Trump Uses Executive Order To Demand Study On Electromagnetic Weapons Risks

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    President Donald Trump signed an executive order demanding a study be done on the risks of electromagnetic weapons. An electromagnetic pulse could disable the entire power grid in the United States using in an extreme SHTF situation for a vast majority of people.

    According to Bloomberg, Trump wants increased awareness in both the private and public sectors of the dangers of such a weapon’s deployment.  The president wants all people to increase their planning for an EMP, whether it’s produced by a bomb or a cosmic event, administration officials said in a conference call. The officials had also said the order was driven by concern about the general risks of an EMP, not a specific threat.

    The White House confirmed that the president has signed the executive order titled Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulse. “This executive order advances increased resilience to Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) events by directing better data gathering, testing, and private-sector coordination to implement protective measures,” the announcement said, according to WND“President Trump will always do what it takes to keep Americans safe. Today’s executive order – the first ever to establish a comprehensive policy to improve resilience to EMPs – is one more example of how the administration is keeping its promise to always be vigilant against present dangers and future threats,” the White House said

    A power grid failure could result in long term loss of life should it go on for a period of time.  If you’ve ever wanted to prepare for such an event, now would be a good time to begin your research.

    The U.S. government has long described an EMP as a potential catastrophe.  And with everyone on the grid in some way, it has the ability to become apocalyptic incredibly quickly. The execution of an EMP attack would make it impossible to conduct banking transactions and food delivery trucks will be stopped in the tracks. People will no longer be acting like people when there is no food on the shelves and they are hungry.

    According to WND, there are several nations that have the ability to use an EMP to disable our way of life in the U.S. It could be an “extinction level event” for tens of millions in this country, as most are highly dependent of the system. WND had previously reported only weeks ago on a new federal government report, “Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage,” that warned that the United States’ response plans and resources would be hugely “outmatched” by a catastrophic power outage, which could leave society in disarray and many people dead.

    There are ways to prepare yourself and your family for the potential of a power grid failure.  Start with the book, The Prepper’s Blueprint by Tess Pennington. In it, there is valuable information and easy to follow checklists that can help even a beginner feel more prepared for any catastrophic event.


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      1. I love my President
        Best one we have ever had
        Anyone that does not get behind him to fight the crazy liberals and the MSM are just as bad as them

        • Very well put my friend! I Thank the GOOD LORD each and every day for him!!! If we don’t get behind him, and keep the Democrats out in this next election? We are done as a nation plain and simple. They have known the troubles with the grid for years? And could care less! What better way to control people, and have control of the power grid? THANK GOD FOR TRUMP!!

        • He’s not YOUR president, Jakarta… He promised a tax cut for us and then bragged about getting ready to sign the bill and all he did was RAISE taxes for the middle class!!! All he cut taxes for was for the ELITE AND THE CORPORATIONS!!! He’s NOT our president! He also is supposed to PROTECT the second amendment and instead he wants to take the guns and then make the laws fit later.. HE is a f… moron!!

          If he does actually do something positive concerning an EMP event, it will be the FIRST positive thing he’s done since he got in office!! He is DESTROYING OUR ECONOMY WITH HIS TRADE WARS!!! He’s a f… idiot!!!!

          • Anon,
            I just finished doing my taxes. My taxes were $400 less this year than last year, on almost identical income.
            I agree on the 2nd Amendment problem.
            I would also remind you that with the exception of tariffs for national security, only Congress can pass tariffs and they have passed a LOT of them!

            • Only $400. I know of a lot of others that have had to pay through the nose. Including myself with 0 exceptions and extra coming out of paycheck. $400 is what is just a normal return. Anon was correct in their statement.

          • Anon @ Jakarta: Border issues are upsetting, more criminals coming in, drugs, welfare seekers big time, no border security!! When is he going to do something instead of “playng twitter”??

          • yep, he’s your lawfully elected president.

      2. What’s to study ?

        There is no way they can prevent it .

        The cost alone would bankrupt every utility .

        • Although it would be cheaper than AOC’s NGD. This would also be a worthier effort than climate change ‘solutions’.

        • The last estimate I heard to harden the Grid, was 5 to 7 Billion. Chump Change these days.

          • Red Leader – The same amount he is demanding for a border wall when there are much cheaper alternatives for the wall and that are just as effective. And half a wall for $5 billion won’t cover much territory or be very effective.

            I posted a long comment about that earlier today, but…

        • The estimated costs of hardening vary widely, depending on whether the issue is new construction or the retrofitting of existing infrastructure.

          “New units can be EMP-hardened for a very small fraction of the cost of the non-hardened item, e.g., 1% to 3% of cost, if hardening is done at the time the unit is designed and manufactured. In contrast, retrofitting existing functional components is potentially an order of
          magnitude more expensive and should be done only for critical system units.” –Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, Apr 2008, p 45

          The Report then identifies six actionable steps that can be taken to enhance protection, two of which can also be adapted by preparedness oriented individuals (viz., energy and communications). Not everything needs to be hardened – only critical systems.

          The Commission also distinguished between the three components of HEMP (E1, E2 and E3). All of the “EMP hardening” information found in preparedness publications focuses on just the E1 component, but the E3 component (which is largely magnetic in effect) can potentially be just as damaging – just in different ways.

          While manmade electromagnetic threats (EMP) can arguably be averted, natural electromagnetic threats (e.g., Coronal Mass Ejection) are beyond human control.

          One of FEMA’s many definitions for risk is that it consists of the product of threat, vulnerability and consequence. Preparedness oriented individuals intuitively understand this, and manage their risks
          accordingly at the personal level. Granted, one might consider it futile at this point to try to harden the electrical infrastructure. However, taking no corrective action, or taking only ineffective action, would be irresponsible, and a failure of risk management at the national level.

          The culprit here is not government, but the utilities, which take no mitigative actions on their own, and lobby hard against any attempts to require hardening.

        • so ignorance is the solution. makes sense.

          Fyi, they aren’t trying to “prevent” the event, they are trying to mitigate the aftereffects.

          Did you READ the EO..?

      3. Complete reset may be just what we need.
        Will put priorities in perspective

      4. Trump didn’t have to issue an EO to have a study done. Studies HAVE ALREADY BEEN DONE AND CAN BE FOUND ONLINE. Even if it can’t be prevented altogether the number of sources for an EMP can be reduced. For example take out the space-based weapons systems already in orbit. The infrastructure should have been upgraded at least 30 years ago to protect against EMP. It’s most likely too late to prevent EMP now.

        • Yeah, issuing an executive order to study EMP resilience is another meaningless gesture to fool us into thinking Trump is doing something.

        • read the EO. its not to “have a study done” (although R&D and research is a role in it.
          ht tps://w w

      5. The word “demanded” is a poor choice of words since he has no one he needs to demand it from. An Executive Order is an order to the agencies in the executive branch (of which Trump is the head). Under past Presidents the Executive Orders have been abused to carry the force of law on the population.

      6. Read today that the Red Chinese tested a cruise missile that can be launched from a cargo ship. WHY? EMP?

        Russia has landed over 100 soldiers in Venezuela this week, why? Venezuela is closer to Miami/Dallas/New Orleans than New York. A short range nuke missile would take out these cities.

        The Commies here are going to try to steal the next election, CW2 coming too soon. Can’t wait for China/Russia to attempt to reinforce Commiefornia. My money in on the United States Navy and Air Force!

        • Seminole Wind, the pieces are being arranged on the board. The question is, when will the game begin?

          • “But concerning that day, and hour, no one knows, not even the Angles of Heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only”. Matthew 24:36

            • Matthew 24:36- Thats the only deadline I’m really concerned with 🙂

      7. Let us not forget the gallant Men and Women of both the Marine Corps. and United States Army as well.

        I’ve had a great life as a United States Citizen. I owe this country much. I will have no problem defended The Constitution of the United States and The President against ALL enemies, even to my death, SO HELP ME GOD!

      8. No Study rebuild the infrastructure of our grid as Obama let Russia and the Chinese do practice drills here on how to take it down. geeezzzz really. Duh. It would cost only I airplane to rebuild our grid. Probably to late now if they are going to do just studies which they already know about.

      9. Most people think the grid going down is a paranoid idiot conspiracy theory. By directing a study perhaps the President wishes to bring the subject into the realm of reality so that when he actually begins to take the initiative to repair and harden the grid, he won’t be met with as much opposition from the public.

        It goes without saying that there will always be opposition, especially to Trump, no matter what he does.

        5 or 6 billion dollars is very reasonable considering the amount of money it will cost to bury all those people who would die if the grid goes down, not to mention how property values will drop, and God forbid, the football industry will go kaput.


      10. Here he goes again. Wasting more taxpayer money. Just like the rest of them.

        Same with the border wall especially given that Mexico was never going to pay for it and it will end up costing a hell of a lot more than the $5 Billion he’s demanding. A combination of cameras and drones are one alternative that wouldn’t cost nearly what he’s requesting, which isn’t going to cover the total costs of the wall anyway. Some illegals sneak in through legal ports and most fly in and overstay their Visa. Or they take the tunnels. A $5B wall isn’t going to address any of those problems.

        Virtual walls or borrowing the specific technology used for driverless cars to prevent illegals from entering are the top two low-cost, effective choices of several available, cheaper alternatives that he will not even listen to.

        The two teams of engineers behind these two technologies said Trump won’t even hear them out or at least read their proposal. He wants the money and he wants his materials used for the wall, the ones he contracts with through his NJ Mob buddies from his casino and hi-rise building days.

        After all is said and done it will have cost over $40 Billion for the wall, which we don’t have. I want a border but I don’t want to have to pay for it through increased taxes. There are cheaper alternatives that are also effective but Trump isn’t having any of it.

        I think as a prerequisite for TPTB to approve the incoming president they must swear to be eager and willing to waste taxpayer funds as well as get them to part with their hard earned money.

        • So you feel its a waste of money to direct the various cabinet members to work towards preventing an emp, and to mitigate the effects of one should they fail?

          Or are you just looking to pivot straight to an unrelated topic? (the wall)

      11. H’pot: They will have to use the military to bury the dead in mass graves to prevent diseases. The U.N. military (U.S. military will be merged w/ UN under exec. orders.)will do it no doubt.

      12. Apparently the only way of getting anything done is by executive order.People are going to go nuts when they’re electronic gadgets go down. That’s what really frightens me.

      13. He uses powerful words like “demand” to impress.

        But DEMANDING $5 Billion for wall when there are less expensive alternatives AND we need infrastructure isn’t impressing me.

        • try reading the actual EO. no where does it use the word “demand”. Thats Mac putting words in the presidents mouth.

          “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:…”

          ht tps://w w

      14. There is a mindset in some agencies that deal with emergencies that see the resources held by individuals as resources for the agencies to take and use. The problem with solar panels is that they have to be in the open to collect power from the sun. They are highly visible unless you are located in some remote location. Most of us aren’t.

      15. This isn’t a warning for an electromagnetic weapon, its a warning for a coronal mass ejection. The sun is getting primed for a extremely large X-class CME and NASA and the world governments know this.

        [42 U.S.C. 18388]

        [(a) Findings.–The Congress finds the following:
        [(1) Space weather events pose a significant threat
        to modern technological systems.
        [(2) The effects of severe space weather events on
        the electric power grid, telecommunications and
        entertainment satellites, airline communications during
        polar routes, and space-based position, navigation and
        timing systems could have significant societal,
        economic, national security, and health impacts.

        [(b) Action Required.–The Director of OSTP shall–
        [(1) improve the Nation’s ability to prepare, avoid,
        mitigate, respond to, and recover from potentially
        devastating impacts of space weather events;

      16. “President Donald Trump signed an executive order demanding a study be done on the risks of electromagnetic weapons.”

        Seriously Mac?

        Please read the actual EO

      17. This is why I’ve stopped caring is because all these sites do now, is sing Trump’s accolades. The Supreme court just ruled that the ban on Bump stocks can go into effect even though lawsuits, are still being settled. Tisk, tisk, tisk

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