and discussed plans to assassinate—WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange, who is currently imprisoned in London as he fights the Biden administration’s efforts to extradite him to the United States.

    Citing conversations with more than 30 former U.S. officials, Yahoo News reported Sunday that “discussions over kidnapping or killing Assange occurred ‘at the highest levels’ of the Trump administration.”

    According to Yahoo:

    The conversations were part of an unprecedented CIA campaign directed against WikiLeaks and its founder. The agency’s multipronged plans also included extensive spying on WikiLeaks associates, sowing discord among the group’s members, and stealing their electronic devices.

    While Assange had been on the radar of U.S. intelligence agencies for years, these plans for an all-out war against him were sparked by WikiLeaks’ ongoing publication of extraordinarily sensitive CIA hacking tools, known collectively as “Vault 7,” which the agency ultimately concluded represented “the largest data loss in CIA history.”

    President Trump’s newly installed CIA director, Mike Pompeo, was seeking revenge on WikiLeaks and Assange, who had sought refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden on rape allegations he denied. Pompeo and other top agency leaders “were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about Vault 7,” said a former Trump national security official. “They were seeing blood.”

    Yahoo‘s reporting makes clear that Assange is not the only journalist U.S. officials have attempted to target in recent years. During the Obama presidency, according to Yahoo, “top intelligence officials lobbied the White House to redefine WikiLeaks—and some high-profile journalists—as ‘information brokers,’ which would have opened up the use of more investigative tools against them, potentially paving the way for their prosecution.”

    “Among the journalists, some U.S. officials wanted to designate as ‘information brokers’ were Glenn Greenwald, then a columnist for The Guardian, and Laura Poitras, a documentary filmmaker, who had both been instrumental in publishing documents provided by [NSA whistleblower Edward] Snowden,” Yahoo reported.

    In a statement to Yahoo, Poitras called the intelligence officials’ efforts “bone-chilling and a threat to journalists worldwide.”

    Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, said in a statement that “these new revelations, which involve a shocking disregard of the law, are truly beyond the pale.”

    “The CIA is a disgrace,” said Timm. “The fact that it contemplated and engaged in so many illegal acts against WikiLeaks, its associates, and even other award-winning journalists is an outright scandal that should be investigated by Congress and the Justice Department. The Biden administration must drop its charges against Assange immediately. The case already threatens the rights of countless reporters.”

    The Trump Justice Department charged Assange with 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act for publishing classified documents, something journalists do often. Despite urgent pleas from press freedom advocates, the Biden administration has refused to drop the charges and continued its predecessor’s attempt to extradite the WikiLeaks founder.

    As Poitras wrote in an op-ed for the New York Times last year, “It is impossible to overstate the dangerous precedent Mr. Assange’s indictment under the Espionage Act and possible extradition sets: Every national security journalist who reports on classified information now faces possible Espionage Act charges.”

    “It paves the way for the United States government to indict other international journalists and publishers. And it normalizes other countries’ prosecution of journalists from the United States as spies,” Poitras noted. “To reverse this dangerous precedent, the Justice Department should immediately drop these charges and the president should pardon Mr. Assange.”


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      1. Donald Trump is a gangster. Anyone who knows their history of intelligence services knows they ALWAYS get gangsters and criminals to do their dirty work. Trump was put in place by them to do their dirty work. That explains why Trump’s actions were ALWAYS the opposite of what he claimed he was doing.

        Trump was – and is – a tool. Anything you see going on – Epstein, Maxwell, CCP operatives – is all just a very public display of burn notices. Intelligence assets who are beyond utility, getting fried in public as a message to the rest: do your job and shut your mouth or end up bunk buddy with Ghislaine.

      2. The REAL behind the scenes rulers of MOST of this world have been doing so for a thousand years as it is passed down generation to generation. They are VERY smart and cunning and they know that divide and conquer is one of the most successful tactics known to defeat and rule those who you wish to do enslave. You have to gie the sheeple choices and in this case our political system is just that, yet it is ALL owned by the same group. MOST do not know, only the smart ones do. MOST cannot fathom this to be true. IT IS!

      3. Logical & rational thinkers KNOW that consideration of all options is much different from selecting the wrong action, as repeatedly performed in the current administration. Considering all options is a necessary evil of good management. Selecting the wrong option is poor management. Can you see the difference?

        The author might disparage my simple analysis but this is the crux of the matter. Is it a left vs. right comment – surely. But the discrimination between RIGHT & WRONG is required for a society to survive.

      4. Because Yahoo, a leftist company claims these things without documentation, I don’t believe anything without it. It is possible, but worse we have documentation that Trump took claims of being the Father of the Covid vaccines which has killed and disabled 3/4 million people and he still promoted it, knowing it without remorse. …..Trump used the deaths of 20,000 women from Birth Control pills to say his Vaccines were not that bad. All of this was on VIDEO, as documentation.

        So what is worse? Trump responsible for 3/4 milion deaths and disablements from the vaccine that is documented ——————or—————– some undocumented plot to kidnap Assange and possibly murder him who released secrets what our government was doing behind our backs?

      5. Never, never, never trust any reports that don’t name the names of the sources it claims to have originated from.

        Even when it’s telling you something you want to hear because it fits your view of the world.

        We are in the age of deception, be smart enough to recognize that and avoid letting yourself enter the world of the deceived.

      6. Moral of the story:

        Don’t cross the CIA.

        P.S. See Zapruder tape.

      7. Obama assassinated an American citizen not bearing arms against fellow Americans without any due process. He was just the first president to do it openly.

        Our government is out of control and no longer represents the will or best interests of the American people. The CIA and Bankster Deep State have been in charge ever since they murdered man of the people JFK.

      8. Green Jellÿ/Villain Within-Trumpty Dumpty(Official Music Video)
        “Border wall construction began in the 1990s under President Bill Clinton and has been continued by every president since. This page gives a brief history of the legislation, policy and impacts of border wall construction, supported by the US Congress, and presidents Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.”

        The Great Wall of Clinton ->
        The Great Wall of Trump ->
        Leftist, digital wall ->
        Trump entry-exit Visa ->
        Covid Tracking ->
        Carbon Tracking

        Partying with the Clintons:

        The saying about the draining the swamp was not in common use, until “Megacities∶ Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity”, in which those independent of a control grid are the swamp creatures.

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