Trump Tweets: Calls For Courts To Allow Travel Ban After Latest U.K. Attack: “We Need To Be Smart, Vigilant And Tough”

by | Jun 3, 2017 | Headline News | 96 comments

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    News is still murky following a coordinated terrorist attack on London Bridge this evening. Early reports indicate that as many as five terrorist shouting “this is for Allah” drove a van into a crowd of people. The men emerged from the vehicle and began stabbing passers-by, killing at least two.

    Heavily armed security response teams have secured the landmark British bridge and investigations are pending.

    The attack follows a recent suicide bombing at an Aria Grande concerts catering to families.

    President Donald Trump, whose tough stance on immigration has led to global protests from social justice groups and world leaders alike, responded to the attacks with a call to Federal courts currently reviewing an Executive Order requiring a ban on immigration from several middle east countries until such time that the Department of Homeland Security has implemented stronger vetting procedures.

    The ban has been overwhelmingly rejected by courts in heavily entrenched Democratic Party strongholds, including the infamous 9th Circuit in California.

    The following video is reportedly armed London Police confronting a man following the attacks:

    One can’t help but think that Trump is right about locking down Western countries to unfettered immigration. Without proper vetting procedures it is only a matter of time before the attacks come to America.

    In fact, not only did the Islamic State warn immediately preceding the Manchester attack that it was just the beginning, but so too has recent Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer:

    I’ve been saying this is going to happen for a long time.

    When is it coming here?

    I think the only way you get this point across is that we release the gates of hell on them and we start making war so ugly that…their recruitment videos… it won’t be cool to join ISIS anymore.

    And at some point we’re going to have to do that… this labeling of ‘it’s a lone wolf’ attack… or saying it’s not connected or this or that…

    You can’t just ignore this problem because it’s going to come here…

    Terrorists across Europe are being emboldened with every new attack. They will continue to execute such operations, and at some point could well put to use a chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological weapon.

    The White House recently warned of four potentially devastating scenarios that could be carried out by rogue terrorist organizations, and we suspect that the Islamic State, Al Queda and related groups are actively exploring and pursuing such potentially catastrophic attacks.

    Also Read: White House Warns Of Nuclear Terrorist Attacks: The Four Ways They Could Strike…


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      1. Betcha they were Muslims.

        • Well it sure as hell wasn’t Christians or Buddhists running down London Bridge with knives killing people.

          The common denominator is pretty damn clear.

          • Trump is right in banning refugees from nations where they cannot be properly vetted. Even the vetting process needs to be overhauled and made more stringent. Many are here who do not love or respect the values this country stands for. Unfortunately, there are many citizens who feel the same way. When will we learn not to harbor our enemies.

            There will likely be more such attacks using vehicles and easily available weapons including here in the US. Avoid crowds and choke points! We send our prayers to the U.K. and all the people who have been injured or adversely effected

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Laeagle, damn right. Trump needs to disregard the court orders and implement the ban like yesterday.

              • ?

            • First they need to fire every last obummer holdover then maybe they can think about vetting overhauls etc, obamma and his people are domestic enemies and traitors

              • Nailbanger you are right.
                If O’traitor hired them, President Trump should fire them.
                Totally clean house!

              • america(ns) will ALWAYS do the right thing….but only after exhausting ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES!






            • “…When will we learn not to harbor our enemies.”

              Maybe someone should have mentioned that to Woodrow Wilson, over a century ago…

              Walt Kowalski’s America has been dead for decades.

              • People should be asking why we are letting these dangerous people into our respective countries? It’s always one of two reasons: (1) Money or (2) Power/Control.

                1. Money- So that Saudi Arabia continues to support the petro-dollar and/or continues to buy worthless US debt with 1% rate of return (lossing money with inflation).

                2. Power/Control – Never forget that Government is basically an organized crime operation and as such, one of the main things/services it provides is PROTECTION. They create the problem (immigration) and then offer the solution (we’ll protect you from these savages).

                Have you ever noticed that when Democratic jurisdictions have budget problems, the first things that they “have” to cut are police and fire. It’s either that or we have to raise taxes.

                When you start to view government as a mob their actions start to make sense. Most or all regulations have nothing to do with consumer protection it is either extorting a business with the treat of harsh regulation: or it is one business seeking an advantage over another. The governments job is to convince us that they are looking out for us and care so much. For God sake think of the children.

                • right you are, justUS! wise words you write.

            • With Trump Away On Foreign Trip, State Department Quietly Drops Rules On Refugee Limits – 5/27/17

              “Trump’s initial executive order to suspend all refugee admissions for four months has been caught up in the judicial system, with federal judges staying the order.”

              Read more:

              “Although the Trump administration has notably opposed an increase in the influx of refugees, the State Department moved in full opposition to his plans while he is out of the country, The New York Times reports.

              “…as a result of the State Department’s decision, the number of refugees streaming in could now INCREASE to 1,500 per week by June…”

              (Refugee placement) “organizations will now be able to bring people in “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.”


          • Of course it was the islamic savages. The ones that are already here are going to have to be dealt with as well.

            • Always keep them in front of you, so you can watch them.

              • Thats where the sights are on all my weapons anyway,,,

                • ?!??

            • Menzo, there’s BILLIONS of bullets out there with someone’s names on them.

          • Trump is 100% Right. The problem is all the Commie Jewden Judges holding off Trump, so the Chewish plan to destroy America from within is fulfilled. Chop it up into little pieces to create the biggest welfare state so they can control us and we can be their slaves. Nutjob in Israhell said that. We need to get rid of all the Jewden parasites in Judgeships ASAP. Russia does not have this problem do they. To solve any problem you need to identify the problem and eliminate it 100% ASAP. Hello Orkin Man bring the big truck. Do you want the truth or some watered down bs bandaid story excuse? I will tell you the truth good or bad. Wake up America!! And no more Dual Citizens from Judan either. Kick all of them out also. Trojan horse folks.

          • Just a wee bit of sarcasm Anonymous. And I also must say we’ve had quite of few killings here by Muslims already. Virginia Tech, The Fag nightclub in Florida, San Bernadino, Boston, and back quite awhile ago, the Freeway shooters by Lee Malvo and his step father, The dude in Tennesee that shot his coworkers, a news cameraman and female reporter. The shooting in Louisiana that took the lives of five police officers. So it shows that the desert apes are assimilating quite well here.

        • Those European nation citizens are not allowed to defend themselves. That is even more retarded than what the mooselimbs are doing. Mooselimbs are just being mooselimbs. What do you think happens to any animal that lays down and rolls over. They become extinct.

        • PO’d Patriot, I doubt if it was Girl Scouts {SARCASM}. Of course it was stinking Muslims. Europe will never learn.

          • I know BH, just a little tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. LOL. Will the Brits ever wake up?…….pheck NO!







          • Eisenkrautz:

            Tell it like it is.


        • But … but …. Islam is a religion of PEACE !!! 🙂

        • Lies! Lies! Racist-hater-islamophobic-xenophobic-nazi-racist lies! It was a right-wing extremist false flag attack! Islam is a religion of peace! It’s White male’s fault! We demand tolerance, we stand united! This is just how it is now. Now put some flowers on the street, and move along…

          As Western Civilization wheezes it’s dying breaths, the people who are behind our demise are laughing. They laugh at our collective cowardice, our refusal to face reality. As long as there are bread and circuses, it will be this way. I hope that the parasites who have orchestrated this, and the leftist tools who support them all die most miserable deaths.

      2. Trump promised the travel ban would start on day one? He didn’t say , Unless some unelected lawyers in black robes say I can’t? Seems like only one thing can save us from the children of Satan?

        • i saw yesterday that trump’s travel ban has been fast-tracked by the supremes, so help MAY be coming. we have GOT to get rid of the judges that nixed his ban of the muzzies.

          • You don’t fast-track a case just to uphold it, you do it to shoot the Circuit Courts down in flames.

      3. Off subject kind of? Regarding pump verse auto. See if your strong enough to pump fire and reload 50 rounds without stopping to rest? 50 rounds of 12 pellet OO puts out 600 rounds? 50 rounds of AR puts out 50? A semi auto rifle puts out 3 rounds per second? A semi auto shotgun 36 per second? In the Rodesian bush war they said the average combat distance was 40 yards? Did you see Blackhawk down? You can get a used Winchester 1400 which has the recoil spring in the fore end for folding stock and no loading button? For what 300$? And buckshot is still 50 cents per round? And for stopping power? Get a 1400 take it to a gunsmith and say it jams ? He will polish it up. I think even full auto ARs can’t compare to semi auto shotguns at average combat distances?

        • TH, I’ve got 2 Mossbergs, one is a 590A1 pump and the other is a 930 semi-auto. The semiauto has less recoil but my pump holds more rounds. Emptying out the pump takes something out of me but I still have some energy after emptying out the semiauto. Decisions, decisions.

        • Its called BUMP Fire not pump fire. Thats probably your problem. lol

        • Traitor Hator, you are correct … for the most part!

          The semi-automatic/ self-loading shot gun the the best close quarter weapon we can buy. I don’t know about it being superior to a full auto rifles/carbines. That’s debatable and up to personal preference!

          My Saiga 12 GA (with fitted 20 round mags) IS my go to weapon, unless I reasonably expect to encounter an enemy employing long rifles. In a war against trained soldiers I would be hard pressed to choose the Saiga over my AR 10 (unless I wasn’t a very good shot). Your firearm selection should be mission specific and should change as the mission changes.

          • And another thing? Special forces combat load is 27 30 round mags? That’s 27 times 30 is that around 800 rounds? 80 rounds of 12 pellet Buck is over 800 rounds down range? Yes not quite the same ? But at black hawk down out numbered with suicidal charges it might work out better?

        • Traitor Hator, keep in mind, “Mission drives equipment”. But yes its hard to buck the odds of what a shotgun can do. But there are a few Canadian Geese that did manage to escape carnage this past season. I hope they come back this year.

        • if you are firing 50 rounds from a shotgun, chances are VERY good you will be dead before you get those all fired….if outside, i want my battle rifle..inside, it’s a remington 870 12 guage…it will cycle and fire EVERY round i pump through it….my 1100 might not….just remember, you might just end up using chinese ammo that might not cycle in a semi-auto….and if you find yourself OUTSIDE with a shotgun, the guy with a rifle kills you. the only reason i want a shotgun, is so i don’t kill my neighbors while defending myself against intruders INSIDE my home.

          • Inside fighting is urban combat? Like Blackhawk down? 3 or 5 of them would rush you firing so you couldn’t put your head up to aim? Put a mag tube extension on your auto shotgun. Trying to aim at heads behind walls is sniper type stuff?under heavy fire ? At Blackhawk down I think most would of rather had an auto shotgun 90% of the time?

          • And remember in a SHTF situation you might be half starved, sick from bad water , little sleep, cold , dehydrated, On a bench rest under good conditions, yea. But with dirt being kicked up in your eyes and your eye protection foged up or in the rain, snow or fog.? Aiming will be a luxury you might not have? And how many 3 or 5 round bursts are in a 30 round mag.? And how many 12 round bursts are in a auto shotgun with a mag extension?

          • And one more thing ? With the new body armor as used now in the Ukraine. Even with a 7.62 you have to make head shots? And we have been using the 70 caliber with buck and ball . Buckshot and slugs since the revolutionary war. So it’s kind of traditional?

          • And one more thing? Those guys at black hawk down were firing and reloading as fast as they could for hours? And during the Lebanese war many American volunteers were going there to defend the Cristian’s. I read the they wanted slugs expecialy sabot slugs and 9 mm hollow points. In other words they had plenty of buckshot for urban fighting but a lot of times they needed more range. In other words shotguns ruled ?and 9 mm hollow point for their pistols close range fighting. Also I read that the belt fed HK would wear out too fast.

          • And another thing sorry? I read that a father sent his son a shotgun during the Korean War and his son broke up a Chinese mass attack . But they wouldn’t give him a commendation because he used an unauthorized weapon.

          • Sell your clothes to buy a sword. Or sell your rifle to buy a shotgun?

      4. I’ve worked construction for 30 years. A working visa costs 1500 dollars for 6 months. Then they have to leave for 6 months. So it costs them 200 per month to work here? So the government is making money selling working visas? I don’t know what a vacation visa costs but they are not allowed to work and make money. We are being sold out by our government employees?

        • Have been for decades, thats why its us vs them period, most gov employees are just bureaucrats and are nothing more than enemies domestic and traitors

      5. Sick. In case some people still mistakenly think the government can protect them this should be more evidence that the only thing first responders can do is attempt to save those that can be saved and tag-n-bag the dead.

        • PD, according to certain federal and state supreme court rulings, it’s not LE’s job to protect systems nor their intention. As individuals we are all responsible for our own personal safety. Got guns? Got ammo and extra magazines? Got gun cleaning gear to maintain those same weapons? If not, get on the ball and go get what you need, CHOP CHOP!

      6. They won’t be happy until we’re not allowed to have doors on our houses.

        • Why should you be allowed to have a door on your house? Are you a racist, or something?!

          • laughing.

          • Actually, yes I am racist. Aren’t you?

            • Red blooded, and just a little right of Attila The Hun…

      7. I don’t think the world understands that the decent Americans have lost control of our war machine? Our government ? Our media ? Our banks? We are a country controlled by billionaires who want more? And they will wipe out anyone or thing that stands in their way?

      8. Out west you can see the California invasion. I lived in Cali. For ten years many had bumper stickers . Welcome to California now go home. I say the same to them. Ware ever they go. You can tell them speeding in their squeaky clean new forign SUVs or pickups. With the state of our auto industry what kind of sack of shit buys a brand new forign car ?The domestic enemy? Californians of that type should be on the travel ban? And all forign car owners are wonderful people?

        • They are beginning to infest Oregon, and they bring their retardation with them…

      9. Holy cow! I’m watching coverage of the London attack and there are crowds of young people being filmed, all walking down the street with their faces in their phones as they walk.

        Do they have a destination, are they aware of their surroundings? WTF.

        • poor poor simps!

      10. Only isreal is allowed to have walls?

      11. PTPO, they’re EUROPEANS. They love their ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ so much they don’t care. They’re doomed.

        • And your experience of Europe is so obviously direct from the comic cuts you devour so rabidly. You’re even a guy with a comic cuts handle! The hard man of cyberspace!

          Rather than just driving from your tar shack to your borrowed BOL, try broadening your mind by getting outside your county line.

      12. If the supreme court doesn’t side with reinstating the travel ban then there’s something smelling in Denmark. It better happen and the Trump appointed justice better vote for it. Refusing to protect the American people is a crime, and when someone is attacked here on American soil, “we the people” should file a class action suit against the supreme court justices who voted against the ban.

        • Law suit? ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

          You really don’t get it, do you?

          • Yes, I get it. But you must exhaust every avenue, before you can make that final choice to start a civil war. If you’re so enlightened why haven’t you acted? Tend to your own rat killing before tending to mine.

      13. Seems like Europeans have somewhere to run to? Americans don’t? If you think you can’t bug out to any forign country and be treated like a lady when SHTF . You will be a rich American pig and blamed?

      14. One day when the children of Satan lose control of are media the truth will come out? But no one knows the day or hour?

      15. Courts? Pfffttt,
        Too many freakin libturds anyway,,,

      16. We really screw up. We should have let the Serbians kill all the inhabitants of Kosovo. Hungary, Poland are smart enough to know you don’t let Moslem’s live near you.
        Democrats and most Western Europeans are too stupid to understand the danger. Force all Moslems back into their homelands and kill anything that leaves. They will murder, rape, and starve. I don’t care, let God sort it out.

        • Cant wait for a bunch of them gunning down everything ok waikiki beach

      17. We are being slowly surrounded like the frog in the pot? I think there are more preppers ( smart virgens ) then we realize?

      18. The damn Muslims have taken over a street in NYC and are praying in front of Trump Tower. It was stated in the article that they don’t know the reason for this. I think we do though, the Muslims are upset because Trump has used the attack in London to call for travel ban reinstatement. These damn Muslims need to get the hell out of this country. This is OUR country and we allow you to come here, but you have worn out your welcome, and time to go.

      19. I read a women’s comment that she thinks she is wasting her time and money prepping. And if you die at the start. Maybe some guy with a wife and five kids gets your preps and worships you for saving their whole family. Maybe your purpose in this life is more then you think? Or can understand?

        • I’m in my 70s and if I get cancer or something bad I’ll pass my stuff on. I know a few other preppers in geezer land here and they would appreciate it. The guy across the street has teenage grand kids. That may help him help them.

      20. There have been 149 deaths since Muslim Ramadan began, May 26, with the latest London attack still developing. You think maybe we need to pay more attention to these satanic Muslim pigs, and less attention on North Korea? These child raping Muslim pigs are getting more and more defiant and demanding and will soon be killing Americans on American soil. When that happens, the shit will hit the fan! Now they are trying themselves in NYC. They are a violent religion and a violent bunch of pigs. Watch, it’s getting closer to all out war here on American soil.

      21. Al Queda were in the process of destroying the poppies. Those Al Queda were saving American lives. The Al Queda in Afganistan were replaced by corrupt politicians who started up the growing process. The deadly addictive drug is now an epidemic among young Americans.

        The people who promote third world invasion into predominantly white European Countries are those People who have been expelled from 109 Countries in Europe for making mischief. Well, these people’s mischief is why Europe and America are being invaded.

        I can’t name them without being censored.


        • The US Government built a dam to water the poppies so that the heroin could be shipped into Russia by the CIA, Mossad, and saudi Intelligence operatives to undermine that country and kill Russian Citizens: much like the CIA does with drugs from South and Central America which they import into American Inner Cities.

          The Global Deep State needs to be purged, and it could be: overnight and at 500 yards. 🙂

        • B from CA, being censored why why I stopped posting here last time. I would have never come back but I believe we are close to a SHTF event, much worse that 2007/2008 and I care about this community.

          I was 10 months early last time but got out of the market at a high and bought something else at the bottom (yes, that’s a brag). This time I expect the wheels to fly off this fall, but this time there will be blood that follows.

          • The coming collapse will mark the end of the current economic and political system. Right now it is pretty clear that Russia and China are NOT on board with respect to the NEW system.

            Can anyone doubt that we have some “obscure” problem/hatred for Russia right now. I have never heard a reasonable explanation as to why. It’s either because they’re white or because they’re Nationalistic.

            With respect to China, they built those man made Islands as a preparation for war. Japan did virtually the same thing preceding WWII. Also, I DO NOT see them helping the US with the North Korean problem.

            Both Russia and China have been tested to determine their allegiance to the New World Order and their hubris has …

        • Rev. 2:9, 3:9, John 8:44 Mentions them by name?

      22. What is it with these judicial nut cases and flakes?
        Since when does the right of third world terrorist to immigrate to America trump the rights of we the people to be safe?
        Wouldn’t it be ironic if these judges who are against President Trumps travel ban, lost their wives or kids in a Muslim attack here in America. Being a free nation should not mean being a stupid nation. Charges of treason should be brought against these judicial lunatics, followed by conviction and firing squad!

      23. Listening to the British media is blood boiling… none of them will identify the perps as Islamic Terrorist’s. They beat around the bush time ‘n’ time again, tying themselves up in knots as they follow the ‘politically correct’ script of the NWO Globalists in an attempt to provide cover for the death cult of Islam. They aint kidding anyone, we all know that the Death Cult of THEM worship Allah and the festival of Ramadan always emboldens the Muslim to act out their holy orders!- murderous Muslim scum.

      24. Despite repeated warnings, people are caught ‘off guard’ again with an attack. The British government is running on a law and order, security and stability platform in the election, yet, they are delivering nothing like that: the frequency of terror attacks has increased, as well as the number of violent attacks on the streets by gangs and minorities has also dramatically increased.

        Politicians have in fact told people to ‘get used to it’ and to keep going out and running the risk of being attacked. But basic situational awareness can make a big difference.

        The best weapon against terror attacks is prevention and apprehension. The risk can be reduced if you reduce the risk population in your population; it can be reduced by rolling up known networks and plotters, not just watching them. The Nazis were not defeated by letting in millions of Germans and fanatics and building halls to fascism. It was defeated by mobilising society for total war with a clear goal: the defeat of Nazi Germany.

        There is no need to meet labor market needs through people from the states with the greatest risk of radicalisation. The world has many people in it and you do not need to hire from that community.

      25. There is no need for any immigrants to come to the US to become citizens,we as a country have done MORE then our share,times up.HB1 visas ect.done/vetting of student visas/tourist get on it.

        Feel some in our govt. will literally need to be physichally removed from seats of so called power to make this happen,we best get on it as a nation,may be too late but better to try then sit around like the euro’s.

        • Very true: all Western states have enough people in them if they do two things: apply technology to boost productivity, only allow people from cultures and countries who integrate well and do not hold radical views, and create stable families that have children. There is no need to take in people from the worst places on the planet nor from the craziest cultures and beliefs.

        • sooner or later we got to put obomber in prison for what he’s done to U.S…..then a LOT more people after we get him where he belongs…..killary SHOULD be next….shall we start a LIST?

      26. Islam is a “Death Cult”.
        If you are not Muslim, you are an Infidel and it is OK to KILL you, it is OK to rape little boys and girls and sell women and children as sex slaves.
        The fool “Bush” called Islam a religion of peace, what a load of fecal matter.
        Islam is a “Death Cult”.

      27. Occurring in the city with the most surveillance of nearly any other.

        In America, our encounters such as this, could be bloodier due to the availability of weapons and on several occasions have.

        That is why a person, who has a concealed carry permit and is well trained in the use of their personal weapon, being well trained is spending time on the range shooting close in and also at distance. I practice up to 25-30 yards which I am comfortable with at my age and physical issues.

        And have to practice kneeing and shooting around a barrier(wall).

        Terrible to have this type of comment in this day and time but evil and hate is running rampant

        Could make a difference. The Police in London, took eight minutes to respond. A lot of people can be killed in eight minutes.

        And after all is said and done, call your lawyer, have plenty of witnesses, especially ones who will say “If not for this person, he/she saved all of our lives.

        Finally, what is occurring In England and France is SOP,
        IS SOP (STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES) for a nation who has a growing Muslim population and who have a base that is sympathetic to the cause of Jihad.

        London has that base now.

        It is coming here. It is here and we’ve seen several incidents already.

        In New Jersey nearly 10 years ago, Two Egyptian Coptic Christians were killed, their hands and their feet cut off and their possession taken to include their car in which the police caught the murderers in their vehicle. They said they took the vehicle because they were infidels and they have the right because they were not Muslims.

        Ok infidel.

        Not in no way inciting violence or hate, just trying to explain the mind set of the potential threat.

        Knowledge is power, application of that knowledge, priceless.

        • You are right: there is no mystery to what they are doing: they openly broadcast their plans and intentions. The mystery is why the government lets them keep doing it.

          As for Trump’s measures, they are no different than what was done in both world wars. All democracies reserve the right to defend themselves when facing an existential threat. Radical Islamic extremism is that threat. They could have taken down two governments with brazen attacks: thankfully the police stopped them.

          We need a state of emergency (lots of legal precedents for this, including Canada in the 1970s) and then use it to clean the problem up (Canada did this in 1970). Nobody would call Canada a fascist country or not a democracy. But when they were threatened with insurection and terrorism, they quickly acted to stop it. Already Muslims have been the most violent migrant group in the history of migrants.

      28. The useless mayor claims the city is the safest global city. Not when you consider the number of attacks and throw in the escalating gang attacks. Even as the terrorist attack was under way, elsewhere gang attacks were happening.

        Rather than wasting people’s time denying there is a problem, he should be fully engaged with finding a solution.

        One option should be logged in and outs into London. Currently, only the financial district is tightly controlled. Maybe this should be spread to the whole city. This would have the advantage of not only preventing terrorist attacks but also give the authorities the data to crack down on gang activity.

        At present, this is a record year for tourists being killed by terrorists in London: not the sort of publicity the city needs when it has so many other economic problems.

      29. Wake up Europe,how many more have to die before you get the hint. Merkel needs to go too. She has let in the most. They do not want to assimilate. America,better learn from Europe’s mistakes or we will be in the same boat. Times awastin!

      30. Trump was on the right track with “EXTREME VETTING”, which means nobody gets in unless we have verifiable assurances from a believable source that these immigrants are not terrorists. Western Civilization better wake the hell up. Those ignorant liberals that believe in open borders have a “MENTAL DISORDER”, thanks for the right name Michael Savage.

        • Agree: and the world epicenter of Islamic terror organising and financing, the UK, needs to be banned from flights to the US. They admit there are 23,000 terrorists plotting atacks alone. That is way too high a risk to let flights to go from the UK to the US. It is also time to conduct operations against these targets irrespective of what the British think or do. The CIA has the ability to do it and to get it done.

      31. So this is what the country of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher has come too.Police advising to run,hide,tell.And in New York,thousands of Muslims blocking a public street to bow down and pray.Why were they not removed? Yup,this is going to be a long hot summer.

      32. Muncie Indiana has a mosque. Had wondered if Or when they will “flex their muscles and attack”
        It’s a guess folks. The second amendment is a hindrance to their plans here in America.
        Seems Muslims destroy where ever they go. Ban them ALL.

      33. Have you noticed how many small hotels are owned by foreigners? What a perfect way to smuggle the enemy around?

      34. It is time for the president to authorise kinetic operations in the UK and across Europe to eradicate this Islamic menace from the Western world’s security corridor. It is that serious. The British and the Europeans, as they showed in WW1 and WW2, are too divided and fractious to take firm action and are not up to addressing the the threat and protecting their own citizens let alone anyone else.

        It may offend the British but these operations need to push them aside and get the job done. If they refuse to do so, stop their flights to the US: the UK is such a minor economic presence for the US, it would harm them more than the US. The US can also make it conditional on getting a free trade deal post-Brexit.

        The US president has authority to do so as Europe is still an occupied territory as a result of WW2. As for the Islamic mayor who is trying to break up the special relationship between the US and the UK, that is just unbelievable to watch. How the world’s financial capital ended up with a radical Muslim as mayor I do not know?

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