Trump To Sessions In Series Of Tweets: ‘Stop The Rigged Witch Hunt NOW!’

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter in order to call upon Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the investigation into his alleged Russian collusion.  Trump wants the Justice Department to “stop the rigged witch hunt” before it can “stain our country and further.”

    In his Twitter post, Trump also blasted the 17 angry Democrats that are doing a conflicted Mueller’s dirty work.

    “..This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further.  Bon Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to [sic] USA!” Trump wrote.

    And Trump is far from the only American who sees the investigation as a witch hunt.  Many Twitter users have taken his side, while many others believe firmly in the Russian conspiracy theory. The president made his comments in a series of Tweets earlier this morning.

    Attorney General Sessions recused himself from overseeing the investigation early in 2017. The New York Times hypothesized that this was done, in part, to avoid the kind of conflicts such as that which Trump has proposed. Later, a special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, was appointed to carry out the investigation.

    Trump’s lawyers, Rudolph W. Giuliani and Jay A. Sekulow, said in a telephone interview that the president was not ordering the inquiry closed but simply expressing his opinion via the social media platform. “It’s not a call to action,” Mr. Giuliani said, adding that it was a sentiment that Mr. Trump and his lawyers have expressed publicly before. “He’s expressing his opinion, but he’s not talking of his special powers he has” as president, Giuliani said.

    “He doesn’t feel that he has to intervene in the process, nor is he intervening,” said Sekulow.

    The special counsel is also looking into some of Trump’s tweets about Attorney General Sessions and the former F.B.I. director James Comey and whether the messages were intended to “obstruct the inquiry” into his alleged Russian collusion. Senator Patrick  Leahy, a Democrat of Vermont, suggested on Twitter that the president’s directive to Sessions in these recent Tweets was, in fact, obstruction.

    The ongoing battle against the Trump presidency and the debate over what constitutes opinion vs. “obstruction of justice” doesn’t appear to have an end date in sight.  Although, according to Guiliani, Mueller suggested that the Russia obstruction probe would be wrapping up by September 1.  We’ll all be waiting with bated breath.


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      1. Speaking of the “rigged witch hunt” there is more on the “Russia did it” front.

        Facebook, in an effort to redeem itself from the scandal it created by using its illegal data-mining algorithm and privacy shredding algorithm ended up recently destroying its stock value by $18.8-billion in one day (the largest one day loss in history (that’s ever folks) — said it uncovered evidence of campaign interference while using the same evil algorithm. So, who is the responsible party?

        The DHS just announced that it was the Russians, of course. Boy, somebody wants World War III real bad.

        Mark Zuckerberg (you can’t use the word on this site, but it rhymes with shoe), is just the front man. The Deep State owns the algorithm is running Facebook. Zuckerberg is just the frequency, Kenneth. Zuckerberg was given billions of dollars to be the highest paid pansy in history. The Deep State, the “Powers That Be” PTB, eager to please, tossed Hawaiian natives from property that Zuck coveted. And now that things have gone south for “Nazibook” Zuckerberg is being offered up to the rightfully roused angry masses — as the good guy — America’s savior.

        • bout damn time!!
          NOW will you arrest and execute hillary, holder, obama, lynch, learner, wasserman, comey, struzk, page, for the KNOWN sedition, espionage, treason, and multiple felonies these bastards have committed??????

      2. It all makes me want to puke…

        • My take on this is that the evil algorithm stays. The Deep State wants the evil algorithm. The Deep State needs the evil algorithm. Zuckerberg will be allowed to stay, as long as he does what he is told to do, and behaves himself.

      3. I’m not in disagreement with any here who wish justice would prevail; however, until I first see these criminals arrested, led off in hand-cuffs, jailed with bails so high even the wealthiest of them cannot afford to get out, tried and found guilty, publicly executed and their bodies left on the gibbets for the crows to feed upon………… I’ll not believe that this nation is free, equal to and for all.

        • Left on the gibbets sounds good.

        • Have you noticed that Facebook has not been removed from any of the MSM sites since the data mining scandal came to light? Even the supposedly reputable MSM sites still have Facebook. You still are required to log in to Facebook if you want to comment on most (if not all) of the MSM sites like “The New York Times,” and the “Washington Post.” And Facebook is still using the algorithm to continue data mining. As though Paywalls and having to “pay to play” wasn’t bad enough.

      4. Thank God hitlary was innocent and the demorat-socialist-marxist antiva sh*ts we’re out there looking out for a free amerika!!!! (sarcasm)…

        With the mid terms coming in 2018 and the presidential election two years later i’d be holding onto my bible and firearms…

        If they want the Republic they’re gonna have to take it one piece at a time…

        You want a good time – start in the farmland of Texas and see where it gets you…

        There’s a lot of AMERICANS that remember the teachings of their elders and hold to their ideals and the Constitution above the politicaly correct bullshit of the day…

        At some point the libs are going to get tired of trying to work the system to still our voices and confiscate our guns… wonder how many millions antiva can muster??? (Sarcasm again…)

        There’s not much to be done when they stay up north and west of America and just continue to crap on their own..

        Try exporting that ?…

      5. What needs to be done is the special forces round up the deep state. Lock them up at GITMO and let a military Tribunal exact punishment. Its in my opinion the only viable solution.

        • How do you know that the Special Forces aren’t on their side?

          • How do I know? Actually I don’t Know. We have no wa of knowing what and how much we don’t know. We cant be !00% certain of anyone or anything. We can only make a guess by digesting what info we do have. Trump has ordered Upgrades at GITMO told to expect VIP inmates. Trump has a lot of military folks on his staff and cabinet. So I hope the military has his back?

      6. What ain’t rigged from the US government? Absolutely nothing. The vote is certainly rigged today more than ever before in this nations history. Rigging the vote is legal, that’s how the assault on sanity and freedom continues unimpeded. Prove that the whole show is not rigged. Crickets I suppose.

      7. I read somewhere that anything having a
        Fake Book, Twatter, G00zzle, icon…. is
        accessing your comments, files, sites.
        They are not going to stop just because
        we hate them for spying.
        By hitting “agree” to terms and conditions
        while setting up your service, You are giving them
        permission to do anything they want.

        DJ Trump uses it to his advantage.
        He uses our legal rights for his gain.
        Constitutionally…..they are walking a
        thin line between corruption….and
        giving AID AND COMFORT TO THE
        ENEMY !!! It’s called TREASON !!!

      8. Somebody must have some dirt on MR. McGOO (Sessions). His failure to perform as the Attorney General forces us to wonder.

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