Trump Supporter Angers Leftists By Voluntarily Cleaning Up West Baltimore Streets

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Supporters of President Donald Trump took to the streets of Baltimore to clean up the trash plaguing the city. Volunteers cleaned up 12 tons of trash as the mainstream media continues to degrade those who organized the cleanup.

    Hundreds of MAGA supporters participated in a massive cleanup effort earlier this week in West Baltimore, inspired by President Trump’s tweets, along with a conservative activist who organized the event in Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district. According to WBAL-TV Baltimore, on August 5, 300 volunteers took to the streets of northwest Baltimore, cleaning up trash from alleyways in an “Americans Helping Americans” event organized by conservative activist Scott Presler.

    As ZeroHedge reported, the left is now incredibly angry that a Trump supporter would voluntarily try to improve the condition of Baltimore’s streets.

    Presler has already responded to the angst saying: “I can’t even imagine what would cause a person to be mad at us for helping to clean up Baltimore. Instead of criticizing us, how about putting on some gloves to pick up trash.” Presler said his motives were simply to help others because the government won’t do anything to help anyone. “The people of Baltimore love their country and love their city and ‘they’re proud to live there,”  he said.

    He put out a tweet on July 28 to his followers on Twitter, asking for help in the cleanup effort. By the 29th, he had nearly 100 volunteers from across the country. According to a report by ZeroHedge, Presler felt it necessary to keep the details of the cleanup effort secret, for fear that the far-left Antifa group might show up and cause trouble. He said there were no incidents during the event itself, apart from the fact that the cleanup team needed more dumpsters.

    Presler said city officials wouldn’t grant him a permit to store dumpsters on the street. “For 3 days, we respectfully called the office asking for an update,” he said in an August 7 tweet. “The city of Baltimore never approved the permits, so we did it, anyway.”

    This is probably not the only time we will hear of this Trump supporter’s efforts to clean up cities ruined by democrats.  Presler said a second cleanup effort in the city could be imminent and already has 30 volunteers. People have been reaching out to him in deindustrialized areas across the country who want to start similar efforts.




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      1. It’s not about your political affiliation —
        that is worn on your head in bright colors, and that is the news headlines —
        but not about your political affiliation.

        Make it a toll road, and secure it, afaic.

        I have a somewhat more formal style of hat, from this city, but don’t believe they can be made there, anymore, until you “gentrify” it.

        • If you REALLY want to “clean up” Baltimore, follow the money. Where did the $16 BILLION federal grant go that was given to the City in 2018 ???

          Phoenix got a $1 million grant for the “homeless” from the Feds and used $200,000 to hire 2 social workers, each responsible for 20 “clients” and used the other $800,000 earmarked for the “homeless” to hire armed park rangers and vehicles to patrol the city parks to keep the homeless out, I presume.

          Flagstaff AZ got a $700,000 grant from some NGO’s and used it to expand facilities for the homeless creating another 75 beds at the local shelters.

          How much trash can you pick up and how many rats can you eliminate with $16 BILLION ???

          Follow the money. 🙁

      2. This fourth of july, after the neighbors had a dang personal show like thousands of dollars worth, there was quite a bit of debris all over the roads and such. I spent 8 hours in blaring hot sun sweeping all the blacktop and sidewalk with a regular broom. I personally lifted about 5 big bags of trash and threw them away. Some neighbors stared in amazement, but nobody helped. Not surprisingly, when I checked voter records here in Thornton, CO, almost all of my neighbors voted democrat. Why is it that some people are o.k. with making messes, but think it’s someone elses responsibility to clean them up? People should be more proud of where they live and their environments. Then Thornton police tried to give me a ticket a week later because of, drumroll, a pop bottle rocket and someone called 911 to complain. I have this suspicion that I’m paying too much in taxes if this is what they do with their time.

        • In the spirit of pitting both sides of the culture war against eachother, mutually, the authorities consider tattle tales to be liabilities, so will not honor their anonymity. I am not saying to act on that and take your chances. Just something cute to know.

          • It’s this guy or that guy and I don’t even care who’s got the compulsive 911 finger, they’re idiots. Got to feel bad for people whom are so scared of neighbors, they feel safer when police show up. I don’t think they really understand how municipalities work… Just trying to live my life and it would be nice if police were able to have more discretion and tell people, we’re not going to waste our time with you again. I had a neighbor when I was a teen that called the police on my daily, sometimes when I was not even home. And pop bottle rockets back then did not result in a five hundred dollar fine. Who’s actually buying this pretend authority thing anyways? We all know where the criminals are at, they’re in the ghetto about five miles south of here and they don’t speak english.

            • Ooooh man! There are a million ways to get back at RATS! I fookin hate rats. If that was me they would be leaving the state ASAP! Use your imagination, you can SERIOUSLY fuck with people and not get caught….

            • I am not saying to act on that and take your chances, but you know who called the police on you, then.

              They know who is the frequent complainer, that will make them more paperwork and will typically file complaints about their administration, out of pure boredom.

      3. Mr. Yesterday, I know what you mean. I just recently moved from a city to my BOL for numerous reasons including what you mentioned. Why should anyone except for the good people who live in Baltimore bother with picking up trash in a ghetto? Where’s their sanitation dept., IF they have one? That’s one of the ‘services’ the locals pay taxes for. Why does anyone keep throwing trash in all the wrong places? Because those same people are trash themselves! They don’t give a damn about anything!

        • You’re right about that…trashy people = trashy neighborhoods. That’s why they all group together in the same areas, to live in a neighborhood where no one will complain about their own trash thrown out a window.

          • On the other side of that coin, tripling of property values in Thornton, Colorado has it’s downside. This neighborhood ain’t this nice, but I guess where they came from they think it is. It’s the pulse of overpopulation and unchecked migration, continuing to drive people out of the cities into the burbs, and the burbs people are driven out to further locations themselves. Dreaming of the day when we can bounce to 10+ acre hobby farm. Would have been on track for that, if not for these increasing home values. A little was nice, it was cool to flip out of a 30 and cut the term in half. But what came after that, dramatic tax and cost of living increase, and that money is never ever coming back. We did not start out home poor, but we are now, despite never having touched any equity. And we can’t afford to move anywhere, but in yesterday’s economy we could have. This runaway economy hurts the little guy and I don’t see anything wrong with a little market correction to bring these astronomical prices back down a little, in fact, I look forward to it. When I see that bum begging in the middle of the intersection I love to speed by close and honk when his back is turned. He could have a job but he chooses not to. Back in the day, he’d have afforded a crummy apartment, but not these days, not in this glorious high end economy. Dudes are driving around in ferrari’s these days, what happened here? I miss the good old days when it was cheap to live, jobs were average, and everyone spoke english. This new deal is a total ripoff. I’ve never been east, and do not plan to ever go east for any reason what so ever. Thinking of bouncing to WY or perhaps Montana, but I don’t like the cold and have perhaps read too many grizzly attack stories. Texas is right out and so is Nevada. Kansas may be a great place to fish but flatlands, I find them sort of depressing. I love Colorado but it’s not the Colorado I grew up in any longer. Must have legal MJ though, it’s a blessing to have the red taken off my back. Globalism really really sucks and I wish we’d shut it all down, build the wall, close the borders, deport the illegals, arrest corrupt white collar people, return to a gold standard, have manufacturing here at home again, and everyone would throw away their data tracking communist made cellular spy devices. How did it all go this far south, this quickly? I’m not a red blue guy, I vote the issue. Bradly on sons of liberty has me really twisted lately, reality is changing so swiftly, sometimes I think we really are living in a simulation. I mean, what’s next? My woodford reserve, fat tire, and winston consumption is at an all time high. It’s costing me at least a hundred dollars a week. LOL. Don’t get too head over heels for politics, politicking will never stop. Vote with your wallet. Vote with your time. Reps for Jesus.

        • Squander the taxes and get a group to do the city’s job for free. That’s called a con job.

        • Deplorable glad you went to the BOL. I too have moved to a more defendable position. Crime in my near Vegas area was getting bad from the illegals flooding out of liberal NV.
          Nice to not see trash on the roads or worry about having to take a life in a home invasion. Meth is everywhere.
          Far enough into the woods with 46 acres. A 60×100 garden. A well and creek. I’m as ready as one can be for the zombie apocalypse.
          The hell with the cities and the lazy people that live there.

      4. Well, to tell the truth, it’s not just city people that do this. It’s more noticeable there in Baltimore because they are packed in like sardines. Country people are not much better. They have been making dumps in the woods since before they invented plastic. Used to know where a few “good” dumps were as a kid and we’d go there and plink some and then collect the antique cork bottles to re-sell for more plinking cash. Later dumps had tin cans as a major part of them. No one would buy them. Now, they fill the sinkholes with tires, bags of garbage, and plastic bottles. Yes, these attract the same vermin as the city dumps do.

        People organize every year to clean up some of this multi-generational garbage. I don’t know or care if they are red or blue…what a retarded argument. Eventually it all rots back to the earth, all except the plastic and glass. That is mostly a forever trash…in human lifespan terms.

        • Another issue is fookin states and their “open container” laws! That just makes these assholes throw their cans/bottles out the window! When I was young I had a backseat full of beer cans, I’d stop at a dumpster once in a while and throw them in the trash can! Now where I live if they find an empty beer can in the vehicle EVERYONE in that car gets an open container ticket! Fuckin pigs!

      5. Child psychologists say that it is a mistake and a bad idea to clean up your childrens’ rooms for them. The logic behind this is that it makes children feel violated. The children need to feel that they have ownership. Children need their privacy respected. Children need their own space. They need to have total control over their space and their stuff.

        Those complaining about outsiders cleaning up must have this same need. They think the city of Baltimore belongs to them in the same way junior thinks his bedroom is his castle and he its royal monarch.

        My guess is that some of those complaining adults suffered as children when their mommies invaded their territory with a vacuum cleaner, moving their furniture, throwing out perfectly good shit that they really wanted; and they never ever will forgive or forget, NEVER !!!


        • At the risk of torturing the language, it’s not a question of privacy, because all of the space and materiel were provided, at public expense.

          This situation could not have happened in the free world or in nature or in a balanced checkbook, where only responsible, provident people would have the privilege of ownership of the possessions, laying all over the ground.

          Lazy, unaccountable authorities have forcibly shared my things with the bad kids and continue to do so.

      6. Daddy stands watch and points and barks commands every night around 6pm. This! That! Is that where this belongs! If you don’t think it’s worth picking up and organizing, I’ll be happy to throw it away for you. Vacuuming in 5 minutes and everything not organized is getting thrown away! Real world skills and those girls of mine, they’re top of their class, not like the competition is anything of note, but I’m proud of them anyways. The live offline and are better for it. I’m digging this website, mostly because of the lack of censorship and real world assimilation of logical voices. I really should be working, perhaps tomorrow.

        Psychology is a quack pursuit anyways. Who chooses that career on purpose? If you want to demotivate your kids in 2019, tell them they can be doctors or lawyers.

        That whole trash clean up thing, it was probably a stunt to get viewers or subscribers or some other such nonsense. A reason to be political and put that old red hat on. I’m not convinced anyone actually cares. I will play along if they want to do something like provide me free lawn care or something.

        • Psychology, at best a pseudoscience, is about understanding the human psyche for the purpose of developing effective methods of individual and mass manipulation. Edward Bernays, the so-called “father of modern public relations and advertising,” was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and learned many techniques from him. Advertising and PR are nothing more than applied mass manipulation.

          • Bernays and Freud. The ilk dots always connect.

        • m said, “I will play along if they want to do something like provide me free lawn care or something.”

          If you can stomach the thought of a program, there are literal programs for that.

          I don’t fault people for gaming a fake and arbitrary system.

          Use the right words for everything you do, maintain objectivity, call it what it is.

          There is a grant or subsidy. Yes, really.

      7. When I used to visit Baltimore years ago locals referred to the Baltimore Sun as the “Calvert and Center Street Democrat Club.” Looks like nothing’s changed. They’re going to make sure that no good deed goes unpunished.

      8. Its a effort in futility. Those who dump garbage have no moral compass. The best thing is to leave them wallow in their own filth until they get whats coming to them. all cleaning up someone elses trash accomplishes is enabling them. Those shit skin pavement apes and white trash wiggers are simply lazy parasite culls.

        • People (if you can call them that) who throw trash all over piss mee off sooooo bad! Go fishing to a beautiful mountain lake and what do you see? Some faggots trash! Go walk my dog down a back dirt road and what do I see? Scumbag assholes trash! Go down my street and what do I see? Subhuman cockroaches trash! God I wish I could catch them throwing shit out the window, I would run thier plates and find out where they live and uhhhh let’s say they will have one HELL of a mess to clean up!

      9. After the cleanup, Eliga Cu.mings invites Trump to tour how clean it all is.

      10. Is Cummings in there too ?

      11. The libs were embarrassed that somebody did something to put a dent in the rat problem. They would get more support if they got out and did some of the things that needed to get done.

        • Could be part of a secret reparation plan to make whitey spend his money somewhere besides on himself.

      12. There are probably at least tens of thousands of locals living in the Baltimore area who don’t work, (or for that matter in any Amer. City) who could be cleaning up the trash, why aren’t they doing that instead of do-gooders coming in and cleaning it up the city for them. Furthermore, why is there trash and debris strewn everywhere anyway? One year after a particular area is cleaned up it will again be trashed. I have seen people throw all kinds of trash out their car windows including fast food wrappers/drink containers, dirty diapers, and liquor bottles, even while stopped at intersections.
        The US now is in its third generation of a vast underclass of people in this country who don’t work and are subsidized, who are poorly educated. They provide absolutely nothing to society, and don’t want to. Yet they are fully dependent on taxpayers and do little more than keep having children.
        The well is dry, the present system is becoming unsustainable; there are simply too many takers. The fed. gov’t is incomprehensibly in debt, almost all states are deeply in debt, and almost all cities are also deeply in debt, with reducing tax bases, making future budgets unable to fund all the social programs. In many areas gov’t dependents get food stamps, free public education and health care, and section 8 housing. They even receive cell phones, free computers and internet, and used vehicles. And by the way, they don’t pay taxes. The majority of them have a third world mentality and 99.99 % vote Democrat.
        The logical question to ask is, what happens when society can longer afford the largess, when it is too large.

      13. In gardening and maintenance, etc, I find that God has put into the animals a fear of mankind. They only take over what you have relinquished, be it trash or unused land. The surest repellent is a human pretense, profiting from and enjoying the place, to the utmost last.

        imo, take formal responsibility for ownership. It makes no difference to me, whether you use Dem political quota case labor for menial jobs with no future, or a first world company to pick up the turds and pressure wash the walls down.

        But, in my all of my years, nothing has been more astonishing, repellent, frightening, than the smell of cleanliness. Gentrifiers, captains of industry, movers and shakers, are the case of all ills, in their radical speeches. The bottom feeders talk about you astute, ambitious people, in the same way you talk about a contagious rat. These two things cannot exist in the time and place, like in the parable of the light and dark.

      14. Wow. Just the article was disturbing. People having a problem with people helping??? We got hit by a tornado a couple weeks ago and everyone on the block, and I mean EVERYONE was out helping to clear branches, debris and trees. No talk of Dem or Rep. Trump or Bernie. Illegals or anyone else. I had the intention of posting something else related to the article, but instead feel compelled to post something about the comments. Which I’m certain will get lamblasted. This is not the America I grew up in. At all. And it saddens me. I cannot imagine a world where people would be critiqued on their clean up efforts. To do it for “political gain” is obscene. Can’t you see? They are trying to pull us apart. “We Must, Indeed, All Hang Together or, Most Assuredly, We Will All Hang Separately” ~ Ben Franklin.

      15. This is what we need to do as Americans,come together and help one another.We the people can do great things if we stop arguing with one another and ban together. God bless all of you who are doing this great work.

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