Trump vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar

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    This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    There is a disconnect within the liberty movement over the notion of where to find the root source of globalism. A segment of people within the movement seem to think that the fount of globalism resides within America itself; that American imperialism is the foundation of the globalist scheme and the dollar is the single most important mechanism supporting their power. This is an naive oversimplification of the problem.

    Numerous misconceptions stem from the idea that globalists actually have loyalty to the U.S. system. For example, over the past several years you might have often heard the argument that the Federal Reserve would “never end QE,” that they would “never let stock markets fall,” that they would “never raise interest rates,” that they would “inevitably go to negative interest rates,” that they would “never cut the balance sheet,” etc. etc. All of these assumptions were based on the idea that central bankers and globalists need the U.S. economy and the dollar system in order to maintain financial control of the world in general.

    All of these assumptions also turned out to be completely false as the past couple years of fundamentals show the direct effects of the Fed pulling the plug on its artificial support of the U.S. economy. Particularly, we have seen a spike in corporate and consumer debt not seen since before the crash of 2008. Business interests are scrambling to take up the slack left by waning Fed stimulus, and they are digging themselves into a grave-like hole in the process.

    Not only this, but we have numerous examples of Fed officials admitting that a crash in markets and the economy would occur if the Fed cut off support. This includes current Fed chairman Jerome Powell, who outlined the result of balance sheet cuts and interest rate hikes back in 2012. Meaning, skeptics cannot argue that the Fed is somehow “unaware” of its own actions and the consequences. The central bankers KNOW exactly what they are doing and what will happen as a result. They are bringing down the U.S. economy deliberately as multiple sectors hang by the thin thread of low but steadily rising interest rates and Trump’s tax cuts.

    This has caused considerable confusion for many alternative analysts. They have spent so long operating under the notion that the Fed will protect U.S. markets, protect the dollar and thus protect itself. What they refused to accept was the possibility that the Fed is actually a suicide bomber whose goal is to eventually destroy itself and everything around it, thus bringing down America from within.

    But why would the globalists do this? For those that assume the U.S. economy represents the “goose that lays the golden eggs,” what I describe above is inconceivable. In order to understand what is happening and why, we must cast off the lie that America is a golden goose that perpetually supports the globalist agenda. Rather, America is more like a host to the globalist parasites, and once the host is drained of all vitality, the parasites will leave and move on to bigger and better targets.

    In other words, just as numerous empires before it, the U.S. system served a purpose for a particular window of time. It was exploited as a means to an end, and now the banking elites are moving on to a “new world order” in which America plays a far diminished role. This is why the Fed continues to act in a manner that appears bewildering to so many people. This is why the Fed is taking actions that they have openly admitted will cause a crash. They WANT a crash.

    The Fed itself is merely an empty shell. It is an institution on paper, representing a set of illusions that are treated as concrete. If we are looking for the top of the globalist pyramid, we would certainly not start with the Fed. The Fed is a tool for manipulating the U.S. political framework and economic engine, and like all other central banks in the world its policies are dictated by much more important entities like the Bank For International Settlements (BIS).

    It is organizations like the BIS and the IMF that are set to become the new centers of the financial world as the U.S. economy and the dollar sink into obscurity. I outlined this plan in detail in my article “The Economic End Game Explained,” but it has taken quite some time for the facts I presented to be accepted by a greater portion of the movement. The claim that the Fed “would never” sacrifice itself is a powerful distraction from the truth.

    Globalists do not care about maintaining the U.S. system as it is. They are even willing to undermine it in order to create the chaos needed to generate social and political capital; the kind of capital that will buy them a worldwide economic reset and their so-called “new world order.” Within this construct, the masses would be made to accept open centralization of financial and political control into the hands of a minority of banking elites. That is to say, the globalists no longer want to be covert; they prefer to be overt, and venerated as saviors of humanity rather than despised as an organized cancer.

    In order to achieve such a fantastic farce, certain steps need to be taken. In particular, someone else needs to take the blame for the disastrous consequences of the global reset when it accelerates.

    Donald Trump fits the bill perfectly for a number of reasons, but the ultimate scapegoat for a crash of the U.S. system is not Trump alone, but the conservative ideal overall. I have argued for some time that Trump is  likely controlled opposition — a pied piper for conservatives. His rhetoric is almost everything liberty advocates and Republicans like to hear, but his actions do not always match his words.

    In particular, the induction of multiple banking elites and Council on Foreign Relations members into Trump’s cabinet makes it impossible for true change to ever take place within the White House, let alone the rest of Washington. Which is probably why we have seen Trump flip-flop on so many issues recently. Trump is supposed to present the face of a “populist” conservative stalwart while at the same time doing the bidding of the globalist handlers standing over his shoulder in the Oval Office.

    More specifically, Trump has reversed course on his relationship to the Fed many times.

    In September of 2016, Trump attacked the Fed on the campaign trail, stating that they were keeping interest rates low and the dollar weak in order to artificially boost stock markets for the Obama administration. This was mostly true, though the Fed could not care less about protecting the image of any particular president. Instead, they were preparing for the global reset while getting ready to lay blame at the feet of their populist scapegoat.

    After Trump entered office, he suddenly changed his attitude, offering full support to Janet Yellen and then Jerome Powell while taking credit for the spike in stocks fueled by Fed’s balance sheet purchases and low rates. Trump at that time also stated that a strong dollar was better for America.

    Today, the situation has changed yet again. Trump now suddenly has conflict with the Federal Reserve and the rising dollar index, voicing his concerns that the Fed is creating conditions that will lead to difficulty in the trade war as well as an economic crisis. Fears are rising within mainstream economic circles that this is leading to a war between Trump and the Fed.  Some are even theorizing that Trump might try to take control of the Fed completely.

    To the casual observer, all this makes Trump appear rather schizophrenic — but maybe this is the point.

    The Fed’s usefulness for the globalists is waning. Their only job now is to continue raising interest rates and cutting their balance sheet in a controlled demolition of financial markets and equities. Once they are done, the only thing left is for the dollar to lose its world reserve status and then the sabotage of the U.S. will be complete.

    A battle between Trump and the Fed serves a couple of purposes; firstly, it provides cover for the dismantling of U.S. stocks and the U.S. dollar, just as the trade war (also blamed on Trump) provides cover for the same. A conflict between the president of the United States and the Fed would lead to substantial doubt in markets over the safety of investment in U.S. equities, debt and currency.

    Secondly, if Trump is seen as “getting tough” on the Fed, liberty activists that are skeptical of the Trump administration and his globalist appointed cabinet might be lured into the fold and support policies which will ultimately be the unmaking of liberty. Dismantling the Fed several years ago would have done irreversible damage to the banking elites and their plans for a perfectly timed economic reset. Today, it’s too little too late. In fact, the globalists may PREFER that the Fed be taken down by conservatives now so that we become the bumbling villains that triggered a historic fiscal panic.

    This is not to say that I support the continued existence of the Fed, but I do want to point out that Trump is not talking about combating the IMF or the BIS, nor is anyone else in the mainstream discussing it. Removing one sacrificial appendage of the vampire squid is useless; we must go to core organizations and shut them all down to make any difference in the outcome. The fact that they are going to sacrifice the Fed and the dollar anyway does not help matters.

    I believe Trump’s “schizophrenia” on the Fed is due to him simply following the script that has been given to him. I do not think the globalists were always certain they wanted to use the tactic of a president vs. Fed crisis. But, I did predict back in early 2017 that this is exactly what they would end up doing in my article “In A Battle Between Trump And The Federal Reserve, Who Really Wins?

    It only makes sense at this stage in the game. The Fed is going to continue to raise interest rates and cut its balance sheet no matter what happens. They are going to use “inflationary pressures” supposedly caused by Trump’s infrastructure spending and the trade war as an excuse for their actions. Trump, in turn, is going to blame the Fed for the inevitable stock market crash and the rising dollar causing difficulty with “winning” the trade war.

    I do not know if the globalist script calls for Trump to go as far as shutting down the Fed completely, but rest assured if he does there will be hundreds of alternative analysts decreeing that it is irrefutable proof that Trump is not controlled opposition and he “must have a plan.” The actual plan will be the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency to make way for the global economic reset and a NWO currency framework, all in the name of stopping a catastrophe initiated by “evil conservative populists.”

    Make no mistake, what we are witnessing is 4th generation warfare on the public – All other wars including the trade war are kabuki theater designed to distract from this reality. Even a war between Trump and the Fed would be ultimately farcical as the globalists are already positioned to exploit the outcome of a failing dollar system. The goal?  To convince the masses that sovereign nationalism leads to planetary disaster, and that the “only solution” is to hand over economic and political power to a centralized authority of financial high priests with a direct line to the god of fiscal stability.


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      1. Someone once said.

        I would rather live with a HARD TRUTH then a HAPPY or UNHAPPY FANTASY .

        So what are WE LIVING FOLKS ?

        • SS – unfortunately, I… if forced to choose between your 3 options…. must choose ‘unhappy fantasy’.

          • Silver is real, and Im sure God Trusts Silver more than the Fake God endorsement on the Feds paper IOU’s.

            • That’s my bet.

        • Brandon’s basic premises are wrong and he remains fixated on the BIS and IMF. He can’t see the forest for the trees. The Global Monetary System is controlled by the US bankers and they are not going to capitulate their power to any Global Institution that they cannot control.

          Would you ???

          Secretly, US Bankers LOVE the TRUMP Revolution because it resets the balance of power in the global banking system; giving US Bankers even MORE power through a more powerful economy. The EU is currently splintered and in shambles. It cannot win a Trade War with the USA either because European Socialism cannot compete on a level economic playing field.

          Brandon might be right if Hillary would have won the 2016 Presidential Election. She didn’t. TRUMP is a game changer; resetting the world to a PRE-NWO financial environment that gave the lion’s share of the spoils to the NWO. Not anymore. With TRUMP in the Oval Office America is top dog again.

          “The actual plan will be the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency to make way for the global economic reset and a NWO currency framework, all in the name of stopping a catastrophe initiated by “evil conservative populists.”

          LMFAO !!! 🙂 The “end of the dollar” … sky is falling mantra pushed by Brandon and Jim willie is hogwash. King Dollar is supported by the MIC and the most powerful economy in the world under TRUMP. America is soon to be the top oil & gas producer in the world again; and new technology releases shale oil at $28 bbl.

          The ascent of China is OVER; and if they are foolish enough to maintain their resistance to a fair and level playing field (which level playing field would in itself arrest their economy, drastically cut growth, and trigger a deep recession); resistance to TRUMP’s reset would force him to drastically CRUSH exports from China by across the board tariffs. Then China would plummet into economic chaos and social unrest like it hasn’t seen since WWII.

          CCP response would likely be a regional war in Asia to consolidate both the military and the population towards a war effort and the repression under Mao would return. Recognizing that it has peaked (economically prematurely) war will be its response. A war they cannot yet win.

          A digital, global monetary system of finance will eventually emerge (as planned) with unequal currencies (follow the profit) when quantum computers and blockchain technology are combined and ubiquitous …. if the world survives the passing of Nibiru and its planetary system with civilization intact.

          That is the question: “How much civilization will remain intact with the passing of Nibiru, now visible to the naked eye, in photos, and videos ???” It’s anyone’s guess. 🙁

      2. “…the direct effects of the Fed pulling the plug on its artificial support of the U.S. economy.”

        They don’t perform brute labor, or provide any material.

        What support.

        • What support?
          Keeping the stock market artificially high ensuring “warm fuzzies” for the sheeple that everything is A-OK.
          Plan, prep, execute.

          • Do you need a number to be written down, on paper, or entered into a computer? I’ll give you one.

            With no offense intended to present company, I don’t consider it patriotic, asking how to pay-off an odious debt, with all the water, arable land, infrastructure, and future labor.

            That’s like laying a dead animal on the table, and divvying it up, to be devoured.

            • I agree

            • Silver is real, and Im sure God Trusts Silver more than the Fake God endorsement on the Feds paper IOU’s.

              Get some Silver Now. Silver is being used to buy good food in Venezuela.

              • Silver is more provably authentic than gold. Gold can be mixed with other metals and still look like gold. The man on the street would trust silver more, plus gold is too valuable to really use in street transactions.

                The only dispute I have with the author is that he credits the bankers with too much power. The NWO elites are divided between TWO Factions, Neocon Bankers and Marxist/Progressives. Right now the Marxists are in the ascendancy, and if the bankers throw a collapse the Marxist faction will win, in my opinion.

      3. The system is due for a “correction”.
        Equities and PM Prices are way too high
        for what they are truly worth. My home
        is valued way above what most people
        can afford to pay. People expect to
        be paid a “living wage”, for work that
        simply is not worth that much pay as
        they can and will be replaced by a machine.
        I don’t see a conspiracy so much as
        a house of cards about to fall down
        due to the essentially weak foundation.
        I’ve built many things in my life.
        I spend most of my time making sure the
        “foundation” is perfect be it a house, boat,
        a power supply design, or a Data flow diagram
        before proceeding.
        America has a good foundation, but it has been
        twisted out of shape by Liberals and Globalists.
        We will get a reset, but we will
        survive and prosper if we are ready
        for that reset. Many will not survive.
        I won’t miss them.

      4. Everthing is for sale for more than it is worth. The Chinese got most of Americas jobs while the people wolf down “fast food” with mystery ingredients. Stuck on plastic, plastic money can’t be far off. China buying up American farmland, big ports, big buildings and parts of once vibrant American cities. Not difficult to see what the near future holds for this nation. Fukushima was not a naturally occurring event. Some entity threatened the NYC area with a 100 meter tsunami in the past. How’s that border wall coming along? The United States of Amexica. Oh give me a home where the mexicans roam and the whites do stoop labor all day. A white laborer, a white maid and half white children. I actually like our friends from south of the border, they saved what’s left of American capitalism.

      5. “Old French Freemason Movie From 1943”
        Gnostic Warrior


        This movie titled “Old French Freemason Movie From 1943” is entertaining and enlightening.
        Enjoy and learn.


        • Plot
          The film recounts the life of a young député who joins the Freemasons in order to relaunch his career. He thus learns of how the Freemasons are conspiring with the 3ews and the Anglo-American nations to encourage France into a war against Germany.

          The film was commissioned in 1942 by the Propaganda Abteilung, a delegation of Nazi Germany’s propaganda ministry within occupied France by the ex-Mason Mamy. It virulently denounces Freemasonry, parliamentarianism and 3ews as part of Vichy’s drive against them and seeks to prove a 3ewish-Masonic plot.

          • grandee:

            Very accurate.

            Every movie out of Hollywood is also propaganda, but from the 3ewish perspective. In order to evaluate anything which has two or more sides, you must have an open mind and take in the facts according to each. Otherwise your conclusions are without intellectual honesty, and typically worthless.

            Thanks grandee.


      6. JFK. Tried with the treasury note. Jesus used violence against the money changers. Everyone else got a chance, but not them. Wonder why?

        • they were religious racketeers

          we have them today

          • We’ve had them for ever, But the children of satans rule has come to an end. And maybe I can’t wait to see the Tares burn. Like a TV movie?

      7. A cup of flour for a day’s work .? Like Grapes of Wrath? A measure of wheat for a penny. The 10 virgins? Fill you flasks? An encrypted warning ? So the Tares don’t catch on? Wouldn’t want that to happen.

      8. The globalists want a one world government controlled by corporations not the People and thus want to end the idea of nation states and elections. Otherwise why would any American want to be outvoted by the Chinese!!!

        It’s not only lunacy, one world government is predicted in the Bible as the sign of the Antichrist. In Islam, the very same thing is predicted by the Mahdi or the 12th Imam is the same person but is a good guy! That alone should make every Christian be repulsed by Islam.

      9. 330 million Americans vote and 1.379 billion Chinese vote. Who wins? The Chinese every time. Why would any American patriot willingly give up their self-determination?

        What is worse is the Chinese can form coallitions and it literally would be 330 million Americans versus 7.3 billion votes!

      10. I had rental property, wasn’t rich but did ok. Then this Democrat said
        on radio interview that too many people had rental property and if
        she was elected she would fix that. And she did. She raised property
        taxes, so high you could not afford to remodel them. The gov. wanted
        the whole pie….and built many “section 8” apartments, undercut rentals
        of most middle class renters and destroyed the rental market for
        most all local landlords,
        It no longer worked for me, so like many of my fellow landlords,
        sold them.
        Now, the county has no money… “those new rentals” are rundown cockrach
        filled, screens hangout of the windows, and are dirty, dingy dumps
        Within 5 years the up-scale area went from nice area… to ghetto.
        Middle class residents moved out… then businesses, then the
        “hood” took over.
        This crap happens world wide. Lose your middle class white
        neighborhoods…..then lose your entire economy.

        This is what UNIONS DO….GOVERNMENT does and most demoncraps do.
        Other countries do the same thing ….except on a larger scale.

        IMF…Federal Reserve….do you know who runs them? Europe and Middle East.
        If that doesn’t frost your hind leg…..what would?

      11. I read that a famous politician in Israel made a comment several years ago they would take and strip everything from America they wanted or needed, and when the US had nothing left to give they would cast the US aside because they would no longer serve Israel with any purpose. The US is nothing more than a disposable resource base for TPTB. This is only one example. Likely, there are other nations that feel the same way.
        The nation’s finances are wrecked, the taxpayers are tapped out, all levels of gov’t are financially exhausted, corporations are grossly in debt, most pension plans are insolvent – both public and private, consumer debt is in the trillions – it has gone about as far as possible, college loan debt is more than 1.4 trillion, car loan debt is more than 1.2 trillion, good medical and dental care is basically beyond affordability of the middle class (but illegal immigrants get world class socially subsidized care), wages are stagnant, the fed. gov’t is lying about the real rate of inflation, public infrastructure is in a badly deteriorated condition (an American engineering society rates our national infrastructure at a D-, that’s right a D minus) and wealth has become super hyper concentrated. Yet, the US continues to give away vast sums of money to other countries, maintain a Mil. / Indus. / Comp. on a scale totally unaffordable, and subsidize illegal immigration at hundreds of billions a year – well more than a trillion when counting state and local gov’t expenses. The fed. gov’t debt is growing unrelenting at a rate of 115 million dollars an HOUR, local and state debt are rapidly accumulating too. And if that is not enough, there is at least 150 trillion dollars of UNFUNDED gov’t liability over the next few decades. Where in the hell did the all money go?! Catherine Austin Fitts said there is at least 40 – 50 trillion dollars lost that cannot be accounted for in the fed. budget alone.
        TPTB have created the conditions allowing these problems to multiply. Actually, they are not interested in fixing America. Rather, their over-arching, primary, number one goal, is to change the demography and culture of our country. This must be accomplished to make it possible to change the type gov’t we have. We will eventually fall into 3rd world status.

      12. “This is why the Fed is taking actions that they have openly admitted will cause a crash.”

        Three WORLD crashes are baked into the cake.


        These will happen UNLESS.

        I too thought the NWO had won and we were looking at a World Depression of perhaps decades, after which the NWO would take over control of the WORLD. Now because we have Trump I see a bright new day beginning to dawn, perhaps. This new day has nothing to do with the trap the NWO and all their LACKEYS in the USA have so laboriously laid over the last three or so decades.

        Trump wrote an Executive Order that says in essence “Anyone who engages in organized crime of a heinous nature can have ALL his assets confiscated.” Rothschild and his gang who rule the NWO OBVIOUSLY are engaged in highly organized heinous crimes.

        An honest CIA, one no longer under the control of Rothschild, could in short order trace and locate every penny of Rothschild’s 200 – 300 Trillion in assets. Using this loot to payoff World Debt could provide a way out.

        Yes I understand it cannot be done; will not be done and could NEVER be done. Just as Donald Trump could never beat Shillary Crimeton in an election where she stole perhaps 15 million votes.

      13. I have never read such a load of outdated shit in years! This jerk pulled crap from years ago and is peddling it with a few jabs at Trump as “new” information. The USA is on a roll and if Trump continues we WILL be great again. The EU is the bunch that is in a shambles. More and more members are furious at being puppets of Germany and are carefully watching Brexit to see how it goes, and if it is successful that will be the end of the EU. So put your money in Euros! HA!

      14. I for one, am tired of being beat down,
        fighting the good fight, and trying to
        figure out WHO IS GOOD….WHO IS
        ROTTEN TO THE CORE. Who is
        lying, who is honest. Who is on my side
        who is evil or not. EVERYBODY LIES TO US!!!

        Our food is poisoned, also our air.. water and quality of life.

        Our children’s minds are poisoned by public schools…and
        spiritual beliefs destroyed by heathens and satanist’s…..
        where evil doers out number good, ethical, honest

        Our resources all destroyed by parasites who invade our country
        with demands they never contributed any of their own “skin…..
        blood, sweat, or tears,” toward achieving.

        One which Dictators,
        Communists, Marxists, Nazis, Monarchy’s, Satanist’s, etc…..
        hate us for trying to achieve as designed by our US Constitutional

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