Trump Warns of Small Business Revolt: Says Some States Can Reopen Before May 1

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    President Donald Trump has warned health officials and economists that there will be a small business revolt if the economy doesn’t reopen soon. Many businesses will just decide the government can no longer tell them what to do and reopen on their own nullifying the government’s draconian commands.

    And that cannot happen soon enough. Tyrant Anthony Fauci wants as many Americans fearful and living in poverty as possible and as long as small businesses obey his commands, he will get his way.  However, it appears that the tides are finally shifting and many Americans may be realizing that the government only has power over them if they allow it. It looks like Trump has figured this out too.

    The elitists may have pushed too far this time and tried to control too much by lying about and manipulating the coronavirus data. This could be the end of many of those in power. According to a report by The Washington Times,  small businesses may take “economic recovery into their own hands by going back to work before federal or statewide coronavirus closures are lifted.” If that happens, people around the world will know that all the governments and the elitists of the world no longer have nearly as much power over everyone else as they once did.

    Trump and the mainstream media (who willingly lied and reported manipulated data to panic the masses) will go down in history with the other tyrants of the world.  The trust in mainstream media will wane because of this and unless Trump tells the entire country to resume their lives and reopen their businesses and never let a command to eliminate your livelihood stop you again. It isn’t likely he’ll do that.  He’ll pander to the elitists while “allowing” some areas and businesses to reopen. It’s a fine line, but he will not likely be on the side of human rights, as unfortunately, he hasn’t been during this entire scamdemic.

    According to a report by the New York Post, Trump wants several areas of the country open before May 1.  We suggest people disobey the totalitarian commands of both governors and the federal government. Push back against tyranny now, before it’s too late. Their power structure will only crumble if we force it to.  Peacefully reopen your business and go about your lives.  Remember, the government doesn’t own you. You own yourself.  It’s time to start acting like it.

    GOOGLE Is Doing Whatever It Can to De-Monetize Us And Shadow-Ban us. During these TOUGH financial times, we ASPIRE to stay completely independent and pay our full staff, so we can continue to deliver VALUE to you. It is possible for you to HELP us, by supporting our COVID-19 expert survival report HERE!

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      1. I am not afraid. I know that at some point, that I will die. Maybe TPTB believe that the inevitability of death is a national security secret that people are unaware of.

        They have obviously begun to start admitting to themselves, at least on a sub-conscious level that they have lost all credibility and that it will never be regained since they are using a last desperate attempt to manipulate through fear.

        Fortune favors the brave.

        I would not personally advise people, myself one way or the other regarding their businesses, but will let people make up their own minds and assess those risks, each being unique to the businesses and individuals involved as to just openning the business in revolt, and granted, there really is no legal justification to force people to remain in their homes. This is just a power grab, a robbery in action, and a threat to national security by all accounts to force people to shut businesses and remain in their homes, and prohibit earning a living, socialization, worship, mobility, and a violation of all natural law, and of every law that has ever been implemented in history prior to this.

        It is beyond insane. It is completely wicked and evil.

        A surveillance camera cannot protect anyone.

        They are cameras, not body guards or guns. A camerca can be hacked and turned off.

        A camera can be hacked, turned off and video can be recreated. Someone could wear a mask, a box, or a bag over their head, and nobody would be able to identify them.

        A security camera is a false sense of security. They provide no security at all.

      2. Economics Professor Jack Rasmus was on Sputnik Critical Hour radio show saying that it is not the tax payers that are bailing out the banks, but the Federal Reserve, which is not a totally accurate statement. If the Federal Reserve is purchasing worthless junk bonds, CDSs, and stock shares, like they currently are from financially irresponsible banks whose bankers behave more like drunken sailors in Las Vegas than financially responsible managers of assets, which they are, and congress is continuosly bailing out these banksters that behave like drunken sailors in Las Vegas with a compulsive gambling addiction, which they have been doing, it tends to have adverse consequences on all of society, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, things are helter skelter in America and the entire world, so much so that there are many people that are behaving like Charles Manson on national TV, in congress, on the radio, in business, and just about everywhere!

        Who does the Federal Reserve plan on selling this worthless debt to? They have had a track record of selling it to the Federal government, including Sallie May student loan debt, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac mortgages.

        Why won’t the socialist economists Richard Wolf and Jack
        Rasmus and former CIA Jack Kiriakou and former CIA Lee Camp confess that the federal government owns most of the vacant residential properties in America, and that federal, state, and local governmemts own 2/3 of all land in America?! Doesn’t fit the narative that the problem is capitalism, and not corruption?!

        They better not try it again!

      3. Trump is really a monster for allowing the country to be shut down like this! He has a 4 phase plan, which is long and drawn out and is a totally evil act. The country never should have been shut down in the first place! Why would anyone support that homicidal maniac, or any of the others running for office?

        Yes, this is definitely mass murder by forcing people to remain under house arrest, which prevents people from earning a living, prohibit travel, limit mobility, the right to assembly, the right to worship, and the right to self determination!

        Imagine a typical school fire drill, when everyone was aware that it was just a drill, but they decided to shut the school down for the semester because the students were traumatized by the fire drill, which had no fire, and would continue to monitor them for signs of smoke inhalation when there was no fire, track them, spy on them for signs of stress, etc.

        That is how the entire country is acting! This is very similar to the flu, which has always bedn contagious, and has always resulted in hospitalizations and fatalities, and every flu season, businesses suffer from loss of production during the flu season.

        Unfortunately, Trump wants hospitals to treat people successfully without the patient being in critical care, for phase 2 to progress to phase 3, but some may already be in critical care, and to deny them critical care could lead to death and the hospitals are being given $39,000 to place people on respirators, aka ventilators, which have traditionally been reserved for critical care patients.

        The rumors of coronavirus victims suffering lung scarring is probably from the over use of ventilators.

        Do not vote for Donald Trump or any other candidate! If you do, you are making the conscious choice to agree to this evil
        dystopian nightmare! I am unaware of any third party qualified candidates that are running for president. The libertarian has a transhumanist running for VP that is even worse than this, wanting to force people to be cyborgs.

        Let this be a lesson to all! Beware of those seeking power! They cannot be trusted! Technology has increased their capabilities of being evil by at least 1000 fold!

      4. Economies can be rebuilt. Demographic replacement is irreversible.

      5. I am not a typical going out everywhere person especially with it about to be 95 degrees for the next several months here, but I am going everywhere allowed and even places not allowed when things open,
        the virus has spread everywhere except the most remote regions of montana and the fatality rate is still 1 thousandth of a percent. all should demand everything but senior centers open now.

      6. Do you have any answers? Source material links?

        I found this on YouTube.
        YouTube Channel: Dana Ashlie
        YouTube Title: “What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step.”

        media nothing but lies?
        Do you have any real info?
        Fear Hoax Just an excuse for Tyrants.

      7. Small business were drowning in debt like the economy and was already in the tank! Mad Max is here and you better get your defense on! #QTAC-6

      8. If Trump’s the one that can give us permission to reopen he is also the one responsible for us being closed in the first place.

        He may have started out as a rebel against politicians, but he has become just another one of them now.

        Something I expected, it happens to all of the new ones regardless of initial intent, but he did last longer than most who rarely made it past their first year and never past their second one before the transformation takes place.

      9. The consitutional rights that have been violently seized by us from this corona hoax were loudly demanded by the left wing fascist ventilators stealing our lives, our rights, our livlihoods!

        Do not forgive the radical left real fascist ventilators that have been demanding that the government lock us down and surveil us!

        These evil beasts don’t even think that they are fascists! These evil retards do not even know what fascism is!

        Apparently, they think that it is anyone that they disagree with!

        Everything that they believe in is total fascism! They demand that the corporations are nationalized! That is exactly what Mussolini, the inventor of fascism did!

        What radical left fascist ventilators will not admit is that they love fascism! They just want fascism without white Christian supremacy like Hitler did! They want race and gender equality mandated fascism with total surveillance and total control!

        Start listenning to the evil wannabe fascist dictators ventillating on Sputnik radio!

      10. I eat healthy, exercise, and get some vitamin D, in spite of the lockdown. I used to be amazed, how I could fill a brown bag, for cheaper than dirty cafeteria food.

        Taking the dog, downtown, I see people, in masks, flagging me away from the abandoned elementary school. They are giving food assistance to a long line of humongous, shiny, new, SUV’s, from the mcmansions.

        Crony capitalists believe that their job is pedantics, check lists, and pulling rank, more than honor and productive labor. They have a Pavlovian respect for government. The 99% are philosophically-incapable of free agency, regardless of their color team.

        “Their power structure will only crumble if we force it to.”

        Here is their support base.

        “Push back against tyranny now, before it’s too late.”

        It was tyranny of the majority.

      11. Chris Hedges has recently attacked the evil left fascist ventilators for abandoning the liberal tradition of liberty, which is freedom, but Chris Hedges also wrongly claims that unions are liberal institutions.

        Unions are not liberal at all. Unions are fascist institutions that deny personal autonomy. There is no disputing that at all. It is an absolute fact, and is why I have not only never joined a union, but refused to work at places that are unionized.

        A union should not be able to decide if everyone must go on strike. Unions place seniority over competency.

        We are not all in this together!

        Unions are mob rule!

        Fuck you and mob rule!

        I would rather starve than join you!

      12. Why every time i post on here it wont show? Mac I am trying to update you guys. I told you all a few years ago that the shit was going to hit the fan didn’t i.


        • Hi ya HCKS

          go ahead with the update ! It just takes a while to get past moderation now.

      13. Chris Hedges has recently attacked the evil left fascist ventilators for abandoning the liberal tradition of liberty, which is freedom, but Chris Hedges also wrongly claims that unions are  liberal institutions. 

        Unions are not liberal at all. Unions are fascist institutions that deny personal autonomy. There is no disputing that at all. It is an absolute fact, and is why I have not only never joined a union, but refused to work at places that are unionized. 

        A union should not be able to decide if everyone must go on strike. Unions place seniority over competency. 

        We are not all in this together! 

        Unions are mob rule!

        Fuck you and mob rule!

        What unioms refuse to acknowledge, is that if the U.S. did not keep allowing enormous waves of immigration to replace U.S. workers that refused to work for companies that paid sub-par wages, the companies would have raised wages based on the supply and demand of labor. When the government keeps increasing the supply of labor, it lowers the demand of labor, and lowers wages. But, the left is pro-illegal immigration, which lowers its wages of employees, not only in low skilled service and farming sectors, but in high skilled sectors in science and technology.

        I would rather starve than join you! 

      14. Replacing lies with other lies and replacing fascists with other fascists is not going to be a victory for anyone but evil pathological lying fascists, which is what is currently taking place with corona virus hoax and circular logic that lives will be saved and improved by prohibiting people from earning a living, prohibiting every freedom, and increasing totalitarian fascism and surveillance.

        The truth is eternal. It will beat these pathological liars over the heads until they die, and it will outlast every single one of them!

        I am witnessing more grotesque, predatious, self-serving, fascistic, opportunism than ever before!

        Why would I have any interest in transferring grotesque, predatious, fascistic, opprtunism from evil wealthy oligarchs over to evil, greedy, middle class people, who obviously are merely interested in extreme power and extreme wealth themselves, and are even willing to deprive the entire world of life to acheive that objective, which they have demonstrated that they are more than willing to do?!

        I choose neither side! I choose the truth! I choose peace! I choose liberty!

      15. This is a no win situation regardless of which side you fall on. I understand and feel for people seeing their jobs disappear while bills mount up. On the other side, I personally know folks who have suffered the loss of family/friends to this bio-weapon that is taking lives and not just elderly either!

        And if the people decide to to open up business as usual and a flare up starts, I wouldn’t blame the healthcare workers (whose infection rate is currently at 30%) for refusing to treat the masses in that flare up. After all if one wants to take a risk and it goes South, then the risk taker shouldn’t automatically assume another will risk their life to take care of you!

        I would also highly recommend that everyone get their affairs in order, have a will prepared and for those with children, designate where they will go and who will raise them should you die from the bio-weapon prematurely.

        The world as we knew it has changed and things will be different from here on out – get used to it!

      16. Small Businesses need to sue the State and Feds for “RESTRAINT OF TRADE”

        Legal Definition of restraint of trade
        1: an act, fact, or means of curbing the free flow of commerce or trade covenant not to compete with an employer after leaving is in restraint of trade and must be reasonable to be enforced
        2: an attempt or intent to eliminate or stifle competition, to effect a monopoly, to maintain prices artificially, or otherwise to hamper or obstruct the course of trade and commerce as it would be if left to the control of natural and economic forces the Sherman Antitrust Act declared every contract, combination, and conspiracy in restraint of trade to be illegal
        also : the means (as a contract or combination) employed in such an endeavor

        Organize and collect business owners collectively and sue in a class action, by owners in an area against the Government.

      17. Uhhhh so run an under the table biz derrrr… Sell solar stuff, auto repair, moonshine, firewood, babysitting, dog grooming, Why do people think the only biz you do has to be govt. sanctioned? Stupid bastads!

      18. It’s like an elderly farmer told me years ago, “People get what they put up with.” If everybody raised a collective middle finger to the Gov and went about they’re lives and livelihoods, they couldn’t do a dang thing about it. Their power over people is an illusion,manifested by those who mindlessly obey. I know I’m not cowering indoors, waiting to lose everything I’ve worked so hard for and free men and women don’t ask or need permission to go outside !

      19. How do we read the comments ????? None shown on this site.

        • jean,
          this site Fed data collection honeypot?
          redirected to cop shop?
          banning by china ccp hackers?
          russian owned was rumor?
          just plain old control freak censorship?
          who knows? not I?
          remember. the internet was created by DARPA.

          we live in interesting times.
          will get much worse before it gets better.
          what about those bill of rights?
          right to earn a living for your family?
          right to worship with fellow believers?
          right to freely associate?
          ALL it took was a fearmongering media and liar politician control freaks. Not a shot fired.
          And all you sheep just rolled over.

      20. “Push back against tyranny now, before it’s too late. Peacefully reopen your business and go about your lives.”

        Agreed. Though depending on where I lived, I might hire me some Rooftop Koreans first. We’ve seen plenty of proof that some cities and towns have police departments that are 100% made up of “a few bad apples.”

      21. Some of my relatives [who are also my nearest neighbors are self-employed and have home-based businesses. They’ve been doing business all this time and refused to shut down. I’ve also been defying the ‘stay-at-home’ order. I still go out when I need to and when I choose. Earlier today I went down to the creek just sat out there in a folding chair just listening to the sounds of nature and taking in the scenery. July will be my first anniversary living at the BOL. A year ago I was still putting up with all the BS in the city. No more of that for me. Just like I haven’t been following the ‘stay-at-home’ BS either. Even the family still gets out when they feel like it. F#$% the govt.

        • Wow Ren~ almost a year now ! Good for you. So glad you made it. Used to be kinda worried about you in that big city.

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