Trump Tax Cuts Have Postponed Economic Collapse: “The U.S. Has Become The Tax Haven Of The World”

by | Feb 4, 2018 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    The last several years have seen massive gains for both stock market and digital currency investors with prices hitting unprecedented levels of growth. But one particular asset class, despite its necessity for day-to-day global activities, has been totally ignored by the general investing public. According to venture capital financier Carlo Civelli, there are varying reasons for why mining companies involved in commodity metals like copper, zinc, gold and silver have been either stagnant or seen disproportionate drops in their market value versus broader stocks, but one in particular stands out as of late:

    The exploration stocks are just not attracting the following that they used and the reason for that could be the whole blockchain and Bitcoin mania… which is diverting a lot of speculative money from what used to be the commodities markets.

    And while we’re likely to see continued interest in crypto currencies over coming years, Civelli notes that recent political developments in the United States, as well as favorable supply demand fundamentals, suggest that 2018 will be a breakout year for commodities markets after having hit cyclical lows. In an interview with Future Money Trends, Civelli says that President Trump’s tax cuts have shifted the global balance and may have postponed any serious economic problems for another ten years. 

    The United States has become the tax haven of the world. 

    Coupled with Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan, the widespread tone of economic optimism across the global economy explains why Civelli has been aggressively gobbling up mining stocks (and he’s not talking about digital blockchain mining):

    We could be at a reversal of the dollar to the downside, which is obviously due to all the tax cuts. The lower dollar will stimulate growth but at the same time the interest rates may not go up as much as everybody thinks… so the dollar could go lower… and that could lead to an opposite extreme…

    In other words… tax cuts and a lower dollar should mean commodities go up… and we’re also looking at a very favorable supply/demand condition where you can see the commodities copper and zinc are sneaking up and mining stocks are not really following yet.

    …We are looking at a very good 2018 in commodities… and also on the gold side, gold stocks should really start to follow the gold price more accurately.

    And while Civelli’s believes that Trump’s tax cats could provide a significant boost to the U.S. economy in the near-term, the long-term outlook may not be so positive:

    By lowering the tax rate to 21% you obviously stimulate growth… but at the same time Europe seems very distant with tax rates of over 35% or higher. So the [U.S.] economy is going to continue to boom… but what Trump has really done is he has postponed the debt problem for the next 10 years or so… Trump is saying the economies of the world, in particular the United States, will grow out of this problem…

    I don’t think that’s going to happen because one day when the interest rates go back to normal… the debts will still be there…

    And what will save investors when that time finally comes?

    As we all who invest in commodities believe…  ultimately you will have to have some gold in your portfolio to protect against all this… it’s not going to end well. 

    Visit Future Money Trends for more market commentary, trend insights and interviews like the one you just watched.

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      1. Don’t underestimate cryptos. As the dollar tanks, gold/silver and cryptos will soar as they’ll be seen as an alternative

        • Why would anyone in their right mind get into cryptocurrency??? Makes no sense.
          I mean we HAVE a Fiat currancy now if that crashes at least you have asswipe.
          If cryptos crash you don’t even that.
          As for gold / silver I think most would agree it’s good to keep some at home it will not doubt be useful for a limited time after Fiat falls.
          Personally I’ll stock up as much as I can if I end up having to bug out I’ll carry what ever I think is convenient for trade bury the rest of u survive shtf and shit goes back to normal go home dug it up.
          Most refugees do end up coming back once displaced ( most cases) unless your Syrian or fleeing Trump’s

          • If crypto is the economic answer I don’t understand the question. I looked at tangible value and see the USD and all global currencies fiat. I see crypto as invisible fiat. I’m a one plus one equals two guy.

            Where is DK?

            • Relax crypto will always be worth the paper it’s printed on.

            • Here Sir! Haven’t felt the need to comment on anything recently buts I gots my “eyez” on you just the same. 😉

              “Why would anyone in their right mind get into cryptocurrency???”

              So they can tell their great-great-grandchildren that they would have been a zillionaire if they had sold out BEFORE the cryptos crashed.

              Hind sight is always 20/20. 🙂

          • People like crypto because they are stupid.

            • “President Trump’s tax cuts have shifted the global balance and may have postponed any serious economic problems for another ten years.”

              COOL MAYBE I CAN RETIRE! 😀

              • OH AND! JM bullion (ad at top here) has a deal for new customers. 10 oz. of silver rounds in container and nice little bag for spot price! I got me one and they are nice brand new coins and a great deal! I am impressed to the point they will be my online source from now on. I usually buy private but hey, if you want online, check them out!

                • They have had it for the past 2 years, “genius”. Where the fuck have you been ?

                • Government likes Crypto because they can raid your account from a comfy chair.

                  • They can raid your account from a comfy chair anyway. On a more educational note: Are you a US citizen? find out why the constitution is void… ht tp://

                    • Genius, Although we are rife with corrupt tyrants who manipulate the law and thus we, the people, The constitution is NOT void. The law of the land still applies.It is our duty to enforce those laws…you can’t expect the criminals to respect the law without enforcement.
                      That enforcement must be done by us.

                  • They DEFINITELY can NOT raid your “crypto account” because if you have your crypto in your own digital wallet and off the exchanges, they can’t get shit. If you hold Bitcoin or Ether in a wallet you control, the govt can’t get anything. Just saying.

                    And for those who don’t know why crypto has value, it’s really simple. First the time that goes into writing code and maintaining code is worth something. Second, it is, for the most part, out of the reach of government and thirdly, if Bitcoin and MOST, not all crypto is being discussed, it can’t be inflated away like govt fiat can! That’s value right there. Not to mention, all your traditional bank accounts are digital and I don’t see anyone complaining about that.

                    And let’s see, what else is there that has value that you can’t touch or hold, oh how about Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Facebook (although I don’t have an account and hate Facebook), Mac OSX, Android, iOS, etc. etc. etc… All of that is NOT TANGIBLE yet you use it EVERYDAY to view this site and transact over the internet!!! It’s all just code. And yet the value is clearly visible in those examples. Without it, you couldn’t do a lot of things you do today!

                    The hardware that all that runs on would be entirely useless without the software. Crypto most definitely has value. But a lot of old’ timers here can’t see that because they don’t know why it does. They say gold and silver… And I AGREE, but you can’t say crypto doesn’t have value either because it clearly does!

                    Now, if the govt makes a crypto coin, I would NOT want to use it. The govt would be able to track everything.

                    With crypto (not govt crypto), you can make anonymous payments with nobody knowing who was on either end. I can transfer $2 million dollars in value to someone halfway around the world without needing permission from a govt, bank, etc. I can board a plane and nobody knows the better what I have for crypto! Try to cross a boarder with $2 million in papers dollars or gold. Try to board a plane with same said items…. Once you realize what crypto can do, you will most definitely see why it has value!

                    • still trying to learn about crypto…but I’m skeptical since it is backed by …what?
                      Granted, the US dollar is backed by nothing either, except the “full faith and credit” of the US gov.
                      But it means something…

                      What are crypto currencies backed by?
                      And what happens to most of the rest of them (1,300)?
                      The sheer number is a bit much, don’t you think?

            • People like crypto because they assume OTHER PEOPLE are stupid.

              Basically crypto is a bet that everyone else is a dumbfuck and will just buy it off them no matter how high it goes.

              Problem is that this assumption is going in circles right now. All the OTHER PEOPLE assume YOU are stupid too. Everyone assumes everyone is stupid.

        • “Trump Tax Cuts Have Postponed Economic Collapse”.

          Guess we won’t need all that silver, gold, or bitcoin now. Or those penny stock mining shares that Future Money Trends is always pushing.

          Especially the “55 million ounces of silver” that JP Morgan Chase has purchase for their tens of thousands of Wealth Management Private Clients. Just saying. 🙂

      2. Even the Democrats who hate Trump will smile when they get their paychecks.

        Money is coming back into the pockets of Americans right here and now. That is always a good thing and good for the economy.

        • Da Brothers will be signifying with their Homies trash talking Trump but those that kept their good manufacturing job or got hired at a new one in the voting booth will vote their wallet. Its all about the pay check. The Democrats grabbed labor under FDR and began losing it under Clinton who’s Free Trade support was blamed upon exclusively upon Bush and the Republicans. Trumps infighting with Establishment Republicans like McCain only draw Trump closer to the disenfranchised middle class.

          All I hope is that were kept out of WWIII

          • The naggers hate Trump because he promised them a job! The rest of the trolls are just hypocrites (or else they would pay extra taxes voluntarily lol).

              • Somebody needs to load those ungrateful wretches on the nearest ship and bring them right back to Somalia, yesterday!

      3. The tax cuts have bought a little time, yes. But for what real purpose? The dollar essentially already has no actual value. Nor do any of the other currencies – crypto included. It’s all a game. A terrible evil game. No magician on stage has ever played to so big an audience. The entire world is watching and attentions diverted in a myriad of directions. What is happening? Really boys and girls, what is the truth of what is happening? That ‘little bit of time’ is allowing for whom to position the pieces on the chessboard we don’t even see? We’re so close to the crux point that the point of the blade is already through the cloth of our shirts. Yet we don’t see the reality. To take the next step, the powers that be must be certain that they can eliminate quickly and efficiently all opposition to the engaging of their plan(s). Stay sharp, pay attention, drop all assumptions, admit ignorance…… a blank slate is far easier to write upon than one cluttered with meaningless garbage.

      4. ??? so America fires up the the manufacturing machine; here Canada sits poised to wait it all out m/f !!!
        Truly I’m happy folks are back to work down there. It’s been a rough ride with our entrenched communist NDP and Liberals.
        Unemployment is up. But looks down because most have exhausted any employment insurance.
        Here in Alberta the NDP has been responsible for tripeling the debt closing coal plants before anything else is in place my heating and electrical bill are 15% higher with this carbon tax that was supposed to buy “social licence” for pipelines.
        The windmills and solar that are coming here are all from onterio the parts the cement mix the crews to set them up no Albertans I have heard of have ever had one thing to do with green energy.
        Most Canadians know the politics of this.
        Oversimplified Notley is following onterios lead in green energy even though the onterio premieres popularity is barely above 17%. And lead that province into the toilette.
        Canada is closing its doors to investment and business development while the US chugs on. Our best hope is ol’ Donald gets a second term. That will give Canada time to purge the sickness that is Communism in this country. By 2020 Notley Wynne and Trudeau will be gone well have our PC gov back in control of Alberta onterio and Quebec. It’s in the air here as well they have painted themselves in a corner even with their own voter base.

        • I’ve worked with a lot of Canadians.
          Most of my education was provided by
          Canadians(they come South to teach).
          I, for the life of me cannot understand
          why you guys like and trust your
          government so much.
          I despise my government no matter who runs it!
          Get rid of Quebec and Manitoba,
          I don’t understand why BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario,
          Territories, and the Maritime’s don’t just bail.

          • “don’t just bail”

            I never met a Canadian that I didn’t like. I find them all very polite. I think bailing out would be too rude for their taste.

            • Kevin,
              Lol yes we are polite generally easy to work with. Many leave Canada for private practice in the states nothing wrong with that. It’s no secret we have a communist government.
              As for separating it has been mentioned
              A Canadian separation would look something like this.
              Alberta alone would have to become part of the US
              If Alberta took Saskatchewan and Manitoba we’d stay independent. No body cares about BC it’s our own version of California 100% libtard.
              They elected a provincial government based on stopping all pipelines at all costs.
              That little pimple is coming to a head in the next few month.

              • Tell em’ to take of eh! Buncha hoser’s!

                • Hmmmm, everyone must be watching the “STUPORBOWL” 😐

                  • Yes, it is on here. There was just a commercial that featured a black man on a stage, with tape over his mouth and a blindfold over his eyes. The message was something or other about not silencing black people (as if you could shut up those loudmouth jive artists).

                    • Colonel Sharecropper, welcome and I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’m in Memphis and hear too much of that shuck-n-jive.

              • AB,
                I’m curious, how did BC get so Liberal?
                Was it all the Chinese that bought Vancouver?
                Victoria was as about stuffy English as you
                could get, it was like the whole city was ruled
                by a Homeowners Assn.
                Maybe there is something in Georgia strait that
                infects BC, drifts into Bellingham bay, continues on
                to Puget sound and ruins Seattle.
                I used to sail those waters and I know it is full
                of Liberals.

                • Hippies gained hold of things in the 60s/70s and their mindset took over. Then, socialists and communists from assorted countries (China, Russia, Israel, etc.) migrated and kept the Marxist-Leninist ‘dream’ going.

                • Relik not sure what the hell happened over there the went full retard when they elected an NDP gov. They ran in a platform for stopping Alberta oil from reaching the coast so that pipeline happens to run across several cities and native lands. Everybody has a say that the trouble with democracy as oppsed to a Republic. Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba and the territories are pretty much always in agreement. BC onterio Quebec are usually the main problems
                  I won’t get into transfer payments between the have provinces and the have not provinces. BC is a nice place but let’s face it for the last 60 years it’s pretty much just a giant national park.
                  Think of it this way Alberta is the Texas of Canada whereas BC is our California

                  • I’ve only been to BC and Saskatchewan. I’ll take your word about Alberta.
                    Texas and CA seems a good comparison.
                    Although the guys I know from BC were pretty
                    tough good Ole boys.
                    I also know Asians from BC that are
                    not people, I’d want to vote for
                    anything having to do with sanity.

        • My grandmother is from just south of Ottawa, and I still have relatives we visit there. We’ve tried to encourage them to come down to more temperate climes and better cost of living, but they didn’t. And now they have grandchildren there, so I guess we won’t be hearing of them moving. It’s a shame. They aren’t happy with the way things are run, but won’t move. Boggles my mind. Yet two of their first cousins ( my mother and Cousin Reggie) both left, and were way better off. Oh well. I still love them. ?

      5. But… but… shit was gonna hit the fan… you said!
        Yo usaid it was coming any day now. We were all stocked up, you swore it would!

        Oh well, I guess we will all be eating K-rations until further notice… or until we run out. YUMMY!!! I hope everyone ordered a nice variety.

        So… uhm… ya gonna change the name of the web site to SWNHTF- “Shit will not hit the fan”?

        • Your bring sarcastic right???

          • That’s some funny shit there!

        • I am not a prepper. I am an AMERICAN. I’m not waiting for bad shit to happen; it’s already happened and will continue happening. For my own part, I am taking steps every day to make myself more and more …ohhh, whats that word? Oh yeah : INDEPENDENT. All the stupid crap that goes on, all the dumb fuck people who can never see the world as it is because they won’t pull their head from their ass and wipe the shit from their eyes: I want nothing to do with any of them!

          Let me put it to you this way: one of my favorite books is “Robinson Crusoe”, where one of the big events is when he first gets ship wrecked. Sure, he made it to shore, and he didn’t drown, but he was alone. The weather got good: the sun was shining, and the ship was still there, wrecked just off shore. Crusoe didn’t waste any time blubbering, and he didn’t sit there and say “well the sun’s shining, think I’ll take a nap”. Hell no: he swam out to that boat, and pulled off everything that was worth a shit. Every day he swam and sweated his ass off. Because eventually, the weather turned shit again, as it will do; and the next morning, the boat was fucking GONE.

          The sun’s shining, boy. Either learn to swim, and get yer ass moving or STFU

        • TG,
          You sure you don’t mean C Rats? I lived off those for months.
          on a side note mine were dated to the early 1950’s even though it was 1975. You’d starve on K Rats if you had to live on them for a long period of time.

      6. But 2018 will be another record year in adding an additional $1 trillion plus to the national debt…. all ending up on Wall Streets bottom line. DEBT = STOCK MARKET. The US isn’t growing in illegal immigration numbers with additional entitlements added to the US debt like from 2000-2017, so the US gov MUST continue spending even more debt money just to keep GDP at 0%… this time they chose tax cuts. Obama had bailouts, weatherization rebates, cash for cluckers and “green energy” credits. SAME OLD SHIT, SAME INCREASE IN THE NATIONAL DEBT.

        • Just think of all the illegal and undocumented immigration the government can get for free from all these George Soros funded NGOs in 10-years. We (meaning the American people), are so f*cked.

      7. YouTube to tag all videos that receive US government money… and these videos will be deemed THE TRUTH!! BAHAHAHAHAHA

      8. So, the promised full-on systemic collapse has been postponed until 2028?

        Well, on the bright side, 10-years sure beats being told every year that the collapse that didn’t come that year will most certainly, absolutely, positively come next year. Honest.

        You mean to tell me that this sh*t has to go on for another 10-years? That’s just mean.

        • Good point…

        • No collapse. Slow fizzle…

        • 10 years assumes that governments, or banks if you prefer actually have control of the economy…
          or more likely they have ahold of the saddle of a BULL in the chute ready to go.
          When that door opens we will ALL get to see how much “control” they really have.
          It should be a sight to see, just be sure you’re watching from the sidelines, NOT FROM THE PATH OF THE “BULL”!!!

      9. One sure way to guarantee the s will htf….Say the collapse has been postponed! LMFAO

      10. People Please think of this. When everything crashes and FIAT which is the Federal Reserve Note and is NOT Federal nor is it U.S. money it is just paper of a DEBT note. What are you saying that silver and gold and such will soar??? Soar compared to what that has no value???? How can it when something as paper is worth nothing? It is an illusion and it can turn against your understanding. But it is better than nothing which FIAT is.

        • In other words, an ounce of silver is worth 2 cases of toilet paper. I’ll do that trade lol 😛

        • Gold will keep the value it always had: one ounce buys a really good suit.

          Silver will creep up compared to other commodities because it is being used up. For many years, a silver dime was worth a loaf of bread. Now you can buy about 4 loaves of bread with just 3 silver dimes.

          Gold and silver are a store of value. I’ll keep concentrating on silver, copper, zinc, and lead.

          • Good plan since overpopulation is wasting it at an alarming rate!

      11. 10 years longer what the hell. how is it that people still have confidence in the economy. It’s a total joke any $ you get in your check as tax relief will be recovered in the form of higher state and local taxes. E.g. Home taxes gas taxes and others. This is all to convince the public they are gonna get more $ the republicans are for working people blah blah. It’s just not true. We’ve been down this road before and people keep falling for it. The American public is retarded to keep falling for the bait and switch.

      12. When the USA digital Petro Dollar no longer has the strong arm of the US military forcing all of the major oil producing nations to only deal in the Petro Dollar then I will start being worried about a dollar collapse. Until that occurs US dollars will still buy anything and everything.

      13. Every body here knows this is just another advertisement. Until the suit really does hit the fan we all need to prep and keep our mouth shut

      14. Does third world imigration increase job opportunities for government employees? More social workers? Get my kids a job? Pull some strings? Endless cycle? And the ensuing downfall? The leach killing the host?

      15. The BC interior is mostly made up of good solid folks. But the interior is sparcley populated the majority of them live in Vancouver the voter base.

      16. They never paid the full tax rate anyway. GE pays 11% in 2007 and hasn’t paid 35% in over 15 years.

      17. In the old Popeye cartoons, there was a character named Wimpy who had a fondness for hamburgers on credit. His favorite line was “I will gladly pay you on Wednesday for a hamburger that I eat on Tuesday!” This financial genius invented the credit economy that started it all. Wimpy is the father of cryptocurrency. Popeye only had his spinach.

      18. Economic collapse postponed. For now.

      19. Trump tax cuts are postponing the economic collapse for another 10 years? YEAH, RIGHT!

      20. My tax refund is less than last year…so much for improving taxes! What happened to Trumps original 1,5,10,15 % tax plans? Did deep state can his good plan for this pathetic plan?

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